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bennington Mbanner.;,s'
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To inspect our lino of fino Spring
1 1 O i1 TT 1 1
re. w o mvite compansons of quahty and pnces, for we are conn
; that our system of cash buying and solling cnables us to quoto
.1- 1 1. ,, i ,
u uuu. uo wiii ruifiim iiv uunririmr vuu tJALiu, lur vuui Liuuua.
e aon'c nave to mark our
nha.Q fi. finlfi. (Inpra Hniisn P.lmhiflr.
Bennington, Vermont,
(Green Houses tor best quality &. lowest prices.
Speoial sale of above until Julylst. Do not fail to
aecure a nioe Palm durinec
duplicated at the prices for
Business JDtrectori).
U2 Maln Street.
Adama' Block. Bennington, Vt. 82
Offlce over Flrst Natlonal bank,
44t' Bennington. Vt,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law, and tiollcl
tor fn Chancery. No. 307 llain Street.
Bennington, Vt. 19tf-M
. and Sollcitorsln Chancery.
Ottlce ln Opera House Block, Bennington.
Dcpotst., J.H.LORING ft 00., Bennington.
DR. B. C. JENNEY, Dentist.
Ie prepared to perform all operatlon ln Dent
atry in a thorough and workmanllke manner. Per.
ect satlafactlon guaranteed ln all cases anbmittcd
o his care, and at reasonable pricei. Gas or
Ether aamlnlatered oreitracting teeth when ro-
Jnired. Offlco opposita Congregational Chorch
aln at., Bennington.
Z. CUTLER, Dentist.
V Successor to Dr. S. B. Plke.
Al cjperatlons performed ln the most thorongh
and carcfnl manner, and at reasonable prices,
My ilm will be o give e&tire satistoctlon to all
cases submittedto my care.
Oas and Utber administered for extractinc
teelb without'oaln, when desired.
Offlce Opposlte'"reeLlbrary Hall, Bennlneton.
87tt Vermont.
fTlhe Bennington CoWy Savlnga Bank at tke
JL Bennington Connty Natlonal Bank, li open
daily for the transactlon of buslnesi from 10 o'dock
a. m. to 4 o'dock p.,tn., Sundays and Holldayi ei
cepted. lntereat to deposltors atrlctly In accordance with
he lawa of the State of Vermont.1 Money de-
Soslted anytlme after the flrst day of each month
raws lnterest from tho flrnt day otthe nezt snc
ceeding month, lnterest Xomputed Jannary
lit and Jnly litand if not withdrawn willbo added
o prindpal, and lnterest thereafter irill accme
apon it. '
Loans aollctted npon real estate and undoubted
oersonal securitiet.
A. B. VALENTINE, Pretident,
I. E. GIBSON, Vice Preiident,
C. H. DEWEV. Trcasnrer,
G. W. 1ABJIAN, Secretarr,
Thdstsis A B. Valentlne, a.w. Harman,
OllnScott.J. T. 8hurtleff, I E.Qlbsop J. B.
Judion Jobn Roblnion.
Firatlaucet(peryear Sj.oo
Hecond Fancet j, 2.00
WaterCloset...., 8.00
DttlUTUO , 3 00
FriTateStablea, lst horso 1,00
Each addltional horse or cow 2.00
Iwn hose (to be uscd by hand only) B.0O
Bteam boiler for honte vrarmlng, eto., for
each square foot of hcatlng inrface of
boiler 03
Allothera ipeclal,
J?S?r,ded that no PriTate honse ahallpay oror
c!?i"S2prJ",nmexcIu8lTe f awn boae and
boiler. The aboy rates orefor alnglefamllles.
w. v UTWAM. Prenldent.
Iwant to porchaie a quantltyof hay, elthor
tandlng, or cut and cured. T. 8. PLOM1J, 831.
SilverBtreet, Benn ngton, Vt. liu i
Suits. Our assortment is tho most
! 1 1 t
i ' j . .1
eroods to cover losses. as ours is a
Ladies' Hair Dresser.
dono in tho latest atylo aud at roasonablo
2-Vill call at rosidenco if desirod.
this sale, as they cannot be
which we shall seli them,
323 School Str Bennington, Vt.
The Linscott 25 mile roud race,
held at Malden, Jilass., May 5th,
1894, was won by Nat Butler of
Cambridgeport on a Stearns wheel.
