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ijeptic Healing Treatmcnl That
i (Vnrllu Curat ftl Triflina
yyib-n. ww.ww ws
..nh i now known to be earned b
- - -
(. mu and it may 1 cured only by
. un, iic treimeu; tu. will kill the
rim and souths and heal the
iniiicui membrane.
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.j,;tiw' power in at perfect a degree
, y,ir.:Matum. Apply a little of this
,.. r paaaagei on going to bed and It
ti !.:! you alecp. Then apply agin
. n.rning and iU curative and healing
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j.r of Menthotatum coata only a
rents, and it sold by drugguti
.-i-A !.i re und ' guarantee of money back
. ( iJ.t to do all that U claimed for it.
wonderful household remedy and ii
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New England
We o-uarantee Hich Quality Goods.
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Money Order or Cash.
Price list sent on application.
Halifax Deer Shooting Case Going
to County Court.
Fined $100 by Judge Daley for Killing
a Dr Last February Defence
Claimed Animal Waa Destroying the
Apple Trees on H. B. Brown's Farm.
;.i.ri.v Ciriutli r.f lUlifm waa found
iiuilly I'llm-wl.iy iifiVmiw.n of shontinc u
ilti-r illecilly on till" morning of Kelt. 1M.
li'll, ami wntenei-d by .Jinlue W. It. Dairy
in niuni.ipal court to pay a line of $lmi
and conta. The rvsimndeiit look an apeal
to county coutt. Tlie iiwc wax tried Moie
-ludtfe Daley Tuesilay ami took all tiny.
lVflaion Waa reserved until Veilnediiv
atternooti in order to allow t lie limit In go I
over the minute of the t.-siimnnv. famuli !
and Harlan Streeter of llalilnx. the latter
lured man of Henry 1!. Ilrown of Hmttle
horo. were asoc latiil in the (hooting of the
divr which the repiuiiint claimed nw
damaging the young apple tree in Mr.
Ilrown' on hard. Ilroun had given order
to hi men to kill deer found destroying
tree and told lii i inplovea he would pro
tect them limn any irnalty the law might
iiuptMC. SUtf Attorney Flank K. ll.il
I her api-cniiil for the state and llaike f.
j Kitt. who hai within a few year none
I into apple ruining in l)uiiiinerton, reiire-
mnti-d the reiondeiil. The defene sought
to juntify the killing of the d.-er under the
aeta i f 1WH and the prosecution inited
that the requirement of the act had not
been complied with inasmuch a the near
est game warden waa not notitied when
the deer waa killed. I he prosecution
lulineil that the tracks ot dee
Kills taid that tome of the
iiieationa were "unintelligible."
"Mti Mr. .ro.ter ahuut hla newpaier
roiriaM.icn'e and intimated that the wit-n.-
waa not particulaily fnemlly with
I rout jr. Streeter and Carrutli. Mr. Koter
aid that there waa iiothinu "dramatic"
almut hia fiiend.hip with the men named.
A. . I'helpa testilied to aeeing I'arruth
and Mirrti r at a certain .iiu a coiuidur
able ijiatauee from where he stood, but
upon rroi., examination Mr. Kit la secured
an admiaaion from the witm-aa that the
diatance from 150 to 2mi rod or stunt
three iiuartcra of n mile. The witneaa taut
he eouhi ditinniiih the ditlereme lictwrcii
4 "thick" or "thin" man a hall mile di
t.int. t.anie Waideii Howard waa recalled at
the afternoon eaion mid tetili.-d in de
tail aa to hia examination of the prcmiara
where tbe deer waa shot. Hu waa shown
the injured tree taken from the Ilrown
orchard by Mr. Ilrown and ideiitilied them
a the one be had eeii before. The wit
nc. naid that deer do much damage aa
ahown on the tree exluhilcil. Mr. How
ard aaid that eliH-r bad evidently damavd
the ltrown orchard al out the time the deer
in iiication wa killed. He tot i fled to the
fart that acvctal pietva of the carcaaa of
the di"T were miaaiiiv when the meat waa
brought to the ollice of the stati' attorney
by iK'puty Sheriff W'ellman. At tlna point
a map of the town of Halifax, drawn to a
scale, waa offered ill evidence by the de
fense, lly this map the defense sought to
show that A. V. I'helpa and I- A. foster
were possessed of better eyesight than
ordinary nun if they could distinguish a
man thri'e quarter of a mile. This waa the j
distance Is tween these
( arruth mid Miector. according to
These Matters to Come Up at
Special Meeting
testimony ot both poster and I helos. as
indicated on the man drawn bv Kostei
i he direction of the state's attorney. The
taking of testimony occupied the tune from
ll .'f I a. in , to ." p. in., and Jll minute were
taken by each side in summing up. State's
Attorney Itarls-r mid that the reamdenl
could Is- convicted on either one of the
three (..nuts in the complaint, pursuing and
Little Doubt That District W1U Decide
to Provide for Erection of New Build
ing on Oak Grove Extension Play
ground Question In Doubt.
