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jBEi 1 Grl 1 NI -f .
Many spend rauch money for
Think of it. Does it apply to you ?
If it does, ro where you can get a perfecfc fit.'
Wo make it a rule without exception to allow nothing to leavo our
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Bordeis and 1 band friezes in proportion. Any one now wishing to pa
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Eier Root Beer Extract 25c
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Gernnlnms, good plants ln 3-inch
jars, 75c and 81.50 ner doz.
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2&c and 35c ner doz.
Entered at the Bennington Pot Ofllcn a
nconrt-clas matter by C. A. PIEKCE & CO..
Terms, . 81.60 pcr year, strtctly ln advanco
For Govornor:
of Burlington.
For Lieutonant-Governor:
of Island l'oud.
For Secrotary of Stato:
of Burlington.
For Stato Trcasurer:
of Rutland.
For Stato Auditor:
of Brighton.
TIONS. For Membor of Congress:
n. n. POWERS, Morrisville, First
WM. W. GROUT, Barton, Second Dis
trict. Erasttis Wiman, whoso caso has at
traoted much attention by roason of bis
promincnco in Now Yorfc busincss cir
clos, was sontoncod, Wednesday, to 5
ycars in tlio Stato prison for forgery. A
largoly signed potition was prosontcd
asking judicial clomency.
Somo comment is mado that no fiag
was displayed at Gray Gables Sunday,
wliilo all tlio nclghboring liouscs scnd
Old Glory to tlin mast-boad in bonor o
Bunker Ilill Day. Porbaps tlio Clevo
Iand household objects to a show of a
"tcxtilo fabric," as tbo flag bas becn
tormcd by a Democratio autbority, on
tbo Sabbath dav. Lowell Courior.
Tlio nomination of Col. Mansur for tbo
socond jilaco on tho Republican Stato
rtckefc is tlio voico nf tbo pcoplo and is
decisivo tbat Fopulist metliods and ap
peals to olass projudico will not "down"
in Vermont. In spots, a paokcd caucus.
liko somo of thoso lield recently, may
win a fow dolegates, but no ono and tfp
sot of men aro ablo to capturo tbo wholo
Stato by questionablo caucus metliods.
Mansur, 332 votes, to Vail's 103 tells tlio
story. Will somo of our Stato exchang
es, who advisod tbo Banneu to "wait a
day," and criticised our judgment,
pleaso notico tbat we supported tho
candidato who won? .
A despatch from Buzzard's Bav of
Juno 17th, says: "Eitber tbo flagstaff at
Gray Gables or Skipper lirad. Wngut is
a misflt. All up ana down tbo bav to-
day tho national colors havo bcon ilying
from tho cottages and flagstaffs, in cele-
bration of tlio anniversary of tlio battlo
of Bunker Ilill, but at Gray Gables tho
bav breozo has blown atbwart baro poles.
Wbcn Mrs. Cleveland camo. nino days
ago, tho Gablos' flag was laid away in
somo oorner, and to-day, tho createst in
old Massachusotts colony bistorical an
nals, wbilo Actor Josepli Jefferson and
many otbers wore flying flags, the Presi
dcnt's villa displayed none. Tho rcason
offered is that tbo custodian of tho flag
bad not beard of tbo momorablo bttlo
with the British. It'is loarncd to-day
that Fresident Cloveland expects tho
national Congress to adjourn not later,
ac tno lartnesr, tnan juiy ictn, and tnat
bo will mako at least ono trip on to tho
Gables beforo tbat date, for a fow days'
rcspito. When Congress adjourns bis
long vacation may bo tho longcst by far
bo has evor enjoyed hero. IIo intonds
now to tako plenty of timo in the later
summor and early autumn to thorougb
ly rcgain his hoalth in tbo quiet which
bis isolatod soashoro bomo offers over
all otber places available to lnm."
