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Jf Your Time is Lirnited
Please Omit Readingthe Following
as It is only Facts which
you ASready Know,
Cole advertises facts, sliom of all ombellislinients ; wlien Iio
says Iio lias recoivml and placed on oxhibition liis Cliristmas
line of iios, silk handkerchiefs, plush caps, mnfflers, and jow
olry, Iio doos not try to give you ilio idoa that Iio purchased all
Ihoro was in New York.
It is onougli to let you know that his Cliristmas goods are
nov; liere ; for to say liis stock is large and assortment most
complsto is to tell you a fact whicli you alroady know, if you
liave visited his fine store iu tlie Opera House Block, Bennington.
Carnations, Holly, Mistletoe,
M early cvery day some one has asked us if we kept glass or
where he cnuld get a brolcen pane re-set. People naturally come
to us, as we aro headquarters for builders' materials, and glass is
usually found with these goods. In order to save people trouble
and aL tlie same tims to increase our business, we have pnt in stock
a full line of all sizes of glass. Tlie quality is superior, and as it
was all bought at hard titnes' priees we can sell it at low prices.
We have a competunt gluzier who will sct glass at your hoine, or, if
the frame is brought to our shop, will do it "while you wait," and
charges for tliis work are very reasonable. In buying our stock of
glass we were very particular about thc quality.
323 School Street,
Books at the Banner
Amomr tho new nnhlinati
ior Stationery Storo, aro:
Ridor Haggard's "Peoplo of tho Mist;"
tOKO UarGV B "Tllll fllrl fllrl Stnr..''
Sarinir Oould's "Kltt.v Alnnn-" ira
iiai ,4111 i.iii t if'tiii N .,1 ;in:i.i i:t
Surton narnson's "A lSacholor Maid:"
juaiii;a nuuib vi,iuiiuuk H 1118 VaiUSU
ng Star;" Mrs. Olophanfs "A IIouro in
Sloomsbury;" Mararct Delnnd's "Tldl
n and Uis Wifo;" Slary Hallcck Footo's
'Coour D'Aleno;" Captain Charles
iing's "Undor Firo;" Anthony IIopo'B
'Tho Prisonor of Zouda;" and othcrs.
larco vanoiy oi stanuaru worlcs of fin-
ion. history and noetrv. in ohoan nml
xpensivo bindlngs. Juvonllo books.
eloct now. Banncr Stationery Storo.
as Speclaltles !
Book your orders early.
V. G. Richardson.
Chrfstmas Decorations, call on
Bennington, Vermont.
Stationery Store.
of Sliortlmnd and Tclcgrapliy.
Best in everj-tlilng. For caialogue addrcn
CARVELL & UUTaiESS, Albany, N. Y.
TENEMENTtorentonUallstrcct. Inqulre of
H. D. 1IALL, 9 x-F
TO RENT-Sereral deslrabls tenements. Poi
nasslon glren lmmediately. W1LLIAM B
Entered at the Bennington Post Onice as
secnnrt-class matter by U. A. 1'lKUUi; & uu.,
Terms. - 81.50 per yenr, strictly in advanco
ITenry Clows liiis writton to Chairman
Spiingcr a lottor urging tlio rotcution of
tho proscnt hoiul basis for national bank
ciroulation with tho right to issuo uotes
to tho par valuo of doposited bonds. Iio
urgcs tho issuo from timo to timo of
$500,000,000 of gold 3 por cont. bonds, of
whicli S3o0.000,0i0 aro to bo sold by pop.
ular subscription, in onlor to mcot tho
necds of tho treasury. Tho rrmaining
$150,000,000 Iio woulu uso to ralecm tlio
Slirrmun troasurv notcs ut tlio raroot S2,
000,000 a montb.'beginuing July 1st, 1S95.
Tbo island silvor notcs ho would rcdcoin
and cancol in hlocks of $5,000 to $10,000,
at tho rato of $2,000,000 a month, in bar
silvor atits markct prioo afto Jan. 1st,
1890. Iio would cxcliango .'S pcr ccnt.
gold bonds for outstanding 4s and fls atn
promium on thu lattcr cquivnlcnt to .'J
pcr cent. Iio thinks that, United Statos
bonds, being all of ono grado, would bo
acceptcd all over tbo world as au cqui va
lent of gold. Tho adoption of tbeso RU2
gestions, ho says, would ttirn tlio tido of
gold to this country. Tbis proposod is
quito a contrast from tho bill of rtiin rc
portcd by tho Demooracy to tho IIouso.
