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IIo Says Sho I-carns to Bo BclT Kcllant,
Whllo Engllsh Olrls Aro Slavea of Tliolr
Mothcrs No GJrl In Tlils Country Xtaa to
Jlarry t o Ilo Frco From Honio Domlnatlon
I hnvo oftcn bcon askcd whcther knowl
tdgo or Ignomnco ia moro bcncflcinl to a
young iromnn. As far aa rcgards tho sclf
fupporting class of womcn, I shoulcl most
ilccidelly nnswor that it ls bottor that sho
Ehould know. Knowlcdgo of lifo causes
Uicm to valuo thcmsolves. Thoy quickly
ncrmlro thoaltfllty to distlngulsh tho rlght
froni tho wrong,und41iclr parcnts aro tkcro
foro enablcd to trust thcm anywhero. Clr
cumstauccs forco thls knowlcdgo on our
Belf Bupportlng womcn.
Thcro is jirobably no woman in any clv
illzed country bcttcr nblo to tako caro of
hcrsclf than tho Amcrican. As n rulo, sho
may bo n,' llttlo too cagcr to ndvanco kcr
self, for lf naturo has blcsscd Jicr with
good looks you may bo suro that sho ls
fully awaro of lt ond wlll mako tho most
Of this raro gift. In thls city, at lcast onco
a vreck, usually on Saturday aftcrnoons,
sho makcs lt licr busincss to nppcar, wcll
drcsscd, on ono of tho prlnclpol strccts
and attracts tho attcntlon of tho passcrs
by. Our young men, who aro not slow to
apprcclato n protty glrl, aro suro to tako
hcr in and crcr aftcr kccp on tho lookout
for hcr.
Sho thus lcarns how to stand tho firo
from tho battery of cagcr oycs in scarch of
just such bcautyios sho posscsscs. Sho
thcn lakes hcr flrst lcsson ln captlvatlng
a man, and hcr battlo of lifo beglns in oar
ncst. Sho gocs Into tho llght singlo hand
cd, os no mothcr or chapcron occompanlcs
her. It is rcmarkablo wkafc wondorful ro
sults sho acconipllshcs. Provldcd only
with such stock in tradeas6ho had ocqulr
cd bcforo lcavlng hcr mothcr's apron
strlngs, sho in most cascs sccurcs a flttlng
companion for Ufo.
A glrl of this sort, born and brought up
in thls clty, bccomcs posscssed of such an
intuitlvo knowlcdgo of tho world nnd of
man that thocomplcto libcrty of uctlon al-
lowcd hcr is hcr sofcguard, as it makcs hcr
wholly sclf rcllant. In somo cascs tho sclf
supportlnggirl isbcttcroff than tho young
soclety woman, for thls samo solf rcllanco
and knowlcdgo of rlght and wrong car
ries hcr safoly ovcr tho pltfalls of lifo.
To dcny absoluto frccdom to young
womcn wlll do ln England, or rathcr it
has dono up to dato, but lt wlll not work
in thls country. Engllsh wrltcrs now tcll
us that tholr glrls, llko ours, must bo
trusted. Emerson says that solf rcspcct
and sclf rcllanco in young womcn aro tho
master koys to tliolr Uvcs. As to tho lib
erty givcn young women of fashlon, an
English authoress tclls us, "Two in a
houso must cntircly sympathizo, or ono
must ,rul"-" England tho mothcr is
always tho hcad of tho housc,but with us,
from tho hour whon tho fashionablo daugh
tcr makcs hcr dobut into eocioty, tho hcad
of that houso is tho daughtcr.
Inmost instanccs tho mothcr ls uctually
ln tho way of tho daughtcr, who fecls that
her parcnts, havlng had thclr day, Bhould
now permit her to tako chargo of affalrs.
In somo cases tho daughtcr ls joalous of
tho mothcr, for lt not infrequcntly hap
pens that tho mothcr not only looks young,
but is young. Sho cannot hclp it. Sho
cannot hclp bclng mcrry and gay as long
as hcr constltutlon ls sound nnd hcr com
plaxlon provoklngly clcar. Tho daughtcr
feols that sho must bo crowdod out and
mado only a llgurclicad ln tho' housohold.
