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Bennington semi-weekly banner. (Bennington, Vt.) 1894-1902, June 29, 1894, Image 2

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Tho mecnburnBsoft behind tho hlll:
Sleep, little rosebud, sleep.
I hear tho plalntivo whlppoorwill;
Sleep, little roBebud, sleep.
Its throat ls mcllow vfith a lay
I ncvcr heard bcforo today.
' Iwrrader what frriovcs Its heart away.
1 The nlght winds rustlo on tho hill;
1 Sleep, little rosebud, eleep.
The stars nre shlnlng for tho morn;
Sleep, littlo rosobud, sleep.
Tho nlght anothcr morn has born;
Sleep, littlo rosebud, sleep.
Tho stars glcam on nnofhcr grave,
The dows anothcr tombstono lave.
Whero larkspur bloomed but yestarday
Tho nlght hangs prcsslng on tho morn;
Sleep, littlo rosebud, sleep.
The winds have sobbcd the stara to rest;
Sleep, littlo rosebud, sleep.
The whlppoorwill slccps wlthin Us nest;
Sleep, littlo rosebud, sleep.
Two littlo teeth begln to show.
Two littlo eyes glve back tho glow
That beamed on mo ono year ago.
Baby's sobs would break her rest;
Sleep, littlo rosobud, sleep.
Alfred Bryant
A strctoh of drcary nnd dosolato land
rho plalns. Just as f ar as tho cye could
xench not o break on that ocean of carth
could bo secn, not a sign of human habl
tatlon, not n partlclo of llfe and not a
traoo of vegctation oxccpt tufts of bunch
grass and Engcbrush, and away on all
eldcs tho Bky and carth scomcd to mcct.
It was llko tho dawn of creation, or rather
nf tor tho cnd of tho world, whon cvcry liv
lng thlng lias been swcpt from the carth.
On that vast trccless, tracklcss dcscrt but
itwo objccts could bo ecen ono a man rld
5ng slowly forward, and tho othcr a blrd
ithat floatod lazily along through tho warm
inlr as lf looking for a trco, and not soelng
ono it flew to tho ground Just ln front of
tho horseman and burst Into a flood of
swcctest niclody.
It was ln tho early mornlng, and tho
sun was just rlslng ln tho east and sond
Hrrlifc Kt.nvimlnir over tho
desolato wasta, and tliough lt was stlll tho
dull darkncss 6f dawn whcro tho horsenian
was and tho sklcs wcro lcadon ho could
lookawayln tho east and pco tho daycoin
ing and seo tho brilllant crimson sky. Ho
was a Boldlcr and a prlvato. You could
inii thnt. fmm t.hn hrnnd lirlmmod whlto
hat ho woro, tho coarso woolcn shlrt and
itho bluo coat, upon whlch thoro wcro no
iBtrlpcs to Bhow that ho had yct passed tlio
iranks. His faco was covored wlth a lux
luriant bcard, andwhon ho took off hls hat
land raised hlrnsclf ln tho Btlrrups you
.could bco that hls forchcad and hls big,
heavyhands wcro bronzcd froin contact
with all klnds of wcathcr.
Offlcors and incn ln forts who havo novcr
been located on tho f rontler, or worso, a
thousand mllcs from nowhcrc, to uso a
popular army phraso, know but littlo of
'tho trials of thoso hardy mcn away out ln
tho mountalnsor on tho plalns. Thcre
is nothlng thcro to brcak tho monotony.
Tho samo faces aro Boon every day, and
tho routinoof fort llfo bccomcs drearior
with cach Bottlng of tho sun. Occasionally
a fricnd of ono of tho offlcors or of thoir
wivcs comcs out, and tho gucst is wcl
icomod as a bencdlotion from hcaven, but
tho mcn ln tho ranks havo no visltors, and
ithelr llvesbecomo as monotonous andtlro
60mo as tho llfo of a hormlt.
Tho fort from whlch tho prlvato camo
was located back of hlm 20 milcs and Btood
alono on tho plain whloh Btretched away
from it for apparcntly oountlcss mllcs,
without oven a pockct or a buffalo wal
lowto brcak its lovclncss. But tho fort
was oxclted now. . A band of Indlans, led
by Young Horso, had brokon away from
tlio agoncy and had startcd across country
wlth no speclal placo for its dcstlnation, a
Vandcrlng colloctlon of murdcrcrs and
plundcrcrs, Bccklng, llko a vulturo, sonio
thing to rob, kill, dcstroy, and tho com
inandlng offlcer had Bcnt out hls ecouts to
locato them, return and lead tho cavalry
to whero they woro locatod. Tho prlvato
occasionally got off hls horso to walfe a blt
nnrl Hcfon np hn stnml T) in tho Eaddlo.
and with hls fleldglass swcpt tho plaln for
a Bight of tho rcd desperadocs.
' "If thoso red devils go east, thoy wlll
Burcly Btriko tho maln trail for tho fort,"
ho sald, spcaking nloud a habit 60 many
tVnntlnrKlnnn linvn "nnd if I am not mls-
taken a slstcr of Mrs. Coloncl is comlng
out to tho rorc ror a visic jjuc j. aon-t
Bupposo Bho wlll bo along for a wock yct.
It'll bo tough luck if Bho gots to tho statlon
over on tho rallroad now whllo cvcry
nvallablo man is out aftcr thoso cursed In
dians." ,
4 It waa a thought whlch troublcd hlm,
for ho Bpoko of lt to hlmself 60veral tlmes.
As tho sun roso highor up in tho hcavens,
,tho Eemidarkncss llftcd, and tho bright
Bunllght streamcd over tho bleak plaln,
and in tho clcar alr objccts wcro visiblo
many ralles away. Standlng up in his
Baddle, tho prlvato took hls glass and
lookcd a long way, and thcro eaw thrco
objccts moving rapidly along.