Theso Domocratic timos aro teaching
tbo peoplo a numbcr of bard lessons,
somo of which aro summarizcd by tho
Troy Times. Tho matter of hoalth is
ono. People now wallc and get oxorciso
wbereas beforo they rodo, and bo on for
quito a spaco. Wo copy ono phaso that
scems to us to bo verygormano: "Tben
tbero aro other lessons loarned which
havo no relation to bealth but animport
ant ono to the diminished incomo of tbo
family. It is no longor uufashionable to
wcar a last year's dress or bat or suit.
This is observablo in tho suburbau
cburchos, wboro tbo dictates of fashlon
aro ovorborno by tbo, circumstancos of
tho peoplo. Thoro Is a broakiug away
from tbo old crazo to imitato tbo ricb,
wboroby a thousand-dollar incomo was
often taxcd to keop paco with ono of
tbreo to ten thousand. This is as
licaltbful raorally as tbo consumption of
simplcr food and largor indulgenco in ox
erciso are pbysically. It is a declaration
of indopendcnco from tho mostarbitrary
Amorican tyrant, fashlon. Thoro is an
othergratifyingsigu. Stahstics show a
largo decline in tbo drink trado. Excos
sivo indulgenco in iutoxicants is not
roallyan Amorican habit; tho trado dc
rives its support cbiefly from tho immi
prant population wllo havo broucht their
Europcan hablts with thom. Thoso of
thom who wish to tako an honorcd placo
in tho ranks of Amorican citizons loarn
after a timo that it is tho Amorican habit
to bo sober. It is ovident tbat tho bard
times aro quiokcning tho losson, ono of
tho most healthful of all that aro taught
through thom."
Swcetnessand Light
Fome Conrcssmen, one day ln June,
Llned up ln Uncle bara's ealoon.
Tben Bpake a U. S Senator
What are we fellovra In here forf"
Then ald hts fcllowi, "Well, we thlnk
Wo only tarllt for a drink,"
And cacli mansmlled upon bis mate
"Toddyf" the bar-keep sald, "or atralght" ,
Then every Btateman In tht llno
Beplled, ,fA little 'ShuK'ln mlne."
But one from fir off Jerscy'g ihore,
Who Btood convenlent to tne door,
"Sme 'Shug ln mlne," soft whlspered he,
'But mlx lt unbeknownt to mo."
Tben llehtly couccheJ behlnd bis haad
AnJt jolned tbe Scnatorial band.
Then out they flled with steps elato,
Saylng: "Ife all upon the alate."
And laughod nntll you'd thought they'd "bust,1
To aee tho iga hnng up "No trust."
Phlladtlpbla Press.
Woodbury and Mansur are Repub
lican Standard Bearers.
Wo condenso from tho St. Albans Mes
songor report, undor dato of Montpolior,'
Juno 20th: Tho Ronublican campaign
was fqrmally openod in Vormont to-day
by tbe meoting of tbo Stato Couvenlion
to nominato a ticket to bo supported at
tbo Septombor election. Tbe anto-con-tiou
canvass for tbo lioutenant govornor
sbip was a spirited ono up to tho assom
bly of tho coiiveution this moruing. Tbo
drift of seutimcut among tbo delegates
was apparently in favor of Col. Z. M.
Mansur, and, as tho various caucuscs
wero hold and votes taken fortho sovcral
candidatcs, it becamo ovident that Col.
Mansur had a handsomo lead in tho can
vass. At the Franklin caucus tho voto
stood: Mansur 30, Vail 3; Grand Islo
voted six solid for Mansur; Lamoille,
Mansur 2a, Vail 4; Orloans, Mansur 40,
Vail 2; Windham, 30 for Mansur solid;
Bennington, 3 foivMansur, 25 for Vail;
Washington, Mansur 24. Vail 11, Bates
0; Rutland, Mansur G0, Vail 12; Chitten
den, Mansur 40; Orange, Mansur 20, Vail
15: Caledonia, 3 for Mansur,3j for Bates;
Addison, Mansur 10, Vail 40; Windsor,
Mansur 12, Vail 40,
Theso flgurcs givo Mansur 300, Vail
150, and Bates 50 votes.
