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B. D. Miller, of Yievvfield was In
town Saturday.
Mrs. C. I). Royce was visiting in
Philip last week.
W. W. Soule was campaigning in
Pltfilip last Saturday.
Chris Dow, of Box Elder, was in
Rapid City, Monday.
$. E. Roberts is visiting his brother
at Owanka this week.
A. T. Strack from near Sulphur was
in Rapid City Sunday.
T. McCain went to Wasta Tuesday
morning for a short visit.
_Mrs. A. Griffith ol' (,'onala was a
visitor in this city Monday.
"O. E. Sweet spent the lirst of the
wpek in Sturgis on business.
•Mrs. Ida Zinsmaster and daughter
spent Sunday in Hot Springs.
F. M. Penrose is spending a few
days on his claim near Brushie.
Mrs. F. A. Maynard, of Mitchell, is
the guest of friends in this city.
M. L. Fuller, of Conata was in
Rapid City the first of the week.
Judge McGee went to Dead wood
the lirst of the week to hold court.
A. D. Went/.y, of Scenic, was a
business caller in this city Monday.
Miss Bertha Crowley, of New Un
derwood is attending the city schools.
J. A. Clark, of Keystone, was a bus
ness caller in Rapid City last Satur
W. A. Walker and wife of Yankton
were in this city the lirst of the
M. V. Trueblood of Shelton, la.,
was in Rapid City the lirst of the
Owen Swinehart and wife have re
turned from a visit with relatives in
G. M. Martin, of Deadwood, was
transacting business in this city,
Irvin Leedy returned from a week's
stay at his ranch, about 40 miles north
of Philip.
Mansford II. Martin, of Oak City,
Mo., was in Rapid City the lirst of
the week.
Isaac Cobb, of Merriwell, N. D.,
is the guest of friends in Rapid City,
this week.
Rev. C. D. lloyse went to Ains
worth, Neb., the lirst of the week
for a visit.
Mrs. J. D. Johnson, of Piedmont,
was shopping in Rapid City the first
of the week.
Miss Edith Zink, of Rockerville,
was the guest of C. N. Laws and wife
last Saturday.
William Scott, of Smithwick, was
transacting business in this city the
lirst of the week.
J. W. Dickson and wife, of Yank
ton, were in Rapid City, Saturday,
euroute to Mystic.
Miss Ada Ilunt, of Sturgis. was the
wart £0
guest of Mr. and Mrs. George Hunt Miss Uelen went to Spearflsh where
the first of the week. she will attend the Normal.
You Should help
If you believe in the principles of the republican
party—such as advocated by Theodore Roosevelt
—you should subscribe for the BLACK HILLS UNION
and help fight the battle of the people. You owe
it to your party to stand loyal to its interests. You
owe it to yourself if loyally republican.
Stand up and be Counted
The subscription price is $1.50 a year. If you are
now a subscriber why not get somq one of your
friends-to subscribe? Every little bit helps. We
would appreciate it.
Chas. S. Walker, of Mystic was in
this city, Wednesday.
Philip Rathgeber of Dalzell was
transacting business in this city
M. II. Mitton of Wilkes Uarre, Pa.,
was in Rapid City Monday and Tues
day on business.
J. 11. Monroe, of Rapid City, was a
Hayes visitor the first of the week.—
Stanley Co. Homestead.
C. A. 1\ irvin, of Oaks. X. D.. was
the guest of his sister, Miss Cora Kir
vin, the lirst of the week.
Miss Clara Peterson went to Rapid
City last Saturday where she will at
tend school Philip News.
Miss Ella Johnson returned to her
home at New Underwood the lirst of
the week alter a short stay here.
Ada Hunt left Saturday for Rapid
City to visit with her uncle George
Hunt and family.—Sturgis Press.
J. L. Crofut, has arrived from
Chad ron and is the new ticket agent
for the Chicago & North Western.
Mrs. John Trigg and Mrs. James
Sharp who were in attendance at the
M. 10. conference returned Monday.
J. D. Hale returned Tuesday from
Rapid City where he spent a couple
of days on business. -Sturgis Record.
