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1V i . n r4
NO. 8.
If you cant take a joke, why
take offence.
Also the Lord helps those who
helps others.
The light of reason hasn't much
chanch to shine throu, h the dark
ness of prejudice.
Of course money isn's of much
value these days, but it is hard to
get along without it.
In the spring a mirried man's
fancy should lightly turn to tho
ught of next winter's wood.
You may be made of finer clay
than your neighbor's but the un
dertaker never will find it cut.
The way of the transgressor
is generally hard,, but the way
of the righteous is not always
A man without imagination
has at least one advantage over
others he can't hava imaginary
There i3 a kind of man who is
willing iO kill the goose that ia.vg
the golden eggs merely because
he dont like the goose.
If vou i ct like you possess all
the brain in I he world, others
will eneer at yon; if you act like
you didn't have any, they'll laugh
at you.
Love is a beautiful thing and
it makes Ihewoild two 'lound and
all sorts of things like that, but
it positively will not be taken in
exchang by the grocer and the
So live that when they are pass
iii? around to give you the last
once over, they'll have something
more oiiginal to say than, "Well,
he was a pretty good scout in
his day."
It's your enemies that make
you hump. If you had nothing
but friends vou'd grow fat and
lazy and would't be of enough
consequence in the community
to get an invitation to a precinct
The following named parties
have financed us since our last
Estes Barnctte, Sneedville, R
Geo. II. Baker, Kyles I crd
Brewer Brothers, Luther,
Mrs. Maggie Alder, Sneedville,
R. 1.
Jas. T. Alder. Sheedville. II. 1
John Fetguson, Sneedville, R.3.
Citizens Bank, Sneedville,
A. J. Livesay, Kj les Ford,
Euct.e Hatfield, Sneedville,
r. a
Mr. Wm Gf ins, our fellow
townsman, drtped in the News
tff.ee Wednesday and ordered
the News tent to his brother,
IL K Coins of Kyles Ford, Tenn.
Mr. Jesse Gibson, of Lcpv alley, j
Ter.n; was in i-r.cedvillc l;:stj
Saturday and w hi'c here pave u. .
a call fcrd ordered the News m nt ,
to Mrs. Tawl F. Thilien. Protec
tk n Kan?. ;
Shall Ameaicsn troops be with
drawn from the Rhine as an evid
ence oi thy d' atrminrt m of the
United States to refrain frcm
further European ;lliance?
Representative Fish of New
York, a Republican, says so in
the following resolution:
"Whereas poace has gone be
tween Germany and the United
Stales through cessation of hosti
lities and by tha passage by Con
gress of a resolution, sig.ied t y
the President, declaring a State
of peace; and
"Whereas the cor.tinuance of
American troops in Germany is
a great bnrden to the taxpayer of
the Uuited Suited, who are now
supporting: our tra ps there by
reason of the non-payment by
Germany of theexpence-j of said
troops; and
"Whereas the continued main
tenance of our tmops in Germany
since the enforced disarmanent
of that nation is contrary to cur
traditional foreign policy; and
"Whereas the withdrawal of
our troops from Germany will
hasten and promote the resump
tion of commercial and diplomatic
intercourse with the Gtnnan
people; ar.d
"Whereas the Constitution of
UniteJ States provided that
..Congress shall have power to
make rules for the goverment of
and naval forces': Now therefore
be it
"Resolved by the House o
Representatives (th Senate con
curring). That Congress exercise
its constitutional power and that
all American troops in the Army
of Occupation in Germ iny be or
dered forthwith to the United
States of America, and the commander-in-Chief
of the Army
and navy of the United States
is hereby requested to carry out
the purpose of this resolution."
Stop That
It's Stopping
Your Work
For Any Ache or Pain.
-sr. -w ' m r-
irx, r is p
:TaJo A Klv Titan Of Mm.
i "1 wmi ." rl-.-r Trco fnia In r7
; .( f L1 V: 7" r-"t w ri-M y
. .'tl til ciu." I
ic n rv. cvj: stc'ti
t '.7 13 C
We notice in the list of delin -
qun; tax payrs, that through
an error of the Trustee, our tax -
r s have been put out.
