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- a. J V
NO. 53.
.if ' '
; V 1
; j r i i
Dear Sir:- I
I have'your pieasani chat
ty letter dated the -fit'lcerrth in
(Near Cambcrland Cap)
For twent-five years. Lincoln Memorai University has been
teadly enlarging its facilities for education and strengthening its
college, academy, and SDecial courses. Th3 thonannria of entente
who have been here in th Iar f vpoinvm,. irti i, to which party he bek
rtora fnr tfceie Aim9 M.f o,i i how many times ho has-been
...u.ii wu naio uciv:uv; ciiintriiL vunnir rnn . . . .
nri vnnnrr wnmn ;n tk.;.,, ..i, married, and, that, recczauin
. me iaci, uiai we arL' ui maxcning
PDAVnura rr txto i-dii-tt ait ... .
iiuuwinomuuiiun onward under the same glrOus
FStandard College Courses leadingf) A. B. and B." S..V decrees banner of freedom, you ViJind
it any moment, dZv
ius and remove him and his nu
merous family from my table I
fchall always be grateful to you
no matter haw you stand no the
Question of league of league of
nations, you may stand on it just
.'s yoi: rle-iL-o with cn3 foot or
'.o'.'i S' rare ;.s i cure, you may
forming me that you are' oik-,- . J Kt yT
again begging to remain tbotruo u? w:,.!'s;.11 ,J -VrtU, wa,lt J 1
to which party he belongs, r
- . imvwivui wuidu bkipriiui WVliaCl I CLKKJlJ VI illUdJw -1UW - MM m.ij i ikWi i. i i v. , uyf VI
rates pnly Forest Ranger Course in Tennessee Business Training n-nt to Cet me a packafHof
which prepares splenJid stenoerDhersiTand bookkeepers Smirh onion seed from the go verifTWit
Hughes Vocational Agriculture on wonderful 762-acre farm. First a Washington as a mark o: er
ciass Academy Department Opportunity School for ungraded punisl aonaI esteem under tie rtaf jng
A " I ?l . - .'
privileges oi a congressman
I have also received from,' ou
several copies of a very okf , ir.d
dreamy copy of the CongrcS ,on
al Pecord, containing a nur ber
of elocutionary rematksM vou
T , iv.iaiiu hj nave iimuc uu uic Lwr
'xleasant lnvironmentn..Hflnnv Prrnnani'nncVimo A.lmiraL oui . n . i.... ..i t-
v . . v""'""'"'"t''wc oi me lower noue oi uonr ess
below Academy.
College tuition
Academy tuition
Board about
Room rent from J12.00 to
?1C.00 twelve weeks
15.00 twelve weeks
1C.C0 a month
18.00 twelve weeks
'Spirit-litfficient and Consecrated Faculty.;
Fall term opens September 4th, 1922.
Tor further information address THrJ REGISTRAR
'Lincoln Memorial University,
Harrogate, Tenn
with blue Den oil marks artuid
them, and I also see vou j ive
stood faithfully at your destOr
on top of it, hour after hour 'fry
ing to catch the eyo of the 6'r
kit- wito anything from a pu
to iuJourn to a bottle oi ink so
that the nation might not ne: ;n
or go down in ignominy to! .a
devil. I have ako rece. i
the book you tjent, contait ;j
ths statistics which went otiyn
v. ..w ..M...r.. V I t.l.-lW ,1114
itants in the United States ,oJ V
21 years of age . thif til'
aHlictod with mumptr "t"
ft"'""" hwt.hi.hu,
TT5TT a i mw,T... ......
Al rMJ JXM i on tne subject. j
'Tl A 4VA -t - 1 ... -I
AJX XliNO A jrriIJSlTJ J.rV- Owing to the powerful infl.en.
iisgt mucins
1 will say further, that if it is
not asking you to lower the
dignity of a Corgrcssman, to
please introduce and have passed
a hill ta repeal my mothc-in-!av,
I have been married nigh onto
six years now, and have never
been allowed to exnrcs3 an opin
ion of mv own vet in my family
affairs, lr.y mother-in-law forms
and expresses all opinions relat
ive to family matters. And one
other matter, please tend mo a
new man of our clorioua and
grand old United States, as one
of my "rphew's children and my
bey got into a fight over the last
one you sent me, and the last I
saw of it the north and south
was again hopelessly divided
near the Mason and Dixon line.
with our lovely sunny Tennessee
torn out by the roots, the green
fields of -Virginia tied to cats tail
My Maryland buna over the
stove pipe and a reLn of tenor
and buck It-berry ja:n Kt.smr im
and. down Clinch liver from the
ounds in the 3rd. District to the
Orvor ciiJ of the 7 Hi, District
below Jiiii Willis's.
