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'To inspect our lino of flne Spring
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We doa't have to mark our
Cash Trade.
Ghas. G. Gole, Opera House Glothier,
Bennington, Vermont,
At Redaced Prices. In ordnr to close out our ontlre stock of Paper
Eangings to make ronm, we will sell
60c Parlor Embossed Paper, 48c.
40c " " " 30c.
25c Parlor Gilts. Plain Back, 18c
, Borders and 1 band friozcs in proportion. Any ono now wishing to pa
paper will do well to see tliis stock
yoar's patterus.
F. L. BOTTTJM, North Bennington.
Green Houses tor best quality & lowest prices.
Are Offering Unprecedented Bargains
In all the above lines of goods.
l WE
Tliatsomcpcoplcthlnkwcdo not scll goods at low
prices only durlug a sale. We liave changed the
. ' - 1 A 11.1 .1 A f 1
prices on ui icw anicics uuvcruscu in our uig suie
JusY ndcd. Our prices are always low.
. HAET & CO.,
P H (
Cast Your Eye 6a Mollowing Prices :
Astcrs, 25ccntsper
Paii8ies. 25 ccnts per
Potted Vcrbcna?, 25c per
Coleus, 25,50c and 75c per
ucraniums, unc piants ln
Suits. Our assorlment is thrymost
i r
. . i r ' J
goods to cover losses, as ours is a
18c Micto Finislied,
14o Miclia Finislied,
at thoso price3. All slrictly thls
A full snpply of all grades of
SHINGLES constantly pn hand.
jars, 81.50 per dozcn.
Gcramnms, good nlants In 3-Inch
jars, c aiui si.ou per uoz.
ADOut 125 uoz Toraato Piants
25c and 35c ncr doz.
323 Sohool St Bennington, Vt
rEntarnd at the Bennington Post OfHca as
ecrnri-claju matter by C. A. PIERCS & CO..
10 Cents !
ait-Thn Rei-Weekly Danneh three month
for only 10c. To any person not now a subtcrtber
to the ItAintEii we will scnd them the paper
twlco each week f or three months on recelptof
only ten cents. Thls oHer is made for the pur
poso of lntroduclng the Seui-Weekly Banner
into famlllca where the paper Is sot now receired
and holds cood only tlll Juno 15th. Send ui ten
cents and we'll see that you recelve the Banner
twlce each week for three months.
A canvas of tlio dolecratos to tho Kow
Tork constitutibnal convention roveals
tho faot that about thrce-fourths tho
membors aro opposed to wornaD.suffraRO.
And still tho woraen profoss to bo happy.
If tho Domocratic taritt bill passos
Araorican artlsans will flnd that tho blow
aimed at tho luraberman, at tho farmcr
and hls shoep, at tho opcrativo and tlio
roanufacturer, attho savings bank dopos
itor and tho businoss man, was equally
almcd at the mechanio and tlio manual
trado bv whloh ho supports hls family.
Tho bill is an attack on Northern indus-
try and on overy Northorn horao. Tho
cortainty of its disastrous offcct upon the
leadin? mechaniqal trados, sitch as thoso
of tho wood workerand carpcntor, should
arousO'Ovcry labor union iu tho land to
activo, carnest and imperativoprotcst.
Thn TTnitud titatos snends almostcaual
amounts anually for educatlon and char
ities SU5,500,000 for tho forraer and
S140.900.000 for tho latter. Amonc tho
otlior cxpenscs for tho maintcnance of
our nubho institutious. as civon in tho
census Btotistics, aro tho folIowinR. For
roads. bridces ana sowers. STa.aoo.oou:
for tho postal servico, $60,000,000; for
tho army and mllitia, $35,500,000; for
polico saj.ooo.oou; lor ludoiary, siia.uou,
000: prisons and reformatories, S12.000,
000. Tho faot that we spcnd four tiracs
as mucli lor oacn, cducation ana cnari
ties. as tor tlio maintenanco of tlio army
and mllitia of tho various statcs, spoaks
volumes for tho polioy of this country;
a polijy. of pcaoo whioh has boen potont
in placinc us in the front rank of all tho
countries of tho world, and in the short
spaco of a little ovor a century at that,
Tho Sucar Trust has had its wav in tho
Senato. says tlio'Urooklyu aaaio. JNone
of the Domocratic Sonators votedagainst
it excopt Senator II i 11 and tho dcsiro
amoug tho rest of tlio party was to iso
lato inm. iio can aiioru to oo lsoiatea,
Beforo this thinK is throuch sorao of tho
mcn who voted for this Trust ou Tues-
day will bolovers of solitudo and candi-
dates for forectfulness.- II i 11 has not
bcen speculatinir ln sutrar stock. Had
Edward Murphy' Jr., been speculating
in tnose stocKsr ur. jonn u. Moruor
son has. .So has Calvin II. Brice. So
has Hichard Crokcr. althoutrh ho loadcd
up beforo ho retired from politics, being
ablo caslly to rctiro uejauso uo loaaou
up. Concerninp i aulKner. uorman, Mor
can. Arkansas Jonos and tho other fcl
iowsconclusions will not bo erronoous
that they voted for thoir interests when
tnoy roted acainst tucir principlos.
