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Whole System Is
Benefited by
r- Tanlac '
Thousands of frail, nervous people
and convalescents everywhere bar
testified to the remarkable power of
Tanlac in bringing back their health,
trench and working efficiency. It
seems to quickly invigorate the constl
tattoo, and Is a powerful foe of weak
ness. Mrs. George Q. Owen, of Salamj
Oregon, says:
"My nerves were upset and the little
I ate wasn't enough to keep up my
strength, so I lost weight and became
o weak It seemed I had no energy at
all. Tanlac restored my health com
pletely. and I galne4 twelve pounds In
There Is not a single portion of the
: body that Is not benefited by the help
ful action of Tanlac. It enables the
stomach to turn food Into healthy
hjood. bone and muscle, purifies the
system and helps you back to normal
weight Get a bottle today at any
good druggist Advertisement
Well Supplied.
Dr. Samuel McQaughey sends this
hi sre living "hard by Acton,
which has several churches. Mary
Jane, our five-year-old daughter, has
been In several kid entertainments In
the various churches. The ether day
one, of our friends asked her to which
church she . belonged. Her answer
was. ! am half Presbyterian, half
Baptist and half Catholic.'" Indian
apolis News,
Happenings over the
State condensed for
our busy readers
A full raert w ar am fuaruitaad (TV ana Mr) .
S"? (t) aaa H,. HapparUn U MM.
). N rubb u nx from knl r mat. tW
phor Bnu Hiwtlm Spnao n Uw
twvouaiuuii. irtMeu'iaoppif mtM
tfwwt, tln( lato'i nun. AaMpt it. ntattUiu.
OH lU !..;- Nl-W.,. Loo fw fuaroM
ind mm mi aucaJa, Writ far Mw a! Me-ar
Sarins Ktfaua.
nu-wav stwccn ausecMet eosnwurv
'"' Sa mmd b
Two States Surpass Tennettej in the
Use of. Hydro-Electric Power.
Nasbvil'". Tennessee nnks thirJ
In hydroelectric power proauttion of
all the southern states, acrordlng to
figurea just issued by - the United
States Geological Survey, covering the
months of March, April, May, June
and July of 1922.
The division of power resources on
the geological survey lists Georgia
and Alabama as the only other south
ern states surpassing Tennessee In
the utilization of hydro-electric power
resources. The survey figures Indicate
that Tennessee water power plants
have had no diminution of produc
tion due to low water.
Figures gathered by the survey on
the quantity of power production In
Tennessee from coal show the hydro
electric production to be 70 per cent
of the state's total kilowatt produc
tion. For the five months total of
03,526 kilowatt hours. 51.248 kilowatts
were produced by fuel-
One interesting deduction from the
geological survey figurea is the
amount of saving "the white coal" ha
meant at this time. The survey figures
show that 98,569 ahrrt'tons of coal
weie requ'red over the five months pe
riod to produce 57.248 kilowatt hours
generated in the electrical steam
I Illl II
, Sfaaa tmmmKi .im - Lmm Pitaa
Angara weh-USa
. MUMS IM1 MfO ML. Main fa a . .
Visiting Preachers Heard.
Ripley. The pulpit of the First
Methodist Church wae filled recently
ty Rev. V. L. Drake of Arlington.
Ky., who la a guest of his brothers, R.
V. and S- B. Drake, in Ripley. Rev.
Drake Is a native of Lauderdale Coun
ty and his friends were delighted to
bear him. At night Rev. W. F. Bar
rier or Hinghaniton prearhed. He was
In the city on a visit to his daughter.
Mrs. J. A. Ilutcheson.
When the body begins to stiffen
and movement becomes painful it
is usually an indication that the
kidneys are out of order. Keep
these organs healthy by taking
Low Fair Rates.
Memphis. A pre-war level In round
trip rates from certain points In Ark
nsas to Memphis on account of the
Trl State Fair has been announced
by II. D. Wilson, division passenger
agent The rates will apply from
Little Rock and Intermediate stations,
from line Bluff and intermediate sta
tions, and from Helena and Interme
diate stations, and will be one and
one-third for the round trio.
The world'a standard remedy for kidney.
aver, bladder and one add troubles.