Clyde McCain, of New Underwood,
was in Rapid City Saturday, enroute
home from a business trip in Michi
Miss Inez and Ruth Jones left the
first of the week for Des Moines
where they will attend school this
W. M. Cox and wife returned from
Philip the lirst of the week where
they spent several days at the con
Jack Corcoran of this city, accom
panied by his father A. J. Corcoran
a merchant of Wasta, were Hot
Springs visitors last Sunday.
Valentine Zink, wife and daughter
have returned to their home at Sterl
ing, Neb., after a visit with their
relatives, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Laws.
Rev. W. S. Grim, of the Methodist
church, returned from Philip, Mon
day, where he had been in attendance
at the conference. Rev. Grim will
remain for the next year.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Brown, of
Rapid City, were Spearlish visitors on
Thursday. Mr. Brown is manager of
the Rapid City Light and Power com
pany.—Spearlish Enterprise.
Win. B. Mallory, of Hermosa, was a
business caller at this office last Fri
day. Mr. Mallory is the inventor of
a spring wheel tire which he is
preparing to put on the market.
Rev. Robert Mclntye, of St. Paul
bishop of the M. E. church, was in
Rapid City, Monday morning for a
few hours, lie had been in atten
dance at the M. E. Conference at
Mrs. Kelliher and daughter Miss
Helen, of Conata, were the guests of
Misses Madge and Linnie Kelliher,
last Saturday. Mrs. Kelliher left for
an extended visit in Colorado and
do printing of all kinds
at reasonable prices Give us a trial. The office
is at 530 Main street. Phone Red-271. Send in
the news and' help make the paper interesting.
Communications of all kinds always printed
^SVe do all kinds of printing, neatly and on short
notice.^Letter heads, note heads, statements, bill
heads, envelopes, cards, pamphlets, auction sale
bills,, gutter snipes, novelty cards, blotters, etc.
at 530 Main Street.
A. M. .Tones, of Omaha, was calling
on friends here this week.
George Hunt and wife attended the
state fair at Huron this week.
M. L. Nicholson, of Ft. Dodge, la.,
is visiting in this city for a few days.
Miss Lillian Johnston, of Quinn,
visited W. E. lUuer and family la»si
Mrs. W. II. Bond, of Custer was
the guest of friends in this city this
Win. Franklinof Wasta, was trans
acting business in Rapid City this
Miss Murrill Gay spent a few days
in Sturgis this week the guest of
Mrs. J. C. Sherman and daughter
Miss Fanny of Pactola, were guests
of Mrs. YV. E. Smith several days
this week.
You should take the Union—$1.50.
The Central Stanley county fair
will be held at Philip the last week
in September.
The Rapid City Business College
has organized a basket ball team
which promises to be a good one.
The Interstate Livestock Fair will
be held at Sioux City next week.
Several from here will be in atten
W. C. Benfer has sold the Lead
Register to Ed. BaUenger who has
been connected with the paper for
some time.
Frank S. Stratton, republican nom
inee for the legislature of Lawrence
county, has resigned, giving business
interests as his reason.
Chauncey L. Wood of this city,
democratic nominee for governor, was
addressing the democracy in the east
ern part of the state last week.
Rockribbed Republican Maine went
Democratic for the lirst time in
thirty years Monday, electing a Dem
ocratic governor and two congress
The following Pennington county
people were shippers to the Sioux
City market Monday: Ab Otis, Farm
ingdale T. Eriekson, II. Rickguar,
Wall Clay Oliver, Rapid City.
Several hunting parties were out
after ducks this week and we under
stand were quite successful. The
law was out on the 10th and many
took the lirst opportunity to indulge
in the sport.
The Sunday school convention for
the Black llills district is to occur at
Deadwood Sept. 24 and 25. Com
mittees will be appointed next Sab
bath by the various churches to look
after the details of the meeting
Deadwood Telegram.
A newspaper subscriber once re
ceived a dun through the post office
and it made him mad. He went to
see the editor about it, and the editor
showed him a few duns of his own
one for paper, one for type, one for
fuel and several others. "Now," said
the editor, "I didn't get mad when
these came because I knew that all I
had to do was to ask several reliable
gentlemen like you to come in and
help me out, and then I could settle
them all." When the subscriber saw
how it was he relented, paid up and
renewed for another year. —Ex.