Tho Troy Fress of Wedncsday says:
Wo noto with pleasuro that tho Rutland
lleraia is sancuino oi better timos lor
Vermont, because a good grass crop is
assurcd, and a good grass crop moans a
prosperous season. lirass is moro im
portant tuan all tho other crops of that
tttato combined, if pasturage bo takon jn-
. . tm r 1 1 i , 1 i
lo accounu i uu rains iinit nuvu wrougnt
moro or less harm to tlio farming intor-
ests of other sections havo been a cod
send to Vermont. Tho worst that can
now happon is short pasturage from
drouth lato in tho summer. Vermont
has 8iiffered comparatively little during
tho scason of busincss dopression. Fow
of its manufacturers havo been com
pelled to shut down at all, and those
that havo dono so havo bcen enabled to
resumo after bnof periods of oloslncr,
Tho thrco creat industries of tho Stato.
outaido of agricultu're marblo quarry
ing, and ecalo and organ making havo
continued much the samo as if no nanio
had occurred. Vermont is to bo con-
gratulated on its prospority and the
prospect lor ovcn Dotter times.
The South Shire Senatorship.
Tho namos of Tylor D. Qoodoll of
Readsboro, and Abram B. Gardner of
1'ownal. havo been crominontlv put for
ward for tho Senatorship for tho South
Shiro of Bennington county, as our read-
crs aro awaro. Tho iioston pancrs. also.
havo commonted upon the fact and havo
spokon, througli their Yormont corros-
pondents, a good woru for theso gontlo
mon. It is now announccd that Mr
Goodoll withdraws from the canvass and
will support Mr. Gardner, which Ioayos
tho latter as tho only ono yot mentioued
for tho oflico. Mr. Goodell has dono this
with a hpartincss thatinsures tho support
oi nis inenas ior jur. uarancr. Tho lac-
tor is a-wcir known Ropublican. and if
nominated will command tho f ull strength
o: uio pariy.
Tho Democratlo Sunar Trust.
ful bargain was rallfled, and Deraocrats
now maintaln that the monpral taHif bill
will pass. Tho voto on tho nronosal of
Senato Jones of Arkansas, oxtending the
aato iu wmcu the sugar scheuulo shoulu
go into euoct, irom July lst, 1891 to Jan
lst, 1895, stood 38 yoas, 31 nays. Popu
A sop has been thrown extending tho
bounty six months. Tho Now York
Pross suras up tho situation as follows:
In tho absoluto knowledgo that thoy
wero ratifying an iniquitous bargain
wlt.ll II frlrrnnttr. mnnAnnltr jAliliiivnfA
violation of tho soloran plodges of tho
vuiuiiKo piauorra, n aeuanco oi iionor,
of justico and of patriotlsm, tho Domo
cratic majority in tho Umtod States
Senate voted Tuesday to adopt tho out
rageous sugar schodulo of tho tnongrol
tarlff bill. No ploa of ignoranco or in
advertonco can shlold tho Domooratio
Mon nfnra wlm vnil fn a n-
ican beot sugar industry and oxtort
min .lin.. C t,f 1 11
in vi u "laiiiuuj miuions oi uouars
yoar from tho American neonlo for 1
onrichinont of tho Sugar Trust. Those
sonators Know wuat they wero doing.