I Notwlthstanding tho grcat rlsk ho was
Itncurring, ho rodo forward Blowly, tho ob
'jecfbolng not to tlro hls horsc, for tho an
imal mlght havo a long and hard run ahcad
of hlm. Soon ho was cnablcd to study the
thrco objccts closcr through hls glass.
I "Thcro aro two men and a woman," ho
'eald. "I'U bot Mrs. Colonol's slster has
nrrived and ismaklngfor tho fort, and ono
of tho mcn is tho postman and tho othor a
guard. By Jovo, that's pluck for her to
Ho 6purrcd hls horso forward, but tho
'.others had secn hlm coming and wcro
rcstlng, awaltlng for hlm to como up.
Tho woman was young and prctty, and as
tho privato camo up sho laughcd gayly.
"I supposo you havo been scntoutto
eet mo," Bho Bald. "I am Mrs. Colonol's
icto nnd T mntii linr tlmt I wnuld nrrlvo
nt tho Btatlon yestcrday, but no ono mct
jno. Thcse gcntlcmon, I lcarncd, wcro go
Jng to tho fort, and bo I dcclded to joln
l 'Tf. 1a n. tottt Innn- nnil tlrcsomo rido.
tailss," Bald tho Boldlcr, "and you aro yct
i. .1 t 1.1, n-nA 41ir mrcfATTl rPTV
dered impervious to diseaso when the blood
Is tho sentlnol whlch permlte or f orbids tha
cerms of disease to onter the cirailatipn pf
iflio blood. To a congested, torpid and dis
oasod liver can bo traced many dangerous
diseases auecung variuua ujjjuua.
tecs a
congcstlon of tho llver
after uslng flvc bottlea
galncd my health and I
beforo taken elclc, and I
was rouuouu wt iw
..n.Tn n ei .ttr Aava
ime. For any one iuf
Xerintr with livor
trouDieasi wus,i nuum
.ndvise thcm to ubo tho
"UOiaen jueaiau uvv
covery " atonee, bcforo
it is 100 iaie.
nearly 20 milcs from tho fort."
"I don't nilnd tho rldo," rcpllcd tho
young lady, "for I am vory fond of thls
sort of oxorclso."
Tho four Btartcd on a brlsk trot, and in
a fow mlnutcs tho postman droppod back
with tho privato.
"Do you thlnk thcro is any dangor from
tho Indinnsf " ho askcd.
"Thero's always dangor from tho red
dovilswhen thoy gct Btarted," answered
tho soldler. "You know wo last hoard of
tho Indlans 40 milcs north. That was day
twforo yestcrday. By thls .tlmo thoy may
bo maklng for tho settlement, and if so wo
nrlll T,rVmM,r m(-. n. lllRtjint Biffllt Of 'em. "
"I shouldn't thlnk thcy'd como ncar us if
thoy dld," romarkcd tho postman, "for wo
aro rldlng Btralght tortuo iorc, nnuxuoa o
thlnk tiiey want to como ncar muiu.'-
ifPhnTTM 1 tnfn rniniicrli." lnucrhcd tho
A likJ l uu&u - O J w
Drlvato, "for in thls cursed country they
could seo a long way anu. wjuiu ruu
cavalry was not ncar. Thoy mlght bo ovca
Bo boltl m to como up almost to tho fort
After awhllo tho gtrl jolncd tho Boldlcr,
and they talked of tho llfo on tho plalns.
Sho told hlm sho had novor beforo boon
west of Omaha, and that sho thought sha
n,,!nTrflm frrln nnrt nho told hlm.too.
vujwj - ' - j. i 1 1 1
how Bho had not secn her elstor for olght
. , , i , . i i ,
ycirs; tnat buo nau oeen ju buiiuui miua
her slstcr marrlcd and went west with hor
husband; that thoir paronts had dled, and
that sho lntcnded maklng her homo wlth
l,n nW rolnMvn fnr nwhilo nt least.
iu - - - '
Ttin cniillpp pnlnvfid her convcrsatlon. for
tho prlvatcs ln tho ranks Beo bo littlo of
womcn that ono is llko an augol f rcsh from
mfiirn lin tnld her of armv
lifn tl,o nlnlna nnil ihn minnl nnd tho
1UU UUU l' D
postman alsorelated anccdotosof thelr llfo
on tho plalns. l! or two nours inuy rajjj
and thon tho prlvato relnod ln hls horso
and rnlscu nis uoiugiass towaru wum up
pcarcd to bo a cloud that was sklmmlng
along on tho ground a couplo of mllcs
"Grcat God, It's tho Indlans!" ho gaspcd.
Wlthout a momcnt's hcsltancy they
Bpurrcd thclr horscs fonvord. As if tho
wlud had blown to them atingor tho four
horscs sproug forward. Tho magniflccnt
animal tho soldler rodo could scarcely bo
held in. Thero was no qucstlon but tho
keen eycs of that band of murdorers and
national paupcra had Bcon tho four, for
thoy woro bcarlng stralght across country,
and a dozen had scparatcd from tho main
band and wero rldlng furiously north to
hcad on tho Iltuo party. 'i.no iramwi ujo
of tho privato sawtho proposcd play on tho
partof tho Indlans. Tho glrl was whlto,
and hcr llps woro prcsscd closo togothcr.
exclamatlon of tho prlvato not a word had
... jl 4 A ,1 ,...1.
passea tuo lips oi mo iour. jlu uud buu
rcalizcd why tho Indlans gainodi that thelr
Iniwna ttmvi vAnnff n.ni1 nwifh. Tho llOrSO
tho prlvato rodo tuggcd hard on tho rclns,
tOOK tho Dlt tlgut in nis ioouj, uiiu vyvc)
nervo sceincd to start and straln, showlng
tho grcat spcod yet rcmainlng ln hlm. Tho
horso tlio giri rooo wna Dramiug iukkvu.
