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VOL. 1.
NO. 34
A-Primary Election ia hereby onr!cred
to be held at each voting precirt.in
'Hancock County Tenju, on Saturday
Pecember the 10th, 1921, for the pur-
,pose of nominating candidates' for the
various offices of the cotmty, to be
voted for in the one , general Election
to be held in August'1922. ' ,
2. Said Primary Election shall be
opened at 9 o'clock A. M. and closed at
four Hock P. M.
3. .If any officer of the primaryfails
to serve, the remaining orflcerrwilling
tb serve that! fill Uie vacancy on the
morning of the' Election.
4, All the Republicans recognized
.as such in the precint where the votes
- are to be cast, shall be permitted to
vote in said Election, but no1 other. 'No
person will not be allowed to vote if
challerged, will not pledge himself to
vote for and support the successful
candidates, and all persons votipg there
in shall be deemed to have pledged
their vote for the nominee, and all vot
ers must vote in his precint.
5. All youn republicans who will
be of age and qualified to vote at the
AugustElection in 1922, shall be quali
- fied to vote in said. Election and in case
' the officers should be in doubt about
aa to the right ol any person to vote,
tuch peisonshall be sworn and examin
ed as to his right to vote and byotand
ers shall challenge the right of the per
.soil to vote.
h. The Election board shall furnUh
the officers in this Election with pole
cooks r ana a copy ol the rules and re
gulations. The ballots shall be proper
ly counted the same as in General Ele
ction. The returns shall be properly
signed and certified and the officer of
the Election shall seal and address the
pole books and shall mail-one to A. F.
Witchel Chairman, Sneedville. Tenness
ee, -or deliver them in person. The
tickets voted and counted shall likewise
'le sealed and delivered to the Chair-
man of this Board.
. J7. Tha Etotkm-Searrf ahalHweet at
the court house in Sneedville on Dec
ember, 17, 1921 at 12. p. m. and k the
jrehence cf any person or' perona open
and count the returns and the Se?ra
tary shall of other, members of the
Dcarf and those present, make out a
taLulalive ataternert of the' lesult,
"which fhsll I e signed by the board and
if any member of the lotrd shall .not
- concur with, the majority of the board
he shall sign in writing his reason there
9. Any unsuccessful candidate may
tontest the nomination of the success
ful candidate btlere the said election
board and notice thereof must he giv
en in writing to the Chapman of t he-
committee and the nditlte whose
reinitiation is centered, not later thai
December the 17th. at 12 o'clock and
let out hir grounds for contest therein,
The committee .hall determine the
tame a oon aa u.sible and their dc
c i Jon shall be flnaL
9. Any one desiring to be a candi
c'ate for any of these offices herein
mentioned tballon ot before the 26th,
e'ay of Novcn lr 1921 notify the
hairirancr Secratary ef their inte-n-
iorsand thsll c'rpot-it with the t l.nir
manor icratary the sum of $10.00 to
l.elp defray thre experces cf said c
ard thall allocate that be will comply
with the rules ard rgu1atkns of said
Irimary Lleiticn aid tint he-approves
ar.d agree to the fo.'lcwi'rg pledge.
We. the undersigned candidates for
Trufter, Sheriff, (eunly Court Clerk,
viniii hum vieik aru lie pin er in
Ft publican Primary to be beld for
.Ilaiccek ( ctir.ty en Defender the 10th
1S-21, do o!emn)y pWge our Honor
that we will not tiirectlr er indirectly
ie, orcaut. to Le sje nt ar.y money, or
thirgs e.f valae.er pay taek any said
irore-y ordn-.atd n.adc upe-n us for
tuch meiney or value that n:ay have
teen tper.t. or ued in Mid I rimary
for lujirg or influencing votes and
that wo have not pent, e.r ilaml any
IT? in the hands of any ore to be
spent for us and we will not fcc guilty
ef iixh tr; rd m? tsmtMly rtquost
and iwit that the t'xerutntive (om-
it ittee at solute-ly re fut to de-clare any
eane'idate er candidates the fomiM-o
ef said party, in said Pnmry. who
ireSulge-s in the habit ef influencirg
cle ty the uteof any undue influefx 1 1
10th, The expense of printing the !
loletooks, advertiMng the eWtien and !
. i . . .
inrr neceseary ana niumaie esprn-
ef same shall r borne equaHy by
tie candtdaU qualifying.
11th. Any candidate who fui to
ceo piy with the tcwirenwrts e.f I
Rules and Regulations on or by the 26,
day of November 1921,-ferfits the privi
lege of having his name printed on the
,'12tb, Any car.Jiate whose election
it procured throjgh the influence of
money whether used by himself, h'n
.friends, or any person whomsoever in
his behalf, shall not be declared tfce
nominee by this Committee, and this
fact shall be determined by sworn tes
timony of witnesses to be heard by this
13th, No pole tax receipt shall be re
quired as a qualification to vote. Each
candidate shall have the privilege of
representation .t and during the voting
and counting the ballots and sealing
the returns,
11th, After che expiration of the
time to qualiy fixed and set apart in
these rules and regulations, should not
more than one candidate qualify for
any of these respective offices, the
Chairman of the Executive Committee
shall immediately notify the other
members of the Committee, who shall
meet and declare him the nominee of
the Republican party to be voted for in
the August Election, 1922.
