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, . -O i -
Toinspectourline of flno Spring Suits. Our assortment Is the most
completo in Southorn Vermont, whilo our prices are lower than over
before, "Wo inyite comparisons of quality and prices, for we are confl
dent that our system of cash buying and selling enablcs us to quote
prices far below tbose of a credifc store.
Don't go whero your neighbor gets trusted ; what tho dealer loses
through hiin, lio will regain by charging you extra for. your goods.
Wo don't bave to mark our goods to cover losses, as ours is a
Ghas. G, Gole, Opera House Glotliier,
Bennington, Vermont,
GO TO ....
Green Houses tor best quality & lowest prices.
At Reancod Prices. In ordnr to close out our entiro stoclc of Paper
uuuijiuijo iu uiaas lin l, wo W1U a.M
18c Miclw Pinisbed,
14c Miclia Finislied,
60c Parlor Emtjossed Paper. 4Sc
40c " " 30c.
25c Parlor Gills. Plain Back. 18c
JJorders and 1 band friezes in proportion. Any one now wishina to na
paper will do well to see this stock at these price3. All strictlv ttils
year s patterns.
P, L. BOTTUM, North Bennington.
re Offering Onprecedented Bargains
In all the above lines of goods. Afull supplyof all grades of
SPRUOE, PINE and OEDAR SHTNGLES constantly on hand.
Large No. 2 FamilyMackerel, 10 1b. Kit, 87c.
Armour's Cora Beef, 2 lb. can with key, 20c, 3 for 55c!
Armour's Roast Beef, " " 20c, 3 for 55c.
Boston Baked Beans, 3-lb. can 10c, or 3 for -25c
Lanndry Starch, per pound, ' - - - 4c
Hier Root Beer Extract 25c sizo 15c, or 2 for - 25c
. Wes !
Having taken tho agency for tbese celebrated bicycles, we sliall
be pleased to show tbem to any one wishing to bny a first-class ma
chine, right. Every bicycle gnaranteed for one year.
Cast Your Eye on the Following Prices :
Jars, $1.50 per dozen.
Gcranlnms, good plants In 3-lucIi
Astftrs. os
Pansles, 25 cents pcr dozcu
rotted Vcrhcna?, 25C pcr dozcu
Colcus. 25, 50c and 75c pcr dozcn
uutiimuuui, uiie pjanis in 4-iucu
r au u II
liirfi. 75ft nml 1 fiii nm. .in.
About 125 doz Tomato Plauts at
au uiiu aoc pcr uoz.
Entered at the Bennington Post Ofllco as
"oconniciasa matier oj u. a. rii5i;is & co
Terms. - Sl.60 pcr year, strictly ln advanco
Washincton dospatcboR dispol tho f oars
oi wo cany parc oi tuis wook, tliat XTos
ident Cloveland was soriouslv 111. Prl
vato Soorotary Thurbor says that "aotinf;
undorthoadvico of hls Dhvsician.thn Prc
idontdccidcd to rofrain from -workinf:
on account of tho bad woathor. Ho had
bccn troubled somowhat with summcr
ooraplaiut, somo symtoras belngapparent
ln his caso that thoro woro wlthSoorotary
urosnam on JUccoration my. At tliat
timo tho Secrctary was sliRhtly prostrat-
cd, but ho has fully rocovercd. Tho
dootor prescrlbed rost and abstlncnco
from buslncsa for a fow days, and that Is
mo lounaauon ior tno story of tno i'res-
idont's Drostration." Mrs. Clovoland and
cblldron aro onjoying tho cool soa breozcs
oi uuzzaru's iiay.
From all indications summor has sot in
and tho not wcathcr wlth us now
liablo to contlnuo for somo timo to como,
Tho wavo of heat oxtcnds over tho en
tiro country. oxcent tho oxtremo N'orth
west, and ovcn thoro tho thermomotcr is
on tho riso. A stnkinfj featuro of tho
situauon is that tlio suddon chancro from
cold aud wct to hot and dry weathor has
not provokod any violout storms. With
tho oxcoption of occasional thundor
showoxs iu ccrtam localltics. duo cnMro
ly to local couditions, tho ontiro dountry
oxcopt aiong tuo uuii coasc is rainlcss.