We have paid our taxes and
have receipts showing they are
paid, we are not weaiying about
having to pay them again, hut
because it is degrading for any
one to let their taxes go out be
fore the public. We have never
let our taxes go out, and more
than that, we never kick because
we have to rav taxes, A man jis
not a good litizen that dont waftt
to help pay the expense of the
We favor better schools and
better roads, and have always
contributed liberally to their sup
port. We even paid $12.00 do
tax before Hancock County was ;
exemmed from that law, becau'
our collies are valuable property 1
to us, we are tot expecting to.
get thi:? monev back, and we
hope it has been used for a good 1
cause some where. '
We work on the public roaus
in our district every year, Lecuu
?0 WO IT&IlZC thO VallH Ol 0O1
Wo hivn hpirii! th it Renm !
vve nave neareu in.n utpr
setative, A. T. Drinnon, has ha J I
. , , , ' f' .Xl
I'liut iiu a n'rtu ia iui wm
County, and we hop it is one tnaj
insures better roads,
We hope the Trustee will not
take thij as a replication t him,
we only want the people to know
that we are not made up of that
kind of material to want to avoid
paying our taxes. V p f
Brwer Brothcxi,
Danger of Aacrica Sinluof itelow
Ccrmaiy's Letel, if Christ
m Left Out.
"Christian education is the
salvation of this country, and in
order to brinjr this about our
education?! system must be cen
tered around Jesus Christ,,' said
Rl-v. J. Stewart French. I). I).
president of Emory and Henry
and Martha Washinthn colleges
in sreakinj in behalf of the
Christian education movement of
this denomination.
"If this country continues for
the tie zt fifty years as it has for
the last five years, "continue Dr.
French. 'There will be no such
a thinga private proerty rights
in Ameiica." He said that if ho
were a man of wealth, and even
th UK'h he were not interested in
education as a Christian man, he
would j;ive most bberaily of the
fund for the promotion c.f Chris
tian education, for the sole pur
pose, if for no other, of protect irtf
the remainder of his wealth from
invasion and dit ruction by ele
ments that arc texlay seeking the
downfall of this republic.
"If our nation docs not find
Christ, and nive Christian edura
tio. to our biys and jrirls of the
present and the futuer Americr
will sink into a w reckage that
will be even deeper and Krat r
and more destructive than the
moral w reckue of the German
pep!e," he continued..
Dr. French stoke of the wide
spread campaign in lehalf of
socialism. He said that in thirty
four d the leading universities
of America, clubs are actu-dly
maintained that have for their
expressed purpose the loading of
sociali-im and the spreading soci
alistic propaganoda. This he
.leprecated as an cmen that is
not for the good of America, and
said it could be wh !ly overcome
only throuzh the means of Chris
tian education.
To the peod
; The Statement vi D , French
jisaner.t the fe!ilicp.i:,ir rolicit
Haneock ; atioa fo: :?:J3.0!0,' V Mroua'nout
V the M. E. church, s mth. which
j fund thechureh pur-ios to raise
j to promote trec.-WM of Christian
The canvass for tlo fund will
be made M ty li t Juno 5 inclu
sive, Hoist 01 conferancu's quoto
is $1,70."). KK.
my wife
1 Pur. -wetti "new home" n4vuiiih
rrpaif cipen tr sutirriut wntkmanahip ui be
. quality ( watcrial inrr life-tone wrvir t mini i
HUIH lAlkl. JllMtt Ull III!
KnoWB lho ovef fot lpetlot ...i,,, .mi.
n "J ' ' "" "
Every tiling is moving along
nicely oirthe hill nm.
Final examinations are being
given this week which marks the
endrnff or gchool work this yr ar.
The Ice Cream Su; per .vent
off nicely, a large crowd was
present and every body Ke'imed
to have a good tim
Kev. V. Ii. Norwood conducted
chapel exeni-'es Moi.day morning
Mr. Norwood h:.s been with us
sevenfl times this spring ami has
always been welcome.
I Eloquent speeches are f requct
ly heard on the school campus by
Eldridge A. How en and Thos.
HarriMin Jr.. the silver tongued
orators of Ilaiuoe!; County.
