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-! FQTFV ORGAN COMPANY OllVlIVU All Bovg Did Not Cut Down . United titit
18tf 1 1 ' I i
II I :
5TXXX1I, NO. 24
Mary Mamie ring
"Glorious Betsy"
,,V Distributors of
.rinL.tleld, !
XY'ANTED Live poultry. W.
' ardsou & Co.
'ANTED Mon to work in the ko
' ' business. Crystal Springs Ice Co.
XVANTED Mull tor the season. Apply
' ' to It. J. Richmond, Houghton Farm,
l'ntney, Vt. 15tt
Will k"
in Bricks
,,nl olio hour after leaving
Mir store.
40c, Quart
21c, Pint
Individual box and snoon , 10c.
Bricks always on hand.
Vanilla and Chocolate
Harlequin, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry
Neapolitan .vanilla, chocolate, atrawberry
Country Club, vanilla, coffee, lemon ice.
Winthropi strawberry, vanilla, pistachio,
lemon ice. coffee.
Yale vanilla, chocolate, atrawberry, pis
tachio, raspberry ice.
Orderstaken for Parties, Church
Sociables, and other entertain
ments at Special Prices.
1 LAC K.S.N I IT 11
good shocr.
inovelaiul. N. II.
WANTED-Must he a
C. 1L Norcross, West-24-27
A.NTF.l) Three sawyers ami three oi
' four young men. Apply immediately.
Estoy Organ Co. 24
VANTED Beef, porK, lamb, hides,
' skins and sheep pelts for cash. V.
P. Richardson Co. 4(itf
TANTED Will exchange cottage house
' ' in Dmnmerston for good driving
team, llox K, Brattleboro, Vt. 221 f
W'ANTED A position for second work
' lv competeiit girl. Address M. U.,
1-2 Rochdale St.. lioxhury. Mass. 24
W'AXTKU Two good
' " voung man for acti(
oung man tor action worK. eteaiiy ,
jobs. Apply at once. Hie Carpenter Co. ,
23-24 !
liuvrl.'n Af nnn fnr I lie summer, a I
" willing trusty woman to care for an
invalid and do her light housework. Ad
dress llox 45, Doerfield, Mass. 22-25
VANTE1) Two women to work in pri
vate boarding house. Principal work
for one will be cooking. Apply to Mrs.
.T. A. Streeter, Hazel cottage, West Wards
boro, Vt. "24
and board in
A 'ANTED Two rooms
' private family on farm near or in
village of Brattleboro during August, for
self, wife and two children 3 and 5 years
old. M. C. Itobbins, KMS Monadnock, ( hi-
W-VNTKD A goofi live agent to wiuuic
' the Noreross butter separator in
Windham county. Will sell the county
right or give a good commission. Call on
or -correspond with C. 11. Farnsworth. L8
New Bridge St., Merrick. Mass. .'d--u
One Cent
Ten Dollars
The Tool Depot
We will mention this week three pieces
of property we are anxious to sell quick.
First-Tli o Tut hill house on Clark
street, running from Clark to Prospect
.-treet: the het location on the street
with room to build on Prospect street.
Swiml-The house and lot at 50 Elliot
street known as the Van Doom prop
erty. rmitiinL,- from Elliot to Flat street,
toiiMiiiiiiL' live tenements and renting tor
ora!" per month. This is valuable tor
invMnient as business is working that
Third -The Swanson house on West
street; three tenements; will pay good in
terest on sjjoo and you can buy it for a
little over S'JIUlO.
Anything in Realty Anywhere.
Real Estate and Investments.
WANTED A young or Tumuie-u-..
i man to act as representative in the
sale of granite monumental work m Hrnf
tleboro and surrounding towns We want
a man who has a large acquaintance, good
address and popular wun tie w.
particular service we should require
would not interfere, to any great extent
with present occupation. W e have a goo 1
proposition to offer the right rarty. Ad
,Cs P. 0. Box 395, Bane, Vt., and write
at once. '
Esttcy Pianos
and when an ESTEY is purchased
you are not paying for a name but
for actual value received.
ESTEY PRICE reasonable and
within the reach of all. Let us
show you our stock and quote you
Estcy Organ Company
Sales Department
Brattleboro, VI.
About 600 Men Out
Bellows Falls.
For Sale
-IX)K SALE-Choice lot of slab wood.
