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A M m on Prog m.
Tlic American pcoplc are a
art are constantly nndergolug clianges for tlic Tietter. Brain)r raen
are ln aii iiiius ui woi'H. rruuauiy
soiie tlirongli a greatcr cliangc
icss. At one tlrae a flt from a ready-iuadc store was an exccption
now It ls a rnle, for suits arc now made for slim, stout and sltort
jeoplc ; in fact all sliapes can be fouiid ln a flrst-class ready-madc
When yon liave an Iiour to spare, drop Into our store and try
on a few of onr suits. Wc won't ask you to purcliase..
We simply sliow our goods, tlicy are tlic sellcrs, not us.
Green Houses tor best
At Reduced Prices. In ordnr to
-mtuuuiys iu uia&u iunm, wo wiii sbu
SOc Parlor Embossed Papor, 48c.
40c " " 30c.
25c Parlor Gilts. Plain Back, 18c
Uorders and 1 band friezes in proportion. Any one now wishing to pa
paper will do well to sob this stock at these prices. All strictly thls
year's patterns.
P. L. BOTTUM, North Bennington.
Are Offering Unprecedenied Bargains
In all the above lines of goods. A full supply of all grades of
SPKUCE, PINE and OEDAR SH3NGLES constantly on band.
Is the.nionth to
Arecheapestbecause theyare best. Quick drying floor paint,
Pnre Lead, Oils and Japans Varnishes, Window Glass, Dry Kal
somine, Paint Brnsbes of everv description.
It takes the place of Kalsomino, and is far snperior.
C. B. C3-IBSOH, Bpnggist,
Cast loir Eye on the
Astcrs, 25 centsper dozen
Pansle?. 25 centsper dozen
Totted Verbena?, 25Cper dozen
eranlums, flue plants ln 4-lncli
progrcssivc pcoplc. Sclencc and
no science, an or niuiisir,) iias
than tlicready.made clothlng bnsi
quality & lowest prices
close ont onr ontire stock of Paper
18c Micna Finislied,
14c Miclia Finislied,
Lac2ies9 Hair Dresser.
dono ic tho latost stylo and at rcasonablo
CVill call at rosidonco if desired
do yonr painting.
Following Prices :
Jars, 51.50 per dozen.
Geranlnnis, good nlants In 3-Incli
. Ja JI0, anfl Per doz.
About 125 doz Tomato .Plants at
zou unu a&c per doz.
Entered at the Bennington Post Ofllco as
Terma. S1.60 per year, strictly ln advanco
Woodbury and Mansur are Repub.
lican Standard Bearers.
For Govomor:
of Burlington.
For Lieutonant-Govornor:
of Island Pond.
For Secrotary of Stato:
of Burlington.
For Stato Treasuror:
of Rutland.
For Stato Auditor:
of Brighton.
ForMomborof Congress:
H. U. POWEUS, Morrisville First
WM. V. GROUT, Barton, Second Dls
Savs Tho Rnstnn Trnnoprinh 'Tf
is oxpootod that Govornor Uocr, of
10 iosion uns -wcok oy ins two oeautitui
daugliters, tho Misses Iraa and Ura
TT..- t
Tho NowYork Press, says: Vermont
and California aro widoly soparated geo
craphically, but tho Kopublfcan convon
tions hold in thoso stitos last veok show
that Ropublican scntiment in both is
united iu favor of protoction and bi-mot-
aasm. tuo nominations of Col. U. A.
Woodbury for govornor of Vermont and
Hon. II. M. Estco for govornor of Cali
fornia will command approval. Tho
Stato of bonator Morrill and of Hon,
Georgo F. Edmunds has novor faltorncl
in its Ropublican allegianco, and least of
uu n iii ii uu ho tais year.