Yours for n Government of the
snook im
Mister, I've a little poem,
' fis enough to make you swear,
That the profiteering devils,
Oa'n the country everywhere.
Oft perhaps you've said namn it,
Looked your merchant in the eye,
And for two yard 3 of gingham,
Bid a dollar bill goodbye.
Therefore I present this poem,
That the living truih may shine,
And no longer you shall wonder.
At that short shirt-tail of mine.
Down in Georgia, sunny Georgia.
As the income records show.
One big factory cleared a million,
From the stump a year ago.
How d.) vou digest that, Mister?
Do you feel inclned to laugh.
Then go buy a shirt of Khatd,
For three dDllars and a half?
Corporation profiteering,
Is exempt from any fine,
And there is no amendment offer
ed To that short shirt-tail of mine.
Cotton twenty cents dear farmer.
Twenty cents yo;i shout.
Planting, plowing, hoeing, pick
SO by 3
SO by 3
80 by 3
80 by 31.2
80 by 31-2
A. VV. T.
Rib Tread
- A. W. T.
80 by 3
20 by 3 1-2
Authorized Tord and Fordson Dealers.
Sncedville Tenn.
n.. pn.mA. j . ... hc same uicnt, ana i wish i
ce which you seem to exert with
our national government. I have
received quite a number of pleas-
$12,35 ing books for the homa and firc-
15,25 side, in fact I am aggregating
nuite a nice library of such as.
"How to inov strawberries."
"i'ar' .r ma? i " "Boll weevil,
:. I.o.v to j-.i. ;m him," Gems
if nwih i music," How to
hoM Lusbir.t!." The disposition
of.. .....Ihet-ia law, very F,ad in
slots, and any amount og love
stories, but what I want to ask
is this: C tn you get a good nasi
tion with the government for
a grand-npliew of min on my
gieat, great grandfather's si !e?
He has a wife and numerous
children (I have forgoten the
nuiTibcr of them) and they have
bom living on me now for the
last two ears; he is a very lluent
eater. Mid his entire family has
the same talent, and 1 wish to
Stories of
Great Scouts
St tlmo
special effort to look after their welfare.
.This bank was organizedjwith the idei in i w of 'vorkini- in cr
operation with the FarmerOnd v.vtill hold fast that idea."
Feel free to tnaksycnr Nrts
known' to ns
crnzExs hank, SNcEnVILLK. TENN.
Sneedville, Tennessee
iri! tit is vi!;i.i ' to hand out some
iu-i uncle i'Sition to him o he
; .:::: support 1:.. i.umtrous proge
ny ar. j enab!f me to once more
to have free and untrammcled
access to my own table. He is a
very brainy man, having done
everything in the last two jiurs
frjm public speaking o cutting
hair, but at present, be is atten
ding toabcrse's toilet in a livtry
stable, and hainirg tj play golf
evenings under the tntilage of
Mikt iihann who j.s an export at
the game. He is a ywkl K nman
I nave khii Inm Hit for b ur.s
v.ith K.n in bund droawing Un?
picture of cl'-pli Hits with wings
J'n.gs with Ihti;., mud tjrlb'S
i uiih beautiful piumes on their
heads and many other beautiful
ucimaJs. and write his own bcau
lilul name hcross tl.eir Ltck;
without opening hi.s eyes or Th
inking his iii, which I consider
a wonderful invention of tiie
human bmin, and if our grand
!d government at Wahlnicl n
lis wiling to rector, z such grn-
Introductory sermon by Rev.
C. M. Snodgrass. Response by
P. T. Livesay.
First Topic, What kind of an
organization does a Church need,
discussed by Revs P. T. Livesay ,
.iley Cook. W. L. Norwood ahd
C. M. Snodgrass. Topic passed.
Sermon by Rev. Wiley CoJk.
reading the 17th, verse from the
13th. chapter of Matt Prayer
by Rev. W. L. Norwood, Song:
in the sweet bye ai l bye. Dis
mission for lunch.
Afternoon session Saturday July
29. Song Service by Choir.
Prayer by Rev. Price blessing.
Meeting called to-gather by Mod
erator: ' (Second Topic) When
shall the Christian receive hi re
ward? Revs. C. M. Snodurrass.
I Grant Lawson, Elbert Seal aid
P- T. Livesay. Topic passed,
(Third topic) What is God's plan
for caving the lost? Revs. Wiley
Cook, Baily Johnson, ;V. I..
Norwood. Topic passed, ( Fourth
topic) Why should the preachers
preach morality? Revs. P. T.
