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VOL. 1.
NO- 37. ;.:
$300 00 REWARD
Is offered for the-arrest and
delivery to the Sheriff of Uancocl.
"Countjv Tennessee, of F.ru!.
Brooks, who wilfully murdciatl
Dock Brooks en'Novernber .24th,
Description: Erank Brook3 is
about 23 or"24 years old. dark,
fringer-coloied negro about 5 ft.
4 inches high, weight. 135 lbs.,
findwalks with slight stoop, or
. hump, cheekbones rather proini
nent, short chin.
- This negro killed Dock Brooks
At his place of business without
I any cause and in cold blood' andjjay 0i November) 1021.
tins reward U now on deposit it
the Peoplrs Bank at Hwiupr, Vir
ginia' tnJ will be paid for the
body of this negro, Dead or Alive
Tho. undersigned, U, T Johnson,
having been appointed and '.juaHi'iLi'. uj
Administrator of tl.e esta .e of Dr. II.
W. Drinnon, deceased, all rrc litors of
the said estate, ara hveby kivch not
ice to tile tlieir ctaiiT koiit by the 1st,
-day of Junuary, 15E.1, du'y authenticat
ed with the dork of tru County Court
of Haiicoik County, Tennessee, of the
en me will be forever barred.
This not fee" will bo published intneeJ
vilje Nowa, a newspiper pjblishtrJ in
Sneedville, Ton e, forfoi w:ne
vtive weeks an reqiii v.l Ly law.
This Nov. 7th, vm.
D. T. Johnson, .'.ilminisdralor.
l)r. E. ,J. Md)ANIKL
dkntist "
Om- i i aa;L..rre(untv Ilnr. I Sid
Q. P. cur iKY,
aitc!:nj;v at law.
r:;uE!v;:.u:. tknnksske
Special attention giver, t.i col.t ction-.
' a
D 'cia (-oil.T.
Charley t. ;iUr.
In Circuit Court v. Sncedvil!
In thiseau , a; '.! rini:fioi.
the bill widen . ka rn to,-thtt
(barley Carter, Ch . i! ! nit, is
a nou-ieiident of th? Sale of
Tennessee, he ii :L.-ef ir here
by, requirl tnpp'ir 01 or bo
fore the 2nd, M-nd.iy in Ihcem
ber 1921, beini the C: k of t he
soid court, at hi o!li; in .Sn-il-ville
and make fl T-mi ttnh:li
filed ng st hi:n in su l nr',
1y Docia Carter. r -'tlvir.. is; tr
bill will be t ik'n f- r 1 1 .vs i.
It is fur'.hiT i(! n-1 i!vu J! i
notice be f u';lish'd for f ir crj.
Eecutivc cfs in tit.' Sn. e.lv.: t
N:vs. This N'uw 12, 1921.
A. Y. iVhh. Cltik.
- By C. Id. Cfi.in.. D.C
Nothing equals
for. I
Makes all
look like new
l jlgHL.KV.
3 ViVJ 3
Mass m4
7.!l ' r rran ).
ar.J her a ;K,eci-i.-almost
licks jcurg
n mki it
a ass a aa aaa r M.
ip&Wa' hm iJ mmW
. .
A reward of $200.00 is 'offered ioB
the arrest and delivciyof LEE RHEA
to the Sheriff of Hancock County, aU
Sneedville, Term.
Rhea is Wanted for the mnrder
Deseriotion: Le Uhea i about 32 or 33 vcars old. ab.ut 5 ft. 6
inch'e3 high, weight 133 lbs,, dark omplected, gray eyes, and black
hair. . . '
I, M. L'ollins, Cashier of the Citizens Bank, of Sneedville, do
hereby certify that, Mrs. Ardill Collins has deposited $200.00 in.
this bank as a reward for the arrest and delivery of Lee Rhea, to
the Sheriff of Hancock County, in Stieedville, Tennessee.
This December. 28th, 1921.
C. M. Collins, Cashier.
The Vardy Sunday Schwl had
its ChrismaaTree and visit from
San' a Claus last wei:k.
