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FOR SALtf-A 50 acre farm, in-
FAKM ANDlHLLrFOR SALE ! eluding 5-room house and first-
The W. fi. S! old homfcrila?!cl-is farm equipment; two miles
located 6 miles East of Sneedrille,
T-2 mi. church and school, or
public road, and Rural Route,
Good out-buildings with new
barn. Plenty" of fruit This
farm is good grazing and farm
ing land.
If interested call or write,
J. W, Leamon
Lee Valley, Tenn. 4 w 8 4-2
I)r. E. J. MalANlKL
Cflke in Claiborne County Ban'. BWg
j.:n. WILLIS
Attorney At-Law
Practice in Justice am
:jf Count v Court.
SfleedvilleTenn. Route 3
Practice la All The ConrU Of To.
lUte And He federal Court.
Cellectioos A Specialty
Stories of
fy Cat
C as
Great Scouts
, Western N.-rpjf Onion.
One day l..uk trv the alitles a trap
per was following a narrow .trail
through the x.ooda near Cedar frut
tain. In Wyoming. Suddenly from a
damp of bushes nearby a shot rang
Out, followed In quick on-eachm by
three more. The trapjier drepped
Quickly to the ground and rolled be
hind a log. unhurt. Then he waited
for the next move of the Indians who
had ambushed him. '
In a few minutes war bonnet ap-
neared above a log a fchwt ditano i
away. The trsper was not rtceied.
for this wa an old Indian trick.
H.iwerer, the trapV"' had a better
hick than this ap his aleerL His
Mfle was not a single slwrt. U after
a winter of nu--e -ful trflfplng he hn1
o'd his furs !n St. f"uN nl hl
iKiucht a repeat;..): rifle, one of tie
Brrt to be rarrl in the lt.wt.t- win
tains, tie had tl.i ep"n nw. sn.l
be Imnii:atly Bre.1. as the luUVns
were hoping he wii'ild Jv
As he flreO four IJlan H -rang fnno
fhe hush and with wild yells of trl
iroph roheil for the trapper. With
out retnoing his gin frem hi hul
der. the white mafi puried l.nts at
ncoriiog wartlore as ft as he foe id
Work 4 he trvr.
Thre f the Ir.1isn 1rTTl 'a
their tracks, and the fw.. with
ft d;niay. turned and fled at top
fpeed. followed by reril le)lis.
whkii the trpprr eent after Mm te
enevnrsge the (v-1r. redk:ii. Wbeo
the mrrlTlt r arr:f arrved la hl
Ttllav he I- 1 a mart, -trf ! of an
eocwir.ier :h i wtnte was t had
g "medlc.ne irwt which ;oiped
fl boot leg a nj I''Pg..
of Morristown. Nearly all lovti
and watered by ponds. Good
barn. Further information see
Cope Bros. Gruee. y Co, old phone ;
678. new phone 90. a. B. Copel
By autiority vented in us by law; we
the ondcrsigred elect ion Commisi.ior-
era for Hancock County, Tennessee, do
hereby call a regular Llcction for said
county, to be held in each and every
votii.g precinct in said county on lues
day Novtmbt r 7th, 19& for i he purpose
of electing one United States Senator,
or.t Congressman lor th, first Congress
ional District oi' Tmuesee, one Gov
crnor of the State, one State Senator
for the 3d., Senatorial District of Tenn
ibsee and one Floteiiai reperesentative
for the 5th, rlotenal District composed
of the counties of Hancock and Gram
ger anu one Kailroud and Public lii.i-
Uts tominieaioixTi for the Western
division of 'ieiiiieoste; This Oct.
Ihefoilowing persons are herety
pointed to Hold taid ELction.
inst Dint. Oiilotr, T. J. Wolfe;
uitfis, Jacab Vviil.itr, Zo liarvey, G.
. S oll'e; Clerks, ,cii. Campbell, V.
2nd. Dist. Olliot r, Geo, A. Williams;
Judges, K. T. Oretiit, Asa WilUcr, W.
A. Yount; C.crks, McM. iirtWcr, T, C.
3rd, Disu Ofticcr, W.H. J lor ton;
Juogus, V. J. licgii-j, .Vlcx Sloui, it.
VV. it oi ion; Cicrkb, John fanner,
Kobort kiiore.
