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F-, tuesdays I pniiT li nTPTI WVJ-f uumTT itoH
FRIDAYS. J -f-l- "2L JT" 'r-V " strictly in Advance.
, VOLUME LVII. - BBNyGTON, VT., FRIDlfjiBRUAKY 12, 1897. . ' - , ' NUMHEfe 8;""
THE EPISCOPAL CHURCH innnrni -pjtL I " ''U x
nYUiirJtMttompIeted Uiklng lortntory weflad we have too many HIQU ORADIC 8II0E3.
W mtit rediice our itock lo order to mako rootn Ior NEW sriUNU BTOCE, which bu already
Joegun to arrlTe. ThU wlURlTe joo anopportunl y tobuy
Fir&Glass Goods at SecondjBlass Prices
BefiWjMBfa find a Jiit of SOME of the prlce redactlons:
OUR S7.00 SH0E3 WILL GO AT S5.50.
OUR 8.00 SH0E8. WJLL GO AT 5.00.
0UR 5.00 SHOES WILL GO AT 4 00.
OUR 4.50 SHOES WILL G0 AT 3.50.
r OUR 4.00 SHOES WILL G0 AT .3 00.
OUR 3.50 SHOES WILL G0 AT - ''2.75;
OUR 3.00 SHOES WILfc G0 AT ,2.50 '
OUR 2.50 SHOES WILL'GO AT . 2.00.'
OUR 2.00 SHOES WILL GO AT ,1.50:
v .. OUR 1.25 SHOES WILL GO AT 99 cerits.
All l l; wldtha .rom"A to KI5 " Thn (hn-e r U NKW, ttierff iVe.of orrw:t ityle'- and
areTlllS hEASOJTS prcxuctionj from IJUDISU M iMUrACTUi.EUa, ih-n"orj guwanteed
u to quillty. Sale now on ti
The. Bennington Shoe Stor,
New Ritchie Blbck, Hain Street, opposite Scbool Sireet.
Lnrgest Shoo Stora in Vermont. Mail orders receive pr6mpfc attention
Tecumseh Greenliouses.
W, G. Richardson.
Av'c thq'ones weare
trying: to reacli. . .s
Witti tlie aid of printers'
ink WeVe qaptured many.
ThfiV Sv With tfe ;f.
"pu'bOshed eveby tuesday'and rm.
Kntered t the Bennington Poit Offlcfl at
cnnrf.cUsi mwar by C. A. PIKUCK & VO ,
Tfiim -C$1.01 ptr rr, atrtotlr U adrno-
(Cecll Rhodea undoubteilly feela.that
tlio comlDg,inveatintioa'l)y Ebglaod
of;hia coadectioa with the TrnDsvnnl
rald will amount to JlttlOn od 'the
ground that a ountry tlint hna
grnbbed soTntich tcrritory'aa bns Eog
lcd'caDnot conslsWtiHy bo eovero wltb
hlm tor trying tojadd ono more 'graB
(o ber jecord. ' t ' '
nould'probobly be forced t(u Ao the
samc. Thechancca ate. thortforf,
Wltb sach ti039ibillticd' of vyidSspread
trouble follotf ing hostllitiqa lietween
Grceceand Turkqy, that'tho'.Great
Ponrera will inte.rvbne to 'keoii - the
peaoe. TIiBy d!i5 'flqwiUi n Vtr'oDg
baa'd n'fow years ago, 'yffip Qreeeo bq
came. overbelligdroDt, an tlifiy hao
rcaltf moro caose tor 'dolng so ,now
th.ah tbey bad tben. trbttulesire o( the
Greoks to annex Crote, which propcr
ty bMooRs to them, Inust, tor a whilo
longor rctnaln unsatiaQed.
Will bo Held at North Bennington on
tno I9tn and 20tn..vv.r '
Karmere' Jnstifwto wlil bo'beldM;
iD'Tts imcnded foriu pasae.d(4be.nQn8o;Wfprth BenDinRtftnD IJdayijifSa;
bvrffvoteof .217-to33 Tueaday.J Tbero uraay,.i-euruary iuib nn.i. .zuiu,; f
ia every reason to believo that tlio hill
as repprtod by the ponfercnco commit
too 'will pass the Senato witbont ma
torial qppositlou and will rcccivo Pre
idoDt Cleveland's aignatnre. Persoca
betwcon tbe nges of aixteoo aod alxty
wbo wiah to Boter tbia couatry will'
thon be obllged tobe able to read' aDd
writd aorae laoguago uoleas tbcir ex
cluaion lia'U Urealc- up . fainilica.
With thia meaaurn a law, tbere will at
onco bo a great improvoraent in tlio
quality of the imaiigranta, for the ref
uso of Europe, wbich baa been pour
iog into tbia country at tlio rate of
roaoy tbouaanda a montb, vyllL oot be
allowed to laod. Tbero. nro alreadx
too many of the ignoi;ant of foroign
birth in tbia country, and 'aorne re-atrietlona,-safmilar
to tboso providcd
in tbe Lodgo MeCall bill, ahould bave
undor tbo liiroction of the Btato Board
bf Agriculturo Tho followiog ia the
progratume ior Friday.'tobruaty.JOth
ForenooD 10:00, Addrcea of Welcqmoi
1:30, "Managcment of Roada," J. K.
Curtia. Georcbi : 11 :00, "Rolation of
the Stata. to Tuberculoala,' Y !