It was only a poor beast, such as you llnd
ln a frontior livory stablo. It was old and
wcak. Tlio postman and guard, crazcd
with fcar, wcro urglng thelr horscs for-
ofl nlmnilv tTOTfl fllllr hnlf l TIlllo
t.i iiun . '
ahcad. Suddonly tho horso tho girl rodo
bcgan to stagger, and then 4tho prlvato,
ridlng closo by her, llftcd hor from tho
cnrlilln nrifl In fpnnt f lllm. Hls llOrSO felt
tho increascd wcight, but Btrugglod for
ward. Thn TnrHnns (nilnnd Ktcndllv and wcro
now only about thrco-quartors of a mllo
away. A glanco ovor nis Bnouiuor buowcu
mifpa nf cTnntn fmm tho foremost. Al-
ready they had bcgun shootlng, slzlng tho
dlstnnco whlch lay botwoon them and tho
pursucd. Tho prlvato saw thls, and ho
Mti.lnrctfWI Hls m'fauum startlno. but
hls lips wcro pressed closo togothcr, and
then ho brought hls horso to a Btandstill
and Jumped off. An ngonlzod ory burst
rr.,,, j,n irlrl lmt hn AIA not notice lt. A
lariat, by a fortunato chaneo, hung from
tho iiommel of hls saddlo, and boforo sho
fn,- Tonllrrxl TtjViivfc hn wAs dolnff ho had
A 111 . J 1MWUV T . ' U
takcn tho ooil of ropo off and was tylng
hcr to tlio sauuio anu iwisuuk wiu njyu
about tho body of tho horec.
rvhn rnlmnl tiv.TnfMl fco know that somo-
thlng unusual was transplrlng, for hls
mastcr had to speaK to nim Bcvurm tiwua
in a low, calm volco to qulot hlm. Whon
ho had fnstenod tho ginsccureiy, BnoBcuia
IU HJ iLlli.u '' o-
"My God, you wlll glvo up your llfo for
minnl" nlin crlfil.
"I havo no ono who cares for mo. You
havo your Blstcr," ho Bald Blmply.
Cl.n nffninntwl ti frnn hcrRfilf. but ho
took hls hat and gavd tho anlmal a sharp
... , . . . 1
rap on his naunouca, anu lruui ua nwi,
... . . -i r 1 . I
11 ligntcr uuruon anu lcar no Biiruutj iui
ward as if from a catapult.
Tho prlvato saw tho noblo anlmal spcod
ing wlth tho wlnd toward tho fort, for
thcro tho horso know was homo, and for
thcro ho ran; thon tho prlvato saw tho Inr
dlans comlng on, anu wun a Bmue, uuu
grlm, ho turncd to tho Indlans and then
taking hls rovolver ho plaocd lt to hls
hcad anu lirea.
WUn Tirlvot'a lmran Ennn overtook tho
postman and tho guard, but ho flow by
thcm llko an arrow, anu u uetuuiuuuuu u
cavalry out on abricf Bcoutlng about tho
fort saw tho anlmal, and thon tho guard,
and tho postman. Anu a cavairymau jiuuu
ed off tho horso. Thoy rocognlzcd lt as tho
prlvato's, and then thov llftcd tho Benso-
Inea Mvl fmm t.lin nnlmnl.
. .3 . j tj.j. -
"Indlans back oi us anu coming," tno
rrtcf innn rrnonnd. n.nd thrn tho cavalrvjUOn
saw tho Indlans. Tho trumpot soundcd
charge, anu away at a mnu giuiup
linna wnnf nnd t.hn PJWn.1 nHMH rCallZCd
l,w.f j
hnfc nnn rf thnlr numlvir had dicd. and
that thoso rcdmaraudcrsnowflcclng away
woro to biamo. Jjiko a tiuai wavu vuu kuv
alry swcpt across tho pralrie, and soon
thoy camo across tho prlvato lylng dcad.
ilo nau not occn Bcaipcu. jqu vua ijiua
upon tho ground, wlth tho Bmllo of death
TWiilnrli- t.hnv ralscd hlm.
w ..t. J , -- -- - - .
and tears wero ln many oyos as thoy boro
hlm through tno uriiuant suimgui, w mo
fort. For days tho glrl lay almost atdcath's
door, wlth Mrs. Coloncl by her sldo cry-
Ing with joy tor tno snio arnviu ui iiui
Blstcr, nnd tho glrl ravod and told over
nrmln nnrl nrrn tn rt in rloHriiim nll tho
prlvato had dono. When sho flnally rocov-
orcu and walkcu, tnoy biiowcu kj ner a uuw
mound ln tho littlo comcicry over m uuu
corncr of tho fort. Sho fcll upon hor knccs,
and her tears moistencd tho clay, and sho
ni, Virn-n lim thnntrh ln llfo thov
callcd you only a privato in tho ranks l"
it. A. lulton in umsutt urm-xiiuujtu.
iM&t In the Woods.
"Fow pcrsons rcallzo how oasy lt ls to
loso ono'B way in tho woods," romarkcd J.