Livesay, Wm. Buttry, Price
Blessing and Elbert Seal, topic
Kcport of committee on'relige-
eu3 exercises that Rev. Clinton
Greene, preach the following
Sunday morning. Moved and
scconed that this committee ait
at the next meeting. Also an
l i ... .
. . i. wuer was moveu una passea mac
And you hmkyou arocoming out fl . . ! V
. this report be sent to the Sneed-
II A .... -
Then the factory owner buys it, vine News, to be published not
. . , . i later than one month before the
Spin and weave and dye it b ue, Btt,-,r, P tU . ..
sclteing of the next meeting.
At ton corns a jtound expenses,
1 1 en comci hack the cloth to you, ,u nair . . v, . .
J I tno next session be held it Davis
With a profit of two dollars," I.- with -Rev.- - Davis to
On each manufactured round, ' r, T , . T
Jell us why the cotton factories, inir alternately
Climb by sudden leapsand bounds An order m fof th(j
Rob the infant of his swadling, iiae cf th" m1i"ucts f 1 Situr-
O. ye profiteering swine, noon v 4tc
But your devlish days are num- .
bered ci"Tsiun ui inanxs to com-
. .1 t . . . . . -i , muniiy, lauies, ' cicrxs ana ail
Like that rh'rt sbirt-t-ul of mine . ,,,.,.1 ' t. - .i i i !.
I members for their kindness and
liospitality by Rev. P. T. Livesay
and Grant Lawson.
Division No. 1
Church adjorned.
Rev. ('. M. Snodcrass Chairman
Mulber-y Gap Association met Mr. Burkette Wallen Sec.
at Kyles I or.l, with the Blnck.
water Chuch. July 2. 11)22. ut
cighL Klecled oHiccrs as fob HAVE YLJ. MR. FARMER.
EVory farniAr trill do H to
ftrn hi farm with mora ucc?aifal
farm, to trhcr kla la weak h4
whuthnr It an lo Improved, aaya C II
, U'Miirn Npiinp.r Union.
In tli 1'oriliinJ (On.) city ptirtc
BI.iihIh I lie acoiif t mi Imluiii uhmi.iii.
A lltll; Imliy la HtrH'xt n In r Imrk
end Ikt luiii'l Im ouMrHcliH lo I ho
wM, tow ii r I i lie I'im'Hm- hi mii. Tlti
riiilu la llmt r ?:n'H;iur, "Tlif I'lril
Woinnn," tlii til vii r ill tlrl
aciMit w ixl j.'iilili wlm hi) N'wiit iinrl
Clark M r llu SliliiiM .MniiniaiiiH'' to
ttia 'Kvcrj w Iht Snll Wairr" iowhM
which Iter Iinii'I Hiliifa.
When Lrh atil 'lmk tlxlinl ih
tll.luf-.. f...ll...d 1.. V..ril. II..L..I. ....
llllMlina lllill.il. t.llllH irw.vrill I , . ...
UiHr icn-nt exflorliiR irli wl, ll.ry lowing: Kev. C. M. Snodgrass
f.-uiid M.iii.nif Kin Jimiik wiiii tint j,' hainiun hurkctte Wallen tfec.
flrll. At IIim iit. nf flm hIim linl l.iili I
cnpturi'd frMn in r innpie i.jr a iiiiIji ! The moerjtor ppintril corn
war .rty. WI..-M Him wan f oiiri. -.ii i m ,.iK(vjUS Uxcrci&CS
- i.i . I A lL..J A - .
L.r,4"....ii... ir..., ,... i,,., as fullowM: Revs. P. I. Livesay
front liir rant or in a tain of "li'iiV-
thf-tonr" and married ln-r the si
rnj-i i i.n...i.i.rau huh i, wnr a-i ..(Jjornt l f0.i the nigllt. If not. ran I l.ur ftr rent moro land?
UvripreK-r to Hie Hunan Hht would ... , , . , . A
T " "" ....k-i 'ovaiii b(t,.r than my nHahbora who ban
r.'iiN rnf Ii rlh lo m aii. Imin ! i 1 .. ..
rail! lliiiiiMr, and tdU Hoy 'iimmmi
turot with tit iljnnlN-v. iimiOmt
fhr.nicli all the liaril.Ml wlilili Ihr
rilnn ri afterward ftnlmiil. Hi- tin
t;lraMiii tm Saraca Imrlc i.nr day
whi-ii Ihe (luiii.y 'limlnnri-iig ujis. t
.ne ! tlif Imim! oilllilnliik' HiF
tirtrlnim inf nitiK'ii'a mid rTi
the i:irfy. 1 he I'.ird Woinan at tisr
nj.riiiiC iei lwM li?t tlie liiiMily
Mnum i ml i in-l it-m.
