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-nuvrnnl for 1911 Shows an fcxpemmure m tmw
$800,000 in This Town-Houses
Still Coins Up
ri.inf Amnnir Thie i the Fort Dummcr Mill, Which Represents an .
Outlay of Fully $I50,000-Appn)ximati'ty 100 Families Can he.
Accommodated in Houses lSuilt Within the Year-Development;
at Fort Dummcr Ilchjhts an Example of the Brattleboro Spirit.
,1 tiy The l'i-ltiiim-r si'inc
i.ll-ttlli Hull hi HI
sllllrtul.'S. Ill''
uiili Hi .nuiiuiienl "I
Ad lllf II lll.-sl.'.
thing over a v.ur ago, lliv hv.ii. I "it ' 1
iK operation in Hi nti1.-tH.il. tor r-'ll has
i: I tl,..i nf inn- vear ill it hi-t.'i.V- 11
HI)'"" '
im milt.' III .IV Uiili tll'-IIIV
iKH-n lM-..'. in tin' 1
.l,,.,l.ll uli.l lesi.l. Ill I II
7. i. 11 uil
ron im.iiiii . , .
eiM-iiM.' inn. iiin.-i.v iiai"': ' ,
Wilv to tli.' splendid bnild.ng "'"" ,f
mil hm i'" w " '"iftitutr
tin. whole "f H. -vi'i-'l J'"-1' ""
iiHlmli.m tl..; ..i-ti.i.' n.-MI'it";..
tmil.li.n:. In' I' "I';",'1.- ,".VlVr "."' .'i V l'.'
liiKfiiKiniiat tli lttttl.t...i. i:. . .'.it.ttl.i. li
hu Kvii il."" iilvl "I 'I1'"1'1 111 1 "" ",,M1''
the M'Hiu- t' inl'1.' "ti'l ii .l". n ..r ui""
ioiim Miiit."l li't y.'in all Ih'lp tli'' i ""I 'I
of mil. v' tin' miiiili' i' l" Mtni.-tinvt lii-tfiin
ml linii.'l '''" ""'I'lv -ai rant H'
itnt.'i'i.'iit tlmt tlii" l' I'"'" t i.' I.iw-t
biiililinir v. ar in tin- lii-tmy nf tin' town.
In H.l.lili'iii t tlw Mm''" I'lnl'linBHiii'ii
tiomil iiliiiM- mi'l tli'""' .liiini' i -"J Untl'' '
on in tliin aili.li- tli.r.' -1mmI.I In- tak.-n
into i-..ni.l.-nili"n tin- wik l ivi"" in-'
the Mb.' l'l " ,l,' ''I'""t
IMUMt'iiK'-r Htuti'.ii in imtiiatim f t ic
irtH-tiim of a n.-w nation ulii.l'. In' I"'
foniii-r iM'lii'V.'. will ". m I-"-- lll,n
the iiniioi..ni..nt of .Mam ""..t. tln t
nii'ntH.H'a' li totlie town hall l.iiiMinir.tlic
exU'iiKion of tin- Mivct iailioii.1 from t .-n-tnil
tliroiiuli WiwhiiiKton an.l N.utli -Main
street to tli top of the lull ov.-i lookimi
the cotton mill, all roMt money ami .all
riahlfiillv I .ivilit.'! t" the lniil.ltn 'I'"
j 'I'lw.iii'li the immi'ity ;i runny i
4 V v... 1 1 . .in ..). i? .- noil no on.' will mei.t
deny that Maml Talk, the luw! minnm-r
smiiBem.-iit . nt.'i l'i ie in Nernioiit. really
ii a part of Ihatilclioin a lial imliiKtry
111. I III.
Vullioiiti.'i "II levtile matter iy that the
mv mill of the I'ort Dininiier ' nrporal i"ii
i, .in., nt the l'.-t an.iiue.l mi'l
..l.i.i i,i In. fi.iniil in the . ..ant i V
.' .. . . ... i... ....i
ItH eilll.tllelil l I ne l;n.-ii io ot- .......
While the l.llll.llti "I the hii! I-""I t lhllll-m.-r
rot Ml mill, the romph'ti-n of the M i
collie temple nn.l the ea-in.i at the Ural
llelH.m lietiviit haw Ik . ii the laiu'. -l Imil.h
iinr uroieelH of the year, til '.ell. '11 "t
ne.ii Iv .'.'I hoiiw in tin villaue to a.
dale appioxiinately i-' fainilie. "i
.III .. ll.;l pliplll.lt ion. h.W eolltrllillte
Miiall .l.-niee to the hanner leeonl.
I'lohalily one of the most ml
storiex oi the hanner hinhlnu y
lii.itllelioio i the lianf.iiniati"il
.1.1 I I l...i, ki.l.t.-r tallll into
oualilv in. ..lei II vitiate ol li'.ll.. oiiiipi""
with all .-oliV'liien'e. With the eeeplion
f nil tlVO h.illen hllllt hV lli'l'lell .V
Mill tilt in the late H'rimf the entire P'"'.
now known a I'ort Pi ner lleiflit. v;i
wild l.in.l on .Ink 1. A KVii.li.ate "t Hial-
tleh.no l.iKinesK n iin.hr the .orpoiate
name of the I'ort Piniimer liealty rompany
.iiIm ril e.l the moni-v to hny an.l .lev. 'lop
the height ami woik on the I- hoiie
.niletl hy the (otporatioti a hi-ann
uhoiit the mi'l'lle "f -'"Iv- What an pa-
.11... anil a lew lnoniiiH iiu. m ..i.. .i
..in e.iiiminnitv ettlement awaililiK
ill-rival of the men an.l women
operate the new eottoli In
ovellookeil I iy in.1
V .it.