But hcro sho should romcmbcr that fair
and 40 is oftcn prcferrcd tp half bakcd 18.
Whon tho Amcrican young woman docs
not caro to marry, but prefcrs to Iw indo
pcndcnt, it oftcn complicatcs mattcrs. In
England a glrl rushcs carly into matrl
lnony ln ordcr that sho may havo a good
tlme. In thls country our young women
do not llko to marry carly, bccauso tho gay
pcrlod of their llvcs comcs to thcm whon
they aro young glrls. In old tlmcs fllrt
ing was dono mostly bcforo marriago, but
as our womcn becomo moro Europcanizcd
thoy cling, even aftcr marriago, to thls do
lightful accomplishmcut.
Wo ldollzo our chtldrcn and do nothcsl
tato to mako nny sacrlflccs for thcm. In
tho summcr a mothcr gocs to Europo with
tho daughtcr to placo her ln tho modlstq's
hands, whllo tho fathcr is loft to cncoun
ter tho hcat ln a half shut up houso, with
usually ono domcstio to look nftor hlm. A
man nnd hls wlfo may havo had u largo
circlo of dovotcd frlends. Thclr daughtcr,
on coming out, flnds thcm all intolcrablo
bores and nt onco sccks substitutcs for
thcm in gaycr nnd moro fashionablo pco
ple. A man or woman of mlddlo ngo rnrely
makcs now frlonds. But for tho sako of
thclr daughtcr they aro wlllingto nbandon
v tho f riendshlps of a llfctimo and substltuto
Are occasloned by an'lmpure and lm
poverishedcondition of the blood. SliRht
lmpurities, lf not corrccted, develop Into
serlous maladies, such as
an othertroublesome diseases. Tncure
thjse is rcquired a safe and reliable rem-
eay iree iromany narmiui ingreaiemv
an jpureiy vegetame. Such lsfS
It lemovesall impuritiesfSi
f ro the blood and thoroueh-1-
lv deanses thc svstem. Thousands of
cases of the worst forms of blood dls-
eases nave been
Cured by S. S. S.
Scad for our Trc&tlsc muled free toany address '
SWIFT 8PECIFI0 CO., Atlanta, da.
ncqualntanccs. A man ls often Urlvon
from the hcad of hls own dlnncr tablo to
soo somo cinpty headcd numskull roplaco
hlm thero. Tho numskull is ono of tho
gay youug iicrsons with whom tho daugh
tcr wlshes to surround hcr fathor's tablo,
for they fcel that they do not havo tho ro-
stralnt iniposcd by miutiio ago.
Eortunatclyno glrl in thls country nccd
plunge into matrlmony or mako a lovolcss
marriago of convonlcnco to frco horsolf
from tho rcstrlctions of homo lifo, as thcro
aro nono. Engllsh wrltcrs tell us that ln
England a young glrl cannot walk tho
lcngth of two or threo strccts to vlsit a
frlcnd wlthout a maid ns an attcndant,
Sho cannot tako an cnrly stroll ln tho park
Wlthout a domcstio walklng gloomlly by
hcr sido, whllo, on jtho othcr hand, tho
young married woman may walk through
tho strccts olono and drlvo ln a hansom
Tho rcvolt of tho danghtcrs in England
ls now n flscd fact. It is strugglo against
a bondago whlch thoy dcclaro cnslavcs
thclr wholo llvcs. In other wonls, lt is a
striko for that llbcrty and indcpcndcnco
whlch our Amcrican young womcn cnjoy.
Tho young English woman in tho post bo
longed to hcr parcnts. Our Amcrican glrl
fcpls that 6ho bclongs to hcrsclf. In tho
past othcr peoplo havo dccldcd for tho Eng
llsh girl hcr dcstlnlcs; now sho asks that
tho may dccido thcm for hcrsclf. Tho
Amcrican glrl qulctly docs it wlthout po
titloning anybody. Ward MoAUlstor ln
New York World.
Soictdo In New York.
