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VOL. 1.
E, FHIDAV, SEPT. 22, v.ri
NO. 57.
FAKM and mill for sale.
The W. a Seal old home place
located 6-miles East f Sneedville,
1-2 mi. church and school, en
public road and Rural Route.
. .Good . out-buildings with new
barn. . Plenty of fruit This
farm is good grazing and farm
ing laiid.
' If interested calf or write.
J. W, Leamon
Lee Val!eyf Tenn. 4w 8-4-22
FOR SALE -A 50 acre farm, in'
eluding 5-room house and first
cJase.jfarm equipment; two miles
of Morrjstown. Nearly all level
and watered by ponds. Good
bam. Further information
Cope Bros, Grocery Co. old phone
67a new phono 9a . VY. . 'Cope
At Vardy. Tenn.. Saturday
Sept. 23. ' - .
29 tiead of cattle, 4 mules,
1 mart 1 1 nm tri nnrl
JOHN LIVESAY, ATTORNEY Hayin Barn. Terms: Cash
05, 12 months time with
ved notes.
' Robt Bales, Admr.
Collins estate.
N. T.
Gosh it's awful funny, how these "dry
diciplea" do
Those folks who chase John Barleycorn,
and capture "mountain dew."
They, 11 drink the stuff for forty years -
abeorb it like a clout.
And then beg for a raiders job, and try
.. to wipe it out.
Dr. E.-.,l. McDANIKLHlKiJ
Office i Claiborne County Bank Bldg
And swear byStonewal Jlackson.s god,
To Federal court she'll r
They, 11 starch the cars along the road,
where aJI their ktnfolks know.
Thomnelves wer haulirg loads of booze,
juttt one short year ago
that are stealing the
off of the nursing: b
mouths of little babes ;
ving them of the necc
ishment for their C'
for iear of disgrur
roan of wealth, some I
fluenceand power i
munity, it just natur
the poor man fee! Iik(
shirt tail full of bombf ,
ing a. mules .hind-le.
thrashing the" ever!
sausage out of Congrt
of setting around and
La nankercbiei lull of bl
over the deplorable I
whjch is settling over
Egypt's night upon the'l
I would rather be a pc
a man without Influence
world and honor the Ci
which our forefathers bV
died, reverenc the right:
wrested from King Gc
the battle field of YoK
than be a thousand pL
blubbering politicians In t
Congress quibbling over,
peaca conference,, th-'
bonus, ship subsidy.'' (tad -
and other things, when i
to be giving his timef ar.
to things that, will -br.
people and bring relief
It's no wonder the
has lost confidence in
wh;n the wolfe of want L.
ies or
:t scoots
In accordance with the termi
of Chapter 38. of the Acts "of tha
General Assembly of the -State
trn Newspaper Union.
' A. chip" jim wanted than any other single cause, Vic-
rp niirrii r mi i
. known
ST. LOUIS. Sept. U-Prohi-
bitjonandthe income tax laws Ll.?"
are doing more to make criminals ISSvZ
thin nnv AtSar ciniv ansniio I . . .
m; ' " r,.-' nav .gainst, the estate
iuiwii, ifuiivo wiiiiijiaoiuiicr i m - u m n it- .
.viuu. a. hisname, but larinfaAunumMM,.J"4 oan i. wMuns, deceased.
"'r -. Mr:" r:rrr!1Ia "sldent of. Hancock
-Tune hlrl. I., rnrrll . hi. laofJ MMfl k . U t I V"U"1 ' ' dfB lltUY
rnd beeu a LojIkI frleud of Huf- ;m mn u,, av:otnA f "O1 that On the 4th. day of
flllL and when Oixlv became n "rT ! Cpntpmhor T oc ar;f
- I I I 1- I 1 i r" m. V II II m T mo
Ariminiafrnfrir rtf fho osfata
I'.ir ruux l .... !,. I . TIL . J1 . ... t m .. I - -l Vi
o purs faithful followerhalf. ,- . . " uic itaiu nuan x. W)mns aeceasea
..... .1 Mltr Iqu an- t,f f mfa rM-ka sAla .