He made the 25 miles in one hour,
eleven minutes, 28 1-5 seconds,
breaking the world's record, and
capturing the first prize of a horse,
harness and buggy, the first time
prize of a $100 diamond ; also, a
$150 diamond for breaking the
world's record. The report jllus-
trated will be found in the Boston
Sunday Journal of May 6th.
It is the first record broken
this season, 153 starters, among
whom were some of the fastest
road riders in the TJ. S. A. It is
another case of the "fastest man on
the fastest wheel." The other
"fellows" are not in it with tho
"yellow fellow."
Agentfor Bennington.
Sncceasor o the Estate ofS.F. HABBIS.
Nalla, &c, &c.Agreatvai!etj of Table and pocko
Cutlery, Aze, Tooli, Grlnditonei, Car
rlage Hres,KowBolts,I,ocki,Screwi,
KiTets,Nnti,WaiherAxlo Plalca
Scrcws, Bntts, Strapi and
Hinges, Cable and Trace '
Chalns. II. R. Wheel '
Domestic and fmported Cp
Fine Kty Weit Clears, Plpei.Tobacco, etc '
Bope. Lath, Yarn Tubi, Kaili, Wash Boardi,
Brooms, Clothes Wringers, Hclu,
Sledge,Aze and Hammer Ilan
dles. Galranlzed fenco,
wlre and ponltry net
tlng. ,
Entered at the Bennington Post Offlco aa
ueconniasa matter by (J. A. l'lKKUis s w
Terms, . $1.50 per year, strlctlr ln advance
10 Cents !
JOSThe SEMt-WsEKLY Bakkeh three months
or only 10c. To any person not new a subscrtber
to the RaMmkr we will send them the paper
twlce each week for three months oa receipt of
only ten cents. This offer ls made for the pur-
J)ose oi lntroaucing uie deui-heekly uahneh
nto famllies where the paper la not now receiTed
and holds good only till Juno 15th. Send us ten
cents and we'll see that you recelve the Banheu
twlce each weeK lor tnrce.montlis.
Bo8s Crokcr's fliglit and tho Oregon
oloction makos last wook a "Black Fri
day" for tho Domoraoy.
Roforring to tho Now Tork investiga-
tion, tho prosccutions, otc, for Domo
eratic crookodnos3, tho Tribuno suggcsts:
"It is said that tho Domocratio Stato Cora
mittco aro in a worry bocauso tho closing
of tho Iloffman Houbo turns thom out of
doors, and thoy arooonsequontly looking
olsowhero for a suitablo placo for hcad
quartors. It isn'tany of our business, to
bo suro. but if iustico contiuues to bo
dono at tho same rato for the next six
months as for tho past, what's tho mat
tor with Sing Sing ?"
Children havo many pcculiar idoas and
oftcn mako funuy speochos, but tho ro
mark of a little girl in this viHago is tho
latest. Her fatlier was talking on tho
tariff qucstion ono day this wook when
tho little ono lookcd'up and said: Isn't
that Wilson bill paid yot; how much is it,
anyway i lteaueuoro isntcrpnso.
When it is consid9rod that tho tariff
agitation and tho spcctro of Freo Trado
lias alroady cost tho commcrcial interests
of tho country moro than ono billion of
dollars, and tho labor of tho country as
much moro, with thofarming interests to
hoar from, no wonder tho children begin
to ask such a question. No, littlo girl,
tho Wilson bill isn't paid yot.
Tho Poultnoy Journal rofors to tho
spasm tho Rutland Ilorald had ono day
recently aa follows: "Itsoes moro spooks
and hob-goblins in Col.Mansur's canvass
than Macboth saw at tho feast. Probab
lv itslept over nicht and drearacd adream
It looka 'down tho long corridors of tho
ages,' liko a commoucoment orator, and
sees tho dcraon, Col. Mansur, in 1900
throwing all liis maugnant venom Into
cottincr tho nomination in tho dawn of a
new century. Tho Herald may not 'look
backward,' but for looking auead it can
civo noints to a woathor prophet. Let
us seo. Sonio one says that Hr. Vail is
brother-in-law to tbo Horald. Is that so?
No wondor it saw spooks and dreamed
drcams, when Col. Mansur la acandidato
for the position to attain which Mr. Vail
cats dlrt so zealously."