Tho trial of "Hat" Slu.n. fnr fl,n m.,
dcr of Robort Itoss
noss after witnnssi hwmki nnilt!nnl n,t-
Shea shot Ross and that thoy saw him
uo ii. m uio courso 01 tno tostimony, a
uuuimi ui iiiiua uuvu UOVOlOpCU aS 10
tllC mothods Of tlin AfllrnTnr rinr ir. rn-n
Ono witness swoars that whilo ho etood
waiting for his turn to voto, near tho
i 1 1 " uu ...a lii'nm auu
traVO tllO ntlmllRr nf lllK Iminn Tl. i
sueuiurs 01 oiuciion iook tno voto and
ciiccKwi tno namo m spito of tho pro-
then and thoro, domandod that ho bo
givuu nis ripiis. nivmonuy tho "houso
cleaning" in Troy politics has como
Tho Vfirmonfc Ponnllnfa InA 1 i t
Bowonof Dorset, ilocked totjetbor'in
liitibB uuiivuiiLiiiii nr. mnrirnniiif 'I't.na
day. It does not appear from tho telo-
1 . ""J VMlU ( Ul U 111
attendanco, but it is safo to say tho
number was not largo. Thoy put in
Liiiiuic i iiikii , iiiiw mnnu Tttnvn ...nHA
mu iiuiu uiu iouowincr tifiltnt;
ThomasS. McGinnis of Jericho, was
nominatcd for pnvm'nnr TTmm w n
ro of South Horo for lioutcnant-govern-
' r , "ui llI CJUU-
luunjf oi ouiiu; (yaitora. uurusof Ran
dolph, for treasuror; Charles S. Louis of
7 , .1 ! g ifj f -
kUiiiiiiii. iir SLHii 1 i.fir-fix finnnimiftt l i l. .
G. Jonnoof Enosburgh Falls, for Con
gress from tho first district, and Alfred
F. Spaulding for Congress from tho seo
onil nifit.rip.l-. Tlita mni.nmAr.. : , i 1
as formidablo as tho traditional flv on
uuui, Lunb fcuiuu ono USCU to
laugh at Sonator Edmunds about seoing
hcnco thoir nlat.fnpm nf
other vaguaries aro not worth spaco to
Tho Commissinnnr
sued another order, whioh Washington
uiioiiawiuco oajf wiu resuic in calling in
nf nrtana T. ln 2..
amcndment of Order No. 200, and inhalf
a uuiuiuu oi vurmago it is oxpiained that
thls amnnflmnnf. io Tirf 1
. . . ..wu uu.iuuu iu nru-
vcnt properinvestigation of any claim in
which thoro is oyidenco that tho claim
jtseu is irauauicnt." Of courso not.
First assumn thnt nvnrv rano;nn
phcant is hkely to bo tointed with fraud
iii.n, i;scapcu tno notico of Ropublican
a(lminiRtrnHnTii nml fl.u ti.i
ijicauuu liuuui
dyuasty is wondorfully alert to provonta
ii ir r1;" lroasury. i'ornaps
tho S25.000.000 sain tn ln i, .i
- . 1 . UUl.il OltlUU
tllls voar mav lnp.rnnaoil es rwi mv
J i . V"VWUUU uiuiu
by tho prcscnt ordor. It is oxpiained at
,u uuiuuu iuuu meso now ordors woro
nromnlrrnfnd in tlm t.,. t ?
deemcd bettor businoss mothods than
woro formerly omployed, and that while
saving will bo mado it was not tho essen-
tial motivn nf thn nivTnr rri. (r t. in
fi t0,ca" a .OOO or 15,000 cases
nnnl . i.
Wedncsday and oloctod ox-Promior Casi
mir Penor nn tlin (Irot iiit i.i. j
cisivo majonty. Thero woro sconos in
caucus, procoding, that tho dospatohes
call a riot, but, when tho Doputies and
Sonators cntdnwn fn i,m0i .i
littlo delay. Tho Troy Times volcos
American sentimont when it says : "Tho
choico indlo.atAfi
fltnoss for tho placo and confldonco that
""' upuioworic whero it was
left by PresidontCarnot aad administor
tho frovernmnnt. In .
i- , lULUlUBb Ui tuo
peoplo. Tho now presidont hashadlong
I'uuuo iuo. uig rocord is
crood. and iin Ima liAnn t i. i
sympathy with tho Carnotrulo that no
radical ohangos aro likoly. A now prosi-
dont was to havo beon oloctod noxt Do
comber. but tnn noai.uinnii n
""Sr0?, . ,C(Uato oloction necessary,
nnd M.Casimir-Poriorwill hold tho of-
--n vvim ui buvuu yoars.
