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t-WIU our readers tcll their f rlends that the
xhI'Wbikly Bnnku wlllcost them only ten
ents for threo months, If they are not already
eaders thereof. See notlco In another column.
The residonoo of H. I. Spafford looks
flne after tho new coat of palnt.
Dr Galo was called to Townsond, on
Friday last, by an accident to a noar rol
ativo. Miss Fanny Coroy loft for hor honio in
Owego, N. Y,, via Albany and Binfjham
ton. Dr. and Mrs. Alkon of Troy, K: T.,
spontSunday witU thoir daugbtor, Mrs.
G. P. Hougliton.
Miss Franc'es Itannoy of New York,
spont Sunday with licr parents. Sho is
ahvays welcoinod liere by hor old frionds.
Tho little son of Tbompson Niles, who
bas beon sick nino weoks, has so far ro
covercd as to rldo out a littlo. His im
provemont is slow.
Miss Edith Gates of East Aurora, N.
T., who has beon teachinri in North Car
olina, is visiting Mrs. E. D. Welliug and
other frionds.
Tho aspbalt sidowalk on Bank stroot,
is bolug laid by partios from North
Adams. Tho construotion is difforcnt
that laid last year. Timo alono will
e wliich is tbo best.
1. 1 1 -mr
.uiaicos iias ouior Kinurcu in m s
Tho llov. and Mrs. 0. n. Peck aro at
tonding tho Gdnoral Convention of Con
cregational ministors and churchos of
. will speak npon tho "l'resont Day milu
onco of tho Iloly Soripturos." Mrs.
Peck is a dolcgAte to tho Vormout
1 braneh of tbo Woman's Board of Mis-
. slons.
Children's Day was observed at tho
Concregational church in tho raorning,
Sunday, by a scrmon to tho childrcn by
tho pastor, tho baptism of two of the
childrcn and tbo prosontation of four
Biblcs to s many of tho bantizcd child
rcn of tho church who hau arrived at
sovon ycars of ago. Tho church was
dccoratcd witb pottod plants and flow
ors, and birds suspended in tho room
wore morry with thoir swoet sougs.
Tho Sunday school conccrt at tho
IlinsdiHvillo Mothodist church, at 3
o'clock, Sunday, was woll attcudcd, and
tho intorestiiift )rograinmo well carried
ovt. Tho sinjing and rccitations woro
oxccllcnt, rollecting credit upon tho su
perintcndout and toachors of tho school.
Tho llov. Mr. Wobster, tho pastor iu
chargo, spoko woll on tho futiiro of tho
Church of Cbrist.
Tho two partios in corapa'ny, oight in
number, occupying two carriagcs, under
tho chaporoning of C. E. Welling of tltis
placo, and Cliarles Ilall of Springflcld,
Mass., who spont last week in a ploasant
rido to Lako Gcorgo, returned horo on
Saturday aftornoon. Tho wcather was
charming, 110 dust and no rain to dis
commodo thom, and sovcral, if not all,
with superior conversational gifts, tho
timo was gaily spcnt, not only upon tho
lako, but in visiting tho towns on tho
diffcreutroutcs going and coraing. Tho
last night was spent at Manchester,
whcro tho Equinox IIousc, not yot opon
for tho summer, was kindly offercd for
their accommodation and entcrtainmcnt.
A journal of tho iucidents and events of
tho six days would, no doubt, bo very
Tho Children's DaySunday school
conccrt attno uaptist cnurch on Sunday
ovening, was vory successful. It was
uniquo in that tbo programmo was car
ried out without being called by any oftl-'
cor of tho school. All tho parts had
been so well propared, showing atten
tion and faithf ul caro on tbo part of tho
ladies of tho school, that tho singing,
recitations, addresses and other oxer
cises followed each othor in such regu
larity that no brcak occnrred during tho
wholo. Tho parts wero well committed,
and tho dolivcry ovon to tho youngest,
dcserved and recoiyed tho commonda
tion of tho largo audicnce. Tho churcli
was tastefully dccoratcd with ilowers,
and twenty-fivo of tho chlldren wero
seatcd upon tho platform. Mrs. Jay
Loomis, M:ss Addio Loorais and Mrs.
