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VOL,: 1
For Infcnts and Children.
The Kind Yon Have Always Bought
Sears the-.
Signature ot
levt perpeiually flow. Bad reads"
full of thuck holos, kill time,
team and temper. Be sure thn
j that money thus intelligently ex
pended is wisely invested and
sure to realize the futu.e results.
A Chicago violator of the Pio-
hibitionact was the beneficiary
Editor- and Publisher;
A weekly newspaper devoted to the
isdustrUL intellectual and moral de
velopment and growth of Hancock
County in jiartictlar and East Tennessee
in. general. Ifldjnitndi-jit in politics, fear
lea iit defei so of truth, and ewr zeal
ous in advocacy of whatever tends to
the tettsrntentof our section or contri
butes to the happiness of its homes.
Entered m second-class matter
April 1. at the ostoffice at
Sneedville, Tennessee, under Act of
March 3. 1879.
Out Year. - - $1.00
mi Months - 50 "
i 1 1
j How to Make Mischief.
' Keep your eyes on ycrir neigh
bor, fake car? ot ihem. Ia
; not let them stir v.'itlvvi: watch
inj?. They may do something
wrong if yon do To he sure youj today of th first pardon known
never knew them to do anything, to have Wen issued by President
t . , bad. but it may be on your Harding according to records in
Tb rnaKe reputaiicn, take a ton j accouut they have- not. Perhaps the Prohibition oili here, savs
ofgalr, half a pound of brainy j if it had not been for your kincj the Chicago Daily News of March
sixteen grains of truth, and fill care they might have d graced, 25. The recipient of the pardon
up, with i abhbitum lying To . themselves a Ion time ago, NV:1S ienj:,min Matuzas, convict
make a friend, take half a pound Therefore. dD not relax any effort cd nnarv 17 of havintr sold lio-
oi svmpatny.. a pound of flattery " to keen them who e tin-,- ouzht i
i. j i e i . , iu ivcvjj iin.ui u in ,t uiij (.'ux'iu , uur to a government agent and
L : : . . r . a your own sentenced by Judge Iamlis to
an. bcjvc not it business mat will take care or flYC months in jail
make an enemy' take an ounce of : itself. There is a nun pa -ting,
truth, put it on ice for aminute, along he is looking over the fence ; m... ...- r-n
ami let them have it co d. To ! h, BnmVm.ia nf Kim- rorhmw hAi . ... ..V.ru'
....... ............ v .WWI.l.U4i,
irune iovefc uxea pound of taffy. I contemplates stealing, some of n,,
a hundred weight of sentiment. I there dark nights; there is nq 1 fvil p
ana Jiu-ponnu of deception, art-'knowing what queer fancies hj
fully applied. may have got into his head. j
) If you find a.riy svmpons of any
, or.e passing out of the path of
I hereley annonnce myself as
a candidate for Sheriff of Hancock
County, subject to the will of the
Republican party as expressed in
either a Primary Election or con
vention, and promise if elected
to fill the office to the best of my
skill and ability.
Yours truly,.
Wm. Coins.
Punctuality can be cultivated.
Slow coaches can be- cured.
Some one has said that the only
way to catch a train is to start
in time;and in this pithy sentence
duty, tell every or.e else what
you see, and be particular arxj
sec a great many. It is a good)
way to circulate such things, if
may mt benefit yourself or any
lies the gist of the only cure of) one else particularly. Do keep
.t. l.i r . i,.. m . i. : r :i . t
Mlrfaa amJ
Oocl Stir. 3
The evil that men
with them..
do. lives
A. baby ought to be happy.
It has a rattJ'ng good time.
the habit of punctuality. Two
rnles grow out of it. One is,
,t Always begin in time to get
ready;" and the other is ,. W hen
there are several things to be
done, decide which is the most
important and. do. that first.'
Punctnality is a comfortable
virtue in tire family and in dusi-net-s
and entirely independent
upon your will.
' WheVyon have work to do youi
may be sure of more advice than
help in doing it.
A. good housewife never opens
tiie condensed milk can with her
husband's razor.
The kind of man that nearly
everybody tries to deceive is the
one.thes' know deceives himself.
Anybody can make a fool of
himself, but it takes a talented
man to make a fool of others
Whe things, go wrong and
you're all at sea" don't rock
the boat if you woulden't be
Just because we don't expec
much out of others dosn't seem
to keep them trom expecting
plenty out of us.