Famous since 1M5. Take regularly and
keep In good health, la three sis, all
druggists. Guaranteed a represented.
Leek far tfce seaMCe!- MUI mm mrr ka
as aacaal mm tautatiae)
Ginning Under Way.
Trexevsnt. The ginning season
has opened up In earnest here, and
local gin plants sre running right
along. 'The cotton crop Is opening up
several days earlier than usual, and
most all farmers are now engaged in
picking their crop and aa fast as they
get wagon loads gathered they haul
It to the local market, where they are
receiving good prices for the same.
Ladies Let Cuticura
Keep Your Skin
Fresn and Young
Seep ZSc. OMmI 25 aad SOc, Talraa 2Sc
Boy Falls Under Train.
Covington. Luther Emmons, the
16-year-old son of Frank Emmons, who
lives near the Tiptcn Cotton Mills In
South Covington, was seriously In
jured when, according to his state
ment he stumbled and fell beneath
the w heels of a panging aouthbound II
Ilnols Central freight train a short
distance south of the cotton mills,
I i of the most stubborn
kind relrsvtd in 3 to 10 days
Ons trial TiITXTf
4. liMA(ltati
Gray Hair
eaaaa k? a.l.f OBm Hair Oslo S.lo..r.-eafe
m Mt-iff it. At ell rase rrrt-4.n fnia.
wr mirwc UHB HUM.-IUA BMaraa. Tiaa.
Mutt Be Wall Dressed.
"She wants a new gown.
"What forr
"She's going to sing over the radla
next awn ana sue couion i think o
apnriig for all those people its
gown she hns already worn t Ice."
LHftrolt Free 1'ress.
T.1 frhat.- Dr. IWl Tprwilfece. Si
amt a -Uttrugt" or e. "PJ'Tip but m m
Id fht"l torn mt mmllrtiie. whlrp
clane "t Warm er Tapeworm with a
MMla Sna. Mob 7 back II eat atton4.-
Fowls of the Air.
"Fee here. said the angry customer,
"wht-n I order rMiultry fmra you sgiiin
I don't want you to s-nd ine soy of
thow slri'l.ine chickens."
"What kind do you mean. slrT
T,r nort that are all wings and ma
chinery, and no nwst. Ronton Traa-
Call rot tnat man wretched who,
whate'er he suffers, has a cl.dd ts
Ers. If they Tire. Itch,
. sr & w- m r
fosi '; ociarx or eurn, u sore.
Yftur. CrC ,rT,utKl' Inoanoed or
TOUR LT LJ Granulated. s Murine
Often. SsxMkea, Kefrvshea. Safe for
Fair at Jackson.
Jackson. The West Tennessee Fair
hsd a most auspicious opening Vh
several thousand lcitors In the city,
The bigcest celebration of this kind
ever held In Jackson Is expected tM
year. Many surrounding count tea
have county exhibit a at the fair'ar.d
are competing for a community and
county prize.
Great Revival Closes.
Lexington. Went Shlloli. lis p( 1st
Church, on the Wf-Mern border of Shl
loh National Park, hn -xpT-i ed
one of the greatt-Kt revlva's In its his
lory, which mt Ixoutlit i ir-
rentty. Thrre were ."!3 proft-siona and
?.n addititms to the t hurcti. !. Fleet
wood Hall tifjhin plate did the preaching.
Offered New Pattorate.
Islington.- Rev. J. H Mrl'eake of
Warr-n Itluff. thia countv. ha hern
It-ndt-red the pamtrate c.f the IlaptKt
herrh at ItcyV. Tti.n and alw the
prtidenry of the Iv,y Institute, a
RaptJst preparatory at hool maintsinel
t that place
Man Is Found Dead.
Covinrton. The UMv of Harwnnd
Carv. a wHI known !tizn of Ct.vln;
ton. wae found in the ,rib of his barn
ar here. yr Carj's IkhJt tit j.
nr at full length on the fWir of th
ri). hi rieht arm b.-ing tti.nled at
rislit arsl to th bodv and a dou
Me lanvlH sbo'run. which rave evi-
dne of havitit 1 n r-nilv Tirol
wa lir.g aim hia r.rht arm. A
ai!nht.t wound la the iar.;.fr nart of
hla had a the cause of da'h. and
(. liat, WeaUre Mawepapar Ualoa.)