Holiday festivities uliould not le allowed
to ohw-ure the fact that a sieeial meeting
of the incorporated school district has been
culled fur Tuesday evening, Dee. I'll. .Mat
ter of importance to liiattleboro's public
school system will come up at that time,
and the" prudential committee ia anxious
that they be decided by a rcpri'sciitalivc
number of voter. Their ia no doubt that
a new primary school building is needed
in the southern part of the town, and the
chances are that there will l no disposition
to iiicKtin the wisdom of the school ail
thoritus in selecting dak I! rove extension
as the mo.t desirable location, -lust what
two witnesses and K,ni oi iiinming iu rie. i i
ling to the""'"1'"'1 ,H Hecl'le I Ilieie seenia io ,1- a
'general opino'ii mai a suueuoc m i-mii
at nve riMima win oe none cm en-n i .m
1 1 he rttoliiM ate Hot useil illimeillaleiv.
The playground proposition will no
doubt armfce eoniderubie disi'iissinn. few
pi-ople are willing to assert that such an
institution is not m-eded m llrattlcboro,
nor can ninny lie found who think that it
should not ! owrutl by the si hool distnct,
that the district will
Make It
a Safe
Sane Xmas
Wpe4 su,n
I Cs
There is too much promiscuous giving of CHRISTMAS GIFTS that
are USELESS. A gift of something attractive and useful in service is the height
of good taste, and brings joy to both the recipient and the giver.
are on display at our oHice.
S n SSL" ',0" "'" lu t'" i
fvn.ji riMtf Tie
i .... i i ... . .. .1 . ft if i in t;i ii it
or having part of a deer in posses.iou. al- I called upon to make no small ,, tla, to
.i i i -i .l . ci ..... i ..,1'ncw bin ding in the course ot the next
i ongn i e .ou inai ii oao n"i i-eu 'ii'ini , . ., , i . I
. . . . t ' . . .. t..,v v..:ir ui no doubt cause a izost manv
that the animal was shot in ltrown or
chard. In closing the state's attorney said
that the respondent had not complii-d with
in the.,,.., ... f ,i. ,.,, liiii) ,.,
liiown oivhard were not made bv the ani- .........Ji i, ..1 ti, ,i....r 1,1
I I'll 1 .1 ... - liau lim ri n'i"i iviii'i's "
mni niiii-o ir, iiiiiiio itiiil i'i i trii'i .
Legal Notices.
3 District of Marlboro, .
The Honorable Probate Court for the District
Aforesaid: , A . .
To the heirs and all persons Interested in the
istate of Laurin H. Turner, late of Montcuur.
Sew Jtrsey. having .state in said Wstnct. , de
Whe'resA spplication hath been rruvde to this
Court in writing, bytbe Administrstor prsjing for
license and authority to sell all of the resl estate
of said deceased in said District reprenentina- to
said Court that it would be beneficial to th heirs
tr.i sll persons interested in the estate of said de
ceased, to sell said reel estate snd convert the
g&me into money. , ,
And brinKing- into Court the consent and appro
bation in writing-, of all the heirs to said estate
residing- in this State, end setting forth the aitua
ti"n of the real estate. , .
Whereupin. th said Court ap tainted srstaa
ligned the 30th dsy of December. 1911. st the Pro
bate office in Brattleboro, in said District, to hear
and decide upon said spplicatn snd petition, and
ordered public notice thereof to K'V?D to
persons lnterestea we.
order, together with the time and place of "ear
ing. three weeks successively in the Brattlebr
Reformer, a newspaper which circulates n the
neighborhood of those persons nf'",1
estate, all of which publications shall be previous
to 'he day assigned for nearing.