The women of South Dakota are
mostly quietly attending to the duties
of their homes and have little oppor
tunity except by petition and prayer
to show their interest in the suffrage
movement. But many women whose
work enable them to get out are ener
getically working in the field for the
amendment. Rev. Henrietta Lyman
whose family is now grown, Rose
Bower with her cornet, Mrs. Julius
Johnson, Mrs. Nina Pettigrew, Mrs.
Pliilena Johnson, Miss Ursin of Nor
way, besides Dr. Aylesworth, Dr.
Taylor and Mr. French, are a few of
those who have been working in the
state to convince the voters of the
reasonableness of suffrage for women.
Besides these a large force of women
are writing for their home papers and
doing all in their power to convince
men that women really want the
ballot—From Suffrage Press Notes.
A new disease is spreading among
the cows of the county which has al
ready reached milkers in several town
ships. Our attention was called to the
disease tills week by Dr. L. P. Brew
ster who has been called to treat sev
eral cases. The malady seems to
effect the mouth more particularly,
though the first symptoms are shown
when the cow begins to go dry. Large
cankers form in the roof of the mouth
and back of the teeth below, and
gradually spreads until the entire
mouth is one large blister. The cow
cannot eat and soon begins to dry up.
In some instances th$se canker sotes
have appeared is the nose, but are
mostly confined to the mouth, just
what causes the disease is not known
supposition ip that the lack
of rain and short grass have resulted
in the development- of a poisonous
weed that the cows have been feeding
on. People who oiwn and are milking
cows, especially where tl*ey ar§ kept
in the pasture throughout the day.
should keep close tab on thgm. -Ver
million Republican.:
p/i, '.w:
Subscribe for the Onion—SI.5o.
Old papers for saJ
cents per bunch.
at this office, 5
The total enrollment in the
schools is close to (i"0 p.ipils.
Several from here attended the old
settlers meeting at Hot Springs Iart
The National Live Stock Excha'.i"
holds its annua] meeting in St. Lou:.*
next week.
William Dawson of thi? city wo
the Shetland pony in tl".e Saturda.»
levelling Post's agents' cr nlest.
Subscriptions taken fur any maga
zine or paper published at lowest
rates at McXamara's Hook Store. t£
Lincoln Martin a ,id son left Tues
day for liice Lake, Wis., with the re
mains of a son who died here in the
The Stanley county fair will be
held at Kadoka, next week, Sept. 21
2.5. It promises to be a tirst class
L-ounlv fair.
The Northwestern carpenter crew
left for Chadron Tuesday, after ma i
ing some needed improvements at the
stock yards.
The Rapid Steam Laundry has pur
chased an Overland delivery automo
bile which will be used in connection
with their business.
Gathering pine cones has become
quite an industry around 1 Lill City,
two car loads of cories being shipped
from that point last week.
The second ball team of Rapid City
did not go to Sturgis Sunday as sched
uled, as at train time they received a
message stating that it was raining
at that place.
Word has been received here that
Mrs. Fred Sargent, who formerly re
sided in this city, died at her home in
Hampton, la., August 28. She is
survived by a husband and live chil
P. V. Fitzpatrick, of Rapid City,
came down Monday for a short visit
at the State Home. r. Fitzpatrick
is a member of the Board of Com
missioners of the Home Hot Springs
The entertainment at the Opera
house Saturday night under the direc
tion of the Equal Suffrage Associa
tion was quite a success. A liberal,
crowd was present and enjoyed the
There will be Luthern services Sun
day, Sept. 25tli, at 2 o'clock p. m., in
the city hall. In the absence of the
regular pastor, Rev. O. E. Ileilmaui
will preacli the sermon. Everybody
Elmer F. James of Shoshoni, Wyo.,
and Miss Grace Taylor, of Piedmont
were united in marriage at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gay, Mon
day, Rev. J. F. Blodgett performing
the ceremony.
Supt. Kamuion, of the Pahasa com
pany, and Mr. Duncan, of London,
England, who is making an examina
tion of the company's tin prospects
from a geological standpoint, are
spending a few days in Rapid City
Harney Peak News.