Why is it so soon, as a man
stains himelf he seeks to. rub it
off against church pews and pure
Sunday school children.
It won't do vou much good, to
take a "memory conrst" if you
haven't ai y mind, and if you
hfce you don't need a "memory
Prohibition mav not prohibit,
hut it prohibits a lot of men
from being millionaire for a
n'ght and paupers the rest of
the week.
Yes, its the little things that
hurt A common every-day
measly litGy fly will make an 2. When to come
orthodox Christian swe;tr forty I accepted time.
Han the largest Cash Capital:
"The unsearchablo riches of
Christ" Eph. 3: & .
Real Estate. "An inheritance
incorruptible, undefiled, and that
fadeth not away." 1 Pet 1:4
Cash in the Bank: "Gold tried
in the fire." Rev. 3:18.
Surplus over All LiabiltW:
"Abl to do exceeding abunantiy.
above all that we isk or think."
Eph. 3: 20.
Condition of Insurance: "lie-1
pentance toward God and faith ,
toward our Lord Jesus Christ"
Acts 20: 21.
President: The God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ. 1 Pet
1: 3.
Vice-President: Jesus, the
"King of kings." Rev.l9;lC.
There are five important reas
on for insuring in this company.
I. It is the oldest insurance
company the world knows.
2. It is the only company in
suring against less by fire in the
great judgement-day.
something r;omg ailence is A
dreadful thing; though it is sai)
there silence iu l.eaveu lor spao
of half au hour, do not let , sudi
a thing occur on earth; it would
bo to much for this mundanl
sphere. ; J
If, after all your watchful -cart
vou cannot se; that they havJ
done any thing had. throw out
hints that they are no Utter thari
they should be that you shouM
not wonder if the people fcr
oni what they were after a whll.
then they may not, rry.
headi so" high. " Keep U L t-.
and some one may take t ho 'hint
and begin and help it nlong titer
a while then ll ere will be miiiiip,
and eversthing will work lite a
Follow the abovedinctionsand
you will be prety sure to make
plenty of mischief.
Tread way. Tenn. April 11,
Editor Sliced v it le News:
Dear Sir:
Inclosed find $1.00 for your
paper one year. In your issue of
April 8th, your exposier of tho
Liquor and the lipuor gang is
worth double the the money.
For that onu piece 1 hereby sub
scribe. Just now we are being
embarrassed wiih a liquor gang
who expect us to be quiet about
it, but I wanttos-y in behslf of
Gods cause and our country's
cause, thai I am publicly opposed
to any kucIi violations, and ex-
nrrt to milihrlv iiiivLiiiu it if I
Nave to suffer. 1 think it is hiirh
lna' every good citizen as
as christian to show tbir
faith by tneir works in turning
ub all such violations. 1
Success to tho News.
Rev. P. Tip Livesay
Circuit Court Proceeding!, April 1921
Stale vs. Carson Blake and
James RatlilT. murder, continu
ed. w;ta:e vs. John Shell, carrying
inncs, not gnuiy.
State vs. J. X. Willis, tipling.
guilty, inotn.n for new trial and
continued t next couit.
State vs. I'h.uley Antrnati
and Jane Seal, ludeness and
adultry, ret in i.
State vs. Lewis Odcll, felony,
State s. S..U1 Williams. Lee
Willi;.in- and Willi. liibson.
misdtim iH'i", i iintiinied.
State v;. Cleve Uatlilf. co v
ing amies. nt j;uilt v
State vs. James Ratlin", pullie
drunkiie.ss, tlismisscd on tuinici
cinvieti.n. I
. . I
,91. to A
my wife
.SXrVii. ll
Piir.hth'NEW HOME" lr-.,0T
I lc Mrt w U pfM c -ar 1 1. rliiraa c4
3. It is the only enmpany .li'iiwHMV-:
Kaowa Ike riirll nrt I t'.prri' irli.( qualiika.
N'- IJ aa.lrr at f nttor .
TH W HC V SCWmS VlCHINf ta.ofunci,
Ity virliic "l ii ii I li 1 1 1 y v'nlfd in in
by law, we. I In iitnlerMt.'iitil Kleetioli
OniiniH.i.'iicis fur llnin.M-k Coiinty.
do herelty call ii fHi iMl hilerti.in, for
the 7th, )istrirl of Ihnir.n k County
TcnniHm1, t. Ih- held on S-iiunliiy
A Til the :t)tfi. I 'CI. Ht Hi,- voliinl
i;rotinlii on iii. I hslrict. f..r Hie purK;i'
of elyrlirj; one JiinIii f Hie I'ein1
for said IHstrirt to till out Id.' tini'vpir
ee term of ( 'linl U'A I .mum in, Tenifiwil.