Francowill bosafo undor his adiinis-
uuwuu, aii uio Anarcnists will flnd that
tho tnurder of n not i. i. j
nothing toward advancing their causo."
Less consideration has beon shown for
thn wnnlnn fnrti.o
muiuiwj lJ 1UWUlllklO IU
tho Sonato than for any other important
hj.iuuiuuuuu. jmoc a singio auty con
tainod in tho schedulo will afford any
real protectlon to Amorican manufact
urors, and tho dutios placod upon car
pots aro so low that thoy must inflict
gravo harm upon that particular indus
try. Upon wool and woolons seoms to
uuuu uuuuuutruiuu iuo natrcu anu
soito of the wreckcrs in tho Whito Houso
ana in tho Sonato. Both tho wool
growor and manufacturcr havo beon do
liboratoly sacrificed, and obviously for
tho roasou that tho tio whioh binds theso
Americans togother is tho tio that holds
tho farmers faithful to tho protoctivo
bj8i.om. i'lniaaoipma Manufacturcr.
About tho only two Domocratlc ofilco
holders in tlin Stntn t.lint nnrn Knncnlniv
ous by their abscnco from tho Demo
cratio Stato Convontion, ycstorday, wero
Colloetor Smalloy of Burlington and
x uauuiuMjr xi.iuriiuan oi ttutiaun. TUO
former made his appoaranco in tlio com-
juibtuu rooms tno ovomng ooioro tno con
vontion and was cordially rocelved by a
largo number of fricnds. In a convor
sation ho intimatcd that ho had no in-
tCl'est m tlin rPHlllt nf tlin nnnirunCnii
only to know that "tho boys had it iust
a wiuy uusirod." i uac inoy uia so is
probably duo to tho fact, that although
not jiresent in the body, ho was thero in
Sllirit. nnn nvnrwtliinfT mntrnil na amnnfli.
ly as though ho had his hand at tho
wuuui. ur. iianrauan, wno wouia un
doubtedly beon clad to havo beon pres
ont, was kcpt at homo by tho sorious ill-
11UOO UI 1113 W1IU.
Cpnsidering tho fact that this is an off
yoar, tuoro was a largo attendanco at tho
Domocratic Stato Convontion that was
hold iu Burlington, ycstcrday, about
fiOO delcgatcs being prosont. Tho con
vontion was called to ordor bv T. J.
Boynton, chairman of tho Stato commit-
tco, wno presented the namo of P. G.
Farroll, of Nowport, as tomporary chair
man. Among thoso namod as secrotar-
ies was AVells Valentino. Thisorgauiza
tion was afterward mado tho permanont
ono with tho addition of ono vico presi
dont from each county, that from this
county being R. M. Houghton. Tho
chairman of tho committco on rcsolu
tious was II. W. Martin of this villaco.
Tho proceodings of tho convontion
woro dovoid of much intorcst. and tho
follownig tickot was put in uommation
caoh by a rising voto: For govornor,
Goo. W. Smith of Whito Riyor Junction;
for Liout.!govornor,Maj. E. M. Bullard of
Swanton; secretary of Stato. John W.
Gorton, Barro: treasuror, Chas, Clark,
Rutland; auditor, E. E. Sargent, St,
Johnsbury. Tho committco on resolu
tions reportcd a platform which was
adopted. It recitcs that tho Vermont
Domocraoy is undismaycd by tomporary
(?) defeats and conildont iu tho hopo of
its ultimato triumph; that tho marks of
Republisan rulo aro everywhoro visible,
and thon follows tho stock nhraso of
wealth in tho hands of a fow, etc, otc,
so familjar to our peoplo sinco 1800.
iiiKo tncir Dretiiron, tno boutnem uour
boiis, Vermont Domocrats want to got
out into the markots of tho world and
do businoss, tho homo markct is
cramped and rostrictcd.
It it was not for tho suro ruin of
American industrics wo might wish that
th6 Grcon Mountain Domocracy had
thoir desires provcd by oxpcrienco. Of
courso tho Ropublican party is do
nounced for tho prcsent stato of tho
country. It was donounced in 1804, bo
causo tho war was a failuro; but what is
tho uso of reasoning with peoplo who
laud Clovoland and his administrativo to
tho skics?