Albert Ilathaway had tho cxcrcises in
Thero was quito a heavy frost at tho
"City" Friday morning.
Arthur Bowles, of tho Journal offico,
Gardnor, Mass., is visiting relativos hero
a fow days.
R3Any person not now a subacrlber, mayre
celve tho hemi-Wbekly Cankeu threo months
for 10 cents. Send us your name and 10 cents.
Mrs. ffm. Ilarrington's hcalth is vory
N. Johnson bas giyen his millanow
coat of paint.
Eva Itandall of Cambridge, N. T., was
in town last week.
Sheldon Ilarrington is on tho sick list.
Tho ",7orkors mct witb Mrs. Georgo
Lano Thursday aftornoon of last week.
Thero will bo an ico crcam sociablo
Tbursday 'ovoningat'Mr. Albort Batcs1.
Tho funoral of Miss Ora Bollo Ilulot,
daltghter of Simou and Emily Ilulot, was
lielld at hor lato rcsidcnco Sunday at 10
o'nlfyck. Sho was a goodf kind girl,
ready,to do anytbing for good. Tho
funeralwas largoly attondcd and tho
floral trifutes woro boautiful. Tho
choir of tho Mothodist church sang, and
Eov. Mr. Stclo offlciated.
Mrs. Jano StiHman of Berlin N. Y.,
has beon visitinfe in-town tho past week.
Mr. and Mrs A. B.' Gardnor aro rcceiv
ing congratulations ovcf-.a ton-pound
daughter wlch was born Jiino 2d.
Mr. and Jlrs. William Wriiht of IIoo
sick Falls pcnt Sunday, Jiino 3d, in
town tho grfestn of Mrs. Williabi Burgcss.
Childrcns Day will bo obserVod in tho
Mothodisncburch Sunday, Juno 17th.
A conccrt will bo givon iutho ovening by
tbo Sunday school.
T. II. Hall has beon out of town for a
week attonding tho grand jury session at
County Court. Ho is tho foroman'of tho
Our factory did not run Saturday, all
ordors boing fillcd and tho appearancos
indlcato thero will not bo as much wprk
as was honed for during tho summor. t
The Ladies' Industrial Socioty of tiio
Baptist church mot in thoir parlors
Thursday aftornoon. A large nurabor
wero presont and a raostbountifulropast
was sprcad. It was undor tho chargo o
Mrs. II. LoBarron and Mra. Ella Burring
ton. ,
Tho drama "In tbo Ligbtof a Brothor-in-Law,"
ivon bTtho I. O. G. T. lodgo
in their parlors Wednesday ovening, was
a decided succoss. All thoso taking part
did very nlcoly indocd, and in apprecia
tion of their woll doing havo beon fnvitod
to rendor tho samo in Bennington noxt
Wednesday ovening. Ico crcam and
cakowero sorved.
noaOHTON-In Bennington, Jl.y 2T. Lena F.
noughton, only chlld of Clark EoBghton, agcd H
-For 10 cents wo will send the Sbui-Wbkkly
BAXnnn thren montln to ny porson not now a
nubscriber. Thls offer will liold cood untll June
lSth. Send uj your name and ten centa and re
celre So lssuea of tho paper.
Miss Paulino Batcboldor is vlsitini:
frionds in Troy, N. T.
Thero is a largo attondanco frora tbis
town at County Court.
John G. MoAuloy of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
is registerod at tho Arlington.
Winnio Phillips attondcd tho speaking
contost at Rutland, Wednesday ovoning.
E. P. Warnor and Horaco Goowoy havo
gono on a flshlng trip to Lako Cossayuna.
Tho many frionds of Prof. Frank Brad
ford, at this placo, aro dcoply grioved
ovor his sad death.
Prof. Rogors and Miss Susio Elmoro of
North Adams, Mass., aro tho guests of
Miss Fannio Barnoy.
O. P. Liscomb of Albany, N. Y., was
in town this wpok arranging to open his
summer rcsidcnco' hero.