M.H.. il,: ii .iiii- Sa-iiA-itwe.i l-riivt-d
!.er Vf Iti.- to the tpl.trera. I ar the . Utid V lllie JiuttrV. iSfCOnd)
rlw r ti e I..n M i I m.. w I nM A 1,1 I f. i,rri. in.l r. .
ficl l.i-r r.,ft,irti:.:ir. i 1. 1 H-.-jr were; .
I..-1 the ti.H.i.rc .t. l'r'i lie In '!"- ". mm, m-V. wney
iun piri hd ir .ii ni e fi, led jCu-tk and Grant Liwsun. (Tlii-dl
f i.t i-i-v 1- '"-f Rej-dton order of lu.sii)c.s: We
ijili'i h rtl .riel ft In ..ii t .
.. . i.r..:...r. Jo . v. rj..,. d I 'Jr cmniittee r,-Krt as follows:
. i i 1. -g." at X.:)) u I.K:k a. m and
W. M. Rut try. and Price Blessing
e I .""iiini ! . mi III. llllllfTrtl, V. 1
IJl'f I' T IJl.-U!IU I 'lli'wlio.l I lll..l I 1 j
mil'l, I'lliKKill III Uliril.lUU, uniicp
.... - Il,,? Inril.ieti.ry Sermon from JS' lMWa
h.T .-.He and and Hark Mat. 21 21 VCT.-eS. and 1 lS .f
'ui'UaI t 'l.aa fluiliftaail tali. I I.Im m lit. Mail I! . -1 a" . it .1.
K I, 1 1 1.1 "- 11 not. will It not rJ
ev. Itaily Johnson oK-ned the n. ,0 lnrrrn ,hpmT w
('fLiriL' I'V reiflinf frmn I lie 't 111 r mv n. At i..t k.l
l-sanw, following with prayer by Ur ,h,n m n''h? if not. hA
i .. i t 1 : tti . . I nrnrh am I lo.lnit on them per yaaxl
Kev. I. T. Llves:iy. Modcratot ..... t . , J
I . I""!" I B-lltl V VI W . Vr
caueti tne nmi.so to oruer inrsll better onea?
!r.t. .'.r n ad and ui'Drovd the previous to Am I Kittnc at lean 20 of mt
I I wAa (fatal iKa aaU m m W a.mI
rfll.nl I.ni! Iitif.. t.f i-l .mm.H.. .r.K- -
v if n, could I make tnoro nionay fcy
on jnriaiime as loilows: Kev. mlaln rah rropa?
Clinton Gieene, Raiiy J ihnson
(5) Am I goninjr at leaat 2 '!
mj money from animal product?
t ft- ' ! l-'r a.eln
He wi.t !n.-n i.,...!.y .1.-: i rM .(fUr ,.oSjvna Kxeicisos. we
atid wu 1 have ''en tl"tn t. k. had . ... . ,
n, ,j. ..ir,, .v..... i-ir-ed H e 1.1.4 l"r' 10 tk.? up topics in regular
t oriaiii !'" rder a'lowing firta tjN'akt r fif-
st.a iii.. ni -mmi ten iniuucts and all others ten
Jr. on i..:r n;n. ,in.J Me r.UM.etS. P. , aching at 11 A. M.
t.,f.ii with her je-n 'e. tie m uftt r uliirh v e adjoui n one hour
i . ih . ai l th.r.! at e Mr i the ,,r n.jit. j,r,,enLi. Il gin at one
na n-Jer if It la 'e !.-l n the . .
wind i:u,r re.r.M.-r. w, f' r anooti sc.v-.on:
Ainl !. I: :.lii--t a hundred ..t I. i. t jit-Jay, Price UlcSS-
f are.
g. Wit.. I: ittr.
Ptrtintnt Queatlona Aakad Farm
By SUta Llveatoch Spaclallat.
Tha dairyman kapa row to c6a
tort tha rhean roifRhatTj of hi farm
Into milk and butter to aell. and lata
manor to kep tip tha fortuity of kit
Tha bofmaa keepa cowa to roar art
tho rhaap roaghaxa of bit fun lain
ealT. to a;U anil into naanro to kf
op the fortnity of bla land.
Tha dairyman ibouVd keep co.
aarh aa Ho!talna. Jeraeyt. ote, tkai
nro efflrloat frotlaror of ialrj
The beefman ahoolJ hoop cowa, ntk
aa horthorna, ITareforia, A&raa, wto.
(hat produco food rail

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