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riftLaU and Children.
- gK.?f
I LOCal and KerSOnai S
. . iS
t : Jt
Ajrcft fool.
Iejvy Ldjis ind, catio-j of inferiority
Cfcoji Jucjt seems, to sinraUf ik$hfc od
napkin, t get look-in.
Fast friends lofve y oq sj sqo.n "I yH
edown on the speed.
IV usually the busy. man whidoes
. tfjiqgf on tima. '
CJay Rhymer made,a busies trip to
Kjpoxvil ehjWeck.
The New? . Qffice is jipw-Jocated
ia. ita Masonic Hall, when you
ire in town give us a call.
Ityonday. April the It. will be
4 Qrcuit Caitt, presided 1 over by
' J$dge J. l&ancn of Marris-
Qpe way to ears you Ac no,t tol
sfkjt int pother poke's busires.
Tee null pox west of Smcxyille
" y.nvto be uixl. control). ii,rr be
hn newscast! for frd
While you are attepdjag court
bj nejrt Monday ,tip,nliforKet to(
s$a the printerman and subscribe
DpA'Vgrowl nb tM th'-is, that
dVNt K iffbt but dont- be satisfied
w pe thing that cai bo' done better
Itjisbsjier to, bo ..dumb, and tongue
tfedhan to have the split tongue of the
adejr aujajrable to control it.
Ik- you know of; a news item
84' it in to us, we will, pppreci--fppqd
thank you forame.
i day laaU week Ex-Truiteo, DJ
arneil was ferrying the river with
ism and w iff on loaded with bacon
I ootatooa. the boat aluik and one of
. .... a
It takes money to run a news
ppeand if you vmt a live ppa-J
g7e3ejvq . paper in your county
gje us your most hearty support
Majorities may not alwasbe right,
bthj get benefit of Uje.docJi.
14 yo receive a copy of the
HTP,.and you are not a sub-
svttx t it is a cjfj request for
Kaiter aeema to t a peculiarly ap-
Dtohriate time for a woman to wear a
hqt lh looks like a haq's pest
Thera- are some compensations for,
tha.littie man. For one thing .he do-
aei't loqk aofuajy,when he fali dow,
a slippery sidewalk.
Afvoman might be willing to try
to. live on love, but a mdoee not love
nsjrwno wouia lei ncr iry 11.
It e tuaca.eome people a heap of
wery boauae so many of .their ex beet
a4roubltsnever happen ,
All the eopl of this section of the
oqpntry w no row have ue nif
D(Bt bum your bridges ahead ofjpu.
The recent aenius shows 6A2 poets
prosperous days even poets can eirn
The election, recently held in
thAljth, district of this county.
for the purpose of filling a vacan
ex of Justice of the Peace, caused
bT.the resignation of, R..T.
. Tes'term&n; resulted In the dec
. ti)p,of ohn Jaynea. But his
election .is,, being .contested, dy
Cyde J.Sizcmore; said ..contest
wIl be hesred before the county.
eqfirf on.Mopday, Aril ..the, 4th
Qjite a pumber.othe,UUens
. olr. Jianeock county, came to
Stpdyille onJLhe Sr. If opday in
Kajca. to attend oreutcoui, no
kaovinaT.ihat jsame had. been
changed to Jlva. 2nd, .Monday in
W,hare seen aosae pejj who mtfht
awirr co." mn
Vq? Uewts St, Waahtoetae, 0. C.
V v V H
- -xlJ
Miss Mart Collin?. Assistant iP,
. 7 . i ru t , u :fV-V ""ddy her freshly scrubbed
Ca&tfr'of the Cilir.w RanJ.. t(rifvre any 4Murtn? thtt
gave u,ftwo dollars on subsrr; iti. Mni feet when large would not
ton for Mr. Ita-ytU C vJln "f wnmler into foilmldn.ptha.
Goodnight. Texr : and Mr. J. G. j
Rhea, of Griffin. Ga. Thanks.
Edd Bmyjwhp wji killed hy Vtt:,Rinr-
ley Ust Stuly was burned, bunay. ;
Ane-theirelimuarr heaHncof Will
Ringley for,th. murde of BU Bray
Wlanupued hot Ut wneumy, a
reainer iron ivy., oiiTvriiBiiaviv.iv
Vermont! to a Ijpe crovd pn th.eourt
bouse Uww.
The City Gsrage iZo., U puV'ng "
largi gaaoliie tank on main street,
whichjll tea great advantage to Auto
Fplks wpqdoi't go to church because
the W8 are too narrow., cac't have
their brains where they tit down, or
they woMltWn't be inconvenienced by
A full-prown man fetdingppoUe
dog around cornea aLout as near our
idea of a fool an anything we think of.