--ivnnt nnir- nnrtner- n conled r"' V4W4l ut ru,,a DV the (Jountv Ctiiirt of HsnnrvV
-'-' uu uui'auw um tiivvtuc haJV laws, wail L I 'nnntn All Li.-! ,
.Ue wa lie unlL.,1 n lui- hn. h.i- u. A. . Ai . ... w. uavinE
- iiiii prpu t in r i a-s m innarTYrtAii m
iouk m imitation of Cody... He V. v claims oi any character against
as alway ut the fMmoim arouf. aide. unu jnorant a aisrcspeci Uha flstatfl r.f tn oi1 McuK T
rt took niorf nirc of Ruffaio mil s for the law and that is the besrin- riUn. ...u w-j
" " " f nine of criminal. " h declared, not ore hereby JSET Esta
. r two stones f b.iw he K.t his, name Mr. MUitr said the only way them with the Clerk of tha
re umi. iue is tins: Uvneral Shar- nrnVi k t nn ah .I K
j ...... I wu.vi w
. m i. iit.il aiii.t-.i nt run Biiace. i
Kerf., und wus eeeklni; Itiiffulo Kill, to
enforced County coart of Harcock County
' ' I njnfl f A r.imiall f Via Vii i im. no ... AH j In .M. Mitk tL. A. M
Attorney At-Law
Practice in
Countv Court.
Sn eedvi lie Tenn. Route 3.
When dogs are free from pesky fleaa J approaching nearer his, di- and
and buzzards dine on hay. I him nowerloss to check? htm.
And skunks endorse the Turkish bath, when those in high placet are
..u yreacntrs ant leas pay; netnF Ma t.o- tr krrinH.
aa evavaaif snw iivuv w jaaav etMav
stone harder and harder ar the
we ll give the Volstead act a boost.
u imiTaio hunt, white as the ocllcr of whiskej.
told the Ki'iicral that
jfu(U I) 1 111 on
' appi-unil niul
Coily wus n way.
"Hut wlii-ii ..Mr. Cody Is awny, I'm
Buffalo lilll." declared White.
"The li I you areP said "Utile
Phil" wlili nmtcnipt. "Hiiffiilii chips,
you ini'iiii!" And the Ren. rul Mumped
awny mindly,
' According to the irther version of
j while fiiriHicninit. one niyiit nt Fort According to a report published
uiramie ... c.iu.ne., ti.e riBi,t to be in the Knoxville Sentinel . dated
known l).v some oiher nimie Hutu shn- 0 . 4 . fl n i . . .
pie Jim wi.iie. Koni.-ihim: deacrintive fcePt- I.. after an all day trial
"of his clow frien.iNhip for nuiTaio inn. Tuesday before Magistrate Haws
"All rlitht." km Id Major Morton of nani'etrl Kv Mairiotra. V II IIn
nil..,,, ,. "rf U. U, -
uiniiii, nrii vuil JOU
said Act.
And all persons owing said
tate will please enme forward
and make settlement of your in
debtedness, v , . '
This 4th, 4ay of Sept .1922. '
Robt Bales.
the Ninth
UulTnlo ChliiM't" rw, wnicer . m. ix'cuy wua I
white was with the Fifth cnvairy bour.dover to court in $2,000 bond NOTICE -On Sunday after tha
wnen ii aiiacaea uni'i
Horse's camp at Slim nuttea,
In the autumn of 1870. After
feat of the Indiana, the soldiers
hunting down little 'piirtlcs 0f
Kl.1jl.ktt It. .IkU mtl.lli.iM Mat. I .
