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PcEiZSHEa Every Friday
Editors And Publishers
Awetkley Newspaper devoted
to the Industrial. Intellectual and
TroraldevelopoiTient and prowth
of Hansock County and E.ist
Tennessee. Independent in
politics, fearless in defense of
truth, and zealous in advocacy if
whatever tends to ibe betterment
of humanity and our country.
Entered as second-class matter
April I. 1021, at the Portoffice
-it Sneedville, Tennessee, under
the Act of March 3. 187f.
One Year - - $1.00
Six Months
i Local and Perb naljj
County- C'Virt at Sn dvillt
ii.st Moud iy iod quiie jl cr wd
was in town tr;tnnactiti: iiusine .
l.il ,, t'X l).. I i., 'I '.'t i.'l)
. V. .,;,t, v lolii-r :';ni
i . . wf4it ;- t i' l iicailwu:,
; in Mivdv ill AU-tV'ty trail
artir.o; busiicsa.
lunvr & I) ..v.'Tty of Sn'Hi
i'lc.'ciri y i fui. oi ' erif-ml
::. (Maim! a, ami . ' k !ui
iijuW .j buy.
edi.le iluljr v ta'
.i-iiilr iiiijhJ t iitw a. ultra,
i. iV. if. l'tUe LUL-iin A
l ; -t i s . I iC
. ' i ,;
: I i .:, t .r .ni;io'ii
; . r ' r r v ' .vrJ ;v.1y 'ti ' i
: ' il-v.-.J ,v, m -v Iv-'ii '
.ust received 100 New Men's
Suits, jwo4 from to $2I,
come in and look them over. If
yen need any-iMdin the way of
cKths we have it
The County IWMin Education
h?ld their regular meeting in
their oifico atSneedvdlo Mond ty
tOi.CCOt bi.l.i for tho bu ldmjj
of. ne v -chMi noii.-o -l .luuoi r
Ckp. the b:rd nn-'d t tji!i
Ju" scb.Kl no.i.c :m ! tho :itr i-.'
Ji'ia let to l. K. an l .1 A. H ill,
'lie contricl pri.-e fr huildiiu
v. .$116
h. ritT I- r. Jolm.n :v.I l.
'"). D rtell an I Vtn. Coins Icfi
for Ki oxill" Mo"d evenimr
itlt Flunk Hnuks a colored man
a ho vx- convicted ol' murli-r in
'he first decree hv ll. Circuit
C . ri -.t Sn 'nIv;!:-' i.ut '.v k
vu v',t :i a !iff-K.-nleiic. in the
. t ti T r :n vl i -i!itT.c
ne a;-'Hn-d 'llui y . s to Kn.x
Co'"r.tv .Tail f r s.tf' .I'h.r till
tho t r? t session cif iS .'fj-rrr.ie
rai.l . f- r.-i pri.- :.! I.
Kiiux!i!-, if lt...i.-i 'i.'ViW!
lis 1 at th .. t tf";i f t'i
Kcd.r.' cmrt ;.t
A t ' ;
i. ; i
! A
.; ; n
i't .tOi K!. i.
nei:vii i: civt'-ii
High Cost of Living . Should Be Re
duced by Preserving all Food
Raised on Farm.
(By C. L. Hn-iini, Division of Kxten
ni'ju University of Teuinnneo.)
It n oiuition iioci;i.' In looo
snot-t poCUocb, jinrtlculai'ly with tlie
HinMlt Krlciir who grow eomjmra
tivoly few hUHliotM, to tle ;'t
tiittntoc? iiikI tro tin-in away in
1urj.o llo in a iry room wiiliout curing
tluMii, that Is drylntc Iheiu out Willi
hrat. lmnu'dlHtely nftcr (HkIiii;.
Ai 'ni wor.Ui'-r ioiik-s on Hlifl file
t iiiienitni e in the mom lropu c1omt
to th trwAnx Hlnt the i-lle 1 then
i-uvt-rcil over villi iu:vnpMpc-r, bur-
ihii or old uricta U pruveut tliem
fr(M!i frrt-zlng.