TllfW Iftinw flmf tl,n ol,,l.,1
postponed tho imposition of tho sugar
" - .. uhuuu.j lau, iuim. HUU ITUtvu
waswrlttenby Mr. Clovcland's , Socro
tary of tho Troasury, in obodionco to
ordors from tho Whito Houso, was
framcd for tho excress purnoso of al-
lowing the Sugar Trust to import vast
quantities of raw sugar freo of duty and
add scores of millions to its already
enormous prolits by forcing tho peoplo
to pay an incroased prico for this neo
esslty of lifo. They knew for it has
boen a matter of common report and
conversation at tho capital for weeks
that this bartor of tho taxing power,
this wholesalo tributo to monopoly,
this shamoloss surronder of tho princi
plos of equity and good govornment,
was tho prico deraanded by' tho Sugar
Trust in return for its peouniary contri
bution to the election of Grovor Clovo
land. And, knowing theso things, they
voted to pay that price, to disgrace their
country, repudiate their platfor'm
pledges and diahonor themselves.
The scandals mvolving tho Clevoland
Carlisle sugar schcdulo wero so notori
ous, tho chargcs offcctlng tho honor of
Sonators by implicating thnra in systora
atio stock speculatlon on sccrot informa
tion furnished by-agents of tho Sugar
Trust were so grave, that the Senato has
boen compolled to oruer a formal inycs
tigation. ,Tho tcstimony given beforo
tljo Ihvcstigatlng Commftteo has diroct
ly tcndcd to conllrm tho accusatlons
brought against the sohodule and its ad
vocatcs. That committco is now at
vmxK., The task which it was instruoted
to porform is hardly moro than bogun.
EToryconsideration, not morely of jus
tico, out of ordinary decenoy, rcquired
tliat no action should bo taken ou tho
sugar schedulo until tho truth in regard
to tho influcnccs whioh framcd it was
made manifost, and tho chargos against
prominent mombors of tho Senato oithcr
Eroved or disproved. Publio opinion
as insistcd upon a Bearching invostiga-.
tion into theso vitally important mat
ters. Reputable Domocratic nowspa
pers in ovory portion of tho country
havo condemnod tho sunar schedulo as
tho product of corruptlon and an mdo-
feusiblo surronder of popular rights to
monopoly. Tho enllghtened citizenshlp
of tho Nation has bcen unanimous in
tho dcmand that no yoto should bo
takon until tho committco had doflnite
ly ascertaincd tho facts at tho bottom of
this grcat National scandal. By ap
pointing a committeo of inquiry, the
Domocratic majority in tho Senato had
bound themselves to await tho verdict
of that committco beforo taking action.
Uut tho Domocratic sonators havo scon
fit to disresard precedent and fairness.
Thoy havo ignored and insulted their
otra committeo. They havo acknowl
edeqd that thoy did not daro-to tako tho
voto.upon tho sugar scncduio aiter uio
facttf in regard to this schedulo had bcen
formally cstablisbcd. They havo af-
fronted the decent public sentiment of
tho wholo country and havo virtually au
mittcd the accuracy of tho crushing
charges brought against their party and
their admini8tration.
These mon havo won a transient and
shamoful advantago. IIow shamof ul it
is will bo demoustratcd by tho sweeping
condemnation of their eourso that will
bq expres8cd by tho rcspectable nowspa
P9fS,of tho Unltcd States to-day. How
transient it is, is provod by tho magnifl'
cent Ropublican victory in Orcgon, whioh
eehoes tho rcpudiation of Dera'o'craoy by
every Eastern commonwoalth, and sig
nalizcs tho welding of tho Paciflc Coast
with the iuvinciblo array of National Ro
publicanism. The battlo for protection
to American industry will not slacken;
tho firo against tho corrupt'and infamous
mongrol bill will not lesscn bccauso of
Tucsday's voto. Tho action takon by
tho Senate in Uommlttoe of tho Wholo is
notdcclsivo. Itmustbo reviowcd and
may bo rovOrsed whon tho bill roachos its
flnal staces. Ropublican Sonators will
continuo to opposo tho Democratio tarlff
scbomo with unabatcd vigor and courage.