Miss Daisy Molndoo of Dunvillo, Ont.,
who has boen visiting rolatives horo ro
turncd homo last weok.
vJtChas. S. Whitnoy, ox-prosidont of tho
Union Loaguo Club of Brooklyn, N. Y.,
and family arrived Monday and openod
their rosidenco for tho summer.
E. C. Woodworth, Oscar Tifft, E. H.
Ilolden, O. M. Barbor and C. II. Young
will attend tho mccting of tho Grand
Lodge, F. and A. M., at Burlington go
ing up Tucsday Juno 12th.
Dr. W. Seward Wobb's coaobing party
arrived hero twonty minutes lato, took a
basty luuch and dopartcd for Manehcs
tor. The novolty of tho ovont drow out
a largo crowd.
ESTTry tho SemiVeeklt Bakneh 3 months for
10 centa, Enclose 10 cents, with your name.ln an
envelope addresfed to the IUnneu and rccelvo
the paper 3 months.
Vo oxpect to celobrato tho 4th of July
this year with flro works.
Dr. WilHam Smith and family of
Micbigau, lcft hero, for homo, last Tucs
day. Thoy havo bccu visiting their
fathor's peoplo, A. Smith of this place.
Prof. A. M. Hurd, wifo and son, of
Mcntor, Ohio, is oxpectcd to spend thoir
vacation in West Uupert, arriving hero
about July 10th. Mr. Hurd is a son of
A. T. llurd of this placo.
A young man from nirara Collego,
Ohio, is oxpocted to take llov. Mr. Now
ington's placo, as pastor of tbo Dociplcs
chnrch for threo months, whon'Mr. Now
ington is oxpcctod to roturn, commonc
ing next Sunday, Juno 10th.
Alonzo Farrcr of Kindorhook N. J., ac
companicd by a frieud has boen visiting
rolatives in this placo.
Mrs. J. E. Austiu is on tho sick list,
but is improviug a littlo.
Jubgo llurton is at Manchostor attcnd
ing County Court. Tho tcrm promises
to bo a long ono.
Tbrough tho kindness and affiibility of
our cflicient cheeso maker, Arlio Rydor,
wo liavo been ablo to collect a fow notos
in rcgard to tho managoment of tho liu
poit cheeso factory, whicb may intercst
othors as it has your corespondent. Mr.
Ityder began his sixth yoar in this fac
tory April 10th of tho presont yoar. ,Iu
tho six yoars of his work hero, ho has
nover had a cheeso rojected, nor bas a
dollar of monoy been lost. Tho flrst year
ho mado 00,000 pounds of cheeso against
107,700 pounds last year, an iucroaso of
noarly as much again in flvo years. At
preseut writiug ho is recoivinsr 8,515
pounds of milk por day, making twenty
four cheeso of about thirty-six pounds
Joy Inexpressible
Another Boy's Life Saved
Health Blighted by Scrofula and
Hip Disease
Porfeot Cure, Happinoss and Hoalth
Clven by Hood's Sarsaparllla.
Exeter, N. H.
"C. I. Ilood a Co., Lowell, Mass.:
" I cannot pralso Hood's Sarsapariria cnongli
forwhatlt has done for rny boy. Somo four
years ago, when Blx years old, George was
attackcd by hip dlseaso ln his rlght leg. Wo
had to get Wra a palr of orutches, with whlch
ho was ablo to movo about, but bccamo
badly dcformed. Wo had to haro his rlght lcg
lanced Just abovo tho kneo. In a fow woeks a
second soro liroko out, both dlscharglng freely.
Agonlzlng palns affllcted lilra, he could not bear
to bo movcd, his growth was stoppod and
Ho Was a Nlcro Skoloton.
Ho had no appctlte, and It 'was liard work to
mako'lilincatenoughtokeep hlmallvo. Afew
wecks latcr wo had his lilp lanccd, and follow
lng this flvo other cruptlons broko out, making
elght runnlng sores In all. Wodldailwo could
for hlm, but ho grcw wcakor every day, al
though wo had threo of the best physlclans.