Yosterday's dispatches, via. Viotoria,
B. C, stato that tho Frovislonal govern
mont of tho Sandwich Islands is quietly
formulating a pormanent constltution,
which provides for a prosidont, cabinot,
advisory council, a Sonato and Houso of
Ropresentatives. Tuoro is no vico-presi-dent,
and tho term of tho chief oxecutive
is to he six years. Votors must bo born
in the country or naturalizcd, and must
bo able to road, writo and speak oither
tho English or Ilawaiian languago. Tbero
aro other roasonablo conditions. Thus
we see that whatever may be tho savago
instincts of Hrs. Domims tho peoplo
themselTcs do not belio their christian
and civuizcd trainiuir. Tho renort of a
fow days ago thatthero was (roublo must
navo been a canard, as tnis intolligence
is airecc irom iiawan.
"If we aro to look for tho timo when
tho tariff first liecamo a definito issuo bo
tweon politlcal partios," says tho Boston
Sunday Journal, in an historical vein,
'wo will flnd it to be about the year 1S32i
and wo will flnd that tho men who woro
responsible for making tho tariff a polit
ical issuo woro John C. Calhoun and his
associatcs of the Oto-eatmir South Caro-
lina Democraoy. Liko most other Dom
ocratio leadors of his day, Calhoun had
boon originally a protootfonist, but when
no aiscovorea, in tuo words of liis bio
crapher. that 'A protectivo tariff was ab
solutelr incompatiblo with the interests
df tho slaveholders,' he suddenly changed
his views and becamo an aggressiyo and
uncompromising freo trader. Tho at-
tompt of Calhoun and his colleacruca in
1832 to nullify the tariff laws of tho Unit
ed Statcs. to defy tho National authoritv
and insult the National ilag is tho first
iujjjuiuiui, uinu ruiorm aomonstrauon
of which thero is any record in American
Tho "Young Man issuo" in Yormont
politics wo flnd summod up and a pro
posed romedy suggestod as follows :
"Thero has been a considorablo amnnnt
of complaint to tho offoot that tho young
muu oi uio urcon juountain stato woro
not boing recognizod to a propor dogreo
by tho Ropublican party. It is allegod
that lists of tho delegatesto town, county
and stato conventions for tho pisttwolvo
or flftoen yoars will show that thoso of
tho beginning of tho penod bear a
markod rosomblanco to thoso of tho past
fow years, and that tho oflices havo gono
moromont on foot for tho organization
a iuuuK juou BiiopuDiicanuiuDoi vor-
town in tho stato, and tho fact thaVthis'
nvfilnn, fa tn. i 1 1
i""j"" " ivuiuu uy buuu raun as oona-
rorrroctor. uongrossman rowors, Col.
U. A. Woodbury, tho next Qovornor of
Min Rt.irt Ct (lonmn rp n.ii.i- i
1 w.. Uk,uibu A . VU11UO, IJIUSI-
dont of tho Ropublican Leaguo, and oth-
a a11 Tt . ,. . ' ... .
YYcii aiiuwu itepuDiicans is suincient
fn almtp tlinf a - i -
itsolf to our thoughtful men. It is pro-
yvavu w yunuoi a tomporary ortraniza-
tlnn nf f.litn nt-ifn 1 - n. lii.
tho mooting of tho Ropublican stato con
vention nt Montpelier, and to appoint a
committoo who shall forraulato a constl
tution and by-laws and report at" a stato
convontion of tho clubs to bo hold latcr
ln t.lin r.imnnliTn nf T?..flo,? Ln...itn
St. Albans or Montpelier. It is also pro-
uoBcu mi uuvo ims convontion aUdrossod
nv nnmn finnh rnnrn.nntntlnn Trt
publican as Senator Lodgo of Massachu-
Albany Journal : Domocratio hay
growcrs in tho Iludson, Mohawk and
Susquohanna valloy will doubtless bo do-
lighted tolearnthatthoir tariff-smashint;
Coneress has cut tho hav duty one-half.
Tho present McKinloy duty on hay is$4
aton: tho Wilson bill reduces tho dutv
to $2. Tho smashors ostimate that over
00.000 tons of hav.nrinoiDallv from Can
ada, will bo imported annually, undor
tho Wilson bill. And tlieso smashors are
tho vory same Congrcss that is putting
$34,000,000 into tho coffors of tho sugar
trust oy levying a higli protectivo duty
on sugar which will increaso tho cost of
overy pound of sugar used by tho farmer
ovor a cont; tho very sarao Congross that
la uALonuinj; mvors to lue wmaKoy, loau
and tobacco trusts and tho soft coal aud
iron oro combines, whilo calling down
tno nay auty ono-naif .
