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: No 1276
QflRce Clerk and Master Chancery Court
HancocK County. Tennessee the 4th
day of August, 1922
Citizens Bank,
. V8.
T. J, & C. C. CantweH,
It appearing from affidavit filed, ip.
this cause that the defendants, T. J
Cintwell and C. C. Cantwel!, are justly
y-.delted to the Citizens Bank of Sneed-
ville, the complainant, and that they
are nonresinents of the State of Tenn
essee; and it further appearing that an
Attachment has been issued ir this case
and has bee.i returned levied upon the
following property, viz.
A tract of land lying in the First
Civil District of Hancock County,
Tennessee, and known as the Jordan
borne place, being the lur.d on which
the late 1 hen-as and James Jordan
lived and conveyed by J. A Mayes to
T. J. Cantell, adjoining the lands of
W. S. Allen, Henry Holt, and others
lying on the Sot'th'side of Copper ridije
in mountain alley"on the North side
of Clinch mountain.. It b therefore
ordered that said Defendants enter
their appearance herein before or with'
in t he first three days of the next term
Kit said Court, to be held on the 4th,
Monday in Oct., next 1922, and plead,
answer, or demur t Complainant's
bill,, or the same will be taken for con
fessed as to them ur.d sit for bearing
cxparte, and that a copy of this order
te published for four consecutive weeks
in the Sneidvillc News a newspaper
published in Si ecdville, for Hancock
County Tennessee.
L. C. JarvisC& M.
r'AltM and mill for sale.
TbelW. G. Sea! oM home place
. fcca3 miles Eas t of Sneed ville,
1-2 mi. church and school, on
public road and Rural Route.
Good outbuildings with new
barn. .Plenty of fruit This
farm is good grazing and farm
ing land.
If interested call or write,
J. VV, Leamon
Lee Valley, Tenn. 4w 8 1-22
Mrs. Eliza Lawson who hss
been very pick for several months
died at lev heme at Treadway
last Thursday Aug. 21it,
Mrs. Maggie Phillips a respecta
ble colored woman of Treadway
died Sunday Sept. 3, and will be
buried Monday.
Mrs. Cordie M. Lawson and
children George and Everett was
visiting Mrs. Lawson s father
Geo. A. Williams Saturday night
and Sunday. t
- Mr. Willie Lawson and familv
of Luther, was visiting at the
heme of Henley Drinnon at
Treadway, Saturday night and
Mr. Lewis E. Drinnon, Trustee
elect, passed through our burg
Sunday and will go to Sneedville
Monday to take over the office
of Trustee of Hancock county.
Tne preacher's school at Cool
Branch which has been in pre-
m 11 11
gress lor several aays, ciosea
out iriday and the preachers
went home Sat much good is
thought to have been done by
the school.
W. A. Yount and A. W. Yount
passed through our burg Friday
night about nine o'clock on their
way to Rogersviile, they were
aughing till you could have
leard them over into North Car
. Leonard Cejfp passed through
our town Saturday with .a line
oad of nice watermelons Felling
;herr. to the people along the road.
Why don't the subscribers of
he News write to the paper and
give the rews from all .sections
of the country? That is what
makes a county papr interesting,
we would like to hear from all
over the county, X. Y. Z.
$1. be I a 52 Tium
l)r. K. .J. McDANIKL
Office in Claiborne iViunty Dan Bid
Attorney At-Law
Practice in Justice anc
County Court.
Sneedville Tenn. Route 3
i will give you the news from
this place, the health of this
section is not very good, somo
some scickness here, Mr. Watt
enbarger started this morning
to the hospital with his wife for
an operation lor appendicitis, we
hope for her a successful opera
tion and an early recovery.
Rev. Gilespy has returned
home with hij wife from Green
ville, she having gone through
an operation, she seems to be
getting alorg fine.
Tl;cre was quite a large croud
at Hob JtpTers Sunday and en
joyed eating watermelons, I must
have eaten twenty pound myself
and they tasted good when I
Miss Johnie Wattenbargcr
caught a fellow Sunday but it
was a light job as he was pulled
green and could not get out of
the way.
