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Miss Ella MoKay is at liorao from hor
school in New York.
Mrs. Hcnry Sforso has beon qulto Blck,
but at this writlng 1s cbnsidorable botter.
Tho Knapp houso, occupied by Mrs. J.
. Wright, is being considerably ro
;paired. '
Soveral from horo wero at tho Pattcr
ou aud Child wedding, Wednesday
ovoning, enjoying tbo occasisn much.
Mr. and Mrs. Dean of Castleton, N. T..
aro here, ho to aot as supcrintendcnt of
tho Stato Lino papor mill. About ton
;years sineo ho had chargo of tho mills in
'Castleton, whloh mado tho postal cards
for "TJnclo Sam."
Tho villago band gavo a very flno se
lcction of music from tho band stand
"Wednesday ovoning. A largo gatherine
of villaeors wero in attendanco, and gave
thora hearty oheers, as thcy flnished
somo of tho'ir excellent peices. Wo un
derstand tho proprietor of tho now Faran
Creek Houso, J. B. McNaraar, invited
them to a collation aftor tho programmo
iad beon rcndorcd.
Tho ico pitcher and goblots and set of
spoons, in tho window of tho bicyclo
jrooms of W. M. S. Ecove, prizes won by
Harry D. Mattison, on Decoration Day,
at tho tournaracnt in Manchester, N. H.,
Tiavo bceu viewed with satisfaotion by
thoso intercsted in this branch of athlotio
eports. His proflcicncy and skill in this
dircction havo placcd liim in tho front
Tank of cyclists. and his success on tho
driving p'ark, Wednesday, was another
oxhibition of flne riding, and resulted in
Ms winning tho flrst prizo.
A gentleman fr6m 'Rutland connty, in
attendanco at tho horso fair horo. and
groatly intercsted in such cxhibitions,
pronounccd the track a verjr flno ouo,
ovon bottor tlian tho track in Rutland.
Ho was also intercsted in the bIiow of
horses, so many of which wero well-bred,
saying, wero the times bctterlhe buyers
would bo moro nlcnty and thrs, part of
tho Stato would feel scnsibly tho good
which such a business gathering would
effect, by the money which would change
hands in tho salcs that would bo made.
Tho annual mecting of tho OongrcKa
;tional church, was hcld last Thursday
..cvening. Aftcr tho elcction of officors
pnd rcports from soveral, with rcfcrenco
-to tho past year's work, it was an
nounccd that tho collation was prepared.
Tho rcsponses to tho roll call wero qulto
full, and several letters wero rcad trom
members rcsiding away, who could not
bo prescnt. The ovcning passed off very
plcasantly, and was spont in praiso and
fellowship with many remindors of tho
blcssings which camo from scrvico in
tho work of tho Master.
Tho trotting dnring tho days of tho
fair was equally sprinklpd with that ex
hibited at usua'l fair exhibitions. Thoro
was littlo apparcnt cxcitcment in tho
way of botting, though it is said twonty-
.sovcn dollars changed hnnds ifi favor of
N. F. McCluro of Rochester, on tho horso
"Gold Coin." Eyerything passed off
ouiotly with no iudication of au "over
flow of spirits.",
Tho. weather has becn threatoning and
rainy up to tho days of tho horso fair,
tho Gtb.and 7th of this week. Ilowover,
tho iraportanco of such an exhibition to
tho farmors and horso hrecders of this
scction of tho Siate. is being more and
more undorstood, so that in spito of tho
weather, a large and flno lino of liorses,
was on tho ground making a good show.
'Buyers wero here from all parts of tho
oountry but would purcliase only at the
low pricos now obtaincd in other mar
kets, so that tho sales wero less tlian ox
peoted, foi tho reason that our people
aro not yet ready to part with their
horses at so great a sacriflco, even in thd
hard times. The largesfcniimber ever on
tho grounds wero present Thursday af
tornoon, aud tho races wero witnessed
l)y a'dolichted crowd. The grand stand
was flllcd with spectators, and the music
by tho villago band liclped to pass plcas
antly, the tinio betweon tho races. All
thiUgs considered, tho President, Mana
gcrs and tho public, must pronounco it a
real success.
