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ovor to good health nnd tho sYstera ren
dered tapcrvious to diseaso when the blood
Is puro and the liver nctive. For tho llver
is tho Bentinel which permita or f orbids tho
germ3 of diseaso to entor tho clrculation ol
tho blood. To a congested, torpid and dls
casod liver can bo tracod many dangerous
discascs affocting varlous orgons.
teesa I was takcn slck with
congestlos of tfcc llv:.-
ana mo uuuiure couia
glvo mo no relicf, but
nftcr using- flve bottles
of "Dlscovery," I re
iralncd my health and I
om now o woll man.
I weighed 183 pounds
beforo takcn slck, and I
was roduood to 130
pounds ln Bixty days
time. For nny ono suf
foring wlth llvor
troublo as I was, I would
ndvise thcm to uso tho
Onlrten Medlcal Dls-
covcry " at once, beforo
1f la tnn late.
IHn. J. Uently.
Randolph Catta.ra.ugui Co-,
XV. X,
Xtecorcl of Eomo of tlio Fnmous Shocks Folt
In Tliat Country.
An Engllsh cxchnngc, ln tnlklng of
earthquakcs ln that country, says: In 1101
Wllllnm -of Mnlmcsuury tells us that nll
England was tcrrlflcd"wlth ahorrid spcc
taclo, for tho bulldlngs wcro llftcd up nnd
thcn ugnln scttlcd as beforo." Thlrty-two
ycnrs latcr niauy houscs vrcro ovcrthrown,
and flaincs issucd from rlfts ln tho carth,
and in 1185, according to Hqlinshcd, thero
"chanccd a soro cnrthqunko throughout
nll parts of this land, such a ono as tho
llko had not bccn hoard of in England
slnco thobcginningof tho world, forstoncs
that lay couchcd fast ln tho earth woro ro
movcd out of thoir plnccs, houses wcro
ovcrthrown, and tho grcat church of Lin
coln rcnt from tho top dowmvnrd." On
Sept. 12, 1275, St. Michacl'a church in
Glastenbury was dcstroyed by nn carth
quakc, and in 1301, in Tho Mctrical Chron
lclo of JoJjn Hardlng, wo read that tt slm
ilar visitation ''grcatly gan tho peoplo all
offrayc, so drcadful was lt tlien and pcrll
ous." Indi,cd thcro issciircelya dccado
during whioh ono of theso shocks dld not
tcrrify tho nntion, somo so sovcrely tliat
Quccn Ellzabcth canscd a spccial form of
"cartliquako praycr" to bo issucd. It is
evcn nlllrnicd, though tho statcment lacks
confirmation, that In thoflftecnth ccntury
Lymo Rcgis was noarly dcstroyed, and lt
is ccrtaln that London cscapcd uo bcttcr
than tho rcst of tho kingdom.
On Easter Monday, 1580, tho grcat bcll
nt Westminster and tho bclls of tho vnrl
ous churclics wcro set jangUng. Tlio pco
plo rushcd out of tho thcatcrs in constcr
nation, nnd tho Tcmplars, lcavlng thclr
eupper, ran out of tho liall with thelr
knivcs in thclr liands. Part of tho Tcm
plo church was east down, somo stoucs
fcll from St. Paul's, nnd two apprentlccs
wcro killcd nt Christ Church. On Scpt. 8,
1692, tho mcrchants wcro drlvcn from
'chango and tho 6trects fllled with n pan
io Btrickcu crowd of swooning or wandcr
ing peoplc. In 1750, as tlio rcaders of Hor
noo Wulpolo's gosslp will rcmcmbcr, thero
wcro bo many shocks tliat Whito's was
kept busy betting on tho cvcnt, Grub Btrcct
indlting pamphlcts rcgardlng thcm nnd
quacks Bclling pllls "good agninst tho
earthquakc." Flvo yoars latcr tho Llsbon
carthquako ogitatcd tho waters of tlio flsh
pond at Poerlcss pool, in tho Clty road,
and as lata na 1852, 1850, 18G0, 1808, 1808,
1871 nnd 1892 varlous local shocks havo
bccn recorded.
Wliat Woulil Ilappen If tho Orb of Day
Suddcnly Jtccaiuo Kxtlnct,
Tho boldcst lmnginatlon may wellstand
nppallcd at tho conscquenccs of n suddon
eitlnction of tho sun. For 8J mlnutes
the lcngth of timo that it takcs tho light
of tho sun to rcach tho carth wo should
not know that anything had happcncd.