The young folks has every
thing to c hatle them to enjoy
life In this country, they have
'good r.xrd.?, pnd god farming
land?, and level, crops are cut
He will ride around a week look
ing for a $2 pig, he will sprain
his back lifting something to
show how stout he is.
He will pay $3 for a new bridle
and let a calf chew it up .before
Sunday, and he . has a lifelong
ambition to wear a dirty shirt
He will get all his neighbors to
help him get his cow out of a bog
and then let her starve to death
Stock will get in and destroy
his crop at a place in his fence he
has rut off fixing for six months.
He will complain of hard times
and tear his pants climbing the
fence where a gate ought to be.
He will get up before day and
wake up the whole neighborhood
and then sit around till sun-UD
before he goes to work, and then
grumble at the weather and go
out and mash his thumb nailing
a board on the fence. He will
talk all day Sunday about what
he knows about farming and ride
around all over th neighborhood
Monday locking for seed potatoes
he will go to town Saturday and
come back with fifty cents worth
cf coffee, a papr of pins, and a
dollar's worth of chewing tobac
co. He will go in his shirt sleeves
all day to show how much cold
he can stand, then go home at
night and occupy two thirds of
the fire place till bed time.
He is economical; economy is his
whole theme he will give his lit
tle boy a dime to go to bed with
out his supper and make him'
pay a dime for his Ksiif fce 1
wiU use a wart v ru ' '
a collar button tr.-
be will work all day without' his
dinner eat enough supper to make
him sick, he will save trn cents
worth of axle gresse and ruin
the spirdle of a hundred dollar
wagon. He won't subscribe for a
paper, but will borrow cno from
hia friend mid forget to bring it
back, he won't look at his shadow
for fear that it will ask him for
a chew of tobacco.
Dear Editor:
If you will be so
kind as to give me a iittlecf your
space, I will give you a few items
from this place.
George Greene was a visitor at
the home of N. L Wolfe Tuesday.
N, L Wolfe and his father Mr.'
John Wolle who is visiting him,
this summer, arc spending most
of their time ground-hog hunting
We hope tho ground-hogs will
soon get fat I think they are
tired cooking bones.
Friends of David rtobertson will
be glad to know he is sble to be
out again after having the mis
fortune of loosing his light arm-
Mrs. Gordon Range was the
the guest of her aunt Mrs. N. L.
Wolfe Wednesday.
i Mr. and Mrs. Andy Wilder an
nounces the birth of a daughter
on August 22nd. 1922, which will
bear the name of Katie Blanch.
Marshal Hoover and Lester
Wolfe were busines visitors in
Morristown Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Noe and
children were week end guests
of Mrs. N. L. Wolf..' at her home
at tho Two Oaks farm on the
Bright Pike.
I Mrs Arthur Riggs is at home
again after several days absenco
on account of illness.
Miss. Saliie Hurley tho primary
ttneher at the Marguerite school
'VMr. -aiid MrsRVK-
nwii anJHttrac-
When I wiy within my nsd.'e, X was
very small and weak,
With no pretty laly color in my little
jui Hi J check
But I t linnet d to be her first born, and
my mother thought that she
Could accomplish the near hopeless tabk
the make sjman of me.
i .
i ku(imhv no sicker iniaui ever M a
cradle lay.
1 was not like other liable.-', and was
no (rood anyway.
I had little chance of living,, for all
Bi yone could nee,
But my mother , wax determined she
would mnke a man of me.
Through the many sleepless watches, til
found out how to talk,
Throujrh the years of hoKlesri waiting,
'til at three I learned to walk,
Through the weary, weary trouble when
they all despaired but she,
Yet my mother still insist! she would
muke a man of me.
When lay, at nge of seven, all the
summer very low,
Doctors camo to tell what ailed tne and
the doctors didn't know.
Cut that I could not recover, they could
all of them agree.
Yet my mother still terited she could
make a nmn of me. ,
All my mother's fuithful wutchings at
toy liedili now are o're,
shall ft II the lovinit touches, of her
gfiilio liaiid no more.
Still 1 fell tincercly thankful that my
mother lived to see.