As a last rcsort wo woro prevalled upon
by rolatives who had taken Hood's Barsa
parllla with beneflclal results to glre tho medt
clno a trlal. Wo got ono bottle about tho flrst
of Jlarch, 1892, and ho had taken tho tncdlclno
only a fow days when his nppetito began to
lmprovo. Wlien he had taken one bottlo ho
could movo about a little with his crutches,
whlch ho had not been ablo to use for the pro
cedlnpc threo months. Wo contlnued falthfully
with Xxood's Sarsaparllla, and ln 0 months ho was
Ablo to Bo Drossed
and go about tho houso without tho crutches.
IIo has now taken Hood's Sarsaparllla regularly
for elghtecn months, and for tbo past six months
has been without tho crutches, whlch ho has
ontgrown by soveral lnellf s. The sores haro all
hcaied with tho cxceptlon of ono whlch is
rapldly closlng, only tho scars and an occasional
llrap remalnlng as romlnders of his suilerlng.
Hood's Sarsaparllla ln his caso has truly dono
Wonders,and ho ls dally galnlng In flesh ond
goodcolor. no rnns about and plays as llrely
os any chlld. Wofeel on inexpresslblo loy at
havlng our boy restored to health, and wo
always speak ln tho hlghest terms of Hood's
Sarsaparllla." Mns. lleifnr W. Mnnwnr,
Exeter, New Hampshlre. ut,
Hood's Pllls aropromptandcfflclont,yct
each, rfhoro is nowJ503 chooso on band
and 200 havo boen sold to partics in Now
Havcn, Conn.,ata good price, avoraging
somowhore about 10 3-4 cents por pound.
Mr. Ityder has boen using throo vats, but
nothaving sufllciont room for the milk,
two of tlio smaller ones havo boen ro
movcd and a vory largo ono put in their
placo. Thoro aro twonty-threo patrons,
and tho largcst quantity of milk brought
by ono patron is from tho dairy of O. F.
Sheldon, who brings about 000 pounds
por day from 30 cows. Tho account for
last year rcads thus: Frdm April 17th,
1803,to January 1st 1804, Mr. Rydor ro
coivcd 1,020,770 pounds of milk, making
107,700, pounds of cheeso taking 0 50-100
pounds of milk for ono pound of chcose,
whicb sold on anaverage of 10 27-100
cents and'no commission out, bringing
tho sum of Sll.104.53. Tho dircctors aro
C. F. Sheldon, M. B. Roborts and Morritt
Farrer. Salosman C. F. Shcldou.
In ono of tho ploasan'ost portions of
tbo Battenkill valloy, and ovorlooking a
largo oxpanso of valo and hill, is locatcd
ono of tho best known stock farms in
Bennington Countv. It is that' of D. G.
Barnoy, of this villago, and has boen in
tho possession of somo of tho family ever
sinco 1702, whon iu July of that yoar his
grandfathor marriod and sottled hero.
Mr. Barnoy is known as an ardent horse
man, and during a- short visit to his
stablos rocently tho following part of tho
stock was oxhibited to tho Banneii man.
First was tho well known chostnut gold
ing Whitesecks, who with his two white
bind fcot, and whito faco is as handsorao
a horso as ono would caro to seo. Wlilto
socks was sircd by Addison Lambort, is
0 ycars old, woighs about 050 pounds,
has not a blomish upon hira, is gentlo,
kind, and f roo from any faults. Although
ho has nover trottcd in a raco, he has
mado a milo at a 2.40 gait and with a
littlo training would undoubtedly mako
a spcedor. Another chcstnut gclding is
Combination, 8 years old, 15 1- hands
'liigh, woighs about 1000 pounds and can
paco in 2.30. Combinatiorfwho was also
sired by Addison Lambort has ono whito
foot, star in forohead, and can bo drivcn
by any ono. Towsor and Ruth aro apair
of two year olds, golding and mare, that
JUr. Jiarnoy ucliguts iu snowing. Uno is
15 and tho othor 15-1 hands hizh. Thoy
aro of a brigbt bay color, mano and tails
aimost uiacK, anu one nas wnite star ln
forehead. Thoy weigb about 000 each.
