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ESK North Bennington. Hfc
Miss Nollie Tombs lias been to Brat
tleboro and otlior plnces east of tho
H. T. Cushman, wifo and daufrhtor aro
at Northfield, a'ttending tho comroenco
ment oxorcisos of tho Norwich Univor
Bity. Lyman and Elbridgo Torabs aro at
homo from thoir respeotive educational
institutions, Willianis collego and Wil
braham Acadomy.
Georgo Atwood is sponding his vaca
tlon from tho sohool in Burlington, at
homo. He has not decided whother to
roturn or to go to tho school of Teoh
nology in Boston.
II. T. Cusbman's fino span of horscs
has been broken by tho death of ono,
caused by its Buddon unaccountablo
lameness which proyed fatal.
Misses Mabol Whito and Carrio Hul
ing aro at homo from their school in
Wilbraham, Mass. Miss Huling has a
school friond with her.
Tho "Unclo Tom's Cabin" show at-
tracted a largo numbor from hcro and
tho noar vicinitv, and many camo on tho
cars to hear again tho old play.
Dr. Roynolds, a missionary in Asiatic
Turkey, among tho Armenians, formorly
Bennington Centro, has been spending
a fow days with S. B. Ilall. Mrs. Hall
was a pupil of his, and tho friendship
has continued to tho present. Mr. Roy
nolds was at tho prayor mcoting at tho
Congregational Tlmrsday ovening, and
gavo an lntoresting account 01 ins woric.
Tho graduating oxorcises of North
Bennington Graded school will bo hold
in Bank Hall Friday Juno 20th, at 2.30
o'clock. Tho class mombers who will
rccoivo diplomas arc as follows: Amy
L. Surdam, Francos AVcst, Maggio Mc
Govem, Susio L. Mattison, Bortha
Minott, Graco Nowton, Charles Monroo,
Rogor I'cck, Charles Gooding. Tho
school closes a vory succcssful ycar.
Prof. Drcssel has boen ongagcd for tho
cnsuing year.
Tho Ilev. 15. B. Tozor and family took
a dclightful trip, last wcck, ovor tho
mountain, with horsn and carriage, pass
ing through Manchester, Peru London
derry, and Chester, and thcn to Saxtons
River to attoud tho Commencement ex
orcises at tho Vermont Academy. Mon
day morning aftcr chapcl scrvico camo
tho Fullcr prizo contest in dcclamations.
Two pvizes wero given to ladies, $10 and
83. Two to gentlomcn of samo amount.
Thirtcon took part and all wero excol
lcnt spcakors. At 2 o'clock p. m. was
tho pubho rccital by tho music depart
ment which was very flne. Tho V. A.
drum corps cscorted Gov. Fuller and his
staff to the school grounds As thoy
entercd, seventcen guns wero lired iu
honor of Gov. Fullcr. The military
companyofV. A., uuder tho dircction
of Lieut. Gatchell, U. S. A., hoaded by
tho Bellows Falls baud, was thon rc
viowcd by Goy. Fuller and his Staff. At
7:45 p. m., Rov. Gco. E. Horr, Jr., cditor
of tho Watchman, gavo au address be
foro tho literary societics. Tuesday at
tho chapel scrvico, Goy. Fuller gavo a
short address which reoeived hearty ap
plauso from tho school for which ho has
douo so much and in which ho has so
deep an intercst. This was followed by
tho publio Alumni meoting. At 11
a. m., camo tho compotitivo prizo drills.
At 2 p. m., tho olass day oxorcises. Tho
class poom by L. A. Thomas of Bristol,
N. II., showed that ho was a young man
of nioro than ordinary taleut. Af tor this
camo the flag anll by tho girls. As thoy
camo in, dressed in tho costumo, and
boaring tho flag of tho differcnt Nations
which thoy representcd, thoy prcsentcd
a beautif ul sight. Beforo tho girls had
ilnisucd, the crackcd company of tweny
Tjoys, in their uuiforms camo marching
in. Tho drill, which was accompanied
by music, was oxceedingly oujoycd by
all. At 7.45 p. ni:, was tho Anmversary
concert, by the Boston Artist's quartctto.
