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t v i
VOL. 1..
The following are new addi
tions to our sudscription list since
our last issue.
U F. Seal, Sneedville. It 3.
Jesse Gibson, Levutluy, Tc nr..
G. E Brcoks, Kyles Ford'
-J. J. Givens, Sneedville, II, 3.
Calvin Ha-ley, Luther, Tenn.
Geo A. Wolie, Luther, Tenn.
Jesse Malhis, Sneedville, R, 1
J. R.
Nichols, Kyles Ford,
Robfrt Roberts,
Tenn. R3-
Mrs. Mollie Price,
.A B. Greene, Luther, Te n.
Robert L Seal., Luther, Tenn.
Albert Thell, Sneedville. R. 3
Mrs. Wilev Cantwell, Sr.eed
ville, Tei n, R. 2.
Viley Give is S le.dville, R 3.
Dr. B. F. Campbell, Luther,
Geo. Hatfi Id. Si.eedviile, it 5.
Davi Gre ne. Sneedville. R.3
. Stott Reed, Sneedville, R. 3.
Rev.Ti. M. Collins, SneedyiKe,
R 1
E. F. Rhea, Sneedville, R. 5.
W. D. Gorden, Treadway,
Jesse Simpson, Sneedville, R l
Elie Fleiror, Blackwater, Va.
Rev. J. D. Winkler, Sneedville
R. 3.
M. L. Carr, Idol, Tenn.
Wm Stapleton, Sneedville, R.
J. W.
R. 3.
Stapleton, Sneedville,
Wm. Earls, Sneedville, R. 3.
L D. Arnold, Snetdville, it. 3
li. B. Pendleton, Sedlia, Tenn.
Jndge J. L. Drinnion, Morris
town, Tenn.
Mrs. J. K. Drinnion. Morris
toun, Tenn.
II .II. Tistcrman, Kno.xviile'
J. T. Testtrn.an. Kvle.s Fold,
Chas. Maness, Knoxviile, Tenn
R. 4.
Miss Nan Manrss, I'hilade'dha
Mrs.W. G Amx, Slide. Tex
Mrs. A. T 1 ivesjiy orders the)"" niay b. filled for suinmcr uso and
News to Mr. J S. Coleman New
Tazuell, Tenn. and Mis. M. I
pr.ctr. J tesil!e, V'a.
1 i
-t i Penlorable'argcdy was enacted :atd industrious vomit man.
On List M.-nbay. May 2nd, in!atLQne Mountain last jfuoJay i rhe a'1 m:,n waH a s,,:l t
the 8th, district of this County, jaferncon i: which Deputy jPne'Pdar,d was an over.-e i -oMLr
on the headwaeers of Sycamore ihorifT Frank Arnwine shot aitd,an 83 sucn ,n:l,' 11 tf"0' record.
Creek, C.Vrley Collins aged P'l killed George Phelps. ,t This tragedy is charge tale to the
years, who wa- a son of Archil - 'fie facts ;1S r. lated b tac Qu'r t r.tflic. and otl.rr like ttvg
Collins; shot and killed .Jed ford ' scrjho1ire ab. ut a.? follow.: . t. -j Vdiea may be ex, cied to oecur
Anerson. It is claimed that the
trouble came u.) ;:Lcut some 1:1k
which had bven handled about
some of the wianen
of th.f .larties iv ilo-dy
,l ue"
and one i' them M-er.is
tKO into .'.etaih of th
lo vv-nnt
however, it i. ci .imt-d that lt-d-'
lord. Andtrsor bad came to the
home of Arddl Co !in bio Mon
day evening and raised a fn.-
with amauby the name of rr'w,
Andtrson drew his pistol on Trice
at which time Archil Coilins ran
up and interfere! and Andersen
turned on Collins with his pistol,
and at this point Charles ( o'liiis
who waa s mn of Ardill fired tho
fatal i-hot, which he claims was
in the defence of his .father.
Collin-? was arretted early Tuv
dav tuerni -r v ri (T L F.
oh-is a ' .-.! t ik n 1- f. iv !'. I).
Culciii.il), .1 li l i c i l iia I'l-.cc
and was riven a preK-nnnary
h -arirvraml v: s b i'nd ' '. i-r tf
t'.e :i- x ;' -.j. '. ' ;-i iii
Court. Hi- bond vns lixt-d at
$r)(H)0.00 and he im-iiv un iblu to
make the bond be was Ci-minitted
to Jail. Anders in was about 10
years old and the uncle of the
man who killed him. He leaves
a widdow and seven children.
This is the second murder case
that ha occured within the last
six weeks, and no doubt moon
shine whiskey has been the cause
of both as that is a notarious M o
tion of the county tor making and
selling moonshine whiskey.
