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ului mil luiihu
How KCseraUe Tbis Woman Wu
Until Ske Took Lydia E. Pink
tun's Vegetable Compound
Toomnboro, Ga. 1 suffered terribly
with backache And headache all tie timet
I wu so weaa ana ner
vous I didn't know
what to do, and could
not do my work. My
trouble waa deficient
and irregular peri
ods. I read in the
papers what Lydia
E. Pinkham's Vege
table Compound had
done for others and
decided to give it a
trial. I got good
remits from its use
ao that I am now able to do my work.
1 recommend your Vegetable Compound
to my friend who have troubles similar
to mute and you may use these facts
as a testimonial." Mrs. C.F. PiniJJPa.
Toomsboro, Ga,
Weak, nenrous women make unhappy
homes, their condition irritates both
husband and children. It has been
aid that nine-tenths of the nervous
prostration, nervous despondency, "the
blues," irritability and backache arise
from some displacement or derange
ment of a woman's system. Mrs. Phil
lips' letter clearly shows that no other
remedy is so successful in overcoming
this condition as Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
A eentluiental man grieves $10
Korth over every dollur he his mis-iveslcd.
There is only ens medicine that really
stands oet prominent as a medietas for
tureble ailments of the kidneys, liver sad
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root stands tbs
highest for the reason tbat it hae proven
te be Just the remedy needed in thousands
upon thousands of distressing cases.
Hwamp-Koot makes friends quickly be
eeuse its mild and immediate effect is soon
realised la moat eases. It is a gentle,
healing vegetable compound.
tiUrt treatment at once. Sold at til
drag stores in bottles of two sises, medi
um and large.
liowever, if you wish first to test this
great preparation send ten cents to Dr.
Kilmer A Co., Hinghamton, N. Y- for a
sample bottle. Wbea writing be sure and
nation this peper. Advertisement.
Sustenance of the Young Kangaroo.
Young kangaroo, while living In the
maternal pouch, do not suck milk from
the mother's breast, but It Is pumped
down their throats by the action of
the muscles of the mother.
y i
... MAN'S
A man la as old as his organs; he
can be as vigorous and healthy at
70 as at 35 if he aide his organs in
performing their functions. Keep
your vital organs healthy with
The world's standard remedy for kidney,
H vev, bladder and oric add troubles since
1606; corrects disorders; stimulates vital
targets. All druggists, three sises.
i , .L Sae tfea smm CM MM m erar? he
as 4-MU
Man, bark wllkaut uio
(HwM'e Sl nS Sor.
Oi, lrsa-t Itch. Brtcma,
iN"".titrwrtli Wefc
klaSiaMaM.Trr Ihwtf.-
wt hi Ms Sol4vllrtlibldti(lts.
A. U. Rlchartf MtstirlM Ce.Shrn.a, If S
Known as
"that good kind"
cIry it and yon,
will know why
:4:f M ft "
fwMM ,
o n
1 Secretary Hughes addresHlng artimiiieiit coulereuw ut Its owning swm..ii. 2 Cupltul HluimimteU by the
"Light of the Steles" for the conf.-ren.-e. S-Illuinlnsted Jeweled portal erected for the conference, showing
Washington monuineut lu center.
Conference May Agree on Naval
Armament Reduction Plan
Within a Few Weeks.
Suggested Miner Modifications Are
Being Discussed Chins Plesds for
Recognition as Independent Ns.
tion League Council Gets Af
ter ths Serbs Progress on
Tax Revision Bill.