Tho graduating oxorcises camo Wcdnes
day at 0.00 a. m., tho class numboring
twenty-five. Tho salutatory address in
Greok was givon by Miss Alta M. Tozor,
of this villago, and tho valedictory by
Miss Ahnie K. Hall of Wallingford. Tho
graduating cxercisos wero followed by
an address, ontitled "Succcss," by llov.
Geo. C. Lorimer, D. D., Boston. Tho
Commencomont dinnor was at 1 p. m.,
to which over two hundred peoplo sat
down. Theso consisted of only tho
graduates and their frionds, tho class of
'95, tho Alumni, tho Clergy and their
wives. Soveral short, aftor dinnor,
speechcs wero madc, among tbom, ono
byRov. C. II. Peck. Tho Principal's
reception, at tho Sturtovant Houso, in.
tho ovening, closed tho oxerciso for tho
week. The Sunday boforo, tho sermon
beforo tho graduating class was given by
Ilev. P. C. Abboy of Barre. Tho art ox
hibitions, during tho week, wero fino.
Every ono went away f eelinfj that this
was ono of the best institutions of its
kind for tho cducation of young men and
A caso of susnocted dinhthoria was ro-
Sorted from Charles McBrido's to tho
oalth offlcor horo, and tho houso was
auarantined. but tho ouarantino is now
Kain interforod With tho lawn party
propased at tho parsonago, but a . good
timo was bad in tho Mcthodist church
Mrs. Br. Barbor is ill in North Adams,
Mass., undpr caro of physicians thoro.
We must liavji mof'eTDom, and ln order to do tliis our largc stock
of slioeaniust ue rcflnced, so the prlccs arc markcd down
J to almost cost.
Mor Jlhan 2000 pnirss to fit all men, women and cliildren.
EANGAR00, amerioan calp,
In all sliapes and makes in bolton, Iace; congross ; high, medinm,
low cut ; sqaare toe, Blucher too,1, pointed toe, ronnd loe, broad toe ;
Froach heol orcommon sense: plain tipped, creased or fillagreed;
black or white,
shoe3. SLIPPERS of all styles and rabbers of every variety.
It is an ostablished fact that we carry the largest stock in town and
sell so low that other dealers are not in it.
Our Grammerdepartmont has adopted
tho ono session, 8 to 2, system during
tho hot wcathor. I promisos to bo an
oxcellont idoa.
Arthur Parker has returnod from liis
visit to Saxton's River Instituto com
mencomont oxorcises.
Charles F. Andrews, at North Pownal,
has been granted an incroaso of pension.
Mrs. Dr. Barber is ontertaining hor
nophow Thomas Kolsoy of Chicago.
Mrs. Richard Evans entertained frionds
from Blackinton Thursday.
Dr. Wrigh't and wifo of North Adams
aro guests at tho Ladd cottago.
Deputy Sheriff Barbor roturned from
Manchester Thursday, whcro ho has
been attonding court for tho past weok.
Prof. Josoph Lawrenco of Williams
town assisted by Miss Hattio Pottor will
givo an opcrotta "Little Goldon Hair and
tho Threo bears,'' iu Acadomy Hall noxt
Wednesday ovening.
Mrs. G. T. Parker spent Sunday in
West Troy, tho guests of Mrs. Winnio.
Ilomer Banister is suffcring with an
inflamed oyo.
Mrs. Ford of Cazenovia is tho guest of
hor mother, Mrs. Hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed. A. Barbor aro spond
ing a fow days with Mr. Barbor's par
ents. Mr. Barbor was marriotl Juno 13th
at Grcenfield, to a young lady of that
placo. Ho is woll known in this town
an(Hs ablo to count as friends all who
havo tho plcasuro of boing acquaintcd
with him. His many friends .extcnd
their hearty congratulations.
Rev. Mr. Thomas Rogors of Ver
gennes, was in town last week.
Mrs.. William Harrlngton's health is
quito feoble at this writing.
Miss Mary Monroo of South Shafts
bury, spent Sunday in town.
Tho "Workers" mot Thursday aftcr
noon of last week with Mrs. James
Tho ico cream sociablo at Albert
Batos' notted the sum of six dollars.
Miss Bortha Bottum camo homo on a
vacation. Sho has been teaching school
in tho wcstern part of tho State. m
T. Whceler from Montana, whoV has
bocnvisiting through tho town, lef this
baby boy with Mrs. D. W. Harrington.
