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St Louis Woman Relieved by
Lydia E. Pinkham'i Veg
etable Compound
EL LouU, Mo. "I was bothered
'with cramps and pains every month and
inaa D&cnacne ana
-, - . v y
I"''"fl4aa . """"""O'miUmuillill I i.ijjuxiuiujj i iiixjjjiiiiujiiiui
' l
had to go to bed as I
r, .
could not work. My
mother and any
whole family always
took Lvdia E. rink-
ham's Vegetable
Compound lor such
troubles and they
induced me to try it
and it has helped me
very much. I don't
have cramps any
more, and l can do
iinv housework all through the month.
, I recommend your Vegetable Compound
to my friends for female troubles."
Mrs. Della Scholz, 1412 Salisbury
Street, St. Louis, Mo.
Just think for a moment Lydia E.
Pinkham'a Vegetable Coanpound has
been in use for nearly fifty years. It is
prepared from medicinal plants, by ths
utmost pharmaceutical skilL and supe
irior methods. The ingredients thus
combined in the Compound correct ths
conditions which cause such annoying
symptoms as had been troubling Mrs.
Scholx. The Vegetable Compound exer
cises restorative influence of the most
desirable character, correcting ths trou
ble in a gentle but efficient manner.
This is noted, by the disappearance, one
after another, of ths disagreeable
Sacrifice to ths Firs Fiend.
' Completely hemmed In by flamed
while fighting a forest fire recently
near I'enfleld, on ths Low Grade
(branch, Joseph Golla, section foreman,
who Is aged sixty-four, promptly or
ganlied his gang to conquer the
flames. Leading his men with youth
Xul vigor, he became separated from
thern. The Are suddenly encircled
htm. To save his life he had to make
blind dash through the wall of Are.
Jlli beard, which had embellished his
chin for the greater part of his forty
years of service, was wuolly burned
ff. reunalyvaniS News,
I Triumph In Right Beginnings.
In contemplation If 'a mnn begin
With certainties, he shall end In
doubts, but If hs will be content to
licgln with doubts, hs shall end In
certainties. Ha con.
Sure Relief
Hot water
Sure Relief
25 and 7Sf Packs everywhere
JtefisW Without th4 Uit
of Uuialivti
Nujol la lubricant aot a
Bsodkla or laxative so
eaaaot grips.
Wan yon are constipated,
ot eaoega of N store's
lubricating liquid Is pro
duced la Ue bowel to keep
the food waats soft and
atevlag. Doctors prescribe
jxujoi pecs
it SCU like
this aataral
lubricant a ad
taes replaces
It. Try U to
day. mm
CUm V (WmM-I'JI St Sm CWft
If im guSn Im et c- MrrfvrH.i ft mn kmd
not H p til AlBASSN and k trM
SXaAVAM ariS rrm wr otKr. '.W.l
jrautf otnatj ! tmm Itwl. Tow mtmrf mtU
SXAASAN U U w4 oWwnl tmU t tK
Mil - - X-valMlaalHMl
mm r.nt in.
Ir, i
ll U
1 Salvaging the wreck of Sampalo Correla. seaplane of the New Tc. . to-Braxil flyers, off Cape. Maysl. 2
Queen Tltsnls (Miss Edna Freeman of East Orange) and ber court at th Asbury Park baby parade. 3 First pho
tograph ahowing the occupation of Milan by the Italian Faciatl to breti general strike.
Shop Crafts Policy Committee
Called to Chicago; Strike
May Be Settled.
Govsrnmsnt Will Not Enforcs Injunc
tion Too Drsstlcslly Ending of ths
Anthracite Strike Landslide for
Lb Follette In Wisconsin
Greeks Whlppsd by Turks.
SETTLEMENT of the rallusy shop,
men's strike may be ut hund. Last
week II. M. Jewell, lieud of the shop
crafts, called their policy committee
to meet lu Chicago Kepteuiber 11, the
duy set for hearings on the motion to
tnuktt iermntietit the sweeping Injunc
tion ol'tulned by Attorney (uierul
tnugherty. There are IH uieiobers of
the committee, and some of thetu auld
freely that It was obvious that a set
tlement wus In night.
President Wlllard of the llaltlmore
thlo was said to be working on a
plun for sepnrute agreements.
On the other hand, various railway
executives flatly denied that any move
ment was on foot looking to an agree
ment with Ihe shopmen. Their chulr-
tnan, T. DeWltt Cuyler, a averted the
railways already hud won the strike,
that on September 1 they had 305,000
shopmen ut work, and are adding Jbou
sutids dully to their shop forces.