..it.;., in ..t Kui. iivs miu inviiii'. ... . l . ..... .
nwr the ouge or a cliff. lie had I " J ou',lJ,-,-w vi irans- -""-" irej vwn,
... a . i . t m ... . . f A ! I. ! I . . .....!
raineii iiminfii 10 ma icci ami was iuriinj( wins Key to ine City in-
American and officer II. II. Hampton was second Saturday in October Bro
(r'the ii: ac('uitted- ther giant Allen's funeral will
heirs The officers were charged by he preached at Union Church in
SloUI fh Rtflffl With .-liaairinr tatn ,n,itUm HnnrivlLf Pilllllfv liV Rauf ' flrjnf .
jrulchi'B and rav nea . .. . .....! . "
No wonder the poor man thinks tone.
the world is going to th dogs, pepU? between the mUl stones
when cne ftalf of the aouearant ine Pr man "uat fxrn
I. . .. . . I t A I t -1 .1 -'-.
It is a wonder the Almighty does Almighty with one fell sweep I
'4m i . . .. . ...
against Jupiter and leave a hole and leave " mora lone,y th
last oi the Mohiccans. barely
if George Washington and
est just because it is the policy
for them to be so, only a fool
will ri.sk the cenitentiary to gain
- i
has I wealth, it I? th smart rascal who
aw .nupu I I .... '
Practice Ib All The Courts Of Tfc not bumn the whole shebaniy would depopulate the old tarth
State AbJ Ihe Fee'eral Court
CellccboM A Specialty lIn space.
We have calf lots foil of men Jeffer8Qn Jook
every community who are hon- .. nn tll- AornfMMf
akrBr vii aw V f Vt UIV1I V IIV
planted a century and a half
ago and see Ihe deplorable state
in which it has fallen they would
turn oxer in their graves.
Most of the evils of our gov
in tha face while tearing a yard en:mcnt could be remedied by
of calico and swear he is selling the ballot, if we would vote our
it to you for less than it cost him. sentiment, instead of voting our
and the man that will sell you a prejudges, the evil in most in
five gallion a day Jersey cow stances would vanish, but instead
that won't rive a Dint of milk a vnr our sentiment, we con
day. the man who will hire a to vote our perjudices and
poor man to work for him and send men to our Congress who
swear bv the eternal that he can nave no other motive m view
not afford to d5v him more than tnn to stand in high places and
50 or 75 cenfj a dav for his work. let the people be damd. The
and sell him corn at $1.50 cents P001 man ouaht to have a living
a bushel that will dance with the wage tor his work, he is human.
devii like a iicn on a red hot ths farmer, merchant and other
stove. It s the sanctified old cuss dealers ought to have value re
that will go to church and get in ceived for his wares, ami this all
the amen coiner and shed croco- could be done by necessary leg
dilc tear-: bigger than walnut?, islation.
Justice ai Th.L-.?rr4 .,opPy hogaught too. .. . W KHVuA.Z Sa truck, on the night of Aug. 29.
If (t,s m ,F r-- In the air. elut. hed Bna 1,r,nK nUHlDer Ot BhOtS at
.vwtVM. ;'ttsinfl with, the uiem.nu wniaKcy was jouna in
SHOOKUM OM, C0HGRE88. rn, SlreanoTe to'the'STd irlJ 0 trUck when 11 waa PPt.
keeps on .pinching the lown.i be-alone -l't ihromth the ,Mf.
The Midway fchool is progns-
ing niceiy. we have a large ntten
dence of girls and boys who are
doing good work, we would be
glad to receive a number of other
students, and hope others will
mt our 8cho.il and sec hoiv they
liko it.
We have an interesting Lasket
ball ground started, we know of
no other in the county, but would
be glad the other high schools
get games started ho we could
have Home team to play with in
our own county.
We have an interesting literary
society which moots rridiiy even
ing of each week, the people of
the community tike a great hand
in this.
Wc wil lie glad to have j ou
visit our school at any time.'
Ihe singing school which
been in progress at this place pays the devil with everything,
clesed Sunday. it i3 the man who will turn reel
Wedding bells are ringing heae,
married on last Sunday, Sherman
Parson and Glosiie Carrol, and
Champ Denam and Cornie Coins,
J., A. Louthcn J. P. officiated.
Mrs. H, S. Bryant who has been
real sick is improving at present.
k Miss Nola Leedy visited Mt
and Mrs. B. J. Ramsey Sunday.
We are glad to hear of the
splendid work that Mr. Herman
Ii. Louthen is doing in the Han
cock county High school
NextSatuidiy and Sunday is
Rev. Clinton Greene's regular
meeting time at this place.
The school at Mulberry Gap will
cpen Monday, Sept. 18.