: Sulcido statlstics covcrlng n pcrlod of
?5 ycars in thls clty offer somo intcrcstlng
deductlons. Thoy show, among othor
thlnga, that tho Irlsh and tho negroes aro
not givcn to solf dcstructlon. Tho Gcrmans
show a much largor porcontago of sulcidcs
than cithcr of tho raccs abovo mcntioncd.
Tho provalllng idca that tho hot months
aro tho moro f rultf ul of suicfdcs than othcr
portions of tho ycar ls not borno out by flg
urcs. In ccrtain ycars durlng tho last
quartor of tho century tho coldcst montli
has bccn tho most productivo of sclf de
structlon. Exchango.
Ilealth Glring; rcrfumcs.
Tho art of porfumlng in all Its rcflno
mcnt camo to us from tho Itollans, and lt
has romained' for on Itallan to dlscovcr
also that pcrfumcs aro octually hcalthy.
It is a very odd thoory, but thOro ls no rca
son in tho world to doubt tho corrcctncss
of tho thoorist's concluslons. Ho conflncs
hls thcorlzing largcly to tho domaln
of tho vcgetablo klngdom, includlng
tho old fashlonod swcct smolllng herbs
that tho grandmothers lovcd to havo about
thcm. Among thcso aro chorry, laurcL
clovos, lavondcr, mlnt, junipcr, lcmons,
fonncl and bcrgamot. IIo says that thcso
oxerclso a hcalthy lnfluenco upon humanl
ty by convcrting tho osygcn into ozono
and thus lncrcaslng its oxldlzing influ
cnce. In tho pcrfumcs just montloncd
thcro ls a largo quantlty of ozono. Among
thoso whlch ho also favors as of ald in thls
manner, but ln lesscr dcgreo, aro anlsc,
nutmcg and thjano. Among flowcrs that
aro mcdiclnally quallflctl nro tho hyaclnth,
mignongtto, hcllotropo and llly of tho val
lcy, all of whlch havo ozono incloscd vcs
ecIs. Ho ls of tho opinlon that flowcrs
wlthout perfumo aro dcstltuto of thoso
hcalth glvlng qualltles, nnd, on tho con
trary, absorb tho ozono to tho dctrimcnt
of hcalth. IIo rccommonds tho cultlvatlon
of flowcrs in marshy dlstrlcts nnd nll placcs
invcstcd with anlmal odors on account of
tho powerful oxldlzlng influcuco of their
ozono. Tho inhabltants of unhcalthy ro
gions should, ho thlnks, surround thclr
homcs with growlng, swcct bcaring flow
crs and tho moro odorous tho bottcr.
Washington Star.
Thirteen Years Experienoe.
Millkii's Falls.Mass. "At dlfforcnt
timos during tho past thirteen ycars,"
said Jlr. W. A. Johnson of this placc,
"my wifo has been siok from lung
troublo, kidnoy and livor coraplaint, ul
ccration of tho stomach and spring de
bility. At each timo sho has takcn Dr.
Dayid Kcnnody's Favorito Romedy, and
it curcd hcr. It is a family medicine
with us and many of our neiRhbors.
Sloslcm Amcnltlca.
From tho carllcst tlmcs Mohammcdan
hlstorlans, csccpt whcn in subjection, ln
dcscrlblng tho dcath of a Christlan, do not
say "ho dlcd" or "ho was killed," but ho
wcnt to Jahanna." They do not say of n
Christlan that'ho was drowncd, but thoy
say, " Tho dog wcnt through watcr to flro. "
Not that thcso clcgantphrascs aroconflncd
to Chrlstlans. It is sufllclcnt for a man
to bo not a Mohammednu to cntitlo hun to
"pursuo tho road to tho rcalms of pcrdl
tlon,"orto havo hls head "struck from
hls Jllthy body, so that tho world may bo
gladdcncd by bcing cleanscd from his pol
luting oxlstenco."
Whcn tho anny pf Islam gocs to wat
With tho Slkhs, lt is callcd 'cxtonnlnatlon
of tho hcllish, good for nothing Guru."