Officer, C. Goodman;
vui.i.un Miher, Enucit Ltveay
L. W. VSul.tn, oleias, Cicerou Ivan,
Miliin liowta.
bin, iiibl. OHicer, J. II. lAanian;
uugca, J. C. canipoeii, Win. Ki.cy,
W, i', Uakci; Clerks, Wiley Alder,
tiugh Jaynes.
6th. DisU OiGcer, Clay T. Treat;
.tay a. tiwuv, r
iiuues, John J tuvn.
Juiia J. Knymcr; Clcra. if. 'i. Alalia,
C. C. Hopkinc.
7th, Dist. Olficcr, J. Willis; J uJgea,
VVm. Jetierton, juinca A1..0I.1, Knharo
4u;k; tieias, J, v. Y..kicr, Koy ttul
iiciu. but, DioL. Ollx.-r, li. L. Turkey ;
rfuiltb, i;. V. i'aiKey, A. AicAtli,
Chai'cy ban icy; Cierkt, rrauk Paracy
W. U. AlUr.
Slh, Dist. Olficvr, S. T. Coleman;
Judges, Wra, AlcL'ani I, Eu S0uU1i.rn,
cartun uamscy; Li.rka, Jaa. A. Lou ..li
en Joe Overton.
10th. Dist, OHicer, E. M. Drinnon;
Judges, J. S. Baldwin, John Seal,
Duvid Wii klir; Cierks, J. C. Horner,
J. Drimon.
Uthr Dist. f)rTicer, Jaa. Alder;
J idta, Ge. Swinney, Albert Gibson,
JM.n Martin; Cleniis, Eugene Liveaay,
11. D. Carroll.
12lh, Dim. O.liiccr, Kii aid Fu:uu-;
Ju !gen, W1.1. Kil. y, F. M. Brewing,
L. F. Y:ary; i:.irkf, Koht. SSiii'ley, .
M. llokii.tk
II. I. Faitey ( hairmar
Geo. A. Wil.iama trciary,
L, C. Jaivii Elt-rtuHi Cum.
Stories of
By Elm
Great Scouts
Wtri Nlrr t'nlon
AltlHNu.li th ,n. Imha.. .r te
Aiixona ended la IHSrt, wli.ti (liter
DrriMihuo surrenl-red
Jlllt-a, ten years l.iHi
t i.ctirml
! All he
warrior as till arrU'- rrr to
the hearts of the iilers in ili Ma'e.
The Aparh Kid was hi itiiuie lis
liad oiee a " h,1 f r
traps; th-a his -heart went Lad":
be denerted bts rotiunand and aed
the bmrtllea. When i;.ruu:ni r
rm.!red. the Aparhe KKI ia.ved
out" aad look tbe looe war trail.
Late la tbe Vrs a prii-cier
named Jack nark Inraied a Hhito
near Condon in tbe Santa iti.l.n
iriWitttalns sxna ot Te "0 t 'laf Imd
a "it ''.e ..erait-t
the Ajctw -ili. ! l'e I t ,
anmni; tbe WaUf a IMim f-r ,hi...
jrar ant l-e the ni Ct t. e
'Val fa'. "'
I'mi . ware ..I t iii'i
the ttW'.l lte tSnt It til aoTk
vt a lii'lian. t'.ark lelt ure it
as tbe .abe K VL
tn the Revolutionary War ths
Arrifrican people fought and wo
the struggle for independent
and the rrincinlecf self-goverpx
ment Thev waged war for th
freetJonl of the was in 1612.
They battl-d for the ermncip
tibn of the slaves in l5l. TbK
shpd their own hlnod for tht
freedom of Cuba and other Span
ish colonies from oppression
1898. A few years ago th?y Rio:
rifteed thousands pf yountr lives
in ordir that autocracy might be,
cruhwl and the principla of
democracy and pelf-eovernment
preserved and established tlirou-U
ghcut ths world. -''
In every crisis, there fore, tht
American peoplo have proved
lhat they are willing to l v down
(Untit liiro if t itnnecjn in MrTJav .