No f urther light has boon thrown upon
Mr. Croker's mystorious doparturo; and,
roally, wo do not seo that any furthor
light is needed. His fiigbt is Belf-oxplan
atory, says tho Tribuno. Tho reason for
it ls as plain as a pikcstaff. It is said in
Scripture that a prudont man forcscoth
tho ovil and hideth himself. Crokor has
novor been accusod of lacking worldly
wisdom. XIo foresaw what is coming,
and anticipating sovoro thunder and
lightning, has rushcd to safo cover. Al-
ready Uio question is asked whethor ho
will over roturn to tho city over which ho
has for a number of years boon tho abso
luto monarch. It is possiblo that his
health may requiro his pormanent resi'
denco in a moro favorablo climato than
Now Tork affords; and sovoral years ago
60mo of Twoed's associatcs set an oxam
plo in oxiling tkemsolves that Crokor may
think it wise to imitato. At anv rato.
thero js pretty wide-spread opinion that
no wm stay in isuropo tui tno .Lexow
Btorm oiowb over.
Tho Now York corrospondent of tho
Troy Press (Domocratio), givos tho fol
lowing explanation of tho rush of gold
out of tho country. From such a eourco
tho ovidcnco is sicniilcant. He says'
"Tho moro than threo millions in gold
scnt out on Saturday's stcamcrs coiuo in
part from Boston. Notico of tho ncedod
supply was givon tho sub treasurios in
other cities. Furthor notices of drafts
for next week's stearaers saillngWednes
day and Saturday are expected by sub
trcasurics out of this city, and so far as
human mind can foreseo thero ls n limit
to bo placed to this export movement.
Noither is thero any sign of tho banks be
cominK willine to unlock their vaults and
put tho itold they do not need into circula
tion. Tho present condition is not only
to continuo unlcss tho banks aro shamed
out of their course, but it is said also that
tno American Kclinenes company is still
kcoping up its largo importations of raw
sugar. Tho gold oxports haye been
traced to thoso imports, and overy pound
of 8ucar broucht in will call its enulva-
lent in gold out of tho Unitod Statos sub
trcasuries. Thero are other rather wild
statcments made conccrning the relations
ofthe gold and sugar movements, but
these"oro tho only lacts that havo been
sifted to tho bottom and havo becomo tho
accepted bcief of Wall strqet men." Thus
the sugar imquity becomes a mcnaco as
weu as a caiamity.
Thlrty Years of Prosperity.
Tho public press cannot too ofton nor
too emphatically recall tho situation
sinco 1860, wh3n comparod" with tho 14
yeara lramediateiy precedmg that dato.
Ex-Gov. Boutwoll has summarized it ad-
mirably, and from his speech wo mako
an excerpt: "If any ono says that tho
uiuua uru u.uu anu inac our unurtunato
experience is likelvto bobottorcd. in tho
sonso that it will bo oxceeded, by what
is in prospect, somo Domocfats will riso
to say this is tho result of 30 years of
Ropublican rulo. Tho 30 years of Ro
publican rulo woro yeara of uninterrupt
cd industrial prosperity. I say years of
unintorrupted industrial prospority, for,
during tho years of tho war, whatover
tuo caiamities ln tno tiold, and whatever
wero tho porsonal and family and pub
griefs duo to tboso caiamities. thero was
nover a day when thero was not a con
stantand remunerativo omploymont fbr
overy workor, .whether of tho head or of
tno nands. Tho brief paralysis that foll
upon ousincss in tno year 187LS was auo
viatcd and mado tororablo bv tho assur
anco that tho party in powor was rulcd
by principlcs in tho affairs of govern
mont, and that under tho guidanco of
thoso principles tho poriod of advorsity
would soon como to an ond. That con-
iidence was wcll groundcd, and tho ad
vorsity of tho vear 1873 is onlv remem
berod in contrast with tho othor 29yards
of Ropublican rulo. It was a year of
public proiperity if compared with any
year from 1840 to 1801, when tho Domo
cratio party was in full possession of
power, and whon, as now, that pariywas
suujcctto tno domtnation of tno ooutu."
Grover, tho Flsherman.