L. C. Easton and wife of Bennington,
havo visitcd Mr. Easton's ' parents this
The long, cold, wet sjioll has culmi
natcd, and tho weathcr is warm and
pleasant again.
Jamea Farmer, who Hves near tha
Glastenbury line, oxhibited small, now
potatocs tho other day, which ho said
grew on his own vines.
Several who plantod thelr gardens
toward tho last of May aro now having
tho plcasuro (?) of putting the sced in
tho se'cond tiine. The cold, wet weather
caused it to rot in tho ground.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Newoll havo moved
to North Bennington. Mr. X ewell is to
tako chargo of a dopartmcnt in tho papcr
mill at sociom.
There is a screw looso somowhero wo
rockon, when certain parties como to
town and disliko to havo their names in
print. From what we lcarn tho actions
of.certain "flno" peoplo condomn tho
Tho social by the T. V. S. C. E. was
onjoyed Thursday ovoning at tho Mt
Pleasant IIouso.
A Woodford ladv Doultrv-fancior rc-
cently sent to a noighbor's to borrow a
eobblcr. Tho fowl camo 0. K.. but tho
good woman was surprised tho noxt day
to find it on a ncst laying. Sho en
quircd of her husband what ho supposod
mado tho gobblor act so funny, and aftcr
a good laugh ho said that all thoro was
to it anyhow. tho fowl-owner's young
son brought a turkoy of tho wrong gon
dor. Tho Rev. T. J. Winslado of Boston,
Mass., began his religlous work here
last Sunday. In tho forenoon ho prcach
ed in tho Union church and in tho af ter
noon in tho Mcthodist. Ho is a young,
cnorgetic and oarnest worker in tho Mas
tor'a causo. His subjeot Sunday morn
ing will bo "building," and it is oarnest
ly dcsired that thero bo a largo attend
ance. S. H. Blackmer, Hcnry L.'Patohin, R.
B. Godfrey, I. K. Gltison, W. A. Viall,
J. S. Lyman. Alhert Norton. Isaao Kow
boan, Miss Lizzio Keazor, Elijah Cora
stock, and Miss Myrtlo and Geo. Conk
liu, of Bennington and Now York, on
joyed trout dinners at tho Summit
House tho past wcok.
Now that tho Pev. Mr.VTlnslado is
with us, tho usual Wednesday ovenlng
Biblo roadings will bo hold. A continu
atlon of tho thome "Assuraneo" is
booked for next Wednesday evoning.
Tho oxercises at the C'ongrogational
Sabbatb School for childron's day havo
beon postponed until Sunday ovoning,
Juno 17.
Wm. Smith, who has boen sufforing
from a soyoro attack of rhumatism, is
roportcd botter.
Mrs. James Way, of Manchester, aud
hor sistor. Mrs Florenco Farrar, woro in
town calling on Thursday of this wook.
Miss Jenny Goodonough. their sistor, ac
compapicd them and will remain with
her parents a fow days. Miss Irono
Goodenouch and Miss EloanorBurtfrom
North Adams have bcen making a visit
at homo. Thoy roturnod this wook.
A chango of bill nlghtly will bo the
rulo with Tho Mathows & Waltors Com
pany which plays a weok's cngacemcnt
at tho Opera nouso commoncing Monday
ovoning Juno, 11th.
twiu our readers tcll thelr f rlends that the
Skui-Weekly BaNNEu wlllcot them only ten
cenn for threo months. H thcy are not already
readers thereof. See notlco In another colunin.
Farmors havo had many interruptions
in thelr work in the past two weoks,
and this morning, Monday, is a continu
ation of tho samo disagreeablo weathor;
sun shining ono miuuto, raining tho
Miss Meta Mills, who has been passing
a few weeks with her aunt, Mrs. H. T.
Eaton, left on Thursday for Albany,
N. Y.
Anson Buck has beon quito poorly of
late. His many friends hopo for his
speedy rccovery.
Orla Wilher has been under tho
weather for a'fow days.
Jcsso Bontloy and wifo wero tho
gueits of Mr. and Mrs. Ohas. Rowland,
Tifr nml lfrR. Thnm.iR T.vman visitcd
friends in Manchester, Saturday.