Tho falthful, whcn thoy dlo, drlnk tho
sharab (whlch thoy ought not to do), or
shcrbct of martyrilom. Somctlmos they
pluck frult from tho flg treo of immortal
lty. On tho contrary, their cncmlcs (may
their mouths bo crammcd with mud) aro
scnt ln swarms to lcll, niTd tho land purl
fled of their existcnco. Tho fact ls that tho
rcllglon of Moliammcd ls a flghtlng roll
glon. It Is mcant for conqucrors nnd for
conqucrors in tho aot of conquorlng.
Saturday Itcvlow.
Sonp 1'apcr.
Travclcrs on tho Europcan oontlncnt
know by oxporlcnco that unlcss thoy tako
soap ln their travcllng bags they will, in
all probablllty, havo to mako thclr tollct
wlthout any. A fcinn of soap whlch wlll
bo npprcclated by thcm ls tho soap papcr,
brought out ln Franco. Tho papcr ls out
Into plcccs, slightly largor than vlslting
cards, and is covcrcd on cach sldo with a
thln layer of ordlnary soap or of soap varl
ously colorcd and pcrfumcd. Thcso soap
tickcts aro put into memorandum books,
cardcascs or pockctbooks, just as if thoy
Vrcro busincss or visitlng cards. Each
plcco scrvcs for ono timo only nnd is uscd
llko an ordlnary cako of soap. In tho man
ufacturo of thls now product, sheots of un
slzcd iapcr aro lmmcrscd ln a bath of co
coamlt oll soxp proparcd in tho samo way
as for thomanufacturoof tollct soaps. Tho
ptrips of paper aro drlcd, posscd betwcon
two rollcrs, in ordcr torcndorthomsmooth
tnd slghtly, and thcn out tb tlio propcr
(Imonsions and stamped with nny doslrcd
tnork. Loulsvlllo Courlcr-Journal.
An Kiamplo of "Etcnial Fltnens."
In tho Pcnnsylvania statlon at Jorsoy
Clty a largo numbor of waltlngpasscngors
woro amuscd by tho antlcs of a 10 months
Old colorcd baby. It was ono of thoso
frowzy hoadcd llttlo thlngs, with bcady
cyes nnd a wcazoncd, prcmaturcly ogcd
czpresslon. Its parcnts wcro ovldently
"smartdarklcs," and tlio woman's bioovos
wcro as puffcd up as n ward polltlclon.
It was not long bcforo tho babybccamo
frctful, and tho mother bcgan n norvous
Eoarch among hcr luggago for tho bottlo.
Finally whon sho produccd itoverybody
laughed. Tho bottlo was black. Now
York Mail and Eipross.
Rev- Father A.
forthe Public's
Tho qucstion of protcction atrainst
contagious anu lnicctious aiscascs has
lUways bccn 01 tno most vitai impor-
Modorn mcdicmo lays strcss, not so
much on disinfeotants and dcodorizcs.
as on fortifying tho body against discaso
Wo all cncountcr ovory day diseaso
germs enough to kill us; but wliilo tlio
bodv is robust. wo throw thom off : It's
only whon the systom is sufllciently
weakened and dopressed that these dead
ly germs gain lodgoment and tho powcr
of doing harm.
Tho Kov. A. Ouollot. an oxccllent hko-
ness of whom is printed above, is ono of
tho most popular aud greatiy rcspccted
priests in tho lowor provinces. His par
ish is ln Now Brunswick.
Liko thousands of others ho tried tho
great modorn remedy flrst prescribed by
Vrof. Phelps of Dartmouth, tho rometly
that givcs propcr nourishmont to ill-feu
norves; that procurcs tho sloop that
makcs brain and ncrvcs play thoir parts
calmly aud harmoniously; that drives
tho poison germs of dccp-seated diseaso
from tho blood; that gives toilo to tho
systom, and consequont buoyancy of
spirit and happiness. Howrites:
"Of Paino's cclcry compound I spoak ;
A Coloncl of tho English army has
opencd a school of cookory in London.
Ilcro is an examplo for Mr. MoAlllstcr.