L Holden & Martin.
A H. A.
SALE-6 new Hat bottom uoa.
JSrown, 1-lat at.
l,iOK SALE Good business horses.
i- A. Wilbur, Grafton, t.
i.UH SALE Well-bred Holstein bull, 2;
I vears old. V. A. Wilbur, Oral ton.
lUlt SALE Coupe, in gooa condition,
l1 2 seats. Wm. Tudor, Thomas place,
i .i .....
,. , t l' r,.r. hniTirv. driving harness.
iyVr blanket Hon of good horse
hay. Praes low.
st reet.
J. T.
Kaine, 122 LI hot
fuLLat (U Elliot St. and see tne w o u
V-1 sands- perhaps a million - aster
pianu;' all colors , chiysanthemum-l.kO
for 25c. I el- 1WJ-J1;
houses nearly
Ku? b Vnosr also one lot
- mi h if '
4 by
""" . i n r
10 rods an; one k uf!r"ttubOIo. 20lf
Ward, 12 Pleasant St., UratueDoio.
flTSE-tardlnakes of auto-
11 mobile: some., bargains " secnd-
plies, aim ''"
Brattleboro Trust Company
Capital $100,000.00
Money deposited in the Savings depart
ment of this bank draws interest at
3 1-2 per cent. Money deposited the
first 5 days of January, April, July and October draws in
terest from the first of the month. Deposits go on interest
the first of every month. Interest compounded April 1st
and October 1st. $2,000 may be deposited in each havings
Bank or Trust Company in Vermont free from tax.
This bank furnishes check books to its customers free
of charge for use in its commercial department, hale De
posit Boxes to rent at $3.00 per year. Acts as Administra
tor, Executor, Trustee and Guardian.
Not Cut Down
States riag.
Editor Hi-former As u pureut of
one of the boys expelled from school,
please .allow me to make this state
ment with duo nckiiowlediiieiit on the
part of my Hon mid myself to tuo
school (iiitiioritics nnd the taxpayer
of tho district.
Mv son furnished the cloth and dec
orated the cloth, after school hours,
that the other bovs later ran up on tho
Hutf '" ullJ wus cut u"wn by llim
later. This was two niyhts before Me
morial day and tin-re was no United
Stales iug cut down, pulled down, dis
figured or destroyed by any of these
bovs as tho !h was not up that even
ing. This occurred so long before Mo
umriiil day that no disrespect was in
tended or thought of towards tho
Grand Armv. Tampering with thu polo
and rope tin's occurred ut various tunes,
being done by those who are now our
best and leading citiwns.
Mv son has acknowledged to tho
school authorities the part that ho took
nnd expressed regrets for tho samo and
I think the other boys expelled have
done the same thing and I think the
publicity that has been given to "Cut
ting down the flag," with thoir names
attached for doing the same when they
did not do the act, a thousand times
more punishment to the boys and the
parents than they deserve and I do
not believo the school authorities in
tended anv such punishment. I ac
knowledge 'the right of Bchool teachers
to punish, but not to mark the face
with a rawhide. I acknowledge their
right to punish, but do not acknowl
edge their right to mark for life as has
I ,.i,m ll,,A ,n this C!l:
the tour workers are eiup.ojeu ,.. :.,,,...,,;,, 8 i,iKher educa-
,1 ,o 13 hours, BM ".nd nichtl'ion and when they approach other in
ing longer hours and the das ' d ' .gii ti q( lMrni this fBi0 ccusa-
gangs alteruatmg each wee k t hus ( tfarown ,n th(l.r facCj anJ
ing all tho same number Iat(.r in Jife the same is liable to occur,
work. The change, ot c-iurse lucrcasts u))ove Matcm,.nt x now ap.
the iiumner ot men umi",.,. . u
IWill Take $7000 a Week Out of Vil
' lago ray rolls Offers to Baise
Wages Eefused by Employes Inter-
national Men Went Out Tuesday.
I liellows Fulls is iu the clutches of
;one of the largest strikes in its 1ns
itorv bv whicli 0UU men are out of em
Iplo'vment. The trouble has been brew
ing for utmost monUi and came to a
; climax Tuesday morning, when 4ol) OT
'more employees of the International
Taper company joiued tho 130 workers
1 who have been out from the other pa
i per mills since Saturday.