So coufldcnt aro tho sientil servico offl-
oors of a continuatioii of tho presont hot
ana ary conditions tnat ono of thcm toI-
tinteercd, Tuesday. to nrodict that
"from presont indications rain nood not
oo oxpectctt tor weoks."
An aualysis of tho lato Illinois voto
carnes with it much significanco,
Twelvo countics in that Stato, compriS'
ing tho fourtli judtcial district, ohoso c
judRo of tho suprcmo court at tho clec
tion hcld last wcok. Thoro was an aul
mated oanvass. Gov. Altgeld mado his
ouiciai powcr loit turougli activo agents.
Both candidatcs woro unoxceptionable,
but whcn tho votcs woro countcd it was
found that this coniirmcd Domocratic
district, which gavo Clovoland 5,783 plu
rality in 1888, incrcasing it to 0,923 in
1892. had cono Republican f-r tho first
timo in tno imtory ot tho iiopublican
party. .tor iu ycars tno uistrict had
ncvor onco wavered from its rockribbed
Bourbonism. But a yoar's oxporicnco
ot uiovoiana timos ana tho spcctacio of
goneral flabbiness and domoralization
presonted by tho Domocratic President
and tho Domocratic Congress had swung
nis jjomocratio umraitar over to tuo Jto
pubhcan lino by 4,095 plurality. This
roprcscnts in this singlo district achango
of about 11,000 votos. A similar chango
throushout tho othor six districts would
civo Illmois to tho Itcpublican by 52.-
Tho Now York Journal of Commcrm.
altliough a Domocratic paper, distinctly
un.irKi'H luin uio sugar irusi ts uio gov
erument. In so doing it follows its fl
nancial instincts of a trustv leader.
ratlior than that of a party organ. This
is tho languago: "Tho appallihg fact al
ready discloscd is that for somo months
past tho sngar' trust has been tlio goyorn
mont of tho Unitod Statcs. Tho peoplo
oi tuo unitoa otaces naa votcator a ro-
torm o tlio tarill; tliey had clectod what
thoy supposed was their Govornnient for
tho purposo of accomplishing this end.
And now lhoy flnd out that whother
thoy havo tariff reform or not dopcnds
upon tho consont of the srnrar trust.
Tho tariff law must givo tho sugar trust
woalth boyond tho dreams of avarico, or
it. sliall not pass. says tho trust, and up
to dato it looks as if it owncd tho Sen
ato, which formerly belonced to tho
Unlted States. and could oxocntn its
thrcat. Tho question of tho day has
passed that of ratos of duty; it is
whothor tho Govornment of tho TJnitetl
Statcs shall bo carricd on for tho bono
fit of tho pooplo of tho Unitod States, or
for tho enrichraent of tho Rucar trust."
Sonator Iloar has trivnri tlin t.irlfF r
formors this wcok "a scorcher" in
tho lino of a sncocli onnosinrr t.lin Wiiann
blll. Ho addrcsscd tho Sonatn on t.liafc
part of tho Tariff bill which changed ox
lsting dutics on lenses, with general rcf
erenco to tho bnnnflta ilnrlirnfl frnm rr-
tection of our manufacturors. DJo hold
up tlio little town of Southbridgo, Mass.,
somo twenty milcs from his own rcsi
doncn. as an nhinnt Insann TTn otofari
that in 1884 tho manufacturo of specta-
uio lunsua uas oeen commoncca thoro on
a capitnl of lcss than $SO,000 which had
now becn increasod to considorablo ovor
a million. Ho statcd that, whilo tho
WafTftS of Hl n Wnrl.-1 ll O- nnnnin nmnlnnn
u.iu uuuautuuy increasea, IUO COSt OI
living had gono down and that tablos ho
u.iu pruijurcu snowcu tuac a man witli a
wifoand four childron, gcttlng doublo
thO fnroidl WafrpH. in t.lll. norir tnmn rt
Southbridgo, would not pay moro than ?30
a year for his support of articles whoso
imuus uuum uo. on any ineory, ln tho
" J jriVVbblllU Lt.llli.
But what did this bill proposo? It prac
tically struck off frora 10 to 20 por cont.
of hls wagos by roducing tho duty on
foroign mado lonscs.
The Hawallan Republlc.
