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mm 4 -
NO. 48.
dens are good, tut our fruit crop I TO THE REPUBLICAN VOTERS OF
is short.
X. Y. Z.
I am a candidate before the Repub-
As the Republican nominee for
Trustee for .Hancock County.
and owing to the short time in SHOQKUM FOR CONGRESS n,pril!!?ry A"us.t
. i j .ii I . ii . i i i iui i-i id unite ui cjEio ocnaior iur
w..u wmunv 3 u, T0 The Dear People: I see the the 3d-Senatorial District of Tennessee."
wuLijr, uiac ,11143 uicu-uj Panni.lmnc ;n f.W n;..;,. i solici : the votes and support of every
- . .. ab. a m v t ia Liiu in i3L a i.i.i 11
bringing mjr candidacy before I . tn . ra . (Republican man and woman in theJ
the votessboth ladies and gentle- ZTJ; 7: Y, r V 1 D,8trict' and promi,w you th' tf 1 ,n
men Of all political parties and fe1" JJJ, ed and ejected I will nke you
.. . . 1 wiiciiicr uiu ivemwraia win imvei iauniui anu eiuciem servant in tne
a race or not, but 3ny body ought Stat Senate, I will serve you to the
ampliations. It is my aim to
make as thorough canva?3 as . ., , . best of mv ability and will make vou a
vi uuv ovu a uu auab vvauu - . ... ...
senator inac you win ntver rvtrret
: voted for.
possible, yet if I should fail to . ,T;,:i,i )Ir;,i j Senato
11 iL t v .. to, provided ne will promise to do hvino-
see all the voters I solicit your ,u:,Ta w' M T
., , . . , . 1 things that no man can do, so I -,,
aid and support just the same. u.. i - i.m..x I hop
upport jUSt the same. kfl tft Ka 0 mm.,H hope" to- see all or rs many of the
Lean trutrifiillv mv that I havp . . . - I voters of the District between now and
-j - anrt stntn ib n Httnim on. taii I . . . .... , ......
Piu. una uum, -was d() for tfa j flm neUher a Dem. to do BO and , 8sk yo.ir hdp jwHt the
maae py me aunng tne rnmary n,VDf MA n poriui:n T am BJme,
t fu " Y prom seKthe common people, a jrug
i;81 voien.iaiiw.jv wump, anJ ,f electe(J my first
i a jair official act will be. .urn the ras
U,.t,....J. "..II.. J I ' IiUIII VIVI J tlU
vuuinjr iuuua uareiuuy aim in -i of o.l rui:
7!'" ? President down to Constable and
wrra on w nicn 1 come wyounw fill their places with Mugwumps,
I wish to call the attention of I will make places for every man
very fair minded voter " to tHe woman and child that can prove
pledges that we made on enter- they voted for me, don't forget it.
wg me primary, and the utter I will have a pike road run right
.bu...Uvuhi.iM.diiiwii uniront 01 every man's door, 1 county Democratic executive committa
ior nis worn 01 nonor ana moral Wi hive C ireh river tiirnml h(ld-ut tho court hous-i in Newoort.
Obligations. . Among Other things iUst above tne rounds and run i i. Friday, June 2, tho following resolution
we yledged our honor not to rise Ua h Mafr,n nVor h0a u, "R unanioi.iusiy adoptoii
any monev or other means' for tJ.l- u.;j :k 1 Mte- a 'he uomocrawe pr'm-ry
.11" n..ii -.. iivisiviu ikh uiiukcs uuh huu election to bo held August 3rd, 1922.
"f w Mwuii iK mis would save lots et expenses, two member, of the Democratic execu
Sincerely your,
M. II. Ilollinrsworth.
At an cnthasiaHtic meeting of the
votes. Ihis pledge was comple
tely disregarded by my opponent
who freely used money in the
buying of votes. Another requi
site for entrance, was the pledge
of each and every candidate to
support the one who won
nomination. This is ' another
.jcase ofpay opponent ignoring, his
word and moral obligation, and
tive commttco are to be elected in
each contrreaiaoiml district of tha
I will have Clinch mountain
moved over into North Carolini. 6(atc -
SO W0 can get to the Kailroad, Aand whereas, our coun
It .t I.. ....
ana pecause tne country over "aa a memocr 01 sma com
there is all : mountains anvwav. feeling that the tino hui come wlun
- - - V
To the voters uf Hancoc
t&t the solicitation of so many
? the good citizens, ho;h Demo
r.ts and Republican;-., I have
.ecHtHl to Leconie a candidate
.orShcriil of Hancock County,
pnd in view of tho fact that it
will be impopsahla for me to see
all of the voters in the short time
fa which I have to canvass the
county, I take this mode of relat
ing to you through the columns of
the News the platform upon
which I stand and base my hopes
of election." f ..