Tho Republican party welcoraes tho is
suo whioh tho Domocrats havo presented
by thoir unqualifled allianco with a hugo
and oppressive Trust. In bohalf of the
millions oi citlzens who earn thoir oreaa
by honest toll, in bohalf of tho millions
of wives and mothors, who will bo tho
first to noto tho hoightened cost of one
of tho common necessaries of lifo, in bo
half of the horaes which tho mongrol
bill thrcatens with poverty, of the na
tional honor which it tarnishes and tho
prosperity at which it strikcs, tho Repub
lican party pledges itsolf to carry on the
nght against the monopoly rioaen uem
ocraoy with accrcssivo onergy and
unvieldinc determlnatlon. Tho Domo
cratio loadcrs havo espousod tho sido of
tho foroigner and tho trusts. Tho Ro
publican party takes tho sido of tho
peopio, ana contiaentiy apneais ro tno
supremo tribunal of tho balloc for victo
ry in its battlo against tho party of ex
tortion, opprcssion.and industrial ruin.
County Court.
Tho Juno torm of tho County Court
openod at 10.30 o'clock Tuesday ' morn-
lng, Hon. Russoll S. Taft prosiding.Uon
Georgo J. Bond and Iloni A. E. Burton
assistinir. Pravor was offerod by Rev.
Mr. Ilaskins of tho 1 Congrcgational
Thclgrand jurors wero called and sworn,
auer which Judgo Taft appointoa l. u.
nallof Pownal foroman, and ohargcd
them jin a plain and pointcd manner;
most of tho crentlomen aro mon of wido
experlcnco and entor upon thoir dutios
well prepared for tho partlcular work
tney havo to dischargo. ln tho attor
noon tho petlt lurors wero called. sworn
and chargcd. Tho namcs of both tho
grand and petit jurors have been givon
m uio LiANHEn. u. u. uoioot uonnmg
ton was excused; also, John B. Russoll
of Peru. TJjero being no caso ready for
trial that aftornoon. tho iury woro ex
cused until Wedncsday morning, and
tho aftornoon was omployed by tho
court in "gottlng into lino" for tho torm.
Tho attornoys from out of tho county
aro Col. Bakor of Rutland, Pottor of
Pawlet. Martin of Brattleboro. Cud
worth of Londonderry and Johnson of
Eaglo Bridgo.
Wcdnesday morning tho caso of Louiso
Olomons vs. Warren Clomons was called
for trial. Fowler, Batcholdor and Bar
ber forplaintiff: Sheldon and Bakor for
defcndnht. This is n caso Bomowhat
compllcatod. Wm. B. Olomons, a
woalthy farmcr of Dorsot died in 1870,
leaving a largo ostato to his wifo and
two children, tho plalutlff and defcnd-
anu tho estato was souicu in ioiu,
loaving tho homo farm of about 400 aores
of lanrt and ahout 52,000 worth of per
sonal nroporty with a sraall oncutn
branco npon it. Tho wldow's dowor
was all sot out jn tho homo farm, to tho
valuo of $7,000. Sevoral othor farms bo-
incsold topavtbo dobts of tho estato.
and so sot out as to tako tho best part of
the farm. In 1831 Louiso got into dobt
qulto heavily and into troublo to about
SVlen's Suits
More now styles ln our 3ult department than any two houses lnTroy can show.
I ( 25 stylcs AlIvool Suits. sacks and frooks; new lonR Untaway Sacks a speclalty; in
vlw fabrics nevcr beforo rctailcd by us at less than 812 and $14.
y Q Sotneof the mol deslrable goods in the market, in Ionir cut sacks, handsomely tnaj
Xrf&andtrimaiedtSHipertult. Cannot bo dupllcated to-day outeide our slore at les
tuan v,iay uiagonai
Children's Suits.
ami H7A Bator Ball lreo with evcry purchaso ln thls department.J
Swe have junt purchasfd an entlre stock of flne Uhlldren.s Clothlng, comprislne Zouaye, Blo
Fauntleroy Suits. absoluttly all worl (roorts. and lmnd-.ome stvles, and offer the entlre lot 6
3perBult. NEVEK HAVE 8UCH VALUES BEEN OFFERED. Come in and look at them.
You may bo luwrcsted. a ,
Shirt Waists and Blouses.
SOdozenofthe celebtated Star Shlrt Waists itwen each, new goods, inst recekeJ.oll
ilzes, rcRUlar price $1. i 0j
25 dozen flne Chevlot and Madras Waists jQq eacu. regular price 75c.