A rcsolution instructincr tho Stato com
mittco to call tho noxt Stato convontion
at Rutland, was introducod by T. II.
Brown of Rutland, and after considor
ablo discussion was dismissed. Geo. M.
Viall of Dorset was ro-electod as a mom
bor of tho Stato committco from this
county. Tho convontion was in session
about two hours only.
Ithas beon tho boast of Domocratic
leadors that tho Domocratic party was
immortal. It is truo that with ono
change of namo but sovoral cliangcs of
principlos, this old, if not vouerablo, or
ganization has oxisted for moro than a
hundred ycars. It is truo that witnin
this century it has witnessod tho birth
and tho dcath of soveral poworf ul antag
onists. When tho ardent Deraocrat ro
flects upon tho fate of tho Federal party
and tho Wbigs, it is not surprising, per
haps. that ho should beliovo that thn
Domocraoy is dcstincd to dofy tho as
saults of timo forevor, but ho should not
pormit himself to bo unduly puffed up
with tho prido which is tho harbingor of
uestruction ana tno uaugiity spirit which
gooth bcforo a fall.
i or thoro aro ominous siirns that tho
Democraoy's turn has now ;omo to fol
low its dead and gono prcdocossors, and
that in tho words of ono of its most gif t
ed seors and sagos, it is already march
ing through a slaughtor houso" into an
open gravo. It is tho unvarnishcd truth
tnat novor m tho raemorv of tho nrosont
generation havo tho ovidonces of tho
Democraoy's oarly and compluto dissolu
tionbeon so manifost. Not oven tho
talnt of troason was so potont to blight
tho Domocratic vitallty as the virus of
froo trado. When Massachusotts, into
which ovor sinco tho war a crreat flood of
Deraocratio immigration has beon pour-
mg, roiurns tno largcst nopuDUcan ma
jority for 20 years; when Ponnsylvania
with 200,000 breaks its elorious Ronubli-
can rocord; whon Now Jersoy, which all
through tho war clung to copperhcad
ism, now ropudlates Democracy; when
tho most bigoted Domocratic district in
Illinois goes Ropublican for tho first
timo in its historv in briof. whon Ro
publican Statcs are moro Republican
than ovor, and Democratio Statcs aro go
in Ropublican which nevor wont tjiat
waybofoio, itis simply impossiblo not
to soo that tho Domocratic party is Bad
dlod with tho most unpopular causo
with which it was ovor afdictod, and suf
foring tho worst oxtromity to which it
ovor was roducod.
It is not tho moro weaknoss of tho
Clovoland Administration which has
dono all this, for Buchanau's Adminis
tration was ovon wcaicer. it is not tho
fat-wittcd Domocratic loadorshin in Con
gress, for that is no now phenomonon.
ii is tuo iacc tnat tno uomooratio party
18 moro radically oommittod than ovor
beforo to a froo trado raid on Amorican
industrv and Amorican wacrcs. Slavorv.
sccosslon, tho war itsolf, woro remoto
Store 4'baiidLoiied..
And all Boods to be dlsposed of ln Troy. Moro thnn tSO.OOO woith of fine ClothlnR and Fur
nlsnlns Goods, the consolldated stock of our Troy and SchenecUdy stores thrown on the
We havo nevcr kcpt Furnishlnc Goolls and do not propose to noir 8o here they co at lesj
piippS Ti(Sf?-nvyfar-S .suPP'y and ave raoney. SUIKT8, NECKWEAR, COLL AUS,
CUFFo, n0SU.ItY, ln fact evcrythlne ln the Farnlshlng lme at 50 cents n iho dollar.
OLOTirasrGf-, .
Men's Snlts 85, Markcd from S10.
Mcn's Snits $6. Markcd from $10 and $12.
Men's Suits 87.50. Markcd from SI2.
Men's Tronscrs $1.50 and S2 ; not
nieirs Fine worsteu Trousers S2.50 and 83; rcgular prlce 85.
Children's Suits Waists and Blouses
At 50 Cents on tlie Dollar.