Grovor tho Grcat, tho world renowned
economio sage, tho lono flsherman of
Buzzard's Bay and the daring and in
trepid hunter of the Dismal swamp. It
was tbrough tho dark and noisomo ro
cesses of this swamp, tho favorito hunt-
ing ground for Grover, wuoro onco was
hcard tho dcep bay of tho bloodhound in
pursuit of f ugitivo slavos who woro scok
ing to cscapo tho cruel laah of their
Democratio mastors. The names which
designato tho favorito resorts for rccrea
tion and pleasuro of Cloveland aro sig
nificantly appropriato, for they apply to
tho industrial wreckers and typify tho
character and legislation of his
party. Whilo tho freo trado buzzards
aro tearing away tho safeguards from
tho great body of our industries, and aro
waiting to dovour our markots, tho idlo
millions who aro destituto. and manv of
whom aro on tho vergo of starvation, aro
lookinR on with sullon gloom.at tho dis
mal sicht whilo tho filthy freo trado buz
zards ilap thoir wings and croak tho f u
noral dirgo over our depressed and ox-
Slring industrios. It is said' that tho
ugwump idol ls an expert flsherman.
By expericnco ho has lcarncd tho kind
of bait to nut on tho hook in ordor to so-
curo a bito from ovory varlety of flsh.
Tho practical oxporionco that ho has
gathorcd during his piscatorial cfforts
uas taught him how to ilz his tacklo in
ordor to land tho numorous varieties' of
Domocratio senatorial flsh which aro
vory wary and Buspicious with rogard to
tho chajractor of tho dainty which Grovor
throwB out to catoh them. But as ho
has a snecial bait for caoh indlvidual
witb his administration hook. Among
the tempting morsols which ho offored
woro coliars and cuffs, freo wool, barbed
wiro, lumber, salt and oilicial patronago.
Then in ordcr to mako this noxious, bit
terand mongrel tariff pala'tablo to the
fastidious tasto of these most worthy
Sonators, he had it sugar-coated. This
was the bait that caugbt tho wholo
achool of Democratic Senatorial flsh
with tho exception of one, and Grover
said that ho was tired of flshing for this
aa it proved to bo up Hill work. Clove
land sits silontly baitlng his hook with
free trade bait under Bourbon spiritual
influcn6o, looking as wise as an owl
perched on a dead treo in daylight and
sunshine, while tho notes of tho admin
istration "cuckoos" aro heard from tho
foundation to tho domo of tho capitol as
thoy sing their peans of praiso to Grover
the Great. Aud evon the littlo pages
and boys in the rotunda exclalm in dis
gust, "Oh, Sugarl" Troy Telegram.
Eli Perklns on "The Chango."
When a Times man sat down by Eli
Porkins last night and asked him if he
really beliovcd Mr. Clovoland and the
Democratic party had made a succcss of
it, ho said :
"To tell you the honest trutb, I am
sometlmes afraid that wo Domocrats aro
not altogothor right. When I seo onc
third of the mills stopped and 5,000,000
laborcrs idlo or tramping with Coxey, it
looks bad for us Democrats. T am
afraid that we havo fooled tho peoplo.
Our party feels bad. Wo took tho coun
try a yoar ago woudorfully prosDcrous.
Evorybody was at work. What did we
Democrats do? Why, wo convinced the
Northorn workmen that they woro bad
ly off. Wo told them that a low fariff
would mako things como in cheap from
Europo, and" that thoy would also con
tinuo to mako tho same things with high
wagoa here."
"Woll, what is tho result, Mr, Per
kina?" asked the roporter.
"Why, it proved to bo a lio. Our
wagos went dowu with the tariff, and
our mills stopped. We Democrats lied.
Wo Northern Domocrats voted ourselves
out of power, and voted the old free
trado robels in, and Mis'sissippi and
South Carolina hayo made a low tariff
for Now England California. I tell you,
wo old-fashioned Domocrats don't liko
it very woll."
"What elso don't you Democrats
like?" asked tho roporter.
"Why, the way wo lied about tho sil
ver bill. When the hard times camo, we
said it wasn't tho Wilson bill, but the
Sherman bill. The Republicaus had
bought $419,000,000 worth of silvor dur
ing tho last 30 years, and tho country
had grown in prosperity evory year, and
then, when wo put in Grover, ho bought
$8,000,000 worth of silyer, and we went
all to pieces. Woll, old John Sherman
and tho Republluans repealed tho silver
bill. and wo'vo 'boon growing sicker and
sickor over since. It was awf ul, how
wo lied about poot old John Sherman's
"Are you Democrats pleased with tbe
Hawaiian business?"