I The strike is caused by the refusal
i of the mill owners to adopt tho three
tour svstem, as it is called. Several
! months ago the International Paper
i company aiinounced that as soon as it
I could be arranged, the mills controlled
' ,y the linn would be under the three
tour system. Ky this arrangement
! three separate gangs are employed,
uorkini? oiizht hours. At present;
Jamestown Party Will Leave
Here July 22.
Three Wiunere In the Reformer's. Con
test Will Have Admission Without
Charge to Many of the Best Attrac
tions. Owing to tho fact that a national
convention of the Elks is to be held at
Philadelphia the week of July 13, and
special electric automobiles cannot be
engaged for tho Jamestown party, the
date of leaving Vermont has been ad
vanced to July 22, instead of July 15
as originally intended. The contest
will close on" July 2, as previously stat
ed, thus giving the successful ones
mure time in which to prepare for the
Wo are pleased to publish the fol
lowing important announcement from
the Don C. Stiles company, who have
charge of this trip: It shows that the
Heformer contest winners will be
treated as well as anybody can be:
As representatives of the Jamestown
and tnrougn Bpeciui r-
wiiges will be increased ,M per cent.
. , 1 ...1 . n
proach the tax payers and their rcpre-
the school autuoriiies, any
petition that my son i-c restored iu
the rights of the school and ask on
what terms, conditions, and time this
can be done, I having, heretofore,
made good the pecuniary damage,
Fremont Hamilton.
. 1 . . ,, ut!tfitiven
this svstem has been adopted in ,,
of the mills of the company except
those tit Bellows Falls, Turners 1-alls)
and Franklin Fulls, la the two lat
ter places the company has agreed to
take up the matter August 1, and the
men are still working.
Iu Bellows Falls the company has
offered to take up the matter for con
sideration by January. Several weeks
ago tho ofli'cials announced that the
could not see their way to adopt th
.,iv nrr.-iliirelllCIlt UOW. Owing tO the
greater cost of running the Bellows ; Class f 07 of Brattleboro High School
Fulls mills, but a compromise offer was Eeceive Diplomas Next Week,
made. This was to the effect that the
Baccalaureate oermuu oiuiuaj
linen remain on the present two wu.
'svstem. working ns outlined above,
i. ;..r,.,it. in wases of 10 per
Professional Cards
"i FO. H. GORHAM, M. JJ., Vt imnej u.u,
It S.i. a.-., Hr.iiiAl.nro. Practice lim
ited to the diiea'sea oi the Kys. Ear, Throat
and Xo.e. Oftice hour.: 9:30 to 12, 1 . to 4
p. m., Tuesdays and rriunya cm,
der of week at Bellows talll.
DK THOMAS KICE, office formerly occu
'pied by lr. Lane, over Kuech atore.
Office Wr, 8 to 9 a. m.. 1 to 8 and 7 to 8
p. ui. iei.,
T l.o.-.. n retlllTl I
1 v," Wilkes.
nious stallion, jjui v"
Charles Miner, Bonny vale fetock 1-a.m,
West Brat tleboro. Z-
r-rrmr o ,liii,m carts; 3 good
Vr-i An, carts; 1 fchorse
,.,L ; lv neiv; 1 2-horse wagon
liston bt.
block. Hours,
Tel.. 258. Office, 1-eonara
1:30 to 8 and 7 to 9.
A. I. MILLER, Phyiician and Sur
Office hours,
Z'lrZhul CharlesMiner,
naiiu uujsiw"-- rat Krattie
StOCK i'Uliu, oo.oi
Special stock, special
prices and special attention
given to graduates in this
and adjoining towns.
Mrs. G. H. Smith
85 Main Street
t;v-vd cat v W lckless blue name oi
Flo'h2 and oven, good one; end
, ...... u.,mrv been used
?l"in.?..l,,?nf.:S03- aess; 1 single
but nttie; 1.1" ,;M K,.rv Wle:
i elm ns. etc.; blan-
harness, rubber tnrnm.
spring tootli liar. u, - w
l.fa .inrl COO Ct-S,
F. Hudson, 13 Pine St
To Rent
rpO RENT Kemington
J- Forest St.
TfENT-Uesirable 5-room
at 2 Elm St,
. z rr: :i.t.airs tene-
mb KExNT-l'ive-room 20tf
ment. 19 Cedar St
and barn; desig
uuic. " ; , i.