In a rcccnt issuo wo noted a docision
of tlio Vermont Suprcmo Court rolativo
to tho dutics of tlio trcasurers of tho old
school districts. Tlio school law of 1802,
establisbinf; tlio town system of sehools
providod, by scotion 2, No. 20, that "tho
sovoral towus shall tako charco of tho
school houses and proporty boloimint:
thoreto." It was clalmcd by many
school districts that tlie school "propcr
ty" did not includo moncy and uncol
lcctcdtaxes; and in tho administration
of tbo law aftor April 1st, 180:5, wbcn tho
law took effect, somo distiicts dividod
thoir surplus funds amons tho taxpayors.
Othcrs paid it to thoir town trcasurers;
whilo many did peiMicr but rctaincd tlio
funds, awaitiiiK a judieial docision. Woll
informeJ pcrsons estimato tho numbcr of
school districts which havo rotained
thoir surplus funds or returnud thom to
tho taxpayers, at not less than eight liun
drod. Tho ftfihjoct of tbo propcr dispo
silion of tbeso moncys has bccn untler
carncst and soinctiiues heatcd discussion
in many towns for more than a ycir and
a half; and tho public can lot fail to bo
intcrested, in tho opinion of tho Suprcmo
Court which lias now been publisbcd in
full. Our readers will recall tlnt tho
lcadinc papers of our Stato maintained
from tho btart that all the proporty of
thc districts, includiii); mouoy on hand
and uiicollectcd ta.xcs, bolonijpd to tho
town, coiicurrind in this viow with many
of tho most iutolligent friouds of cduca
tion in tho Stato. Tlio Supromo Court
unanimously sustams this viow, as a
lcgal propositiou, and tho equitios of tho
caso and tho public intcrcst will aliko bo
obscrvcd by tho docision, Tlio moncy
was raised and tho taxos laid for school
purposcs alono. Tbo districts, whicH
wcro onco tbo trustccs of tho funds.
havo ccascd to bo sucli. They oxist
simply to closo up thoir business. Tlio
towns tako their places as trustecs, and
tho funds and other proporty in tlio pos
scssion of each district wlien tho law
took effect, or sinco acquired by it, must
bo handed over to tho town. This is tho
gist of tbo docision, and thoso wlio paid
over to tho town trcasurer aro all
right, thoso who held thoir funds will
now pay it, whilo thoso who sequestered
tbo funds will now havo to hustlc. indecd
it is probablf they will bo ob!i;ed to pay
tbo aniounts out of their own pockets as
a roward for "smartness."
Tho Proposed Clevelantl Musoum.
In our Tuosday's issuo wo gavo tlio
Xow York I'rcss's vorsion of tho possiblo
Cliristmas at tho Whito IIouso, but hcro
follows a proposal that "caps tho cli
max" :
A committo has been formcd in Lon
don to putchaso Carlylo's houso in Chel
sea, repair it, llt it up as a Carlylo mu
soum and establish it as a momonal.
Tliis supgests tho idea of a Clovcland
memorial. If Carlylo can be thus honor
ed in Kngland, surely tho grcat and good
ana consocratcd Grovcr Clovcland should
havo a similar honor paid to him in this
land of his temporary rcsideuce. Tlio
houso wlicro Mr. Clovcland lived in liuf
falo could bo purchased and fltted up as
a memorial to tho-Man-Afraid-to Go-Out-Alono.
Such a Clovoland muscnm is
uceded, and it could casily bo fllled with
relics of tho Consecrated Onc. Hero
could bo put on exhibition tlio uniform
that Mr. Clovoland's substituto woro
duiitiL' tho war and tho cun Iio carrinil.
Land over thom a picturo showiug tho
suusiuuto uyina irom wanc in a countrv
poorhouso. In ono cornor would Btand
Mr. Cloveland's favorito llshing polo the
ono that ho used to ro fishing with when
ho refused to roviow a parado of Union
votorans on Dccora'iondy.