That by grim determination she had
made a man of me.
Hut my mother hriHii't left me and I
think nho never will.
She is looking down from heaven and
is watching o'er me still,
And I think now as ever, her most
earneHt hoo will be,
Thut in pi inciples and morals she has
made a man of nu.
Dear Editor:-
As I havent teen anything
ron this place thought I would
drop in a few dots and dashes.
The health of this eoramunitf
iavsry good at present except
John Vaughn who his typhoid
We had a fine assocation at
our place; elected Rev. G. W.
Trent as moderator and Robt.
Seal as Clerk. Had a large cro
wd, very good behnvior, and
plenty of good things to eat.
Also had one wedding Mr. Luther
Trent and Miss Minnie Livesay
were married. Rev Bailey John
son officiaing.
Rev. G. W. Trent filled rug
regular appointment at Pleasant
Hill Sat. and Sun.
Mrs. G. W. Trent iu visiting
her daughter Mrs. Cornie Antrt.
can at this writing.
Miss Annie Hileman left Sun
day for Illinois on a visit to her
grandmother. Hurry back Hn-
niewe will be lonesome with out
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clark
Lovln. a girl.
Will ring off and if this appear
print will come again.
Cross Eyed Jane.
rwro-Tr -Vmhool'
A., . ,
Ten years ago a large number
of our public schools were taught
by poorly educated ineflicinet
teachers, but today we have u
splendcd lot of we.l educated and
efficient teachers.
Why this great change in so
short a spree of time? The an
swer is, our County High school.
Our boys and girls are graduat
ing from this tchool in large
numbers, and most of them are
choosing the profession of teach
ing. Each year a terge number
of these graduates and ethers
attend the E. T. State Normal,
L. M. University, Carson New
man and other colleges. We le-
lieve our teachers compare la.- j
vorably with the teachers of
other counties.
The State Suierir.ter.dtiit of
of nublic instructions have been
uu.ut h:Jion lhcU,UnJ on ac-1 KraJualIy ring the-qur.lifica-
s, ... .re gu4ts Thursday
of Mr,ahd Mr. Gordon Iiinge.
Liberty View firm.
Clayton Hoover- f Dayton. Tenn
was recently the ;ruest of Mr.
and Mr.-?. Marshal Hoover, Bright
Mrs. N. I Wolfe visited Mrs.
Jim Crosby Sunday evening.
Miss Ann;; Miller was a visitor
at Two Oaks farm this vy-ek.
Jim Johnson the hustling pro
duce man stopped on hi- way to
Clinch, and hud a conversation
with the ground-hog hunters,
suppose he wa3 making arrange
ments to take all th?y had on
hands as he comes back.
The piece of p?try in last weeks
paper "jvas line, it nan ion oi
truth in it, Mr. t;o' m writer, step
out and let yourse'f he known.
..... ti t
we wou d IK t hiiuKe nanua
with you.
Lon Odom cf K no:; vile stopped
ever night recently with his cous
in James Iiwson v.tiile n hi
way to Luthor for :. vitit with
If we cscaic the viable l.usket
we may c jmagu'ii
Two Chum
m4 illn.vsa oti you
If a woman can deceive anoth
er woman, she can succeed at
if it wasn t for Hie women
folks in his family, a man would
never remember that he eas an
cestors. Whenever a woman asks one
aver, i h expecLs to receive two,
and is disappointed if ho don't
get them.
A manV motht r sees his good
qualities, his sister recognizes
his defeat, hut it taken his wife
to appreciate his faults.
You will very often see a
mother living on the bounty of
a provident son, who will men
tion no one in her prayers but
the prodigal son who deserted
On Tuesday night Aug. 31st,
f ur of the six prisoners confined
in the Sneedville jail made their
escaH by sawing the chains into
which locked the cage in which
they were confined, they wei t
up through a hole in tho garret
lofi and picked the brick out at
the top of (ho wdl of the outside
Practice la AD TW CourU Cf
State A4 lac Federal CearL
CaHectioos A Specialty
count of dixutli. they raise lots)
i of wheat and toLacco in this
.country, the little town oi Bail-
eyton has a r.ino month school
every year and is a thriving little
place. I liko thh country fine
a;-d the peoile &!so.