"'1 he children of the Junior De
p;irtment gave a i:ig :nt entitl
ed "Good Tidings" It rcpro
sv.'n'ed the childien of America
giving their gifts to the children
whoara starving in Bible land.
TheChi.-stmas ff ring was fent
for the relief of those children.
Si;nta KHveprveral gifts to the
community among thtm v. box of
ood b"oi for tlu library, some
pood records t the Graphahone,
and a liig; hospital dpU .to b
u:--ed for health demonstration
w ork.
Mr. and Mr : r""nirl. Ift on
'WvIiKsday f. r ( : ; r.'Y. va
c ition in Chi'V ' . Wi;--n l!.ev
t IC-ti:
v. ..I i.v ii ' : 1 ("a
:-! j i i Ii vn i i.iit.
f Ba'es :n : , n-
1 1
1 ne i.
4 . t 1 1 i
l OfX'il 111
:.! a t.T-
V.Vu Jay a' u S ;
iiCKiiu liuiing tl:-' v
be .1 tin. or IV ;i
week day liible Sc!im1 nm is uii
atJid.iy aiternoon and the Pri
mary Department Widi.es lay
Ilegining Jan. 1 K22 t'icie
will :i prayer ;?i-eiing 'it the
ciiurch ';ifh n ghl tli'ig'i Hie
wee v of I'r.i
.P.Ni" Nni.
Ni. I !.
' . Iittl 8-1 C-.
I". ur'. at
l this V UcI . . I'J taring tl--ll th
bill which i nw-.ir t.. that ..i rr
ami H ittio f.rr 'Jw di leiabuil are
noii-ie-Ueiit if llcs::'. , fny arc,
th-Tcf'irc. hi n-l ci:i.d "- m-h ar
. 011 r lie.oii th- Ii 1 y.' 1 'i i' -
tnary ntxt. J fre ih- i- ik j.: I iii --
, j ,
t r iif Mid curl, a' t .
v'.Kc fci.i Riakc ih- Vi1
i aiii-t .1. in 'fi C"Ui
!.. bid '
. . th- .'! -
rs I'ry Goxls t'o.. ;,r oll. rwl ib-
l.llj lll be Is1 ill ii'Iifi-: I
It i futhir t. ! J !i 't t'.i. Ti. e.
! .' !i.-h lr '! c.-- '.. I - .
in ' ' :',. ' , 1!!. ' ' -v -
' ' . of t I''"'
v t . -..r-.t r & :r.
If there is an X m irk o-i ii:i '
papcrcr wr.p:--r tins v.c i!
nii ars o-.ir lini
I" "Hit.
t ,
.'.( it ?
: o ; 0
1..; . 1.
hat :.:1
I.lVrtt c.
of Charley Colliris on the 13th ,-
By T. "F. Peck. . ,
Commisiioner of At'fc iiltore.
Will the bankers help the
fanners? If the bankers are the
.hr wd, practical business men
they are r pntcd to be, they wii
t;k ailva'itageof the opportunity
now offered 10 bo of rea! 1 rac'J
Vid and immediate hd to th
farmois. -It is poor policy to kill
. be goose that lays the golden og
Fur iera have lud-hard tJdi" "
e3peci;dly for the pnatt'"""
prodnccd with high priced Lr
sved and othr supplies "r
The demoralization of the market
reducrd their revenue! $5,000,
ha'o.uuo v.iu e thov i.aJ it iuy n
'., I - I .-,t vvar-timo prne.-. and
joi! fth-.u 'i ir taxes were
'j'oir; ro-.v such that
r:n v.; ..1 1st bo fin 11100 1
i er 'd-Ui.iLil market con
u 1
liitiiins are improved, andthoy
emiT't U'lt'T picrr for what
tiiiyprodui,:j i'o ditiom will
improve soon, but without assist
nee now manvof thorn will p
lorciti into !.iti kriKjtcy and their
producing power destroyed,
T!i re is av iil ille thiou;:h tlv
V.r Finnnw IIi.ir.l W),nj 00
for lli r-div f of Tea I'Sse
'. snuf:. ii'n,.'h 1 lie :.nk.- 01
.0 S .1.0 i la-- ti iiiwv cMs lb'
. o 1-2 annum and cm
i 1 -. .' i . ilu m:us. The
i- . . ..re : i il by the War
i.- .'Ilnr. dunre 2 rer
!' -r 1. .d iii; 1.. io in.-s.