In anotber part of tho houso oould bo
shown tho chair in which Mr. Clovoland
sat, when ho flrst thought of appointins
Grcsham as Sccrotary of Stato, and tho
pcn witli which ho did not sign tho Dom
ocratic Tanff bill. Thcro would bo a
picturo of him in liis Shcriff's uniform
and ono sbowlng him dodging Into tho
Whito IIouso whilo tho soldicrin thoson
try box stood guard. llohind a thick
flreproof glass framo could bo oxhibited
his oplniou of Mr. Hill and on tho tablo
would Ho a dogoarod oopy of his favorito
encyclopodia. In a large caso could bo
secn such valuablo mciuontos as a dtary
of tho Hog Islaud tr.ip, a 11st of tho sup
plics which woro put on board tho Violet
upon his last flshing oxcursion, an auto
graph lotter of thanks from Qucon Lil,
writton with a missionary's wishbouo,
and a statomont lu Jir. Cloveland's own
handwriting of liow ho camo to know of
tho oxistenco of Iloko Smtth; tbo ccrtifl
cato showing that Mr. Cloveland is a
trustco of tho Buzzard's Bay Land Com
pany, and sido by side, two of his chocks
ono for $10,000, given to aid his own
clection; tho othor for $200, givon to aid
tho Charleston carthnuako sufforers.
Such a musoum, with cuckoo birds
singingin tho windows and attendants
in hnglish unitorm, would bo a descrvcd
lionor to our Consecrated Ono.
Commonly Callod Christmas Dav
This festival is of rory aucient dato.
St. Chrvsostom in tho fourth conturv.
spcaks of it as of grcat antiquity. Julius
I., A, D. 337, had caused strict inquiry
to oo maue, anu no couurmcu us ouserv
anco on Decombor25th. Itisspokcn of
by Clcmcns Alcxandrinus, who diod
aooui ono nunurca ycars atter tlio ueatlx
01 S. JOllll.
In tho earliest chronlcles Christmas-
day and tho Epiphany woro idoutical in
tncir association. tlio actual Nativitv bo
ing tho first Manifcstation. Tho namo of
Ilicopliany was givcn to tho two-fold ob
scrvanco of ono mystory, tho Wanifcsta'
tion to mankind of tho Word mado
Tlio ancicnt custom in Kngland was to
celcbrato tho Festival with thrco Masses
and in common with tho wholo of West
orn Christendom, whicli includos tho
Homaii uatiiolic and Anglican churclics,
to appropiato to cacn omco a special and
distinctivo Kpistlo and Gospol.
Tlio Knglish I'rayer Book of 1549. as
woll as tho prcs. nt Book of Common
J'rayer, providcs Colloct. ISnistlo and
Gospol for two cclobrations, and thoro
lias aiways Ucen nioro than ono colobra
tien in tbo larger churchos and tho mid
nigl.t celobration has of lato yoars been
Tho midnight celobration commcmoratos
tlio actual llirth of our Lord.
Tlio early morning, its rovelation to
mankind in tlio porsou of tho Shopherds.
That at mid-day, tho higher and mpro
ornato Ititual sigiiilics tho glories of tbo
EtcrnalSonsbip of tho Babo of Botble
hcm. In Bennington tho Baptist, Soc6nd
Congregatioual and Methodist churches,
will observo Sunday, Dcc. 23d, at tho
usual bours of worship. Theso and tho
otbor Cliristmas cxercises will bo found
noted below, undor proper heads. At St.
I'eter's tho hours of servico will bo at
7.30 and 10 30, Colebrattons of tho Eu-
Wocivo tlio order of scrvicos to com-
moinorato tho Angels' Song: "Poaco on
earth; Good will to man."
Ornan volumnry Halcoczy March
JublUte Shclley
Doxolo .
Te Df tim Fctlrnl in A Geibcl
Kcspousivd reading 72nd l'salin
Anthcm Schneckcr
Scriptnro IteadlnR,
Sanctus from tlie St. Ocellari Mass by Qonoud.
Uespouse,..Compo8ed byJIrs. G. W. Keeseman
OITertory, "Dle Kinlncin Von Taba,". ..Oonoud
Anthem, "Sing, O, H-avens," Tours
rra) er.
E. E. Long leailer, .Mrs.U. W. Keeseman organist.
rinsT iiai'tist cnuKCir.
Voluntary Uallplujah cbnrua Handel
C'arol 'ltiugoutyn belli," H. W. Bowns
Anthem "Hriglnest and l-st." MarBton
Scripture Itcading.
Gloria from Miilard'e Mas in 11 ilat Millard
(Jl.nn Patri.
NoticeJ. K(c.
Anthcni 'Ilork, hark with harps of gold,"
OJtertorj, "Chritmas Fatorale," Gottschalk
berinon i'rayer.
Anthein "Jfazareth." Onunod
Postlude "Alarch Cortego" ffrom Ircne),Gounod
Tho Cliristmas concert oxercises for
whicli tho Sunday school has been mak-
ing prcparations. will bo given in tho
chuich Sunday ovcning, Decomber 23d.