Sncar, Braintree. Afternoon-.OO,
"Fertilizera, Natural and Artifieinl"
Prof. J. L. Ililla. Burllncton: 3:30,
"How to prevent tbe spread 01 (jonta
glnua viacasca. " 11. i cuiiaon, ucn
nington. Erening 7:00, muaie:
7:15. 'Turnlnc tbd GVindBtono O.
J. Bell, Waldpn; 7:45, "Vfir'uiont
IIorae3," illustratcd with viewa by
atPreopticon, b U. Williama, UoTon
trv. .
Saturday, Febrnnrv 20h. Forenoon
1:00, "Tho Mople SuEar Induatrv."
"MnnaftPiuont Of a Dairy l'flrJlltJ4v',
O. Sanford. Stamford. Affernnon
2:00, "Cultivatldn of ' Suwll Frulta,"
Prof. F. A. Wauch. Burllncton :STK)P.
linan nln nol n Imnil rtrn fiftn v.n.a aim I . ....... .-i., ..... j -' ,
vu l""- " ..u.-..uv.-.. "tj Nnrth llpnn nnton.
The..R6publlca'r tar'iff makorg. roca'n
to grant a fair degreft 6f proteetlon'to
al American iuduatriea that dcacrvo
protectisn, but no moro tlian that.
Tbey nro fratning tbe various sched
ulea tboraselrca aa tbey think brst,
wlthout dictation from outsitlers.
Thoy are raminga modorate tariff and
there nro no extreme rntPB in the im.
portant rapa8urq whicli Ihey havo in
proparation. Iro'n ore, pig iron aod,
bar iron till remain aubatantially un-
cbangcd, Tber ia no bdditlon to tbo
stcol-rnil duty. The tln p'di" indim-
try, whlcb waa ao anvaely dttaeUed by "a " wl' ,? d
fce,G,orinaVWil' .tarlfT, atti yliifcb ''tll.t
would bave been. oroahed , boftW MXV
A 11 mectlnL'S wlil bo free and tho Ia-
uliea areeapecially inrited to bo. pres-
G. A. Rusself Lumber & Goal Go.
Residence 222 School Street,
Granite.4 Marbie Works
To the Citizens of Aennirigton
mid Vidnity : Let ua lmve that or
der wliich you hre waitinjr tb give
in. tho spring. Our pnces were
neversalowas duiing these wln-
ter momna, ve will taKe your or-
aer ana. aeiiver uie work at ny
time you may desire durino: he
Bpnncror summer. Wo also ur.
nisb etiraates on all kinda 6f build-
ing work. Call and see us, or send
postal card and wo will call and
show you designs and give pricea.
Uespectfully, ,
Ofllce asd Vbrk IU Ualq. 100-102 Bcbcol Sla
And all other lumbcr for proper coustracllon of
uwelllngs consiantiy on Iinnuv '
Will proniptly'shinglc jour bulldtn or do otli
Of cxtcllent qualllj'i
at Lowest Prlccs.
carefully scrcciicd, and
GOAL - -
Also, Lead and 011 offercd' at rcasonable prlccs,
or will put samc on your bouSe ir.wlslicJ.
lilmc Cempnt, Bullders, Jlardware, Stove Wood always on liand,
208 Depot Street, Bennington, Vt. -
r.. c. KtoivroKr,
(SucctMorto L. M Uolton & Son.)
Hydrangea (P G.) small 15c, medium '25n,.Jnrgo 50o.
Cut Leaved WeeplDg Bircb, small 50c, medium 75c, Inrge fl.00.
Asparagus Roots, 2 years, 7fic ricr 100. Send for catatygue of FrUit
TfeeB, Vfntg anUolaats. CUAS. A. HINSDILTj.
to'ctlpn aa undfr tbo McKinloy tariff.-i
The rate now determined upon ia
three tentba of a cen( above tbo prea
ont duty, but eonaiderably below tho
ilcKinloy rate, Alodoration ia abown
Tho Former May bo in Vermont, tho
Letter In Tennesseo. - -
A mceting of thd coiumitteoappolnt
ed to loolt after the Vermont BUKar
makcra' cxhlbit at th,e Naabvillo cx
poaition, aiid.to'discusa the organiza
tion of a trade bureau, rfas bcld at
Burjmgton, Tijesdoy. Tb'o Jollowiog
gontlomun 'Wt'ro presentt Frabk Ken
flcld, Morriaville, O. J; Beir-'ofKaat
Hardwiak, A. J. Croft of EpoaburgU
Spcar, ot Braibtrce.
tlpcldefl to lnrtkp a'ti oxhibit
ill bn announccd later,
xuo iorn.ing ot n traao imrenu waa
diacuaaed at toma. Icngth nnd it waa
finally decidyl to mako tbo cJTort to
eatnbilab nfio. The aocrelQrv propared
a circular lettor, which will be aent
tbroughnut the Htatc, to eoo if they
HnattliiH DAlr n T) i.nl,i
linajbjovpd to Burlington and -asauroed
theoiBnagement of the Stato Expcri
roeiit farm. Ms. Peck ia qno of Ver-
raom, a practlcal farmera,.an excellont
fl!fi?eM ra.a9 BDd.juat jthe poraon to
iamuu iig,jipa aaaumea.