"Pleased? No, sir! Our wholo party
feels bad about it. It wasn't Demo
cratic. Wo Democrats had to follow
Grover, though. We had fought tbe
war with Mexico, and lost 10,000 Demo
crats to mako Southern California and
Texas into a republic. Tes, spent $30,
000,000 to do it, and then went and paid
$7,000,000 for Alaska, and mado thoso
500 Injun8 and icoborgs into a republic,
and then our same Democratic party had
to go into tho Paeific ocean, sink a re
public with 75,000 peoplo making sugar
and cotton, and try to put a negress on
a thronol" and Eli struck the sofa cush
ion until tho moths and dust fllled the
room liko a cloud.
"Well, what aro-you Democrats going
to do about it?" askod tho reporter.
"Do? Why wo'vo got to let these fel
lows who shot into us at Gettysbunr
sail the ship. Wo Northern Democrats
aro out now. Wo aro sitting down in
tho liall. Wo aro mourning with Absa
lom, or tramping with Coxey. Do you
know what we poor Democrats need
just now?"
" No; what?"
"Why, wo need a few brains left over
by somo fomale sominary. Wo are get
ting despcrato. I mot a Republican tho
other day in New Yorki Ho lookod bad.
Ho had whiskey in his' eyefe, tobacco on
his coat collar, and corns on his handa
and livor."
" 'How do you Ropublicans feol now?'
I asked.
" Tm not a Ropublican,' he said.
Tvo joined the Democrats.'
" 'What for?' I asked. 'Why did you
givo up tho party that made prosperity
and join tho Democrats?'
" fWoll,' he said, 'I did it to disgraco
an unclo of mino. My uncle abused mo
and robbed me and fnsulted my wife,
and I do it to disgraco him.'
"wnatisyouruncio aomg nowr i
' 'Ho's noundine stones in tho Sintr
Sing penltontiary.'
" 'Well, woll, Gcorgo,' I said, 'you
havo discracod him.'"
Eli said ho had sponttho day looking
at tho orangcs out in the suburbs. Ho
said ho drovo threo miles to where the
mayor of Los Angelos showed him nn
orango treo with four oranges ou it 23
years ago, and ho found a four-story
bank on tho ground to-day. From the
Los Angelea Timos.
Furthor roturns from Monday's elec
tion show that Judgo Lord, Republican,
is elected Govornor by not less than 15,-
000 plurality. EJlis, Ropublican, for
uongross in tno scconu aiBtrict wiu uavo
2,000 plurality. Hormann, Republican.
for Congross in tho flrst district will
havoatloast 1,500 plurality. Tho Re-
Eublicans will havo a majority in tho
cgislature, insuring thq olection of
a Republican Senator to succced Dolph.
Tho Legislaturo will stand about as fol.
lows: Sonato Republicans, 17; Demo
crats, 7; Populists, 0. Houso Ropubli
cans, 42; Domocrats, 10; Populists, 8.
Highest of all in Leavening
Prof. A. R. Clark, specialist in
lenses for dofcctive eyes, will be at tho
Putnam Houso again, Tuesday, Juno
20th and remain five days. Headacbo per
manontly curod and wcak and bleary
oyos mado to seo with easo and comfort.
If your children complain of continual
beadacha havo thoir eyes oxamined. Con
sultation freo. Hundrcds of Bennington
reforenccs. Romembcr tho dates of
visit, Juno 20th, 27th, 28th, 29th and
30th, at the Putnam Houso. 12t2t-f
BST-Fou Sale. an organ, and
chamber sot, as good as new. Inquiro
at this offlco for particulars. ft
Thero is no flnor oncraved work than '
that f urnished by tho Banner Offlco.
Prices are low.
A few copies of "Uistory of Motho
dism in Bennington, Vt.," now remain
uusold at tho Banneb Ofllce. They may
bo obtained for 35 cents per copy.
B3T"Tho Waterman Fountain pons re
duco the labor of writing to a minimum.
Thoy do away with tho necessity of dip
ping, a great foature, and write continu
ously, uniformly and smoothly. For
salo at tho BaNjNer Office.
llliciimatlftiu Uured ln a Day
"Mystic Curo" for rhoumatism and
nouralgia radically cures in 1 to 3 days.