(.'rltlt'lKiu of the unparalleled ln-
cluMlveneM of the Injunction Untied by
Judge Wllkerson was not confined to
liihor circle by any meuiia, being
shuml by mtMiiliers of rongreM, many
editors and other prettuinatily until
anel ixtminis. I'rolmlily taking note
of this fact, the admlnlNtratlon let It
be known that the government had
bo Intention of enforcing the Injunc
tion to the point f abridgment of
free upeevh or otherwise Invading the
CoiiHtltutliHial liberties of rltlxen. At
trrney Oeneral Ihiugherty lndlcatel
that there would be no Interference
with lubor meetings "held for Inwful
puriMifen," but-that the government
would step In If the strike meeting
Were for the purpose of "Inciting
riots" or other violation of the law,
8o far orgnnlced labor baa practically
lfnorel the restraining order, but the
government ageiitu, while ketliX
Close watch on the proceeding, have
done little In the way of attempting
enforcement. Naturally, on Lnlior day,
the union leaders, from Prellont
(or',M'n down, took the opKrtiinlty
to attack bitterly the action of the
i.ttorney general. Later the InUtr
chief tiinpNtl out a plun of attack on
the Injunction, seeking counter Injunc
tion. "".; -
Talk of a general strike Inrccly mih-
slihil during the week, for all but the
ntore rndlcul InlMNrTte recogiilx-l that
such a thing, hitherto unknown In the
'tilled SlHle. -oilld not iciwd.
They prulMibly real lie, al-. that lhj
workfr. no lc limn the rent nf tle
M-piibitln, mi1i m l'irli of iii,m
'f the tiiTlilc niul inuifortt of Itfe !
br a general strike.
0''KK ATnP.S and iiiim r In the nn
irn tie Mebl a"i-ptel the term
PIohim1 by S'li:itoni IVper mit
Itcv'l. nti.l tbe Mrikt km x'ttUit by no
Bi'ro'iiient blb. like tlmt in tb bl
tutniiiou cne, I nloin-l m tnilete
vhlory fi-r tl.e nun. Tin
') b.i" Ix-n extetobil iritil Ango-t i
SI. It'J-t. loli Mlf io-. In n-ii'io-ti
t',l iC iiutlotml lelobit.atii rra-ating
a -:irrte atitbrritc val o-tiunU-ln.
mi'l tbe coi-IIihimik-t- ,.f r."lwc
t"tT the -x l ,l:it, i to I
t.jioii nii terin n !! p.ittu- mar
ntr-' n-,ii in thi- ll.-lit f tii,- r -ort
if tl i-iniiiiioti.
l l ilt.- I.V M oto ,f t
I ,..-.) ,,. nlmiiii-'r.iiiirt) ttl l.trl
I rioti rb"- -.Hitri. Li .
Tl iT-.-m-l Jury at li?...n. Il.bi,ti
.-t u-itinc tl.e 11,-ttiti i rr.
tu-u lfl I. IU mr 1. I l'r.-.i.!,4if
Farrt .f l i;ino i, n , i a
announced that the union will stand
DscK or every union man who is ac nations is holding snotlier aes
cuaed of participation In the mur-1 elon In Geneva and Auguatln Kduards.
dera, and already be has declared tt"t I Chilean minister to Englund, wus
all such are Innocent. Interest of tts
American Legion has been aroused by
ths discovery that two of tbe mur-
dered men were overaeus veterans. , '
JOHN II. CLARKE of Ohio resigned
aa associate Justice of the Supreme
court of the United States, and George
II. Sutherland, former aenator from
Utah, was appointed to fill the vacancy
and con firmed by the senate. Justice
Clarke gave slight reasons for his
resignation except that he bad reached
the age for retirement. He was ap
pointed by President Wilson In 1010
and had sometlmea been criticised by
conservatives because of hla decidedly
liberal tendencies. Mr. Sutherland,
whose great legal ' ability la widely
recognized. Is classed as a liberal.
He was born In England In 18U and
received hla education In the schools
of Utah and the University of Mlchl
gan. He Is a close personul friend of
President Harding.
RUNNING true to form, the Itepub
llcana of WUcoiihIii renominated
United States Senator Hubert M. La
Follette In the primaries last Tues
day. No one with any knowledge of
the altuutlon exacted they would do
otherwise. However, "Hob's" majority
waa probubly a surprise even to hi in.
being , well. over 2U0.000 according to
Incomplete returns. It was a landslide
and curried with It the entire alute
backed by LaFollette, Including Gov
ernor J. J. Illalue, who won by more
than 150.000. Uev. V. A. Gunfleld,
college president and candidate of the
Anti-Saloon league, waa unable to de
tach from the senator's supinirt many
of the Republican drya although La
Follette Is nietily wet. Then, to,
the senator naturally received the
vote of the large (lobulation of Teu
tonic origin. The one surprise of the
duy waa the defeat of Congressman A.