As I ai l ab'f, this prts -nts
a vvjiiikriul on.) irlnnity fr the
b inks to ren-1 -r h rrrat public
w. rl'.lt t.itlMiliil fl.O flf rn lllilf.f. I
v ' "--. ..' (
l ') :it t .s:t:
I si r",eTV-' :
t!.i i. i.H ii tr. ie bv
'riig 'l.ia .-"", ) O.l.ifKJ vi l f ir(
t"r:iefof l!ii fam'Ttt f ih
.ilM - in t:i. iir.-s'
; r:i:g tl i i .T ic'
I he y e : ! p ... -'
vi. r-it will i.'.7 :
nc; ri ii I
it coy, and in
, y ii..cing it
fie gri-4
I Til -v
:.ict 1! '
! T .' ' 1
.1 ahh'f
id tK.t loo s'gh'
2liiu'tu'i is :i
1 v, i'hng to
t ! .iaUhof t .:: n.fi ;:i ann.1 1 ly
i . i. t vealy .1 iii -hi of dollars,
i c i:-'it'i'Ini tlie foundation
' hi ih - r bi-in 3 activiti-s.
npTili.iiT aiiCiiitural activity
1 1 . .tl ...-
iniiUi'r. - ' -n niinT iaiiuuty
promoting it will Kimu;ate theia
I bctu V' the tiankcra of Ttnn
csM .j'.i.l tjiks advintfcgo of the
r. v : . t ; rtur.iy ofTerc J !'rt :. I
ira variable S'-nici to o fiiini
ti.si i l"li. latter ftrerniiy.
In uuit. thii now tiicy will lejwid beiti Tuda
casting bread upon the water,
which wi.l return to them many
fold. ; .
'This m.mey U available for any
Jurni "of . reductive agiiculture
- 'jactivitv, but U intt nd sh6uld not
be available for usj by the bor
rower for speculation of any kind
In other wouls. it ii the purpose
ai.ii hope of th. War r'inance
Corjjoraticn to help the farmer
in lys etnertencies alon? Iegiti?
mate iinesoi endeavor in his bu
siness. If the banks will handle
the loans they can be eonsumated
with the local bank. Bankers
mav git all blanhs and neeessiry
information by writing to Honor
able Thomas 11. I'reston, Hamil
ton National B ink. Chattanooga,
Tennessee, Chairman, who is
rendernig a valuable service in
this connection, or J. It. Emmer-
80.1, Tield Secretary, Nashville,
Stories of
By Eh
Great Scouts w
C Weatvrn Nwippr Union. ,
"I'be hest fccout I lie governuitmt vi
hod," Mild some of the ariuy omcrrt
ffor whom KliariKJ Urover scouted dur
Iwa the Iiidlnn mum In Knnxaii Id
rwSf-'ftS. and more than (iiice hefliowWJ
ffhltuMlf worthy of the title, lie had
flfiarrled ft 8!ohx womuti, and lived
with tBt tribe for years. He could
jpak their If iikuhkh and knew theii
(wsyt. As a trailer 'and reader tt
.slu'oa, Onvcr uas without a Her.
' iU.ewld tell how long xliiro ths
ii. n 'nmiln: uliotber Ahrft
; horse" or ponies, tdtod ornre
m drfv
,r ,l
from OH4I
C ben the Hloux iwent on the war
path In 1WW, Urover left thciu and
Joined the nrmy as a scout for I'usteT.
Id Anguat, lsi;s, wllli Illlly CVmMock,
another noied scout, he vlsiietl the!
caiup of t'lil-r Turkey I -eg of the Chey- j
ettnea, vIhmc warriors were mUiihim4I
to be frlenilly. (me of the Indians,
bowever. miw (he Hue i arl handleil re
volver cnrricil Ii) CoiiiHUM-k and dvicr-
Ulneil to luie It. When Hie coots
left the camp m-vcii Cheyennes rode
away with iIm-iii.