Mrs.Roubin Ilighland of Keono, N. H.,
has been visitiug her sistor, Mrs. E.
Thofuneral of Marcus Galusha was
hcld at tho Baptist church Tunday at
11 o'clock, tho Rev.Mr. Stcelo offlciating.
Mrs. E. E. Ward of Sunderland, and
hor mothor, Mrs. Whitraan of Benning
ton, spent last Wednesday with J. W.
Bowen's peoplo.
Tho "Workers" intend to havo a
church fair in tho near futurc. Lot all
our good peoplo turn out and givo tliora
a helpiug hand.
Tho school picnio last Friday after
noon passed oif very plcasantly. Tho
spoaking was good, and tho singing
showed oareful training by tho toachers.
Miss Nottio Hawkins camo up with hor
school from tho Ceutro and joined in tho
picnic. Miss Stella Bottum has taught
six terms in our district, and wo aro vory
sorry to hear that sho intonds to go to
tho Stato Normal School.
Boarders aro boginning to arriyo at tho
Percy O. Judson is homo from Princo
ton Collego for tho summor.
0. M. Barber and E. D. Stono attondcd
tho Stato convention from this town.
Mrs. R. B. Leako and family havo
rcntcd Ira Canfiold's houso for tho sum
mor. Mr. and Mrs. John G. McAuloy of
Brooklyn, N. Y., aro guests at the
Rev. R. C. Scaring and wifo and Miss
C. C. Seoley aro at tho Arlington for a
fow days.
Mrs. Cora Rochestor of New York is
tho guest of Mrs. Chas. S. Whitnoy.
Tho Arlington orchcstra furnishod tho
musio for tho commencement hop at
Manchester on Wednesday ovening, and
thoir fino musio was highly compli
monted. M. Paul Deming, son of Martin H.
Doming, gradualcd with high Uonors at
tho Middlebury high school.
Fred H. Canfield has loft for Now
York, having accopted a position as con
ductor on tho liong Island railroad for
tho summeer months.
O. P. Liscomb and family arrivod in
town on Tlmrsday and openod thoir
houso for tho summer.
East Arlington.
Mr. and Mrs. Loronzo Hartwoll havo a
son, born Juno 20th.
Will Hall and Miss Eva Labadio wont
to Shushan, Juno 20th, and woro mar
riod. H. A. Ilalo of Fitchburg, Mass., has
boen in town for a short stay. Miss
Florouco Smitli, his granddaughtor, ro
turned with him to Fitchburg. Mr.
Smith is roported bottor.
As so many aro intcrested in Princo
Besolow (Boy Solow), who is shortly to
visit us. wo givo tho following oxtract
from tho Hartford (Conn.) Courant,
Williamstown, Mass., March 25th:
"Princo Besolow, tho African princo,
who is a mombor of tho class '07 in Wil
liams Collego, has rccoivcd a call from
his peoplo m Af rica to retura to his na
tivo land and tako posscssion of tho
kingdom which nerotoforo has boen un
dor the power of his unclo. It was not
th6 intontion of tho young princo to ro
turn so soon, as ho was informcd that
his unclo would mako a desperato fight
to hold tho kingdom aud keep him away
from his just nghts. Now word comos
that ovon, his unclo desifcs his roturn, as
ho soes his peoplo aro bound to havo it,
and that ho himsolf cannot continuo
much longer iu powor, Tho mossago
camo through Princo Massaquoi of Voi,
Liberia, who was sont to the Unitod
States by his peoplo as a roprosentativo
to tho World's Fair Congress. Ho thon
camo East nn other busincss, and horo
recoived ofiicial instruotions. Massaquoi
will arrivo in town in a fow days and tho
two young princos will mako arrango
monts for thoir doparturo in August or
Soptomber. Princo Massaquoi has also
been in this country trying to obtain an
education, having attondod th,o Tennes
seo Collego iu Nashvillo. Ho is chiof of
Jabacca in a Velan provinco on tho
wostorn coast of Af rica, and is a vory
scholarly young man." In this connec
tion wo wish to stato that Princo Beso
low will lecturo in East Arlington prob
ably in July, tho oxact dato not boing
decided upon, but it will bo announccd
Boon. Ho goes to Africa intonding to
olevato his peoplo, found schools, build
mission stations and placo tho govern
ment on a good basis. Ho will spoak
more partioularly of himsolf, his oxperi
encos and intontions in his coming lec
turo, and will also rccito in his (Voi)
languago. Aftor tho lecturo tho "Quos
tion box" will bo opon to overybody.