25dozen flne Blouses ln now and deslrable patternj, 'J'Qq aa (J J
331, 330 and 338 Rlvcr Strect,
13, 15, 17 and 19 Fourth Street,
tho samo oxtent. A chargo of forgery
was mado against hor by tho Battcnkill
National Uank of Manchester, and to
savo hcrself sho dccdcd all lier right,
titlo and intorost m the property, her
right to hor mother's dower incluclcd, to
hor brother Warren, who naid monev
and gavo his notcs in sottlement of her
liabilities amounting in full to about
S1000, tho sum namcd in the doed. The
suit was to recovcr tho balaoce of what
tho property was worth at tho timo of
the deed. Tho mother and Mr. Spafford
Ilolloy of Dorset tho witnesses to tho
deed, both being dcad, has lcft no ono
knowing to tho transaction, excopt tho
partics to the suit. Louiso claimingthat
her brothcrs told her in Mr. llolloy's
prosence before signing tho deed that he
would further pay what her sharo of tho
property was reasonably worth, Warren
denying the samo. Tho mother died in
1883. Several witnesses wero called oy
both sidcs sbowing tho value of tho
farm in 1881, among whom wero Wm.
JXoot, J. M. Armstrong, 11. is. ivcnt,
Dwight Sykos, Geo. B. Rogers. Fred
Gilbert, Nathaniel MoWain, John Man
loy, Grceley Harwood and Morse Shel
don, who placed tho valuo of tho farm
in '81 all tho way from $8,000 to $10,000.
Tho examinations of witnesses was com
ploted Thursday morning and tho argu-
ments ocgan which tooic the remainoer
of the day.
Tho caso called for trial Eriday morn
ing is that of Bonediet vs. Lawrence.
Tho samo crowd of witnesses is seen
about tho steps of tho court house and
antrance tho (irand Jury's room now-a-davs.
as was seon about Thaver's Ilotel
last March, and it would bo no surpriso
if the noses of tho Grand Jury should
catch tho odor of the flrcs of last wintcr.
Another Bennington Boy Heard From
Tho Cohoes Wheel lleet, at Rensselacr
Park, Wcdnesday, was attended by moro
than 4,000 people, J. Elmer Ayres of
this villago was in tho races and won tho
ono-milehandicap in 2.17. In this con
test thoro wero 27 starters. There was
no wind to hinder the ridcrs and the
track was fast. The entiro manairemfent
was excellent. Prizes Gold "watch,
value $35; gold stud, valuo $10; cycling
underwear, valuo $4. In tho one milo
Eastern Now York eycling league cham
pionship races in which ho started, tbero
were 18 starters. Ho took second place.
Timo of tho first was 2.41 3-5.
We regard this as remarkablo as Mr.
Ayres, in theso races, rodo with tho faBt
est cyclists and professionals.
John S. Johnson rodo i milo in lm
1 3-5 s., beating the record of Rensselacr
Park. On tho return hbme of Mr. Ayres
he reported that ho saw tho defaulting
janitor Johnscn on tho grounde and offi
ccr John Nash. also.
The National Guard.
Thoannual Inspectionof Co. K,V. N. G.
was held yastcrday, Q. M. Gen. Gilmoro
and Capt. H. E. Tutherly, lst U. S. Cav
alry, inspccting ofilcers. The company
turncd out about forty-flvo mon all told,
and presontcd a vory crcditablo appear
ance, and tho inspection ofBccrs express
ed themselves as much plcascd vith tho
command. Tho quartors, camp and gar
risou equippago, otc., wero also found to
bo in good shape and well takes caro of.
In tho aftornoon camo tho targetcontsst,
which was witncsscd by quito a number.
Tho rosult will soon bo announccd and
tho names of tho threo who will roprcsont
tho company at tho Fort Ethan Allen cou-
tcst wul bo mado public.
At 4 p. m. Gen. Gilmoro and Capt Tuth
orly inspected tho Graded School Cadots
on tho school houso grounds. Tho boys
turncd out forty muskcts, wero divuled
into two companics, Capt. Hurlburt coru
manding one, Linut. Bingham tho other,
both boing undor tho command of Liout.
E. C. Bonnett lato of Norwich TJnivorst
ty artillery cadots. Tho grounds con
taincd qultb a largo .numbor of peoplo
who wantcd to seo "our boys" inspoted.
Thoy wero drillod in tho manual of arms,
batUtlion drill, and othor oyolutions. Tho
inspection by Capt. Tutherly was as
thorough with tho cadots as would have
beon tho caso with his own company in
tho lst cavalry. Tho boys did well, and
Capt. Tutherly oxprosscd himsclf to a
Banmeu reprcsentatlvo as highly pleased
with tho appearanco of tho cadots, both
in thoir drill and marchiug. Ilis com
mondations woro oolnolded iu by Gen.