The convcntion was callcd to ordor at
11 o'clock in tbo Opera IIouso by Chair
man F. W. Baldwiu, of tho Stato Cora
mittec. Tho reading of tho roll was dis
penscd with, nnd tho chairmau thcroup
on prcsentcd Georgo M. Powers of Mor
risville, for prcsident of tbo day, who
upon taking tho chair, mado a vigorous
and forceful speech on tho vital issues of
tho day. Tlio montion of McKinloy's
namo by Mr. Powors clicited most en
thttslastic chcers and applauso.
For secretaries, Johu W. Rcdmond of
Nowport, and Fred E. Hamilton of Salis
bury, wero chosen.
Tlio following vice-presidonts wero
chosen, ono from each county: Addison,
Bonjamln Smltb; Bennington, J. O. San
ford; Calodonia, L. D. Ilazcn; Chitten
den, II. C. Gleason: Essex L. T. Wil
hams; Franklin, J.A. Porkins; Grand
Islo, N. W. Fisk; Lamoille, E. II. Shat
tuck; Orange, S. B. Ilebard; Orleans,
Geo. II. Blair; Rutland, R. C. Smith:
Washincton, A. W. Lyford, Windham,
Ilosea Manu Jr. ; Windsor, J. C. Enrigbt.
A committeo onresolutions, consistlng
of the following dolegates, was appoint
ed: II. I). llydor, cliairman, of Bellows
Falls; M. J. Allon, of Ferricburgb; C. II,
Darling, of Bennington: Harry Blodgott,
of St. Johnsbury; J. L. Southwick, of
Burlington; Portor II. Dale, of Is.and
Pond; IL W. Jackson, of Grand Islo; II.
E Perkihs, of St. Albans: W. II. Robin
son of Morrisville; II. E. Parker, of
Bradford; Josiab Grout, of Derby;
Ilenry L. Clark, of Castleton: T. J.
Dcavitt, of Moutpolier; R. Mr Colburn,
of Spnngfleld.
Nominatlonsbeingin order,tho namo of
Col. Urban A. Woodbury, of Burlington,
was presonted for governor by Hon. J.D.
Foster, of Burlington. Tho nomination
was seconded by P. K. Gleed, of Morris
ville; Col. Ilerbert E. Taylor, Brattle
boro, C. J. Bell, of Walden, Geo. D. Law
rence, of Rutland, Geo. H. Blako, of
Barton, N. W. Fisk, of Isle La Motte.
Tho nomination was unanimously mado
by a rising voto araid cheers.
A committeo, consistlng of Gon. T. S.
Peck of Burlington, Col. F. D. Proctor,
of Proctor, and Major Josiab Grout of
Derby, was anpointed to notify Col.
Woodbury of bis nomination and cscort
him.to tho platform. Tho nominee was
then presentcd to the convcntion and
made a felicitous spcoch, accepting tlio
For lieutenant govornor tho namo of
Col. Z. M. Mansur of Island Pond. was
presonted by Porter BT. Dale of Brighton,
which was seconded by Col. J. J. Estey
of Brattleboro, Fletcher D. Proctor of
Proctor, P. K. Gleed of Morrisville, E.
A. IIowo of Ludlow, and L. Bart Cross
of Montpelier.
Tho namo of II on. HomcrW. Vail of
Pomfret, was presonted by W. C. Whip
nlo of Pomfret. William Chanin of Mid
dlesex, J. C. Enrigbt of Windsor, O. M.
uaruer ol Arlington, ana Droa Arnoiu ot
A tbird candidato was named in tbo
pcrgon of Hon. Honry C. Bates of St.
Johnsbury, by Alexandor Dunnot.
Mansur was nominated on tho flrst
ballot. Tho voto stood as follows:
Wbole number 61
Necssary to a cholce 288
Mansur .. 332
Vail , : 193
Bates... 40
Tho convcntion ronominated by unani-
mous voto Secrotary of Stato C. W.