Tho nnw rnnatitiiHnn Ma njnm
...... ....u., i .j niu
Yorlc Press, is woll calciilatcd for oxcit-
iuK uiiuuuisuiiiccs anu conaitlons in tho
Hawaiian Tinnnhlin Tlm ..,,rr :.,
- j . auu.cu lo
kopt within limits mado necessary by
tho prcsenco of a raultitudo of Mongolian
laborora, reprosonting tho lowest olo
meuts in thnlr nati lnnila nn.i .,i.i,.
unutted for a sharo iu civllized govorn
ment. inonuaiuications aro not moro
stringont and oxclusivo, howover, than
thoSO imnOSftrl hv anvnv QfnfA. nt 4-1...
American Union in tho last and tho oarly
ycars of tho presont contury. Caroful
urovision is maao ior tuo continuod ox
Istonce of tho govornmont until annoxa-
tinil tO thO TTtlHnd Sfltno nn.i ...I.l
. - uvt.vvo, 11 lillU tlllUID
instrtimont bears ovidcnco of tho wis-
aom, aiscrotion andflrrancss which havo
distinguishod tho presont administration
of Ilawaii.
wolcomod by tho Amorican pooplo to tho
family of nationsin sympathy with our
own. Tho protccting arm of tho Unitod
fltatOS is OUtatrntaliml n.n. TTn,n.l
i 1 T . " ' V l.lTl.ll. t.UU
our kindrecl who havo so bravely yindl-
uwu, wu uuo io irooaom may rost as
surod tnat no foroign powor will bo por-1
mittod to intorforo with their indonond
onco. Annoxatian is cortain to como
for Hawaii.with t.lin rotnrn nf n.nn.!h.
for Amorica, whon a patriotio Itopubll-
unn Auiuimsir.ition takcs tuo placo of
Uiovqianciism in Vashington.
Defend Wool and Woolens.
' Voto for a duty on wool and savo our
flocksfrom dostruction" is tho timely
and carnest appoal of tho California
Wool Growora' Association to tho Popu-
nau muinoors ot tuo Sonato. Ualifoi-nia
is sccond in tho lifit of wnnl
Statcs, and tlib destruction which would
ovurtaKo nor llocks m tho ovent of tho
passago ot tho mongrol tariff bill with
its free wool provision, would ovortako
tho shoep industry ovorywhero throuch-
uuu iiuu uuiuu. iuo appoai oi uamornia
is tho appeal of wool crowora from tho
Paciflo to tlin AHn
of a croat industry against legislation
j l"u oiuocuun oi iorty-
nvo millious of Amorican sheop and cor
rcspondlng calamity to tho multitudo in
torcsted m shcop oulturo. Amorican
wool production has alroady attaincd,
undor tho shield of protoction, an im
portanco inforior only to Argentina aud
Australia. This is ono of tho groat wool
producing countries of tho world. Tho
wool growers aro, as a rulo, farmors of
modorato moans. Tlioy aro not Sugar
Trust millioriairos, and cannot pay for
votes givon in thoir bohalf with proflt
ahlo tips on tho stock markot. With all
tlio moro reason should their intorests bo
protected by Senators who profcss to
rcprcsout tho pooplo, and whoso solo ex
cuso for politfcal oxistenco is tho ploa
that they aro.dofonding tho rights of tho
Tlio peoplo domaud that thoso two
groat Northorn industrics wool in tho
West and woolous in tho East shall not
bo sacrificed to Bourbou malico and
Bntish cupidity. Freo wool and tho
Bonrbon tariff on woolons would mcan
tho onrichmont of Australia and England
and tho prpportionato impovorishment
of tho Unitod States. Thoy would mcan
thO GXnpnrllfllrn ln U'nr.lmwl nnrl T?n
land's colouies of many millions of dollars
tinw pirnnlofrtfl A : 1 :i.i. :
the homos of tho Amorican farmer and
wagoearnor and quickening trado in
overy departincnt and overy scction.
Thoy would mean tho ruin of many
thousands of linrHw-i
impoverishmcnt of multitudcs of thrifty
w.iku uaincrs, eacu ono ot wiiora has as
much right to hayo his intcrcsts rcgard-
Cd and nrOtf0.tf1 hv thn Snnnln nt tlin
Unitod States as tho richestmillionaro in
tuo augar 'lrust. Tho Amorican farmor
whoso Shconfnld itia Tirnnnnofl tnrlnct
is a citizen wltli rirrhta nnil Mnlmo nmml
to thoso of any otlior citizen howover
iiuu iiuu luuuonuai. xuo Amorican
wago carnor has tho samo clalm to con-sidoratinn
vuv wv vvi i UOH UO
ho woro a Ilavomoyor or a Vanderbilt.