F03 THE DAiP.Y HE.'.!)
Good Crops Prop-.-rly Stored m the
Silo Become Insurance Again..:
Drought to the Dairyman.
(V.y ('. A. IltiHnn. pif.'iii of i:x,pn
i(n, l'iiiv rsi:y cif Ti'inc-f I
DuiIriR July ami Aiij;usl p.islun.s
urn Ktuirt nnil ilrv l!i.4 lirul :iinl th
wpjiMmt hot. I'iKlcr such rciviit inn i j wonder if deacons and church
rs ran not prnfiMl.ly yt.-l-l mil k ; mrmlMTs u j K ;idmited. if they
without ionn' h 11 j i 1 i iK-ti ' . I ! il. .x-' , , , ... i ,i . . :n
porim.-nt SlaHo'i. an.l , far,,. " 1 ! L tblllk th.-.V Will
havfl found that the nimiu.t silo h- r-l j liave bi? -n tri'..t"d l ight.
me'jn thin necl fir supiil-nirntal f !. j ;.'(t)p (. d'-uitkaril. and the
Many of the tnot ironr s-;ivi- iLo-y-l . . . ...
men .-onHl,.. silafce. Mh . -s.-n.lul fur ' mlshinTS and l'ot le v rs Will
Buninu-r umc s it Is for w i!itr. 'go it of bii:ims t. It U 8
The dairyman who ha n Miiall sil ) i tSn;,m,. jH. way SOIil" people will
ran ! Just about imlifcn nt to nmi . .. " , ,
m.-r dmuKhtH. If is homo,,, , lIry denvan tbc-inselves rla.tmng to be
that fair tow of sila;- can not bjlb.e Iv st I'V ble Ml the World,
Kr'n- j i, tiding and tihMi.g v. I in y ll en
I;t thf man lionimiliiR with a Miial. ; . . . . , ., .,
hcr.1 an-l IW-ik to Inrr.-n-.. ,. st-Hip d-.w,: and d H.k the rotten
hrri hull'l a Kilo hiii.'U in ili.im. K-r. I.ut jsllllf.
rather tall, of sutlirh-nt a.,. ty to i ,.l,,, i rj ,.r .,...,. nrwl
feed tho present herd through the win
ter. A little later, when a larger sil-i
Is needeil for winter f.eilinp :.nd the
toun.r ha- ixeom thorouph'v nm
I rinred of tr-i valm of sila v. th" small
a larger one bu"t for vinter.
For fiiimmer feeding It la easy to
ascertain the diameter of the fil't
needed, t'omplete tables will lie ft-llt
to any one asking for them, but a a
guide now. one may think of th-
facts: -A silo with an In-ado dla'etr
of 12 feet will accommodate 37 bead
of cattle If they are fed ::.i jtoiind p'-r
head. If the feeding is made L'" pn.iTi I f
pT ln-ad. ..". mttle m.iy !' tat n .1 n
of; If IT. pounds, 7.. attl".
Now Is th time to prepare to rpe
tho drought of net f inuner. J'roj.-.
tf corn and "orrn'm to.iy ! planted
on stubble land imnieniai. 'v after V J
crop f wheat, oats .r l.ail'.v i bar -;
vested. Prepare , he so.l l the 1 n- I
soil niehoI." and good j: is of Ml -.re j
may le .xpeted.
I uir.i .sm.ei t'-'Jz&3 The Kbi Yea Hai9 AlwaiJ B:ughl !
k . ) full IM f4 fArVt'fk) '
1 I
. '
Officer Frstk Arnwioe ihot Gecrpe
pju.,,s vvas around the statnetas linu -roea b-v- II,1VV l-nJ?
j with others during the dry arid
,ll1i t )rilll4 1.,,,,,. .f..
h; nist 1 w en the officer rcmou i
, n -tai with ;n li ',v ;tornfj:
I .,... 'rh ,.fTi I.,,. i. JiJ
'stand-eir to avoid troubljp.
Later in the cLv, it seenu that
riAlns was in i.' car with some
companions :n:d his conduct wji
so boisterous that the oftlcei vps
urged lo am st id n. Mr. Aft?
wine summoned Had Claxlin
to help make the arrest. VVhfrn
they approached the car Phelps
shoved theelilcerawaj and drev
his pistol, but Arnwine got. hi
snkicdviijj:! iik;ii sc hool
Suturdty. May 14, 1921
Afternoon ;73 r in. to 9 p m
Refresh mt.w,rOaMesr"S6n.f
Speeches," Con tests.
An occasion ofrsocial enjoyment.