T. "Pnrlrlncnn nt Alhnnv. "Tho mOSt CU-
rious thlng about tho oiporlcnco ls that
When tno UOWllUOrCU mou inwmw, unuiv
that ho ls lost ho kccps on thomostwatcn-
mintl ntynlnat. Tirwyt,lni? tho blundcr.
nrl nf. thn mcnlf. llRlinllv BhoWS that hO
WUlvv - 1
l,na nnnn nn lnslntr hls irav ovor and OVCr
again. Sovoral ycars ago I lost my way
in thia mntinw in n forcst in Canada. I
.na en n lmntlnrF t.rn nnd 1nto in tho aft-
niH " " " "o " i - -
crnoon startod to go back to camp. Af tor
hnnrs' fniltlnsa Kfiftrch forthonlaCO
Whero my tcnt was pltched I camo to tho
only ohanco was in flrlng my gun in th'o
hopo of attracting Bomo person a aiien
tlon. Thls I dld, but no answcrlng sound
greotcd my car. I wandcred around in
thcso woods for two wholo days and nlghts,
Veq'iently linumg mysen, luwjr buvurm
ours' trnmpiug, at the samo spot I had
.fni fmm. Dntho mornimr of thothlrd
day I camo across a littlo path, whlch I
madoup mymlnd to ioiiow. noworus
Hin lovl folt atflndlncr aft-
orgoing a shorS dlstanco tliat itledmo
into a locallty tliat J. wos pcriccuy luiun
lo mlth nnd fmm whlch I had no dlfll-
culty ln flndlng mywaytooamp. Hadl
gono about 1UU yarus in ino iituiiur uirou
tlon when I flrst bccamo awaro I was lost,
Iwould havo struck thls path." St. Louls
Onr Aiiceston Had a Yocabulary Wo Ilave
Qulto ITorgotten.
What du wo know about oarving oxcopt
for tho donicstlo moalf What do wo know
oftho terms used of tho dlfforent ways
of carvlng ovory klnd of blrd? I doclaro
thatlcarvo a phoasant, whon ono appears,
Just llko a fowl, and that I carvo a par
tridgo by dlvidlng tho blrd Into two cqual
or uncqual portlons. It ls, I boliovo,
about a ycar ago that I quotcd from an
old book on carvlng Bomo of tho torms of
tho art. May ono ropcat them from tho
samo bookf Bomcmbor that thcro wero
carvlng mastors in thoso days profcssors
of tho art. They wero Itinorants. They
dld not kcop Bchool. They wont from houso
to hoiiso and taught tho ladics. As for
thclr Boclal posltlon, I havo not ascertaln
cd it. Probably they wcro classcd wlth tho
Itlncrant nortralt nalnter. Cortalnly thoy
dld not slt at tablo with tho gcntlcfolk. I
... i i,. i.ii.i ,
lcar that ineir piaoo was mo liamuuu, uuu
that Lady Mary took hor lcssons ln that
room Burroundcd by tho admlring malds.
But tho onlything sno -carvca -was
mutton or bcof. You had to "brcak a
rtfrr. Tnnr n vernon. 11ft a SWOU. saUCO a ca-
pon, spoll a hon, frysh a chlckon, unbraco
a maiinru, uniauu u wu), uuuiuuuu
nn dlenlnl- n nmnn. dlsdcUTO U PCaCOCk.
unjolnt a bittcrn, untack n curlow, alayo
a pheasant, wlng a parinugo or n quau,
mlnco a plovor, thlgh a plgeon or any oth
cr small blrd anu uorucr a gamo pio.
Tho acqulsition of thoso terms was only
tho boglnnlng of knowlcdgo. And they
tell mo tho mon who can romcmbor n
dinncr party when Jamcs IlorWllllara
III was klng that thcro has novor boon
any carvlng slnco to comparo wlth tho
carvlng ol hor lauysnip. ijonuon uuuu.
Sottiug a Itoostor.
A citlzon of Kumford had canvasscd thc
town in valn from cnd to cnd in scarch of
"a hcn to Bct" when ho hcard that an old
darky on tho Boston, Brovldenco and
NrvrtrnnW: m.td hnd n trrcat dcnl of ''sottlnc
stock." As thls was Just what ho wantcd,
ho lost no tlmo ln hunting nim up. 110
found tho old man bullding a honcoop ln
tho roar of hls rcsldenco. Approachlng, ho
askcd by way of broachlngthosubjccthow
many hcns ho had slttlng.
"Thrco hons and a roostor, boss."
"And a whlch?" lnquirod tho poultry
man, thlnklng lw had not hoanl stralght.
"A roostor," rcpllcd tho darky.
Sceing tho look of dlstrust on hls vislt
or's faco, ho took hlm into a low bullding,
and suro cnough thoro sat a largo Brahma
rooster calmly covcring 20 cggs. On ono
sldo of hlm sat two hcns, and on tho othor
a thlrd hcn. Tho visltor, sceing how stato
ly tho rooster sat, socrotly rcsolvcd to get
Bomo of tho darky's cggs and hatch out a
speclal lot of roosters. On bclng askcd
what ho dld when tho roostor wouldn't slt
any longor, tho darky rcpllcd that "dat ar'
rooster dono bound to sot," polntlngun-
1nnn?fl, flin linT
t.hn lmx tho visltor Was
Burprised to flnd both of tho roostcr'S legs
sticklng through hoiesintuo uox. J.nu
blaok rascal had actually borcd holcs
T.ivhhtTi tlin n-r nnd t.lnil t.lin roostcr'S lcCS
undcrncath, bo, as ho sald, tho rooster was
"dono bound to sct.
Inqulring into tho mattcr, tho Eumford
thnt t.hn dnrkv had four hcilh
and ono rooster. Thrco of tho hcns wcro
slttlng, and tho othor hon was laying. Tho
darky, llnamg tno cggs oi tno non nixu'
miilfiHTiir nnlta fnst. dcclded to let un fecd'
ing tho rooster corn and mako hlm hatch
a flock of chlckcns. Brovidonco JouniaL
Earnod a Fat Tip.
Thn nhcfmt.mlnflrtAman is unlucky about
gctting into prcdlcamonts; but, llko tho
cat of nlno livcs, ho gcts out of thcm with
raro good fortuno. A man wno can-t ncip
fnMotMnB Knmn thlmrs had an oxncrlenco
tho othor ovcning whlch is not comuion.