en. O. f). tlntrnrrl nf n,-ll
fAjho waa apjointed comtnander of
.... fUD iuMTan orgamzationa at the
inaagumi, has appointed as hls chief
ist G"nd Cpmmander of
,vr- A-Ju UfiD- "Urdette, of Waah-
,n D- Bowarda' namo, an invitotloa
Miuo umeront qomraamieries of tbn
Loval Lcgion, G. A. It. poata, Medal
oMionor men and Sontf of Veterana,
ann.requeate that he be nutlfied aa to
tbf innuguration parade, March Uh.
it" FnDB ' S.UIrryraon n.ro at work
winter on Mt Ascutney in Wind
TffiS;"DB out Brcon granlto- for tho
pJpTof the new Colqmbia library.
lalid, 2 feet bigh, 3i'feet in diauie
tov They are to be taken out io aec
''k)s aix feet long,' cach of. which
wragba about aix tona. Tbe granlte ia
eect toBtony Creok, Ct., to bo fin
labed, Tbia grnnite Ja said to be tbe
it l own iD tnls country. nacutney.
'M tllreB colora of - atono, grny, pink
and green, all valuable; but the green
Itf; inucb the fineat, many coliBhcd
fltlPtl mnna hn-I.t - .. i
Jagi roosa agotea, Thefe (a ao. Inex
biW8tiole aupply of nll gradea, "
i-Tllfi now railrom) fluhnmn t.n lntilil
atjino irow Rutland to Montpelier now
remblea a"fake." Tboweotingto
a atouk company wnato bave been
uJil at Montpelier laat Tbyraday At
"ip amiointea
time. .lntin Ifpltvr- nf
eld. who waa intereated In f.hn
ifa'itter, waa the only one preaent.
irparently. howei'or. -thero wna nnt
el'oughof th acheme to dovelop even
ifilt bad Wnnt.pd t.n. lfr. V nltv iFna
wneat enoUgb in bia dcaire to bpo a-
ruirnau.oi aorao uind bullt wbich will
iiko in Wnitaflcld, but of tbe expectcd
IttCorpbratora. the nmmntnrn. tho nt.
tneya) ,tbe aurveyora, tliere woro
npne preaent. r
boar'd df trado waa orcanizcd at
'leboro. laat nlebt. at n mcotiriL'
citizeos which included manv lead.
e buaineaa rcen. E. C. Croabv waa
lected preaident, S. A. Smith vide
eaident, U. A. llarria secretary and
Xj. Sticknov trpasnrpr. A linnrrl ilf
udirectora -wns cboacn. Tha'dlren.
t(ira will appolnt a atanding commit
te on manufacturca railroada acd
tranaixrtation, trado nnd commerco,
finance, etc' Tbe board Ia to be
atrictly non-nartlaan. Tlio nueationa
of new induatries which citlzena .b'aye
tpvl under conslderadon will be taken
up by tho -board," Kegotiatrona are
lifnntiirimr.ponc&'njii. itji'.nlao hoped
in all tbo ratea- thin- far deterturned coula be aaaurcd of tho finanoial aun
. mt ' ... I imvf nAAAM.Mt fn. 41... . . . .. . f L
M uiUDOUir Aljj iju UUTUllbH. 1L
waa dpemed necesaary .to apcuro 830,000
cnpnai 8tocK to unuertaue tbe projcct,
Tbe locatlnn nf tho-bureau"'waa dia
cuaaed, and the mcrita nf BnrirnctoD,
Montpelier and Wbito JlitVr Junction
wero nlr taken into coiisidtrntlon, but
Upoti. Tbero are ,few, except tbose
who are flnancially'jnterestpd in cer
taln'lodtiartiea, who wanf ox'Fnrbitant
protectiro ratea on any induaria.. It
ia not intcndPd to. wiiollycxeludo' for-
eign gooda, Uut it is neceasary Ior tbe
rl tllP Inmtinn nf thn lilippn'n rvttt .Ta'nanfl
prospentyof thg counlry tofbur mnn-on rallroad facilitiea nbU.yinduceuipnt8
ufacturera nnd'prnducera. be givcnian oirorcd. It ia hoped thnt tho project
equal cbance with foeignera U jmf '"t"e areomp laneg tnia apfing
uuiuo mnrneis. - , M, ,.,, , . (
Greece bnsforpjulatod a notiflcatioo
tcf tho poweral aettfng orth .tbat aho
cunnot remain a mcro spcctator of the
eventa wbicb are taking placo in
Crete,- and tbiit the tlea of race pnd ro
ligion comnol hor to fptcrrene in ,bo
half of tbo oppreescd and ou'trnged
Ohriatianaln that.ialand. Tbo lattej
are armipg, and are eager for war io
bopea of gaining .fndopcndence from
Turkiah tnfSruJe. Tbe GreeHa- bave
8ent a fleet of war ahjpa to Crcto, ' and
have announccd tbeir intention of pro.
yenting the landing of Turkiah troopa..
In no counfrpln the world doea n,
moro implapable enmlty cxiat betwecn
two facti6n'B,1. of .tbe populaiion tban
betwepn tlie-Chriatiana and tbo Ma-
l ,L . . 1 .... .
iiujuouiua ui iroto. inia IS, no
doubt,,due cbiefly to tbe fact-'that
tbey are b'otb df the same race nnd
blodd, It is a mistake to spcak'of tbo
Tnrkiah populatibn of tbat' ialaniL
KlaJ. NlcKlnley's Eloction
-clalmod. '-
. tor tho 27th time in tho biatory of
tlio U'nited States.Bonatqrs'and llepre-
spqtauves mot Iq fiolomti conclavo Wed
neadny in the-hall qf tho.National.Uqnso
of Hoprcsentativo to declaro' thp vote
whjch silently tran8fera the cqvern.-
meot of a gfeat rlotion from ono.set of
roiers to anotocr.