Tlilu iiit-tlioil of fcrornB Invariably
n-sull in confl'lt-rable loss from
ray mid will l; much ifn-nrer thla yeai
iinles iroM-r prrraution art takcu to
i-ouuti-mrt It. Wot woaihor tiaa hHin-pi-n-d
disir'ng gri-atly ami many have
hi-ui 'luc with c-otisiiti rnble molaiur
tn tln-iu mi'l cnnsl(l-ruhle mud udhcr
m. Thin hijtims tho ki'pl"K noilty
uiid liiisH'iis ile-ay. Kiuh potatoca
Ht.ir.-il In ihi- iiiHiincr described above
will ml binlly. Tt count! th'
ti-nili-ii'-y Mft potnloi'H frhoitV .
cured out, f Jut Is dr.wd with .- i :;uclal
litn.r luiiiird)i)ii-ly iii't.T .1 ,.u.ux and
pl:i !i.s ! -i"i'iie r:
r'or iIiIh purpone itume room, or
pltit'f, Kluu!d be provided about the
lioune Dint (Ihch col fall below 40 de
ureen Kiilirenlieit diirim; thn coldest
duya of winter. The potntiM'S sliolllc!
be Korcd III crnteHjWlth wlnttcd nlde-,
no there may be circulation of air oil
all fcldt. Tliee cratca eun be utackel
In tler. TiiU Is the most Manufactory
way of atorlut; for borne ue mid.
iimkes It poHslble to secure potato
from tiuie to time without dlnturbing
olhera. PIcklnK over potatoes mid
otherwise iiiovlm; tbeio aliout when 1c
uteroco N lneltHhly followol by con
aldeiiiblfl Irnn from rot tine.
(mmedlatxly after il:iiu in KforaRf
ii window or (lie entilatori thould be
opened to perndt the cicchm molrurt
to c..rnNa and the room heated -o
urouud XT) derrM Fnlironhelt. An or
diiuiry ftove burning wood, or If tn
i-IIHlea are not available for heatln
wlih aiu-h a atove, an oil atovo wIM
aiiimcr the purpose. Tho room aliould
be lieatel for about ton daya, or until
the potatoca bcyln to show amah
KproutN ufter wlil. h beatlnit may crane
mid the room cooled down to 50 do
U'ret Fhhivnlirlt and the temperature
held a uniformly a po-xible durlny
the li"mh of i In Htora-c period. Aftet
the potatoes are thoroiiylily cured the
mud will come off readily leaving thi
tweet potntoea cleiin and Miiooth In
appcniaiice. Firing will drive off the
eiiTlve moisture In the ve't pota
toca and the) ulll keep until tpring
with only a very aiuall Ua from de
(Hy Ml Maude titithrle. IVvUlon of
l'l tension. I'lilvcrnlty of Teliliet.iee.)
From (h-tober 15 to tin end of the
year a lilry I'rlve Is Iteln n.udocted
tbrouichout TmieMw by the borne
demonstration as ulv
The purjtoce of ihN atale-wlde cam
paUli I" t' ciicouranc the production
of "more and better Ulllk nhd beftci
butter." Mei'tliigi and demonstration'
Mere held for wnnicn and clrls tc
teach tlie imiuu tance of milk as n fool
and to frhovv tlo tntiiiy a4 In wbicb
dairy product ni.i) be iiM-d.
Milk l proball our tnnt Important
frxid. I'or i-tierv, Rrowih and muinle
Lane-, and rcKiilatlon of b.dy pro
fcm-n, e id pnde'n, i nrlHdivdra'e
tut. inlnerat Mini water. .Milk Mippl'e
nil of t'lCM-. I'r. Sluriuriii ays: "A
quart ef mdk a ;. ' f -r every child,
and a p ut a . la Kod for an adult."
1 1, tin- aiiokiri;: denioiiH'rutloiia
dble n b a rii!:ird-. r-ani-d miipt
and iit tubU . and dern are lo.oU
fr..in in :tt. Hit- r.t vutue f ckiir
m'.ll an f.Mtd belnu laiik'lit. on
t'a l 'lie ep!n!o:i if a iTf-al iiiunt
jHatile. vVii-v Hiilk n a food vn'm-. ;
.nia i." evetbaa found in vbd
m'.'k icpt Ihf fat. I'-i'tcr. ten
rally i I tbat its Va it rot at
- ivy aj'j'rt-ln'ed, U glti-ti due rnv
pt It : a la1, and cne i", tlrr
a tnu h i tn rcy env o h-r c!j ot
TkmI. Huttt rin.'k ld ;t pl.e nf'
nmniiil) tn c.w.kl.-.
A iiUiiiIht f di-iii..nii .i(l..ti (.t i iv
itwkltig of cottar i ht-CM f nm skta
niilk. which ti - nf'rn m..i tn h
In m, bae lrti flvm Xlm-Ji Im
provrmrBt ta ten hn In the quai
Ity f cidtage c!ic t. It, ihe honv
a a reolt of lS- "driv-."