A very succetsful commence
ment is contemplated this year
which vvih begin next Sunday
The sucrcss of i.ur school this
year is a credit to Hnneock ('oun
tv and we con.sidi r the facolty as
t'llicienl as any rehnl in l'enri.
Mr. Hill has in:id a reputation
aslhtMHst principal we haveover
had. He has ;'ain-l the frii ml
shpef ev ry Mi'dent, and hftn
awakened piite an interest
among tlu? pation.i.
Mi$ Archer is well known here
having taught in this county two
years In-fore this. She is a very
ellicient teacher, and her ilforts
are justly appreciated
Its -erns that it would be -i very
wise thing to get the same faculty
here next year if possible.
U'ith in a few days many of
the students will go back to the
farm, where we wish them a
very happy vacation.
A Student.
I "A f t-r f -if n 'ii' I inil" i'i-l ii-o S
I a irujl I' '''!: ai.'l l.u.r in ielf.
hill ii'T l 'i- ' ' ' I
- ....
n v
Sheep Growers Urge Eating 01
Much Mutton Big
Placing Roast Legs on Picnic Tablet
Spread Demand Those Eating
Greatly Pleased and Sent in Or
ders. (!ly U. I". Mai-. Sh-i .SiHH-lnllm. Ki
U'usioii l. v.n. on, rulversUjr of Ton
lu'Shi -.)
Dul iriiiv I. null luoiit.
Tin- .i'iiili' of 'iViiiii,im hnve no
lllll lll't'tl i('l-.slnici (It tht' t'HllUK
iif liox m. it :i ii'i lii't f Hint lliry hurt
ovi'i-looWi'it tin' Mih j i- of liimb ami unit-
1 loll.
Mum'ji prniT im ri ieuUi rly nr- mil
iliit Ml l -;it loll lo (lie a I in- of lainli (--niilsf
of lln f.icl (lull it U u ili'lirliiu
iiii'ttt, Hint lii t iiiim I lu-rc Im an oT
prixliict Um.
LamliK, to iiiiiKi' Hit- liosl food hIiouIiI
bo falti-iK'il iiufiKlv t lii-ii tin- um
(f tlii IiIi-hi viirit-ly f fM-ils, Tlu-.v
must he Inililn-ri'il rlylil. Hint Ik cimi
sklniii'il, unil lu-iilicr tin luiiiiN nor
tin- wool should ho Bllo-At-d Id toiit-h
lho i-tircuhM Mhlli it U still nn.
To fin-jiiiri-, Kpllt ih run-u w down
ihf iniddle with a hiiw, mid itMilo In
lialvt-H, Into iiiiiirii-rs li-nvlni; two
hurt rlliM on (Ik- n-ar (juurti-r.
Mutton tiuih- Iuin lircn tli-Vf lopi-d a.i
a result of luklnu roast niuttnn to ple
ii I is. July llli cil ItrHtloiiH, and to
oiluT holiiln.v irnt hi-rlnaa.
AVtiy 'I'i-iiih-sm-i -o)ite Iuivh not !-bliiin-l
llu- iiiiitton-i-ntliii: hnhlt Is
iHtln-r iiij sIitIihih. 't'lioy-Juil Iihvc not
U ahoul tlx Iv iiiiswit. oni" of th
illYlxInnft of i-xli'iistnti m-1ii I ltt n ri
innrki'd tho other ilny thni a short
Unu- nun In- onli-rod m million ntsk
wtii'ii ho i-oiild not buy ho-f r pork,
atid that he wn nii iiiikIi i I.i (list
hi hit m i-oiillniii-il it Hue Mils kind of
ini'iit inil i-ii i of thi- othi-r"
Sli"i-i-i owm-rn i-nn liH-ri'ii-io tho i1
maiiil for mutton hv IiooviIhk h( nil
tlini'x the l ta - i 1 1 k liif-ti- of thU im-Ht.
ritn ltiK nh'i' unit tun roiivtH on pli-nl-tuhli'-
Im eno of I In- hcil ways to
Mpti'ii"! Ho- di'Mln for thU -ort of inrnt.