Mr. Tyler C. Parkey attended
singing here Sundry.
Mr. Claud Parkey called on his
best girl Sunday.
Mr. Frank Hopkins of Lincoln
Memorial University is spending
a few davs with home-folks.
Mr. GlinP'rinnon entered school
at Lincoln Memorial University.
About the'only difference in
some men and the monkey is;
the monkey has the most sense.
and go home and turn a poor lit
tle ragged child from his door
without food t.nd ecorn him like
old Dives did when he lean 3d
ltlr.Lr in Tkta t ..m Mlinia
fawn, in Ilio mill (.IMII lull Ul I
walnuts and wine, dress id in :
purple robes and refused to give
poor Lazarus the crumbs that
fell from his table that will be
longing for a tub of ice water to
poke his tail in when he throws
up the sponge aad gjes on down
And when our politicians go to
Congress and build waves of
prosperity out of wind, preachers
beat the BibU , preach prosperity
and never oten their mouths
against the deplorable conditions
Are ftu a Wcusnf
a ui
fij3 Wamaa?3 Torno 5
f 53 m am csrs
fiovn .ibe-alope. sliot ihrmiKh the
heart. ,
. "A s:niplcr-inlii(lel, gentler fron-
tlerNi.tiiii never lived, lie whs mod
enty nrul ciMirteny Itself, and ho luid
'three iiiiiimiiiI trulls for men nf IiIm
; cluss lie never drank ; I never lienrd
him t-ucnr, und no mnii ever t heard
hlin lie. urlfeo Oen. Chnrlea Kliif.
who knew him well and uhw saw him
die thnt cold September morning:
811m r.uttea.
The Parent Teacher Assoeia
tion m?jt i.icnd.n evening of
this week, and di.ucus.'cd a num
ber of problems of the school.
Certiin cornmittes were appoin
ted for improvement of the1 or
goninization and for the general
improvement of IhT? Khcel. We
fpel that tin-He cotmnittev'S will
be very active and accomplish
much for the community. We
know that we have a number oi
patrons who are extremely in
terested in bchool work, thii is
an inspiration to the teachers.
We hoje to see you attend the.
meetings every two weeks, you
are cordually invited to attend
e;.ch menting.
We fed that the school work
is going nicely. The examinations j
of last week has shown u.: that'
theetudents have accomplished
quite a It the: first noiitu, we:
expect mjre and butter work
each month to come. Willi the ,
experience of the previous niun- j
ths the students will to ;Jm to
accomplish more. Tu sclia.I i
roll is increasing from tnn to1
time. Any new Mudents are,
corduallv invitd to join uh at,
any tinu. We wcKvm- yu into
our midst, and wi'I serve v.u in
any way josibIe. Our J;rsare
open any tim t isit n.;.
Stories of
Great Scouts r.
- -utui ao, . j
1 V-
LSeiytor L C. Jarvi? of Sne-d- j
WV is visiting hisdauh -r Mis. j
J-s. A. Teslennanat M'-orifbfrjr j
this week.
Wo Ikmmi pirden le tinifitiililp, for
I'll' ll'M'tlll. Iw I ! I: MUf. Il.e .t
in i-li .i.t.li lluil titli.-rwiw umiIi li
h -ii It In n Im-:iJ i tt Tul e D im-. It
i-i:.um ri-ll-il ..ul I.M.r -MTi i-...
I ; ..nnli- iiili lluii n fi.-s-i
l-i ::-.- f.olii ' i.lttf uihI l.'-'ler ll..iu
Hi l .i ... Ii.ii In , iicmKi-I.
i Ii,. l.-.r.i ' iiil'Nn f'. n.. , lire si
w -i .. - v iiJiilile, to . I n NttluHil tn
tn.i' i-nli-iMf. 1 liil. f..; , lln- are l.Uf
I; I. I i;' i in. .n- fri-i ly limn If a lr.
I imirki-t or - ! a I. l.-ti... -ji!
v. . ii d -i.-..-ry.