Oofa cr U n i.d Into a crea!
rsrlety of dlt. r.vt. i:i
vu1f acd dttrrta- t't.n Ifc.
tey . ord in mik rf pvt. fa. iemn
aoe ana synip. ,Tir ' are glaij
lo leara tbat mttafr cHjao can he!
red m attrrtlTij tad sjaa It m
Hospitals, Mountain 8chools, Good
Will Centera and Church Build
ing Funds Maintained by
Them In Addition To
Ragular Gifts.
Corresponding 6oerfary, W. M. U.
Rrldrlcg the larger aphera whlcb
woiseej hava c.iaa to occupy In church
llf. as wali an other activltiaa. wbuo
tbs Baprlat Tt Million CampaJf ti was
deolCad uon at t&e nie(lg of tba
Souther.! Baptist (onrentln In Afr
lanta laat y-y, tba women, tlirout
thfdr ragolar orgaaitatiou, the Wo
man a Missionary I'uioa, at one
gravd to In r'xpoaflibiu for otta-flfth
of the sum sought, or IS,t00,0O0. This
means that tba Baptlat rmnon of the
South wilt raine for mUnlona of all
kinds, ('hrlhtlan education and heaov-
olemee, the autn of U,00o,0o0 a year
for tba ncl fivo years, In addition to
their coDtribnliiius to loeaJ enterprises
and special work.
Through thi channels of the Wo
man's Mlseionary t'nton, with head
quarters at Baltimore, Md , the B;.p
tiut woinun of the South have slnoo
tLelr orjnixatlon contributed moro
than l&.OiiO.OOC in cash to various da
nominstlouat purposea. With the ad
d it Ion cf bpsea of food and cloth'ng
aent to orphnnape and other Venevo-
lent Institutions, 'he total of their
contributions throu;!i this channel has
ronehed JS.710.U.t.7i.
MUa Kathleen Mallory la the xjrra
apondlng aecretury of tho W'nan's
Mlasionar I'aion. end In apprenlatlon
of th rrrvtrv sh baa rwndcred la
thai connection Ibe IWptlxt women of
Aliibaiua havo Mlahllrhed the Kath
leen M:iUory Mo;.Mvl for Women at
Lalchow-Ku. KhsutiiMK. China, Mies
Mallory belog a nativ) Alahema.
Women of mnny of 'thn other tate
hava alao undertaken Hpeclal anfer
pr1..as of their own. Thoo of Oeornia.
for tr.starne. astabl'shad the Aycrs
Iiopi:l tor Women at Hwanghien.
(hina. a rlrla' school at K smarm-to,
Japan, tha t'atherlre Pryan Kinder
marten School at Canton. China, end
the Mary V. Wllllnybam School h.r
Girls at lllue H 1.1 re, Ua., a school d
elgtiod especially fer the ednealloe of
stria la the mountainous section cf
that ptate.
Many of the other etabt unions hove
spHl prnjet t eifcb as tiood Will
Cdu'era In tho len.tle1,, fa' tory and
wining dcfrlil. whre offeu Is mede
if vf
v ' Ti,
to brln more sunshine and onflahten-j "The pure unmixed blood that has
tnent and love Into the borne and ' m.-do our iiio'ihi.'Ih people so fins
lite of tietvly fsmtlics. especlrvlly j and loyal hue n iho pKsl heio the
those of for. ltn Ulrth; hurch bulHiiti: au of f.Vy 1 say It?) our feellns
hinds. eeliolarshtta for young woni-nof aloofness fnim othf parts of th.
who wsnt tj obtain Irainlni for spa j country and world. have bad
eial Chrletlan serWe. and similar un-' meillng pt in our midst, no neee
The geiteral W. M. U- represeatlng
all the women of the Souttevrn i;iptist
fonven'.a.n. or. and operates tlie
Women s Tiainiu Sthonl at Louie
tIU. K) . which has already sent out
700 trs nd women for pvlul earvbe
in an psrie oi ii"- "rtu. nn na n-1
,.hn,b!ld the rw.irt F:,C foe the
. .. m . , , . I
education In the IL.jitist schools at the
Soath the soui and daughters of mis
sioodiiv na the foreian fields, and
tie Fannie T.. H. !lek MemorUI.
charr h it'dtog fend established In
.rn P-apm. .V ti..; kno-n.j
taetlteiiona aa well as that for th pr '
eaent at? the women's pledge of 111
eeo.e In O-e 7i XMIIm-b rampatia.