I. i j i 1 1 v i r ii ut ut-p;: i j in vKivi
lliLt wo may preservs n demo-'
cra'ic government for ourselve
and extend its blessings to those
less fortunotc than ours lves,
There can therefore be no que-"
tion as to the stability and pir
mnrency of demoracy in this
country ucainst foreign ag(?res4
ion. Would it not be well.there
fore, to inquire vrtiothorrr
u m9r fMmn
foreign foes? .. ' I
In their zeal for the democratic
formcf government th Amei
can peon'e have at various tinus
extended tl.e suffnge to an in
creasing proportio.i of the jocu
lation. The property limitaiiona
on suffrage, in the early part of
the nineteenth century wee -removed;
no limitations on sutTrage
may be mads "l y reason of race,
co'or, or previous conJiti in of
servitjde"; only a few Jitatea
require an educati nal qualifica
tion; and finally by constitutional
amentPi.i'tit women are enfrun
chiseil m the same kisis as man.
In fomi, Wit relt.tr. ).:r Uovern
menl ha ttcta illy s jme niore
It lid inie deiiifT..uc.
Hew ulvs su. It a nui.-3 . 1 pe
pie actually perform the goveni
in' .inclP.n? 1" tv o ways, (I)
by a consum cX,-ieJ on through
ihe puMtUttd the loruiii oi pub
lic Ofiiiion and its imlueiice 011
tne acin ic and diKCUssio:id oi
nf public offic ii. s and (2) thnj
j.;h ihc tl clioii of olHci-'li ixl lei
liin slated in.ci vJs.
l;i order th .1 the people mav
P'ioim this lunctl.n etlectivel
it i.t tiect.'h-ry that ll O; don-! in
! Uliigtriliy. There caw be n-
ipUul e opui.on alid the bailot box
tl.ay U V.Oui tt ..n UM. .c-S Ut.k tS
i;,e Acicl can pfi .-ut.: Jivq l..in-
t ii v ,' ii Ih'j 1 r
ii:tii ps .jIh- n..
1,11 ut. '.: i!
U U.u . ..'.n.
II i-j..w I..- i lei.
..a,s u.intrua in . x,ui-
pll xu.. .
uj.:i..i 4iuc itiw ., u.i rv 1
lor, t. auy.Uici tM.Jn.i 10 iie j
aucc.- .la dniKcr.it;e guviin-1
me. .. i..-u; u ti,. j e, i 1 .um
U.ur o.iu l proicci ih. ,iiai..v-.a
.tU t-i I "111 i !.'!-1 (U-..lV.iVl
i. I I " '
,uac;. aii i:.c iii.ct-.c oi
jgtvernment mav yet Iw t.-.dan-J
. ittrsi, a t a ny . t'r .
plain neglect of thcHl?. :i Aa
in war, so in pesce, . there must
a eternal , vigilance. Thertfore
vry -tiiao and woman should
'arm hla or her full dutv in
re time sttuggle for good
-ient with ths same' leal
9tion thit hjve so often
. fcbited on the field, of
" ) frenerai would eTcpect
u'atory with an army of
iers. It is the plain
ry voter to 'fall in
:t'n day and through
-sntvoting to help
. zlire its problems
,Ury izr tHa.dmotra
. '3 FOI?
Hvtn Are Sua.
... ,eiFIan Youra.
- 1 "1 , cattle th
it .heuld be la
actirnraJarly. begin
T rr;t?t .and taklm
-e on full
-a at a ba
.J jut Ion aad
, t4i U
Jf.tfcffpef of th
j othef ryv,. 4 Jtraw,
irl't r - be la tad
' H vl
C, Da 811ag (entire period).
10 Bva- Stover, straw, bulla, or roagb
'( n 4 hay (entire period).
I 8sf Velvet bean or velvet beaa
. meal 1st SO days.
I Iba Velvet beana or velvet beaa
meal 2nd SO days.
12 Iba Velvet brans or velvet beaa
meal 3rd 30 days.
SO B)l
10 Iba
3 Ba
10. me
!u lbs
Silage (enMre period).
8! over straw, bulls, or rough
hay. '
Cottonseed meal.
Droken ear corn.
Bllago (entire period).
Soybean, cowpsa, or alfalfa
Broken ear com.
10 Tba
16 Iba
S5 lbs
Ear corn.
Clover hay, cowpea bay, aoy
bean, hay, or alfalfa.