Miss Clara llanaman was homo for a
fow days last week, from Burr aud Bur
ton Seminary.
"Danitcs" will bo tho oponing bill
with tho Mathows & Walters Itopertoiro
company which corncs to the Bennington
Opera Houso all noxt weok at cheap
C3tT For 10 cents we will scndthn Semi-Wbekiy
Baxneii threa months to iy pernon' not now a
f ubscrlber. This ofT-r will hold Eood untll June
15th. Bend us your name and ten cents and re
ceive 2ft issucs of the paper.
Harold Williams has a new bicyclo.
Mrs. Thurston Emery and son, Havon,
aro visiting at Jorry Emery's.
C. B. Williams and E. I. Kendall and
wifo wont to Brattleboro Saturday, it bo
ing Stockholders' day.
Tho houso. ono barn and sheds of Fred
Wilder took flro and burnod to tho
ground last Thursday ovcning, caused
by a koroscno lamp getting upsot. Most
of tho contents of tho houso woro saved,
also ono barn. The property was in
sured. Tho selcctmen havo bought a now
road machine which bcspeaks an im
provcmont in tho roads.
It has beon dccided to hold tbo W. C.
T. U. cpnventlon Juno 18th and 14th, bo
ginning on tho aftornoon of tho 13th.
Speakcrs and members from tho Wind
ham County Union havo been especially
Summer boardcrs begin to arrivo.
Thcro is ono familv at J. M. Kondall's
from New York, and another is oxpect-
ed soon.
Last Sunday was quarterly mcoting,
Tho Rev. Mr. Tucker conductod tho ser
vices. Eldor Beaman will bo horo to
hold quarterly conference Juno 8th, at
10 a. m.
The Kov. Mr. Tucker assisted at tho
Momorial Day oxercisos at ltawsonville
and Jamaica. Ho is a veteran, having
belonged to tho 9th Vermont Regiment.
G. P. Burbee had ono of his hands
badly liurt in his mill on Monday. Tho
end of ono fingor is gono and two othors
badly crushcd.
nonry 'Warron is expcctod, homo to
spcnd tho 4th.
Obed Hall has bought a now 'surroy of
B. F. Bridges of Williamstown.
Rev. Mr. Landry, school suporintcndent
is visiting tho difforont schools this weok.
Mrs. Dudley Crosier was callod to
Poultney recently to attond tho f uneral
of hor sistor.
Sunday morning Children's day will ho
observed in tho Baptist church. The
church will bo decorated and an appro
.priato proeraramo will bo rendored.
Dr. W. H. Eaton. sccrotary of tho
Massachusetts Baptist convention, spoko
in tho Baptist church Sunday af ternoon.
Hc spoko of tho work in tho liold and tbo
financial necd.
Children's day will be obsorved Sunday
in tho Mcthodist church. In tho morning
there will bo aregular proirrammo given
entitlcd "Tho Church of tho Future."
In tho evening addressos or an addrcss
will bo givou on tho work of our confcr
cnco seniinaries.
Tho friends of Mrs. Susan Moffir. who
on a Bottle.
Raised from infancy to hcalthy, liappychildhood,
upon the only pcrfcct substitutc for mothcr'a
milk Mellln's Food. This food contoins all
the nntritivc Droocrties of brcast milk,
withont any of the injurious farinaccous sub- g
Mellin's Food
will makc the wcakcst infant robust and g
vinorous. Uucaualed aa a nourishmcnt M
in Cholcra Infantum, tccthlng, and all
baby complaints. lUTaluablo for mva- a
lids, convalcsccnta, and thc ngcd.
Our Eoob for tho lnstructlon of mothcra j
"The Care and Feeding of Infants," 1
bo mallcd frco to any addrcss, upon rcquest. 3
is in jall oharged with tho burningof her
husband's barn, send tho Manchester
Journai a statement oi wiiat thoy ciaim
to bo facts, which lf truc. may not bo in
tho oycs of tho law a justf fication of tho
crimo, provided itis proyon against hor,
but show that tho blamo was not all on
hor sido. Thoy claim that sho bad al
ways borne a good character when, at
tho acro of 16. sho married her husband
aged C5, and af ter tho flrst year of mar
ried lifo ho shamefully abused hor, that
ho lockcd up overythlng oatablo so tnat
his wife and childron somotlmos suffer
ed from hungor, ho frequently beat hor,
and throatoned to shut hor up in a log
barn in abacklotand starvohorto dcath,
and that sho set tho barn on flro fearing
ho would carry out his throat. This was
the flrst offenso for which sho was im
prisoncd in tho Workhouso at Rutland.