Door and Window
will be needed a little
later, sure. We have
got them in all styles
and at all prices.
Window Screens
from 25c up.
Door Screens
from $1.00 up.
We can suit you in
price or quality.
Ask to see the new
sliding screen.
Brooks House Block
cottage at epoi-
It rTCllCi
Hard and Soft Wood
I have . I V.vil and Soft
hi.-h I nff.r for sale at reasonable
It is all prepared for the atov. m
- isiistni. rirst come nrai
H. O. CLASS, Brsttletioro.
-T. Tt--T, Cn.rnn mnTTI COLU
rpu KV.rr7;,rra of R.
tora muc.
brattie uoiu. -rTmZn ,
mTniENl-Store occupiea ,,y a . on
X Co. in Cilery " 'D iotf
,i third Hoors.
secono ' : .. 9 Amer-
DUUOi"l4- p" 17tt
. . rnfi.tn(T
Stamp ---r
rOR?F"KT,T also furnished
" Bni,.""V w Wilder. Retting Dioch.-
rooms. Jur. ' i"
:es o:
And residence, 18 No,
il ' I. w'm a .Decialty. Otllce
M. D.,
n a ip
Main St
Surgery and
ty. umc
Tel., 140
DB P R. SEntl weniio,,
' dm. ilnnrH 9 to 12 and 1 to 5.
H C G. WHEELr.K, usieopuw.iu ev-
nian t) tICe anu rt-aiuiuic u
.i,M. Office hours 10 to 12 and 2 104.
DK C. S. CLAKh.. uenusi, .iu,...., u.v.,
Brattleboro. Telephone.
PETTEE, Dentist, Crosby block,
tR P. O.
over Holden' b drug store.
DR A. KNAPP, Dentist, Hooker block,
opposite Brooks House. Brattleboro.
R. G. P. BARBER, Dentist, Union block,
over Greene a orug aiorc,
Special Notices
IOi;EKT B. GOODHUE, Tiano Tuner.
iw lso fine repairing. Jo. 12 Highland
.-. 2u-'2a
ft., llrattleboro.
rViz-i .r'VTl XT 1 1
J- at vour home or at your olhce by the
hour bv comi?tent person. Open set of
books. 'Make trial balances, etc. Address,
C. M. Park, 8 Forest St. 2U1
landscape gardener,
,ln...pd (Uiiitiii etc
i .- i-urniahml at. reasonable
aim rnu ui'iiu., ........ ----- 0,
uriees. Hot 755. llrattleboro. 13tt
of 10
.n..t which would total additional
amount which would have to be paid (Iu!l
for three tour work. The employees " vill receive diploma
,i, ..iher m i located at ix-uows
Falls, with the exception of the John
Robertson & Wou, who make tissue pa
per, all nsKCd ineir enijooieia .
ii'n A CI HISS.
t""1 . , ' ...ll, ,1,M.
enre or lilwilB. wuiw, o... . .. , - , , .
iF utiTA lor e iu iu n iii.n or l ie I iree iuoi a,cn.n.,
the new system, but tne owners re
fused. .
President Cary of the National 1 a
per Makers' union was on from New
Vork to investigate the situation, and
for the past three weeks just what
would be done has been iu the nir.
Many conferences between the union
men 'nnd the employers have been held
and all of the owners made their
loimls various nropositions to taKe me
rpO LET A lumber job containing 600,--L
0m feet mote or less soft wood
from stump to sticks, also about 15 cords
of bark to peel. For fori her information
of C. .M. llollirooK, u rrost iure,
Hrattleboro. Vt.
. n.-TX-O (b Hf'HWH NK. .AHOriltf.O
mi. on at uaw, iii". -
rOBERT C. BACOK, Attorney at Law.
LI Room 18, Ullery Building, Brattleboro.
11 RANK E BARBER. Attorney-at-Law.
F Boom 7. Crosby Block, Brattleboro, Vt.
TOIW E. GALE, Attorney at Law, Guil
fj ford, Vt. Telephone 302.
TirYROJf P DAVIS, Collections. Emerson
1VL Block. Tel., 52-4.
...piinwa ft CO.. Wholesale anoT Retail
15 Dealers in Coals of all kind.. Office, do.
S3 Main Street, Brattleboro.
riRANK MORSE, Professional
1 . -- i?llin, Hrrpet.