IT AI'I'KAHS that the projihHs In
Washington were sll wrong. The
griwt conference seemingly Is K''"K to
reach ami alK" an agreement on limita
tion of imvitl armament without wultlng
to settle the protin-ms of the 1'nrlflc
and Ihe Far l-Uist. ThU tendency Is
a result of Secretary Hughes' down
right action hi laying before the con
ference In Its first sesMlun the Amer
lean proNial as to navies, llrlefly.
that proKMtal Is that the United
States, tlreat llrltaln and Japnn aicree
to suspend naval construction for ten
yenrs. and during the aiieceedlng len
years build only for replacement; thst
II uncompleted capital snips sun
many other niteclfied capital ahlpe he
crnpited st once; that the ngiiregHte
capital ship twinnge le limited to 5lt,
0X each for Kngland end America.
and .Ki.0(0 for Japan; that the sea
lwer of the three nations l maln
Inlned on this basis. There are other
features of the program, but every
one U fnuilllnr with It by this time.
The conference, snd the world, were
at first BNtoundcd by this unexpected
laying of the American cards on the
table, and then the plan was greeted
with loud snd unlvrrxsl acclaim. The
delegates of the other nations could
not, If they would, refuse to Indorse
It, and at the second open aesnlon
Great ltrltalii. Japan, Italy and
France, formally accepted It "In prln
chile," with minor modification.
ThfNC, as set forth then snd later,
were as follows:
lty Great llrltaln Limit sice and
tonnage of submarines; permit con
st ruction of one capital ship a year
during ten year period to retain ship
yard facilities; ermlt retention of
more llctit milkers and guntmata to
tmllre the hlh was; reduction In
number of navel ship building yards.
W Jaimn Increem of Japan's na
val strenih to TO mt n-nt of lirltNh
and American; cessation of neistriic
IUhi of naval bases and new fortlH.-o
thms In the Pacific.
lty France Allowance of eight cap
ital shljis to safeguard French col
lty Italy Allowance of els capital
ships t protect liallun Intercuts.
A committee, of which t'ol. This
dure ltomeelt Is chairman, set to
work at once to study the plan and
iiroiHtMMl modification, and by tlw em
of the wrrk It was rHl-teil an ar"-
tiM'nt would be reachdl within two or
three wi-ek. Among the American
experts tliere was considerable px
Mtloti to the ilrltlsh sugcestlons.
and the Fncllohiuen droped the Idea
of ne haftlekhlp a year.
Jm sn's roHtNltlon that there be no
more naval bases or fortifications con
tni.-i.il In the 1'eclflf was expected.
and perhaps prove a bit awkward
for the Fnlted States. It means the
abandonment f work and plans In
! ttxi I'liltlonlnes. I Hi t. li llartior and
dm-where which have l-een oKislilered
mt necessary for the safety of ur
ioMikefilori In the Pacific If not for
thst of onr Pacific coat. Hot If Mr.
Ilsrhes general program Is accepted
by the ther powers It would seem
Itie I'nlted Slates cannot well decline
to aceept this plan of Jsptn. In I lie
ship-scrapping proMv America hss
t teen nust utiwlftsh and perh.i slie
can affird to be s generous In Kher
WHtX the time came to put for
ward plana for settlement of
tee iobHna ef Ihe Far Ka4 none
eg the great powers seemed reedy
with a program. But China, whose
ststim Is the crux of the situation,
set before the committee on far
iiMiern ufralrs the demands of Ute
Aslutlc republic. Dr. Alfrnl Sze,
head of the Chinese delegation, was
the spokesman and he held a pre
liminary conference with American
orttclals and In his demands followed
their advice in all except one txilnt
the creation of a permunent i-ourt of j
a nil t ration in ine rar r.nsi.
asks resect for her territorial Integri
ty, restitution of seized provinces snd
regions, abandonment of special rights,
monopolies, privileges snd extraterri
torial rights, and withdrawal of foreign
troop from her eoll and jiermUslon
to direct her own domestic affairs
und govern her own Internal snd
foreign Millcea. She does not demand
that all foreign monopolies imd
privileges In China be abandoned at
once, hut that she be given n chance
to put herself on n level with other
lowers and that as time goes on snd
conditions wsrrunt the economic and
political fettera on her be loosened.