Earl Brainard, Deadwood, S. D,»
Chief Clerk, Supt. of N. W. R. R.,
has been out of school less than four
years. He studied shorthand under
Mr. and Mrs. Brown, now in Rapid
City (S, D) Business College. Aslc
him about the Browns.
Charles L. Hyde, Jr., Will Starker
and Edmund Jacobsen returned tlais*
morning from the Hills. They spe^t
a few days at Ilisegaand then walked
to Harney Peak and Custer, visiting
Sylvan Lake, Wind Cave and Hot
Springs. They had a line outing
Pierre Dakotan.
The submission to the voters of a
Constitutional Amendment granting
suffrage to women is declared for in
a plank of the platform adopted by
the California State Republican Con
vention held in San Francisco, Sept.
7. Three rousing cheers followed its
adoption—Woman's Journal.
May Hall completed the steno
graphic course in Mankato (Minn.)
Commercial College, last week. She
wis sent to a good position at $50 a
month. We predict she will soon be
getting $100 a month. Just think of
it. Why don't you take a course in
that school? Send for catalog.
John H. Martin M. D., formerly
House Surgeon at the Illinois Chari
table Eye and Ear Infirmary, Chicago,
has located in Lead and Deadwood
for the treatment of diseases of the
eye, ear, nose and throat. Office
hours in Deadwood from 1:00 to 3:00
p. m. at the office of Dr. Schneerer.
Hunters and forest rangers coming
in from the country a few' miles west
of here, report, seeing a''small band of
elk about 12 miles west of the city.
The elk disappeared at once upon
being seen and it is though that their
presence in this section is due to the
forest fires in the northwest which
have driven them east Rapid City
dispatch in Argus-Leader.
3 *y ir*
A troop of cavalry from Sturgis has
Cf ,mped north of Rapid City for a few
The South Dakota State University
opened for the year at Vermillion
Monday with prospects for a record
breaking attendance.
In last week's issue of this paper
we stated that Mrs. Bachman died at
the city hospital. We were misin
formed as the lady died at Mrs. Sophia
Cristy Pryer, who has been em
ployed in the city engineer's depart
ment all summer left today for Rapid
City, where he will resume his stud
in the state school of mines—Aber
deen News.
At the preliminary trial of Tim
Murphy charged with shooting at
'•Church" Hall, in Judge Exline's
court Wednesday, Murphy wasgranted
a change of venue to Judge Joy's
court. The case will come up again
The Misses Hanna and Bessie
Knapp, of Rapid City, Mrs. John
Mulleague and Richard Knapp, of
Lead and Mrs. Van Cam pen from
northwest of town, children and
grandchildren of Mr. and Mrs. T. E.
Knapp,.attended the family reunion
at the Knapp home Monday. A fare
well dinner was served which was
enjoyed by all. Misses Hanna and
Hessie went to Rapid City last eve
wing where they are running a mani
!curing parlor.—Wall Record.
Irrigation Project Great S..c
cess-Governmenn Engin
eers Inspect Great South
Dakota Project
.It is said that the P.oard of United
States Engineers that recently visited
the Government Irrigation Project at
Be.lle Fourche is apparently very
much interested in the advantages
ifciich the Project offers, and it is be
lievedthat they will recommend to
Congress additional expenditures for
t.ais development work.
The cost figures for the Belle
.Fourche project are among the lowest
tlbe Government Reclamation Service
lias been able to secure. Over 100,000
of land have been reclaimed and the
Chicago & North Western Railway
has opened an extension of its Black
llills line from Belle Fourche to the
Government town site at Newell.
Settlers are taking the farms as
poon as they are placed over the ditch
and the Belle Fourche Valley, which
lias heretofore been strictly a cattle
range country, promises to become
densely populated at an early date,
and a region with splendid crops.
Belle Fourche is nearer the eastern
markets than many of -lie other Gov
eminent projects. The C. & N. W.
Ry., maintains two direct lines to
Chicago and the east.
The party consists of Brigadier
General Marshall, retired (who was
until recently at the head of the U.
S. Engineers), Col. Biddle, Col. Long
litt, Major Ilarts, Major Kutz, Major
Burges, Mr. F. H. Newell, Director
of the Reclamation Service and Mr.