Said Kle'tiMi will ! riill. il nml licl.l
under tlx KMine rules anil reculiit ionx,
as now pn.Vhli il l.y law. .Saul I'.U-r-tion
i.H lu rehy "alll.
The fo'lfiw iiiK Ollicerc, Jmli'M hihI
j .'! rk h an hiT' l.y H x n i it t to hold
l.lrli..n. Ollii-ii.s .f l.l.rlion
Mak II. Ilalfi. ld. Jiidfes Kr I". Ijw
sut. V M. I'.l.iki-. flint llr. wer. I'l. rk,
John I. 'A ii k I r and W. M. Ji IT. r-on.
Ihis April Oi'- llth ltd,
ll. I.. I'alk. y,
:corc- A. U iIIihiiik,
A. 1. I l.oiiiiio:i.
t'4rrinii.-Mn -r of the UiM tn.ii.
State vs. I ' I iv ( iivciu
menor, continued
State vs. Tyler Cl-uul, rary
ing ;tiiKs, alia,
State vs. Cicoigc lcckler.
felony, coin iiiucd.
State vs. Raymond Ferguson,
c.irying nines and trail spo.it in;;
whiskey, alias.
State vs. Charley Redman.
felony and carving arines. con
State s. J. C. Waddell. mis-
detneiioi . not guilty.
State vs. Hen O.lell. keeping
a bad I'ouc, mis trial .
' I.V. .....
State vs. Lee Mat hi.' and
Mandy J. Collins, b denes and
adultly, m and costs.
State vs. Leuord Williams,
profanity, $10.00 and co ds
State vs. John Givciis, niisde
lilciior, quashed.
Stale vs. Rohett Matins, am
I'M. 1 t'ollins. ludeiies and a
dnltry, mi an.! costs.
State vs. Robert Dlinnoti
Roy Diiiinoii and Clem Lawsou
inisdeineii'ir, transfercd to Jnvc
nile Court .
Program Fifth Saturday Meeting
Div'jion No. 2.
Of the Mulbry Gaj) Associa
tion will meet with 'Brewers
Chapel church Apiil 29 and 30,
Introductory sermon by liev.
Ba met t Green: al.ernate V. D,
Lamb. Welcome adderess, Jeff
Keaton; response ll. C. Collins.
Topic No. 1. What are tha
bemfits to be obtained in a fifth
Saturday meeting? Revs. G. W.
Vaughn, H. C. Collins and I. S.
No. 2. Why should the Bap
tist people be educated in miss
ion? G. W. Trent, Birnet
Greene, T. P. Livesay and R. J.
No. 3. According to the scrip
tures are' we living in the last
prophecy of th. second coming
of Christ' if so give th.. prophecy?
J. J. Jackson. W. L. De'ooid and
Wiley Cook.
-(Juery box at will.
G. W. Vaujm, Moderator.
J, J. Jacksjn' Secretary.
y(f. ' WOK
nere n nrTgiiwi"Tiii n iiiiimi i
home. Kill It now.
Slate vs. I'rownlow olins,
puiilic driinkness, $pi.iii and
State v-. Will Rmglcy, in'it
lei, ei.ii!innnl.
- ' --WO
nl 'Mi i. .1 1
i5 "o. twn r 1. ( n
I...! . t.i y- .
; I ........ 1
II .if M.tr I".
i .... e 1 1.
f'l III OI IMI I '
1 ..f I-1 ..
i! D. SWi?
. '.'Yl v.- I'll . .
I . ! ,n
1 '- ' I .'ItH
I , ' '. .M t.nt.
tl 1S
',!! PI ' ' ,1. C.
If tin- oh l wiiv enn nttnlii iiidi.
vl.liinlllv s tin.. null oiir tiillor w
I1011M jit t. 11 1 ... ; mt. till to thi'iii.
"li;nt:'i. ihii.-rs "liiii i ri.' lnic a
ll.llil Is I;. I I :..-il tl,l AMUM
thliii; us suiipj. nit; h.irsoa.
sui ing agairst shipwreck in the
River of Death.
4. Its policies are never-ending,
giving the holder Eternal Life.
