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PnbllsW at Bennington, Vt.. evcry Tuosday
anairnaoy uternoon.
Enteted at the Bennington Post Offlce as Socoud.
Clais ilauer.
SunecitiiTlON IUtes:
' Ona yeiir $1.5
OLX IJ1UUMIB... ..... ...
' Throa nionthf
Payable etrlctly ln ndtanco.
Thn Havmcii has the larcett clrculatlon of nnv
paper in bennington Couuty. It reaohes tho best
class of peoplo In its tleld and otfers ipecial ad
rantages to dealers detlrous of placing thelr ad
rertlsements before llberal .purchaser. All an-
onnoucements are onargeu accoruuiR 10 ecueuuiu
which wlll be fnrnlsucd on nprllcatlon. All
remlttances suouu be made payatiio to
Bennington, Vt,
Advortlsing-lts Valuo.
"I am a nrm believer in advcrtlslns.abellever
ln lt,frdm tho buslness man's polnt of vlew. It
U tSesellingngeocy of a bushiess, and the sell-
lng agency ls as uiuch an lntegial part of the
uusTnessasUienmnufaoturlngslde or tlie pur
chaslng slde."
"Wliat is true ol my buslness Is truo of allbus-
iness.lt seemstome. We must reach out and
out and out for wtdcr flelds. The adverttsement
Is tlio natural and cffectlve wayof rcachlngout."
."I do not bellcve thero Is amananywherewho
Is manufactutlng for tlio people, merchandlslng
lor the pcople, who can afford uot to talk to the
people about what lio has fOr them to put hlm-
self In touch with them, to make thcra know hlm
and havo confldenco In hlm."
Our very newoy and enterpriaing
nelghbor, tho Springfleld Ropublican,
rernaina intenfely sensitive over tbe
Philippino queation, and never losea a
chanco to show its hand. Id n para
graph rrgarding tbe remnrkabltt scarc
ity of senate doeument 62, tbe Repub
liuan refers to tbe contents of thls
doaument ns "tbe illumiDBtiog evi
dence of our troacliorous nnd liigb
baoded dealiDga with tbe FUipinus."
A aomewhat barsb wny of putting tbe
matteri and bardly in accord with tho
vietva of a great njajority of the people
of tbe Unitod States, wbo, wbiia de
siring, witb tho Ropublicnn, oniy tbe
faireat ntid uiost humana treatiuont for
the natives of tboao farawav islands,
aro not convincod, aa tbat journal
seoma to be, thnt tdo American gov
orninent is ontirly or tnainly reapon
aiblo for wtiat has bappened tbere dur
ing tbo paat fetv montbs.
Bryan and Belmont are still writing
political lovo lettors to eacb otber a
proceeding which ontertaios tbo liojs,
without settling any of tbe questions
wbicb at preaent perploz our irioods,
tbo democracy. By tbe way, a rejeut
tiumber of Harper's. Weelcly has for its
fkat-page piuturo a otrikicg viow of
tbe Tammany tiger, witb jaws dis
tended as only a Tnmruaay tiger bnowa
linm to do that sort of tbloc t-.from tlio
. nnnnr tpotlsihabca a nlacatu onnoubo,l
i'rjg'a ten'cJdllar dfnner aod invitmg
tbe passer-by to step within, the pas
ser hy at thia particular timo ia Wil
liam Jenninga Bryan', who, mounted
on a mecit-looking deoiocratio mulo
and carrying a tin pail, is tho perfect
persnniCcatioo of JelTeraonian simplio
ity, and is not at all inclined to "step
. -witbin" the open countecaDco before
him. Sorae cntertqining ubapters are
lioing added in tbe ten dollar and ooe
dollar dinncr epiaodes, and " Jofforson
ian aimplicity" ia haviDg a new inn
ing which proroiaes to bo as brief as
sotDB previous domoastrations of tho
kind havo been. i
Rcar Admiral Kautz appears to bo
quite a fflatch for tbo Gerinan ronsul
at Apia, Ilorr Eose. -Tho latter wrote
tbo Unitod Statea mivul comccandor to
aak if two great nationa like England
and America approted of tbis inbu
raan and barbarous piactice againat
tbo lawa of Obristianity and tbe do
croo of tbe supromo court Wbernup
on tho admiral called the conaul's at
tention to tbo fact tbat bnd tbo Ger
maa consul upbeld tbo dccree of tho
suproaie court of Jaauary tbore would
havo been no bloodabed. flo further
ioformed Dorr Roso the custora was
an old Samoan odo, but tirat made
known to the world ten yeara ago,
when tbo heads "of boneat Germau
aoldiers wero cut off by the barbarous
Chief Mataafa, wbom tbo reprcaenta
tive of. tbe great Cbristlan nntion,
GerriTOjWa now. gupporting."