While engugiMl In friendly ciHiverioi
tlini, tlie In II.iiih Middcnly dn.piied'to
the rear ami oiicncd lire. t'ouiMock
wan killed Instantly and tlrover badly
woiititli-il, but lying on the ground and
making a diierate defeliKt' of t'mii
HtiK'k's body, he fmiuht olT the Indians
triil II 11 1 1: it I fit 1 1 ami eiied.
The next month (Jrover Julneil th-n.
(1. A. l-'oryth's Imiid of si-outs ami
ivuh with lln 111 at the celebrated
lii-ei-ln'r'n lbniil tight. As Komiiii
Nose's wiirrhiM hhoilted ti eneh other,
(irover iihi!i-rtMn eerjlliliig they
aald. mid Kdd Fors)lh what lin y eir ' r lum
lilaiiiilng In do. After tlie blg-.'.-sl j '. ' -Moialay the 5th. day of
charge of, the Sloiu and Cheyennes ,1 - ml r, I'.fjl, a' Sneeilj!i, i:i front
had bi en Iiiiim-I hm-k, l-'orsy III lurlied of the I'odit lb.'..e lmr m II to Un
to tlrnver ami said: "t'au lln-- do la I- bich" t amMa- t bi!l r the iniiii.-r'y in
ter than that, iSrover?" Laid th-i-ne div--lilH- l, la in a tr.ict of
"I have I..- n on the pJalm. Tn.in and , ,,. ThMi j, ,kl. r
Ihiv, fur "d vj-iirs, and I nevi-r -aw Mo h . , , . . . ,, ,. :. . , i ; ...
' 7. . . , ! i.ioil. ly.ng Mill ik'i. , ii. t; i- ru.l lor
a -liiiro I efiiie," was tlie m -out Mi Wy. ,.. ... , .,
.... , , ,. , . . l.'.Mrict "f i.tnc"C. I i-UiilV. IcniHs-ve,
ll.ti.I.' tbi.l l.s.a it.Hiii t Its if ls.ssl
be-t " '
All rl;M. -"re
fir IIk-iii.
linn," k-iI.I F'rnytli.
Fr )i-ars the f1 that ti'rover was
wllh Fnry!h that iay van l.i-ol fvmii
the Itiilians, for he was fricmlly wllki
fl...i.i .....I U'.iiil.l l.ri... Lllli.il liltn 1
....(,, .,,. i ... v ......... .....
merey. Ii.-ol lliey '''n. l.nHr i
lliey illil litirn II snl am mjtnl - - -
ersl limes to kill Mm, but lie elu a
tCH-l t : rrti.i.alely Urover ilnl n k
lie!', ii"l a fe.v eiir aflir tlie
I'.ee. der Ill-Ill li s killed III a
ro.v at I'-hhI t'Hy. m-ar I iri Wnllaf,
an liigloilnin. eiut for wi jrest a -Hit. ' I"
l. E. Church, Scu b; itev.
K or wood, fal or.
W. L.
1st. .Siind iy, Ii: .ipen h ue"
11 a. in. lictcb !!iil, 5 p. 1:1
2.il. Sundav. "hi:... II
a. 1:1.
l'-rcb CJroVf, 1: ni.
.'Jrd, t?und ". '1 i'.i.rt.is (.'hap J,
Saturday r.i-ht ;.! I Sur.d.iy 11
a. rr.. Snecdviil at Tii.;ht.
i:h. Sun'hv. If Qur-ti-r,
.v'at it Jay 'J p. rr.. .Si'i uy 1!
.he S'l- tdvi le
i.ui. '.i.
iiresi scouts
(C Wrtero Newpaprr Union.
Oen. "Saudy" . Forsyth's band H
scouts had been surrouudid by Chief
Unman Nose's Cheyeiines and In the
eandy Ih'J .f the ArKWnrve river In
oaMcrn Colorado they were flchtbig
for their lives otie Septei.iher day In
ISiM. They bad no food; 4'iclr doe
tor had bHiiv killed, and relief -mafet
ttmie tHNi If they were to be saved.