His skill is known, nnd ho would thcn
not flnd timo for writing nowspaper arti
Intolllgont pconlc, who rcalizo tho im
portanc part tho blood liolds in kceping
tho body in a normal condltion, flnd no
thing strango in tho numbcr of diseases
Hood's Sarsaparllla is ablo to curo. So
many troublos rosult from impure blood,
tho best way to treat thcm is through
the blood. BTood's Sarsaparilla vitallzes
tho blood.
nood's Pills aro tho best aftor-dinnor
pills, asslst digcstion, provent constipa
tion. Thoy seom to havo a deep apprcoia
tion in Washington of tho valuo of tho
sorviccB of Private Secretary Knowlton
of the Boston Custom Houso. Othowiso
bo would hardly havo had his salary
raisod theso times.
Pimplos, boils and othor huraors of
tho blood aro liablo to break out in warm
woathor. Prcvont it by takiug Hood's
Sarsaparilhu ,
Thero seoms to bo a protty general
agreoment that tho hardest blow tho
woman suffrago causo has cxpcrlenccd
in tho East is its opcn allianco.in Kansas
with tho Populists.
Wo authorized our advortised druggist
to sell Dr.King's Now Discovorjj for Con
sumption, Coughs and Colds, upon this
condition. If you aro afflictoa with a
Cough, Cold, or any Lung, Tliroat or
Chest troublo, and wlll use this romcdy
as directed, givo ita fair trial, and expo
ricnco no benofit, you may roturn tho
bottlo and havo your mohoy refunded.
Wo could not mako this offer did wo not
know that Dr. King's Now Discovery
could bo rclied oh. It nover disappoints.
trial bottles free at C. D. Gibson's Brug
Storo. Largo sizo 50c. and $1.00.
Tho New York Contral & Hudson
Rivor Iiailroad has been designatod as
tho OfQcial Routo for delcgatos to tho
Thirtcenth International Convontion of
tho Young Pooplo's Sooicty of Christlan
Endeavor at Cloveland, O., July llth to
15th, 1804.
Also to tho Fourth International Con
vontion of tho Baptist's Young Pcoplo's
Union of Amorica, to boheld atToronto,
Ont., July 10th to 22nd. Special ratcs
and arrangomonts will bo mado for tho
trausnortation of dolegates, and oircu-
lars giving comploto iuformation may bo
had upon application tojMr. F. J. Wolfe,
gcncral agent, Albany, N. Y.
Sinco it cmbraced tho Domocratio
faith tlio Now York Times seoms to bo
losing its senses. It now claims in sub
stanco that tho Ilcnublcans aro flghting
tno tariu uiu anu suouia inoy succeca in
dofeatintr it thoy will on their restora-
tlon to power introduco just such a
moasuro as thoy aro now flghting tooth
and nail, Wo aro afraid that somo of
tho wrltcrs on tho Times aro sufforing
from the cffects of tho oppressivd hcat.
Tho Ropulisan party bclioyes in a pro
tectlvo tariff and tho maintaining of
Amcrican markets and Amcrican wages
and it will not nbandon that rolicv.
Many pooplo who had beon in tho habit
oi supporting iiopuDucan nominations,
decoivcd bv tho f alsohoods and promlsos
of tho Domocratio prcss and orators, do-
scrtcu tho ltopubiican causo m mvx, but
thoy woro ouick to discover that thoy had
made a sorlous mistako and havo roturn
cd to thoir allcgianco to tho party whoso
statosmon, by thoir wlBolcgislntion, havo 1
mado this tho foremost country on tho
facooftho earth.
Ouellet Speaks
from expenonco. I had been laid up
with fover and rhoumaticgoutfrom Jan.
5th till tho middlo of Juno, hcnco mv
L . c r . 1 1 . i J
syaiom was loanuuy run aown. 1 was
vory thin and o fceblo that for SBvernl
wccks I could not movo alono without
liolp. l tnen bcgan to tako Paino's col-
cry compound according to prescription,
and to-day I am as fleshy and strong as I
was 10 ycars ago. -
"I do not say that I arn radically curcd
as yot of my gotit, but tho attacks aro
much less frequcnt, in fact, I havo not
been ono singlo day proventcd from at
tendiug to my usual work sineo that
time. 1 tlicrctoro tako plcasuro m cer
tifying to tho wonderful efDcacy of that
marvellous medicine.
"As a blood purifior it has no equal,
and its bcnofleial influenco on tho digcs
tivo systom cannot bo questioned. In
viow of tho facts I do not hesitato to ad
viso sick persons to civo Paino's celorv
compound a fair trial in tho varlous aiU
ments for whicli it is recommended."