1 Mni-- t till rw-.il cr mrili-iif. r
I'. V. i.'lll till' t..";,. ilt.l.-ll lllllfi'l. J
tr.-ii Im ik-iii Dm. Im.j- r jirl v. In, ta
jlrii r. l-nrt It -iiIHiIiik a tftit
Cr-.-n, who N t-li;irir-H with hoiih af
til- ll-l'll.::i!lilll- ill:. I f .tit la. M.V0
"Wi- of the trol)i-i:i of rultlvatlen,
S'-'ivir.-w In tin- rHi- a xj.ini of
ai lf n-llanrr. a knack of mnkinx tha
n.i-ri at hund aorre the end denlrwl,
Uat will lx" valusMe throucliont tbe
nt of Hint Imij'h life In anj- kind of
KTTirc that may Im mjulnsL Thua
j the home garden la a tmlnlnc arhtiol
In iH-monal J716eijtr.
O. WHUrs Nappr Unlofe.
Am ok Clmpmnn waa a scout for
Oen. Nelson A. Miles In the war wltk)
the iMiuUierti plnlna trlhea In 1874,
One day, with Hilly Dixon ("Hssta-
Iahii; I lair) snd four soldiers he was
mrrylnit dlxpatrhes from Ml lea camp
on McClfllniid creek In Teaaa to Cam
Hui'l'ly. Indian Territory, when they
were surrounded by a war art at
iJ.'i Couimanrhes and Klowas.
At the tint Ore from the Indiana Pri-
ste Hinlth fell from his home, nit .
riiinimtilotiK, helletlnc hint dead, dis
mounted. ahnndiHied their horse, ant
ran to a buITiilo wallow, a di-preiuiloa
In the ground a hoot 100 yards away. '
The two Kiiuts workml swiftly with
llii-lr knlvcK deepeiilnx the wallow
while Ihe three soldiers keit up a hat
lire iitfiiliit the Mvattea, who were rid
Int; at full Keed la fat-uarrowlnf
circle around them.
Siiddi-nly (h8Miiiin notlwl Private
Smith tryliiK to Hue. "Hoys, keep .
Ihee Infi-nml rednklna off ine and I'U
run hack aud get hinlth." he siild'te
hid ciMiiiiaiiliiiiM. uid down Ida
rifle, niimiic fmrn the wallow, and un
der a hall of Indian bullet fyn t
a here hinlth lay. llirowlni; hl:ax.'lt
Im-kIiIi. i In- Mniimled man. the scout
tilled Smith on hli hack and roaeC
As he utaitKered hack toward the wal
low, 15 Indlnua rode fur hi u at fuB
lloii and hl roiiirad- up -m-d tia
with a nVmr Are to pnitii t e'hap
iniiii In hli lati for safety. U hea itm
wn only Jii yards from the wallow aa
Ind'nn roi!a alma! on oi of him and
fired. 11 H- fnui fell, hut lnce he
did nt feel any i nin. lie lM-llevH he)
hnd only Ii-ik-i Into a hole.
"Winn... . you are had'y Imrt r ex-rlalim-d
liou s Cltapmaii drotiv4
l-'ii- InlU.
".Vi, I am ho. ih-clnretl the mint
IH.li nt jiir U-f." rrpiu-il "ll-nta."
and n t1,.i)iiii,ii Mi.e lir saw
thni i no- h'x a- fH't ift Ju4 alur
Mh- imklr. lr 1m. I U-n walking hb
llw iNitM- riid ilrmrij'iif the fooe r
hind him. I-'H in thi. -xr1icmi-nt of ih
iiioti i-nt lie tii know It. Ill
f rli ii-! nin-jt:,tn ili fiii. Iimind ua
the . mK eM .i't uzu'.i.ni tlie as
sault of ehe IihIImi- until thry wrre
ri-M-ued hy a eoii:-.,ur of iHililiera,
Their hrate defeni. vmi p-ial imi
tlon in ei' iirral lii l i. he. and
ehnitujo w.i ti.-n a iiH-l:il ef hfiuf
for I.U l-r.-ii- nt. I!ier .In.- thst
fli'tl lli In.ti n hae m'le.1 11 m
Ton. i-jiikli tali" vr The Man Us)
the iif 7 l-rf.
' .

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