Everybody Cordially Invited
I nolice in your issie of The
Sneedvide News dated April 2iMh
that moonshine rs have a call
I meeting lor August the H. 1
d th.y Jir.-t wrl; r !se u' may
ipi!'AV I l t
rrt at r.
of the 111 oil 1 of
j De.nty Sheriir Allwit Shell
loct'l a complete c fp r dis
tillery I :sl Sunday on Newmans
lii'l'e. aluMit thr- miles West of
.-'.. e.lville. ;,tnl hrotjl.t nine in
1.1 Sn ei l .Monday. The outfit
w s not in fpir ti'n:.t the time
it was' foetid but it bad leen run
not very far from where it uaa
found as thare war. a furnace
which fit the still and all other
f KnH f,f a id:;, e wbf re mKr.shinc
, , . .
whl - key h.iJ ben ma le,
For I&Ia&ti tLd CLildrtu.
veipon jind fire I first, wi li fatal
;;wult. Arnwine imni hateiy
came to Tazewell an sun- idered
to Sherill" Mi.tk. lie is a on of
.W'm. At n wine, ami is kn wn as
the evil go on. b ;ckedbv intluen
ces that oupht to be for a bet'er
condition of all" nr.; in the county?
i rcirr.Mi t-y l i.ti .ci re- ini:rs.
day. " - l"l' -'
Pro. re js. .
5'tnrriff J.hns in, U. t)
I and L. I) Arnold, mail.
i rade
on Mulberry Creek h
nij.!it and early Satin da.
ling they captured n c
outfit near the home c I
,Gtoaonon Munless Collin farm
The outfit was a eniple copper
"Still and about lhirtv allcn
capcity. Bill Wolfe, Col , of Tr -ndwav.
had been missing from hi home
since Monday Apnl 1T, was
found dead in (he woods to-dav
"Saturdav April M ' Wolfe
niay April .w Vollo,
ha been inbatl health f r a mini-j t ;" days to : -i the . .utie mi tur
ber of years and has I een tie- fr"' s;",'' "l,"uM ,ul,,', " "
, . . . I sis nf the roui'li.i in tif I iHmii alii
ranged for some time. It is get.-,. )liilllil .,:lMl, ,, ...,. ,.
erally believed that he I- d killed le .1.1,1m 1 i. u.- ap 1 .
himself, or that lie hid becam -';! '' it.-
, .,. , 11. . aioVer, eti- , ill 1 . I . . I..- t'i .. .1 k
seriously id :-nd unab to g t or r,i(. n,, u,: :., .,, ,.,
bsck to his hot,,e ;iin Ltd liedby H - ; : ; . in. if V,,-:,
from want of tientioe. Tip a" rtio .s Mi.io.tr to No .i. 4. .11 .. pro
was iio-Mgns on tie ImmJv nf,
1 , . , 1
I'll kfufll II I '
foul play.
Mr. Wm. Short, of Treadway I
died last S..tardav i-vening aft r
.1 lingering illness, of M-vial
months Mr '.hurt w n i union
oIdi(r of the eivd w;;r, and a ,
memlx-r f-f the l:tf. is rherch.
He be!ieve. in the fatla h d uf
God und the biothe'li'K.-' i.f m m
lie beii Veml ti.at the ,r ill who
RCtteir Ibnver.s 'in I Ik- athv.iv
of hii f Uo.ni.rn, who Irt ii to
the dark pliers of fife the sun
shine of Human rymr .thy and
huma-i Irippiess, is followir.g in
the fooLstrcps of bis nui .ter.
Mr. (!, lJ- kler. of rear Lu
ther, wat ciittiing w fl l.i.-t Sat-'
urrtav and a tick l! '.v un and
struck him in the head and rend-
r-d him micunciou- for a w hile.
It .ua tb-etj'ht that his skull was
Everv tiling is going along
I nicely, on the hill, and every body
I in huisy reviewing and geting;
ready 1c r the commencement.!
Prof. Iliiland Thos. Harrison
Jr. tpent the' week end in Knox-
Miss Archer has been called
nwny bei aaseof th- serious illness
of her Ht r. SI.ehasour die. -est
Prof. G. H Hatfield wis a
wele.une visi.or f ' tl.u lliyh
St bo il Monday morning.
The Sr.fo Kille Literary K-.w'eiv
con 1 1 :.pl ttes iue very interest
ing discussions from now until
scli. oi is out Thos. J Harrison
j is pr s.dcnt and George IL Baker
j V'ce i'-iid -nt.
i GiiH IiJ l')rin, i, it ;iiti.f 4'-.e
v.evk t'tid with I'.om folks.