Ho had takcn somo rnonas to tno tnoaior,
and nftcnvard thoy went to a hotcl in
Flfth nvcnuo for suppor. When tlio walt
cr brought tho blll, tho host dlscovcrcd
nn crror of BO conts ln tho addition nnd
handcd lt back to tho waltcr. Tho walter
apologlzcd, took away tho blll and short
ly rcturned with lt. Whllo tho host was
Bcanning tho itcms a second tlmo ho ran
his hand ln hls pockot for hls monoy. A
blank look camo over hls faco, and ho sald
to tho walter: "I havo forgotton my mon
oy, koys andoverythlng. Wlll you osplain
to tho cashlcr nnd tell hlm that I wlll ficnd
a chcck tomorrow? My namo ls "
Slmplo Advlco to Dyspeptlcs.
Jndigcstlon ls caused bya tlred stomach jut
is a sore back after worklng is caused by tlred
muscles. Tho rrmedy in either cae is rest.
Rest ls the ratlonal curo for erery ache and dls
orderthatiscauied by OTcrwork. Thero is but
one way to rest your stomach and othcr dlgcstlve
organs wlthout itarvlng, and that is by reiort to
thn ue of artificiallr dlgested foods,
Procetses kare been dltcorcred wnereby mcat
nnrl TBMt&bles can be dleested outslde of tho
body and thua fitted for immedlate abuorptlon
wlthout further change.
Tooi-nia tn turli a food. but Faskola Is some-
thlng more than a food. It not only Btrengthens
and nourisnes the body, butltams tne aigesuon
rf nflier fnnds
Tv Itn use the dTSDentio will flnd hlmself able
to tat and cnjoy thoso thlnga whlch hayehitherto
caucd the raost lngnuuiauiress.
Thn wnnderfal scerct of health and disease ls
hldden almost entlrely in tho tood we cat, It we
takoeareof ourdlgestlon.uweeatproper lood,
the chanceB are we shall always be woll. If we
fall stck, we should take all the more caro for
what we cat.
Blckness can be cured by fod more easily than
hv medlclnes. raskola is one of the most impor-
tant dlscoireriea of onr age. Ilere is the evidence
4 Bbidoitok, P. Y Aprll 11, lB'Jl.
Oentlomen After beinc undcr the careof my
physlcian for a long tlmo and trylng almost
most erery remcdy known to sclcnce, I waa ln-
duced by my friends to try Faskola as a last re-
sort to health.
Ifelt a great Improvemont and benefit beforo I
had consumed the flrst 50c boltle, and nad no
trouble to retaln lt on my stomach, as all other
preparatlons jmuseated me.
I now have a ravenous appetite and can eat the
most hearty food and know Iam galnlngln flesh
Faakola may be obtained of any repntable
druggist. A pamphlet on food and dlgesuon wlll
be malled f ree, on appUcitlon to
The Fre-Dlgested Food Co 30 Bead St., N. T.
Sold by J.T. ShurtlefT, Bennington, Vt.
" Oh, " answered tho waltor,"novor mlnd
about that I'll pay tho blll, slr." Thls
havlng a waltcr ollcr to pay ono's blll rath
er Btunned tho host, but as ho was not
known in the hotcl ho thought tho wlscst
thlng to do was to accopt tho proposltlon,
bo ho took tho walter'sBamOj Baylng, "AU
rlght, Ernostj I'll como in on my way
down town in tho mornlng and hand you
tho monoy. " "You nccdn't troublo to do
that, slr," sald Emcst. "You could hand
it to mo tho noxt tlmo you como in." Tho
noxt mornlng, whon tho forgotful man
went to tho hotcl to reiinburso tho walter,
ho gavo hlm a "fat tip," of courso. That
was what Erncst was countlng on. Now
York Trlbuno.
A Snrprlso In Seldllt.
On tho flrst conslgnment of soldlltz
powders in tho capltal of Dclhl tho mon
arch bccamo dccpy intorcstcd ln tho ao
counts of tho ref rcshing draf t. A box was
brought to tho klng in full court, and tho
lnterpretcr explalncd to hls mnjesty how
it should bo used.
Into a goblct ho put tho 13 bluo papcrs,
and havlng addcd watcr tho klng drauk
it off. Thls was tho nlkall, and tho royal
countcnanco oxprcsscd no slgns of Batls
faction. It was thon oxplalncd that in
tho comblnatlon of tho two powders lay
tho luxury, and tho 12 whlto powders wcro
qulckly dissolvcd and as cagorly swallow
cd by his majcsty.
Wlth a wlld shrlok that wlll bo romcm
bcrcd whllo Dclhl is numbcrcd among tho
kingdoms, tho monarch rose, Btaggercd,
orT.i.uiml nnd In lilRfnll nfrnnlos scrcamcd.
"Ilold mo downl" thon, rushlng from tho
throno, fcll prostrato on tho floor. Thero
diirlni? tho lontr continucd effer-
vcsccnco of tho compound, spiriting llko
10,000 pcnnyworth or lmpcnai pop anu
bclloving himseii m tno agonies oi ueatu.
-Londou Tit-Blts.
Musl:7nts ns Honscliold Tcts.
Mt Snrnh TTnwnrd of Houlton has tWO
qucor pots a couplo of muskrats that
camo up tho drain into hcr ccllar and
thcncoovon Into tho kltchcn. They havo
low got bo tamo that they eat out of tho
j.t's Bauccr and show no fcar of that in
Jivldual, who on lier part does not dolgn
fr ,mflpn thnm. t.linntrh lier kittcns somo-
tlmcs cuff tho rats. Ono day thoy got
Btraw and pleccs ou tno oroom anu muuu
o nest undur tho cupboard. Thoy wlll
tn nnn'a nhn.lr nnd smell ono's
hand when reachcd down to thcm. Whon
cating mllk, they slt bcsldo tho saucer,
tnmist. lint.h n.iwa Into tho mllk and thon
lap it from thclr paws, somotimcs taking
a half hour to consumo a sman saucci ut
mllk. Lcwiston Journal.