Thcn tho darkncss would fall upon tho
world, nclther tho inoon nor tho planots
would glvo any light, and tho flicd stars
would Bhino llko tiny polnts of flro out of
a coal black Bky. Tho moisturo of tho at
mosphcro would instantly congeal in a
nnlvcrsal delugo of lce, tho small stack of
hcat possesscd by tho carth would rapldly
radiato into spaco, anff tho tcmpcraturo
would go on falling tlll a dcgrco of cold
moro than 800 dcgrccs below zcro would
bo rcached, and tho vcry gascs of tho at
niosphero would bo llqucllcd and fall on
tho frozcn surfaco of tho planct.
Absolutely totnl darkncss thcro would
not of courso bo and ncvcr could bo un
less all tho stars wcro oxtinguished. But
relativo darkncss would continuo for an
cnormotis icriod which can onlybo np
proximately calculated. Tho Bolar systcm
is movlng"tlirough spaco toward apolntin
tho constcllation of Hcrculcs at a spced of
160,000,000 mllcs nycnr, or four mllcsa
eccond. But 'thcro nro no solf lumlnous
etars within a dlsfunco cqual to 200,000
tlmcs tho distanco betwcen tho carth and
tho sun; thcroforo thls glgantlc gulf would
bavo to bo crossed beforo starllght becamo
sunllght, and thls it would tako somo
118,900 ycars to do.
Toward tho end of that perlod, Buppos
lng always thnt tho othcrstar systemshad
not moved corrospondingly, stars in Hcr
culcs would begin to shino os suns, and
tho long darkcned Bolar systcm would bo
rclllumlnatcd by rays of ovcr lncrcosing
lntcnsity until it fcll into ita appolntod
ploco as a portlonof thosodistnnt sy6tcms.
It should nlso bo mentlonod that tho tre
mcndous journey mlght not bo pcrformed
wlthout collision wlth somo otherburnt
out sun or darkencd Bystcmnowinvlslblo,
in which caso the shock would rcgenerato
light and hcat, and out of tho wrecks of tho
two systcms a now ono would bo cvolvcd.
ScU Hclp.
How Fatent cathcr Is Mndc
Jnpanned leather, generally called pat
ent lcathcr, was llrst modo ln Amerlca. A
smooth, glazcd flnlsh is llrst glven to colf
ekln in Francc. Tho leather ls curricd cx
prcssly for thls purposo, and particular
caro is taken to kecp lt as froo as possiblo
from grcase. Tho sklns aro then tackod
on framcs and coatcd with a composltion
of linsced oil and umbcr in tho proportlon
of 18 gallons of oil to 5 of umbcr, bollcd
untll ncarly solld, nnd thcn inixod with
spirits of turpentino to tho proper consist
ency. Lampblack ls also addcd whcn
tho composltion Is applied in onler to glvo
color nnd body. From threo to four coata
of thls nro nocessory to form a substanco
to receivo tho varnlsh. Thoy aro lald on
wlth a knlfo or Bcrnpcr. .To rcndor tho
goods Eoft and pllant cach coat must bo
vcry light and thoroughly dried aftcr oach
appllcatlon. A thln cout is nfterword ap
plied of tho same composltion of proper
consistcncy to bo put on with a brush, nnd
wlth sulHoicnt lampblack bollcd ln it to
mako a pcrfcct blaok. Whcn thoroughly
dry, it is cut down wlth a scrapor hav
lng turned cdgcs, when it is rcady to var
nlsh. Tho prlncipal varnlsh uscd ls mado
of llnsccd oil nnd russlan bluo, bollcd to
tho thlckncss of printcrs' lnk. It is ro
duccd with splrlts of turpentino to a sult
nblo consistcncy towork with a brush, and
thcn nmillcd in twoorthrco scparatocoats,
which nro ecmpcfl and immlccd untll tho
lcathcr is perfcctly flllod nnd smooth.
Now York Tclcgrom.
Ilouac, rurnlturc, Garmcnts, Food and
'Drlnk Aro Jlostly Forcst Froducts.