I am a Democrat in principa
but often vote for the Republican
when I believe him to be the
most suitable man for the office
to which he aspires, and by so
doing I feel that any Republican
can support me on tho same
I am n believer in tha enforce
ment cf thr laws without fear,
favor or affection and believe in
same being executed with cool.
sound and firm judgement, to
which I pledge my-self to do if
f leeted. I do not believe in be
njr too host y lu r, !o bolhvc in
b'ing diligent an i 'xocutinir tho
piw without delay.
latThfl friend ol my opponent
fcwjc trying to poiron the mind i of
fezu'nst Triai. b? teljini;
ty ha. refer liS ViBJ . WUcul,rld..ScriUHl l fhodeed fn.m
nmittee. and fKrV n: t-mera ttn". Wveiuy kutrVUtlio hiI bland IJx-
come wiu-n r- .t i;v.,ii catec,!, u-em and
1 and the people would never notice we are entity t HI v-Trpptect thtyn whill
the - ' ,1. . committoe, and having kr.d Utr H 1 flatr-under
it no wav- 1 will snve everv man t...i. r . t wi-r
neri . " .... . iuuko . mimm 01 DW wjj7 i
NO. 1254
Bunk of Commerce and Tru.t Co.
. Vs.
Sojfiiland Exploration Conipam .
IVr. uaiit to a dorree nro-.niunoisi n
the above cause at thi? Aj Hi Term IV. f
Of Uk (Jiancory (.iiurt tt Snoulvill.
Tenn., 1 will sell at public auction t
th highest bidder, in front of the
Ccurt Houm door in h necdville," Tenn
01. Monday the 18th, day of Septombi
next, at iz o clock noon, tho prtpei ty
nientioncj and described in the dead
tugs and in aaid decree, to wit:
Tract No. I,
That certain parcel of land ! nown a
the John Turkey tract, coiuaiu.ng 50.1
acres, lyiiij; m the 6th, District of
Hancock County, Tenn., and more ar.
ticularly t'eirilrtsd in Uiu deed frirn
John Turkey to the Southland Explo-.
ation Company, dated Aug. 2.1, 1D18
and of record in the Kiiiter,9 oftict'
or Hancoc k Coui ty. Tenn.. in . Hook
'CC" at pages, 2JW et aeq.
Tract No. 2,
That pircol ef Innd known a the
ivesny hfiM tr.ict, containing 10(1.77
acrcf., situated in tho 6th, Civil Diwtrict
of Hnnoock County, Tenn., and on the
headwaters of Brier Orrefc, and mre
parliculurly di'ncriliod in the deed from
the Livesay heirs to the Southlan I Ex
ploiatior. Company, ami dated Aug. 2-1,
TJ1S, and of record In tho Register
office in BiKk "CC" at imkc i. U et ren.
Tr.ict No. ;!,
That ceitain pared it lui.d known
aa the Lively tract containing 24.4
acres, situated in the Cth, Civil District
Hancock count y, T"im., on, tho
cadwatirs of l!ii r reck, and
worn, woman ana cnua in my response to numero-i -
istnc a rostoffico and a rural J from various pari of t cu.C"W
r.-t : " r-,:.T", route too. this will be a great im- '--dt. and qualified ao
iiuw uiruuKa a irenzy oi poiu-cai that he can be voted for in said election
a a. a I LJI IIVl lilrllL till KJIIl Illifll I V IIH. I
amoition, enters the final race as , , , . . . . ' for of said places, we the Demo-
a bolter or independent
man service,
and be leSS trouble, as I WOUld cratic Executive Committee Cwk
disconlinud the Use of postage county, in meetimr dulv called, recall-
AH 1 aslC at thO hand OI the stamps, It WOUld be much more ing the long party service of Judge
voters is. that you carefully con. convenient for vouni? folks. Mima, his untiring work throughout
oirler thi rneo n-ifh tha hnftor. years for the party, without reward
Wr W V IV - I W Mil 4 1 r . ll T 1 I . .. ..