At l!00 o'cluck tho' ofllclal coubt
waa nnnounced aa followai
For Prealdnnt of tbo Unitod .Statea,
WillinmMcKinley, 271p,Willinm. J.
Bryan, 170.
For Vico Preaidentlof, the United
Statea, Garret A. Ilobart, 271 ; Arthur
Bowan. hu; rbomaa E. Watson. 27,
Tbeice Preaident thcreupon do
cjftred JVilliara McKinloy and Garret
a. iiouart, reapcctively, clectcd presl
dpnt and -r ico preaident of tb United
Tho Colloctorahlp.
The friends of Qpl. Olin Merrill
and Liout. Ook Manaur are- raaking
Jife a burdon4to the' rtrerage cltizen,
Tbpro is nono. Thcre are manir Mn l i. t., t A.' t,i.Jl v i i
nlni. 'Tinhnna nn.. . .. f . ....
i. -: j . . i , . i .
nuuieuiuv, jorming, pernnpa, one-
lourth of tbe wbolo populatibn. ButJ
thy ,ore Greeka, of just aa purii blood
as tboir Cbriatian neighbora, boingj
the dcacendanta of thotio-Groeka wbo
embraced Mabometaniam at tho time
of tbe Arabinn cnnqucst. Thoy hato i
the Cbriatian Cretaua witb' tbe nro-
verbial'zcal of converta or perverta
and mujb moro bittorly tban Turka'
would do; nnd the ChriBtiana, on tho
bytho.houae to hou&o-'canvasa they
are making for algnera on tbe 'respec
tivo petitlons.
We underatand tbat Col., Jlerrlll
origioatcd tbia norel Jdea, and tbat
Gor. Manaur followetl auit in -aelf de
fonce. Wo find but ono opinlon expreaaed
among tbo leadincf pdliticinns cn tho
eaatside, and that opinion is tbat
.Manaur will win, bocauac he-batbii
naciting ot aucli n vory iarge . raalbrity
other bnnd hntn thnm ih '.rit J "m intluerttinl mon of tho State.
other band, hate them witb exceedfng TUia ,a9t moTO of.Co, Merrill.g
vhatrcd becftuao of the r or tholr
fathera' apoataay. . When tho two
factiona comd to open war, therefore.
we may expect no quartcr tq bo 8bown
on either eid6. Tho nreaont outbrpnn
ia unqueatlonably serioua. Tho aond-
ing of Greek- sbips of war to Canea
followcd aa a mattor of courso," (yten.
slbl to protoct Greek aubjocta, but
with an.ulterior purposo, nrottv wpII
aet politiclana to nakinL'. wbat ia bo
aftor two ycara beDce? Ia bo making
thia. Ogbt with tbo almoat certain
knowlodgo tbat bo" will bo defeated,
in order to put bimaelf In a sure poai
tiou for aomo important ofHco at tbe
next Stato election? ' If so, what
Oyer in Caledonia county, and
down in Winda'or nnd Orange coun
tlea, thev aro aaking wby bo cialm8 all
mo crroii, ior tno prcat uinjomy at
botraved. liv their nonlnot r,-,..n.. J thoSpntembor elpRtinn
give tho cuatomary salnte o tbn Turk. 1 ,.1 ",?f fef0?"
isb flag. 0,-courae, Turkey will aend the State commitWo aud rad tbb cam
more abipa tbltbcr. and an nrtll m.-' nalcn tliptnm.l
Grcat Powera, and ao all tho elomenta n T.ot. V nny oDty.
of a minor Euronc.m w.ir nrn . K q nng underatand tbat tbi?
. . iu i ii
ana piacea in periloua proxiralty. In
war Greece would be uncqual to Tur
key, botb on land and SPa. Tlio caae
would bo vastly coroplicatcd, Jioworer,
b a goneral rorolt In. Maccdonia,
Which bas been in prapnratioA for
somo time atid whiab wnuld cortalnlv
como as aoori aa war ovor Crete began.
in it uotii Bervia and Bulgaria would
, 'Ld , T" wo,uw c'.aM mcn.-thooOleeis sum Tf
9 -..btfatJ,. S'gd AmMtsp 1 "wbll fillcS in aty dvtptt-Clip'pVr,
talk ia all rot. It waa tlie issuo and
tho caodldato Idr preaident tbat
bougbt out tho great roto and aecred
tbe unpreccdented majorlfy In Sep
tember. If not. whv wna the malorltv in-
creaaed at tho Novpmbor eloctloh bo-N
rore wbich tbo Stato commltteo -cer'
tnlnlv put In no work.
It Ia a lirsttV fTtrFlt nnv vnv nnil ilS
nll three of the cnndldates. aro iirat
clasa men," tho offlee Is aurn Tif bointr
ruction of a dam across the Conneot
flit rivtr for the deTelonmobt of clec-
rncal powcr.