This November Tth, 1921.
A. F. Mitchel, Chairman.
G..E. Wolfe, Secretary. ;
Officer, John Live say; Judges, G. B.
Wolfe, I sham Seal and Harrison Antri
can; Clerks, Mc. II. Campbell and Mc.
II. Seal
Officer, W. A. Yount; Judges, Tyler
Seal, Gid Helton and Lee Yount; Clerks,
Mc. M. Brewer and A. W. Yount. .
'Tinnn nisTRtrT
Officer, II. J.'Horton: Judges, Win
Uurd, Geo. Williams and Pat Fuller
Clerks, Will Ilorton and Pat Edena.
4th. District.
Officer, C. W. Wallen; Judges. Hair
rison Fleenor, A. J. Dean and c. M
bnodgrass; Clejrka,. Sod Johnson and
tvTE. Tes terms n.
5th, District
Officer, II. J, Jaynes; Judges, James
Leamon, Nicholas Alder and 'Jesse
Pridemore: clerks. R. D. Davis and
Loe Frost,
6th. District.
Officer, L. C.Jarvis; 'Judges, Jesse
Seal, Sr., J. M. Alder and John Hop
kins; Clerks, Claude Trent and Tip
Tth. District.
Officer, John Morgan; Judges, Jeff
Keaton, Floyd Ferguson ami Mark
Winkler Jr., clerks", J. D. A'inklcrand
Drcway I.aw-w n.
8i h. District.
Officer, c. D. Kamiey; Judges,
WriKht rhambers, chas. Uartly and
Monlesa rollins; clerks, Akx Ramsey
and W. I). Alder.
9th, District.
Officer, Vol Goleyhor.; Judges, Geo.
Collins, W. N. click and VYm. Kasnic;
clerks, James. lUmsey and Tyler Col
ltUh. District.
Officer, K. M. I rinnn Judges, M. It,
liuttry, G. A. Wolfe and Henry Men
ken; e lerks, J. I. Drinnon and C. W.
11th. District.
Officer, Jas. T. Alder; Judpes, Joe
Livesay, J. H. Purchett and John Mar
tin; clerks, Koitrt Bales and Marchal
12th. District.
Officer, M. II ihi,.l--:,Julrs, A. N
Rusic, John Marcum and L c. Minter;
Clerks, It. W. Ship'cyand Eva Eden.
I)r. K. ,. McDANIKI
Office in Claiborne (Vninty Dank Pldg
Special attention piven ti rt llccti'. m.
Hon. A. T. Drinnon. of Rut
ledger, was in Snded ville on letral
buiii cM firrt of the week.
Deuteronomy 8:10-14.
ilO. When thou has eaten and
arc f nil. .tKi thou shall blt-ss
the Lord thy God for lbs good
which hi hast jriven thee.
Jl. Beware that thou forget
not the Lord thy God, in not
keepi g his coramanements, -and
his judgements, and his statutes
wliich I command thee this day:
'12. Lest when thou hast -eaten
and art full, and hast built
poodly houses, end dwelt therein,
13, And when thy herds and
thy stock multiply, and thy sil
ver and thy good are multiplied,
and all that thou art multiplied;
14. Then thine heart be lifted
up, and thou forget the Lord
thy God, which brought the forth
out of the land of Ejrypt, from
the house of Bondage.
Sneedville, News:-
As some on 3 has been kind as
to send me the News, I will
write a few lines.
I was wondering a f(w days
before I received fhe first copy
if there was a paper printed in
Sneedville and if ther was I
would be clad to get it.
and am p;lad you sond me the
paper whoever you may be.
I often think of my native
home in Tenn., where I spent M
the days of my childhood, I re
member those days so plain and
of times live them all over again
in my mind. Although many
changes h: ve came into my life
I sometimes think' that I wou! J
love to ro back onae tssntzd
childhood days in reality mud
roam. Many f rieitns do I recall
as I write these lines,some of
whom have passed cmt of this
life and trying' the realities of
another world. r ...
I spent last week in Ktnsa's
City where I accompanied my1
eon, Hugh, to .-i hospital who had
an operation on his tonsls I
visited whih in the City Mm
Dave McCoy (nee Miss Eddie
Day) whom I had not saw lor
20 years, but when I ranfr this
door bell of er 'dwelling, she
came tothodoor and said, "com.?
in you need not think that I da
not know jou," and she did not
even' know thnt I was in the
uty. Mr. McCoy is ft stock in-!
rriecor at the Kansas City Stock
I sure enjoyed myself visiting:
Mrs, McCcy. She told me of
somo of my friends who had died
I had never heard, I was sorry
to hear of tl e death of Mrs Aaron
Mayse, who she said, had been
dead for some time.