334. 33(5 and 33S Rtvcr Street,
13, 15, 17 and 10 Fonrtli Street,
and half comprfihended in most North-
orn cotnraiinitica, but tho idleuess, tho
povcriy, tno aospair wmcn tuo mero
menaco of froo trado brincrs aro a livini?.
broathing prssonco by millions of hum
blo flresidcs from Maino to Oregon. So
cossion struck at tho lifo of tho Nation ;
frco trado strikes at tho lifo of tho peo
plc. It is not stranco. thorcforo. tlmt
tho popular rcmonstranco should bo
strongorand fiorcor in 1S94 than in 1S00,
and that tho political party which has
aroused tho outburst should bo in moro
immincnt poril of cxtinction.
Will tho Democratio politicians hecd
tho dangor signals, and abandon, beforo
it is too lato. tho mad rtolicv which is
dragging thom to ruin? Or will history
record that tho Democratio party sur
vived secessioa only to dostroy itsolf
with froo trado. and that Grover Clove-
land did what Jofforson Davis was una
blo to accomplish? Boston Journal.
Tho businoss mcotincr of this bodv is
to uo noia at tuo van jncss iiousc, Jiur
lington, July 11th, ovening. A two
uays' excursion to tho Hotel ChamDlain.
at Bluff Point, N. Y., will follow, but it
is tho business meoting wo hayo moro
particularly in miud. In common with
many others tho Banneis has cnticised
this association regarding its modo of
conductintr theso annual mcotinf;s. but
intuo circuiar ueioro us wo sco mucn to
commond. It is pronosod to discuss
tuirteon suoiccts. most ot wnicu con-
corn tho reader and adverttsor as well as
tho publisher, as follows:
lst. Shall tho Vermont papers adopt
tno aavanco payment systcm, ooginning
January lst, 1895?
2nd. Shall tho nowspapers adopt a
uniform scalo of advortisine rates. ner
lino, or per inch, or per column? por
oi circuiationf
3d. What discounts shall bo civen.
and to whom?
4th. What cxtra rato shall bo charcred
for proferrcd position advortisomonts?
5th. What rato, per lino or article,
shall bo chargod for obituarics, resolu
tions, cards of thanks, otc.?
Oth. Shall tho nowspapers publish
tho Acts of tho Locislature of 189-1 with
out pay?
7th. "A uniform scalo for iob rjrint-
8th. What orico. ner lino or itom.
should bo paid for local news?
Oth. Is tho press doing all that it can
to boom Vermont?
10th. Shall tho annual meetincrs bo
held in tho fall or wintor and bo dovoted
oxclusivoly to business mattors?
11th. Shall tho annual excursion
heroafter bo discontinucd or liroitcd to
mombors of the association and their
immediato famtlics? .
12tb. Aro nremiums and clubbincr ar-
rangomcnts ucsirablo?
13th. Aro semi-weeklics botter than
wceklios for country towns?
Thoro is littlo doubt that tho "advanco
Eaymont" system, whoro practicablo, Is
ottor both for tho papor and subscribcr.
and as much might bo said of soveral
other subjects notod. As to tho "club-
bing systcm," opiuions differ. Wo
think, howover, that our rcadors consid
or clubbing arrangomcnts, cspecially
with tho Tribuno (woekly), New York
Press (daily), and Boston Journal (woek
ly), to bo a grcat accommodation as well
as saving to thom, judging by tho hun
drcds who annually tako advantago of
the rates.
As to whothor tho Stato papors should
publish tho "laws" freo, thoro should bo
but ono mind. If tho Stato of Vermont
has bocomo too poor, or too stingy to
Eay for tho publishing of its Session
aws, thon no class of mon ought to bo
cauca upon to poriorm that sorvico.
Tho fact that tho press of tho Stato, gcn
orally, did givo tho peoplo tho laws of
1692, gratis, is no rcason why it should
bocomo a custom. When tho Stato paid
for tho dissomination of what its legis
laturo had dono, in tho ycars agone, tho
sum was so meagro that tho amount
scarcoly paid for tho typcsetting, and
from that to nothing was tho cdict of
1S92. Tho press should novor again pub
lish theso laws gratis.