-Perclval W. Cleinent. of Hutfand.
iJtiounceahnt if selected aa a candi
qate for mayor at the Republican cau
cu3 to.morrow, be will accept tbo
ilarley Boyce, of Monroe. K. II.
went to St. Jobnabury tbo other doy,
witb bis father nnd Drs. Gibson and-
cinot, to bavo nia rlsht' lec -nhoto.
praphed by the JC Bay proceas, undci
Irof. Brneketfa diroctiqn, to get nt
the location of a small bullet thnt hnd
etitercd tno Jeg from n revolver no bad
u uis pocuet. Xbrco trlala werfr
pjauqin two caaea tho X-Kays-work-
Og dlrectlr (Inwnwnrrf tinnn ihn nit
um in ino ouier mteraiiy and the
loaitlon of the- bullet waa very clearly
ndicated SOm ttcn nr fliron Inptina
bclow the rinlnt tn mhlh tho iWW
unu proned !p aearcb of U. -
Merrill and tho -Cnmpalgn.
ibe iMontpeller Wnfcbman baa tbe
following to eay-concorning Col. , Qlln
juerriira, attempta to nppropriate to
bimaelf tbo crcdit for tho maenifieent
Jtopubiican victorits in Vermont
during tboT-econt campaign: '
tccorrting to an interview rccentlr
reported, tbo person intorviewed de-
clarfdtbat -nevcr befnrn ' wna thara
greator apakiiy 4t the begihnlng of
canvasa for tbo prcaidency, .fn thia
oiaie? mnn exiatcd nt tbe opening of
the late campaign. Wben waa tbia
apaipyappnrentY WaaJt nt tbo Ke.
publlenn Stato conro'ntion In Anrll
for cboosing delegaes trt the St. Louiii
cuuruononr ur wna it Iq tho pre
COOVCQtion Cnnvn.09 fnr ihn oonrnnr,
smp. or at tbo State ronvontlon in
Juner lbeao ovents weroiretty nenr
tbe beginning," and if Vermont wna
npainetlC" on -nnvtnr thnnn nr-r-n.
siqng, It would be iptercating to know
wbnt aho would be when arouscd. If
tnere wns nnvthinir thnt. Inniipil UUn
apatby ot any time poaaibly tho por
soo interviewed knowa tbnt Its ibflu
oncea betrayed bia vlaion. Poaailily it
waa (leomeu oxpedlent to crento tho
Impresaion of anatbv in order to cn-
hance the glory of bim who, it Ia nt
ieged, ronged Vermont. Anathv. In-
deed ! What impelled tbat - veternn
Deraocraj; and -eminent American clti
zen, Ilon. E. J. Pholns. nnd witb bim
aereral tlioueand otber Vermont Deru
ocrats, to voto the Ropublican ticket?
wna thia ono of tbe reaults of "my
connectlon" witb tbo canvaaaf Vjint
ningnetio influence brougbt Vermont
era '"to tbe bordors down" to pjlo up
f Ii-if Q.n,:i.. .,'...!.-. i . . . 1 1
it highcr in Novemherf An the Ben
nington Banner says, it is preaumptu-
oua for any man to niinronriatb to
binisolf tho credif for thnt snontnne-
ous and raagniticent uprialng.
iu invi f jatt's tauupnce na juatiy
micbt be nacribod tbe grent upriairg
in Now Vork In JfBH. nnd tlm frrpnler
raliy of tho peoplo in 1890 to tbo
cause of good governiuont and aound
flnance. Moreovor. it ia a llbel on
Vermont to any tbat her peoplo wcre
"npathctic" nt nnv tlnio in the late
canvasa, or that thev wero rouscd to n
jsonso of duty by the Republican State
uutuuinee,. or ny njonjqer ot that
bodr, r any other njortnl man. Tbo
811 JiL aoDt.rora 'Vermont ovcr
30,000 pntrlota into tbo nrmlea of tho
union, n eneratlon ngo, tho nplrit
tbat ia a"a otarnal 88 her bills, theaplr
it oj patriotiam, waa n bigger ngoney
Iq tl productlon of Vermont's great
majority thon any mortal power, were
itotuousand fold greater.tbna mortal
oatimate of its ralirhtlneaa. Nn mnn I
cntnea a pntont rigbt op Veraiont'o
hW ttrsortfj-.
Hlstory.of tho Church In Benning
ton Coumylntorcstlng Statlsttcs.
Dy Mii. H. A. Gravci, J Sunderland. '
Among tbp earlier populatlon of
Bennlogton county, wo look in,rain for.
be trflce of any conaiderablo' pumber
of -Epiacopaiiana. .Bolng settled al
moat wholly by immigra"-ta from the
older Stntes, whcrp very diffcrcnt
viewB of reiigion prevailed, tbis dis-
trict of tho country would not tben bo
Jlkely to ahow, oxcept horo nnd tbere,
any individu&la rcareu in ..tbe dcrc-
trines and-litilry of the Ohurch of
Eogland. Ilowevcr such aj, were berq
were hardy plqneera' whdii'for rnrioua
renaons, Wbrsydlaposcd to try thoir
fortiines nnd renr their fnmlliea In
thia tbpn wild region, far fronr tho
religidus assoclations .of tbelr early
life, always libping thnt the time
Would coro-whon tbey could enjoy. the
'mlblatrationa of tbo church tbey
loved. Toa gr'nt extent theao hopea
wero rcalizcd. In 1767 Ror. Bamuel
Andrewa, migaionary at Wallingford,
Conn., of ttfo Englisb Society for tl o
Propbgatioq of tho Gospel In Foroign
Parts, mado n thrie week's' journey
through tbis section of the country,
prcacbing, locturing and bnptjzlng,
wbe'novor such miniatrntiona, woro ac
ceptable. "Tho two moat rr- towna
visitpd were Allington," ho wrote,
'and Sunderland." "Tho, Bettlora
bnve been In Allington three or four
yeara. 1 am tbo nrat clorgyinan tbat
baa boon amdng them. Howerert I
found tbnt tbey bad constaatly nt-
tonded tbo servicca of tbo church at
the bouao of Cnpbiin Ilawloy, 'nd bo
baa read prayers-'for them ercr aince
they Jin.e been Bettled therc, by
wbich rarnha a scnse of relllon ia
preaorved among them. AlliuBton. iaH
bappily aitunted to bo tbe sfat of n.