ff.-, i -ll iwiuiuiveuirce, -ouruisouuiy anu recognizing hia superior qnalifica
IliUliVilireiUUm, II T.r ..v. C..f.,..... !.. tU. ..II Can Tnr .unnalinn W.U.,k
moon in June. Oct.. and Feb.. as ,v e"UorFO candidacy for said
Respectfully Your.j this wilt furnish ' Iota of n,cit. ! Uo!' WJ,?!1'e::d him to.th" Pemo:
I . . . i l I raia oi i irsi congressional aisirici
i i.. ivc.-p in ;.iuu nuw vUi Undcall ii..oi them to give him their
O idles an i Utic CS Stood on th? aupport. Ilw election Will .Tiean that
burning deck during the revoiu-i nothing Aid bo left undone ujion hi.
cast your vote likewise.
Robert L. Seal.
We are authorized to announce
the name of Lewis E. Drinnon
as a candidate for the office of
Trustee of Hancock County,
subject to the will of the voters
of Hancock county at the coming
August election.
Mrs Elizabeth Roberts of KJon
dike, Hawkins County was visi
ting her daughter Mr Anne
Willliams at this place Sunday.
Miss Leona Williams who has
been visiting relatives at . orris
town for several days hiu ret
urned to her home at Cool Dranch
Mrs. Eliza Lawson an aged
lady of This place who has been
very sick for several days is no
betUr we are sorry to note, and j
her life is despaired of.
Guy Waitson, Lewis and George
M. Williams were seen marching
along the road Sunday looking
like the hindpaits of trouble, and
all on account of their girls not
being along.
W. A., and A. W. Yount took
dinner with Geo. A. Williams
Sunday. .
Guy Whitscn who has been at-K00 things I could prmnis", I
ticnary wat.
I would have t wo Christmases
one in December and tne in May
this will be more satisfactory as
it is too cold in December to suit
everybody's clothe and mine es
I would have Europe divided
so as place Germany in Hancock
County and let our boys vent
their rpleen on them for the hat d
ships they suffered during the
world war.
I w ill put brains in the bend of
a brar.3 monkey. I will put aoo!
on th back of the hvdraulb ram
so wo can have cheaper clntl.es.
I w ill have the weather to change
just any time that will suit the
convenience of tho people, and I
will have full moon all the time
But I have made up my mind
as toist how much moonshine
hootch I will allow, I will leave
this question to a vote of the peo
ple, but I am bitterly opposed to
allowing more than one quart to
each member of the family, and
one still in each district with a
population of not lcs than ten
and nnt more than twenty five,
but I will leave this un to a vote
of the people
Ml this is only a few of the
part to redeem Tennessee in November
and to re-tore her to the, Democratic
column, where she rightfully belongs
1 hi. June 2nd, 1922. A true copy,
T, N. HUFF, Chairman.
T. H. CAMPBELL, Secretary,
Gypsum, Ohio for several months
is taok at home at Cool Branch.
Our Sunday school at Cool
Branch is progressirg nicely and
having a good attendance.
Nearly everybody around this
place are done laying by their
corn and crops are fine and gar-
lay of the land and on this plat
form I expect fo rue atd fall, f f
you like it there L, rot Sing to hin
der you from voting for me, you
will not need a tax receipt as' I
will positively da away with the
paymeng of all taxed.
Hopefully Yours,
Hon. Alf Taylor Drinnon, was
among tho visitors is Sneedville
Monday and announced his can
didacy for the lower House in j
sixtfeh to a large crowd in the
ixurt-nou3e. Mr. Unnnon is
the pref.cn t member of the House,
having been elected and served
during the last session where he
was made floor leader for tl."
republicans and as such handled
all administration measure for
Governor Alf Taylor. Mr. Drin
non formerly lived in this county
and is perhapps the lest known
man in the county and will carry
the caunty by the largest ma
jority ever given any candidate.