Tho Bannek has alroady adopted a
rulo concorning topio 5, and wo thipk
tho Stato papors havo "boomed" Ver
mont sinco 18SS, all that law or cnthus-
Highest of all in Leavening Power.
iasm rcquires. Column aftor column
has appeared in ovcry papor, and tho
thanks givon by tho peoplo has been
about zero, although tho "doar pcople"
have beon tho ones benofitted by tho riso
in roal ostato, otc, and not tho brethren
of tho guild editoiial.
Wo look forward to something prao
tical in tho results of tho proposed meet
iug and discussion.
"Senator UI11 of Now York," says tho
Transcript, "is now ono of tho raostcon
spicuous and interesting characters in
our politics. Hois tho only Democrat
m the senato who dares to resist tho con
fcdorato cabal and defond tho principles
of tho Domocratic party as doclared in
its last national conveution. Everv
Democratic senator oxcopt ZXill h3s
abandoned tho Chicago platform, and
broken tho pledges mado to tho peoplo
bcforo tho olootion. Cleveland is guilty
oi tno samo treacnory ana is waiting to
sign a tariff bill that contains all tho
abuscs ho has donounced, a bill that was
framcd at tho dictation of tho sugar
trust and gives to thatcolossal monopoly
special pnviloges and enormous proflts.
This is tho first timo in our history,
whon tho leaders of a great partv boldly
ropudiato and voto down, after olcction,
tho principles that thoy advocatod m the
canvass.- Tho men who denounced pro
tection "as robbery" as "unconstitution
al and a fraud," votea duty of forty per
cent. on sugar, eighty por cont. on rice
and high tariffs on all southorn products.
This is not only a shameless abandon
ment of their professions and pledges,
but an unparalloled oxhibition of sec
tional selfishness."
The Now York Press report says:
Sonator Hill's aiTaignment of his own
party for its abandonment; of professed
principles and rojection of the platform
which it had used to "bunco" the Amer
ican peoplo, was cutting, becauso it was
ropleto with unwclcome truth. Hill had
tho Bourbons and thoir Northern syco
phants holplossly coralled, and ho didn't
spare tho branding iron. It was a very
hot iron, and left a permanont and pain
ful mark. Sonator Hill seoms to forget,
howover, that tho Democracy is consist
ent only when inconsistont; that it has
adopted platform after platform, only to
abandon thom, and has beon, in turn,
tho willing agent of slavery and trcason,
of nativo treachery and forcign grced.
Democratic adoption of tho incomo tax
simnlv nlinwa tlint: tlin namAAMnif nf.n.
boing ground in the mortar of rebellion,
is still tho samo blundering, unprin
ciplod, un-American party as in the days
wnnn Tlnmnpmtin pnnonimfnKi nlnffml .
" - wuuu...Mh...a lllUlrtCll 111
Cabinot and Congress against tho lifo of
tuu uepuuuc.
Mr. Wilson's position as chairman of
the committeo on ways and means will
mako him tho lcador of tho Ilouse con
forecs on tho tariff bill. It is fortunato
for tho country, for tho Democratic
party and for Mr. Wilson himsolf that
this is tho caso. Now York World.
Why "fortunato for tho countrv" that
tliis Southorn ox-Confcderato soldier.
born and brod in tho country far from
tho musio of mlll-wheels and tho hum of
manufacturing industry, should have
chargo of a bill in which Now England
and tho grcat Middlo Statcs havo such
tromendous interests at stako? Did his
flghting for the dcstructlon of freo 2t
government during tho Robollion. or 4
teaching school in tho backwoods of
Vlrgiuia, givo him a suporior equipment
for tho adjustmont of tariff schedulcs on
indtistriesomplovintr hundrcds of thou-
sands of working-poople, and of which
no nas no practicai knowleuge? Would
tho World cntrust its own immonso
business to a rural profcssor who had
nevor beon insido of a daily newspaper
oflico, but had a thoory of "how to
ruu a papor?" Tho question answers itr
self. Yotit insults tho intelligonco of
its roadors by claiming that it is "for
tunato for tho country" that this oi
Confedcrato soldier and podagoguo is to
be a lcador in maturing tho tariff bill.
Out upoo. such idiocy. Domocratic
Troy Press.
Franco escapos both tho advantagcs
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