' C. D. Lowe, livestock spoclallat, Dl
vision of Ettensloa, University of Tee
, nesse. KnoivlUe. '
Sch.didld barrack
. .
H nolulu, II. I.
Dear Kditor:-
As I am a reader of the
News, thought I would drop a
fjv lines from this wonderful
island 01 Oahu. It is Hituated in
the territory of Hawaii und is a
vey Ijeautiful island, the climate
1 in U'nHi.rfi:l nit ho I dj not think
g . 1 v r 1 1 a - -------
much tif the inhabitants here, for
they do nut seem to understand
The soldier btationed at var
itis ik:Ia gi t toM-e all the Keen
er;. , eucii a.s the famous Crater
KiiiU'.t and Waikiki bathinn
i,ClCj vv here thousands of tour-
vy uaCSi ar. The banana
pincappie .t'd sugar plantations
!Are Wonlerful to s. e. Atrip to
jjiAaii.m Hands would be
a ri..ri tted by no one.
;i 1 :.m un old East Tenn..
1'. , ,.n! ihink of the;
, r, ;.' t f'.-n. t. i I !
r r.ticl..
, , :ir fmiii . 01 n'-
, . v j- V ' -i '
G. li. ii. & ll J- G
r J i4aviiiiHiv.ia au i vwv.mm vr-v wf-v" ' - v
Dear Editor:- " ;
Enclosed is m? check, for
ose years subscription. Your
effort to give the peqple of Han
cock a good paper should hare
the hearty suDDort of air who
believe in progress. Whetbert
isinformaLn aenliihtenment
the people are progressive in
spirit, ambitious to better their
condition, and ready to cooper
ate in all good moves. Let's
have less peanut politics, less
kicking against,. movements for
better roads nd . belter schools.
less moonrpine. and a whole loi
more of the old time religion,
. I. visited in Hancock during
the. summer and found to my
great soraow a deplorable condi
tion in one paaticular. .1 rofer
to the lawless way in which
whiskey is being made and sold
by such a large number. Many
of the.e are what some have con
sidercd respectable people.
Let us scofcWhat accounts for
;he increased number of "people
being killed in Hancock? We
all know that Hancock County
was getting the name of being
more tivllizeif up till u year or
tafrohfh the number of
Ki to increase, X2:s t
1 Hi latatii ItAM sm aVAM aw a J -
JitUn ey iuen that whiskey gets
jVPeop1 killed, by what rea-
JsoA wc'call thosif reipectaW
i w rw.ajr)if vno are mawng amr euicrsr
out from your midst
vVith besc wishes for the neal
th and continued life of tho
News, I am Sincerely,
Chaa. riatfield.
Stories of
Great Scouts
f), Wastara Nawspapar tlnloa.
In tfoH, while General Lyiniin's
army was encuniied near Fort Edward,
N. T... during the French and Indlun
war, sentinels at one outpoat ln-can
to dlwippi'ur myaterloualy. Mght after
nlglu a soldier waa (kmUhI there and
tbe neit niorniiig could not be fouud.
OnJy the bravetit men In the army
were selected for Ibis poid. General
L.) ma 11 gave orders fur rln'iu to cull out
"Who gites there 1" three timea, if they
heard any noise, and then If no answer
came, to fire. Itut the eiaapptiiraiH'ee
continued until bis men were mnlc-
atrltken and refused to take eurh a
dangerous station.
At laat Israel Putnam, a niemler of
fajor Rogers' rsngi-ra, volunteered to
go on guard at that place and solve
the in) alery. One hot auuiiner nliiht
he heard a rustling In the leu tea
nearby. The aounds were Hume
of au animal acuflllug about un the
ground for food and, peering through
a L. . I 1 .. . .... I ... I. k. ,..lnl
starlight a huge rretdure. wl,i I. be
reriignlced aa a tiear, slowly sham- ,
hlltig towsrd hiia.
Something la the best's gait erotned .
the scout's suspicion. I'm nam oleed
the general, order-, lie eballe..K.-d 1
three timea and then tired. A J.nid '
gr.ning and stnintig noie followed
and wheo the e"out ruxhed forward
he found the hear In its death aicii). j
Then he turned tbe animal er. Fw- ;
rlnaed In the aliafCicr akin, still tluttb- j
leg a tomahawk but stone dead, lay
a giant Indian. !