We are all for Taylor regardless
of local or congressional fight5.
Lets all get behind our former
citizen. He repealled the dog
law, vojed against thi Dorch
law. rgiinst making women pay
poll tax, voted against the eight
r er cent law and savs If re elected
he will introduce a bill to repeal
the dorch law and relieve women
from paying poll tax. Mr. Drin
r.on was the only man in the leg
islature to introduce a bill to
repeal the prtsent tax law which
the farmers are so strongly op
loied to. Drinnon is the man
for Hancock.
ever fell from the lips of man
for If I .am elected . I shall no
brake or bend my oath to pro
tect cither a friend or a foe
But I will appreciate the ui poit
of every prohibition and anti
prohibition alike and plinll treat
them all with Kindness am
courtesy ard will pmftct thorn
both alike in executing t f : law
when oppcrturity.p.-rniiLs.
If you want n inan who will
enforce the l.i-.v without feat,
favor or affection, vote for me.
If you want a. man whom his
supporters are afra'd to let ta'K".
and who will sutler him-sclf to
be tongue-tied during his candi
dacy vote for some other man.
I believe in free speech and
I am not tongue-tied. I have no
strings on mc :md belot g to t.o
ring or click. If my platform
suits you I will apprciate your
support. Th ink You.
After several days i Lsciic
we are again.
I irtttlon-Ltnnpan sted Aug. 11th,
litis, afd r.f record in the KefUl.r's
odica qf Hancock County, To m., in
Eo.4av;-at pages 197, at iei. . '
Thit parcel of land known a. the
lovens tract, containing r.w.v acres
situated in theWh, District of Hancock
Count j, Tenr., and more puticulsrly
leacrilied ir. tl ! deed from Jease tllvrna
dated Sept. :ll, l.'IS. and of record in
the Register's oftVe of Ifam-ock County
Tenn., in HMk "t'C"at fuigeidd, etsij.
Tract No.
Thst cerl;'i'i parcel of land known aa
the Williiim lrs t, conlniniiiK 79.6 acres
situst) d i;i I Ii ' (it It. I Jiit rift of Hancock
Coiinly, '!' f i ii. . und krown as the
amp -I'll Williuin:i trar, and more
parlici; irly dicrOHsl in 1 1 1 deed nmde
to tiie .'.out M. mil Kxploratioii Company
lateil Nov. 7lh, IVI17. ami if record in
the Iter inter's office of Haucisk County.
I'nri., i'i(IH)k "CC" at myy ('.. et jm.
I see so many letters from my
old friends and schoolmates, I
will write a few lines.
We are having lots of raia corn
ami grass is fine, cattle are doing
vvll and selling lota better than
-ist year. ,
Hello old Bill of Tread way, I
sure enjoy your letters, reosnyou
have quit talking in your sleep,
come- again and stay longer. ,
Hello Charley WirJand, I have
lots of qu ii! again this f oar aboit
Christmas but don't shoot in my
Yes, Abe, I remember those
happy days we spent together
and-the work we did in th Trus
tee's office on those rushing days
have you forgot the boots?
Come often in the News, I like
to hear from all my friendsin
Hancock many of them like my-
sfclf have left the dear old County
und I would like to hear from yw
wherever yju.are.
we have lots of Hancock pa
ple in Hawkins County, it would
do you good to see us get together
and talk about the father-land.
My mind often runs back to
old Honeock and to my boyhood
lays, to War ridge where I used
hunt squirrels, and many of yon
remember how 1 loved to fish In
War creek, trout was plentiful.
and one never got away f rJm me.
I would like read another letter
rornSgt. H. Williams of n, Mon-"
roc Va., I would like to exchange
A2 with him for tho next thirty
days fld I have.'an easy job on the
the readers of tne News and for
every home in Hancojk County,
I Am Respectfully, .
R. T. Brewer.
Tract No. ii.
That certain inel of lai.d kisiwn as
he llufcton Irsct, foutaiiing X.7 acres,
itunted in Mh, District of llanria'k
County, Tenn. on the Wvnl prong of
Brier Creek, and more particularly de-
rilsHl in thcdeetl from Samps WillianiH
to the .Southlind Exploration Company
latedNov. 7th, 1!U7, ami of record
he Register's office of llanes-k tmnly
Tenn.. in Book "I'A " at psees ft see
Tract No. 7.