Browuell, Stato Trcasurer Treasuror II.
W. Ficld and Stato Auditor F. D. Hale.
Hon. H. B. llenburn. meraber of con
gress from Iowa, was then introduced
and made a stirring addross.
A Stato Committoo was elected as fol
lows, one from oach county: T.M. Chap-
man, Addison; M. 11. Deming, uonnmg
ton: A. F. Stono, Caledonia; H. S.
Pcok, Chittenden; S. T. Clark, Essex;
Olin Morrill. Franklin: R. R. Hathaway.
Grand Islo; P. K.Gleed, Lamoillo; John
u. ifoster, orleans; uoo. ji. iawronco,
Rutland; J. W. Brock, Washington; H.
D. Holton, Windham; A. E. Watson,
Hero aro tho resolutions:
Wo, tho Republicans of Vermont iri
convcntion assemblod, realllrm our
adherenco to theso princlplos which for
more than 30 yoars havo kept our
country to tbo f ront in tho march of civil
ization. As tbo resultof tho temporaiy
doparturo of thojNation from thoso priu
ciples of govornmont praoticed by tho
uepuDiican party, wo poins io mo wiuo
sprcad doprossion and completo .stagna
tion of busiuess. tbo bundrcds of tliou-
sauds of unemployod workingmen, tho
silcnt factories and tho distrust of tho
Democratio party, wbich is ovident
whorover tho voico of voter is hoard.
Wedenounco as espccially injurious
to tho Stato tbo provislons of tbo Wilson
Wo donounco tbo increaso of tho tax
on tlio poor man'sbreakfasttablo, which
is accompanied by a decroaso in tho
tariit on articies oi luxury.
Wo denounco tho Wllsou bill as soctlon
al in its provislons, subserviout to gi
crantlo mononollos. a monanco to busi
ness intorcsts, and wo predict that if it
becomcs a law, prospority will not ro
turn to our land uuttl tho Ropublican
party is again in powor.
Wo dcclaro our beliof that tho ropeal
of tho fcderal oleotlon lawwas passed in
tho intorcsts of tbo fradulent clootiou
motbods of tho Domocratic party.
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13; 15, 17 and 19 Kourth Strcet,
iirLrnM flm Btrnnlinna nffnrt.tt of
tho Vermont sonators and roprosentatlves
in Congress to rouder as barmlcss as
possible tbo prospeotivo tariff legislation.
Wo favor tbo coutinued aud oxtended
uso of silver in our circulatiou withiu
tho extcnt of tho ability of tbo govom
mfinr, ti nroscrvo tho nresent naritv bo-
tween gold and silver.
To this ond wo will nau witn cnuiusi
asm all efforts of tho governmont to
nlifnin o n nrrpnnmnnf wtMl nll nt"llOr fniTl-
mercial nations to securo tho fruo coin-
ago of silver on any propor ratio.
In stato affairs wo promiso a continu
anco of wiso economy wboro ccouoray is
wiso andwbero tho best iuterosts of tbo
state demaud.
Wo pledge hoirty and cntbusiasho
support to tbo candidates this day uoin-
Wo promico tbat wo will uphold tho
linnilo nf nni- ir11n.nt. lp.adnrs in tho com-
ing contest, as wero tho hands of Moses
in tlio wiluorness, untu victory lsgainuu.
We plodgo ourselves to sond out next
Soptombor such greoting to our fellow
T?nnnliliV.iii9 11 ovnr tho land as will eil-
miinmi flmm tn lipnH thfiir ovnrv enerrv
tothe practical elimination of tho Deru-
. ll r .. : rtl
Tho Messongor, whoso oditor was od
tho spot says: "Tbo duty devolving up
on tlio raomoers oi tno iiepuoucan swwj
convention at Montpelier was well and
fnlflifiillv nnrfnrmnrl. AltllOllfh tbo
univorsal agreemont among tho Repub-
jority of tho nominations gavo less of in
fn Ha flnlilinriifns than nsnal whero
tViVUV bV VW UW wm.
contests aro oxpected,,and tended somo
wuat to ciecrcaso tno auenaance oi uujo
gates, tbero was Ropublican entbusiasm
enougb and to spare.