misalon.. In Manchester ia nnother
convenient placo for a churcli. If one
were built iq cacb of theso.towna, tbe'
situation Is such that tbe inbnbitnnta'
of four difTeront fowna migbt conven-
iently nttend at theso .wo churcbcs,
and ono rdisaionary' aupply them."
To-a later gcnoratioo tbisacemBTiropb
etlcil. Iq the ypnr nff? Rov. Richard Mana
fleldf n misaionary, nt Derby,' Carin.,.
qf tbo aame aociety, made like jour
noy aa fnr nortb as Pownal, Arlington
nnd Alancheater. ' Again in J7GQ, Rev.
Harry Slu&r'qp, the Socioty'a mlaaioh
Samuel Peters, llkewiao a mliSIonary
nt llebron, Conn.4 caruo up nlong tb
course of tho Connecticut rircr. nnd
crosaed tbe mountaioa to Mancueater
and Arlington.
Rev. Gideon Bostwick, miaalotiary
at Grcat Barrington, Mnsa., uiad
eight diatinct riaits to thia county
during tba years from 1772-17B9, a.nd
appears to hnvo bcrn tho mnin'depond
ence for oflicinl scrviccs during that
time. Pnrisbea were orgnnized
MnnphrstcrKnd Arlington sodu after
the flrat settlemcnt of the county.
Tbo pnriah nt Mnncbeater was orgnn
ized by aomo im'mirranta from tbe
wtstern part of Connecticut nnd the
adjoiolng part .of Nqw Vork. Tbe
orlglnnl document givea. tbe date of
October 2ith, 1782, aigned by twonty
four men who placed thomaelri-s under
tne cato oi ino nor. uiueon uoatwicK.
The pariab a ArlingtorTvaa organ
ized by Mr. jobioi ilawley and con-
alsted ot imroigranta from Nowtown
and .New Mljfurd, Conn., and waa aua-
tained by lay reading and occaaional
viaits from misalouary clorgyroen.
Tbo-troubioua tlmea succeediog and
following tbe BoVolutlotiar war droye
mnny fnmlliesnwny from bdtb theao
churcbcs, so tbat when penco wna
nonin declared they wero barely in ox
istence. Uowever, tbey mtTSTercd
courage and reaumed lay-read'ng. In
nta we nnu itov. jnmes .icuoia aet
tled at Arlington nnd Rev. Danicl
Barber at .MaBchestor.
Durintr the yeara of 1780 and -,87.
church wna erootcd nt Arlington, tba
oxteriornlono beicg Qoiahed, 'nltbough
it waa fltted wltlj moyablo spnts and
uacd Ior puiiuc worsmp. mis waa
the iirat nttempt to build a church in
tbo county. At Sandgate, nenr tbe
-cloae of tho century, wo find rccord of
little band of cburcn peoplo. At
Dorset tradition relates of tbo or-
eanlzation of a pariah tbat waa roinis-
tered to for n tiroo" by Rev. Daniel
Barber, on one Sunday in a montb.
Iq Septeraber, 1700, waa beld nt Ar
lington, tbo iirat OL'clealastical convcn-
tlon of tbo parishta nnd aooietiea of
tbe church in Vermont. At tbia cnn
rentlon tbere were nrcsont from tliiq
county delegatea frooi Arliifgton, Map
cheater, Snndgato and UorSPt Bcforo
tho oloso of -tbo century delpgntes from
Runert. Sunderland and Bennincton
were re.cognizod In tbo Goneral Con
Tcntloiii abowlDg tbo presencA of
churcb people In tbeau towna. Arling
ton waa nt tbia timo witbout n rector,
Rev. Jaraes NiclioU baring roaigned,
bia pastorato not giving aatiafaction.
In 1702 ReV. Ruaaei Catlin was In-
atalled'as rector. Hia pastorato con
tinued for about four years, but does
not reflpct crcdit to bim.
In 1802 a young mnn vlalted uen-i
inctoo county wboeo- namo. Abra-
aoi Brbnson, wiii ever bo beld in
honor. Io aubscouent yeara of muoh
deprcssion, unrertainty aod conllict
wltb tno oivu powcr, uia name to
chqrcbmoo waa a towcr of gtrongtb,
Tbo church in thia county owea to tio
one so inucu grniituuo aa to mm.
By hia.prudojico, zeal and calm dccia-ion.-bn
led it safely thrpugh many
diflicultlea, and bad tho antiafaction In,
later yeqrs oi aceing it nrraiy estnh
lislied nnd in niotp prosperoua condl-tion.