:V concert will iio iiivon bv tbo oldor
scholars in tho chuich, Tuesuay ovening,
Deccmber 25th. at tho closo of which tho
scholars will onjoy a Cliristmas treo fes
methodist uriscoi'Ai, CHUIiCll.
Tho joyous scason mll bo obserred at
this church liext Sunday bv an apnronri-
ato scrmon in tho morning by tho pastor,
from tho toxt: "And his namo shall bo
called Iminanuel," Matthow i-23, and iu
tho evening a public concert by tho Sun
day school. In tlio absonco of tho or
ganist (on her wedding tour), Chas. II.
uenneic wm presiuo ac tno organ.
Carol. "Itinfc, rlng. ring the bells,". ...A, F. Loud
t rcan voluutory Bencett
Praise Frano
Anthcm Composedby E. 1. Iturlbtirt
Gloria Patri t Dcvendorf
Te Dfuni Meitzke
Anthein Djvendorf
'Joy to tlie world," Ilandel
"CantiqueDe Noel," Adam
Tlie Watcliful Sh'phcrJs." Wllliams
'Thc l.ord Descended," Dillicgs
"All Gl.irv to God." KhhiI
Orguu Postludo Uennctt
A featuro of both tho tnorniii!: and
ovcning services will bo tho sincing of
old fugo tunei liko Majesty, Shcrburno
anu Aiitiocu by tno ciioir, in wuicli tbo
congregation aro invited to join.
st. petek's cnuitcn, CliniBTMlS niy.
Proccssioual Iljmn No. 60 Adeste Fideles
Vtnite Elvey
Te Detim InO Buck
llenedlctus Ilayes
llymn No. 57 Hoper
Gloria Tibl.
Ilvmn No. 69 Dylccs
Oftcrtory Hehold.I bilngyou good tldings,"'..
Sursum Corda.
UymnNo.22 Ncandcr
Ulorla in Excelsls.
Nunc Dimlttis.
Carol-'"Hark I the song of choira angellc."
At tho Midnight Mftss, Christmas Evo,
in St. Krancis do Salcs cliurch, tho musi
cal programmo will excced in nxcollcnco
any over beforo attompted by tho chbir.
Tho Kyrio composed for tho choir by
Charles II. Bonnett, is a now ono, and tho
Sanctus and Boncdictus aro from
Gonoud's celobratcd St. Cecelia Mass.
Tho choir, whicli consists of 30
voiccs, will bo assistcd by Messrs.
E. C. Bonnott, Jas. Wood, Dr. E. B.
Daloy, .1. II. Donnolly, also, Goo. Don
nelly will play tbo beautiful violin solo
of tlio Gloria and tho obligato solos in
tho Sanctus. Tho programmo has been
arrangcd aud tho music will bo di
rected by tho forraor organist and choir
leadcr, Charles II. Bcnuott. Tho musi
cal sorvicc will bo commenccd promptly
at a quartcr of twolve. Tho followiug is
tho niusical order:
Voluntary OlTortolre de Cecelia B&tiste
Cbas. II. Bennett.
Hymn Holr Night," choir Barnbr
Caiol ' Cantat de Noel," ilr. E.B.Daley..Adam
Kyrle Elelon Chas. II, Bennett
Solo, X. C. Bennett. Choir.
Gloria Ilenry Farmer
Quartette Mlsa Foley, Mrs. Ward. Messrs.
V. 11. Kelley and Ward. Solos-Mlii Hurley,
We are now prepared to show the most extensive line of Fine
and Medintn Overcoats in KEKSEYS, BEAVERS, MELTON'S
and ELYSIANS tobe found in Troy, cutin all the new and
desirable styles and made by our own skilled and well-paid
tailors. WE LEAVE NOTIIING UNDON"E to raake our gar
ments as near perfeot as possible.
CHILDREN'S OVERCOATS, - - 1.50 ta $10.00
II0YS' OVERCOATS, - - - 3.50 to 20.00
IfiEN'S OVERCOATS, - - - 6.00 to 35.00
Also, a complete line of Ulsters and Ileefers for all ages and
conditions. Come and look at our assortment. You will surely
. find something to interest you. All goods marked in plain fig
ures and strictly ono price.
:m, m and 338 lilver Street,
1.'5. 15, 17 and 1!) Fonrtli Street,
Mr.Dalpy.E.C.nnncttI)rDalev. Quartcttp
Miss Sulllvan.Mrs.Daley, E.O Bennett, U. II.