To know somothing of tho products of
tho forcst at nny rato, such products as
aro omployod by tho natlves ono inustox
nmlno a Malngasy hut ln tho uolghbor
hood. Tho walls aro probably bullt of
bamboo bcaton out flat, or occaslonally of
long flattcnod pandanus lcaves, tho floor
being of thosamo material. Tho roof most
probably uousiscs of the largo bananaliko
leaves of tho travolor's trco, ovcrlapplng
ono another, tho wholo bolng Hxcd to a
framowork of round poles nnd fnstcncd to
gother wlth tho stcmof somo toughcllmb
Ing plant. The very waterpot ls not n pot
nt all, but n long bamboo 5 or6 fcct ln
lcngth and 4 to 6 lnchcs ln dlanKter, wlth
nll tho partltlons czccpt tho bottom ono
knockcd out.
In a corncr of tho hut may probably bo
Bcon a quantlty of honoy in n portlon of a
tree trunk hollowcd out.- Tho niortar in
which tho rlco is pounded ls also part of
a trunk slmllarly hollowcd out. Hanging
from tho roof ls tho anchor shapcd mahatla,
part of a small forkod branch of a trco an
inch or two ln thlckncss, wlth tho sido
branchcs cut off-wlthln threo or four lnchcs
of tho stom at tho end and hung bo that
tho prongs polnt upward. Thls ls used ln
Btcad of pcgs on which to hang varlous
nrtlclos. Porhaps tho good lady of tho
houso ls engaged in threading largo sccds,
thoso of tho physio nut, Jntropha curcas,
contalning much oil, on a stiff stem of
grass. .Whcn tlio night cbmes on, ono cnd
of thls ls llt, and it takcs tho placo of a
Tho good lady's snuifboxeven, fortastcs
and fashlonsaro not thosamo all the world
over, is tho fruit of tho rofla palm, or a
bcautlfully polished pleco'of bamboo, nnd
tho thread with which horlamba, thochlcf
gnrnient, ls sowed togothcr is not improb
nbly n vcgotablo flber, if indcod tho vcry
lamba Itsclf is not tho pounded and flat
tcncd bark of a trco. It may bo, and ln
all thls I speak from what I havo seon, that
sho has anolntcd hcr halr not with lard,
tho common unguent, but wlth tho oil from
n forcst frult, and not only hcr halr, but
hcr faco, nock and shouldcrs. Sho takcs also
an occasional beverago ln tho way of toddy,
a llquld obtalncd from somo palm trco,
which lssaldtobo" very rcfreshing." And
so tho house, tho furnlture, tho garmcnts,
tho food, tho drink, tho light and evcn tho
cosmctics aro mostly forcst products.
Cornhlll Magazlno.
Tho Nowsboy's Solutloiu
Thcro was a crowd on Fourth avonuo
about a llttlo girl and a dog. Thcro wero
a couploof pollccmon, a half dozcn womon
and a dozcn men. Tho little glrl was lost.
Tho pollccmon know it, tho women know
it, tho crowd know lt, and tho little glrl
hersclf know lt. Now, tho problem overy
ono was trylng to solvo was whero tho llt
tlo girl belongcd. That nclther tlio pollco
mcn, tho women, tho crowd nor tho llttlo
glrl knew.
"Whcro do you llvof" askcd a pollco
mnn. Tho llttlo girl looked np ln a frightencd
way and shook hcr head.
"Poor llttlo dcar. Whero does your
mothcr llvof" askcd ono of tho women,
thlnklng to gct at tho problem ln a round
about way.
Stlll tho llttlo glrl shook her head.
Finally the nowsboy appcarcd on the
Bccne. Ho oycd tho asscmblagocontcmptu
ously. "Here," ho 6ald to tho dog, "go homo,
slr." Off startcd tho dog, tho little, glrl
hanging on to hls shaggy coat and the
crowd following bchind, down Fourth
avcnuo a fow blocks, around the corncr,
Etralght into tho arms of an anxlous wom
an, who lookcd half frlghtcned to death,
and who took tho llttlo glrl ln her arms
and huggcd nnd kissed hcr. Tho dog wcnt
qulctly into tho houso,' tho newsboy dlsap
pcared, tho pollcomon nnd tho crowd went
away, and Itwas all ovcr. Joo Howard ln
Now York Bocorder.
Somo Japanoso Fans.