CI be raised tho arieal urk el
fae wesueei ar4 tVrenth econeu end
scn:'e Oiurtll taire baiaai-a. rmp
pere. u creaai '.! and the Hke.
are frowod epoti ) ice era paired
PWplisI women ftf t'ie 5outh aa an
worth r meati f-r rl1n taixls fee :
earryteg forward tte work rf t stag
leen of C"4 and thvtr rcaiributtors
will not
ttJe estirce tt tt
Tanneaaeans Will Think in Larger
Terms and Serve World in Larger
Way As Reeult, Buslnesa
Man Declares.
Prominent KnoxrUle IM-lnci' :n
Vvno Gives 200.000 to Baptist :6
Million Campaign.
Knoxv'.lle, Teun. J. II. Anderpun
of tola city, conunlti.doner for Tenuea-
aoe in the I'.Hptit 7 Ulliloa t'juipaiKn
and chairman of tho executive com
r.Uttee cf the campaign co:niuinsio:i,
looka for a larger life to como to tl'u
Uaptlats of T'tines,see as a ronuit of
thn tnfonnation Imparted and tho en
listment In Chribtlnn aeiviio b roue 'it
bout In this state turoucU tho t.u-
palgn. Mr. Anderson ia prusidoiit of
Iho B.:pl!ift Coev ntion of Teiiuestt
and tho I.nyiiicn'r. MlaaSonary Move
ment, :.jJ in addition to giving $1'C K-
Cod to tho rainpalga. contributed V ',-
COO to the erection of a new church iu
bis homo city.
Dlscusdini; ahat tba campxlgn will
mean to Tennensen and how the huru
to bo raised by th Uaptiata of tlis
state will tie cmendm!, Mr. Andtr
on stild:
'Thf most expanding thought that
hns eVcr entered tho human brain la
that historic sentence ypoken by our
flritt great world Citizen, ulnelet-n
buudred vears ago, '(Jo ye into cli
the'irorlr and preach the Goepel to
KC 'Itvlng crcbtur.' Tho humen
Vraia li t- sblu to oooiputs on thou
sarnJtli ipact of an Inch more expan
sion, ' without encroaching upon the
Infinite, and tliat'a Cod's realm.
"Southein Da inlets bare been chiiia
Ing the ahove wi-tcnce iw one ot
their fundamental r.ll the pH"t years
VN'hy is it, theu, we have lemalned
Kiieh lltlln foil: with auch a bij.
thoueht lu our brain? la It not ho-
;". we havo not followed tht
ti.im.ut villi action? And this ia oi.e
of the jreatcHl, lu-leed, tho greatett
ideeaing that I j:"in to coma out ol
the Million Campaign to our d
:ioininat1nu, , We are vlLalixing thl
cxpandiog thought and never more
will we be merely cltlraLK of our owe
little neighborhood, our own counfy
or ntate or nation. 'Evory man of
ii mut Imi, indeed Is, world citizen.
Dr. Tri.ett b.t been haiumeriug thit
thoufbt Into Inn minds and leads ol
our people wherever be has gone due
ing the past weei
"For tlie first time iu aJI history
l!:.pti5t havo put on a program tint1
even approaches in tnagnilu'lo th;t
worlJ-clrdllng order, 'Uo ye into ali
the world.'
"Dare 1 any to my beloved Teunes
seo brethren thnt the opportunity it
Iwfi-re na to deuon:.tiate. to our
Klv,-a and to the world th.it wc hv
nutriowa ptoviuclalism and have 1k
otno world cl:i .. ne?
for one, and ao have had no traln-nt
in cult-tiding r-ur hnip.ii!iy and cu
pa. ion for otiiere. The Ti Mll'.tofi
I Birpaij;t Is goin; to lift us out ol
this limited vision, and give uk vlslooj
as wide as the world.
"Tho vat'iusiasm and confidence ev
-I J . U' I V . . IT T
,. ... .... . .
"Ur 'w -! "f - V T"'
lion. We mast net allow onr over
toufidence to caue ua to relax our
efforts. Day and r.lgbt, let ua work!
with hand and heart and brain for
these few remaining days to mskr
7X "M
Ti nnessee'a task la this big cans-
eiicn is to raise the sum of 14.641 -i
Our this sura to be subscribed daring I
Victory Week. November 3Decrm !
bar 7. but to be paid daring the Best
five year. The money that we raise
will be apponioned among the vartoas
laterwsta of te campalcn as fo;iows:
Foreign missions. 11.10?. 37; home
missions. ICtS.Oog: stve missioae
l:5.o0; Ohri lian -ilih tioo. H.437.