They aro thorougbly broken, aro good
drivers kind and gentlo nd will mako a
handsomo toam as thoy grow oldor-
Mond.iywas tho hottcst day this sea
son, tho thorcmomctor roacbing 00 in
tho shado.
Summer boarders aro boginuing to ar
rivo,.aud tho villago is fast presonting a
summer appearanco.
Tho usual crowd yot gathcrs at thodo
pot to witucss tho arrlval and dcparturo
of each passongor and froight train, in
East Dorset.
Tho Domocratic caucus will probably
bo called about the 20th. Democrats
horo will favor T. W. Malonoy of Rut
land as candidato forgovernor.
Business of all kinds is dull. Nonoof
tho marblo quarrics aro at work oxcept
that of T. K. Friodly & Son. Thoy aro
now omnloying about thirty hands iutho
Miss Cccolia Nottbeck, who pur
chased a tract of 80 acrcs of land near
hero about a year ago, has considorably
iniproved tho buildings on tho samo, and
has just startcd tho crection of a hand
somo summor residenco.
Farmers aro fceling protty woll ovor
tho outlook for tho crops. Tho rccent
rains havo helpcd tho grass crop. Tho
frost hurt tho prospects of tho applo
crop somo, but tho yicld promises to bo
a good ono. Corn is backward, much
moro so than usual.
Tho following persons iu town havo a
grand listof $5000, or over: W. D. Amcs
$7,500, P. D. Ames $0,000. D P. Boweu
$3,780, Warren Clomons S7,000, James
Coodey $6,200, Joseph M. Dovoo and
wifo $21,550, F. F. Gilbert $8,408, J. K.
Friedloy and son $30,100; Geo. W. Far
woll's es't. $5,500, J. M. Grifflth $7,725,
II. G. Harwood $5,500, D. L. Kent& Co.,
$20,500, Elsio A. Kcnt $8,800, S. F. Princo
& Co. $15,050, Frcoman Paddock $5,000,
Edward Roberts' estato $8,025, S. H.West
and wife $0,200, Ellen M. Morris $5,580.
Tho grand listof tho town is $0,500;
tho town tax 100 cents. It gocs into tho
treasurer's hands for collcction July 1st.
and four per cent. is dcducted if paid
within 00 days.
This town prescnts a spcctaclo soldom
scen, it heing a family of father, moWer
and four childrcn, all dcaf and dumb.
Tho father, Honry Culver, is a wcll-to-do-farmer,
and has rcsidcd in town
about 40 ycars, mostof tho timo on tho
farm whcro tho family now Hvo. Ho
was not born so, but when about 5 years
of ago lost his hearing from an attack of
scarlot fever, nnd afterwards his spoccb.
Six childreu havo beon born to them, all
dcaf and dumb. Onohasdicd; of tho
other flvo four havo graduated frora tho
doaf and dumb asylum at Hartford, Ct.,
and ono is now thero. Tho family aro
sraart and intelligent, and appear to bo
as happy and contcnted as could possibly
Tho Equinox DTouso opens for tho sea
son to-day. Sovonty-fivo guests aro ex
pected. Tho houso is as brigbt and clean
as paint and soap and watcr could mako
it, and tho scason promises to bo a suc
ccssful ono.
Hon. F. II. Orvis contracted with tho
agcnt of a publishing compauy Monday
for a momorial rocord book, whicb ho
will prcscnt to Skinner post G. A. R. at
somctimo in tho futuro. Tho occasion
will probably bo observed by a grand
camp llro.
Grand Mastor John II. Whipplo of tho
grand lodgo F. & A. M. left Saturday
night for Burlington to attend tbo Ma
sonic mcctings to bo held thero.
Among thoso from out of town, that
woro noticed horo Monday in attendanco
upon tho county dourt, C. n. Darling,
E. L. Batcs, O. II. Mason of Bennington,
.lool O. Bakor, Rutland, J. L. Martiu,
Tbo thcrmorootcrs in this villago reg
istorcd 01 in tho shado Monday.
n. D. Kingsloyof tho New York World
was rcgistered at tho Colburno houso, at
tho Centro, Monday.