Among tho foldlng fans, or ogl, the hl
wood fans aro tho most boautlful. Thoy
aro palntod with flowors and tied with
whlto Bllk. Anclently thoy wcro hung wlth
artlflcial flowcrs mado of sllk. Theso wcro
tho court fans, and dlfforcnt flowcrs wero
appropriatcd bydllTercnt grcat famlllcs, so
that a fan onswcrcd tho purposo of nrmo
rlal bearlngs. Somotlmcs theso boautlful
court fans woro mado of ivory and partly
lacqucrcd, thus bccomlng flno works of
nrt. Folding fans also sorved tho purposo
of cnslgns ln war, and an cnormous fan,
mlta ogl, glant fan, was caixied in proccs
slons in honor of tho sun goddess.
Childrcn and dolls havo fans of thclr
own, as oxqulsito as thoy aro tlny. Dancors
and Jugglors carry pccuilar fans. Thero is
a tca fan, rikln, used at tho anclcnt tca
ccrcmony, a solcmn fcast among the Jap
oncso. Thls ls not for tho undlgnlfled pur
poso of fannlng, but for handlng llttlo
cakcs. Tho ogl fan isvulgarizcdnowadoys
by belng covered wlth European odvertlso
ments, nnd till nowspapers found thclr
way Into Japan itwas tho onlygazetto. It
was also uscd as a mcdlum for caricaturcs,
chlcfly of wostcrn manncrs. London Spoo
tator. riglitlng tho InovltaWo.
Noarly all grcat sciontillo dlscoveries
havo beon combatod and mlsundorstood
evcn by tho intolligont; Even Slr Charlcs
Napier florcely opposcd tho introductlon of
steam power into tho royal navy and ono
day exclalmed ln tho houso of commons:
"Mr. Speaker, whon wo enter her maj
csty's navol Bervico and faco tho chanccs
of war, wo go propared to bo hacked in
plcccs by cutlasses, to bo riddled with
bullets or to bo blown to blts by shot and
shell; but, Mr. Spoaker, wo do not go pro
pared to bo boiled allvol"
Tho last words ho brought out wlth
tremendous emphasis. Steam power in
men-of-war, wlth bollers which at any
moment rolght bo shnttorcd by an cnemy 's
shot thls was a prospect ho could not faco.
Yet in a fow ycars ho found hlmself ln
command of tho largcst Btcam navy tho
world had over Been. Youth's Coin pan
ton. Monkey Talk.
Hcro nro somo words which aro sclectod
from tho monkey vocabulary as Profcssor
Garncr undcrstands it:
W-h-o-o-o, mconlng food, banonas nnd
tho llko.
C-h-u-y, drlnk, water, milk.
C-h-i, tlio sound uscd to nttract nttcn
tion, equlvalcnt to tho "say" or "look
Vto" of ovcryday parlanco.
K-g-c-k, thocryof olarm, menning"dan
gcr" or a slmllar word exprcsslveof warn
lng. Journal of Educatlon.
A Noto on'Wakefleld.
A small chlld of my ocqualntanco, who
ls a rcgular llttlo bookwonn, has latcly
been nbsorbcd ln a well known work. Dur
ing tho usual schoolroom catechlsm tho
qucstion was put to her, "For what ls
Wakcflold famoust" Wlth hoppy lnsplra
tion sho replled ln all Boriousncss, "Vlo
ars." London Gcntlowoman.
A few conies of "Iltstory of Motho-
dism in Bennington, Vt," now romain
unsold at tho Banneb Ofllco. Thoy may
bo ootaineu xor ao conta por copy.
Spoaking of cleaniug Pullman cars by
compressed air, this dovlco is at presont
applied to cleaning cars, but it is only a
questlon of timo when it will corao into
uso for othor purposes. Ilotols and
largo buildings niicht bo swopt and dust
ed in an incredibly short spaco of timo.
Carofully managed, thls aii- prossuro
would rid tho room of overy particlo of
dust, clcan furnituro, carpots and tho
heavior articlcs of bnc-a-brao and orna
mcnts. T?ou.ld dc the Tcr!: of r. dc:ec
pcoplo. No doubt it would rid a room
of dust, and tho brio a-brao would follow
it; a blast of compressed air dirccted
against most of tno littor which oncum
bor3 modorn sitting rooms would most
offectually renovato thom. Ohicago
Ohlo raiscs 100,000,000 bushels of corn,
87,000,000 of whcat, 87,000,000 of oats,
12,000,000 of potatocs, 85,000,000 pounds
tf tobacco and 8,000,000 tons of hay. Tho
fin'eyards produco 2,500,000 gallons of
wine and 80,000,000 pounds of grapcs.