4J7; hospitals. tU".io.; orptaaa'
bow a, f:4SC00. and tolaliierul r3
( dn
SSFETf sua
Read Them To the Faniily and Make
Them Topica of Dit.cui.sion Due.
Ing Evening;
Safety cuts out worry. -Work
for Safety means Safety In
lindor tho Safety flu- all men we
The modern A B C Alwe.ya Be Care
ful. Carelessness is lu short cut to tbe
Intelligent Safety efforts aiwaya get
To despair ol Safety is the Safety of
Accidents take money out of tbe pay
envelope. I'rattlce Safety yourself othws will
follow you.
You nad not be an artist to draw
Savty score. i
The Safety movement isn't thooryj
It's a cniaade.
Think Safety and be Sate.
"Dad' don't take a chance."
Pe Safe or you will ba sorry.
flamleasnesa is tough chicken.
The chanua-taker la the ccldont
Safety FlrsL There U nothing "Jnat
, good."
Forethought Is cheap. Afterthought
la espeusive.
A BAvloga account Is only one lnd I ca
tion of thrift.
No initiation feo and no dues la tbe
Safety movement.
Success Is ImpoMlblo If pou are care
less and lnvlie iojary.
Carefulnesu cueta you nothing, Us
value cannot be meaenred.
Thluk ol yourself and the doctor
won't tare to thiuV of you.
Think Safety Flrot.
Am I my brother's keeper?
Cr4rt la -irV-tul, not "oswV.
less j
A ray check la bigger then relief J
Cam killed cat maybe, bnt men
i-en't cats.
Old Hard Lock got bis cloven hoot
by stepping on a nail.
Out of tbe thistle of oarelossness, we
pluck the flower 8arty.
Carejoeaness Is corn caused by the)
hoe ot Tboaghtfulnese.
Safely always all ways
Change travels on crutches.
Be sober, be healthful, and be ,
Safety and efficiency go . hand Ia
Do not niln your life by oaxelesa hab
its. A Uuie care will prevent most acci
dents. Safety outlook depends on Safety In-
Safety Saves Slcknoas, Buffering,
Tou are not thrifty if yua 'e not
anfi roan.
When yvu do a Job any kind d It
An ounce of prevention la worth aa
pound of cure.
A National Id I: Prevent oaoeees
aary accident.
Am I careful aa I can be?
it pys to think before yoa act
Safety la Uio cornrrtaone of effi
ciency. Ftret aid to the aninjared la Safety
It ia cheaper to treep weU than to get
Be careful now. Twuaerrow xeay be
too late.
lon't kM ahoet aaety. Too may be
the goat.
Safely Tlrst Is oaaLagtoeav-ae awre
yea catcA It
Tbe bank ot Safety paye 190 nee cent
Md never falls.
Safety brings first aid to the
"Iiande off somes loses Beans "fla
gen on."
Workiag for Sitfety la the blgheet
term of service
Ediieate. ergaaJse. wperrlae and cow
goer CareUrtsaeae.
Care fulness ooeta row Dutatng, a4
tU vaJue cannot he siaasnred.
Ween row make a re la. keep IV
Make Befety FTrev your ieU4le aasaa
AVtrk shoitM prwmote has Mb. taeC a
troy it.'
Tbe vffe f eareJaM saea as aasaoeg
Dark specs as Aaaarer spots.
eeeeas Is ha ML Be la Safety.
By aeesspt aaal exampJs work fat
The peadwas' eade at tie c.-rveery
Baas enndKlociS are good. Ttait get
Saea are better.
Preach Safety 71 rL then eraeUoe
veW au mfc
Ttlsk ot the wife arc TaaMae at
asiU taaa be earefal
rraaa harry taterfwrwa wtga
at eat Ue harry
Better be earefal a tlnaeaad
te be crtjs'.ed oetee
Safety First Is lh hewt
If aad fasnCy.
Deal gamUe 1ih USa.
Aag fwl caa be
Profits From Expense and La
bor Were Good In Many
Alfalfa and Clovers Make Big Gains
Alao Effects are Seen Eight Years
Best Time to Put on ia When La
bor la Available.
Tbe season for liming land is her
The effect of liming In tho growth
of alfalfa has been especially marked.