Among tho largcst grand lists in town
is that of Jarcd Burritt, $18,000; Janet
P. Blackmer, $5,500; A. 0. Connor, $8,
800; M. S. Colburn, $17,500; S. G. Cono,
$8,750; o: L. Ciuhmau, $5,800; H. W.
Davis, $7,250; A. L. Gravcs, $0, 000; E.
J. nawloy, S11.000; J. N. Hard, $7,423;
J. F. nilllard, $7,400; E. ' A. Jamcson,
ost. of $7,500; Mrs. R. L. Manloy, $0,375
John Moifatt. $0,700; Lovoland Munson,
$7,000; M. L. Manloy, $0,800; C. F. Or
vis, $5,075; N. P. Pcrkins, $5,000; Myron
Pottibono, $10,200; Leonard Pottibono,
$0,000; LorcnzoShaffnor, $5,400; Jamos
H. Smith, cst. of $5,425; Geo. II. Swift,
and wifo, $0,400; Hoyt Spellman, $5,
800: Agncs M. and Ella Swift, $8,581; D.
S. Willson, $11,050; J. D. WickhanV cst.
e&nnrn,t? r ttt am jnn mi..
The Farmers Wanf
Thoro is no man moro popular among
tho farmers of tho country than Hon. O.
M. Tinkham, whoso likcuoss is hero
A man of acknowlcdged ability, of
commanding presonce, an cxcollent pro
siding oflicer, ho will undoubtedly fill
with credit tho offico to which tbo farm
ers of his own Stato wish to olect hira.
Ten years an agricultural editor of tho
Freoman and Watchman of Montpelier.
Vt., sccretary and presidont for soveral
ycars each of tho Vermont State Dairy
mcn's Association, and omployed by tho
boards of agriculturo of Maino, Now
Hampsbiro, Massachusotts and Now
York at thoir meetings, asslstant com
missioncr of agricultural affairs, dairy
commissionerat tho world's fair at Now
Orleans, niomber of his Stato legislaturo,
whcro ho was chairman of tho houso ,com
mittco on agriculturo, and recently ac
crcditcd by tbo sccretary of agriculturo
to Europo to study tho labor problom.ho
is ono of tho most conspicuous roprcsen
tativcs of tho farming intcrcsts of tho
country. '
Somo timo ago Mr. Tinkham was pros
trated witb hoat in tbo hay fleld, and
from tho consequont derangemcnt of tho
systom suffcrcd sovoroly from dizziness.
so much so that walkiug was difiicult.
no triod tho famous l'aino's colery com
pound, which had been so publicly rec
ommended by Mayor McShano of Mon
treal, Rov. Father Ouellot, Miss Mablo
Pahk OnssiTT Pills will reduce your wclght
PEItMANENTLY from 12 to 15 pounds a month.
NO BTAItVINQ nicknesj or fnjury; NO TUB
LIC1TY. They build up the health and beautlfy
(he complcxlon leavinc ro WKINKLE3 or Habbl.
ness. 8TOUT AUDOMANS and ditTlcult brcath
Inpsnrclyrellevcd. NO EXPEBIMENT, but a
scfentlflc and posltlve rellef, adopted only after
years of expericnce. All orders supplled dltect
from ourofJlco. Price $2.00 per package, or three
packasres for 5.00, by mall postpald. lestlmon
lals and purtlculars (seoled), 2 rts.
tSAll Correspondenco Strlctly Confldential.
PARK REMEDY C0,, Boston, Mass.
(Im6) ;
If yonr nalr comcs ont uso
Hyou have Dandruft and Itchlng of tho Soalp uso
Ifiyour nalr ls dry or spllts at tho ondj uso
If your hatr ls foded rcstoreltt with
Apuroly Vegotablo Halr Drosslng and Restorer.
Preparod and) told by
J. 7. SHURTLEFF,PharmaciBt
Hon, 0. 1. Ti
Him Well Again.