Gold alloyed with 20 per cent of alu
minura takcs on a brilliant ruby tint.
Addltions to rentod promisos, whon
mado by tho tonant, should novcr be fas
toned by nails, but with scrows. Should
ho wish to movo away and tako with him
tho lumber composing tho improvomonts
ho has mado, ho can siniply draw out tho
scrows and tako tho planks. If ho fas
tcns thom with nails tho improvcmcnts
becomo tho landlord's property.
It is cstimated that 119,000,000 copper
ponnios havo been lost to circulation in
tho ccntury sinco tho United States bo
'gan to coin monoy.
Tho paiu caused by tho bito of a mos
quito is produced by a iluid poison in
jected by tho insect iuto tho wound in
order to mako tho blood thin enough to
ilow through tho mosquito's throat.
Gold lcaf, when boaten iuto ashcottho
thickness of but ono two hundred and
flfty thousandth of an inch, appears to
bo of a bcautiful green when hold to tho
light. Such shcots aro rcally semi-trans-paront.
Philadelphia Times.
Thcro is living at present in tho vil
lago of TJrussofka, iu tho Russian gov
ernmont of Tuhi, a hard working and in
dustrious peasant family, tho lioad of
which is 104 years of age, and was for
morly body servant to Princo Schak
ofskoi. Thoro are nino sons whoso agos
ran;;o from flfty to eighty years. Two
of thom porformed the long military scr
vico of twenty-five years undor Czar
Nicholas. Tho fathor is stlll compara
tively as activo as his younger sons of
fifty and sixty years, and takos his f ull
and cqual sharo of tho fleld and tho
farm work. No mombor of tho family
is a total abstainer, but fathor and son
havo always led a temperato and frug.il
lifo. Tho patriarch himsolf, in his gay
moods, is still accustomcd to oxecuto
with astonishing nervo and agility somo
of tho favorito National dances dauccs
which always requiro a supplcnoss of
lirab in UlO dancer. Tho villagors invar
iably consult tho old man in thoir troub
les. London Dally Nows.
Cllmatlc Influenco on Hoalth.
It caunot bo dcnied that tho influcncQ
of tho climato upon health is great, and
it is in recoguition of this fact that phy
sicians sond paticnts sufforing with pul
monary diseases to great diltances "for
"chango of air." But when tho suffertr
happens to bo too poor to act upon tho
advico his lot is hard indccd. But it is
not necessarilv hopeless. Dr. Piorce's
Goldon Modical Discovery can bo had at
any medicino storo, and to it tliousands
whoso cases wero considercd desperato
owo thoir lives.
Up to a cortain point in the progrcss
of Consumption, Dr. Pierco's Goldon
Mcdical Discovory is a positivo remedy.
But dclay is dangorous with Consuirip
tion. In all tho conditions that lead to
It, tho "Discovery" is tho remedy. With
sovero lingering Coughs or Wcak Lungs,
nothing acts so prompts. Every disoase
that can bo reached through tho blood
yields to.this medicine. Tho Scrofulous
allections of tho lungs that's callcd Con
sumption is ono of them. For this, and
for overy othor form of scrofula, for all
blood-taints and dlsorders, and chronic
Bronchial, Throat, and Lung affcctions,
tho "Discovory" is tho only romedy so
certain that it can bo guarantocd. If it
ovor fails to banofit or curo, you havo
your mouoy back.
Can auything elso bo "just as good"
for you to buy?
Don't youbelievo it.
Opera Houso Announcoments.
A strong Motropolitan company
hcaded by tho sterling actor, W. V.
Ranous, will produco tho woll-known
spectacular molo-drama cntitlcd "Tho
Soa of Ico," at tho now Opera Houso to-
morrow ovening. Prominont among tho
scencs aro tho niain dock of tho Urania;
tho breaking up of tho soa of ico; tho
coast of Moxico by moonlight; tho Pari
sian Palaco of Mirrors, and othors too
numcrous to mcntion. A good houso
should grcot thisattractions.