11 uiis romainca ior tuo liourbons of tho
Unitod States Senato to mark a distinc-
tion lint.WRfin SlirrnrTrnot tnlllinnl.ot,
the ono hand and tho agriculturist and
artisan on tho other. and to present tho I
formfir wltli frnm iSJO (Wl fwv t ion nnn
000 from tho pockots of tho peoplo whilo
robbing tho latter of their livolthood.
'Pllla rrrnl r nrimn mnfr t
matcd; nnrl will nnt hn If tlmr-.i rnmni'no
a spark of tho spirit of '01 in tho breasts
.. e . i . .. . . . ...
ui nm inon eiectcu to ropresent tho
Tforthom Statns in tlin Snntn A mn'.
. . ... uuu..w. aumir
Can WOOl milSt hn nrnsorvoil' Amnnnnn
woolen manufacturer8 must bo sparod,
aiiu uio iarmer anci wago carner por
mittcd to enjoy tho protoction accorded
thcm under Ifnnnlillrnii rnlo T.t n,.nm
Northorn Senator, whethor ho calls him-
seu iiopuuncan, i'opullst or Uomocrat,
stand flrm in tho dofcnso of industries so
Vltal to Nni'tlinrn nrnHnnrittr Ainrl rAnnl
-- . 1..VUW..VJ, ...IV. xviiuk
tho Bourbon attack on tho citios, tho
viuunus, mo nomos ana tarms oi tho
Northern pooplo. To securo genuino
ni'OtCCtinn ffir wnnl nnrl nrnn an ..ilfia
trics should bo tho steadfast resolvo of
tno representatives of tho Statos to
which tho destruction of thoso indus
tries would bo a paralyzing blow. N. T.
Men's Suits.
Hore new stj los ln our Sult department than any two houses inTroy can how.
8 O"l0A1I7'J01 Su,8acka nd frookn; new lont; Cntaway Sacks a epectaltyrin
VJ-U fabrles nevcr beforo rctailed by ua atless than $12 and $U. F
f"l O Someof the most desirablo trandt In tlin tnarlrot In ln .,t , i .
p aud trlmmed, at$12 per .ult. Cannot be danlirt tnV ZZt.V?. "I'rSl
uayuiagonaliionRCut Suits atgjgof our own make.mul
Play Ball.
Ilmn Sl.-,
as good as any $S0 sult In Troy
Children's Suits.
and . Kp-ABator Ball lreo wlth everv nurchaso
jWe hayo just purchased an enttre stock offlne Chlldren.s Clothing, comprisinir Zouave.CIoQo
You may be intercsted.
Shirt Waists and Blouses.
9l2ci;rcKUlar price $1. ' " " 7Q C ' R0a'-1U3t tec616111
aozen une uneTiot ana siadras Waists Q Qq cach. regular priee 75c.
85 dozen Qno Blouses ln new and desirablo patterns, g g and g J
331, 336 and 338 Rlvcr Strcct,
13, 15, 17 and 19 Fourlli Street,
TOY, rj. Y.
The Knit Goods Industry.
Tho frrnmHi nf tlinlrnit
as a wholo is best shown by tho consus
figures, which for 1880 gavo an invcsted
canital of Slfi.fi7n.rini. wiiinii in isnn linri
grown to $55,457,042. This increaso was
auo to uio uoneilcenc mUucncoof protcc
ti ve tiriffs, that havo crcatcd such a com-
notition fnr tritAn thnt
fabncs wero soltl in 1890 at $7.50 por doz-
uu ui.in couia oo uaaat aouuio tuo cost
in tfold in 1R7(V. Tlin inrlnctro mlinn tr.
full oporation gives omploymont to a
nishcs occupation for many thousands in
othcr than in tho manufacturing.