The niatery was ailved. The other
sentinels hsd belleed It "n a real
tar they b. ard an.l BJIel the dar
ing warrior to get nar etiih to use
Ma tomahav k before they l nriie!
their miHtake. No more M-titiii la .!ie
Stne time after this eetit. Iilnaas
was raptured by the Itil!ans j
.. .1 ... ml tr'. ill 41 t
as lue names oegaa ie s-"n n nu. j -
lUt iT'iniK-uts. a n.arr rain igaa
to fall and put out the Ore. The aav
sr.es coil.H ted liie tlty wood sod
again U-gnn the torture. Itut again
they were foil. !.
Greet Scctt)
X Weaura
' w XCSU Ff vclf
ararjr than , to have Frank Or cars
-killed,- ooce .'declared Geo. Pros
Crook, aad when taia graag lawlta
Ogbter set such a high vaia ) .leav
services e a acewt it laanff tad,
Frauk Oraard u wtUtoot a ex
U.-uard was bora la Tahiti lu l!fis '
Uie son of aa Ainerlcaa trader and e)
oatlve woman. Ula father returaeA
to this coon try when Frank was hoi
( two year eld and nt the use of u
.teen Frank, ran away from luan ual
went to llootana.
v Oruard . became mail carrier, m
dangeroua'lob to a country full of Uuo
tile Sloox. .They captored aim DnaUy
a young bra re ..pleaded for tils 1 x
Calling their atieniloo to Prenyl ,
swarthy complexion lie declared f tt
the mail carrier unat ba an X&dica
who had been captured by the waltf, ,
TliN Indian was the renowned
ting Hull. For 19 months Groari r- . -giutrditl
rloaely and, reallstt) tU t . .
UmaneKs of attemptinc to c ir, tj ; .
learned Uie Sleux te f3 ezUeJ t
UiUi the Indian V'x i cao af tnao '
lie lived r C.Z sa atx yecl :
before ew I . eeexped. ,m - ;t
owe tLzj t;rurd waa eec M fc?
an eCr who attempted te C-'.Z I')' '
.focird by uaerof the coocrti 7 ) ..
berc-- le- ht a CtlndXng mow
Ff"i t" i.liaaCs-r,r x
p,TUy., stwrnm PI U.
Uroard'aSreateat tz:'':
-art In the'-Slbley I V..
Urnt. 8. W. Sibley eaat trierv' r
thm, aeT
Ihm'ovrr unknown monnraln trane,
winding through tbe deep canyons and
around high anka, until the Indiana
were nntdlatanrcd. The next day be
rere mitdlatanrcd. The next day b
uldetl them to a high point on a
iinutitnln able nnd pointed down, U
w Iheiii lay Crotik'a eatnp. ' I
rrnnk (irunrd waa given a llfe-tlma s
iKultlou as a giiveniinent scout and ' l
e ierfiH-uied valuable aervfree In the
nl uprlxtng of the Hloux. tbe Ohoat . 'a
)aure war of 1KHI. In 1S04 rrani . i')
aw his father for tbe flint time etna , '..
guided them to a high point on a
mountain ltle nnd pointed down, Om'
Daure war of 1KHI. In IKtt rrani
saw his father for tbe find time
he hud run away from home, Oruard
died In HI. Joeer.h lie.. In lUA
In accordance with tho tcrnu
oTChapter38. of the AcU of tht
General Assembly of tho State
of Tennessee, approved Marcti
21. 1921 the creditors and tboii
having claims aain3t the eitata
of Ncah T. Collins, deceased,
lately a resident of Hancock
County, Tennessee, ara hereby
notified that on the 4th, day of
September l'.)22 I wa appointed
A iministrator of thu estate of
the said N'iah T. Collim deceaei
by the County Cjurt of Hancxk
County. All peri;i hiving
claims of any character against
jthe et.ite t.f the sai l Nah T.
Collins dece tsed, whe her due or
nut are hereby notified to file
them with the Clerk of the
County Cuurt of liir CJCij C-Unty
in arcordatl" n with the term of
gai I Act
Arnl a'i CT.v-n.l'owiog R3I I
. ,j forward
and m ttttlnnt of your irw
delito Inet".
This 4i h. thy rf Sept. 1922.
KobL Pa er.
. - y.

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