The Ilrltlsh delegation approved the
Chinese demands In general, esiieclally
the open dour policy ami the abandon
ment of "spheres of Influence." The
Japanese, It was understood, accepted
the Chinese program In principle but
would Insist that withdrawal or in
terest In China should Include all
foreign powers. The Chinese dele
gates any they mnke their demands
In behalf of all China, Including the,
southern purt where Sun 1st en
holds somewhat precarious sway,
and that Manchuria. Inner and outer
Mongolia, Tibet and Turkestan are In
cluded In "the Chinese republic."
It Is believed one result of the nis-
cusnIoii of Chlnu's program may lie
the friendly abandonment or tne Angio
Japanese alliance, and the Itrltlsh
would be slad to see this source of
trouble replaced by some form of agree
ment by ths great powers.
FltANCE, ss has often licen pointed
out, I especially Interested In the
mutter of reduction and limitation of
land armament, and Premier Hriand
took the lead In this, though he had
no concrete plan nor any working
agreement with the Tnlled States dele
gation. In his speech he discussed
the military situation In Kuroe,
artlcularly as It effects France, set
forth the nutuInT of mm under arms
In the vsrlous Kuropean countries and
made plain the menace of the lted
forces, capeclnlly In Ituasla. Nor did
he neglect to call attention to France's
lerll from Gennsny which, he noted.
Is s nation of (VS.OtiO.uiO while France
numbers but :tf.(a0.tit)0. It Is plain
thst the French will not consent to
plans for radical military armament
reduction until the Itusslan and Teu
tonic threats are removed.
OVKU In Kuroie the league of Na
tions feels that Its authority Is lie
lug flouted by Jugo Slavla, and It has
determined to show that It can slop
a war. Therefore It advanced the
d.tte of lis Purls meeting and took up
the nuttier of the Invasion of Albania
by the Serbians. The lutter hud been
rdcrcd to get out of Albania and to
observe 'he Hiitnhirlcs of tliut state
,1 CHtnhtlMhod by the allied iittitma
dor, but lit cfTeii, ut IikkI. they die
regarded ti!h demands. They did.
however, disown Ihe troopn In Al
bania, claiming they are Irnvutnrs
over which their government has no
control. Menu while those irregulars'
.re siti I to le threatening Tirana. !he
Alharl.'n capital, and the ;tuatlou
Is eh.it I'm Kiuiie as st Vllna where
the (ague wored s failure.
LT AUI. and ZHa. ex rulers ..f Austria
w llungary. have len luinlel on
their Island of exile. Madeira. Portu
gal consented f.i care for them there
but the ei-n.s. r keiel at alHut
.t.riiii n J car. will .f p.. Id by Ihe
states wlib-h fmierly made up their
emp're If the .!:m of the .-mm. il tf
allleil a nil a sua dors is arricl ut.
PKF.SIIKNT llsnbig taM M.nd.iy
s'gtMil without any -remoi the
pro"1nnistbn of inr tetmcii the
1nl!-l Slate and Genniinj and 'here
IS much debate ., w hotll lc Will
ar1t for smba.ntor ti Itcrliti. Ilrst
rboi"" a mi Hit; tt.e .. in-. r l
gressman AUmon IV 1lugbln of
Corning. N. Y. He r as l-mn In Ma-rhus-t!
r1ft)4ight ver ago. gradii.it
ed from Harvard and Ut universities
of Oottlngen, Berlin snd Paris, snd
speaks German and French.
Next Januury Germany Is due to puy
a reparations installment of $100,0tX),
000, und In Februury a quarterly pay
ment of uhout $00,000,000 on exports.
Her financial exjierts are wondering
where It Is to come from and the
silled reparations commission In ses
sion In Berlin Is working over the
problem. The commission believes the
Germans can raise the money for those
two payments and urge them to do so
as show of good will. There was
reason lo believe that If they did, the
French delegates would consent to
grant concesslona for the rest of the
year. The commission rejected a plan
of the Indi'stiiul leaders of Germany
to pawn the country's Industries as
a guaranty for the repartitions pay
ments; Instead It suggested that the
Industrial Interests make mcrlflccs for
their country Instead of try Ing to prof
It from Its misery.