Manufacturersshuddor, howover, when
thoyseo their interests thrcatoncd and
thoir mills likoly of being rondered
WOrthloKH hv RI1P.1i n rlmntrn in tlin rliitlnn
as is proposed by tho Senato bill, which
would replaco tho present duties of 49
cents per pound and 00 por cent ad valo-
rnm hv nil vrilnrnm rtutina nf nnn t
aud forty por cent.- for shirts aud draw
ors valued at not ovor 40. conts aud ox
cccdintr40 cents per pound rospectivoly.
To subjoct any manufacturinc intcrcst
to such a terriblo' shrinkago indicatcs
that tlioso in chargo of tho'tariff bill havo
no ltnnwlnflrrn nf tlin rannii.m.n(ii nf
-f,w w. H1U . 1.1.1111.111 J 1
any lntorcst and caro lcss so long as thoy
can offect a chango. This surely is not
a courso to pyrsuo to securo tho co-op-oration
of oppononls, if it doos not alien-
districts whoro suoh intorests aro in
stalled. It is timo for Sen&tors Hill and
Murphy to cousldor tho Injustico that
willbo dono this cnormousintorcstin tho
Empiro Stato. Now York Dry Goods
Tho Monroe Doctrlne Repudiated.
Dinlomatio corresnnndonco. m.irln nnli.
lio Tuesday, throws light upon Eng-
Intld'n Tfinnnf nntinn in Pflnfwl AmniiVi
and shows ono cloarly that John Bull
With a Hepublican president to deal
with this nnnitinn wnulil nrnliablir nnfc
havo been prcsistcd in. As it is, wo aro
to bu snubbod by tho English Domoorat
io syrapathlzers, as well as curscd by
lin Tlnmnnrfilin A flminlotMtlnn TOl.tnl.
would destroy our industrial sy'stom in
mfinnfrtnf-iirinf infnrnota "Tlin fnln-
graphic summary is as follows: "It ap-
Iiuiiis mai, nicaragua lncreasou tuo poix
chargos at Bluoflolds nearly a yoar ago,
in lHirsuancn of a nnllnv lulnntnil n.irlv
in 1889, whon tlio Nicaraguan govorn
ment notiiicd Urcat Britain that it in
tondod to assort sovorcign rights ln tho
ous and poworful support of the Unitod
Statcs, which it had on formor occa-
fiions. Tho Nicaraguans, in uotifyintr
Groat Britain that tho English protoc-
no lonpor recognizcu, and that Nicara-
uuii d iuu uuiiuuutju Huvuruiginy inusc
Mft frlvntl l nrfintinnl rvi o -l n ? n rf nrncnntn1
I W AWh(Vt. llUHUlilf
flin pnnfnntirtn tlmt! tlin "rrtcrtnStrt tnrr!.
tory wa3 illling up with undesirablo ira
migrants who wero unablo to look to
propor authoritics for protcction. and
that in tho intorests of law and ordor
Nicaracua mustasscrt her richts.
"Fn rnnW tlin Tlfitioli n-nvnrnmnnf
1 J 1 . 1111111)11 J 1.1111111.111
wit.ll irrrnilt. ilrninnca -itlflnrl VifinwnMii
' ' - -" .u.w 111 llllll.ll.lj 1111,1111.11 11 11.11111111.
that Iho English protcctorato would ho
cnco would not ho pormitted, and tho
Af fan ti fr rrnvnrnmnttt' tirAulfl AnnAr i
nn. r i i zla j.
uwu wwauuuL'uiurco iiiuin wuiiouc re-
inrnnpn tr inornmn until no otmtilifnH
hv f.llft nrlllf.mflrtn fnllnwfinrr flin Plntrfnn-
comploto incorporation into tho ropublio
"In Fobruary of last year, President
TTnrriRnn'fl nrlminictrntlnn nntrtrl f.nif
Britain that for tho sottloment of inter-
national questions aitecting tho port of
Nicaragua (roforonco to Bluoflolds), tho
frnvnrnmnnt. nf tlin TTnitftrl SZtniaa ivti.ot
v . v. uuiuu v u& 1" H UUIKVU 1JL1.1V..) 111 11 ,1 1.
look to Nicaragua alono. In his dis
patch to Miuistor Lincoln on tho sub
innt finnrftfniiw liViotni . nAD.tinAln a
juww, wvumiiu . 1 uoiui 'y.J I'UOIil Vlf .10-
sortod the full sovoroignty of Nicaragua,
uiiuiuiim iiuu uio riuuts nccoracu tno
Mosquito Indiaus by tho arbitral award
of tho Austrian cmperor rclatcd simplv
t:ui . :.i ii. i..
tu uimu liuatuuia iiuu uui Lliu U11UU HUt-
tloment of Blueflolds, which was sclf-ad-ministercd,
internationally irresponsi-
blo, withdrawn from tribal regimen of
tholndians. onnosRd to 'Vin.ir.afrii'in mrn.
woi ana prono co invoKO liriusu lntor-
vontion, which would not bo permitted.