ThereforeTyou are hereby notified to appear
before MidCoort. at the time and placej assigned,
then and there in said Court to Mke your , objee
tions to the granting of such license, if you see
"Given Under My Hand Brattleboro in said
rtrict, tha 1Uh d,y f "H'E.DDy; Register.
r.fiTi nvrtnATtLESM. SHEPAED80N.
baiAi "
District of Marlboro, ss. restrict
The Honorable Probate Court for the District
omon. interested in t.estate , of Tharie.
M. Shepardson. late of Guilford in
ds. id Court has assigned the 80th
day . TDecember. next, for examining and la"''"'
deceased and for a decree of the res adue of said
estate to the lawful claimants of the ."-Vill
ordered that public notice thereof be 'ven. '"jj"
persons interested in said estate by blmn
this order three weeks succ8.veiy Previous to
the day assigned, in the Brattleboro Keformer
f neTspapef published at Brattleboro in said
DTh2refore you are hereby notified to ap
Pelr ."tPrlbate Office in Brattleboro in W
DUtrict: on the day assigned, the"Vou
ber, 1911. pnnv. Rptristcr
vi. r.z
..uwvaaTAVrVa' NOTICE
ThTundmtened. having been appointed by the
Honorable Probate Court for the District of Marl
rimmislioners. to receive ex and ad j
in aSd IDltrict, deceased. "da cUim.exhibaed
m offset thereto, hereby give notice 1 that we win
said Court for said creditors to present tneir
Waimsto us for examination and allowance.
totat Brattleboro, Vt. this 13th day of Dec
ember, A. D. 1911. ,
W. O. DOO LITTLE ( Commissioners.
bore. Commissioners, X 0f all persons
adjust the claims and deman t ot
a"SCat Halifax, this 4th day of December.
A. 1J. I
iSSSSSSrSS: u, .... -
her. 1911, an instrument purporting : to be tMMas
Will and Testament of Alonzo H -fj"
Brattleboro in said District dffffa P
nted to the Court aforesaid, for "orate.
And it bordered by said that the itn ,
of January. 1912. at the Prcb" 5id "3a
Brattleboro. be assigned or jprovng 'tr11
ment; and that notice thereof Be h
person, concerned, by gffigZJsL.
weeks successively in the Bratuerjoro :
a newspaper circulating in that ,n "81a
District, previous to the hme appointea.
Therefore, you are hereby notified
pear before said Court, atthe t.mei snd p ace a ior
said, and contest the probate of said will. f
riTnder My Hand at Brjttlebon,. in said
District, this 21st day ofADyHWENK. Judge
tjbscmecTthb eefoemeb.
When the raw was tirst broimht to the
attention of the coiut with two companion
case Mr. Kitt claimed that the resisind
eiit could not lie tiled uHin the complaints
then made but the supreme court decidiil
that the case could in1 so tried.
Durin.' I he morning se-sion Deputy
Sheriff Frank I Wellnian of liuilfoid and
County (ianie Warden M. .1. Howard of
South' I.ondonderrj- testiliwl to making an
investigation 01 the shooting of the deer
on Henry R. Hrown'a funn in Halifax last
spring. The animal was shot on the morn
ing of Friday. Feb. lit. and the examina
tion of the premise conducted by the two
otlicials took place the following Minday.
The testimony given by each witness was
practically the same a that biv
hearing in the rase last spring
man testified to visiting the home of Ossie
Prouty where some of the deer meat wa
found. He told of hi conversation with
(Jeorge (.'arruth and Harlan Streeter con
cerning the shooting of the deer and of the
circumstance under which ho brought
Knlh tn..n to Rral t li'lmrn for trial. Carruth
himself wa then placed upon the stand
and testified that he had been directed by
lfenrv K. ltrown to shoot anv deer found ;
doing damage to apple tree on the Brown
farm. The witness acknowledged hooting
the ileer nt the same tune Streeter did. As
to who was the slayer of the animal Car
ruth would not say. He waa one of the
most reticent witness- seen in municipal
court for many months and waa not sure
of anything connected with the ease. After
lieing examined for over halt an nour at
the morning session Carruth was put on
the stand when court convened in the
afternoon. He waa sure that no attempt
had hern made to hide the carcass of the
leer a the prosecution liuiinaieii nau
the nearest ir.ime warden.
Mr. I'itts began his argil nt by brush
ing aside the testimony of I.. A. Foster and
A. V. l'helps as not onlyTtiv.-n in a spirit
of animosity but unworthy of consideration
by either the prosecution or defense and
likewise beneath the dignity of the court.