Wroto Whlttler to a frlend, "If I over
fccl llko envylng nny ono, lt is not tho
world famous uuthor, but somo sercno, do
vout soul who has mado tho lifo of Christ
hls own, and whoso will is tho diviuf
will." y
Tho flrst botnnlcal gardon ln Europo
was lald out by Cosmo do Medlcl at Pisa
in 1544. lt was enrlched wlth plunts from
every part of Europo nnd many from Af
rlca and Asia.
A tombstono ls about tho only plaoo
whcro tho averago man' docsn't rcally caro
to havo hls namo in print.
And so it makos tho raorry United
Statcs sonators laugli that it should bo
thought necessary to call thom up ono by
ono and question thcra as to thoir stdok
Bpeoulation. It makes thcir country
mon weop.
Tholatest disolosuro mado by tho
polico invostigation in Now York is that
tho iloodintrof Vormont and othor States
with "groon goods" has bccn mado pos
siblo by tho systom of organizcd oxtor
tion which has been practiced by tho au
thorities in tho motropolis.
Franklin Falls, N. IL
Considered Incurable
Heart Palpitation, 8tomaoh
Troublos, Eto.
Took Hood's Sarsnparllla and Is
Now Ablo to Work as Usual.
"C. I. Ilood St Co., Lowell, Mass.:
"Ihad beon a great sufferer for scventeen
years. My trouble begnn wlth stomach dlffl
cultles, brought about by overheatlng tho blood
and then suddenly changlng tlio tcmperature by
drlnklng cold watcr. I dbotorod wlth homo
physlclans, but dld not receivo beneflL I grew
worse at tlmes and was troubled at ntght by
Flutterlng of tho Hoart.
My food liurt me conslderably, In fact during all
these years I haro had to be very careful about
what I atc, and much of tlio timo I went wlth
out any supper. I becamo all woru out. Two
doctora agroed tliat my caso
Was Incurablo
and I was Ilable to dlo any momcnt Ilood's
Sarsaparllla was rccommcndcd to mo and it has
been tho only medlclno that has glven moony
relleL My heart troublo hasipparently sub
slded, nnd thero ls a declded cliango for tho
better ln the pains In my head. Slnce commcno
Ingtotako Hood's Sarsaparllla my food doei
notdlstress mo and I eat ncartily. It has been
possiblo for me to work most of tho Ume for a
yearpast. Ihavorecommonded Bood's Sarsa
parllla toothers and shall always havo a good
word for It on account of tho beneflt lt has glven
me." Almon P. Coolet, Franklin Falls, N. n.
Hood's Pllls curo llver ills, constlpatlOD,
blllousiiess, jaundlce, slck headache, Indlgestlon.
trcatc J wlthout the use of
the knlfe of detcndonfrom
buslness, also all other dla
eoses of ltcctum Cure
guarantfcd. ROBERT M. BED (M. D., Har
vard. 1870), no. 173 xremonc street
lioslon. uon8uuation trce. bena
fornamohlet. Ofllce hourj.il
m. to 4n in.fSundaysandholldays
excepted. 19yl
Is qalckly
CleaiiBeit thn
Nnsnt l'agac;c.
Allnys I'aln and
IleaU Uie 8orea.
TTembrane from
Addltloiml Cold.
Ilottores the
Sonsoof Tasto
and Smell.
A Dartlcle ls anDlled Into enrh n.trll nndls
aerrceablB. Price 60 centa at TlnieelRtR nr bv mall,
S2yl ELY DROTUKRS. 58 Wai rsn Bt., N. Y.
Will Presented,
State or Veumont. I ..
Dlstrictof Bennington, I
In Probate Court. Tield at Probato Ofllce In Ben
ntngton, ln Rald Dlstrlct, on the 11th day t
June, A.D. 1801.
Prescnt, John V. Carney, judge.