Coraing inta thia newly aettlrd rr-
gion. innineu witn a truo miaaioonry
aplrlt, u is not surpnainp inni ne imx
c!ill-to tnko up tbo Mnster'a so. vico
In tliis.pnrtiouiar pmce. incro tinv
Ing heon na .eatttcil ' miniater inr tjje
touoty fo'r tU .ywrrg, (h'i oy&tp$
Warranted all wool, jnow and
water proof. The oest nlster" in'
the world to day at tho price.
334, 330, 338 River Btreet,
13, 15,17,19 Fonrth fitrefit,
condition of tbe churcb can bo easily
tnagined. Rev. Mr. Brooson, in bis
'Ulstorical Lettera," sums uu. tbe
number of "nioiia communicanta" at
about twcnty. Io waa enga'gvd pcr-
maocntiy nt itianchpater, ,and by tbe
yenr in Arlington, tbe engagcment in
tno iotter placo belog nnnually ro-
nowed for twenty-tb'ree years. Taking
up-bla resluonco in iUabcbeater be
miniatercd regularly to theao two par
lahcs, luakinlTVIaita to tbo otber aoci-
irtiea in tbe county astifteo aa ci'cum
atances would perniit. Hia labors
were bteased bv H tioneral up-buildini:
of tbe churcb .
In 1803. tho churcb ediQce in Ar
lington wna coinpleted, nnd tbe people
n tne west uart ui tne town aaaouiut-
ed themaelves for tho purposo of buiid-
inc anotner cnurcn. tour muea diatnnt
down tbe river. The older churcb
wna callcd Bethel, and tbo now one,
Betbeada. - Botb cburcbea remained in
tbo caro of ono aociety aud were rain
iatcred to nlternutely until nbout 1827,
wben rcgular aervice wna quapcnded at
uetnpaoa ior wont oi suppott.
lu uandgato tne cnurcn waa mtoia-
tered to for a few years by the Rev.
Jamcs Nicbola, who was the only
clerKyman evcr baving hia reaidence
luvrv. iiivurwurua u was susiaioca ny
tnirty-Dno commuDlcanta. Hoon after
Kov. Mr. Bronsoo ajemoval from Ar
nngtpn it awinuieu away nnd was
loat. It is tbe only placo in tbo coun
ty wbcre the churcb haa bad a foot
bold tbnt we ilnd no trace nt tho nres
out uay.
U was malniy turoueli Jtev. M:
Bronson's clforta tbat tbe landa crant
ed to tho different towna for nvglebe
fuf the Churcli of Eneland were se-
cured to the use of tho cburch. At
tbe timo of tbe settmg asido of tbpse
lands, tbero wer? nu cb'urcbes to takq
tnem in elinjgo and tuoy lay unculti
vated. Otber societlea thinking toap
proprinte tuem. they were tba cause
of much legiaiative action anfl lltiga
tion in tne cpurts.
I havo apoken at langtb ot Rev. Mr.
Bronson's work. tbat we ih tbia "coun
ty may rcalizo our indebtedness to
tbe zeal
man, by
bim nnd to show how much
nnd uotiring eltorts of one
tbe graco ot God, can do for
buildlng oi nia churcb.
ror many years tbo cburcb in Mnn
chester waa obllged to hold aervicea in
tno court fiouse. in ikxj' mopey wna
raiaed to nuild a auitnble bnuso of
worship, nnd the preaent edlDco waa
finisbed and consecrated. I copy tbe
foliowintr from Biabon Griawo d's ad
dreaa to tbe. Eaatern Dioceso: J'On
Oetober 17tb. 182L assisted bv the.
Keverend Brethren Bronson, Beacb
Gbaao. Ilumphrey and Baurv. I conso
crated tbe new churcb in Maocbestor,
calied Zion churcb. The bnuso Wna
much crowded tbroueb nll tbe aer
vicea, by peoplo wbo liatened aa tboso
who bavo 'cars to bear.' Tbey re
mained during the communion sor
vice nnd, witb tbo exception of one do.
nominntioor nll tbe communicanta of
tbo various churches prescnt, Includ
ing soveral Congrecational miiilatera,
Tecelvod witb'ua tbe Lord'a aupper. '
In 1829 Bothel church in Arlington
wns takenMown. nnd on October SGth.
of the aame yenr, tbo cornor stone of
II.. . i I L . I!., l
iuu Drcsont-cuurcu waa laiu. jt waa.
bowever, nbt completed and consecrat
ed until two ycara later under tbe
namo of St, Jamea' cburch.
Wo oflen bear' of tho influence oxert-
cd by woraen in tbo aftaira of Statp.
Wo will now ace wbat they did-for tbe
churcn io lienmngton. 1D tbo early
biatory of tbo cburcb Io tho county,
we.found n iew churcb people in Ben
nington, but not until the firat quar-
tor of tbe century haa pnascd uo we
noto tbo prcsenco of any tonaiderable
jmmber, and'theae, wltb fow excop
tiona woro women, poaaeaainc enerey
and delerminntion, and ther rrnolved,
by tho hfilp'of God, to have a cburcb
tbere. Thoy could not legally organ
ize a' aociety tbemsclves, but tbey
could iofluencd thoir buababds and
otbera to do it, and they did.