Mr. Fitts siid that Mr. Ilrown must have
had a provocation to issue orders to his
hired mm to kill ihvr when found injuiing
his proierty. If men cannot do a Mr.
Ilrown did there is no hoe of bringing the
hack towns into 11 state of productiveness
through apple culture. He said it had not
been proven that Carruth shot the deer but
it hail been shown that tin- resii(icni was
and .Mr. Itiown Py
voters to hesitate before going on record
111 favor cf still further expenditure. With
in the village limit there are 1 lparativc-
ly few lots that would lie suitable for play
gioimd purposes. I'cisoiis who have cx
aiuiiied the tract of land west of the S. A.
Smith factory on Frost street say that it is
not large enough to net oinmodate a football
or baseball field, and if this is so its pur
chase would hardly U- warranted. Another
tract which has Isrn given consideration
is that on Williams street known a Un
distributed among the pupils. A large
number of linen h-s.ks were made by the
pupils of these grade a gill to tbe
pupils of the d.iv nursery. The Ksteyville
pupils made ( aiidv at the morning awsinn
Wcdnrsdav and tilled boxes to lie sent to
lo pupils of that school who weir absent
on ac.i.imt of colds. The Nativity village
made bv Mrs. C. H. Crowrll. was explained
to the pupils of the High street school.
Chase tr.-ct and Washington street pri
mary guides Ming Christinas carols and di
ll ibiitrd gifts made by the pupils. I he
upper grade of the Canal and Main street
buildings brought toys, books and game
to the Mam st t building Wednesday
morning to be disiiibnied among less for
tunate liov and girl of the village. Lillian
Law-ton and Kvelvn Harris were named
a coinmitti-e of two to distribute the gifls.
During the morning session all of the pupils
in the Canal street building except the pri
mary grade sang Christmas carols. The
riHiiiis in the vanou buildings were deco
rated with vaiious articles made by the
Tiawisliniy Mr. Streeter
tnlinor b.ind ill the attempt to kill a deer
'' " nt a j found destroying Mr. Hmwn's pioperty.
' V X " -"r. ruis niaiin.iioeu .o. .1" ,1,.,.ilu l.vniii,d ontrnrbt. that it
n.-t r.i l'llll Tlt'l III 1 1 I I I1LT I III tv 1 1 II lilt IM .'. '., .. wr
di-r found damaging a jierson property, j
had been complied with, .ludge Daley an
' . ' . ' . 1.11.. 1 Whatever ouinion one may have ot a
street ... aim p.ooaoi, .... " ,,irtl ,.-,., v for a law
Cok w.;,, InX: WZnT I Sk .eg .sink o,l,cia, and iustibes divon.
tion of a pool where swimming could I for the sake of drama ic s.n-ng h it must
taught the vonng ts-ople of the town. In W admitted that ( ha lies Klein s flu
X Cmve section there is also land mblc.. given a the ami "'
that would Ik- auiilable for plaig.ound pur- r.iday evening be 0 e an a , me of mH
ar the renter , "'" ' " " 1 .;
noses althoiiL'h it is not so ne
, ,f the town as to make its location ideal
It has Is-en suggested, in ease the (lis
(rid dis-sn't feel diuwed at this time to 'name
whose chief isson is worth learning.
namely, that the sins committed ill the
of rrlorm ale almost as nianv as
I those that are hidden under the cloak of
A: Maine rail- Icnanty. ine pioi 01 me ii.im.w.ci. ..n-
. . 1 .1.. i. t ,1... ........ ! ;i 1 ill oi'en i:ni ii 01 iiti-si. i .n..... ...
Tli. i.mbabilitv is that the brief it ha to d
-dialc lamliitioiis young
ith the career of an
hanker whose tight
Iv small rental. The principal objection
i to leasing any land for a playground i that j
!nal estate values in Ihattleboro are likely
nuirnn-. OI.IT IU' 11 Oil l KIM- Ills ih-visi..,i ., , ,( .
WV Inesdav nftcnoon as' he wished to f'TllTLTV.!;'!; . . Z t I against the money t,-t leads to a teihni
make a study of the statute of I'.MH. j " , , " ' ',,., , a'eo. nnarativc- leal violation of the law- a fact. Which
1 ..V-,-....... - ... , 1 1 1 I,, miiliit inns noil
seizin upon 111 ii i-.nm. -
much more seltisli lawyer to make the
pretext for a federal investigation, to avoid
... ,...ll.. within the next few whicli ami save tne Ronu name ui
Trolley Cars Began Eunnlng Over NewV(,lini ,, , pm.,lliM, f father the banker assume the entire giiilt
aygronnd 1 put off the more exienive ,-ona .i.-rr 10 1- . j.-.