TheTorTdition of tbinga at Bamoa
i i t-J has grown docidedly serious within a
fow days past. An attack from am
busb on Oritbh and American
forces, on a Gorraan plantation in
'7jA)Ia, reaulting in tbo loaa of several
'"jljyes and the brutal decapitation of
.dead oQlcers, baa added to tbe gravity
. odtho situatlon ; and, wbilo it is yet
' ,: 'fjuasiblo tbat tbe peacoablo means ro
'tofltly aereed upon for tbe sottloraent
. oUh'o Baraoan queation may bo carricd
'.out; tbo oriaia is of sucb a naturo that
only tbo wisest counsels can prevcnt a
rupture belween Germany on tbo ooe
aiflo (fnd England and Araarica on tho
other. Tho Jatest doveloDDients havo
'arousocf mucb uncaainess in Waahing-
ton cifclos, the adminatration, aa well
' aa the rosldent ropresontativea of tl o
'' other two govornmenta, fully roalizing
' be poril )I the sltuatidn.
. .
Tho New JTork assombl.haa refuaed
to pasa a bill providing for additional
pafeRuarda againat Dre in hotela'; but
it, ba'a givon'its approval to measurca
.pfoblbiting tho salo of food produota
oontainicg deleterioua coloriog mutter,
impoaing penalty for adulteration of
natural frult juicoa, and forbidding
the cootracting of indobtedness on tbo
part of tho coiomonwealth by auy of
its ofHoials, beyond tho lirait of apecl
fifad appropriations. Thesa laat named
billa are all desirablo enougb iu tbelr
way, but tho nasembly caonot
really afford, iu justico to tho general
puulic, to turn a cold sboulder to any
proposed enactment wbioh looka
towards a better proteotioo ngainat tho
porils of flre. '
Thn coremnDies which ended tho
war witb Spain, and aaaurod pfiacb be
tween tbis country and tbat, took
place at tho .pseoutivo mansioa in
Washington on Tuesday, thu 11th, and
it is a gratifylng coinoidence tbat
Tucaday waa alao tbe flrst anniversary
of the issuing of the ultimatura wbjch
gare Spaiu tbo choico betwoen relin
qui8hing ftf bold on Cuba or going to
war with tbo United States. A very
pleaant tbing in connectlon with tbo
fortnal completion of the treaty of
peaco, too, is tbo annonnced intontioD
of Bpuin to rcsumo diplomatiu rcla
tiona witb tbin country; a gracofulact
an indisputable proof of our form
er foe's candid ncoeptauco of tho
In a letter to tiecretary Long, Ad
miral Dewey, whoae opportunitiea for
obaervation will probably not be ques
tionod by tho most rabid anti-imper-Taliat,
remarks that "it ia woll known
tbat tho Aguinaldo government isaso
vere military depotistn." And yet
tbere are people in tbia country wbo
would be glad to havo tbe administra
tion apologizo to tbis military deapot
for tbe trouble be has haen put to
during tho catnpaign, call off Dowoy
and Otis and tbeir brave fjgbtera, and
promiae not to creato any more dis
turbance dowu that way.
Jbnea bo of tbe demooratic uational
committee ia quotcd aa saying tbat if
bo can live to seu a deinocratic victory
in 1000 tp will-tben be roady to die.
We are afrald that thia oront wbirh
Brother Jonea appears ao earnestly to
aigb for will not take place in a yenr
tnado up of two cipbers If ho is to
live to see sucb victory! be seems des
tinod to roacb a good old ageunlesa
tbe republicao party rnakea an oggro-
gioua foil of itaolf j and it baa not yet
oatabliabed a reputatioli for tbat kind
of thing.
Dewey baa been - intor;vlewed again
in regard to tbo preaidonoy, and bas
i,o uae for it. Ue bolieres tbat a
sailor abould bavo no politics, and
finda glory enough in tbat particular
branch of tbo sailor's carecr whorein
hehas proved of suoh servico to tho
country. If theso. uneaay presidont-
tnakera -cannot porsuadft vJ)ow6y,v pr,
Miles'to rob,' tbey rnaybe,oblIacIfor!
tbo tfme boing to aet, BHide thoir in
toaeo longing for tho military oloraent
in tbo coraing catnpaign.