W. EDGETT & CO., Real Estate and in-
vestments: notary uu
nFKRY A. CARPENTER, pension claim
ant Newfanc, Vt. Widows' claims
. sneSialty. AH pension business promptly
attended to.
eottage on tarni, y
Bontvale0f Stock Farm
AVest Brattleboro.
Iarry Lamber. son of PanielLa-n.
jmX IrZn, Vt. For
Gijuxvwx- - - gltf
B. T. V-
TrstednTTLiveSt oc k?
ntere. pnnltrV Ol
Horses, Cattle, Sheen. Bn- , ,,, ry
the. P"-b"i.Vn what the successful fel
ch.on Swine a"" .
lows are doing along- .-.-d on ,h ,t-
New EnglandJrmer,
BratUeboro, Vt.
Ttoston Wl" ? -.-
v" the Vermont ".
rooms of ne:J, Snuare. Boato
Westminster, "' in
at The
Boatoa. "pe
A. BORDEN W., oeeoiii - -" "
C' crs in flue Wall Papers, Window Shades,
noom Vouldings, Paints and Painters- Sup
R,ies rlaniwood Finishing Paper Hanging,
PJ1 -j Qirrn Pn ntinff. Brattleboro, t.
liouse anu - - 18-24
1. BOND & CO., Funeral Directors
and Furnishers. Tciepuone, res.-
- ... nat An.n flnv nun
dence. 157-&; oince, ui -v --
17 Mnin St.'. Brnttleboro. Vt.
Tvoe for Sale
12igr'sfandarlTypewH,er '
"T' e.'aWe typeii.cinrnfood condition.
TeA W because 'we have other fonts
Sr!g;f8&in r?
?se any of these write at once.
The Vermont Printing Co., Brattleboro, Vt.
The Safest Five to Six Per Cent
Net Investments.
Not dependent upon an individual or corpora
tion First deed of trust (mortKano) notes, amply
secured on valuable real estate in the City of
Washinpten. District of Columbia
Rapidly advancing in popular favor as an all
the year round" residence city. Already the most
beautiful city in the New World insuring stable
and steadily advancing values. Interest collected
and remitted without cost to the lender Most
conservative valuations. Guaranteed titles by
Incorporated companies.
1407 FSt. ,N.W., Washington, D.C.
Refer to American Security and Trust Company.
Washington, D. C.
There Is More Joy in a Family
Co., Montpeber, A t. (.Mutual.)
H E TAYLOK & SON, Gen'l Agents,
" ' Brattleboro, Vt.
daily fro"1
8 a. m-
until 10 P.
Valuable Vernon Real Estate
This property is situated about a mile
below Vernon Station ana witum.
nte's walk of Central Park fetation and
within five minutes walk of the new Con
necticut River Dam now under construc-
tlTliis property is valuable for a hotel or
a first-class boarding house situated as it
on the main highway between bouth er
non nnd llrattleboro. There is a small
ectieral store in the building, also the
post olliee. Any party buying tne noiei
could, no doubt, secure the post oftice ap-
' At "the present outlook for business in
Vernon this is a very flesirauie piece ui
liroiierty. Two Darns on me proven.
Buildings slated and about five acres of
land. Send for list. Apply to
S. W. EDGETT & CO., Brattleboro, Vt.
it was deemed couiu not ue mn.a
for a number of reasons. Tho officials
f a number of the companies olierea
to Rive the number of men employed
under the two tour system the same
salary they would have to pay for the
new arriiiinenicnt, and other equally
advantageous offers. Everything was
done to avoid a strike, but last week
the employees of several of the small
est mills served written notice that un
less the owners would agree to adopt
the three tour system by Tuesday
morning, the hands would strike.
The heads of the firms of the Rob
ertson Paper company, the Moore &
Thompson company, and tho Blake &
lliggins company, took immediate ac
tion and Saturday morning notified
their men that they might draw their
pay for tho week's work at the office
anil consider themselves discharged for
they would not adopt the ndw system.
That night tho loO or more employees
of these firms left, the owners thus in
a way effecting a lockout.