The first reitu nrlv elieduie,i car n wm .. . . ...11,itin r,.sl,u in ,i,0 loss
Washington streer-poui 11 ,',-, ..,;. ...l.i.h is transferred
Hrattie-, THT. FORWARD MOVEMENT. I . IV' V.' i. -r ....(l,u.t
IO IIIC llHOKCI , II II-in-, r 1 ......
Xatiirallv the success of a play of tin
kind defH-rid very much uiwin the strength
if its cast, rortiinateiy tor nmtueooro
li.-.-itei roers the comi-anv that alijieared
1 l niurv nf the Snriiiefie Id. .Mass.. center ; 1,,.1-e was fill v enua to it lask. vv 1111 0111
Extension Tuesday Morning.
iinss over the
Main street extension of the- Brattle-j THE FORWARD MOVEMENT.
horo street railroad wenr to me eim 11 j f .
the line at !.'H o'clock Tuesday morn- j Un;0n Meeting of Men and Boys Told'
in in eh.ir-'e of Conductor Charles II. 1 iK..t ti ..miln
I, - ... .T.l xr..f.,,.,,.n W il urn Y. ,01
ii-V,f....ih Th first oasseiiL-ers ear-i Kev. Virgil V. Johnston, executive sec 1 heatergocrs
tissic Troutv. who lives a short distance i''0"'?.
irotn the Brown farm in Halifax, knew but
little about the matter under consideration. ' . rniU ..( fTOl,n soil und
He did not share in the meat and did not , th tie roadbed in several places the
know who shot the deer. He remeniliered pXtonded street ear service went into
that Streeter and Carruth last February Jr.f The number of passengers ear
ned were llarrv .. 1 me !..". . ' " ., 'A -Mii.tin iw, " " ;,.., ,,.a!!v canab!.- lot
'.t leHnteiid'cnt j Tripp ex- Movement, addressed a union meeting j Wright Huntington as the banker. Willi
!-cte d to " Pirl the rs fu idav after- of men and bovs of the several I churches (j,,, a, ,1,,. lawyer Martha Oatman
tH(ieil to.M. 111 i"i , .... . - iJr.,,!.,!...- ; .1,1, fi-ntrii l'onlrpe:l- ' ... .1... 1 1 ,..;r.. ,.n.l i him Ijinils'lt
1... 1... in.imen eo I Olt-Il-Il IIICiri"i i-i'" i ii-i--'i - "- , lm. imim,-i s ..ii.:..ii., -
work about ..'M n. m.. und as soon as a
,.li...li eonhl be sent over the new line
killed a deer which had been doing-damage ir!()il th(, firat ,!lv wa sm!)ll, but ns soon
to Mr. Brown's orchard. States Attorney ! it lu,,.ame known that the line was in
it lie nau seen nrur.:nn t0 t . top r tlie lull anoie
Barber asked the witness if he had .Keen tion t0 t1(. ton of the lull
...... .i t rnia in the Tirnwn orchard '.i. i..i lv,,,.i...r Mi manv nei
iinv ouiimis" i.i-v.. ... . , ,, , ii line i in i i'mhi." - . . .
i i. otinorriin iv to iu inl
and Prouty quickly answered that he had.
U attempt to connect Prouty with the
killing of the deer were futile.
Henry Ii. Brown lesuiicn umi - '-
.llo.l nf the otinortunitv
- , . .1 nf ll.i eillnni-
new industrial seci ion i i...
The work of building the extension
removing the iracK on i run..
i 1 l.: ... L-i I tini- oepr loi nil ...... ...In'min i ns I nei on siii-i-i
Ol'lieieil HIS llicu ii i" -V -jsiie,-i i-i... , Vi .....1. l,.,i- 1
damaging his apple trees. In response to n Vnrl street oceuioeil three wee ks li.it
q V bv Attorney Fitt the witness said lnsr ,wn started Nov. 2s W ,th i t Ii, ex-,
that he was back of the respondent ,-eption of a few .lavs t ie contra tors ..
I"?1 - . .....ii f him ns !-.L.i... r. Pnrker. were aide to rush the.