Patience took stock of herself, coa
"If -tliere was Just one thing that
I Could do perfectly." she thought.
"As It is, I'm an Indifferent musician.
a fair well, hardly fair typist ahd
I can plan or create dresses much
better than I can sew them."
Wistfully she repeated her thought
to her busy sister Rosalind, when
Rosalind came In from the music
clusses. Absently, her mind on the dull
pupils she had left, the sister made
"Don't worry your head, Tatty; yon.
will come Into your own, some day
"And In the long wait," Patience
replied, "I'm Inflicted upon you, Rosa
unu. necause your Mends are aa
generous as yourself. Is really no rea
son that I should burden the firm.'
A laughing face appeared In the
doorway of the little Hat. "FlnuT
repeatea tne newcomer, "what a pre
tentious name for three unreasonably
ambitious students."
Beatrice came Into the room. "Dear
est girl," she seriously addressed Fat
ty, "you are the silent member of our
firm ; we just couldn't get along at all
without your bright presence. You are
the flower In the desert, the courage
In despair. Is dinner ready? Lucy
May grows Blower trery day."
fatty jumped' up from the daven
port. "I'll see," she offered.
Lucy May In the small kitchen
said : "No, dinner ain't ready."
Fatty was placing the cloth for the
evening meal. "I am trying to hurry
thlng'a up," she promised.
"I have been speaking at the Y. W,
Beatrice explained, "and 1 have a talk
at the high school this evening. I am
sure I do not know how 1 shall ever
get my notes In order for the talk at
the federated clubs tomorrow. And
then there Is my blue satin. In woeful
need of pressing"
Oh, I'll do that for you," ratty
called. She waa putting the roses on
the table. "Dinner ready," she cheer
fully announced.
"How," asked Beotrlce at table.
Went the classes toduy, Rosalind T'
"The Baldwin children," Rosalind
answered "and of course my most
desirable pupils from a financial stand-
pointy are at times, almost lmiosaible.'
Breeslly, Nan, the ever lute, entered.
"I have designed a perfectly wonder
ful dress for Mrs. Rich Coniirt," ah 4
began enthusiastically, "but there If
a detail a boat Uw-lrvat jtaael whWfc
does not please her. We almost cams
to blows, regarding Unea. I desisted,
making dinner a pretense fr depar
ture, but tomorrow I shall save te ge
over the whole thing again."
The flat vacated - that evening,
the busy friends going on to various
affairs thst claiined their presence.
I'atlence, humming her gay little eoog.
examined carefully Nan's drawing of
the disputed creation. Then, Impptly,
Fatty smiled, while her sure fingers
traced a copy. The panel referred U
was undoubtedly Improved In , the
effort. Beatrice hsd left her notes
of tomorrow's talk In a confusing pile
on her dresser. Patty attacked them,
a frown of perplexity wrinkling fccf
pretty brow. The typewriter was
humming, when a dark head appeared
In the doorway.
"I will be very good, and read my
paper In quiet." begged a masculine
voice. If you will let me come In.
Patty. You are, I see" the man
smiled, "idling as usual, where are
the celebrities T"
"Sit down, David, the gin care
lessly Invited, "I'll be through with
this, In a moment. It's coming out
"Whstever Is ItT David remarked
Inquiringly, but he was not Informed
Beatrices notes, neatly labeled, were
In her club book, when Patty returned
to the room.
"You will he glad to be alone for
another little minute, won't -you,
David," she asked tentatively, "while
I I have something to press In tbe
kitchen 7"
"Of course," he answered.
Apologetically she seated herself he-
fore the telephone stand.
"I thought," she explained, "It
might be ln-lter to give the nienange
this evening, so I could have the chil
dren over arty lust after Rosalind
goes out. Khe gives a few home lea-
sons In the morning, and the Itsldwin
children are difficult, Iavld. They Jut
must not sjk.II the inulcnl; and their
mother tnut be pH-aaod, and proud of
them. J ran make the drill sting a
sort of game. Yon know I am nt ex
pert In music, Ihtvld or In any other
Patty's voice wae monientsrllv
doleful. Rut only momentarily. "I
will have tlt.we children, en toting thnf
drill." she entliiietL "You'll see.