An AffriculttirlatTclls nis Neighbors' Wocs
and IIls Oim Keiueuy.
MnTn thnn nnco mv nelchbors had been
nnnoyed by my bccs attaoklng thcm as
thoy wcro passlng along tho road a Bhort
dlstanco oll, anu moro tnan twico x uuu
boon appcaicd to to abata tho nulsanco.
Tho mattcr was bocoming Bcrious, ospo
clally as I could 6co no bottcr locatlon for
my hivcs. Whlchovcr way I turncd them,
aroad or nclghbor's yard was rlght in
range, and bcsidcs, aftcr tho bccs loft tho
hlvo, thoy would goln whlcnovcr uirection
they prcfcrrcd anyway. I found, how
evcr, that whcro they issucd from tho op
positOBidoof tho hlvo from thelr pasturo
flcld thoy usuallyroso somcwhat hlghcr
bcforo thoy reachcd tho road. Stlll thls
was only a partlal rcmedy, and I dotcr
mincd to obscrvo further.
I was not long in dlscovcring that fow,
if any, of my bccs went to thelr highway
attacks "wlth malico aforcthought." In
Btcad they wcro maklng tho tradltlonal
(though not tho tradltionally stralght) bco
llno for thclr forago ground, when, Just as
thoy would attempt to cross tho road,
along would como Bomo uselcss thlng blg
gerthan thcmsolves nndblock thopassago.
I havo noticcd that lt doosn't mattcr par
ticularly whcthcr a person runs agalnst a
club or tho elub falls agalnst tho person,
if tho voloclty is tho 6amo. That ls prob
ably tho way a bco looks at lt, and bccs
don't llko to boinsultcd. Thoy slt down
nnnl nn t.hnt. nt nnWi nnj Stlnff.
Thcro aro two Bafo ways for railroads
to mcot road crosslngs to walt or to bo
walted for at tho crossing, or to Bwitch off
on somo othcr llno nnd not cross at all.
I saw no way to mako tlio bccs walt, so I
dcclded to swltch them off. As a flrst stop
t hniif. n tmllla lnst lnsldo tho cnrdcn
fcnco and- covcrcd it ns soon as possiblo
with eomo rapld growing vlno. Tho trol
11s was perhaps clght fect hlgh and con
Blsted of a fow posts, to whlch common
fcnco boardswero nallcd. Thls part of
tho work was dono as carly ln tho 6prlng
as possiblo and tho socds sown as Boon as
tho condltion of tho soll and climato war
ranted. Just back of thls I commcnccd
work on a moro pcrmanent Bort of trellls
nnd sot out a row of grapovines. It was
lato for thcm, but most of them aro thrlv
lng, though I don't oxpect thcm to tako a
very actlvo part ln my plan for somo
ycars. But tho vlncs along tho outor trel
lls grcw rapidly and soon covcrcd tho
framowork with o mass of foliago and
bloom. , ,
frv,t mnMtmnnA T linvo no douot, ln-
tcrfercd wlth tho becs to Bomo ostcnt at
nnrl nnoolMv Rllhmlttod tO a fOW BO"
1'" k'" J .
vero stlngs, but it mado no complalnt, as
tho Jiclghbors had, and gradually thcso
hn'lnta lnnrnrwl torlso BOmOWhat
UUl"ttW . -
bcforo thoy shot and clcarcd tho trollis. It
was about tho most pcouiiarmoiuou x uur
hcard of for ralslng bccs, but tho rcsults
cf. rrnflfclnrr Aftor thov aro onco
up in tho alr, thoy Beldom drop much tlll
thoy approach thclr Btopping piuw
tainlynot in tho short intorval botwecn
I fcol that I havo solvcd a problcm that
f onncrly gavo xao no littlo vexation. That
irlnns do. Now. about tho
crapovlncs startlng lnsldo. Tho qulck
z,v0iif-. thnt imvn to bo rcnowcd oach
ycar. Tho grapovlnos, aftcr thoy obtaln
thelr growtn, wui maiio a irjiuiuuuuu uwu
brcak nnd protcct my plaguo strlckcn
nelghbors from furthorinjury. Beo Koop-
A Wlndow rastol.
Tho man sat at tho wlndow. It was oasy
to bco that tho world had dcalt klndly wlth
tho man. Tho room was Bumptuously fur-
lhl nnil thn innn was WCll OTOOmod.
Thorod roj-sof tho Bottlng sun flltcrod
Into tho room tlirougn uiououguaui u
fltnlnrrnn tho tnnostrlcd
UUUUiU vM.v- o i
wall tho maidonllko contoursof tho young
lcavcs lnagroupol aancingciunnuBpriu,-.
tti. hnlr wrnnil wlth naturo's lmnartial-
tt fhn tnnr.ln rnva tlnDcdwlth cold tho
XV J f
Bcattorcd gray halrs commlnglod in tho
locks that graccu tno tcmpica oi inu uiuu.
inAnnTlv nml wlth thn wivnmntinl touch
t '
of ono who ls permlttod to tako in his hand
a fragmcnt or somo bwoois Bainc a rouu,
man hold ln hls Boft and taporlng flngora
olookof hair. "uniy a woman s uuir,
blond and Bllkliy boic
vn n lnnti tlmn fhn man Rnfc ln fillcnco.
u. . .v"q ."
.inr. nf. thn llttln nllken lnck. Onco ho
KUAu5 " - -
alched nnd passed hls hand over tho tross
Chlldren Oryfoi-
Pitcher'e Castoria.
What Thomas Harrison of
Paine's Gelery
Tho world has had in all just 15 dccis
ivo battlcs.
But evory man hasin hislifotimo moro
docisivo battlca than this.