An Intrument purportlng to be tho last will and
testament or Auarla M.Carpenter.Iate of Pownal
ln sald dlttnct, deceaed, belng presented
by Blackmau E. UrotrncII, the exccutor thereln
named for probate, lt ls ordercd by sald court
that nll pcrsonf cuncerned thereln bo notlfied to
appear at a sesslon tliercof , to ba held at the Pro
bate ofllce ln Bennington, In sald dlstrlct, on the
27th day of June, A. D.. 1891, at lOo'cloelc
lntheforenoon. and show causc.lf anythey have
against tbo probate of sald will: for whlcli pur-
pose lt is lurtner oruorca, mai uu oracr oe puu
ushed three weeks successlvely ln the Bennlg
ton BiNKRa newspapcr prlnted at Bennlning
ton In thls State prevloui to sald Ume ef hoannx.
By the Court. Attest,
131 JCHN V. CARNEY. Judge.
for infants
H1KTY ycars' o'borvatlon
mUHona of poraong, pcrmlt
It 1 pnqnoatlona'bly tho boat romody forlnfantB and Childrcn
tho world hn ovcr Imewn. It la hnrmlca. Chlldron llko lt. It
gjycs thcm health. It will nvo thclr llvoa. In lt Mothora havo
omethtng whloh l ahaolntely afo nnd praotloally pcrfeot n n'
ohild'a medlolnc
Castoria dcatroya, Worma.
Cagtoria allay Fovcrlshncgs.
Caatorla prevcnta vomltlng Sonr Cnrd.
Cagtoria cnrcs DlarrhcBa nnd Wlnd CoUc
Cnstorla roUovos Tcethlng Tronhlos.
Caatorla onros Conatlpatlon and jFIatnloncy.
Caatorio nontrnllzes tho offocta of oarhonlo ncld gag or polsonona air.
Caatorla dooa not oontaln morphlno, oplnm, or othor narcotlo property.
Caatorla qggfanilatoa tho food, rcgnlatea thc ntomaoh. nnd ho-welg,
glvlng hcalthy nnd natnrnl alocp.
Caatorla la pnt np ln ono-alzo hottloa only. It la not aold in hnlfc.
Son't nllow nny onn to acll yon nnythlng olBo'bn tho plca or promtao
thntltlg"jnst na good" nnd "will nnawcr cvcry pnrpoac."
Scc thnt yon gct C-A-S-T-O-R-I-A.
Tho fao-almllo
algnntnro of
Children Cryfor
All shades of this celebrated Paint.
E. S. CHANBLER, Bennington Centre.
OdaiW paiBaQ OL
V. SSftLL i
mi EOaiODQ finr
Address all orders to the
and Children.
of Cngtorla with tho patronngo of
ns to apeolc of tt withont gncaalng.
la on cvcry
Pitdier's Castorlae
Atlantic White Leatl and Oils.
Vermont. .
i m.
1 HO
Opera House Block,
prompt answer and an honest opinton. wrlto to
WUNN fc Cit., who hao had nearly lif ty ycars'
cxpcrlenco In tho patent buslness. Commnnlca.
tlom strictly conudcntlal. A Ilamlbook of In.
formatlon concornlaK l'atcnts and bow to ob
taln thcm sent frce. Also a catalogue of mechan
lcal and scicntioc books sent frce.
l'atcnts taken throngh Munn & Co. receivo
epcclalnotlcolnthoSclcntlllc Atncrlcnn. and
thus aro broucht widely beforo the publle wlth
out cost to the lnventor. Tbis splendld papcr,
lssued weckly, elccantly lllustratcd, has by far tho
larcest clrculation of any sctentillc work ln tha
world. 83 aycar. Sample copie j sent free.
Ilnlldine lidltlon. montuly, 12M a year. SIdkIo
copies, tS5ccnts. Every numhcr contalns beau
tlfnl plates, ln colors, and rnotosraphs of new
houses. wlth plons, enabllng Lulldcrs to show tho
latest deslims and securo contracts. Address
MUNN & CO NEW YonE, 301 Buoadwat.
No OROnts. Wo cll f rOh,
catalrkue at Vhoiu
nnlo Prlcew. Shlp for
cxamtnatlon bcforc
nln. nnrti nt. fll Iflmfl
as acents scl! for (75, ours at ii a irae ns BKcnts sell
or$10a,ours ntf80 wood-rlms, 25 lbs., same ns any
U& wheel. 12 styles (10 to foO.
Uuarantecd samo as agents sell for Sj to SIC'J.
flCrE ROAD RACER, 25 lbs.