Jonnoss, Ida Lowis, and othors, and tho
rosultwas most happy. To quoto his
own words: "The dizziness is all gono,
and I am now quite recovered."
Thesuccess of his vigorous lectures
upon his European expcricnces has beon
maikcd. IIo is nowrosiding.it North
Pomfret, Vt., and tho citizens of tho
Stato will insist uoon his going into poli
tics so far as to tsko tho lieutcnant gov
Mr. Tinkham's oxperionco with tho
wonderful romedy that makcs peoplo
well and is as superior to all other mcdi
cino as milk is moro nourisbing than
wator, is not surprising.
Mon and womon all ovor tho country
aro findiug strcngth and frecdora from
discaso in Paine's celery compound. It
clears tho sluggish blood of tho unhealthy
huraors that a poor circulation and
faulty assimilation tend to produco. It
corrects unhealthy nervous action and
fccds tho nervo centres with just tho ele
mcnts needed to build thom up again in
to healthy tissues. Prof. Edward .
Pbelps, M. D., LL. D., of Dartmoutli
coljego discovered tho formula for the
famous Paine's celery compound after
long years of study of tho dcop changes
that tako placo in wornout, disordcred
nervo tissues. Dr. Pholps was accus
tomed to explain in his lectures his mas
tery over discases duo to bad blood and
nervous weakness as follows: 'In dis
caso of tho livor, kidnoys and hcart,
something is in the blood that ought not
Gulting and Fitling Speclalfy-
Mlta.TOnitEY, 228 UDlonl.Street,
llm3 Bc&nloEtoo.
ummer Finds
to bo thcrc. Noutralizo theso bad hum
ors. Thb norvos and nervo centres aro
starving. Feed them with the elements
that wrjl build them up again." Paine's
celery compound emboaios tbese ad
vanced ideas regardiug tho blood and
As was to bo expectod. so reraarkablo
a disco ery has not failed to attract tho
attention of scicntific mon all ovor this
country and Europo. Medical journals
havo givon Paino's oelery compound
much discussion. Paine's celery com
pound is extensively used in all tho large
homcs and instirutions lor sick and agod
persons throughout tho country. To
uay it stands unqucstioned as tho most
valuableand rehablo rcmedial agent at
tho physician's command forcurincneu
ralgia, rhoumatism, dyspcpsia, inabihty
to sleep and diseases of tho heart, liver
and kidnoys. It is prescribcd by the en
tiro medical faculty.
It is.tho greatest medicine, "tho only
medicino worthy tho name," sas ono
physician of tho highest standing in tho
prof cssion. For languor, debility and all
forms of nervous weakness it bas proved
its invaluablo curativo power. It makes
peoplo Ofill ages and bccupatlons woll
und active.
, Tho famous Dr. Parr, who lived to
such a patriarchal grand old ago, was ac
customed to say: " 'Now' is tho watch
word of tho wise. 'Now' is tho bannor
of tho prudent." Tako Paino's celery
renite and larble
To tiie Citizens op Bennington
jiND VicinIty I am prenared to furnlsh any
tbing wauted ln the llne of ccmetcry work at at
least 10 per cent lcss tban you can buy tho samo
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party, ns that Is the agent's commission, or It
will cost a party from away If they come them
selvcs to sell and set the work at least 40 per
cent more than it will me, os I llve hcre and sell
and setmy own work, and recelve my cranlie ln
the rough Btate dlrect from the quarrics In car
load lots at low rutos. I have a forco of compe
tent workmen to cut, pollsh and letter the work
hero In my shop; have had fonr car loads of
rouphgranitelii vhe past two months; am fur
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granltc whlch aro to bo set beforo Decoratlon
ay. Call and see my stock and how I do my
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Sollcltlng your patronagc, I am very rcspect
fully yours,
E. Estabrook.
I do cone bnt flrst-class work, and gnaranto
atlsfactlon In all caies. Bstlmated f urnishcd on
G&syioaouoix cota uyau.arugBista. Sc
gntml Hst of tbo town ls $10,570.00. ,

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