Forsyth called for volunteers to go
Fort Wallace, KanH U0 miles a way,
for aid.
Kvery unwouoded man at -one of
fered hliUNelf for the (terllous Journey,
but the Kvnerul wlocted I'ete Trudeau,
on old hunter, aud Jack Ktlllwell, a
loy of nineteen. When bight eama
the two scout started. l"aklng oS
their InmiIs, they walked backward
down the dry river bed In tnelr stock
In? feet to deceive any Indians who
nilvht come iimhi their trail.
When morning rame they hid In 'a
dry ravine wliblu li(tit aud sound of
an Indian camp. They had nothing to
cat or ilrluk. and the sun beet upon
them fiercely all daj long. On the morn
ing of the fourth day they found them
selves on the open plain with uo cover
In flight.
Suddenly they came upon the skele
ton of a bufTalo surrounded by a rank
growth of grceu grawi. Into this
scanty refuge -Trudeau and Stlllwell
hastily crept. -They w ere not a mln
itie too soon. A large party of In
dian appeared and'linltcd within
l.uiKlied yards 'Of tlicle tildli.g pi nee.
The Hooutg were' liugelng the ground
when Trudeau heard n hixs In the
griiHM In friKt of hliu, and u seond
Inter a bl rattlesnake crawled slug
gishly fill and colled within a foot!
of the c"iit's head.
Htlllwell wa ehewlug toharcn,
and just In-fore ' the snake sounded
his deadly nil He, the young scout
leaned forward aud hot the spray
Lf tobacco Jirtre mpiarely iQto ' the
he. rattler, could not stand surh
iu ,.rn-!ril tmvtliv Th
covering Ihe scours. Stlllwell's turky
lut lind ha veil their flvei".
Forty el t: lit hours Inter Ihe fw men
rtncl.ii! Fort Wallace. Tniil,nu was'
-oniileiely broken ly tils ten llrte en
pcrlenrr ami he dbil a few days later,
I. ill whin the rel!cf cMMllton left
Fort Wnltiii-c the iinihitinleil SlllUell
riHle ill It 4 tii'iid. lie lived to become
a judge In Texas nnd a leaillng figura
In that state nnlll his death a few
yeara ni;o.
VNiilis I. Winkh rvtai.
N. pl'ie r!:illii--le i t III.
j N...-II3f2.
j In oUvlii-nce to a l. cn ? of the Ch in
1 1 i-ry t'liiirl at "ih lvilli1, mule et tlr;
M 1 1 JUI i II ,r . i I II' lli'll ' ,.-'.. i i-
tln-i 'i : t at, ii'i ! fiirll.i r r i- n-iHM- U
in d t-. thi lilic c !( r n .v "ii Ii!.- in
fiil ease, c-i'i'aii'iM I'MiiiT.-t ui'ire or
i .
'll.KMS OF St.i
Sii I s I wil Ih- m .! oa :i cn .lit f MX
; Mll twelve i lh ium v Uli leHes m-i I
'..,,. , .1 M. ,ri l,.-.iriiiir in-
t-i. u f. .111 -l.i' , a'i'l furtlw-r li'n m
reiai" -I !! 11 I I nvl f..r t'i" Hirclri .e
iii'.'h-' , e 1 ;
l"i h- .unjii:.f
( r: I la-'i! vid ' n I down.
'I hi. ilii ri-t. -Ii. -f ti.t-.Ur. I'JJI.
1 t. Jaivi , it rk a-nl t'omirihin. r.
II I 21 tw 1 rinU-r- fe fUt.tll
w V'-. r t ye rJI.
Stories of
fa. every toy la tfia wist n
Z For a-.-ry raom. Farfanaral H
C ktataaltaslat. II
taWCaka U
W0UKC3 ,
On last Wednesday nfrht Cli? ' V
v.iiv?erwood shot his brtthcr-ia-. -law
Ceorge Johnson, with '4
caliber colt pistol - Undssdl'."'.
bud received several uni!ud .
letters stating that fee" rautt jrtt
out of the country and each fctv- . -injf
him a 'limitod UrrU ia whioh
to leave, so UnderwoH hid it-" "
ached an alarm bell tSkla f refit ;
gate and soon -after xiarSc Gtx .