Gilmoro. Tho Captain further said that
what ho had seen hcro moro strongly 1m-
Highest of all in Leavening
L.ong uut BUils at 1 EM our own malce, and
Play Ball.
TROY, ft3. Y.
pressed him with tho idea that every
public school should havo a courso of
military trs.ining, and that theso cadots
wero vory fortunato to havo as good iu
structors as they must havo had to attain
their prosent efticionoy. At tho close of
tho inspection tho boys wero dismissed.
Co. K gavo a short drill and inspectiou
day was ovor.
Tho poom, "Rock MetoSleep Mother"
was written by Elizabeth Akers Allen,
known othcrwiso as "Florence Percy."
It is a genoral favvrite for it is a sweot
little touch of homo lifo. But thoro is.
another sido to the picture. Many si
mother rocks her child to sleop who cau.
noitlior rest norsleep herself. Sho is al
ways tirod, has an everlastmg backacho,
is low spiritcd, wcary nervous and alL
that. Thanks bo. sho .can bo cured. Dr.
Piorco's Favorite Prcscription will do
the work. Their is nothing on earth
like it, for tho "complaints" to which.
the sex aro liable. Guarantecd to givo
satisfactiou in overy caso or monoy re
turncd. Dr. Piorco's Pellots aro spccifio for
biliousncss, hoadachcs, constipation,
ptles, and kindrcd ailments.
Don't fail to securo seats for-The
Mathews and Walters Company which
comosto tho Bennington Opora Houso
all next week opcning with "Tho Dan
ites" on Monday eveninc at reduced
prices 15-25 & 35.
IUP-Db. Goodall will rospond to
protessional calls and continuo his offico
business, tho samo as of old. See vil
age directory.
There will bo a strawberry social at
the residonco of Mrs. Chas. Barncs,
Thursday, Juno 14th, for tho beneflt of
St. Mary's Guild of St. Peter's church.
Strawbcrries and cream, lco crcam and
cako will bo scrvcd. Admlssion 10 cents;
rcfreshmente 25 cants.
J!-Salesuen Wakted. Freo pre
paid outfit. Ono of our agents has
earncd over $20,000 in flvo years. P. O.
Box 1371, Now York. 12t2.
gFLettuce, asparagus, bunch onions
and radishcs fresh from tho ground,
and fresh eggs. L. M. HoLToy & Son.
DFor Sale. an organ, and
chamber set, as good as now. lnquiro
at this offico for particulars. f t
i337Ladies, oleanse your kid gloves
with Josephine Glove Cleaner, for salo
only by Mrs. F. Mo Leod, who has just
returned from New York with a now
lino of spring millinery, all tho latest
noveltics ana shapes, correct stylcs. 421
Main street. 12tf
D-The Wm. Radam Microbo Killcr,
for the curo of all diseases, for salo at
509 Main streot. Only agout in this sec
tion. Mrs. Mary Gibson, Bennington,
Vermont. 29tf
Now York Sunday Papers, Press, Sua
and World, delivered to any part of tho
villago, between 12 and 1 p. m. Lcavo
your orders at onco. John JEvans.
will bo held at Denvcr, Col., on Jnno
14th. For attendants along tho lino of
tho Now York Central & lludson River
and West Shore Railroads a rato of faro
and a tliird per caplta for tho round trip.
has bcen made to Chtcago or St. Louis,
added to ono faro for tho round trip
from theso polnts. Theso lines and
thoir conncctfons form tho cheapest and
mostdirect routes to tho convontioIT,
and offer additional induccmcnts inivay
of safety, spccd and oomfort. Apply to
ticket agents for tickets, spaco in slcep
ing cars, timo tables, maps and any in
formation. Tho Roformed Prosbyterian synod
has placed "sccrot orders" undor tho
ban by adopting tho report of tho com
mittco on sccrot societics, which de
clarcd such nrganizations to bo a "mcn
ace to socioty."
Tho assigueo of,tho Union Loan and
Trust Company of Sioux City, Ia., in
whicli so many Vormontcrs aro intcr
ested, states that tho liabilities aro ovor
$7,000,000, and that it will pay only fivo
cents on a dollar.
Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report

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