Paino's celery compound is unques
tionably tho greatest remedy of modorn
times. It is abrcast of tho most recont
medical thought and invcstication con-
cerning dyspopsia,, billousncss, liver
complaint, ncuralgia, rhoumatism, kid
noy troublcs, and norvous diseases.
Reprcsontative Willlam Evorett of
Massaohusotts dolivercd an address Mon
day to tho Daughters of tho Amorican
Iievolution asserabled at Marshall Hall
on tho Maryland shoro of tho Potomac,
nearly opposito Mount Vornon.
As a romcdy for nll forms of Ueadacho
Electrio Bitters has provcd to bo tho vory
best. It cffects a pcrraanont curo anu
tho most drcaded habitunl sick head
aches yield to its influenco. Wo urgo all
who aro afllictcd to procuro a' bottlo, and
givo this romcdy a fair trial, In cascs of
hnbitual constipation Electrio Bitters
curcs by giving tho nccdod tono to tho
bowels, and fow casos long resist tho use
of this medicino. Try it onco. Largo
bottles only Flf ty conts at C. D. Gibson's
drug storc.
Soventeen-yea? locusts will bo hoard
of no moro in a short timo. Thoy havo
to llvo on something, aud as tho Domo
cratio party was ahoad of thom tho lattor
has left tho locusts just about cnough to
last thom ovor noxt Suuday. Philadel
phia Press.
Means inipuro blood, and ovorwork or
too much strain on brain and body. The
only way to curo is to food tho norves on
puro blood. Thousands of pooplo cortl
fy that tho best blood purifior, tho best
ncrvo tonic and strongth buildor is
Hood's Sarsaparilla. What it has dono
for othors it will also do for you Hood's
Hood's Pills curo constipation by
rcstoring pcristalic actlon of tho nliracn
tary caual.
Sonator Poffor is not always prosy.
In a spcech tho othor day ho said ho hnd
no moro respoct for tho Chicago plat
form than tho Dcmocrats thomsolvos.
An Old and Well-Tuied IUuedy. Mrs
Winslow's Soothing Sjrup has been usod for over
flfty ycars by milllons ot moihers for their chll
drcn white tcotlilnR, wltli perfcct success. It
eootlies the child, softens the cnms, allays all
paln, cnres wind collo, and Is tho best remedy for
Ularrhcoa. Is pleaant to the taste. 8old by
DrucRlsts ln every part of the world. Twenty
flvo cents a bottle. Its valuc lt Incalculable. I)e
Hare and aafc far Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup.
and talce no othcr.
It was Artomus Ward who said of a
cortain Congress ycars ago: "Go homo,
you miserablo devils, go homo." If Mr.
Ward wcro alivo it would bo intcrestinc
to hearlus commcnts on tho prcsontcon
glomoration at Wnshiugton.
Uucklen'a Arnlcii Salve.
Tho bost Salvo in tho world for cuts,
bruiscs, soros, ulcers, salt rlioura, fevor
sorcs, tottcr. chapped hands, chilblains.
corns and all oruptions, and positivoly
ci'ros pilos or no pay rcquired. Itis
guarantccd togivopnrfeot satisfaction or
monoy refunded. Prico 25o per box,
For salo by C. D. Glbson.
Musclo provails ovsr brains ovon ln
tho universi tics. A Law studont at Yalo,
who was droppod, is now roinstatod by
tho Faculty, so that ho can ruu against
an Oxford man nnd thus maintain tho
glory of Yalo.
For tho rcliof and curo of a cold in
tho hcad thero is moro potoncy in Ely's
Crcam Balra than in nnything olso It is
Eossiblo to prescribo. This proparatiou
as for yoars past been making a bril
liant success as a romcdy for cold in tho
head, catarrli and hay fovor. Uaod in
tho initial stagos of thoso complaints
Crcam balm provonts any sorious dovol
opmont of tho symptoms, whilo almost
numborloss cascs ou rccord of radical
cures of chronio catarrh and hay fovor
aftcr all other troatmonts havo provcd of
no avail.