Tho iraportant opochs in man's lifo
that sottlo for him wcalth, position, and
ofton lifo itsolf, como without warning.
Wcakness, indecision andlack of norvo
forco at theso turning points is fatal. In
long and doubtful sickness, whon lifo it
self tromblos in tho balanco, alittlomoro
strongth and powor of resistanch to dis
easo makes tho difforonco botwoon lifo
and dcath.
Thin peoplo with doploted, diseasod
Wnnrl nm biE? risks. Caroful mcn and
womon all ovor tho country aro buildins;
up thoir systems and storing tno norvo
ccntors with cnergy now it is spring.
Thoy aro taking that romarkablo blood
punflerand norvo food, Taino's coiory
It caunot bo ropoatod too ofton that
tho blood is the fountain which supplies
ovory part of tho body. If this lifo-giv-
i lnnlr. iriirnr nnd rinlinoRS.
1UK mwium "v - --
I,tn lmnrf IriilnnvR. nnd lunCTS
immcdiatoly suffer. Tho weakest spot
11 ! il f
Wlll Ulvu nnj inoii ,
If vou flnd yoursolf growing thm, nor-
VOUS, WltllOUt appoiuu luua. uuu.
wTth a motlon that tho obscrvor mlgh't
havo lntorprotcd ns a cnrcss.
Tho sun sank lower tlll but n blt of rcd
rlm showed nbovo tho horlzori llko tho
Blecpy oyo of n jnded dobaucheo. Twlttor
Ing Bparrows flllod tho trco, and thclr
shadows on tho tapestriedwall 60cmod tho
danco of hobgoblins.
Tho man lookcd out tho wlndow to tho
west as tho sun droppcd behind a cloud afl
if it had bccn Bolzcd and draggcd down to
dnrknoss. Tho oyes of tho man assumcd
a farnway oxprcsslon, hls puplls dllatlng.
Tf ti.nt. i.hni,ihnrmnld." Bnld tho man.
"docsn't qult uslng my comb and brush,
I'll gct anothor boardlng houso, and that's
all thoro ls to lt." Indianapolla Journal.
Earach Heinedles.
a r.A linlmnnt. fnr nnrncho is mado
h,.. nomnhnmtrrf nhlnral. 2Ki)arts: puro
vj..'.-"-. I . - . -
glycerin, 10 parts; oil of sweot almonds,
lOparts. JVlixwou anu ivuep m " of
1,f f ln ffnnlr n nlmlmlt of DUTO COttOn
woolluthis linlmcntand placo.lt gently
in tho car, unsealing it ns mr us uu&aiuiu,
and rcnowlt onco ortwicodally. Tho llui
mont may bo also rubbcd behind tho car
itsolf. Equal parts of almond oll and
laudanum lonn anotncr guuu uuuuuuuuu
-o-ol, Rhnl;nt.hn liottlo WOll. then
lUi vl..w- w .
pour n fow drops ln a teaspoon provlous-
lv hcatcu Dy ucing piacuu ju uuuuiB
- . . . ... n..l.l hrt eny
and pour tuo neawxi uum mw ..
ml... nnt In n nlnnn nf cntton WOol. Uiak-
ing tho patlont rest hls hcad for a tlmo on
thO OppOSltOCar to gOli W uiuua nu.uu
.ui,i thnf.Tvhlnh lsnffcctcd. so thatwhen
llibuiu i..... v .
movod tho oil wlll not como out agaln.
Now York Dlspatch.
It Was Famlllar.
1 1 X-..-.. Millilmn " iv!n tho contlcman
i.1 W lf W" , O
who had bccn askcd to addrcss tho infant
class, "youinust all kcep very sim, iun
l l-n tnll rnn nhnnfc JfnSOS. MOSCS
UUJ UulUM w J"- "
was ono of tho patnarcns. xio w ua uuu
. . . lt.. Tl 1 1.1 .. nn il fll lllf
tho granu oiu mon oi uuu uiuiu
l. i. nll cnnn nlntlirns of MosCS. Ho
had whlto halr and a long, whlto bcard
hanglng from hls cnin. now, ouuutun,
you nll know what a long whlto beard ls,
,in. n,,? Thnm tho iiontlcman nd-
UUU V jwm .j i
drcsslng tho infant class pausod for that
rcply for whlch sucn oraiura utu euuum
nmnnvl "Vnth. thlr." Dlned UD
tho smallest boy ln tho room from somo
roinoto corncr; "1'vo tnoen um juu nn-uu
blllygoat, thlrl" JNow xorn xnuuuu.
Tmnnrtnnt l'olnt For JobllUV.
Johnnv Don't thoy ubo bark to tan
1 . 1 .1 n . I , li nnf
Uiiwio in, .... .
Fathor Ycs, my Bon, but if you ask
any moro quostlons thls ovoning you u unu
that a sllppcr docs Just as wcll. Boston
Homo Journal.
tii.hnn Tnit- nfterrfnrii Gencral Polk.
was ono of thoso mon who wear tho Bcal of
outhorlty upon thoir brows. On ono of
hls oplscopal vlsltatlons ho stoppcd for tho
nlght at a country inn, whon hls host at
onco addrcsscd hlm as gcnoral
"No, my frlond," Bald Polk, "you aro
mistaken. I am not a Boldlor."
"Judgo, thonf" hazardcd tholnnkeopcr.
"That ls not tho tltlo givcn mo by thoso
who know mo," rcpllcd Polk, bcglnnlng
to bo amuscd.
"Blshop, thont"
"Bight," sald Polk, laughlng.
"Woll, I know you wcro at tho hcad of
your professlon, whatovcr it was," 6o!d
tho innkcopor. Youth's Companlon.