Johnson came 'to Undsrwoodj
home and as ho went through tb
gate he rang the bell and Under
wood seized a 45 caliber pistU
and sprang td the door and aeeirr
the bulk of a roan coming tip lbs
steps he fired, the bal taking "ef
fect in the breast just under the
right nipple and rangeing down
ward and coming out just above . '
the right ' hip, . 'Johnson , claim
that he had tome to Underwoods
to go hunting with him and dfct
not think of any danger, Uuder
wood claims that he fired the '
shot tnrough fear of some great
bodily harm and did not think
of it being ifhy of his friends dr
peopfo Johoson Is in,a serious
condition and is no&exnectdl to
recofer.'rto is the 'son of Aste;
Johnson and ' lives on short '
mountain abcuvS miles west eif.,.:
Sneedville. '
Stories of
Great Scouts
C Wsaisrn Nwasw Uataowv v
aona one ay. ... . 4
Opiala Lymsa s coeay u'O 1X21
Infantry were ftgnUajt for taatr HCS
-against 400 Kiowa and Caimiaclst war
riors who hsd surrounded tba wagdsj
trnln which tla-y won sauusUan la
' General Miles' army.
That night ' CapUln "LymaH tallld
Tor volunteers to inske'g data through
tlw Indlsn lines and 'ride to Oaaiy
Supply, 00 miles away. Tor help. T
first to aTcc' lilroself was rraderfc
William Kih ms Isle, a aeont. Tak1b
only a carbine and uioantlng the beat
burse In 'the command, Bchmalala
slipped out of the corralled wagooa
and riwls away. lie was at one dis
covered by the hull fi as, and while org
hig his horae to fep speed tha aco4i
nale Into a prairie dog toVh.
The Imrse sttimhled, nesrly throw
ing Its rider over Its bead, then recov
ered and sped on. Hchmalsla tuftf
1om his lint fnd carbine In the lauiMa,
and the Indians were gaining on hha.
l'lay wisjUI have caught hi in, too, tl
be had not ran fnro a buffalo herd,
'which Immediately stsmpeded. field
ing low over his horse's neck the scaSt
rude beside 4 big huffslo bull and sac
Creil.il In eseapliig the pursuing red
sklas. I'.y this time 'be 'had lost ah
tisi of dl reel Ion. finally rearblmi
a "siren iu wLlrti he recognised aa tha
t'niin.limi rlrer, be k'new be a head
ed In tlie right dlrecttiaa.
Itrcetit rains hail swoilevi the river
to a tnm-nt ami an attempt to foiM
It u the .la 1 knes lnesnt the chance Af
t'ealli from tjiili-ksand or floating drift
etaal. PwMInc to wait until day
break, the semit Ix-rsn searcidog for
a furd. Mmblenly h liesrd dgs bark
ing sod knew be was near an Indira
llle fie must cross the river.
I'lunclnc In hoi 4 7 he roans red b
reach the i.iher bank la safety.
Ihiybreak found hlrn In brokea roan
try covered with thickets and la one
of these he hid all day. hungry sod
thirsty. At titiitnfi.il Ida ar.it. wtra
tlie North star ss 'hat rMe set otit
aeain. After riding all uigUt. Sa
n-arhed a hav csiun at Wolf Creek, SQ
miles from famp tiapply.
siitltig here only rMig enough fo
eat end to get a fresh horse. Hchmalsla
sd on fo Csmp Suppty, wblrb aa
reached sonn after noon. While tits
rvll.f etpeilttlou wss lalng orgsnis4l4
the sceit slept fr to hours and .'
eken ihe solflers rode awsy to tba
n-wi-iie of their ciKnradijs Scoot
whmsUle led tha way and galded tbesa
afrly to the wagoa trala wtthla tasj
or 1 1 n hoara.
' Vr - Caildrta.

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