Tho last barn burnod could hardly bo
callod a barn, as the building ,had beon
blown away, and a part of tho old collar
was roofcd over for a stablo for tho cow.
It is clalmcd that justbeforo it was burn-
ed Mrs. Mollit wont to tno stablo to miiic
tho cow whilo tho husband was away,
to uao the milk with tho drv bread for
food for tho children and on his roturn
learning of tho fact ho f uriously boat her,
and that his abuso drovo her nearly or
quito to the point of insanity. Wo kuow
notuing personauy in rogara to tno trum
of thoso charges but this is tho claim set
up by tho friends of tho accusod woman.
Tin-Any peraon not now a subacrlber. may ro-
ceive the Hemi-Weekly Banner threo months
for 10 cents. Bend us your name and 10 cents.
A ton-pound cirl was born to Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Paddock, Sunday.
A tramp entorod Mrs. Ella Burrinc-
ton's houso Sunday and stolo a quantity
of food.
Diphthena has abatod and school in
DistrictNo. 1 oponed on Monday.
Williara Harris was arrcsted on Satur
day for boating his wifo and son. Ho
pleaded guilty and tho court roservod
tho sontonco for thirty days.i
Express train No. 8, on tho Fitchburg
railroad.' was dolaycd horo noarlv ftn
hour Tuesday by tho ongiuo broaking
Thomas Silk, who was arrcsted last
Docomber by Deputy Sheriff Barber of
Pownal, for selling intoxicating liquors,
and escaped, has been, at largo evor
sinco until Sunday morning, when Con
stablo Merchant and Deputy Sheriff
Barber arrestcd him. Ho lives about ton
rods from tho Massachusetts lino 'and
sinco his escapo last Dccombor has slept
in a hog pcn, wnicu lssituated in Massa
chusetts, and has kopt from the offlccrs'
iuri8diction in that way. Tho ofQcors
laid in wait for him last Sunday morn
ing when ho camo to tho horso barn,
which is jn Vermont, and caught him in
tho horso stall. Ho mado a desperato
flght, but was overpowered aud liand
cuffed, aud is now in Bennington jail
awaiting trial. Later. Ho was takon to
Manchester Tuesday, takon beforo tho
Court for a hearimr. Ho was nut under
$500 bonds to appoar when wanted.whioh
ho furnisbed and was allowed to go.
ISThe SesiiViekly Bankeih for threo
months a trial trip for new subccrlbers only 10
cents Encloae a dlme and recelva 26 seml
weekly papers.
Obituary Tho funoral of Mrs. An
drew M. Carpentor was observed from
the Congregational church May 27th, at
1 o'clock in tho aftornoon. Sho was 8U
years old last March, andis survivcdbya
sistor and ono urotlier, rcmnanc ot tno
largo family of Col. Thomas Brownoll.
Sho married twico. Her flrst husband
was Hon. Niles Carpontr, who died at
Montpelier. Octobor. 1848. beinc then a
memberof tho Stato Legislatui'o. Her
secona iiusoana was j. tr. uarpenter,
brother of her flrst husband, wlio Uied in
1R87. Sho was a wom.in of stroncr ner-
sonal traits, and was highly respected by
all who knew her.
tAny pcrson not nnw a eubscrlber, may re-
celve tue seui-weekly uakkeb inr.ee mooira
tor 10 cents. Send us your name and 10 cents.
Company C. 14th. Vt. Volunteers,
will hold a reunion horo Julyd, day
and cveninc. and it is honcd that all
survivors of tho company in this vicinity
will bo presont. In the ovoninc tho cx
orcises will tako tho form of a campCro,
to which tho pubiio are tnvitea.
Salmon Falls, N. H.