in uly ltKIJ, wna organlzed tbo ao
ciety now cnlled St Peter'a cburch. A
reatry was olected nnd a call extonjed
to Rgv. Kathnhlel Preaton. Serviccs
Wfro beld in the old ncadomy and tbo
Methodiat meotini bouae. but dpair-
ing n auitablo placo ot worahiri of
thoir uwii.a subacription paper" wasir-
uiated lo rnlso money to build a
bu ch. Twolvo bundred dollars wero
soun subscrlbcd, .and in the autnmer
of 1835 location ,was seiocted and
work begun. When tbo wallay were
raiaed tjlx or aoven feet, .two or" three
of tho men doubted tbe practicability
of rontinuing, nnd finally suuveedcd
in passing a resulution lo nrrest furtb
er progress. lmmeilihtely tlie rector
left the place. At tbis puint wo read :
'Before the expiratlon of n week an
urgent and unitrd call was Bent hinr to
rnturn. it wns nccompanipd by tho
Stntement tbat the importuuity oftho
ladies of the society, w,bo gavn tbeir
buabnnda no peace, hnd succeedpd in,
rnlaing sufllcient f unila for the comple
tlon oi the cburcb. Therefore, bad it
not been for thn eoergy and diapatcb
of tho ladiea, Jthia cburcb Inigbt bave
been left for a later generation to
ln 18C9 tho pariah of iwa church
was divided, and anothcr pnrisb cnlled
St. Jobn's cburcb crcatecl, A fery
pretty cbapcl was built thero. OwiDg
-to removaia. atid various cbnngea, it
waa unable to support a rector and
waa at timea miniatered to by tbe rec
tor of Zion cburcb and otbera. About
two ycara ago H wns .t-unstituttd n
misaion. 1 havo pow "Spoken of nll
the qrganized parlsheSTn bq county.
To them all, as iho-ycnrs bavo pnsaud,
brtve come difllculties and-eaaons of
tipaon, lmtuxicIeraJifTn-a Wovi-
dyefc'o'iife'sucb' '.tirl(dsa!lWji8lu'atel,!
to growtb and Streoutb.
1 or several j eats a ce
jeats a cenernl misslnn.
nry sent out under tbe auspTops of tbe
Vermont Brancb of tbe Womeji'a Aux
iliary to tbe Board 6t Missions, bas
visited the diilprent tbwns In thn
county, looking up and visiting tbe
scattered communicanta nnd nthpm
evlcciDir an ' interest In thn Mmi.Mi
also holdint aervicea iu scbool housea
unu otner piaces wnerever opportunity
offered. The rectors of tba diflerent
churcbcs bavo held serviccs in Scbool
houses in outlying districta, remote
from tbo churches. In South Sliafta
bury, North Bennington and Plea3ant
Valley, 8ervices bave been conducted -by
tho rectora of St. Peter'a cburcb.
In tho Bummcr of 1887, Rev. Alr.
Flandera 'Held aervicptr in thn rtnlnn
churcb at Eaat Uoraet for tbree
moDtbs, and in tho summer nf IfWnVio.
gan holding aervicea at a scbo 1 bouae
m sunderland, whicb be cootinucd
until hia removnl fronv Manchester in
November of the same ye'ar, whdn
Rov. Alr. ScariDi?. rector of St. Jamea'
cburcb, toak cbarge of them, bnving
aervice every other ' Sundny. During
thnt time n Union churcb waS built
tberoi. Upon. Rev. Mr. Searing'r ro
novnl from Arlington, Rev. Mr. Car
naban continued tbe 8ervicea. nnd
alao revlved services at Betbeada
churcb, Weat Arlington, whlcb bavo
heen continued until tbo prescnt'
Tbo Rector of Zion cburch. in nriili.
tion to hia own pariab, bas charge of
St. John's misaion, 'whcro aervicea
bave been beld, .nnd. witb the holD of
nn asalstant, haa conducted services at
Wat JJorsot for tbree montba during
tbo jat Summer. Tbus We find tho
iiuerept churcbcs in a-state of antiv
ity, and that in- all aces and in nll .
niiraulta. with few oxcentinn's. holnL-.
enaV3perity. In cloaing I wiirgivo
statiatica cnnied from tbo "Conioo
tion Journal" for 1890, showing tbo
preaent cpcditlon of tho i-hurch ip
tbia county.
St Jamea' Churcb, Arlington.
139 rommunicnnta. J2 mnle. 07 .fn.
raalea: 00 fumilloa comnriaini' o'iO In.
dlviduala, property tbo church and' a
rectory. Thia church at the prescnt
time ia tindergoing ronaira ard uaving , '
vi.vm vuuuuui nuum iu ju
'St Peter'a Churcb, Bennington.
107 communicants. 00 raSies. 117. fn.
males; 00 families, comprising 371) In
dividuals; property tho cburch and
reotcry. .-
Zion Churcb, Manchester.
05 communicanta. 20 malea. G9 fe-
males, (tbia numbcf inc)udea aomn ro
aiding in other tnwns): 57 families,
comprialng lGOindividuala; property
cnurcn and rectory.
StfcfJohD's. Miasion.
7 communicanta, 2 males. 5 fctnnlesr
families, coiunrislnsr 20 inditiduala;
property the cburcb.
Tbo impuritlcs In tbo blood wbich
causo acrofuloua eruptioba nra thor
ougbly eraudicated by llood'a Fnrsa'
parilla. Try it
Highest of all m Leavening Powcr. Latest U. S. Goft Rcpott
DAl Baklng
9k ifcgsssra A yWi&Vl

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