What word will UM to describe
the nHKgint; wife kince horse& Jire Roing
out tile?
Few wmen havalbe stamina to keep
from crying for something that can be
gotten from hubby by a few judiciously
bed tear.
There should pe some method devwed
some eople in keeping away from work.
After 4ylng the bills fyg. hs .son
ersduatinn, the'oW man" wou tien t
write as optimistic a graduation address
as he when.f kid.
Prayers are most often answered af
ter you have given up waiting for the
Lord to wait on you and have taken
p;eknl a'alai jgarno out after
what you want. ' ,
A riant always shows in Its growth
and from the kind of soil it is grown in
and the kind of care it recieves. Chil
dren are human ptaata and subject to
the, same inftspneee.
xaj. ixntjinittn tioejMj n;Ak
txtftn qlnojqi epunod n
ptnS ipae peavt ns skxn tm n
Hsjqnofl flaii pa tjlnoa mnqtpj t
msk 0T1 I oondtnneaoo jo
peip pr irpsrsi mo o itioj mjT
Elee-where in-this issue f, the. New
wahave made the aUtroont that H
Pendleton od Ann Bell waa believed
to be the euilt,y parties who robbed
Mr. Whit Paroft; but we have been
reliabely Infomed since aame wa pot
in print that they are. not guilty of the
but out
loped on CahrUe Hulline,
ta.and hia
Heslie Mullins. who hare een arrae
ed and landed la JonofVUle aon
"Father frnds' Dr. MOea
Anti-Pain Pills the best
MleiM tor rfcamaatlMi Ikal mil
ln4 Ttr Stt fete mti M4
CKIMI Umi Sot w tn4 thtm M
la IMr r. tar Mif
w atari A .KattIb.
SwD DvwnHic St. rtua Oht.
Dr. MUee' Anti-Pain Pole
hsve leae bee, ysecsraiaed. s Mils
arris ssra. at oh ! the verr k-rit
reacaMS fee the ralM 4 ratewaa-
Raemnetie . aataa. esaeoanV
ia tar casts, oftta xauee the
1 saost Mttaae sS)rta. W Dv. Mttaa
Anti-raut TiMs saHssi hi to nn
rUU. vha ralMl.ie
Withn eajf veaahf .
r. t
j Are You a Vproan? I
1 raw
I J txam.
--4 a
touh v&ildSr
i a. I
in Hert Jnsebta jx
laaat csaact lit
is a Tonic, ami Re&lor
At the October term of the County
fiourt 1819. we were authorised to sell
bonds to tha amounts WO.OOOXW, for
the purpose, eoppwating . with' the
SUte Highway in onatructlng a road
lpiulinir from SneodvilJo vU. Ilacrisons
ferry to the Hawkins Coontj(Jin. We
will receive sealed bids for same, untu
April ?0th., at one o'clock Pr . 1921.
a cllud cheok of 1500.00 will be re
quired with each bid. We reserve the
right to reject any,, and all bKja; saia
bonds to draw tntereatat a raU not to
exceod aix per cent
This the 1st. dux of April 13U.
C W. Greene, Chairman County Court.
W,. S. Uolea, Clerk.
hto om allow sfjgrur
sArnounryjk) teouin.a
They give you less result in beef.
per. Wkfcpr eggs, when they asa J
not la ptrjtst hHH, Take a VUi
Interest ii yeur own pocket book;
aqd doctor 4hem yp r Uh
i St tnd Ppltiy
It win pay you to do thai,
It; has Mid . thousands of other
tucceuhd iarmers pd stock and
poultry raisers.
This famous remedy is not a
food, but a genuine, scieoUic med-j J
I Sad roots, acting oa the liver, kid-
. aers, bowels snd dicestivt organs.
. Sold by all drucsists, price 25
cents, 50 ceats and f 1. per caa.
BWVtft far vaftaMf Wfe : -Smm
The anual value of,, poultry and egg
sold is more than that of the silver, gold
... a eaMk -n
and fg iron proauceo. inere wraui-
knsTf rApoey in poultry end esa, aadj
butamaU fapiul
reouired. The- anual
import ef eggs in Easjlnd spprosimates
hoo oOOLOOO doten. and into the United
SUtee TTvOuO.OOO doaen a year. Here ia
an industry in which the. demand. Is
neater than our. home supply. Look
weel to the poultry, and they wiilassiet
you lfind the "golden egga.