At this point, which imraediately pre
ceded tho Nicaraguan occupancy of
Blueflolds, tho correspondenco euds."
Thus tho nawaiian infamy continiics
to bear fruit. No country will fear, to
say nothing of respecting us, with Gros
ham and Clovoland at tho hclm.
Creameries in Vermont
Thero is quito a wido-spread knowl
edgo ot tho lmportanco to our. peoplo of
tho dairy intcrcsts of Vermont, but 'wo
havo not, recontly, seeu tho statistics
brought togothor so that tho proportions
could bo lookcd at. ffatitrally euough
tho idoa provails that Vermont excels in
tho production of butter, but as to
chocso that has been so oversliadowcd
by buttor as to bo almost lost sight
of. Thoroforo it was wlth somo aston
ishmont onlooking through tho list of
creamorios aud cheeso factorics to flnd
so many of tho last.
Tho total number amounts to 71. Of
theso 12 aro not credited with tho num
bor of cows. For 59 factories tho num
borofcows given amounts to 17,301.
Allowing 250 cows to bo tho averago for
theso factories would mako tho total
over 21,000. Of theso factories, threo
appear, from tho number of cows, to bo
f.lrm dniriPH nimnlv llllt flin ntlinra ramrn
in number from 100 to 500. It is a pleas-
uro to noto that so much interest is
takon ln tho manuf anturfi nf rlinnsn in
As regards tho manufacturo of buttor,
thoro appcars to bo two distinct
mothods. tho cream tratherinEf and sen-
arator. Of tho first or cream gathoring,
thoro aro 12 creamorios, with a patron
ago of about 0,870 cows. Of soparator
creamorics thero aro 80, 18 of which are
nnt. nrnrlitnfi TOlth t.lin immlini nf nnwc
Tho number as givon from 0S creameries
amounts to 4U,iua. Allowing as ueforo
an avorago of 250 cows to a creamery,
tho1 total number would bo 52,790 as
credited to croamcries. Added to this
thoso contrihutcd to cheeso making
would incroaso tho total numhnr to nvnr
70.000. Tho uumbor of cows furnishing
milk for thoso croameries rango from 75
to 1.800. This doos not includo tlio
Franklin fiminfcv crn.imnrv witli it nn-
tronago of 15,000 cows.
Tho inrv in thn caso of TK.onn TT.inlra
nf rjmnvilln "W V nliniffnl xvitli mAii.
slaughtor ln tho sccond dogree, in starv
ing his wifo to death, brought in a ver
dict of guilty, at Salem, Saturday af tor
noou, and recommended tho prisouor to
tho morcy of tho court. Tho jury was
out an hour and forty-fivo nu'nutes.
Judgo Lillio imposcd a flno of $1,000.
wit.1i tlin nltnrnTitivn nf nnndnw in -inil fnr
ovory dollar unpaid.
Right Kind of a Man for Texas.
Rov. Androw Jackson Potter, tho gen
tlenwn who aroso from behind a pulpit
in Uvalde. Tox., soveral ycars ago with
two big shooters in his hands, and in
formodtho audienco, mostly composed
pftho toughestof toughs, who had been
ln tho habit of runniug ovory miuisterof
tho gospel who camo thoro out of town
with rotten eggs or escorting him out to
tho suburbson a threo cornered pole,
that if thero was any llop-cared, swallow
mouthcd galoot in that audienco who
had tho audacity to prcsume that ho woro
a big euough shirt to put him out of a
pulpit to stcp forth and tako tho hot
medicino, or, on tho hand.to keep his ba
zoo closed, and also wound uj that with
tho holp of God and thoso two forty-flves
hoholdin his hands ho proposed to
preach to that peoplo, that day, has an
nounced himself a candidato for Sheriff
and Tax Collcctor of Tom Greon coun
try. Ozona Courior.