Bennett. Violin solo Gto. Donnelly.
Chor' 8.
Credo II. Farmer
Holo Mlss Sullivan. Ouartette and chorus.
Oftertory Adeste Fideles Novello
hoio .mim foicy. Jil'i Bulllvan. Jlrs.Daley,
E C. Bennett. C. II. Bennett. Cliolr.
Sanctus Gonoud
Solo-E C. Bennett. Violin obligato Mr.
Donnellv. Choir.
Benedictus Gonoud
bolo Mlss Foley Cliorus.
Apnus Dcl Fnrmcr
Duel t and solos Mis Sullivan. Mrs. Dalev.
Veni Crentor II. Millard
Solo. duett nnd quartette Mlss Sullivan,
Mrs. Daley, E. 0. Bennett C. II. Bennett.
Ilymn "Jesus shall relgn where'er tho sun ,"
Th :.muslc will be rcoeatsd at the IIIcli Mass at
lOo'clock Cliristmas aiornlng.
Bennington Contro.
Tho young ladies of tho Old First
CUurch are prepariug a Cliristmas trte.
Mlss iiattio iiarweou acts as leader.
Tho Vocalion oriran has been cxchaniicd
for anotber, and ajjain wo aro indebted
for favors to Samucl 1J. Sanford of Troy.
Miss Jcnnio Merchant lcft to-dav for
her annual visit at an Aunt's in New
Tlie uiuio ciass of fotirtecn ladies at
tho weston nart of tho narisli is ri'suined.
aud tho teaclicris very niuclr assistcd by
jr. iteatrs now worK on I'aicstino
and tho book wo hopo will bo used in all
of our Sunday schonls.
Frederick Itobinsou, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Daniel liobiiison of New York
City, has bccn very ill with pnoumonia,
but is convalesccnt.
North Bennington.
Groatattractions attho Haptist church.
Monday ovening, Dec. 24th. A snow
liouse, and a very intcrecstine Christmas
oxcrciso by tho cbildren under tbo lead
orsliip of tbo teachers: Mrs. C, L. I'orcoy
Miss Addio Loomis and Miss Myra Phil
Hps. Mrs. A. S. Miner of Binshamton. N.
Y., callod to town to attend tho funeral
of tho lato E. L. Norton, roturued yos
terday, aftor a short visit with Mrs. H.
T. Cushman.
Tho accidcnt to Frank C.irr at tho
Stato Lino paper mill, in which lio was
scalded with stoam,though tmlto serious,
it is hopcd will not provo as bad as at
llrst was feared.
II. I. Spafford. who has heon conflned
to tho houso and to his bcd for a fow
days with rheumatism iu his arm and
shoulder. is better. and lio feels nuito
contidcnt lio will couquer tho malady
soonor tnan was at nrst auticipatctl.
Missos Susio Mattison. Carrio Ilulincr
and Amy Surdam havo como from their
school in Wilbraham, Mass., to spond
tho Holtday vacation in their respent'vo
liomes. They aro warmly wolcomed by
tueir irionas nero.
Mrs. M. C. Ilulint: is acain at liomo.
having visited her daughter, Mrs. Dr.
Cartor, in Akron, Ohio, after tho jour
noy to Washington and others of tbo far
Wcstern States. Unclo Sam's doinains
aro so extensive ono can tako an iniand
trip iu ono dircctiou, of far greater ex
tcnt than to crots tho occan.
Kobinson Ilall camo from Saxton's
Iliver yesterday, whoro ho has been at
school tbo iast torm. Ho went last ovcn
ing to spond tho night with his brotbcr,
Doming, at Bennington Centro, so fow
only havo had a clianco to sco him.
John Snow, who has beon in Wilming
ton for somo timo past, in tho cmploy of
tho Newton I'ulp Company, gives a ro
port of tho work going on thoro, which
sooms quito extensive to us less favored
with wator powcr and tbo products of
tlie forcsts. Besido changing tho high
way for a milo or raoro, and moving tho
old Fox Ilotol for a long distanco, to
mako room for tho ovorflowiBg tlio coun
trv by a dam across tho Deerilchl river,
a building 100 fcet by 50, thrco stories
high, and another two storios, covering
about tho samo arca, thoy aro still build
ing and omploying holp for this purposo.
It must bo tho llrm havo conlidenco that
tho noxt Congress and tho ncxt Kopubli
cau Administration will mako it possi
blo for business to bo carricd on satis
factorially. South Shaftsbury.