It is romarkablo as woll as signifl
cant, that whilo tho great citv of London
is governed and kopt clcan at an exponso
of 25,000,000 with its 4,500,000 inhabi
tants, Now York, with only' 1,500,000
peoplo, pays tho onormotls sum of $38,
000,000 annually for thcso purposos. But
thcn London has no Tatnmany nor a
Boss Crokor.
A Cood Appetlto
Alwavs accompanios good health, and an
absonco of appetite is an indication of
somothing wrong. Tho universal testi
tnony givon by thoso who havo used
Hood's Sarsaparilla, as to its morits in
rcstoring tho appotito, and as a purifior
of tho blood, constitutos tho strongcst
recommendation that can bo urgod for
any medicino.
Hood's pills ouro all livor ills, bilious
ness, jaundice, indigostion, sick liead
acho. 25 csnts.
Popular contompt for Gov. Waito of
Colorado seoms to oxtond to mombers of
his official family, but tho taring and
feathering of tho Adjutant Goneral is
somothing moro than a moro personal
affront. It is a brutal outrage, which
tho Stato cannot afford to pcrmit to go
"All run down" from woakoning of
fects of warm weather, you neod n good
tonio and blood purifior llko Hood'u Sar
saparilla. Try it
"O, I'm only a littlo nervous.
"I didn'.t uso to bo.
"What can I do to ovcrcomo it?"
Just what a woman means by boing a
littlo nervous sho can't oxactly say. Sho
tolls you sho is restlcss; that sho can no
longor sow or read; conversation no
longcr interests, oritoven troubles her;
noiso startlcs her and sho crios for no
Such aro the first small bcginnings of
norvous woaknoss. Tho world is full of
loving, pationt wives and mothcrs who
havo been called upon to suffor intonsb
emotional strain; havo undertakon to
nurso thoso dear to thom through pro
tractcd illnass, or havo workod boyoncLj
thoir physical powcrs.
During tho many years of hard and
wonderful work, 'Prof. Edward E.
Phclps, Dartmouth's great prof essor,lrad
theso weak, "run-down" women in
mind. Tho study of such cases of nerv
ous prostration, nouralcia, rhoumatism.
dyspopsia and dobility led him to that
most marvelous discovery of tho cen
tury, Paine's colory compound. Prof.
Phclps becamo convinced that tho trou
blo in all theso cases of weakness lay iu
a disturbanco of nutrition.
This is a storyin four words.
It can't be beaten for brevity or
trnth, if brevity is the sole ot wit,
a wittier story has never yet been
told, it will bear jnst a littlo addi
tion, the prices are not only down
but they are down lower than ever"
they were before.tlio qnality is
abovo gold valne, it is hardto make
these extremes meet,bnt they must
to meet my wants and the present
times. A story without a moral
isn't worth reading; here is the
moral of this one--There never
was a better chanco to purchase
Clothing, Hats, Caps and Furnish
ings than at
501 Hain St., Free Library Build
jbt ing, Bennington, Vt.
Tocet Fresh Frults and Vegetables ln their
eeason Is at the Emporlum of
S27A car load just unloaded thla mornlng.
Gompound Made Mrs.
lister Well Again.
oughly try it. Eor rhoumatism it is tho
The curo lies in puror, richor blood
and bettor fed norvous tissues. Paino's
celory compound stirs tho oxcrctivo or
gans, tho livor and kldnoys, to strongor
action; tho blood grows at onco purer
and reddor and moro capablo of carrying
nutrimont and oxygen to overy norvo
and muscular fibro of tho body.
Paine's celory compound makes peo
plo woll by building up now tissues in
placo of tho old: regulating shaky
nerves by approprlato nervo food and
sonding a strong, full tido of puro blood
through tho diseased parts of tho liver,
heart, stomach and kidneys.
To worried womon, just as to busincss
men staggoring under financial adver
sity, coraes norvousness and final break
ing down. "I am not ill enough to tako
medicine," sho too ofton says, and puts
off from day to day tho corrcction of her
Paino's celory compound is tho great
spring medicino. It curcs overy form of
norvous weakness and tho special disor
dors of liver, hoart, stomach and kid
neys that ariso from impuro blood and a
"run down" systom badly nourished.