Tho Ross Murder Trlal.
Tho progress mado in obtaining tho
urstnino jurors may bo kuown by tho
following from tho Troy Times of Wed
nesday: "Tho sovonth day of tho Shca murder
trlal in tho oxtraordinary oyer and ter
miner was concluded at 0 o'clock last
nicht. and thn nminsol in il ...
- . . i i.i .uu uuag tyciu
ablo to congratulato thomselves that the
day had not passed without Bomo pro
gress being-made toword illling tho jury
bOX. OnO additinil.il inrnr m-oo con..:i
- ji. ini 1 1 H J DliKUigu
and sworn in, making eight in all. or
v.. uuiu ui ura iBquircu uumuor. As
thO (ll'flMlSn Il.Tll lienH tit-nnf,. r,nn.nt
hu..ui,u(;m uuu iuo prcsecuuon nineteen,
out of tho total numbor of thirtyallowed
v"""i w u" ouuu tuiit iuu cuu or UU
thia monotonous work cannot ho far dis-
their peremptory challengos from tho
commoncomont, but now that tho num
ber is rapidly dwindling thov will bo
even moro cautinns. nnd .11 -i Voc.it ti.
examination of jurors will probably last
longcrthan over. So far tho avoVage
number of iuroru Rvnmiiintl m- aya,.i.i
each full day has beon about forty.
ilathows and Waltnrs stnnlr nnmn.Aif
By special request of Manager Tiffany,'
f 1 1 (1 1T ...111 .1 Y-l ( 1 1 1 ,1 n tl.Ai n n 1 1
"Ilazel Kirko," a domostic comedy
dr.ima in four ar.ts. t.n.nirrlit "fr TTnrv
Adams and Wm. Leo woro memb'ers of
tho onginal Matlison Squaro Theatro
Company that played iu New York City.
On Sntnrdav nfrnrnnnn tliio nnm.ln.
organization will present Unclo Tom's
o i. ! .. . .. : . 1 . . i .. T. i i i
vttuiu, tviiu uuuKdjauuu uoiuruu singers.
Matineo pricos 10 conts for childron and
adultfl 9."i nnnts. nll nvnr thn lim.oA rin
Saturday night this company will'closo
lueir weoK'8 ungagomenc Wltli a Strong
molo drama; prices 10, 25, and 35 cents.
Don't. mift.Q Rpninfr Afnstnr TTnfl tli
year old boy's now specialtios.'
A Couplo of Epitaphs.
Thero is no flner or.imnln nf nai.font
resignation on rocordthan thatindicated
lv thn fnllnwint n.itlintin nnd tnn.lo tr.
scription on a tombstono:
wnutj biio was miue;
But now. ob, Lord,
I her to thee reslgn
And remaln your obedlent
Ilumble servint, Itobert Kemp.
nhltnarv nnntrv Rpnma tn lmft n 1tm.
J 1 J .. n, 11111U 111 UUJ.
it, but wo rather suspect that this cffu
sion is as near to tho boundary lino as
nnn r.nn wnll frnr
Fnrewell dear little Robert Allcn,
uoneio meeinw aepanea l'a;
In yonder lovely world up blgher,
Where, by the goldea ihrong of b'azlng flre,
Ile walts tot hls little brotbers and hls slsters rind
"'8 ma
As tho Now Vnrlr nrnnrt Whn fllo.
covercd bactcria in a tcloghona trans
mittor had to niagnify them 1,800 times
boforo ho could sco tliem,' if doesn't
scem as if thoy wero roally big enough
to scaro anytoay.
Kopresentativo Tracoy, tho cuckoo
statcsman from Albany, N. T., 'thinks"
that tho mongrol tarill bill will pass tlio
Rp.nfltn hv illllv Ior Tlin nncaintr nf tte
i. . .. ..j -- 'I I" )....... . 1., V. WJU
Northorn suppo'rters of that bill will oc-
. i . - i i . .
uui luiu iuuui.u iur.
Tho injury to tho Columbia turned
out to bo a dent, or rathor a "scrapo,"
for about ninoty feot and scarcoly two
iuches wido. Tho story about it was
hfcout ninoty miles long and two milcs
Highest of all in Lcavening Power. Latest U. S. Gov't Report

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