That Germany Is mlserrble In some
respects Is made evident by the riots
In Berlin caused by the Increasing
cost' of foodstuffs. Many shops were
looted. High rlces, of course, are
caused by the decline of the murk.
ULSTKIl still stands firmly, or stub
bornly, as you iboowi to look at
it. In tlie way of settlement of the
Irish trouble. Craig and his cabinet,
after studying the English plan, re
jected It as unfair to their purt of the
tsbnnd and offered somo kind of a
substitute. Tills the British cabinet
In turn rejected, and nn exchange of
notes between Lloyd George and Craig
left the statua unchanged. The Ulster
Ites reiterated their determination not
to submit to anything considered a
violation of Ulster's rights. The
British premier's stand was strength
ened by the action of the Unionist
party In convention In Liverpool. The
Irian negotiations are dragging out
so that Lloyd George may have to
abandon his contemplated trip to Wash
ington to lake part In the armament
THK congressional conference com
mittee on the tax revision bill has
been Ironing out the differences be
tween the house and setiste measures
with considerable rapidity, both aides
making concessions. One of the lm
portsnt actions was the elimination
of the house bill provisions for the
exemption of foreign tradera and
foreign trade cortmratlotis. On Thurs
day the conferees suspended their
meetings to allow the house to vote on
the question of surtax ratea. The
senate had fixed the maximum rate
at fs) ier cent and the houso at 32
per cent. The "Insurgent" Kepubll
cans of Ihe house were determined to
carry through the senate plan so the
leaders turned to a compromise. Just
before the house met President Har
ding took a hand In the affair by In
forming the house conferees that a
maximum surtax rate of 40 r cent
would be agreeable lo the administra
tion. The house, however, by a vote of
201 to ITS. Instructed Its conferees
lo nci-ept the W) icr cent rate.
THK week In America was not with
out Its serious labor troubles
few weeks are. The garment workers
of New York went on strike In pro
test again! Hie restoration of the
tlcce work system. Their leaders
said most of tlie OO.t) workers quit,
but the employers asserted that 00
jier cent of the worker had refused
to go out.
In Clibsgo there was a fhort but
HvHy strike of Ihe teamsters accom
panied by some vhJence. The men
refused to accept a wage cut of S3
a work ordered by an arbiter and ac
cepted by Ihe union officials. After
lielng oat two days they returned to
work with tie understanding thst
I hey should hsve a rebesrtng before
tbe arbiter.
AlcsnhT M. Hw at. for twenty
jears a leader of tlie Kansas miners
and now their president, was expelled
from lee United Mine Workera of
America for his refusal to oliey the
order of tbe International officers to
cud Ihe strike In that state. About 4.UW
Kansas miners "also were susended
from rnendershl. Hwat an, his
crowd hsve fought unci'mproTOliivgly
ncuitiM Ihe Kansas Industrial court.
Tbe fibers do Fuel and Iron emu. -say's
miners in O!orado struck sad state
troops were called out.
Gude's Pepto-Mangan, the Blood
Builder, Arouses Dull
Many a man and many a woman
feels all out of sorts from thin, weak
ened blood. Tbe least little thing gone
wrong throws them Into a wild form of
despondency. Instead of bracing up
and meeting ordinary difficulties, they
are downed. Nerves are oo edge. Ap
petite lags. Sleep Is restless. They
re weak and tired and dull. Poor
blood works Its havoc till the will loses
Its power. Few people w ho fall Into
habits of worry and despondency real
ize that most of their troubles are due
to lack of endurance to Mood that has
become weakened by overwork or
Healthy men and women with rich,
red blood see things brightly. They
tackle life witti zest and go atwng smil
ingly, full of eagerness and endurance.