.. '.... t.:i.H.l , mini ler of .. ..te.l MolldilV 11 1 L I I . imil null
pose. MV. . " ". - " -, ' - ,' n, f(,. nv wires and the
irees noico u.-i ....... ....... .,.ll,.l remri lieif t.1
sinontnini; '" ': Vp
be done Tuesday morning. Tuesdax
afternoon workmen be'an paintiiiL' eer
tain of the trolley poles with a white
band. These poles will indicate places
where persons max- leave or board the
c-irs The ears will stop onlv at these
poles, and it will be unless to signal
the motorinan nt other points. The
ears are able to make the round trip in
(10 minutes, but there is no time to snare
and with the old arrauttemenr of stop
ping the hourly schedule eonld not be
by deer and testified that he took the trees
from his orchard shortly after the killing
of the d.-er in question. Mr. Brown telt
sure that the deer killed was the one which
had iniuied 211 particular trees in n.
orchard. .He said the tracks ot the d.H-i
killed by his hired men led directly to the
injured trees. Mr. Brown xvas asked if he
i i ;. i nni; from his lured men
of the killing of the deer and said that he
did receive such notice during the morning
i Feb. 24 and that ne wrote u icon ....
' . .. ... . xr,.i.l.,n Tfnw.iril. in-
once to louiiiy nunu- -
forming that official of the circumstances
surrounding the shooting. The witness said
that he gave tlie letter 10 ins ;
and that she moiled it before o clock in
the afternoon. The states attorney u.m
the witness had a clash when Mr Brown
begun to explain some pan ui n.c i
ing ami Mr. Barber insisted xthat he re-
tional ehiirch Sun. lav noon. There were ,u. ,ire, tor who turned state's evidence,
nearly l'-'o men and bovs present. Kev. , i(-t nhing to lie dcired in the rendition
.lohn K'. (inw. pastor of the Hrst nap- iof ,1(,ir ,1M.etive roles, and the generous
tist church, introduced the sesiker, ex- . t.,.,ntlel ,!,,. received was merited. The
plaining brietlv the nations movement IhY p .,..ts wore well taken, and the ens
whieh hopes to spread its inttueuce from , w,,rc mimlte.
To large centers throughout the country.
Mr. Johnson asked the men and hoys ot j
Brattleboro to allv themselves with the BRATTLEBORO MARKETS.
center established at Springfield. Mass.
Mr. Johnson explained that the Men and (jrain and Feed Retail.
Heligion Movement is not piannea io i
elTeet a new organization outside of the lorn
existing relinioiis institutions of todav Corn. Northern
i,.. ft.,i,ii,r on t he iiart ot trained i-iiixcii rceu
1i,i..rts to stimulate the manhood of the 'Oats, hu
Christian churches for service in their ,Mea , ewt.
own communities. The New r.ngland IMeal bolted, lb
centers designaf ed for the work are Cottonseed .Meal
Portland. Boston. Worcester. Springfield. Jiran
Providence and Hartford. Teams of ex- ; Unseed Oil Meal
perts radiate from each of these centers provender
for the purpose of organizing- th3 men .Middlings
and bovs of New KiiL'land and enlisting illay, loose, ton
them in the movement. . Hay- baled
a ZTJmZrwZ I Farm Produce-Wholesale.
chosen, and a survey of conditions exist- jork. dressed
in" in each town within a radius of oil iPork, live weight W-A-'oa
or'tifl miles nf that citv has been made. j!tef. dressed YJ?.?.
Me said that the data thus secured is jmh ttjtHi
sent to headquarters where spceialists Veal OotsOi.
stu.lv- it and make such recommen.la- j-owi( livc
tions as seem necessary for carrying out jfjd,,,, u, .:r,-''XA
the campaign. Mr. Johnson s purpose .afskin8 each oOfel.OO
: ni.ilnrr to Brattleboro was to explain r jn i.i
the nroce'lure. and to secure if possible ' ?T0
2 20
... .20 ("l
the co-operation ot this town i , gyrup.
auxiliary of Springfield. He ?r?ed that a fr .1 ....
deleiratioi, he s.mu to "i - Chewe
Amount of $38
In the Ked Cross stamp selling contest
:i ' . ....1 bv the Brattleboro o-
-i i.iu.ii'-i' - :-- :i r.v
mum Silent. I . l.,l. 11, ninth -rrailC IIIUMIS -ii
E. B. Barrows, who sam i i 1 V" in(.onioratpd se hoo district
10 or 15 years' experience in apple I?; the ,,rl,r'1 T,,' first lirizl, l,v
. . ti,. ! to attend the eicht-dav canmaimi which
Pupils Sold Red Cross Stamps to the to attend Ummv s f of
i i.n fntitimnnr or -n-
rZ '.h.r.loshimage by" browsing
,.U trees Tile Wit TOSS WHS asked
S "Rhode Island Red", apples This
'f.i. ;t ..tteiiitit to inject a b t of
pleasantry into the proceedings, and evi
pieaMiii y became inoculated
Fitts became
tion of L. A. Foster, the nrst wu...-
dentiy .auo. ne, . ,,ia pxlimmtl.
will ne snown iuiui .." " f,.
the staie. , ,, , ..
roster was nan. eu a ..... .