1 meet lots of Virginia people
htre bu no Hancock people, I
wish every body would write to
the News and get up an interest
in the rajer and the readers. If
this dm't fall by the wavside
and I see i.i print I wi.l come
again. Tuppy Dyg.
lins of tfaclieri until the illiter
ate are being weeded out. To
these we would sav, "Go t
school." OurCountv high schtoi;.
is open to them ana needs them. u-.i
No person who fails to ass the j " r 1
required examination should lj y
permitted to teach. Our pre.icnt
btate supeiintemJent has said t
tliat no tcmjiorary certificate will j i i:
s-r 4xjuvj, xt lUitttlVII A VA UUI I
teachers don't need them. 1 f" '' '":
:r ii.. i
l I : r .t
tan fal f -Ut 1 1
... i T-...
and Io"k the ch.'iius ulf the Im1
HOCD, S.'iLEi" AND CATTLE ;ar.d the In-d-cl-.t lies and lowered
tl.enihelvet; to the ground and
Here Are Po.r M Met 1.-k4 About CM aj-sl all J K far h.lVe not lievn
j;qiprehrndil. Fwo of them,
llili Kuiil.r cluirged with murder
iai.d 1'iurley Mulhns ro.ivicted at
;the i.tst term of Circuit court ami
! given thirtv dollars finj for pub-
Livistick in H.e Icr.. e t'am
1. -r
ti Mil
I'.ri .
' i-k.
i ri i
i '
ill.'l uu-
ut Lbe
?OLEa' hiDNEY HLti
aa&aACHk aidNtiS uj E4; -i
i l
,. ll.. ii-
I JlKli,
K 111 ii'
- I-
: j.
r i. .
. .t tit hj u.
. . ur- ml.:
. u" f ;
. ... t.il-
. , i ...
i .
. ; r.. .'i' .'.ii.
lic lirunkeimess. refused t leave
while John Burton, covicted for
Miiing iiqiar and given ninty
da; sin jail. IywisOlell cjnvic
led of m lung li'iuor and given
four morsihr-, I'arkey Mc.Millen
ronvictel f As.tult and battery
i-.ur rnvnths, and Monroe Burton
t !.:. ,- I wi;r. inurder and who
.. al-to cu ic!ei of .-el.ing hquor
nude k1 ;iir t?jae. The
Slirili was iat at Itome ttiat
ii:g.:t and iiM.!,e in charge exce
pt theShenlf's wife and children.
Ua hancock Csunty hl. bcl-U
mtt Monday evening of this
week for tee purpose of reorgan
izing the Parent's teachers asso
ciation, a number of enthusiastic
patrons were present We havt
never seen a more loyal school
spirit than chat shown by the
organization. A oumber of splen
did and worthwhile talks word
made by the members of ths
Wo feel that we are continu
ing a very splendid work for
both the community and the
school. Wo have our meetings
every two weeks, the entire com
munity is cordually invited to
attend the meetings and help
discuss the (Moblcms of the
school and the problems of the
community. We electee officers
of the organization, whom wa
will serve the association well.
Mrs. Martha Greene President
Mrs. Minnie Bcckler Secretary
and treasurer.
Tha school work ii progress
ing nicely, with interest and en
thusiasm shown by the cntirt
school. The work done is of a
splendcd quality Tho students
are industertous in their school
work. Thep have the idea that
acheevementcan be imde only
by hard work. Any n .-weudents
are cordually invited to join us
we are here to serve you.
The Faculty.
Any one wanting t buy a
genuine Buena VeU Saddle,
size, lfi. 17, or IS. in. tree, seat
cut solid, 1 1-2 inch siirrup leath
er. 1 1-2 inch girt straps 4 inch
es long, 1G ct rd girt, heavy black
strsps. sen t in yo'jr order every
saddle warranted or yur money
Lack. I can till yojr ord?M anj
make you lYs raddle in ten day
Let me hear fror.i you.
F. M. Breeding.
Hoop, Tenn. or E.viru. V
- At

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