Ihtvld." Slchlnir In relief, she looked
bark St Mm. aa Mie sroae.
"It Is settled." Ps Hence said, "the
P.sMwIn children will le here In the
morning. Nw tt.at is a secret, and
yon sre ntit t tell. I, yon know, am
tbe allent rtner of our otherwise
glf'ed firm f four."
V-ry deliberately the msn folded his
pspr. then, before pntty could real
ize what bad happened, be bad her In
Ida arms.
"And I am looking for a silent
rmrtner mvaelf." he asld after a bnppy
silence, "patty, darling, there Is no nse
yonr trying to refnae ne; the bus-1
band of our firm will be sn spprecia- ,
tlve memfieT " I
"I'm not thinking of refusing," said I
1H '
j r""f"" M
I y) Itt f"twt5 15Fluid Praeta
4 1 1
r i i i -
Children Cry For
1 AVpopIaUc PrcoiratioatirAi
i aimfiBtinomerooa oi akyh-
I tL iSlonwls and Bcawtj
tarty Fnwotin. Wfc-1
Ogee-mess and xnt-uB-"!
linerai Not Nabcotr
A 1tutBrJMe7fbr
ConstJ pb on aMDiArrboet
and revms"'"
TiTW run";
a ii -an yvii vwtwwiwtmmMvHwvxvwi-'111 wraipi
nn n rV"n iVln im-Tiii'1 iiiintn I
Special Care of Baby.
That Baby should hare a bed of lti own all are agreed. Yet It
if more reasonable for an Infant to sleep with grown-ups than to use
a man's medicine in an attempt to regulate the delicate organism of
that same infant. Either practice is to be shunned, neither would
be tolerated by specialists in children's diseases.
Your Physician will tell you that Baby's medicine must be
prepared with even greater care than Baby's food.
A Baby's stomach when In food health is too often disarranged
by improper food. Could you for a moment, then, think of grring
to your ailing child anything but a medicine especially prepared
for Infants and Children ? Don't be deceived.
Make a mental note of this: It is important, Mothers, thst
you should remember that to function well, the digestive organs of
your Baby must receive special care. Ho Baby is so abnormal thst
tbe desired results may be had from the use of medicines primarily
prepared for grown-ups.
Bears the Signature of
Exact Copy of Wrapper.
vms ciMTaua co-eaHT. Mew veaa etw.
1 iEi
Recent Find at York, England, De
clared to Be Most Important of
Recent Times.
An ancient Koman tablet, snld to be
about 2,(X)0 years old. lias beeu dls
covered by workmen who were ex
csvatlng for a new street on The
Mount at York, Kngland. The tablet
la hi a perfect state of preservation,
the curving and lettering being as dls
Unci as when first rut. The Inscrip
tion lauds the virtues of the wife and
totally of a famous lCoiunn author.
etonCwtieh la ever Ave feet high
n Tadrwatsr, cellar to the stone used
U tr.ldlgg EU minster. It waa burled
t depth at? Ave feet Near the site
also found the casts of two men
of the Roman period. Corporation of
flciala state that this discovery Is the
important of recent times. The
aacJeat church of St. Janu s' originally
Stood 'on the alte. A new arrhhlshop
0 his wsy to be consecrated In olden
ttsaos, had to walk from this church
to tbe iHlnster In his hosen. lie usual
ly rode from Itlshnpilmrpe to The
tfovnt, and was there Joined by the
dergy. who always roben at St. James'
church. The church dlsaptteared
centuries ago.
Givos Cfcoorful How Color Tono to Old Curtalno
PUTNAM FADELESS PYEStfre or tlnti at you with
What Hs Wanted.
A Frenchmun and bis wife came to
England. She hod relatives at
Manchester, so It was arranged that
be should take her there, returning
by himself to Iondon, where be bad
business. Ills request to tbe booking
office clerk was ss follows:
"Give me, If you please, two tickets
to Msnchestalre. One for me, td go
and to come bark. One for my wife,
fo go but not to come buck." London
Tit lilts.