's Has Won
Our Confidence
Because of the Wonderful Morit
It Posesses
Qulck Consumption and Catarrh
"C. I. nood & Co., Lowell Mass.:
"Gentlemen: Hood's Barsanarllla ls onr fam
ily medlclne, because It has proved lts superlor
merlt. Tho cajo which led us to put
Our Wholo Confldenco
ln Hood's BarsaparlUa, and which attracted
much attentlon hcrcabouts, was the curo of our
little son, Harrr, of consumption. Slt yeari aga
whlle livlng at South Berwlck, Malne, when
he was but threa months old, ho was selzed
with an Ulness which developed lnto qulclc
consumption. ETcrythlng possiblo was dono,
and the doctors, after a consultatlon, said
i thoy could not sare him. He was not expected
to llvo from day to day. My slster had a bottls
of Hood's Sariaparllla which only contalncda
few teaspoonfuh. In hopes that It mlght glTo
the boy a little strength and posslbly lUo, wo
gave him a few drops of the medlclno thrce
times a.day. "Wheu the small quantity had bcen
used we notlced a brlghtencd look on his faco
and his sufferlngs seemed to be lcssened,
bought another bottlo and with lts use ho coiv
Unued to lmprove. He has slnce taken tho
medlclno regularly, and today ho is
A Bright and Hoalthy Boy.
Hood's BarsaparlUa has al$o cured our son
Uerbcrt, aged 11, of a severo case of catarrh.
We kcep a supply of Hood's Sarsaparllla,ln our
house and look upon lt as the family medlclne,
We havo used Hood's Vegctablo rillstand,Jlnd
them o very mlld and efllclent cathartlc."
Cotton H. Foss, Box 1M, Salmon Falls, N. U.
Hood's Plllabecomo thafarorlto cathartlo
with cveiy one who ules them. 25c. per box,
What the Great
Tho name of Donohoo's Magnzine,
founded by Mr. Patrick Douohoo of
Boston, in 1870, is known and respected
throughout tho English-spcaking world.
Witbin tho past year it has achieveu
almost marvelous success, and stands to
day pccrlcss in its ficld, doing splondid
work for greator roligious tolcranco and
botter cconomic conditions. This suc
cess has bcen won under thedirectionof
its new publisber, Hon. Daaiol P.
Toomoy, who, in addition, is at tho hcad
of ono of Boston's book publishing com
panies and is a ropresentativo from that
city to tbo legisiaturo in Massacnusetts.
Mr. Toomoy writos as follows in a can
did and intercsting lettor:
"I bcheyo in Paino's cclery oorapouna.
If I tell you why, you may, perhaps,
wish to publish my words. But ovon
, . i . r ; l
inat, aoos not aeier mo uuui wnini); juu
Wednesday without rain all day.
Very cool at night.
Thoro aro two young ladies from Phil
adelphia boarding at Poleg Colo's.
They aro frieuds of Miss Mary Monroo.
Congratulations aro in ordcr. Wm.
Moonand Miss Nottie Meacham -wero
married this week and will resido in
The class meotings, consolidated, will
bo led each Tuesday night by somo of
tho members. Tho Rov. Mr. Wobster
led this week.
Mortimer Batcs docs not get well
cuough to do any work yet.
Mn. nugh Dunlap was in town to
day, Wednesday.
Burnham Gafusha, whilo after an arm
ful of wood in tho shed, fell, hreaking
ono of his arms near tho .shouldor. Dr.
Woodhull attonded. Mr. Galusha is
nearly 00 yoars old.
The Order Eastern Star.
The 22nd Annual convocation of tho
Grand Chapter of Vermont, was held at
Montpelier. Wednesday, with ono hun
dred and fifty in attendanco. Tuesday
ovenlng, Rob Morris Chaptor gavo a ro
ception from 0 to 8 o'clock, in Masonio
hall, and tho work was finoly oxernpli
fied (tho oflicors ln robcs), following
theso festlvities. Tho ordor in Vermont
has increasod 102 durlng tho year, num
herintr 1.724. Ituth Chanter. No. 33.
Barre, makes tho larcest cain, 28, and
Diamond Chaptor, Danville, comes noxt
with 17 now memoors, AQjourneu 10
meot iu Danville in ISMo.
