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The Black Hills union. [volume] (Rapid City, Pennington County, Dakota [S.D.]) 1889-1904, February 12, 1904, Image 1

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Red war now rages in th« far
Early this week the Russian
reply to Japan's ultimatum was
received by tbe Mikado's govern
ment and not being a satisfactory
answer, the sturdy Japs at once
commenced hostilities. They ran
torpedo boats into the harbor of
Port Arthur and succeeded in
sinking three Russian warships
and made good their escape with
out the loss of a man or serious
damage to their own vessals.
Several engagements have oc
curred since and in each the Japan
ese have come off yictorious. Re
ports which have apparently been
verified at this writing [Thursday
night] have ii that eight war ves
sels have been captured or sunk
by the Japanese without loss to
themselves arid some 2,000 Rus
sian soldiers have been made cap
Unverified reports have that the
H, W. McManus, representing
the International School of Corres
pondence will be in Rapid City to
night and will remain for some
time. Anyone wishing a course of
instruction will do well to write him
at this time or call on him at Lake
& Bump's store."Tils headquarters
while iu the city.
The ground hog was out on time
this month and if the old say
ing proves true, several weeks
more of winter weather will be our
potion. Prophet Hicks predicts
storms of snow and seleet followed
by cold waves and high winds and
continuing during the entire month.
Shirt Waists
..•• •••.».• "w-ff'r •:••••. •'-.•»!:-•
War Rages
in the Far Cast.
Russians are killing all the Chinese
laborers oa the Manchurian rail
way aud that China is aroused as
a reault and is preparing for action
against Russia. The reason for
such action on the part ol the Rus.
sians is that Japanese spies tfis
guit. as Coolies are blowing up
the road and that they cannot be
apprehended, so the only way to
do is to kill off ell the '•Chinese."
The Russian emperor has for
merly declared that agitate efjwar
exists ana lays all the blame on
Japenese for commencing the war
without firat notifiying him of their
intention and is reported he is very
willing to agree to Japan's terms
and that he is ^endeavoring to se
cure the intervention of some for
eign power. His statements are
considered in the light of a "baby
cry" and occassion no little amuse
ment in this country.
A full report will appear next
H. W. MCMANUS, Dead wood.
DEAR SIR: Answering yo«r
letter of inquiry at to what I think
of th« International Correspon
dence School method of learning
foreign languages by mail, I can
say thst the method is the Most
successful have oyer heard of and
I unhesitatingly adrfce all who
wish the great accomplishments to
take the International Correspon
dence course. I aa a student in
the Spanish course and am well
into the work with the phonograph
It is very enjoyable, easy to under
stand, interesting and practioal. I
have had no difficulty with the
work whatever, and best of all I
have my own time ia which to get
the work in, this is a very good
Up lo 75c flannelette waists, new 25c
Wool and satteen waists, fitted lining, 50a
Up to $3, wool waists, now 98c
Finest wool and velvet waists and a lew silk waists, now £1.98
Mens' Overcoats
Dressing Sacques
Outing flannelette and eiderdown sacques, now 49c
Up to $1 flannelette and eiderdown sacques, now 95c
Up to $3.50 eiderdrwn saeques, now $1.95
Up to $6 wool blankets, how
fa. ..•.
I am sure that there are a great
many here that will be glad of the
opportunity of studying at heme in
their spare moments, end to them
I cannot say to much in favor of
the International Correspondence
methods. The school is a wonder.
Will be glad to see you in Feb
reary and trust that the organiza
tion of the classes here will prove
as successful as you anttcipate. In
fact, I am quite sure there will be
more than double the number you
mention Very Truly Yours,
This is the first invention which
makes it possible to see the ocean's
bed. A diver cannot go down
deeper than one hundred feet, be
cause of ths great pressure of the
watOr above him. Pino claimi to
be able to secure a good photo in
any depto of water.
The most disastrous fire that has
occurred in years swept over the
city of Baltimore this week and
left nearly two miles square of the
business portion of the city in
ruins. The loss is estimated at
nearly $00,000,000. Some 50
000,000 persons are thrown out of
Nine Mens' overcoats, sold early at $6 to $10, now $4.95
Ten Mens' overcoats, sold early at $12.50 to $15, now $8.85
51. Joe 1 miniMEVD romuiLE
Western StoCfcjfrottiers dt^tiapid City jlprit 11, 12 and 13.
point. You will have my hotrty
cooperation ia forming clfttses of
the three courees here in Feb
ruary and I hare several inquirers
that 1 would like to have you
visit. A number taking the same
course would be very beneficial
and interesting I am sure.
Judge 7th Judicial Circuit.
The Grecian government has
just made a contract with an Italian
inventer, Cavalierre Pino, to
search for and recover valuable
statues and other works of art
known to be at the bottom of the
sea near Athena, by means of his
BOW machine which will throw on
a screen on the ships deck real
•OYing pictures of the ocean's bed
underneath the ship.
We have told you that it does not pay us to carry over winter goods. They take up room, tie up money and styles change.