A good eounsy road t1 al-rsja, e be
desired and ts a source of eomf oft (ani
coorenie-ice to every, traveler. Good
roads attract pcpvUUen, as wall as
good achoeis and churches. Good roads
Imoresre the vajoe of the prcptjrty.. ae
that it is said a f arjn lying fire raDee
frojn market, conneeted by a bad road
is of leas value than equally goad farm
lying taamiks away from. market eoa
needed by a good jod. Alarar load
caa be draws by one botae era-, a good
roaJ thaa by two.. oxer., a bad onej
Good radj encsragt th greater
chvyrt of protkxta and oopuDodiiieaJjat
tjra one, fecUVm.aqd soqtbtf
11 irr'iMHiMi s'jts
Two Kttra. Moeatniem GptaroJ la
Aaaceck Gisaty.
5herijT.IF. lrndR. 0.
Darnraade a general rdf over
the county last -eek eaicliof
monsfiine. distillery ?, captnnngj
three stills and. twq.mep. They,
made their. first rgde in the G.th,
District near Sneedville, and cap
tured a still at the Lome of a
negro preach 3t .V'niana
Ridge, but no arrert ras iri.ade.
he.rjff Johnson and Mr, Darnell
was again .herel from about the
middle of the week in the South
ern part of the county in the first,
dieirict, where they captured tFp
negro men and one QiaUllexy, and
destroying about galons . of
bear. The two negro wen were
brou8ht, to Snee4vM before
Conxrnissioner John Iivesay,
bnt tiitVTileminarv hearing was
continued ontil monday April the
lL''Hio negros gavfi bond for
their apearancAj on the above
date. The general rade wuond
up at the eidrjof the week in the
third District, in the. Eastern
part of the county, wnere they
captured one large copper Still
and deatrnyedbFSW of twer
whicfi was reidy for stilling. jo
arrests were made.
Let tfee good work continue tnd
evcir good citizen of the county
jdp andjsslp oux.offices in their
efforts aM.the damedable stuff
will soon be, driyen from amongj
ue. ..4 .
Sbsrii! L. F Johnson, and R.
0. Darnell, Radinjc Deputy,
made a rade recently on the home
ofa colored preachef.in this skc
tiea eX'the country apd captured
mbonahine disylienr . if. tne
officers of the law., are. goipg to
take the' preachers.-spirits away
from them' how do they expect
them to make a success. at. their
caJUigt .
rSbiciitK l NOTES.
Severu ctudants have recover
ed, frora. nles and are back in
school '
Chaa. Baker and Tyler. Parkey
spent the week. eodj witlv home
Bdlhr Uarrispn who ,haa been
out ef school a ftw days was
welcomed back Monday by
friends. , -
The appefrance of .'the school
bsrilding has been greatly Improve
by a number of pictures purchas
cd.ibt funds of the J;er Cream
Supper. '
The gneedtmieUterarf J3pcjety
is progressing very nicely with
Thoa. Iksrison Jf. .President.
Mr. Harrison is a prominent mem-
wnf thai Samtor class, and a
syv .-sf ww
gMatvooiatar worker.
The..8eniqr. etast aad faculty
are preparing for a veryv sucess
fuJ cormnaneecntnt this year
which. jeXht the last of May.
The High Sehool teachers ao
Mrrmainctt br a few- special stu
dents spent Satarday on a fishing
tour, a fine time waa rerxrtea.
Fldridgo Bowen a fomerrstu
r!nt of tbta.Cdson nigh School.
is a ranking membdr of the
Senior class, and especially food
in mathematics.
Lawrence Thomas has returned
taking! a busines
tnp to MKkileaborO, 7
We consider it very fortunate
to have Sam IT Hill of Knoxvllle
Inf our S4DOC4. Mr.
nm la, a wide awake educator,
..vi.MiUnMnnt of 'the best
evtsia aev w -
Instructors we have ever had.'
TVrMr Rowen. Emery Law.
on and Roli tab Doan motored
to Irani ton Saturday, and report
a great scenery
York Uedy. Willie Hatfield
and othesr, spent ssimaay
dfligeet stadj. great accomplsb
menta are resorted. The bros
are to be admired for their dsttr
mlnatkm, we wis there- the
greatast socceea.
Country paPerslhrouihtut. the
United States are printing - what
i alleged to bjj a, letter, wriRn
by. Christ In this Utter was. W
injunction that it should be ijub
llshed to the world by hocver
found it together with the state
ment tftat misfortune and bad
luck would follow the person
having posseas'on of it in tjie
event that it was not given pnbli
city. There vs likewise a n,HQniige
that U ever may have a copy
of this in his or her poesioji
will prosper and be followed by
good fortune. Acording to. the
history of the letter it waa writ
ten by Christ just af tejr his cruci
fixion, sjgnedthy tne Anle Gab
riel ninety-nine years after the
saviour's birth, and presumably
deposited by him under a stone
ajtithe. foot of the cross. On this
stone appeared the legend. Bless.
ed isjietwho shall turn me over."