The femes that h'.ve be n
placed ii the auditorem, give it
a in-ire al'.iactive and home I ke
'L .I.Catron roanly sup ei
tendentand C. M. Col'in.-: Chait
man of - the Hiidl School bard
Vsifed 'h.' qe'iool lat week.
. Several 'vinmit lees have bee
apiiointed to get r idy for the b-t.
Cream Supper which wili be
Siturd.-.v evening M.iy 11. A
great I'lno is expeetc d
Tyler Pirkey ai d La '.v re nee
Thomas spent the week en 1 witi
home folks.
Several r. Indent a attended the
Fifth Saturdav meeting at Brew
ers Chapel. Piominer.t and con
spicuous among them was Mr.
Kldc ridge Arch Bow on.
If any of the girls around lown
need any toys ta entertain their
lieaus on Sundays call on W. S.
Moles who kei p. a full line.
PROPEr: pati'j' : rnn
Tha Five nations herr Glvrn Art Hug
gitions to Help You Pl.in Vuii't.
When fllil. htng Imr; rltln th
anioiiut of i-t i;ti f hlvmld Iia In
I .1J.......I r.. l i, ., .1 r. . ,1,,!.. I..... ..
m,, .,1,1, .. .,., ,,,..., . i.,!.,,.
Visions ! Ii'i'iel aU.iu lie l i.mI ,r .1
nillti i.-ni tiitiiilo r of bo : to foiloA i ho
! al'e n lon.iiiiii' all '!
t. I I I i !l
l!i'.i jnt.
X'i Ite
;il.l,"e I l.t III pel I "I I
S'ovr. t-'i i, hulls, of '. :'
I I !:llr. t.erl-id I
t'i " n d in. 'I I i li da)
( .( !!' I ,i rl .. I'll if thta
.-..If. I
I i."ni, . .-d Teeil TO ila4
'oltijlia'-' d IDMll .Sri ll't !
I IT. a
7 rt
J;!l.Ke et,ti;e pTi.i'll
' n,-r, tr.iw. I.' i' . .-r rough
Lay uiiiii'- , j, m! l
V. !ti Iws'i er et ben
Iii- il ll ? .!.
V'iK' Iimiis rr vnlral lie.in '
lie J 1'H'I o day
Velvi ln-.j.t cr k!i: keav. '
luual 3rd .!') divs ,
ii ns
12 rt
t't r.n
in it)
Sil,.e loialraj period i
Suner. straw, hulls, or ro,:t
Cot''i:w-. ineai. I
Itrokon n-ir lorn.
i-'..- utit.re iinli.
Snlean. ini. or Alfalfa
Itrnkrq oorn.
ii rt.s
10 Tte
li &e Kar com
X H.a t'lor.r hay. ropea nay, aov
ban l.y. .r slfalfj
C. V. Ii. lietick sv-Jl. at. Il
islD of ll-. n-i- i. t'nivrsay of lea
t Kn'in:i-
No Better Timo Can Be Found
! To Think cf These Thinas
Than Now
Experience baa Known that from
throe to five buRlu-ln per acre increased
yield lu wheat can bo made by plow
ing the land deep and early so aa to
plve tu noil time to nettle. Tho wheat
plant likoH a firm need bed just below
tho Kurfai-o. If tho land is quite loose
tho roller should to used. The iu
croiiHO In yield from the firm pucklnj
of a roller will often pay for the roller
in iu() i-rnp.
AnoMinr chance to Increase the yield
per u. ro Is by uinn sound, plump aeed
that will grow. Fan and screen out ail
small and shriveled grains.
Tho uverage yield of wheat ran baj
increased Ave liunhels If one will give
attention to there details. It roqulree
nearly a whole year to prow a crop of
whmit. Why not jtot tbe highest crop
posHililo by dolnp tho right thing t
tho riRht time. It does not cost any
more and tho profit I so pleasing and
satisfactory. Ho your best this time
and note the dlfti Tunce. C. E. AUred,
Plvlslon of Extension Unlyersltr 'OC
Tonnei s(io, Knoxvillo. 1
i'V'I'T li
my wife .
1 '
II,.- "Mr.W HOME" ml vu illhav
a lil al at itir em r vh ij '! Iia cliNimaiion of
rri air r.irit t'V itM n.-r w.rlniTtliii anU b
jimlilr l iMlrfjl iii.iirr I l.-tcii, r'iit niinU
wum . . .I In., I .... kav.nti'.a "NtW HOME".
kiK'WU llir w-tild ivrr f"ff tjrKri trwiug ualilick
N1 I UU'U t uf nfliff bit lit,
ra m
52 um.
! i ft JJ
t. M
. - i. .-. Ne .!. .i
5 kj
1 .
:7T W
1 I II S T
fur. hav

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