Tuesday morning, at tho close of the
night's work, the entire force of the
International mills joined tho others,
making fully 600 men out of employ
ment at the present time.
been done in this case, as somo of the ! rangements with tho concessionaires
we arc enabled to ouer iree aumissiuua
to all the following attractions on the
'War Path" to nil winners in Ver
mont newspaper contests gome on spe
cial travel party of the Don C. Stilei
company leaving July i'-', wui:
Battle of Merrimac and Monitor.
Battle of Gettysburg.
Battle of Manassas.
Ferraris Wild Animal Show.
Baby Incubators.
Old Jamestown.
Hell Gate.
Hales Tours.
Congress of Beauties.
Shadow of the Cross.
Eskimo Village.
Pharoah 's Daughter.
Colonial Virginia.
Florida Ostrich Farm.
La Gide Theatre.
Paul Revere 's Ride.
Princess Trixie.
Philippine Reservation.
The above includes most of the best
attractions on the "War Path" and
have an actual value of many dollars.
The standing of the contestants this
this week is as follows:
Division No. 1.
Dr. E. R. Lvnon 5000
Edith M. Mather 3222
W. H. Geddis 2149
Corinne Blodgett 1548
Edward Pierce 27
Division No. 2.
O. W. Follett 1503
Night by Rev. Lawson.
The 23 members of tho graduating
of . the Hrattleboro high school
s next week, llie
of commencement week will
! program
Two tenement house nearly new; 7
rooms each with baths, hot and cold wa
ter steam heat and gas in both tene
ments; all modern and in good repair.
Location good. A paying investment or
for a home. Come in and see if it is
what you want.
Emerson Block, Elliot St.
Will Succeed Tuttle as Head of Bos
ton & Maine.
The New Vork Tribune says: When the
merger of the Boston & Maine with the
New York, New Haven & Hartford has
been completed, Lucius Tuttle, now presi
dent of the Boston & Maine, will retire
and will be succeeded by Charles S. Mel
lon, president of the New Haven road.
The information was received by the
Tribune from sources close to the New
Haven and to the Boston & Maine man
agements. Mr. Mellen at one time was a subordi
nate of Mr. Tuttle in the Boston & Maine.
Mr. Tuttle is one of the best-known rail
road men in the east, and in Maine people
will tell one that he commands more
l.niniln,- ronfiilence thnn any business
man in that part of the country. Mr.
Tuttle, it is understood, is not m close
.,,.,i -;ti. Ale Alellen and would not
remain with the Boston & Maine under
the consolidation, and, moreover, he feels
that after long years of active railroad
work he is entitled to a rest. His suc
cessor, as far as operating control is con
cerned, will be an experienced Boston &
Maine man. but the-real control of the
property will be in the hands of Mr. Mel
len. Suicide at Woodstock.
Oliver Hatch, aged 66 years, and a na
tive of Woodstock, committed suicide June
12 by shooting with a 38-cahber revolver,
lie was somewhat intoxicated.
W R. Ward, of Dyersburg, Tenn.,
writes: 'This is to certify that I have
used Orino Laxative Fruit Syrup for
chronic constipation, and it has proven,
without a doubt, to be a thorough, prac
tical remedv for this trouble, and it is
with plearure I offer my conscientious ref
erence." Sold by All Druggists.
begin Sunday night, when Rev. George
R Lawson. i.astor of the First Baptist
church, will preach the baccalaureate
sermon in that church at 7.30 o'clock.
Class day exercises will be held on the
high school lawn at 4 o'clock Wed
nesday afternoon. Following is the
program: President's address, E. Mur
ray Frost ; class oration, Harry C. Sar
geut; class poem, II. Leslio Frost;
class historv, Miss Marion F. Simouds
and Miss "Pauline S. Miller; class
prophesv, Gleuhuui Jones; ivy oration,
Miss Florence L. Strong; singing of
the ivy ode, words and music by E.
Murray Frost; planting of the class
On Thursday night the graduating
program will be carried out iu the au
ditorium. Admittance will be by card
except to the gallery, which is open
to the public. The exercises will be
gin at 8 o'clock. Ora E. Butterfield
of Detroit, Mich., a member of the
class of ISSd and now general counsel
for the Michigan Central Railroad
eomnauy. will deliver the address.
Principal Edgar Burr Smith will make
an address to the class anu win an
nounce the honor members and also
the winners of tho four Austine prizes
of $100 each which become available
this year for the first time. The win
ners are not vet known and probably
will not bo known until Thursday as
examinations which will figure in the
final standing will be taken as lato as
Tuesday. Principal Smith will turn
the class over to the school board
and tho chairman, Rev. E. Q. S. Os
good, will make brief remarks and
present tho diplomas.