Kxhibit 1. P"T" 1 '"r ti,
fho siarenieni m -----
map according
40 in
or -i
rade. The
. ..... . ... .i... lie askea
-. 1 1 f r ii, ne oi liic v--?v .
; ta fe-. attorned but Attorney Fitts spoke
of it a "that thing" and mtima ted that
Tll VllIIffn " i ,
scale and Foster saul tnat n - J
F,i insisted that such a map was o no m S
the map w;as drawn to a
niimhfir won
stamps to tlio amount ot
. ... n.iitq tnr Till
J Mb oraqe taught bv Mi-Aplin. was
second in the contest, its 25 inuula ll-
in" $22 worth ot sramps. ..o..
capita. The seventh grade of the
M.ain street, buibling took third honors
its 3 pnmls selling 2,.-0. or per
capita. The standing of the vannns
grades is sriven below:
Main Street School.
Grade. P"1
jX 411
VITt (Miss ApliiO... 2o
VTTTMiss'.toiinsfon) 2fi
VT -1
1- on
rtrneeries and
. . , . -,T I. '
Mr. Johnson s tall; Kev. hoy .n. nuiis" 1lltter
ton. pastor of the Centre churen. spoi.e ( freg, (jozen
enthusiiisticallv of tne moxe.i.e,., . . . y storage...
expressed pieasuie mi .
fested bv the attendance.
Jlanle Syrup
Molasses, gal.......
(Sugar, refined, 7c lb
Salt, T. I., bu .....
Flour, roll, pro., bbi....
. . i ill 1 if tn I
in the case but the courr, imuncu
2f an exhibit. As the witness in-1 r
terioatcd his own opinions into tne v u ...
S he made to the cross-exarn.na ion I
of Ti" Fitts the attorney tartly asked him V -
, r l.:. nt;. to the nuestions if ne iv
todevoien.ri".s: ( - . told illl
count iinuni-rr nri ;ntpf
nettled Mr. Foster for he persisted
jecting l ZTr - o Mr.
nionv ana in
Blood Humors
Commonly cause pimples boils hives
eczema or salt rheum, or some otner
form of eruption; but sometimes they
IZTt in the system. Indicated by feel
fnss of weakness, languor, loss of ap
peute or general debility, without
eiusing any breaking out.
They are expelled and the whole sys
tem is renowted. strengthened and
toned by ...
Hood's Sarsapanlla
Get It today In usual
chocolated tablets called Sarsataos.
Amt. capita.
3S.(I0 9.5
Canal Street School.
26 5.20
26 6.49
3i1 S.45
42 15.2H
38 13.00
But It Was a Cow Instead of a Buck ! r.-ouri' patent
Coin Bread Meal.
That William Whalen Shot
William Wlmlen of Brattleboro, employ
ed as a Boston & .Maine nacgagciimsie. .
ttveen White River Junction and houtli
Vornon. went deer hunting during the re
cent open season. As Wha en had been
old that the West River va ley abounded
live ileal, lb
Tea, Japan, lb
Tea, Oolong
Tea. Young Hyson..
Linseed Oil. gal
Kerosene, gal., 10c....
(oKt.roSene. tet,gal., loc...
came he decided to try his hick in Ja-
, The hhnters triends were asion- Ta ,i-
' n;n , few- davs after Mr.
isneii u.ie .ii"----s - -v -i T t.i.ueese
Whalen left for the wilds of Jamaica to cheese..
Wr tbnt he had killed a specimen weigh-Pxf. .;...
ileath with !
.14(3 1(J
Provisions Retail, j
" 1.00(3-1.23
....15 lbs. 1.00
.; (
.5 gals, for 45
..5 gals, for 70
hear that he had killed a specimen " Onions, native,
,ng anoui. '' 1 '''''':, V" " : ,-a nri lanoage.
was mane wnetiicr ' IBeets,
3c lb., bu.
in a snare or uku cm., .c. -v ... ;0ans,
r.nose mm su t,
Talking Baseball Again.