The health of this community
is good, and every body seems to
be about through work.
Geo. D. Wolfe of Idol, Houston
Livesay, John li. Wolfe, John F
Wolfe and all other kind of wolfe
was viniling at Bill Gordon's la&t
J. S. Wilder of Jefferson t'ity,
was transacting business in our'
neighborhood Saturday.
B. N. Drinnon and H. M. Wolfe!
was visiting Bill Gordon Sunday. ir t tteuid ssjth!.in.l Fxpior-
. . JsiKi'o t'.ini sin-, iivt lrt- lofitfo skl by
V. B. Gordon was transsictingi nrt ivvr r) -.rl UinJ rhj,1t
business in Rogersville F rii.aj. A.. It,, and l.. cmitirg of
Would like to know what nas . . i Li- . .
j other Pilfi'rt lochiikd in said r-rt.
lx;Come of Snookuu. of .'um,kiii
Kidg. I 7th. d.. d July. l!Ci
. I L.C.Jam.0&M.
UUl uordon thinks it don t pay
to play Maggie and Jig but
blnck eye got all right when
had to go to plowing ct-rn.
Old Boi.
That certain parei I of land know n a
the I jnib tract coi.tainirg 2,..H acres
I hituatedon the Nr.h bank of Clns
river, anl more particularly deseri!
in the deed from .Vm. l.nmb, to lh
SiHilhtaisl Exploration C-oinpany, !atl
Aug. Z'VI. l'.l. nisi of r.-c.rtl in the
Register's office of Hancock (sinty
Tenn., i ra in,k "CC" at ge e
Terns f sahfc
Sr.al sale will he n.sl" ti.in a eniht
of f.. VI. In, arA 24 nvm'hs ami in Ur
of the equity of rl uiption, taking
from (he purchaser inUrrst hearing
iHtes with Ktl wrurity lor the pur-
hase money and rt tsinit.g a oen a
furlht-r sH-urity.
Al -o, on th-. Kinu- day, I ill prrs-4-cd
c, -ell ail of the s-l -ouil pnsrty for
r;i-.!i in ImimI, rrjiortej by Ihe Receiver
hisiDr. 1 a!. McDAMKL
Dear rJditor:- We will give yon
the news from this place again,
most everybody isdono their corn
and are making hay and getting
ready for wheat threshing.
Wheat is generally good, but
oats will not make much, on ac
count of dry weather.
We are glad to bpo so many
letter in The News from our old
faiends in Tennessee.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Seal, Mr.
and Mrs. Carry Muss.lman and
son Clifford, Mr. and Mrs T. J-
Cantwell were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. Dave Cantwell and
Mr. anil Mrs. John Turkey and
daughter Bonnie, Mr. and Mrs.
Karl Turkey and ehildaen were
Sunday visitors of Mr. At" Biily
ami family of. Ralston, Ind.
Mr. and Mr.-Walter Ireland'
had a Sunday dinner guests
Misses. Edna and Flossie Ik!q
ai'd brothers Henry, llollis, and
Mr. ('arry MusseJiman and T
J. (Cantwell nixnt the 4lh.. at a
bad game at Lofcl, Ind.
Mrs. Oka Sampson and tfjilJren
John. Alice and Rogerpent Sua-
lny w ith hr father W. S. Oirl nd
Mr. Porter Garjrfnd has returned
to his !d job at Verona, Pa.
Mrs. Maud Ednnglon and rh;l
ren were calling on Mrs. Ida
Seal one day last week.
Helen, the litth daughter of
Shirl Ptirkey spent I"ueslay night
with her grand-parents Mr. and
Mrs. John Purkey.
Mr;-Waiter IrwIanJ ami Mrs.
jT. J. I 'ant well were shopping in
Nobloville Tue.day.
! Mr-a id Mr. Ahx Seal v. u
j.-allini: ! Mr. and Mr. Vazh
iSlt'i-htnjn Monday evening.
; Shorty SC Mott
till . I I I
. (1 If i
j.r y i'. i i'. mix

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