Such as give ear to slsnderers
worse than slanderers themselves.
French Qsnsral Discarded Cigarettes
Whan Great Offensive Against
Carman Enemy Began.
The truth about Foch's famous pipe
came out also on the Met! trip. It was
on the way home, and the mnrshnl was
dining In M. I'olnrare'a private car,
After dinner the prime minister said
Tray smoke your pipe If you like, tniir
slial." The soldier pulled a beautiful
rase,' containing two. handsome pipes.
from his pocket. As the chief of stste
commented on their benuty, he said
they were given to hi in by a group of
American artists.
"Have you been smoking a pipe for
longf asked folncare.
"My first pipe was on July IS,
"The very day you began the offen
sive that led to victory f exclaimed
"Yes. The cigarettes were fearful
at the time, so I took to .he plpa, like
everybody else.
And that Is the true stry of the fa
mous "peace pipe" of Marshal Foch, If
we can trust l Slfflet.
Who First Licked Stamps?
Dispute Is being waged as to the
earliest postage stamp llcker. Halm
Is put forward for James Chalmers of
Arborath, Scotland, who submitted
specimens of adhesive postage stsmps
to a select committee of the bouse of
commons In 18.14. Knwlsnd lllll is also
credited with the Invention, having ex
perimented with glutinous washes la
H.17. , As Itowland lllll directed the
lirltlsh postal arrangements, be was
piohably the first man to lick a genu
ine post office ststnp.
Nice Enough te Eat.
Seen the black bats trimmed with
white curlycuesT "Yes. they look
Ilka chocolate cskes with icing."
Small Town Evidently' No Place
Individual Aocuatomed te the
City's Bright Lights.
rteeently two newspaper ronrespnnnV
ents were sent to the coal fields la
Clay county, where martial law has
been d wis red, and In the evening they
wandered to a small village near the
fields In an effort to find some enter
After walking up end down Mala
street several times, the correspond
ents sighted a public nrlnktng foun
tain. It wss then nine o'clock. On e
aminatlon they found that the drink.
Ing fountains hsd been locked by th
town official for the , night. Then
they headed for a drug store and
found the proprietor locking up for
the night On Inquiry they were told
that "It Is past nine o'clock."
One correspondent salo to the other t
"Well, Mark, do you auppose I he hotel
j closed for the night V
-i oon i snow, ine oiner repnexi.
"but I think w-e had better get to bed
before they move the curbstones In."
tndlsna(olls News. f
Cravrth Wells, eiplorer, while
trsmplng In Malay Jungles, found
thst the natives had trained broke,
small monkeys, to run up trees and
pick coconuts for them.
That Is Interesting because ll hap
pens far away.
Hut, shucks I tn our country the
monkeys' descendants have been
rained tn do "a heap sight" more tbaa
the broks.
You have noticed In a circus men
agerie that the monkeys are Jnt aa
Interested In us ss we are In then.
This Is one of the reasons.
Tbe potato bug originated near taw
eastern foothills of the Itockles.
Ihe Cap that never fits
NO harm can come to me from cofTee or tea," is
what ao many people say. Yet those same people
are often quark to note the signs of coffee harm in others.
How familiar the danger signals are upset digestion,
sleepless nights and irritability all warnings of the ner
vous breakdown that lurks just a little way ahead. How
easy and how delightful the escape by drinking delicious
Instant Post urn instead of the beverages that contain the
irritant caffeine.
Instant Postum is the tempting cereal drink made
from roasted wheat. It ! prepared Instantly in the cup
by the addition of boiling water. Its
snappy flavor la not unlike that of coffee.
It is safe for everybody in your house,
hold including the children, and there's
nothing in Postum to keep you awake
even if you drink it at roidnighL
Postum Cereal Company. Inc.
Battle Creek. Ms-h.
1 T
rvTffAGE f
nitS V:iZZl
crtc:j-n!ar.c-a inil,c-aid that it was a
a!f lnfl: t-d wound.
f i tljt Book. tLMtmljtlmmiiCmQU, j
Patience demurely.

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