The fact la ettlbg a profiiftble crop
' wUbftut liming Is so unu.-au! that it
attracts attention. The except !onal
ca.?a are found thruout the Male,
tut ere geueraily limited to a small
area, and niuy not prove a truKiu. rll.y
Indication for the surrounding dlmrlct.
lu fivo sicrlori of experiments on rep
resentative soils In diffcreut s'elloi.S
of the state, the uvernge yluld wltlx
I'.ine v.aa 3.1.1 tona per acre, and with,
out lime 1.10 toiiM. These results
were obtaiued tho flrt season nfte
ixodiri?. Usually unlimed ulfnlf.i Is
smothered out tlie second year by
crab grass, while limed ulf;:!fa la then
at ita best.
Fanners will find It very prnfliabls
to lime for red and alsike clover, both
of which are very Kcnaltlve to a defV
clency of lime. White clover, t 1
Kcncrally understood, cuu bo classed
with red and ulilkc clover In needs for
lime. Crimson clover receives somo
benefits from lime, but responds leaa
than any other kind.
Lime For Wheat,
Pplcndid results can be secured- by
liming for wheat. The actual Increase
In biibheis in erperlwcua mude with
I In for wheat wus r-ot so great
that made by corn, hut i'ue perceiitage
was the same.
The wheat Increased Its yield about
20 Jier cent where lime wn applied
I'min thU, it is shown that funnera
who contemplate growing wheat this
eur can very profitably lime their
The effect of a moderate liming last
for a number of yearn. Ita advati
luges have been noticed In somo In
atances for a period of e'glit years fole
lowiug application.
How to Apply.
Lime can be applied w iih a dlFtrlba
tor, several mukca of which are on the
market. Noue have as yet been made
us perfectly as many are of tho oln
Ion that they diould be, but they h ive
many dealrabU qunl!Uc. They great
ly reduce tlie In her, and make possible
the more uniform Eprcading. A ma
cure spreader may he used, but IU
(flioiency U it oquul to lime
The man who has only a small
uuiount to distribute can accomplish
this by bund. Tbe best plan la to
throw the line- lu small henps on the;
tract that Is to be limed, and then
scHiter it with a shovel. Forty-pound
hei ps 21 feet apart ouch wny make
two tons to each acre.
('round llmcs'one may be nidlied at
any kchnou of ll.t- yar, nnd for any
crop to suit the -convenience of the
worker. The .-tcnilal thing la to get
tht lime on the noil. It is of rotina
dirutle previous to clover rulhcf
than to cotton. Tho I'.me nlwayt
should be well mixed with the anil. A
good plan la to apply to nnplowefl
Inr.d. dNe It well into tlw soil, and fol
low this with the turn plow.
Many women thruout the state
havo heard again the call of the ripe
fruit and tbe csnm r. a- d are canning
tipples, peacliea, beans, aod other fruits
and vegetables.
Troubles arls-. Some of tbe prod
uct tiegln to ferment Bubbles seep
through the rubber band, and
A iH-rfectfy good con f.f fruit or veg
ctalde has been shot Into waste.
Home Jenioiistmtioti n rents thru
out tbe uuie and nt tbe extension
division, L't.lveralt of Tenoess-co are
ready to give Information to Interested
jrons on bow such trouble tr.ry be
eliminated. Ask tbem when you ac
Cieni In jour county. If one Is not
aval.: l1e write to the ev.ei.s on divi
sion, t'r.lvcrslfy of Tenne'see. Tout
questions will te answoreil, and very
probably you will be able to wvlve yout
pitdtlem as a reult.
Mat. farm girl- and women will
plan md only to f.-cl theoiM-Ives but
:c a'll of 'iclr eTcv!l-nt f 1s te
tii.is.' wh a'li be ill-able lo do an-i.Uik-
A result, tl.ey will want 10
know the '.! nieibods by wl-lch the
wort .:. be nv-iiiplti.'i-x;. Many ol
t.-.. l,e tr-vldej with UMle ex-wn-i-
Hrtn..-i-.a-le cnr.ner hat
pm- e-i th-'.r vRlne by much u.s- to the
caniicrv T!e mt-ih.Kl by whi.-t, they
may I. Iciilt nnd ..pernted a 111 ! fullj
. r-I:'ie-l I y any of :i e i-moi :rai1er
The MT.n'x-iry in-p In Knot countj
1:. re-l'wfl thla jeatr. Th-l
nc;-v thai other farmers ulgtv
inVe aee m.oie: tv c.pply1ng bee
r:- Tl Ucu-.- - ;ooL
f. . -v
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