A meeting of the Brattleboro high
school alumni will be held in the high
school building Friday evening, June
21, at 8 o'clock. There will bo an in
teresting program with musical selec
tions and remarks by Ora E. Butter
field of Detroit, Attorney-General C.
C. Fitts and others. Tho gathering
will be informal and will take the
form of class reunions.
The movement for a general reunion
was started so late this season that
there was no time to formulate definite
plans for a gathering commencement
week. It is expected that at the
meeting Friday steps will be taken
for effecting a" permanent organization
of the alumni and that a reunion in
more elaborate form will be held next
vear. It is urged that individuals who
are interested make an effort to get
out their former classmates for the
class reunions. It is probable that the
plans for future reunions will include
the assignment or separate pans iu mo
arrangements to different classes.
Mabel F. Coombs 345
Mila J. Newton 154
Mrs. M. E. Brown 9
Samuel Brown, Springfield, Vt 2
Division No. 3.
Carrie R. Russell
Pearl A. lliggins
Hope Mead
H. L. Brigham
Mrs. Albert Hazzard
Henry W. Holtou, Northfield
Farms, Mass
James Wall
There is still opportunity for a bust
ling candidate in the third district, in
which voting has not been very brisk.
We naturally wish to have as large a
yoto as possible, although the winner
will receive the prize no matter how
few votes are cast.
In the second district a new name
appears, that of Samuel Brown of
Springfield, VL As four new subscrib
ers for five years each would put any
candidate ahead in this district, it can
easily be seen that the race is not
vet over.
In the first district, any one of the
four leaders has a good opportunity to
win. Remember the votes must be in
by noon July 2.
Killed by a Freight Train.
Mrs. Adolphus Bean of Colchester, aged
50 years, was struck by a freight tram
-t t'l, Pnleliester station Sunday and al
most instantly killed. She had gone to
the depot to meet her son, whom she ex-
, . tl.o nnnor train. He did not
come, and after the paper train left, she
started to cross the track, unaware of the
approaching freight.
Oppose B. St M. Merger.
The executive committee of the Massa
chusetts democratic state committee has
gone on record as opposed to the merger
of the Boston &. Maine with the New
Vork. New Haven & Hartford. It adopt
ed resolutions to that effect Saturday.
Died While Milking.
Stephen Bates, sheriff and chief of po
lice of Vereennes, died suddenly from
heart disease while milking his cow bun
day evening.
Newfane Woman Wins Prize.
(Special to the Reformer.)
At the prizo speaking contest for
the Demorest gold medal at Jamaica
last evening, Mrs. Etta Batchelder of
Newfane won the prize, tier recita
tion was College Oil Cans.
Suit Over Auto Accident.
James A. Hanley of Essex has brought
suit for o0)U damages against Earl h.
Morgan of Burlington, the result ot an
automobile accident last October. The
suit is returnable at the September term
of Chittenden county court.
Dillingham in Rome.
Senator Dillingham, chairman of the
United States immigration commission,
and other members of the commission were
received at Rome Saturday by King Vic
tor Emmanuel.
Woman's Suffrage Association.
The 23d annual "convention of the Ver
mont Woman's Suffrage association is in
session today at Burlington. The meet
ing opened last evening at the W. C. T.
U. temple at 7.30. There were addresses
by Representative H. H. Shaw of Marl
boro on The Municipal Suffrage bill in
the Vermont legislature, and by Henry B.
Blackwell of Boston. A business session
was held this morning, with reports from
and election of officers. This afternoon at
2 o'clock a memorial hour is devoted to
tributes to the late Laura Moore and oth
ers; the principal address is by Col. G. T.
Childs of St. Albans. This evening in the
Unitarian church Representative F. H.
Dewart of St. Albans and Rev. Anna II.
Shaw, president of the national associa
tion, are expected to deliver addresses.
Mrs. Mary E. Tucker of Brattleboro is
state treasurer and Mrs. A. A. C. Ware
of Brattleboro, state auditor.
Prouty Will Address High School.
Lieut.-Gov. G. H. Prouty of Newport
has accepted an invitation to give the
commencement day address at the Rut
land high school June 20.

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