The Second District
Thn (nnvontion at Whito River Junc-
tinn. Tnnsdav. was a ronresentativo
bodyof Republicans. Hon. Hcnry C.
Bates ofSt. JounsDury, prosiaoa. uen
Grout mado tho speecu of tho occasion
and was unanimously renorainated tor
Congress. Tho General has a happy way
Of grouping lacts, anu ms .irr;uuKmu;iii,
of the Domocracy was particularly tell
incr Wn minto him on "tho return of
tho Republicans to powor" :
Uut tnougu wo are now m ino uui s.
ncss of nigbt tho light is breakmg. The
scales are falling from tbo oyes of tho
American people, and they aro every-
whoro turning 10 tno granu om ncuuuu
can party, tbo party of Lincoln, Grant,
ci.i..mnn nnH Hlipridnn? of Stimner. Sew-
ard, Chase, Conklingand Blaine. Huu-
gor and coia aro Bovore sciiuomuisiuis,
but thoy aro fast toaching tbo lesson
ity is by protcoting American lndus-
tries. Ana au ciasses, worKiugniuu,
f-irmnn m-ATiiif.ictures. morohauts. bauk-
ing the husks of freo trado, which tbo
swine will not ear, ana going uuk iu
thoirfatbor's houso.
nmirnn rlisnlacinfT a Domocrat-PoDU-
list governor by 15,000 plurality, tbe
Loulsiana sugar excnangu iu wo ij
lieartoi tlio iree traao oouiu, uikiui
I1IUUOM uuwum.1, " 1 . - ,
tm tfm nth Kow York consrressional
.A... n rtnn firinir Tnr r.nn Tirfir.i;nLivu hvh
district, always norotoioro ioinocrauu,
' I I! ,1. T T r. .1
rlm nli.Rt.ions all over tbo country aro
fim rtntn nf rnt.iirn. Tho crv
on ovory hand is, 'The Ropublican party
again to tno neim
"Tho Amorican pooplo know that un-
Jit1.r,nrnthK.Mim BVRtOm. OVBr S3.000.-
000,000 in.principal and intorest wero
paid on tno puono uoui oy ino nupuuu
can nartv boforo Cloveland's first admin-
lstratlon; ann mai. uu yum jusu
CS0,30O less than Prcsident Arthur liad
done. Tuoy aiso Know iiuw, iu uu iut
torm, Cloveland juggled witu tlio rov-
fltmaa nf tnn fTnvflrimieni. : uuw uu
stopped paying tho publio dobt in ordor
i sno rwi ruin nf v1,iol.
lin flmna,fnr1 vi tlinnt intorest in favonto
-KTntlnnnl Konlra TllV IflinW. fllsO. llOW
in his prosont administration, wliilo
tt ! .. !.i iion nno e.ni im tlm ilnlit
XlUlllOUU pi.lU -ut.wi'.wu. -1
Mt- ni i.n. ni.ivntfinfi iint. iinirl a lol-
lo i,f linn nf.tiinllv innrnasnd it huO.-
OOO'.OOO; which ho has borrowcd to mcct
currcnt oxponses; anu umt. snu iu
Troasury is ompty, and gonoral distrcss,
and flnancial and business stagnation
bangliko a nigbtmaro ovor tho wbolo
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
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at rVC eoch, tew goods, lust recelved. all
i 0j
TROY, fiL Y.
country; and all bccauso of tho incom
potency, and tbo tlisorganizing and dis
astrous doctriucs of tbo Democratio
"Nowtlro American pooplo know all
this. Thoy aiso romomber, now tbat
they havo timo to think, that tbo Repub
lican party has horotoforo piloted tbo
old sbip of stato through far moro
stormy and dismal times thau this.