Its action upon tho system is romarka
blo and mystorious. It rcmoves at onco
tho cause and the diseaso immediatoly
disappears. Tho flrst doso greatly bone
flts, 75 cents. Sold by J. T. Shurtloff,
druggist, Bennington. 51yl
ESp-Dr. F. W. Goodall is so far re
covered that ho is now ablo to seo pa
tients, at his offlco, from 10 to 11 a. in.,
and from 2 to 3 p. m. 7t3.
On tho mountain east of tho Canedy
hotelsUnds an old houso said to bo
haunted. Tho road leading by the houso
has notbeen travoled for years, and the
houso is surrounded by a dense growth of
weeds and bushes. Lights aro said to
be seen in tho collar, chairs rustlo and.
the sound of peoplo walking about tho
houso are heard at mid-day.
Business men want a now bond issuo.
What they really need, and will havo, is a
new administration.
A man who, a year ago, mado a for
tuno by selling tho markot short was
asked on what basis or "tips" ho otior-
atcd. Hereplied: "Onmyfaith ih tho
iucompotcncy of the Democratic party
when ltcame into power and tho belief
that it would maintain its time-honored
Lizzio Borden has again como into
prominent public notico. When she
was being tried for tho murder of her
parents, the Y. W. C. T. U., of which Bho
was a member, and which occunied ono
of tho rooms in the Borden block, passcd
resolutlons of syrapathy with Miss
Borden. since slio was acquitted, how
ever, Miss Borden has "been "cut" by
somo of the members of the organization
named, and now she has turned tho so
cioty out of her block.
The action of tho Senato Tuesday in
endorsing the finance committee in tho.
matter of the sugar Bchedule means thar
tho crucial test has been met and that
tho supporters of ' the amended Wilson
bill have won tho most important skir
mish. Within ten days tho bill is ox
poctod to pass tho Senato flnally. But
thero is to be a flercely fought contest
over the incoino tax feature, which is
not consldered exactly gormane to tho
bill itself, and which may thereforo bo
stricken out without endangering tho
bill. Opposition to tho "incomo tax"
foature seems to be growing, and tho op
pononts in all tho commercial centres
aro becoming more aggrcssivc Tho
chances in favor of Republican support
from the West seem to bo waning, and
if the featuro is retained at all, which is
by no means certaln, it will be because
of tho ability of the mpmbers of tho fi
nance committoo to'hold tho Demo
cratic and Populistic votes for tho tax.
Vermont, in common with many
other Statcs, is particulariy interestcd iu
the lumber schedule of the new tariff bill,
and it will bo seriousnows for many rcsi
donts of this commonwealth that all kinds
of manufactured lumber are mado freo
of duty, as tho tariff bill stands at present.
This dccision affects an industry in which
$580,000,000 is invested and which pays
more than$135,000,000 a year in wagoa.
And all this as dono in order to gain
tho solitary voto of Allon of Nebraska.
In order to gain this popullst voto, tho
tho Domocrats proposo to destroy ovory
planiug mili in tho United Statos and
transfer across tho Canadiau lino this in
dustry, whoso importanco is indicatcd
by tho flgures just given. As a mattor
of fact tho Democatic members of tho
finance committee of th'o Senato woro in
favor of a small duty on lumpor, but
when it camo to deciding betwecn a
question of prindpal and tho gaining of
a'voto for tho tariff bill, tboro was only
one thing to bo dono from their Btand
point. Senator Allen mado a throat on
tho lloor of the senato that ho would
never voto for tho protection of tho lum
bor interosts of Now England and tho
Northwest, and tho tariff bill was amond
cd accordingly. Thus doos the turbid
strcam of tariff "reform" wend its
blighting way.
Tho defeat of tho billin tho nouse of
Ropresentatives for tho ropoal of the
Stato bank tax law is a gratifying victory
for sound mouey. Tho bill should nover
havo been introduced. It would nover
havo had any standing had it not been
for that proliflc parent of all ovil, tho
Chicago platform. Its object was to
llood tho country with a papor curroncy
that would be pcrpetually under suspi
cion, that would bo a, monanco to busi
ness stability and credit and that would
oveutually in many instanccs chcat and
rob innocent holdors.
if1, '
Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
mombcr, ho has been vory fortuuato

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