Tho sehools will be closed hero to-day
for tho Iloliday vacation.
Tho cantata of "Tlio Seasons" will bo
Highest of all in Leavening Powcr.
rendored on tho eveniiu: of Decombo
28th, at Graugo Ilall. Tho patronago of
tho public is sohcitated by all conccrn
ed. Evcry thing is being dono to mako
it ontortaitiintr.
rhoro was quito a largo gathering of
friends at Seymoro Galusha's, last Fri
day ovcning. They jiassed tho cvoning
into tho "wco sma' liours" dauciiig.
Itefreshments wcro served.
Mrs. Kate Fullgralt will lcavo town on
Friday morniug to spend tho Holidays
with friends in Iludson, N. Y., and
Great Barringtou, Mass.
Dr. Hogan's practioo is gradually on
tho increase.
Keports aro circulated in town that Dr.
Dean of Readsboro, is to move to this
villago and has reuted L. W. Cole's
house, rccently vacated by Mrs. Bruce.
Thrco doctors in a small villago liko this
reminds ono of an old saying: "Busi
ness ovcrdone, two pcddlars on ono
Tho Eaglo Squaro Company's work
aro not runniug up to Wednesday night
of this wcek. Mon are seekinc for work
hero and therc. There aro alroady ten
or twelvo empty tcnemouts and pros
pccts of more vacancios. Men cannot
livo or fccd thoir familics on anticipa
tion. Ed. Way of Manchester, was in town
ovor Sunday.
There aro quito a good numbcr of our
peoplo out of hoalth; nono daugcrously
ill, howoyer.
Thero is no snow bere, aud tho woatb
or is roraarkahly mild for a Vermont
Miss Nottio Ilawkins is expectcd homo
from tho Oswcgo Normal scluol to
spcnd tho Iloliday vacation.
West Arlington.
Harry Mooio, wifo anti child, who have
been at Kobert Ilaskin's a wcek or two,
returnod to their homo in East Arling
ton last week.
Dorr Ilobart has bcon visiting in Ar
lington, reccntly.
Fred Farnham of Danby, was in town
a fow days hinco, calline on his brothers,
Ilenry aud h. J. Farnham.
Fletcher Uawloy and Geo. Staplcs of
Danby, wcro in town a fow days sinco.
School in District, No. 0, comraonced
on Monday with Miss Kato Shcrman of
West Kupcrt, as teaclier.
Tho salo and supper given by tho L. A.
S. took placo as advertised at II. T.
Eaton's hall, last Friday cyeuing, and
was woll atteuded, Tlio ladies wfsh,
through thocolumns of your paper, to
thank C. E. Bnck for tho threo tablcs,
two diuing aud ono squaro, which ho
mado and prescntcd to tbo society, and
which add greatly to tho convenienco of
serving suppers; also Mr. Eaton for Jhe
freo uso of his hall, lights, f ucl, c.tc,
whicli wcnt far toward aiaking tho pnrty
a sticccss, both socially and iinaucially.
Nearly $30 wasroalized.
Y. M. C. A. Notcs-
Tho gymnasium work has fairly bcgun.
Men in tho work ready for rogular jirae
tico evory Tuesday and Saturday oven
ing. Itulian club practico commonccd
Wednesday night. Thero will bo a class
of 8 or 10 for special work,
A liumbor of business young men havo
listened to the appcals of tho Director
to try regular gymnasium work for x,
month to noto tho effect which is claim
cd for sj'stomatic exerciso.
Tho cducational classcs liavo notstart
ed owing to tho slowncss of young men
to hand in their uames, Tlio recordK
show twonty mon who intond to tako tho
prescribcd work. Thoro ought to bo
forty. Tbo classcs will bcgin in a fow
days. There is a moveinent on foot to
cct shorthaud and meclianical drawing.
Thoso who waut either should apply at
Tho boys' room promises to bo an cx
ccllont placo for thom. Frionds intcr
ested in thom should lend aid. Thoy
need periodicals, books, and pictures for
ornamouting their room. Thoso who
havo books to loau should lot them to
tho boys whb havo a committee to tako
caro of thcra. Mako'a rcsponso to this
call and thcreby matcrially bcncflt the
youth. Mr. Rowoll will toach telegraphy
to a class of boys ovcry Thursday at4.15
p. ni.
Tho nicoling Sunday will bo at 4
Tho mceting for boys will occur at S
o'clock in their now room.
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