This sale shows that we mean emphatically every word of this and more that we positively will not carry over
winter goods.
This is the Last Call—The Last Cut
It is almost giving away the 'remdent of these winter goods. Two to three months more that yon will need them. The time to pick is
the first day of the sale. Goods go at once at these prices.
Piece Goods
Major McCawley, who stirred up
somewhat of a rumpus by presenting
the diplomatic corps In advance of the
supreme court Judges at the recent
Judiciary reception nt the White
House, is one of the personal- staff
which President Roosevelt has selected
from the army and navy to attend
him upon all state functions. These
aids are headed by Colonel Thomas W.
Symons, superintendent of public
buildings and grounds.
The duties of the military aids on
festival occasions are largely ornamen
tal. When a reception is-held, the staff,
arrayed in full dress uniform, meets
the president at the head of the stair
way, escorts him to the blue room and
ranges itself in the foreground. State
dinners begin in much the same man
Colonel Symons is master of cere
"!es at all state and social func
tions at the White House. At all form
al receptions he stands at the presi
dent's left hand and Introduces each
visitor by name to' the chief executive.
He also prepares the Invitation lists
and makes all the arrangements for
official receptions and dinners.
Colonel Symons is a native of -New
York, but Was appointed to the Mili
tary academy from Michigan. He
graduated at the head of blB class In
1874 and entered- the engineer corps.
He is flfty-four years of age.
Major Charles L. McCawley, who
displeased the Judges, was appointed
flporu a clerkship In June, 1807, to a
captaincy In the United States marine
corps, lti which branch of the service
his father, Colonel C. C. McCawley,
was at one time the ranking officer.
He was detailed for social duty at. the
White House during President McKln
ley's first term and is an Intimate
friend of President Roosevelt and of
the president's family. He is cue of
the best dancers at the capital and fre
"rlth Miss Alice Roose-
Flannelette Wrappers
Up to $3.50 vary heavy wrappers, now $1.35
Up to £1.35 choice wrappers, now 95c
Up to $4.50 full length dressing robes in plain, pink, blue, grey
and red shades, wool eiderdown, now £2,35
20c, 18c and i6j^c flannelettes, now 10c
ioc and i2}£c flannelettes, now 6c
85c and 65c fancy eiderdowns, now 37^0
60c wool suitings 36m wide, now 45c
$1.25 underskirt patterns, sow 95c
85c underskirt patterns, now 65c
Sale prices strictly CASH
The President's
Staff is Famous
velt During the Spanish war he saw
service In Cuba and later was in the
Of the other officers of the presi
dent's staff two belong to the navy,
Lieutenants Bulmer and Sellers, and
four to the army, lioscoe C. Bulmer
and David B. Sellers have been sta
tioned at Washington for about a year.
Of the four young army officers Cap
tain Joseph W. Glidden of the Twenty
fifth infantry and Lieutenant Gran
ville R. Fortescue of the Tenth cavalry
entered the array from civil life at the
breaking out of the Spanish war. The
other two. Lieutenant Clarence O.
Sherrill and Lieutenant George R.
Spalding, are West Point men, both
whom were graduated three years ago
near the head of their class and se
lected the engineers—the corps d'elite
of the army.
Lieutenant Fortescue is a New York
man and one of the rough riders of
1898. He has a certificate of merit
received for distinguished services at
the battle of Santiago. He is acting
as Assistant to the superintendent of
Jackets and Capes
Still selling aU winter stock regardless of cpst.
Babys and Children
Up to $3.50 coats and jpekets. now $1.35
Misses and Ladies
Up to $5 coats and jackets, now $2.35
Ladies and Misses
Box coats and jackets, late styles.
Up to $8.50, former price, now $4,95
Up to $i2!5o former price, no»v $7.50
Up to §16.50 former price, now $9.50
Up to S18 former price, now $12.50
Scarfs, collerettes, capes, jackets
A 20 per cent cut on each garment
Up-to $5 muffs, choice $1.95
f"'5*fV ..v
will be sold by me at actual first
cost as tncy last. There are In
cluded among this assortment beau-rw.
tiful landscapes, fruit and animal??^!
pictures and rnanv others in eludings#!
public buildings and grouncs.
All of these officers are selected
thd president for their duties
White House and are detailed
secretaries of war and navy.
fr *5?.
I have just received a tine assort-.
ment of pictures from Young's Art -v|§
store in Cedar Rapids, la., which-M
famed "Angelus," "The Madon-&&§
1," "Motherhood,', etc., all bein^l^S
reprodnotions of paintings by fam-»sw?
I have ihem in blnck'^l
and white and :n the co rs. These*%s§
srems aiv all beautiful framed ondsS&fi
fit to be in lhe finest twrlor. This|$||
is a grand oppportunity to deco^V#
rate your home with oeautiful pic-f^Sl: .«
tures at. your own pr'.o.*. You are*®^
cordially invited to visit me and in-s?»?9
... .l:- ttiSii
spect this art gallarv.
Black Hills National Bank Building.
at the
by the
,h ir

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