Although it was expected that the plans
the,; has not. as yet been -K
the directors to this end. While 10"
Falls and Keene have been ready to call
such a meeting, thev have been held np
for the reason that the Brattleboro mag
nates have not yet given any sign that
thev were ready to talk baseball.
th.e, .w.vr. .- th offic a s of Bellows
Falls and Keen7have been doing nothing
SKtb. Pleasure - ofthe IWltWtajj,
?hc r intentions, there will be a meeting
called for the purpose of forming plans for
next season's sport. There m-h to do
and milch to aiira - ,
P cn Vu,' "-1 magnates that
Tn -Keene (N. H.) Republican.
Premier Asquith told a delegation of suf
fragists that votes for women would be a
disastrous mistake.
1 "v. . v. - .1 ii. neans.
an ma reported tnat 11 -y E V.'i?
had ever seen of its kind. Such exagger- J ard 1416
ate,! stories of the animal s s'e were told Pure Uti hucket 1
that several H. & ai. empioj.ee, j d na -
trip at Brattleboro to see Jalen bring p k 30
, . 1... ,,i trom the hunting ground. 1 ri:L 1.)
n s nop.., rnred was la" aS73rV
Meats Retail.
Dfmy un. . , ----- Cllgar J
-i . :-i.. f 1 ,a onima . as renoiini.
abm, t wc :i."t the factthat Mr. Nalen -
had shot a.epw instead of a deer was ; not I
known until ne naa t e'y "' Pork Chops "
Vernon to be mounted. Mr. vx naien u o.oa!. o0
was sure that he had shot at a buck The Roasts, heet. 0815
amount As the animal possessed a gentle fjy 14
m. ' yi.. hn mounted a a memento of Hams oS
?; trip inVo the tall timber.
" T o x. 1 I Lamb, hind quarter.
Christmas Exercises in the Scnoois. jLanlb, fore quarter..
The schools of the incorporated village Lamb Chops
closed Wednesday afternoon for the hoh- Turkeys
day recess which will end Tuesday Jan. 9, .Fow a
I'll'' Christmas was ohserved by the third. Chickg
,!' "A j fifth imitm of the Canal street Sausage
lourtii aim ii.... e-.vr.. .;. s.oni.tive ,
and Main street Duiunngs m u 1
rooms with trees and a short Pram of
music Wednesday morning. The trees were
The Harvester
The Common Law
A Weaver of Dreams
The Money Moon
The Broad Highway
The Iron Woman
The Following of the Star
The Winning of Barbara Worth
The Sick-a-Bed Lady
Mary Gary
These and a constantly increasing list at the
as well as hundreds of the BEST BOOKS at
tractive and of permanent value. THE AMERI
CAN EDITION of the BIBLE is the "last
CALENDARS with choice sentiment. HOLI
DAY STATIONERY, nothing better to be
are popular. MOORE'S Non-Leakable FOUN
TAIN PENS, with the WATERMAN and
EAGLE makes, are a complete line. PIC
TURES, framed and unframed. are a LEADING
FEATURE of our display. THE WALLACE
NUTTING PICTURES do not wane in popu
larity, all the best subjects from which to select.
PHOTOGRAPH FRAMES to fit your pic
tures "while you wait." JUVENILE BOOKS,
If we told our whole story it would be too
long to read. Call and see for yourself.
While our TURKEYS for Thanksgiving
were pronounced "the best ever," we, expect
for Xmas they will be
Just a Little Better
' as they come from the same farms and have
been fed a month longer. They certainly will
please you. CHICKS and FOWL in abun
dance; -prices right.
A full line of Candies, Fruits and Vegetables
. the best obtainable
Pickles, including Dill, are pronounced fine
Home-cured Hams, our own make, are also O. K.
If good native, at low prices; or best western
at fair prices, we have it.
G. 0. ABBOTT & SON, Brattleboro
. .lS(g2."i
, 13
music vi eoiiesu.iji mviu-B- - --- . ,
trimmed w-ith paper chains, tinrdar
Z P3The content the Vrewere I .eged trust.
Boston says the Wted Sboe Machinen;
comnanv wi 1 submit to the depart
meTof" justice and agree to dissolve the al-
The Little Shop with the Big Business
. . - ..,Kvi1l-'r "
I ?f

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