Thoso are the difficulties that Paino's
colery compound corrects. It builds up
tho ,wholo body, blood, nerves and tis
sues in a way that nothing olso has ever
cqualcd. Pooplo got well who thor-
SPRING, 1894
Granite and HHarble
and Vioiniiy I am prepared to furnlsh any
thlng wauted ln the llne oi cemetery work at at
lcast 10 per cent less than you can buy the same
nuallty of stock or work of any ngent or outslde
party, as tbat is the agent's commission, or lt
wlU cost a party from away if they come them
selves to sell and sct tho work at lcast 40 per
rc nt more than it will me, asl llve here andselt
andsctmy otrn work, and recelye my ftranllo in
the rougli stato direct from the quarrica in car
load lou at low rates. I havo a force of compo
tent workmen to cut, pollsh and letter tho work
here ln my ihop; hare had fonr car loads of
rougfc granite ln the past two months; am fur
nlshlnc 10 monumcnts andanumber of markers
and tablets from Landgon's best dark Barre
gTanlte which are to be set beforo Decoration
Day. Call and ee my stock and how Idomy
work, atd lf vou haro work to buy cire meo
cbance to rlgure on it I havo nearly flteen hun
dred dollars' worth of marble monuments and
tab'ets on hand, and will sell you any of thcse at
a very low flguro, as I want the room for granite
work. The above are facU which l wHlproyeto
you if you will call and see me.
i SoUcitingyjurpatronage, I am yery rcspecl
fully yours,
' E. Estabrook.
Leighton and Her
ono truo specific.
Prof. F. A. Leighton is instructor and
suporintendent of the Stato dalry sohool
at tho Iowa Stato Agricultural Collego at
Amcs, Ia. Ho has .becn thero soveral
years and is well known throughout tho
State. His wifo, writing to Wells, Rich
ardson & Co., who now preparo colory
compound, says:
"Cast year I had rheumatism so so
vorely that I could only got around by
tho aid of crntches. Nothing that I
used didme any good, and I dcspaired
of regaining my health. A friend rco
ommended Paino's cclery comnound to
me, and I used it regularly for two
months. As a result I was ablo to visit
tho World's Fair, staying thero for" quito
a whilo and walkiug all day without any
"Tho compound also did my sistor a
great deal of good whilo attending col
lego, giving her strcngth and health.
Thero is nothing I know of in tho world
that is its cqual for building up the
weak and run-down, and giving streugth
and tono to tho system. I am botter
than for yoars, and ascribo my improvo
mont wholly to tho uso of Paino's colory
This is ono of tliousands of similar
testimonials that Paino's colery com
pound is the remedy that makes poople
An encrgetlo and responslblo party to represent
Oftlie World,
SOCIETYofthe U. S.
Its 20-year Tontlne settlements aro not cqualled
by any other company.
A favorable contract for Bennington County
will be offcrcd the right party. Address
W. H. S. Whitcomb,
mado casily and honorably, without capl
tal, during your spare hours. Any man,
woman, boy, or glrl can do the work hanU
ily, without cxperlcnce. Talking un
ucccssary. Nothing llko lt for money
maklng ever offered beforo. Our workers
always prosper. No tlme wasted ln
icarnlng tho busincss. We tcach you iu
a night how to succced from the llrst
hour. You can make a trial without cx
pense to yourself. We start you, furnish
everything nccded to carry on tho busl
ness successfully, and guaranteo you
agalnst failure if you but follow our
slmple, plaln instruotions. Itcader, if
you are ln ueed of ready moncy, and
want to know all about the bcst paying
busincss before the public, seud us your
address, and we wlU mail you a docu
meut giving you all tho particulars.
TRUE & CO., Box 400,
Augusta, EYIaine.
ParkOiiesitt Pills will reduco yonr.wclght
PEItM AN ENTLY from 12 to 15 pounds a month.
NO 8TABVING slckness or fnjury! NO PUB
LICITY. Thoy build up tho health and beautify
the complexlon leaylng no WIUNKLKS or flabbl
ness. STOUT AHDOSIAN8 and dlfflcult brcath
lngBurelyrelleTed. NO EXPEKIMENT, but a
sclenUflo and posltive relicf, adopted only after
years of experience. All ordcrs supplicd dlroct
from ourofflce. Prlce 82.00 per nackage, or threo
packages for 5.00, by mall postpald. TesUmon
ials and particulars (sealed), 2 fts.
SSrAU Corresoondence Strictly Confldcntial.
PARK REMEDY C0,, Boston, Mass.
(Im6) '

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