P. Nelson of the 8tierlor district by
II. II. Penvey. Nelson I a prominent
leader of the drya and bis downfall
waa accomplished by a combination of
the IjiFotlette organisation and tbe
Association Opposed to Prohibition.
The leinooratlc nominee for senator
agaluat La Follette la Mrs, Jessie J,
Hoover of Osbkosh,
In the aecond Ieiiiocrstic senatorial
primary In Mississippi, according to
partial returna, former Senator James
K. Vardaman was beaten by Hubert
I). Stephens, former congressman
Wiamlmw Wilson, when Informed of
this, expressed his satisfaction, which
will he shared by the American pub
lic generully.
HF.KCK'S army In Asia Minor ha
VJ Ikvii almoft demolished be
forcca of Ketiial Pasha, the nationalist
leader, and at this writing the hitter
la not far from Smyrna. The situa
tion for Hie foreign colony lu that city
I critical and luitlsli and Aiuerb'nu
warship have arrived there to pro
tect their national. There Imvr bit-n
some bloody encounters K-twcen the
plowing armies, but for the iiiom part
It ap-ar the Greek bsve ntirt-l. In
rotiid-rsMe confusion, wltlnxit put
ting up ninth of a fikbt. The Turkish
leaders are said to be much auH'rlor
to the Creek ooinimbrs. It was
rvorti-d that llttierat Tr Icon pi, re
cently innile coiiiionmlcr In tblef vf
the ;ri-U fon-es, wa ruptured by the
Tbo Cnil nosrale, Uth In Smyrna
kimI Alb, ii. Mfiiied to invt teen
broken. Mi teiiHut were wild to have
Ihi-ii turt-l to riiiN-l King tontnn-Hoi-
to iiIhIi. nte and Ibi-re were rumors
lb:it tti' inbiiH-t jiImhiI resign
mhI tbat I'oniwr Pr-inlcr Vrriitrlo
noiibl n-tuni In llowi-er. It
nn tntal tbat tbe government wotiM
w -.iilT tbe evacuation .f Smyrna
or ttie Mirrt-iidi'r tf tbe ;r,- k tuanilate
In llirn'i". rtti of t !. tbfnir I bo
Tutk .h.mii. I -!'. v iln-y will tslk
f !. The KetiialiMo. sii.l !i
I n n. Ii !. r fr . n.Py to tlom.
tilame ir.-Mt I'.nl.i'n for i upi'ort
t tin- t;rk aiii tlnir l.i'in.
itln if lurk ,hi lb.- ..iith i.l,. of
tbe I ir.l.i!i. ll.- lis al.irii)il I'.ril-I
ti. t... ,tv o-tKi-ntratiiic ,41 ;ab
I -';jr. '.!' ,1 , 1,,-, k a aw4,r
ii.nnh an l'.4ifaritiiol. I'.ulcaiia
ba ltli-n fhatitnce f tie situation
l.y iue i Athens Ke dennds
.x n.ii s Thrsc.
I T HE assembly of the league of
Lelected Its president The chief mat
t "'before the league Is the Austrlsn
Jn tlatlon. Chancellor Selpel presented
L case for the suffering little repub-
lit and tried to make It clear that
unless the sllles granted Immediate
and liberal relief. Austria might have
to merge with another nation, possibly
Germany which would violute the
treaty of Versailles or preferably
Chechoslovakia, or niuylie. Italy, which
deslrea such an outcome. The league
council, after bearing the chancellor.
soothed him with honeyed words and
referred to a committee the entire
question of how Austria ahull be aided
and under what guaraiUees. Selpel
scored the Ilrltlxh and French bunks
Id Vienna whose muulpuluttiHia added
to tbe downward crunh of the crown
and prevented the Austrian govern
ment from taking constructive meas
ures. "Austria renlixes she must sub
mit to financial control to obtain sums
necessary to her sulvutlon, but this
must not affect her sovereignty, he
(irent Itntaln s aelxure- of the entlrs
phoMphute deposit on the Island of
Nauru In the Pacific was the-subjvt
of protent to the league council by
the United State, and Marqul In
perlult of Italy also demanded Infor
mation concerning thin. The treaty
eMVersHlllea provides for equal ex
ploltstlou opportunity of national re
sources In mandated territory by the
allied and associated nations. After a
heated dehnte Lord Halfour considered
and finally consented to the "request
for addltlonnl Information as long
as It I expressly understood there
Is no criticism of the British govern
ment's x set Ion."
HUGO STINNES, Gennnn Industrial
niugnute, and Senator de Luber-
ssc, pn-sldent of the committee on
Itemii devastated regions, have made
aa agreement providing for the de
livery by Germany of one billion dol
lar' worth of reconstruction material
and work. To obviate the bud effect
of having many Gertnutis working In
France, de Luln-rsac explains. It was
arranged that the grenter part of the
labor will lie utilized In Germany. The
German manufacturers of the goods
delivered are to bave 0 pr cent profit.