Suarnntocd same as nirents sell for (125 and (136.
IVrltten warranty wlth every machlno Every timo
cou buy a blcyclo throush an ngentyou payfM to(50
piorethanourwholesaleprlco for nntno qnnllty.
It costs about as much to sell blcycles tbrough
Izents and dealersaslt does to mako thcm. Let
prudcnco and economy tuggcrt tho better way and
buy from us dlrcct at vbolcsale prlccs.
niustrated Catalogue free.
Acme Cycle Companv,
BE8T SET H'ORk'S IX Tlll! W'lU.II. Wirranled tbe bou rnido.
BliliiKlt Mllll. Mnetii&ay, and Stiml&rd Axrlcaltitral Iropl
menu of oit Qaftlll7 a( Igihh pricei. lltuiimte-t Cylcsuw.
Uo. eoonoiulcal, Ugbteft draaitlit,
wute co er&ln. Clent rradr
,tot uiarkeL Senil for ciuloguM.
iuB. FAHQUIlAltCO.,Ltd.,Tork,Pa.
Fitchburg Railroad,
On and after May 27th, 1894, tralns will run at
follows ;
Leave Bennington 7 37 a m.nrrive Troy 9 10, a
m. New York 2 20 pm, Hooslck Falls 8 67, North
Adams 0 63. QreenQeld 11 01 a m.Fltchburg 1 38,
Boston 3 10 p m.Mecbanlcvllle 9 02,Saratoga, 9 ii
a ,
Leave Bennington 12 35 pm, arrivo Troy 210
New York 7 06, Ilooslck Falls 3 57, North Adams
4 46, Grcenfielde 00, Fitchburg 8 24, Bosion 1015 p
Leave Bennington 3 05 p. m., arrlve at Troy
4 20, New York S 50.
Leave Bennington 5 15 pm, arrlve Troy 6 65,
&m, Ilooslck Falls 614, No., Adams 700 p m.
echanlevllle 6 48, p. m., Saratoaa7 3-'ip.m.
Leave Bennington 12 15 a. m. arrlve Troy 2 io
New York 6 45am. Leave Bennington for tho
north. 12 15. 6 15 aud 9 10 a m, 2 35. 6 10 p m.
1 32 a m, from New York, Albany and Troy.
9 : a m, from New York, Albany, Troy, IIoo
slck Falls, No. AdatPt, Saratoga and Mechanlc
ville. 2 47 p m, from New York,Albany,and Troy,
4 25 from New York, Albany and Troy.
8 33 p m, from Albany,Troy,Hoosick Falls. No.
Adams Boston. and Saratoga. Arrive at Ben
nington from the north 1 20, 8 15 a m, 1 05, 3 32
and 6 45 p m.
J; B, WATSON, Gen'l Pasa. Ag't.
C. A NIMMO oston.
Uen'l western Fassenger Agent. itoy.
Chanee of time ln effect danuary 1, is
8:20 a. m.
For Fetcrsburg JunCjfiSnorth
Adams and Bosxfii and all
polnts East andWest on the
Fitchburg R..SI. Also. ot. all
poiuts on Louanon SpringsB.K
3i9ll n m ?Sr Petetjprs Junction, No
iU Ui III Adams andfBoston.
5id K n m For Petersburgh Junction, Wl
itJ Ui llli liamstorwn nnd North Adam
and al poinU on Lebanon
SprinMK. R.
nJK a m From Troy, Hooslck Falls. Wil
iUU Oi lllliamston, North Adams and
polnts east op Fitchbure R. R.
and all polats on Lebanon
Sprintrs R. R.
From Troy, flooslck Falls and
polnts west on'Fitchburg R. R.
-C .1. rVlan.1. Wllllami-
town, Boston and all polnts
east on Fitchburg R. R. Also,
from all polnts on Lebanon
Springs R. R,
E. D. I1ENNETT, Supt.
JOSEPU CIIILD. General Passcnger Agsnu
nt nualltv Chlcairo Becf: also. Fresh and
Salt Meats of every descrlptlon; Poultry, Eggs.
Frult and Vegetables. Bonght for cosh and sold
A. C. Sweet, Proprietor,
Oarriages Repaired and Painted.
933 H
astMaln St, Bennington.
iledal and WgJttit Awardattht iftorld'tColumiian Erpotltion,

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