Tho followintr oflicors woro olectod
Geo. W. Wing, Grand Patron, Mont
pelier: Mrs. E. J. 1'arsons, urana jua
tron, Island Pond; F. W. Baldwin, As
sociato Grand Patron. Barton: Mrs. Dr.
Potteo, Associato Grand Matron, Brat
tleboro; 11. ii.atuisou, uranu aecrouiry,
Bennington; Mrs. H. M. Whitnoy,
Grand Treasurer. Windsor; Mrs.
Olivo J. Stockwell. Grand Looturor,
Putnoy; Ilov. I. P. Booth. Grand Chapn
lam, JNortuuoia: j, u. dicijouu, umuu
juarBnai, iiaruwiun, jut. ucu. mf,i
Grand Conductrcss, Jiontpouor; jurs
finl. M. IC. Paine. Associato Grand Con
ductress, Windsor; Mrs. Mary E. Heath,
Grand Warder, at, Joiinsbury; ineo. u.
Snow, Grand Scntino), Barre; Mrs. Ida
L. Carapbell, Grand Adah; Mrs. Clara
E. Burnham, Grand Ruth; Mrs. Mary B.
Sponcer, Grand Estlior; Mrs. Ina M.
Millor, Grand Martha; Mrs. A. B Harris,
Grand Eleeta. Following tho oleotion
of cfllcors tho Grand Chaptor wero tcn
dercd a banquot by tho order at tbo
Capital. Fratornal tolegrams woro sont
totho Grand Chaptor of Now York, that
was celobrating its 20th annlvorsary at
tho timo. , .
Sovoral from this placo' attonded Mo
morial sorvices at Roadsboro.
Tuesday night of last wtok tho ground
was frozon in places ono inch in depth.
American Gathalic
Paine's Gelery Gompound.
tho truth. I havo no syrapathy with the
man whoi helps toar down 'tho bridgo
that carried him over.' Neithor do I
sympathizo with tho man who hides
facts just.becauso their publication may
promoto tho success of othors. Paino's
celery compound hclpcd me. That's the
fact of the case.
"Finding myself run down and gotting
into a stato of ncrvousncss', recently, I
took the advico of a medical friend, and
bought Paino's celery compound. Its
use gavo rao strencth, encrgy and buoy
ancy. Business carcs woro mado lighter
than before.
"I bcliovo in tho efflcacy of Paino's
colery compound 1"
Mr. Toomoy's exporicnco is liko that
of tbousands of others.
Brain workers, thoso who suffer from
dcbility, oxhaustion, montal depression,
Bleoplossness, find Paino's celery com
pound a certain rejuvenator of tho vital
portions. Hard study among Btudonts
P p p
and potassium
Makes '
Marvelous Cures
in Blood Poison
and Scrofula
S" P. P. P. pnrlfles the blood, bulldsnp
Sfs tho weak and debllltatod, Klvea
"T strength to weakened nervcs, ezpeU
dlseases.slvlnc tho patlent health and
frr - happlness whore slckness, Rloomy
jjg f eellngs and lassltude flrst prevallcd.
rn, For ptlmary.seoondnry nnd tortlnry
syphlfls, for ulood polsonlnR, mercn
G& ' rlal poison, malarla, dyspepsla, and
- ln all blood and akln illseases, liko
"ST blotches; plmplca, old chronlo nlcers.
UP tettor. scald head, bolls, eryslpelas,
. oczema- we may aay, withont fear or
OBP-" contradlction.thatp. P. P. isthebest
- blood parifler In tho world.and makes
TL poaltive, Bpeodyandpermanentoures
In all casos.
Ladies vrhose systems aro polsoned
' and whose blood lslnanlmpnre condl-
tion, dno to menstrnal lrresnlarltles,
z. aro pecnliarly bcnelltcd by tho won
SiS ' derf ul tonlo and blood cleanslng pron
iBi ertlesof P. P. P.-Prickly Ash.Poko
Eoot and Potasslnm.
jinw BPRINaFlELD, Mo., Anp. 14th. 1893.
l can speak ln tho hlghest terms of
tJUC 1 your medlclno from my own personal
fmiff lcnowledco. I was affoctod with lionrt
dlseaso, pienrisy ana rnepmnusm lor
35 years, was treated by tno very besti
phyclclans ana spont hundreds of dol-
llll 3 inuuvtvrj uiuhuiduiiui niwi-
ont ilndlDsrellef. I havo only taken
one Dottle ot yourP. P. P., and can
obeerfally say lt has dono memoroi
gooa tnan anyinin i aavo ever ibkqh
I can rocommend v onr medlclne to al
euff erers of tbe above dlseasos. f
MR9. M. M. YEABT. '
Sprlngfield, Qreen Oounty, llo.