Tho deraocratic party cannot die be-
causa it is basedon principles tbat
abide and aro eturnal. Montpelier
But, dear coutoruporary, wo do not
want it to dio. We want it to live,
witb just lifo enougb to m'ako tbinga
intircating but not quito onougb to
enable H to orertako us. We want to
be just a little abead in the quadrcn
nial races for tbe White House.
Vorraont's Eoneral prosnority glvoa
evidence of raarching right nlong thia
ycar in double quick tirue. All ln
dustrios seom to be in line for an ac-
tive and successful campaign. Rut
land News.
And now let local prido beget loyal-
ty to local intcreats and conuerted ac
ticn to socure tbo busineaa dovofop-
ment tbat lica witbin reacb.
Tbere is no indicatbn of a particu
larly cxtonsivo boom in railroad bui'd
ing tbis ycar, but tho Railway Ago es
ticuatea tbat eome flve tbouaand milea
of now track will bo laid, iorolving an
inveatment of one hundred and flfty
tbousands dollars, and giving twenty
livo thousand mon employment. Tbe
West is to get most of tbo bonefit of
tbis new railroad constuctlon. .
Uermany should pluck taat Rose in
js a wonderful aid in the a
maintenance of health; it is
an easily assimilable form of g
nourishment in illness, and s
is invaluable in restoring
shattered nerves and in con- I
valescence. Adoctorwrites: S
"I have found it especially S
valuable for persons conva- S
lescing from fever, and for 5
nursingmothers. I am high-
ly pieasea 5
with it and S
my patibnts
could not do 5
without it." S
At all
Drui Storea
" Two Heads Arh
Better Than
One, however, is 'thpor
tion allotted to the- enge
mortal. If this on& iches
and will not work protyrh,
it is worse than none, When
this condition is presen , the
stomach is blamed, th( kid
neys come in for censuh and
the liver is sure not 't es
cape. As a fact, theMood
is solely responsible f0l the
condition of these orga w.
Let your one head dwcll oa ti iis fact,
becauso it ia tho Jeading pofot fa life
and health. The natural bloodLriflei
and tonic ia Hood's Sareaparjlla. It
has been 'tried' and nevcr'J' found
wanting." It never disappoints
Scrofulous Humor-"Iwaslr terrlble
condition from tho itchlng and bt rnlng ol
scrofulous humor.a Grew wors. nnder
trcatment of several doctors. Too Hood's
Sarsaparllla and Hood's Pllls. Th. secured
me thoroughly." J. J. Little, Fuit n, N. Y.
Plmplea - " I have nevcr betn ell and
strong uiitll lately. Hood's Samr 'illla re
storcd my strength and cansed tl dlsap
pearance of annoylng pimpics on nj fore
head. It ls a great medlclne." vJnettb
Messeiiie, 1240 Atlantlc St., St. pa ;Mlnn.
All Cone-" nad no appetlte or Sength,
could not slecp or get rcsted, it com
pletcly run down. Two bottles Ho fs Sar
saparllla cured tbo tlred fcellnr rj I do
myownwork." Jrns.A.DicK.MIIh H.N.J.
Eryslpelas - " A scrofulous c irfltion
of my blood cnused me to suffer f o cry
slpclas for 15 years. Physlcians (& not
even help, but Hood's Barsapar IU pcr
manently cured thls dlsease." A, 1 Emitii,
203 Court Ave., Jeffersonville, Ind
Vlgor-"As a regulator, purlflej nd In
vlgorator Hood's Sarsaparllla stam st the
hcad. It takes away that ' brown I ile'and
glves youthful vlgor." J. D. G rB, 320
Stato Strcet, Chlcago, 111.
Tlred FeelIng'-"My appct ie was
caprlclous, my liver disordercd an 1 1 was
tlred. Hood's Sarsaparllla relleTlit all.
It cured a frlend of mlne of feraal i wcak
ness." Mbs. Jessie A. Mearhs, ciay cn,Del.
. " jmu.y.iiiiiy.,i'ii.Miiii...-L r
jlgod'i I'llli cnre MTerllli, thanMijrrittlngand
If t cth"tlc ' tk "'tb Ifooa't rprl!liC
Bellows Falls Hotol Burnod.
Town'8 Hotel in Bfllnwa Fajla waa
aln03t whully rlestroyed hy 'e on
Wdneday evetiing laaf, 11 o loss
will be well up tnwarda 8100, XX), of
.which it is un'torstood tbat Dnly a
part is covrred by insuraoc . Tbo
firo v.aa discoverorl under a f lot oa
tbo flth story by n eervant, baiits nr
igin is uoknown,
Part of Landlnrd Uunhara'
furniture wastsavid, but it il
damagorl by natcr The storti
blocK are thoae of J; M. Eatoi
uuiic m years ago uy unaries
and east 80 000.