It insures a man for far
more than he is worth.
A few important notes for
policy -seekers.
If there i. any business among
Krvin l.uMij.k", t.s.
SytJha I.urni.kiiii.
lit Circuit I'ourt
Tennr .
at Srufdnlle,
L All applicants come directly
to the President in the name of
his only Son.
Now is the
2 Cor G: Z
strokes to tho-minute' while if
the same man hrd his head taken
off by a tornado he wouldn't say
a word abuot it
Nothing pays better than good
roads. It cots something to secure
them, but they are the arteries
hich ccrrrct city ar.d country,
along which the currents of com-
"After death the ju.gement"
Heb. 9: 27. Then it will be eter
nally too late. Insure without
Rev. W. L. Norwood, will
preach at the Baptist Church
here next Sunday night. Every
body is invited.
In thin mil it .-nnrir flow H
h.'ll. whifli h morn lo. tl.t lh
di . i..l.i'it Si,0.. l.im.pliiis is a icti
mea worthy of ling drscriU-il ! ( ; ( f,r,)in.,r ,,r.., ,.f ,.(W,;nw.t j
a work of thedevil, it i.;thn bnsi U. .rvi U.. ur. It is n,.r,f..i.-
nessof making and selling liq'-or. ,or.i.r.i l.y ih-.t .ui.iiratH..ti !,
The devil t,a.s no greater luiness j in th.- .smdv.i;.- N . i '
ti . 1 t - . , ijiirit'4..1i-h'ili,tSi!-"iKi:.'. f..rll'e
on earth that brings him irreater
returns than th,. With :..l his r,tin, . ....
wouderful shrewdnos un long f,.Mlant t ,,,,ar at n,v e,
extieriancr. th devil roull not KimiUiiSe. l.lt.r s.- mi mu-r-
in-.-ent arxl ruppiy any means to nhh! i..;i on .r l f..r tl.-2r, l, M..T, y
so tffctually inj'jre th-1- acof , " Aivu r-i
1 1 1 . r ... . i Hi l.i.l iri"
monkifut '.nil in'jLi. t l.f-m iMri-.l'
...at.r i.r. mi... ...a. n.. ..... - ... ...
. I l.un..kin. of t,,-p,.
hu victim as thn liquor business. , ft r,f,..j u
J Ih arir k ' t,:rt t r
II. I 'Jt.
I'S braath
a'..! tli'm i l ' ' "
lr l.y KAid l.re'
1 I ! -i
ratiM- t fr
lhi A Inl i
At t he ( Moln-r t rm of th" County
Court I'.!!'., tA wrfi' milhoried to . il
ImiimIs to the tiriioiint of f .jM.inin oo. for
the itirMis.' of eo..M'rat itiit with th.-!
State llifhway in roi.-l out Mi: :i rmd
Ii-h.Iiii fri.iu .'in islvill"- via., II i.iis.mi
ferry to tin- Hawkins County hue. We
a ill re i'ivi s al d I hi Is f..r i.imh until
! April IfMli., at on. o'cI.m I. I. M I'MI.
! A r.-ttili.sl rln-ok ..f ,. o 1 w ,11 I.. r-jiiir-l
vtilhiM'h lii'l Hi' r"Ti- tin
; r it'll t to ri-j -t an, all l.i i . said
j IohI- I'mIim ii.l. 11 1 ill a rid' not to
I'tn-iil si X r id.
This th.. 1 .t. tU ..f A.nl l:.:l.
, C. W. I,r"'ii Chairiiian CHirily Com . 1
W. S. Mol.-. CI. ik. '
i). V. BUI TKV.
S M .1 ;l i V II 1 .1; I KN S KS.sK V.
S tal a - t-ht ion ii,-n to rola-rt ion.
WANTED Sale.-man for r.
mile guaranteed tin s Sal iry
-?1iKi wee kly w ith extra com-j
mission. s
cow N llui: i;t i:i:i u t o '
i't O.irn.0. l.llliois. I
A. V. W ,
CJ. l i
f l a, I
The strain of modern bus
ineas life is too much for
the nerves. You need i
nervo sedative. Try
A Nerve Sedative that is
recommended for Ncrvous-
ncs,Sleep!essncs, Epilep-
-y, I Iyteria, Chronic ! lead-
che, Nervous Irritation,
ind for use by those ad
dieted to tjie Alcoholic or
Drug Habit
'.'lit MEDICAL COv ElKfvAH. IX

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