Gude's Pepto-Mangan taken stead
ily restores the blood to Its natural
richness. It actually makes red cor
puscles, the tiny particles In blood
which make It red. Druggists kevj
Gude's Pepto-Mangnn In liquid and
tablet form. Advertisement
A person of spirit hates to be any
body's Idol. It Involves too much posing.
Hare You a Corali?
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trainee skin and
- 7
I. . mv ail (sua, . ww it t taa
IWt. ak1 vilktmw list trmmt I M StPSsW
alMe. Mia O issl war. , S.ie7.a.aVlV
For Every Room In tho llcuso
In the kitchen SAPOLIO cleans potpcaae.
oilcloth and cutlery;, in tho bathroom
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name SAPOLIO is
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Soh Mmmrnfmetmrurm
NewYeek U.S. A
Little One Took s Good Dssl for
Granted, but at It Turned Out,
She Was Justified.
My new young msn took me to call
on his sister, who was married. I
wanted to make a good Impression, so
dressed In my best dress aud was on
my best behavior.
Two brothers dropped In, and 1 over
heard them say they "wanted to give
Fred's girl the once over."
A four-yesr-old niece administered
the finishing touch when she asked. In
a voice that could be heard In the
kitchen. "When you and Uncle Fred
get married, may I be your flower
The brother grinned, brother-in-law
In the kitchen howled, while I turneo
a most unbecoming red.
The youngster thought she'd waited
long enough for an answer, so she
said. "May ir
I managed to say yes, and two years
Ister we were, and ahe was. Chicago
The Smoker's Way.
"Did you ever swear off amoklng?"
Oh, yes; off and on." Boston
One may have his own way If he
doesn't make his way too amply In
Colored Man Might Have Tttowoht He
Was a Lion Tsmer, but Com
rades Knew Otherwise.
Three negro soldiers la France were
engaged in the great American pas
time of slinging It.
"Will Johnson, wat ye' business
back In de Statear
"Ah runs de biggest alleviatsh la
"Sara JelTaaon, wal yo de la de
"Ise de rhampeea rrapehootah of
Richmond, Vahglnny."
"Yo nlggns mighty po class, suaa
nuff," said Do Jacksosv "Ah's a lloa
tamnh fo' de circus. Ab takes dem
fresh, fierce lions an twists 'en by tall
until they turns round an' tries to snap
me. Den I grabs dar tongues and pulls
'er out, so dat w arn they tries to bite
me, dey bites dar ewa tongue, snd dat
away Ah taii.es a lion In bout fob
"Go 'way, RX yo' ain't no lion tamah
yo' Is a lylo' Dlggan." The llome
Correct Physics.
Teacher Johnny, what Is steamt
Johnny Water craiy with tbe heat.
American Legion Weekly.
About Ihe only work some office
holders do Is work for re-election.
The Key to Success Is Work
There Is no Substitute for It!
In order to do your best work, you must be
healthy. You must sleep soundly at night, your
nerves must be strong, steady and under perfect
If you are accustomed to drinking tea or
coffee with your meals or between meals, you
may be loading yourself with a very great handi
cap. Your nervous system may be stimulated
beyond what is natural for you.
s For tea and coffee contain thein and caffeine.
These are drugs as any doctor can tell you.
They are known to irritate the nervous system
by their action and to cause restlessness and
insomnia, which prevent the proper recuperation
of the vital forces.
If you want to be at your best, capable of
doing the very best work that lies in yo a, why
not stop drinking tea and coffee? Drink Postum,
the rich, satisfying beverage made from soenu
fkaSy roasted cereals.
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ny kind, but in flavor tastes much like rich
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Posram coeaas in two forvntc Instant Postafn(in Una)
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PMran Cecal (in packase of larger batk. for tho rta
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coede by boiling for 20 mlnutss.
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Postum for Health
There's Reason-.
. i

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