Morth Oakota Owes to
aro starving somo lmportant organ
through inappropriato nutrition. "
Thomas Harrison is tho propriotor of
tho famous Harrison farms of North Da-
Vrtfi TTn linbla thn nfTip.n nf nnrarv nnfi-
lio, and is coroner of Trail county. Ho
i . r ii 1 , 1 -kt .1. nftl.U.
wrncs iroui uiauuuuru, xtuiiu un.jM,
"Tffn rnara nnn. when the crrin was
provalent in this country, I suffered vory
mucu irom inis trouuiu. iuu uincusu
linccred with mo unti! it dovolopcd into
P , i i... .1. : 1 .... 1.1. .
catarrn oi tuo iieau, xur iubiisuiuu
troublo I tried many remedies advortisod
for catarrn without any psrmanont ro
lief, and whilo spending tho wintcr of
02-93 in Los Angeles I was troated by a
specialist without any bettor results.
Seeing I'aino's ceiery compouuu auver-
lool T trinl ik nnt nYnnRtinir much ro-
lief, as I thought that I could not bo
curcd. I usoa ono doiho as uirccuju,
and was outirely and pormanoutly cured.
mi,: a Atrnp olv mnnflin ntrn nnd T
1 UIO 1, i.O J ' vj. u.a . w . . . ....
have not oxperienced a return of any of
. . i, 1. T 1. .. 1
tno sympioms, iuuuk" a uucu ojk-
posod to tho incleraeut we.ithor in North
Divkotaand havo not caught tho least
cold this wintcr, when had I been
troublcd with tho catarrh I would havo,
had cold aftor cold all wintor. I will
chcorfully answer any inquirios as to tho
corrcctnoss of my statoments. Many
around horo aro using tho compound on
tho strongth of mv recommeudation. It
makes peoplo wcll."
Amuscment Vcrstts IearnInB.
KTnt- t nrrn thf llPn.ll flf D. larCfQ COfSCt
HUM 1UM& Mb " -
factory, vrhoro hundrcds and huudrctls oi
mitteo of cducational peoplo to urgo nignt
Bchool -vorlc lor tno opcrarors iuruuguuuu
V,.-4nrec 1'on-r Thn Bnoinfv Yoltllltccrctl
bliU ij UilUIVOu J - tl
to arrango a sultablo courso of Btudy, pro-
vido tho ncccssary iunu uooks uuu ivw
mcnd ablo Instructors. "No," sald tho
Bonlor staymakcr; "wo don't caro to go
into this Bchcmo. Our peoplo work all
day, and if thoy Btarc lnscuuyiug uu uib'"
1, -. ii-nTI ' f ln nhln tn do us iustlco. Lcarn-
ing ls all very wcll for tho rlch, but tho
poor havo a living to gct, uuu luuj nu
all tho tlmo aftcr working hours for rest
nnd amuBomcnt. Now, lf you want to
Btart a baseball or tennis tournament, or
flt up a pavillon with a gymnasium uuu
natatorlum, we wlll bo glnd to talkltovcr
Wlth you." Now York World.
now to Uuttor Thln JJread.
iit lti-n mv Eiinrlwlehcs with tho bread
cutthin," sad Mt. Googlcby, "but I bcI-
doratryto mako thcm in Maniuiuj-
1 1 t. .iw... (il li-ni-a mnltn tno anui'V: tho
BU11, 1UI uw " "1 " " " -
bread crumblcs and curls upsowhcn I try
to sprcad it. Mrs. uoogioDy iu uu ouu
trnnhio. howcver, anu iuis mun""b
, i... ckA l.tf-oT3 thn nnt. mitl Ol
plo, aln't lt, and Mrs. uoogicuj- u i
lfs as old as tho hllls. "-New York Sn.
A Stronc Syinptom.
"I'm clad Tompklnshas struc
nt lni.lr nt. InBt..'1 J
VII 1,J" " mjm
nin. Cn nm t. wnat 1S llf
Jlllll-ll ..w ..... . s
iit jnn't i-nnw lnst. Tvhat. il onlvknow
A UUll V ... J , w
that ho talked to mo for 120 uiinutes wlth
out asklng to borrow 5."t Chicago Intcr
When Baby waBlck, wo gavo her fcastoria.
When sho waa ChUd, she crlod f oScostoria.
When sho 1camo Miss, sho dung tScastoria.
men sho had Childrcn.sho gavothi Castoria.
"VTiiiniir eo aio.
JLOUUK luu .w
woman in tho congregatlon to carn somo.
thin for tho church byhor own labor,
ondJI don't knowwhat ln tho world todo.
Husband You Bpoko about nccdlng a
nWlfo)h yes, I nover thought of that.
I'll cet tho dressmakor to pay mo bo
M in hour whUo I'f.B01'
thon Bho can chargo it in tho blll. New
York Weokly.
r TTTifi Thn mmisicr wania uvuijf
A corrcspondcnt submlts this qucstlon:
utv. in nnt. t.hlnt It. In bcttar to llvo fora
fow friends than todlofor thomassesf"
Itlssafo to rcply that thcro ls littlo oan
gor of crowdlng tho oomctcrles in tho man
norhcro Buggcstod. Mlnncapolls Houso1
for ovEurirrr years.
Ak Old Airb WKLL-TniKD Rkmkdt. Mrs
Wlnslow's Soothlng Syrup ha; been used for over
flftv years by railllons of mothers for thelr cnll
dren whlle teidiing. with perfect success. It
soothes tho chlld, softens the gums, allays all
caln. cures winll colic, and is the best rcmedy for
blarrhcoa. Isjpleasant to the taste. 8oia by
DrucgiBts in evfery part of the world. ,Twenty
OveMntsa bottle. Its valuo i incalcutableBe
, anra and ask fo Mrs. Wlnslow's Boothing Syrup,
TII OMAo J . UfcK -xux t,
Itan&olph, cattaraugu$ Co, a. x
lonciusion uiat x was lost, uuu uiu w

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