The Socialist pres In Germany attacks
the whole plan aa purely a aolfish con
tract at the expense of the Gerir.ao
government and labor, nin! It esti
mates stlnnes' profits at (.V0U0.000.O0H
Ir. Hermes, German flnance minis
ter. Is negotiating with Itelglnm con
cerning guarantees for slx-numth treas
ury certificstes which Germany Is to
give Itelgtum in lien of cash. Ill
difficulty Is threefold, for he must
satisfy not only the IUirlana. hut
also the German cabinet and German
financial anil Industrial' leaders. It
tM-em likely be will bav to se-k for
the guarantees from foreign Dnanclers.
and bla parly arrlxcd at Itio le
Janeiro, were given an enthusiastic
reception and houseil In a palace, and
,,n Thunwlny the celebration of tbe
Hie hundredth anniversary of llra.-.lllan
lndx-ndence wa Inaugurated with
Impressive cerennniles and patriotic
feMlvitle. The o-ntennlal eiitlii
I still far fnwn complete but will le
opened soon. It I Interesting to note
that at the presidential reception
Secretary Hughe to-ik second place
loi Mgr. Cherubiid, a:nbasadr front
the Vatican. Iw-cause Itrarll I a
Catholic country. Two tnitmi.se van
ran guard In rel ntilfonna anil gtlil
Iwlmeta accompanied the represents
Ue of tJw Ioe.
Although tbe avl.its'ho atsrte
fnim New York for F.rsxll In Ihe sea
lane Sninab Correla rame to grief
few day after Ihe start and lbe!r
.Un wa wrrvked. they are proo-ol
lag ti Ibeir way In anHher machine.
I are oow In Caribbean water.
rNK eminent
American dle-l lart
era Ut. Krr. Samuel Fallow
f Ctlcagm. head -f lb Kefomwl
FpisT' church. lie wa a eterr
of Ihe Civil war. from wbich le
eioergctl a brevet brigadier g-svial
and thett-aner he iWote.1 hi life ts
rriiglous. editcstlonal and palrio'K
work of the tUbet orier.
The Perfect Gum
Made of purest materials
In modern, sanitary, sunlit factories
No expense spared to make' it
wholesome and full of flavor
Wax-wrapped ' and sealed to keep
it good:
WRIGLEY'S is bound to be the
best that can be made I
It's good
and good for you
aiding digestion
whitening teeth
clearing breath
Soothing to over
wrought nerves and
general pick-me-up.
Cutting Down Tims of Apprenticeship.
The Industrial association of Sun
Francisco, Cal.. haa started a school of
apprentices with some novel features.
The hi;ys have been divided Into three
classes and one class moves along be
hind the other. The first two weeks
will be spent In school after which
they will be put to work as assistant
helpers for four weeks after which
they will return to school and so on
during the term of their apprentice
ship. In this manner of alternating
tbe school and shop experience It I
anticipated that from 12 to IS months
will be saved' and the boys will be
..11 In arwl half
lull limuru inuuiw-ia in t v !-., n
or three years Instead of four. The
apprentices will be paid for the time
they are ut work, but not for the time
at school
Most Unwelcome Truth.
The kiss of a nretty girl Is always
highly regarded among men, but as a
rule, after a tnan passes fifty he
wonld rather have a me.a of young
turnip greens. Houston 1'ost.
If you don't do your bet you will
get tho worst of It In the end.
Just mix Alabastlne with
water cold or hot and
apply to any interior sur
face. The sure result it
beautifully tinted walls in
exactly tbe color you wish.
Alabastlne comes in aU
standard colore and these
intermix to form count
less others bo that your
decorating' taste may be
accurately followed.
Instead of Kalsominc or Wall Paper
Tm telling you
Xhew it after
every meal"
Fortuns in 8crap Iron.
Charles Perrott has Just appeared
before a Paris court charged with con
cealing $180,000 war profits to escaps
taxation. When war broke out M
kept a small cafe at Saint Denis, ths
wife attending to that while he ped
dled with a handcart. He bought scrap
Iron, and made so much money that
he paid S.4O0,0OO for the war stock
of the American camp at Hnmorantllle
Ths Cutleura Toilet Trie.
ITavIng cleared your skin keep It clear
by making Cutleura your every-day
toilet preparations. The Soap to cleans
and purify, the Ointment to soothe and
heal, the Talcum to powder and per
fume. No toilet table Is complete
without them. Advertisement
Record Grain Elevator.
The largest grain elevator In the
world was built at Minneapolis Junc
tion. Minn, In 188a The building le
3.10 feet long, 02 feet wide and 175
feet high, with a storing capacity for
2,000,000 bushels of grain.
Recipe for success : "Do at well a
you know, sod know sll you can."
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