' EWv RlBk fcrv.
19 D
niiv i viiiuwiuiu
I'iarvelous Cures
in Blood Poison
-and Scrofula
P. P. P. pnriflos the blood, bnildsnp
tho woak; and dobllltatod, glven
Btrength to woatenod nervea, oxpels
diseases, eivlriK the patient health and
happiness wlioro slckness, Rloomy
feellngs and lassltndo llrst prevallod.
For prunary.sooondary and tertlary
eyphlns, for blood poUonlng. merca
rlal poison, malaria. dyspepsla, and
In all blood nnd skin diseases, llko
blotcbos, plmples, old chronio nlcers.
- eczema-womay say, wlthont fear oi
cnntrndletion.that P. P. P. Inthahnit
(Zfr blood porifler In tho world, and makes
. posltivo, spoedyandnermanentcnres
ln all casos.
Ladles whose systems are polsoned
and whose blood ls ln an lmpnro condl
tion, dae to mcnstrual lrreenlarltlos,
aro pecullarly benelltod Dy tho won
dorful tonlo and blood cleanslng prop
ortiesof P. p. p.-Prlckly Asn, Poko
Itoot and Potasslnm.
Bprinqfield, Mo. , Ang. 14th, 1893.
I can spoak ln tho hlghest terms of
yonr medicino from my own pcrsonal
knowledgo. I was nRcotod with hoard
dlsease, plonrlsy and rheumatism (or
35 years, was treated by tho very bess
f)hyslcians ana spent hundreds of dol
ars, trlod every known remedy wlth
out nndlng rullef. I havo only takon
one bottlo of yonrP. P. P. , and can
cbocrfnlly say lt has dono moraoro
good than anythlns I havo evor takon.
I can rocommond yonr medicine to all
sulterers oi the above dlseasos.
Sprlngneld, Oreon County, Mo.
(Sb " ' . C&
For Sale by C. D. GIBSON, Bennington, Vermont.
ii TimE mieit mmm mmm m
TIM Wiii mmL
The Deering F0B7 Qtcel Bindcr.
ffl SPEBDffllLW,
m t m
Pimples, Blotches
and Old Sores
Catarrh, Malaria
and Kidney Troubles
Aro cntircly rcmoTed by
Prlckly Ash. Poko Eoot nnd Potas
slnm, the crcatest blood purifior on
Aeebdkeit, O.. Jnly 21, 1891
Ucssrs. LirrMAK liitos. , savannab,
Ga. : Dkak Sirs I boucht a bottlo of
yourP.P. P. at Ilot SprlnBs,Ark.,and
It has done mo moro kooI than threo
months' troatment at tho Hot tjprtngs.
Hend threo bottles C. O. D.
Eespectfully yonrs.
Aberdeen, Brown County, O.
Cnpt. J. I. Johnston.
. &)
Ta atl irtiom 41 mav eoneemi I hcro-
by testlfy to the wonderful propertlea
ot P. P. P. Jor eruptlons of the akln. I
suffered for soveral years with an nn- " 54&
slghtly and disagroeablo crnptlon on rfSf
my faco. I trled every known reme
dy but invaln.untll P. P. P. was usod,
and am now cntircly curod.
(fjlgnodbyj J. D. JOHNSTON", f
Bavnnnah. Qa. -
Skln Cnnccr CnrciL
Testimonyfrom the Hayor ofefutn,Tex.
Sequin, Tnx., Jannary 11, 1893.
Messhs. Lippmax llnos. , Savannah,
Oa.: Oentlemeti'-l havo trlod your P,
P. P. for a diseaso of the skln, usually
known as skln canocr.of thlrty years
standlnK, and found preat rollef: lt
purlfles the blood and rcmoves all lr
rltation from the seat of tho dlsoaao
and prevents nny snroadlnK of the
sores. Ibavo takon flveorslx bottles
nnd f eol conlldent that another conrse
wlll effect a enre. It has also relleved
mo from lndlRestlon and stomach
troublea. Yonrs trnly,
Attorney at Law.
m go Blood Diseases MQiieo free.
IJppman's Block,firtTnnnnbGa
The Ilghtost draft macbino made.

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