. . A Frlehtful Blundcr
Will Often causo a borrihle Bfrn,
Suald, Cutor Bruiso. Buckl-n's ar
nlua Bilvo, tbo best in tbe world, Sill
kill tbe pain and promptly Lea'jjit.
Gures Old Sorea, Fever Sore9, Uiwra,
Boila, Felooa, Corns, oll Skin lfjp
ious. Bost Pile curn oo eartb. Only
25 ceuts n box. Curo guaraiffed.
Sold by O. E. Gibaon, DruggistV
Tbo bouae nnd barna and coifmita
of barna of J)ix J. Oaiup, Tiasf-Ran-dolph,
wor'o burncd recectlr., -Ooe
horso, 25 cows and otbor small'atock
perial ed in the flamcs. Part idho
houaeLold gooda were savcd in a dam
nged I'ondition. tlo hnd a good tftEof
buildincs Tho l"ss is istimrlUii'tut
r Soitie Qucer Trccii.
Tho brcadfrnit tree of Ccyloa iivery
rcmarkable. Its frnit ia baked andeafen
aa wo eat bread.arid ia equally good and
nutritioua. In-' Barbntn, South Am'er-.
ica; is a treo which, by piercisg the
trunk, prodncea milk, with which the
inhabitants feed thoir children.. In tbe
interior qf Africa is a tree which pro
duces excellent bntter. It resemblek tho
American oak, nnd its fruit,,'from
which tbe butter is prepared, is not nn
like tho olive. Park, tho creat traveler,
declared that tho buttcr surpassfd any
made in England from cow's milk.' At
Sierra Leone ls tbo cream frnit iite. the
frnit of which ia quito agreeable in
At Tablo Bay, near the Cape of Good
Pope, isa sniall treo tbo berrjes of
which make oxcellent candles. It ia alao
fonnd in the Azorea. The vegetable tal
low treo nlso growa in Suinatra. in Al
geria and in China. In tho island of
Chnsan largo qnnntitics of oil nnd tal
low are extracted from its frnit, which
ia gatnerea in jNovoraber or December,
when tho tree hns lost all its lpaves.
Tho bark of a treo in China prodncea a
beautiful soap. Treea of the saplndna
or aoap berryorder also grow in the
north of Africa. Thev aro nmnlinelv
proliflc, and thoir frnit containa abont
88 per cent of saponin. Ladies' Homo
oournai. .
UefnHca to Take More Pn.
A writor in Ainslee's MairninS tella
howIrvingM. Scott, tho man whf bnilt
mo uregon, once rernsed a rnlK fn b a
salary. Tbo firm waa then bulldjtfg tbo
Saginaw for tho government. Do'nahuo
waa nt tho legialatnre mnchof the timo
Boon after Scott'a nrrival, and affalra at
tho works wero at filxes nn.i .ns.
Brodio, thoforeman, threatened toleavo
nnd did leavo, and Scott, without au
thorlty and althongh only engagcd aa a
uiuiuuuiiu, luun uunru cnarge nnd u'
rectedthinga for twoweeks tintii'Pona
huo'sretnrn. Ho introdnpnfl n
to tho methods nnd mado ntrtia nn
ajojig ho smootbly that Donahua waa
Men'rf and Youtha' Spring Top
Coats in blac', dark gray and tho
leading shadesbftan. Animmense
variety at from
$5 TO 12
A beautiful line of fancy Cassi-
mere Suits in phe latest Spring
Youtbs' Chevio Suits, up-to-date
m every way..
- : $8.75
Youths' fine Worsted Suits, aa
bandsonie as one could wish, for
Youths' Double Breasted Navy
Blue All-Wopl Cheviot and Sergo
Suits, newest style and handsomely
The best assortment ot
Short Lengths, Secondi
and Odd Pieces,
we have y$t offered, in
cluding spring colorings,
will be opened
Sale will be continued
every TUESDAY through
tbe seasqn. No goods
shown only on Tuesday s.
H0LDO9, mmm & cb.
Bennington, Vt.
pleaied and mado him permanent rore-
About thia tima Donahuo ouored to
incrcaso his wages, but Scott thonght
over tho matter and declincd.