For Sale by G. D. GIBSON, Bennington, Vermont.
Sewer Pipe, Cheap !
The underslgncd has for sale, at less tban cost.
about 2,000 feet of sewer plpe, from 8 to 15 lnchcs,
that must be closed out now. It wtll bo told ln
lots to sult custome-s. Tako adyantaire ot this
rare bpportunlty. CM at plumber's shop on 811
verStrpet. BennlnRton, Vu Sewer conncctlons
made on reasonable terms.
Monthlv Owes
is adirect causo of dcbility. Encrgetio
action cannnt bo kept up in the brain
and stomach at tho samo time. If tho
mind bo intently occupied with profound
thought tho norvous power will bo con
ccntrated in tho brain, and tho stomach
boing deprived of it, indigestion and
disease eusue. Henco tho weak dlges-
. i l : e itvnMM.
nien and thelr constant complaint of ifl
It is also truo that a hopeful man or
woman can do more work and get well
fastcr tban ono iu despair. From tho
flrst takinir of Paine's celery compound
L1UU IkUU nuUUn bUlllUIVAIUU .v.u.t-
a feoling of confldonce in recovery comes
i over tho invalld. fTow blood and fresh
nervous onorgy givo a hopeful outlook.
Paine's celery compound hastens con
valescencb wonderf nlly.
In tho summer, if over, thoro is noed
of food for tho nerves nnd brain. Paino's
celery compound makcs tho woak
strong; makcs peoplo well. Try it
Pimples, Blotches
and old sores 3
Catarrh, maiaria z
Are entlrely rcniored by 1.P.I. fL
Prlckly Ash. Poko Root and Potas- "S
oinm, the greatest blood purifler on
Abeebess, O.. Jnly 21, 1891.
Kessbs. Uitman Bbos., sarannan.
Oa. : Deab SiES-I boucht a bottle of
?our P.P. P. at uoc BprinKs.ArK.,aau
t bas done mo more eood than threo
months' treatment at the not Bprlngs.
Hend threo bottlos O. O. D.
Aberdeen, Brown County, O.
Copt. J. D. Jolwston.
To all uhom U may eoneernt I hfrfo
by testlfy to tho wonderfnl propWTtles
ot P. P. P. for ernptlons ot the Vkln. I
snffored for several years witu an nn-
enrf am nnt, nntfrnlr rnrAl.
(Slgnedby) J. D.. JOHNSTON.
f ISavannah, Oa.
SUIn Cnnrpr Cnrcil.
Tutimonyfrom thf'Slayorty Sequln,Tcx. '
BEQonf.TEX., Jannar 14, 1893.
Messrs. LirPMAN Bbos., earannah,
Oa.t atrfllcmen 1 have trled your P. ,
P. P. foa dlseose of the sktif, usnally
knownds skln canccr.of thirty .years' .
atandipif, and found sreat relicf: lt
pnrlflds the blood nnd removes all lr
ritatlin from tho eeat of thetllsease .
and firevents any spreadinRlof tbo
sores. I have taken nve or slx pottles
ana leoi connuent tnai anoiaer rau ,
will effect a cure. It bas also rellevea
tni from lndlBestlon ahd Btomacn
lUDles. Konrstrniy,
CAPT. W. M. nnsT.
Attorney at mw.
m oa Blood Dlseoses Holied Free.
IJppman'sIllocU.Savnnnnh.Ga 1
Shell Fish In thelr season. Large Btcor alwaya
All K nniflr r rp,n. nn r. nmDiipn. ricmcu uu
uu uiiu. Ajuusvam B niuwui(,r .
AUordcrs nroniotlv dellvored to any part tf
uenningion.. v eReiaoies in tneir seasoa.
I.. 8. FEOST, Opera House DlaSc,

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