And it is only natural that they should
havo confldenco in a pilot that bas
weathered tho storm; bcnce tbo sum
mons that is soundincr throutrhout tbo
land. And just as fast as tho people
can issuo tho ordor, it will bo for a re
turn to tho principles and policics of tbo
Republican party, whoso great career
fills tho brigbtcst pago in all higtory,
and whoso futuro will dopend upon its
fidclity to tbo intorcsts of tho American
The First District.
Tho First District Convontion at Bur
lington, liko that of tho Socond District
and tbo Stato Convontion, that had pre
cocded it, was a harmonious and euthus
iastic gathering. As tho Free Press
says: "Tho Republicans of Vermont
haye every reason to bo gratifled over
tho result of tho lato convontions.
Tho spirit oxhtbited by tho members
of tho convcntion was plainly an ovi
dence of tho loyalty of tho dolegates to
tho great principles of the Republican
party, and that loyalty found oxpression
at overy opportunity."
Ilenry L. Clark of Castleton, presided.
I. E. Gibson was tho Bennington Coun
ty vice-president. Tho resolutions
adopted wero:
"Kesolved, That this convention re
afflrms tbo wiso and patriotic scntiments
adopted by the Stato Republican conven
tion. "Resolved, That this convention most
cordially endorsos tbo Congrossional
career of its present reprcsentative, H.
Henry Powors, and oxpressos its fullest
confldenco in his ability, fidclity and
Judgo Powors, liko tho boad of tbo
Stato ticket, aud his colleaguo in tbo
IIouso, was ananimously nominated for
mornbor of Congress by a rising yote.
John H. Whipplo of Manchester, is
tho Bennington County membor of tbo
now District Committee.
Judgo Powers mado a statement in
bis speech, that is important. Refer
ring to tbo next Congress, bo said:
"An iniportant duty rests upon tbo
pcoplo of Vermont next September.
This has been a Ropublican year. Somo
people aro confidont that tho noxt Na
tional House will havo 100 Republican
majority. Do not bo deccivcd. It will
tako a gain of 52 from north of Mason
and Dixon's lino to givo a majority of
one. Wo shall do tbat, bowover. Wo
nocd and, must havo the House, as the
chauccs .aro 3 ln 5 tbat tbo noxt prcsi
dent may bo elected. by tbat body. Wo
must aiso havo tho States, for tho voto is
by Statcs, aud wo must havo 23 as they
now stand. Vermont may as well givo
30,000 majority as'20,000 noxt fall. Wby
not give tho two ono-armod soldiers
such a responso as will satisfy tbo peo
plo of theso Unitod States that Vermont
Republicans aro truo to their ancient
faith? Wo have not for 20 years had
over 03 per cont. of tlio votcrs out, and
it is ccrtain that of tho missing 35 per
cent., nine-tenths aro Republicans.
At tbo conolusion of Judgo Power's
speech tho convontion adjourncd.
Vermont Academy,
Tho graduatiug oxorciscs wero hold,
Wedncsdav, at Saxtons Rivor, tho speak
ing showing the result of caroful train
ing. Tbo salutatorv address was in
Greok by Miss Alta M. Tozer; tho vale
dictoryby Miss Annio R. flall. Tho
rest of tho class had essays. Tho ad
dross to tho graduates was on "Success"
bv the Rov Dr. Georgo C. Lorimer of
Boston. After dinner speeches wero
mado bv Miss Cumminfcs. lady princi-
I pal; Miss Smiloy, lato principal of Moul
j ton college, Toronto; tho Rev. J. II. Rob-
bins, tlio uov. ii. n. Arcuioaiu oi tno
trustces; the Rov. B. Kellogg of '80,
and the Rov. C. n. Peck. Among tho
graduates is Miss Julia Wilcox, daugh
torof Dr. S. R. Wilcox and Russoll
C. Gravcs of this villago.
Latest U. S. Gov't Report

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