No one kna.w what the inscrip
tion meant, or seemed tfelhftve
sufficent curiosity to investigate
until the stond was tutned over
bya litte child and the letter
which toUovrn w.sa discovered)
Whosoeverrworkson the.jajtbath
day shall be cursed. I command
you to go to chnrch and keep holy
the Iord'sday, without any man
ner of works. You shall not idle
dr misspend your time in bedeck
ing yourself in SMperfiuities of
coetly apparel and vain dressing
fori will hse that 4y .lqept
holey that your sins may be for-
ven you.
"You wtllnot break my com
mandments. But observe wid
keep them, they being written
by my hand qnd snoken frprn my
mon(tw Yon ahall not only goto
church yourselves, but also your
man servant and your maid ser
vant Observe my words and
learn my commandments.
"You finish your, wrfe every
Saturday at o'clock in the after
noon, at which hour the prepara
tion far the Sabbath begjni .
I advise yorto fast fivedaysun
the year, bagiivlQguon good Frjr
day and conthining tne five foll
owing in remeberance of the five
wounds I recieved for you and for
your mankind. "You shall love
one. another aud caus&them that
are not baptizedto come tchurch
recieve the tolly sacrament,
that is to say baptized, and then
the supper of thjacLord, and be
made a memebr thereof, ami tto
doing I will give you long life and
many blaings Your Isn4 will
be replenished and bring forth
abundance and I will comfort you
in the greatest testation,, and
surely he that doeth to the con
trary shall be cursed. "I will
also send hardness of the heart
on them and especialy thtt hath
given to the poor shallfind it profi
table. Rero3sr to keep the Sab
bath day. for the seventh day I
haye taken as-a restingday to
mvaalf. "And he that natn a
copy of this letter written by my
own hand and spoken by my own
mouth and fceepth it without pub
lishing it to others, shall not pros
per, but ha. that pubiiaheth it to
AD kind. of ul repair work, and general blaek-tz&Uh!&3r.
Give jrpur.petrcaagv
otherett sh?i! be jessed by me,,
and if their eins be as many aa
jthe stars by night, snd it theyv
jty Mieva ot this writing,
and my cftaJment will have.
my pkguc ca$n y.cndjou will
be QonsuqHi with your children.
goods and cattle . and all other
worldly enjoymenttha I have
given you.
0o bMfeonce think of what I
have smffeiJfidjfof 35Wi;lf jyUj do,
it will be well for you in this
world and in the world which is
to come, "whosoever shall keep,
a copy of this lottjeiv and keerxit
in ths house, nothing ahall hurt
them, neither pestilent thunder
or lighenins and if any woman be
in birth and put her trust in me
she shall.ba dfeliverebof herchildj
You s"hall haarno more news,
of me except through tVt holly
Scripture until the day of judf.
gement All goodness and pros
perity shall be ih the hou?e where,
a cody of this letter snail be
found. Finished."
PubJJshed; by request
On last Saturday Mrrch. 2, Edd
Bray was shot with a shot-gun and
instantly fcel by Will JUngley Bray
went to Ringlet a home about two or
three o'clock in the evening and Ring-ley
and his wife and Bray were all Biting
in the porch, when Hingley got up from
hia chair and wn 'n the house, he says
"to get hia pipe'4 but, instead f.getir
a pipe he got a shot-guo-.and- without
ay vwrde deliberately took the life of;'
Bray; but he clames that he did,, u) oia,
account of condnct whi:h he saw throu-
n tne .winaow between Ms wjn ana
ray aa he went after his pise. It is
the general tajk. -of' the neighborhood
that Bray and Ringleya wife were to
intimate wh each other, and frinda of
both par lea 'had been worned of the.
relations between Bray siod, R.iwtJcyP.
Rinley surrendered himself to
Officers fmedisnsly after the killing and
a preliminary hearing was set for lifted-.
neaday March 30, at which time thc-de-
If ndant announced not ready and Was,
remanded to jail without bona.
triaA was continued untill
Anrtl 2. at Sneedville. pefore Clay.
Trei and O.SLIiorson, Justices of. the
reace. .
Kim aa writ, m to -mrt mt aaaSe. .
aHd MM fJSselsst ssSaT SSJSlsT MhSjM
tmi RiwKBti irsnai Mtcwsf oa,oiiBt,autv.
It petuliaj howrojdi matki is of.
hamaelf'and how be pass himaeltoa tU.
badr for having a little backbone, aftao
thejeax4hat aomeot hia friends will.
Jump all over him for darjag. to assert
1 himself has proven groundless.

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