If tin- ili'liiillil hi-i-iii i liiruo, iim II
Mi. ml. I If ii IioonHuu' , in. ihiIii N nir
rlod on, tin- ImTintry will In- -.'n-iitty
Hsrs Is an ansm- that Is In ym.
Kill It now.
t'n-osotf" tri'iitini-iit nii. .nt dotth!')-thi-
l.f- of ll,- w.muI', r I . i . ;i r ly ui-:
for fritri- .--ts M.itiy ;, . it I (ii
Ji. I.-m. nut r .itfl. 1 1 . i . iiiM.li- lo
Iti-t l."i o- iimn- w-nry '1 r -:. jt.. t. ( iun
In-ii.. I.- u'lli ii -ii.:. it tnt.k ot i i l:ir
r- ill lii-li II ll'i. i!l Im
ln-nt-!. 1i!- -Utw -I.: : Ii. ! f.. .
(!..:. um !iit: : Iii-ii, -I i f..'lm
A ill f r. n i v .i- i:til T 1 l-i J i-.i i
frrati-d ; Im--M.-i- ij-im.i 1 t . V1! ,.i'jr
nhiti- ii-il.ir Ir-'iu II lo ."'I i-.iro. r,
Islj.n fr-iii Ii to "'i;i .-ii: im
from " t. Ji t-. -oft in..;.. i- don
t to '.'7 ii mrn
Agents for the Ford Moter Co.
Sneedville, Tennessee.
Ford Cars, Ford Trucks. Ford Tractors & Ford R pairs.
Plac? your oHer early for ca" the seasDn is her. tor use.
A full line of repairs coried in stock at sll tinw.
All members of The American
Leigon, are requested to be at
Sneedville on May the 30th, for
the purpose of decorating the
giaves of comrades and old
Soldiers, as we have decided to
have a "parade" and wo would
be very glad to have all of the
ex-soldiers to meet with us, and
help cary o.t whit h is bean the
custom of our old soldiers since
we h-jve been a nation.
We will hav with us on that
day Hon. Judge Jennings, 'who
will deliver a speech which will
he worth your trip to town.
Owing to the heat everybody
w ill-wear citizens clothing.
American Legion,
by b . J. Long:.
niiintn.ll 1t;:-iMir.tt t-i nth! rataliltuhod
-U. kwir i a. i.u." rwtuif quKfcty
m.i,'IiI liy MmmfM turr.
.-".-n.1 inll..r l.ll"nn.l .'mrrlplinn
if yinir iiiviiiKn lir tKkt SEARCH
nn I i'imhh-i on !( "n i nl tli y Vtf ,?tH t
. Ml r .M W ril i li r MW IrM Duk
Id. swift &' co.
SevtintsjjSt., Wai;hln;toa. D. C
Captvc Lead to Recovery of $101,
600 ia StoUa BobiU.
Russellvillk. Ky., May 11 -i
Trailed by bloodhounds, two men
lielieved to h ivo held up the G. W.
Daxidson &Co. private bank at
Auburn, Ky. where capturedbya
posse on the bank of Mud River
in Muhlenberg County a wild
section thirty miles north of
here. The men carried $3,000
in gold and enrrency. They oif-
cred no resisnance.
Capture of the men was preced
ed by tho discovery of $101,900
in bor.ds the amount stolen
buried near the home of Vivian
Thompson at Bald Knob Church
in Ixigan County. Thompsou ac
cording to the ofllcers, admitted
that his brother, Iloyd and a mart
whose name he gave as Sminh
planned and executed the rob
bery. I'loodhounds. 'cured from
the K-nitentitry at Nashville and
placed on the trail, followed the
thruotit the nigh'..
The robliery mettiil, besi Is tha
bonds, about $U KK) in ash. ThJ
men entered the b ink at noon
and while one guarded at tha
door the other compelled thi
IxxikkeejH-r to om-ii tbe vault.
Seizing the bonds and cash, they
heund and gagged the hookkecp.
i r. A hal f hour later posses were
searchsng for them.
Lisvr.l rtMviit feyfr,yff
..a f.ll V.IU im4 fri'JX
Cal B)fclna

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