I noticed in the Sneedville News
an account of Miss Nan Mane'ssj
and Charley Maness attending!
the funeral of their sister Miss I
Jessie Mancss.
I do not know who it issokinH
as to spnd me the mH'f and I am
very greatful to you who ev-r
you may be.
Mr. iMit'ir I r.!-o renunil r
you, and ui.-h you in yotn ;
Joumalisrr. With lost vf-l-to
all who iiapin to read this. 1 '
clo? for fear t he office cat ge ts
! a a a
mis. Aire, kiuina u mig'.r.
We are always triad to net the
re al live r.ews from ull yetUr-n.-of
the county.and will apprecial
it But ve are not runinu .'.
"Hello Office" and don't want
that kind of junk. Masc
us the real live news and
the "Hello So an I S "oil".
Mr. Tom Brewer, one of the
firm of Brewer Bros., of Luther.
was in Sneed ville on bu?in-.s first
of the week.
Dear Editor:- Received a
copy of theSneedvill News, and
decided 9t first sijht to subscribe
for same.
I delight in reading the Sneed
ville News because it brings the
trilling memories of my child
hood town, and county, and sets
them fresh upon'my mind,
. I read the names of many peo
ple have known and learned
to love. Infact I admire every
one in dear old Hancock,
it is a great inspiration even
to mo to hear of the advance-
Lments and up building of the vi
cinity in and around Sneedville
end to bring around snch deve
lopments in a community. I
dare say there is no better way
than for the good citizens to co
operate, and give .their county
paper their substantial eupport
Get tho business news of the
county to circulating and I am
feure it will continue. If you have
something newsy to tell, tell it to
Iho News, and you will receive
news. Sincerely,
' D. L. Hopkins.
f .
! Mr. Nicholus Wolf, of the 10th
District died Wt dneeeay evening
about 4 o'clock. Mr. Wolf has
been very low with cousumption
for some time and the end has
been expec-ed for several weeks.
Mr. TV M. Morgan, our Road
CJommissioner, finished up the
' ridge accross Briar Creek this
m rm
mm i-
Our iifw pastor of the M. E.
church A. Thompson, began
a ser.rios U4. mtx-iing t Aiders
Chapel two weeks ago. assisted
by V. W Hurst frort Greenville
. The result of the meeting todav
was the best that has been for
years at Alders Chapel.
Two additions hav bein re
ceived into the church and the
members are wraught up to a
good feJling towards one n Moth
er in the power ot the Lord.
There has been 6 conversions
up till today and great p rospects
for more, which shows that they
want ta get on higher plains of
living throuh he power of God,
asking all christian folks to pray
for the Sneedville Circuit.
The first quarterly meeting
will be held at Sneedville on
Thanksgiving day Nov, 21et 11
o'clock held by Rev. R. L. StaDl-
eton theSupt, of the District al-
so Ihursdav night and Fridav
morning at 11 o'clock everybody
invited to come.
The presiding Elder of the
Morristown District M. E. Church
South, Rev. E. II. Cassidy. will
preach at Howards Quarter next
Satnrday and Sunday, ' Nov. 26
and 27: Satnrday at 11 a.m. 3 p.
m. Sunday at 10 a. m: followed
y the sacretment of the Lords
supper- I
Everybody invited.
VW. L. Norwood, I'astor.
one eleven
w 1 I I -1 1 La I 1 .t tr j
ff 3
Three Inseparables
One for mildness.VlRGINIA
One formelIowne5j.BURLEY
One for aroma.TURKISH
The finest tobacco; perfectly
aged and blended
Docia Carter,
Charley Carter.
JQIn Circuit Court at Sneedvitte,
In th cause, it appearing f rn
the bill "hich is worn to, thlt
Charley Carter, th9d3fendaat.il
a non-resident of tho 'State )f
Tennessee, ha is therefore, here
by, required to appaar en or be
fore .the 2nd, Monday in 'Decem
ber 1921, before the Clatlrbf cm
sniid court, at his office in Snoe 1
ville and make defease to the bill
filed against him in slid ourt,
by Docia Carter, or otherwise tni
dhi win De taken lor'eonresstt.
I Qt is further ordered that thts
notice he published for foar cm
secutivo weeks in the 3netdvi.1i
Nsws. "This Nov. 12. 1921. .
A. Y. Willia. Clerk.
By C. 51. Collins, DS C.
The underaigned, D, T. JaanMn,
havinif been appointed and uakfiad at
AdminUtrator of tho titata of'O. R.
W. 'Drinnon, daoaaacd, all craJitorr of
tha aald estata, ar haraby givai n t
ice to flla their claim t on or by tht lit.
day of Junuiry, 1921, duly authtntisat
ri with tha Cleric of tha Oaaty) Urt
of Hancock County, Tannotata, - or tha
mo will bo forover barrofl,
ThiinHico will be publiahod hSnaaJ-
ville Now, a nsvriipipjr publlshotf In
Sneedville, Tantieme, forfoir coat
cvtivaeekaaa required by lav.
Thia.Nov. 7th, 1921.
lt. T. Johnson, AdmlnlatnKtr.

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