R. F. Walter, Reclamation Service
Engineer who was in direct charge of
tue work being done by the Govern
ment at Belle Fourche.
Salary Ordinance
The following ordinance was passed
at the meeting of the city commis
sioners Tuesday night.
An ordinance fixing the salaries of
the varies city officials and commis
sioners of the City of Rapid City.
Be it ordained by the Board of
Commissioners of the city of Rapid
City, South Dakota.
Section 1. That the salaries of the
various officials of Uie city of Rapid
City and the Board of Commissioners
of said City, herein mentioned shall
be as follows, towit:
Mayor, from and after May 2nd,
1910, $125.00 per annuln, payable
Commissioners from and after May
2nd, 1910, $125.00 per annum, payable
Treasurer from and after August
1, 1910, $500.00 per annum, payable
Auditor from and after August 1st.
1910, $500.00 per annum, payable
Assessor $400 per annum.
Chief of police $75 per month, nay
able monthly..
Night policeman $75 per month,
payable monthly.
Paid Fireman $50 per month pay
able monthly. YJ'
City attorney $300 per annum from
and after May 2nd, 1910 payable quar
City engineer $8.00 per day.
Supt. of water and sewers $75 per
month, payable monthly.
Sec, 2. All ordinances' or parts of
ordinances in conflict herewith are
hereby repealed.
Na'ure Gives Timely Warn
ings That No Rapid City
an A
to Ignore
Danger Signal No. 1, comes from
the kidney secretions. They will warn
you when'the kidneys are sick. Well
kidneys excrete a clear, amber fluid.
Sick kidneys send out a thin, pale and
foamy, or a thick, red, ilismelling
urine, full of sediment and irregular
of passage.
Danger Signal No. 2 comes from
the back. Back pains, dull and heavy
or sharp and acute, tell you of sick
kidneys and warn you of the approach
of dropsy, diabetes and Bright's di
sease. Doan's Kidney Pills cure sick
kidneys and cure them permanently.
Here's Rapid City proof:
David .Aken, 119 First Sit., Rapid
City, S. Dak., says: "Last winter I
had a bad attack of kidney complaint
and could hardly stoop. The pain
and lameness in my back was almost
unbearable and I was afflicted with a
distressing weakness of the kidneys.
Doan's Kidney Pills were linally pro
cured from Phillips & Knox's Drug
Store and they restored ine to good
health. I consider this remedy
worthy of the highest endorsement."
For sale bv all dealers.
Price 50 cents. Koster-Milburn Co.,
Buffalo, New York, sole agents for
the United States.
Remember the name—Doan's and
take no other.
City's Professional Directory.
Attorney a Counsellor at Law
Ollice in Pennington County bank
building. Will practice in ail state
and federal courts.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Rooms :i and 4 Wood building, St. Joe
street. Practice in all courts and be
fore United States land office.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Office on St. Joe street. Practice in
state and federal courts.
Attorneys and Counsellors »»t Law
Ollice in First National bank build
ing. Practice, state and federal courts
Attorney and Counsellor at Law
Rooms Security bank block. Pract
ice in all state and federal courts, U.
S. land ollice and at Washington.
Attorneys and Counsellors at Law
Office in Buell Block.
Will practice in all State and Federal
Attorneys and Counselors at Law
Office over Pennington County Bank.
Will practice in all State and Federal
Office over Pennington County Bank.
H. G. C. ROSE, M. D., Oph.
V- -V'"
Physician and Surgeon,
Office up stairs, 612 St. Joe Street
Rapid City, So. Dak.
Special Practice Eye and Fitting Lent.
W. E. Robinson. M.D.
Office in Haines Bldg., Main Street
The Most Popular Book
Copyright by CkatUs Scribntr%t Sf9tt
By The Most Popular Man
Givw In book form by RoomvoH's
own hand tho solo aeoount of hl«
African Hunt
ia erery
City, Town and Villagfc
to handle
Colonel Roosevelt's
Great Book
163 Fifth Avenue New.York
They indict the packers. at eve)
turn, but the railroads go right along
doing about as they please and giving
the laughtto the interstate commerce

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