'If I brcak my year'e contract with
yon," ho Baid toDonahne, "I'U have to
take what yon givo me. I pref er to keep
my contract, and when it's tip you'll
havo to ppy mo what I'm worth."
Donahuo looked nghast. "Yon'ro tho
firat u.an." ho said, "that I'vo ever
known to refnso a raisc of pay."
Rcnr.Itti jr:htii-d Cco'8 foreaight. At
thutcio.' tac ycar ho was re-engnged
:u 1 ' i jt't t our timca whutDon
. ').. . i t i.. ji.
. .i o-t ti.J li.iVo a hnbit
. . f i ija-rf-sa tho nnrv.
, ; s m w' i'jf3 nrt wita
t .. v:1.! laicnt ':) Piiii3,
' 'o inu.-' ." f ; ' .10
. .. 2. : ''j . ie ot i .: urt .as
, ,- .i".; ,.i i .1 of ti n-
' . .v.i .l llwVlU (8-
v i ; f ...iil l.i itl) nclswnil
, . -, "Le- .U'lflUii. " s:tya n i-biot: i r,
"w , t , ! tce fi (itit)'u ied MJ,f iiy
and i ' i ;htiin. tind ut ihe suino timo
of dno to her pwition us n
raondaino Pariaienne. Sho naturally
was all ln black, with n mantlo close
fitting nt the waist nnd a high collot de
inongolic. Tho aeverity of tbo low hat,
with Its ostrich plumea, waa rolioved
by her jaunty way of Bymboli2ing her
confldenco in tbo trinmph of lnnocenco
inthat tholeft brim was tnrned up,
Bhcltering n little bunch of peacock
tips." ... -
Of all-wool serge in navy .blue
sizes 8 to 16 years,
S0&5 5
For the Boys.
With All Porchases in Frear's
Boys Clothing Deparlment to tbe
Amonnt of $2.98 or Over, Choico
Basket Ball, Baseball, and Bat,
Flying Top, Musical Parcel Carrier
or Fatent Clapper Will be Presented
by William H. Frear & Cr.
Boys' Suits of AU-Wool Wide
Wale Serge in navy blue
,Hero are a few of tho niany bargains we shall offer forSPOT CASH.
19 lbs: Fine Qranulated Sugar,
Graicleii Seedls,
Lvnian's, Ferry's, Crossman's and May's, 4c a paper, 8 papers 25c,
assorted as yoU wish. See hand hills
in ull lines of groceries.
We havo added to until now we have reason to believe we can show
the largest line, from the PLAINEST to the most FASHIONABLE,
ever shown in the Putnam House Block. Please excuso our modesty
and call and be convinced of the truth of our statement.
Remember the Sorosis.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer.
Granite Works,
Bennington Branch of tho
at 218 Depot street.
We aro receiving orders for a
large amount of work, but, like
everyone else, we want more.
We guarantpo to give flrst class
work at as reasonable prices as it
can be procured anywhere. If you
na.ve a
To he built, get our flgures before
plaoiug the order.
If you want anything in tho line
of Cemetery or building work, drop
ub a line and we will call on you at
your residence if you wish.
F. H. ESTABROOK, iitager,
218 Depot St.
- E. ESTABROOK, Salesman,
Box '815', Bennington, Vt
Boys' fancy Cheviot, Checked or
Plaid Suits, witli double knees and
$2.98 and 3.50
- Boys' flne Worsted Suits, hand
some enough to please either the
boy or his parents,
In covertshades, navy or hand
some'herringbone atripes, sizes 3 to
10 years, at from
$2.98 to $5
Thehandsomest variety of Blnuse
and Sliddy Suits, for the little fel
lows from 3 to 10 years, ever
brougbt to Troy. Priees range
$2.98 to $6
J - .sn J : 8.96-
for full particulars. Special prices
Every ly who buys ot us ls sattsfled tliat
slie gets tlie worth of ber money. We are the
ncknowlcdgeri bc'ulquarters for Ladies' Flne
TallorinK, and bolil out special lnduccmcnta to
those deBlrUiK
Suits, Golf Suits,
Jackets and Capes.
Goods all latest styles and prices reasonable.
24HaiaSt. Baauington.
Spacks Boforo tholEyoo
are a sure sljra of
trouble, Theso little movlni; spots are wam
lngs yonr eyes aro crylngf lielp 1 help"-lon,t
dlsregard tho cry. Kxamlnatlons free and paln
less, Glve your eyes the rest they have so well
earned Just thlnk, they havobeeu worklnc ever
slnce you wero born. Qlve them rest. Get.lt
jivron. The Optlclan, Opera House Block

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