1Mb I' .
--rrPrrtr3I iiWliiXha U M X m J ii H w
n r-j m aim mm mwi i 1 - m-m ji m a a wm - i 11 i c m 1.- in t
:i 't.i m i ,u j mi 11 1 j ii is h u isv.-'r--. j.--- . -.r
I 11 J i' J 3 1 3J mm H i :3 4 14 ll M n.-" .'r? v..? '
I" I I .
.,111111.. I lill-ilie-a .
melt win I" Id '1 lleui ,
ll V, 'I'hl' "Hi' 'I I I' ' te. We
. N. .l..hi,on. A. I'. K.i lv ,,
i-I rlell;, Mi. .1.1 M
,t, li, A, All-n: ml!
1 !, Thin I.. 1'. 'I li,,n;,i. t ni n
!oi ; mipeimlemletit -f ll
. (i. A. All. n : nj eiim. 11. 1.
i!i putii.itH. M; . K. s. 1;
IV nil I tie, Kill. .
1, 1,1.111. ,11. II. II. I
' ,e roniniil I.-i-m
.1 plOi" I..IIH e.iil!
11 the repair iiml
,K-ily .liniiu t In
,r fin 1 1 1 1 r u..i l wi
.! the "i.vi.le i Im
I -I
Ml. li
led til. -i,
'Ml. XL 1,1
,i I 'I
. .r and
pn 1 1
1 ;
.1 1
.11 -l-l
I: l'i
.".IHI ad
1 in no
ar for
of the
a tlior-
finther Iv.intilied thi year hy the
el-eiti'ill "I a mullein llllee ,l.,.l u.ieiii
h..ii-e hi K. XI. Annier. n..U.ei improve-
meiit in thi .' 1 i- t'-e new I.. I'
InniM. hinll hy Ih v. K. W- Sh;U. near the
miner ef ( ".till-ill .lleel.
W illi the partial 1-1 1 ' i"0 ,,v hie of
the old Xlelliodl.t rllillell hlllldmi! oil
More, e.H.iiillv for their ue. About
Hi ve:ir iiyo .Mr. Tavlor health wa
siii-h that fhe cave up liou.eUi'epintf and
with .Mr. Tavlor moved to the Prook
House where thev had ma.le their lioine
hi nee. Two nun, l-'rederiek mi'l Kdward,
dud ill enrlv iniiiihood. !eides her hu
I. an. I Mr. Tav lor leave u ''l' ''"'
1 harle I). Hiiri. lt, of Spriiictield, XIil.
The latter i the neaie.t livui).' renin. e
,iilern,'ii nine
West lirattleboro
S,..l Htreet eauie the oppniiuiniy 10 im
prove tin ptoperly and W. !. Iloohltle J lrs, 'I nvlor ll.id on til
1 , 1 :. .1 . , I,. I. .! il i.iln a I I.... r....,il,.
lilllelia.e.l II. .1' 11". I,-,,.-" in-. 1.1,1,,,.. ..... i-
1 . . 1 ti- lioohiile h-wiil..." SI,.. .. :i memher of the t niver.ali-t
I,., ill iv ten. inent hiiil.hliif "ii SpritiL' 'ehiin li ami for manv years
.tivet dm inn tl"' year
I. mil
Baptist Church Entertaiumeiit.
!. il.,llil!iei.t. I he I in 1. 'ma
I a tl.-e wele flveli in I he Hal'ILl
1.1,1V evellllltf l"l
! ,,f il..- I 1.1. li and ."iiii'la) -
1 teti.l il. '' h.i. p.".i and all
h;... . I.V the tell' l".ll
, Mi:''.
1 .,,:!! I. .
!' III.'
the li
lie nie'llU-
...I. Tl I
V. ele llia.le
..lllt.l t I I".-
Clmlle Xlllli'l
11 Mio.lein eoli.ue tiou- m . .
if the II. li. mown iioiim- on ........ ..,.
and the latter house, pin. based hy Ml
.Miner ilniinu tl'.e summer, h l'"-n "i
raniie.l for two families. The twoipait
inent hou-e stinted hit year by li.-or.-,
II oil rill" street tia I II llll'slieil. Ill'
who are to
1 ....1 .... ,.vi,.i-i.,. is til .eli.elit S'llieo.
lleiiibt settle- till Wes'eiti an nne K. S. Hall Im
lit. Streets liave l.eeli lam om i n ' " ' f , i.' n v.,,,l ; lt
Hie liht wis. si.lew-alk im I I leiiant 'wne.l b i '.' .::",;"!
t- II '. ):. f ('(I. : HI M'l I. I'll'.""- '
" ' . .. . t .... ...- t,.,,. it I... tV.ll h..y-e on l'i m- sti'.t
selllemelll i-ousisi. ..i . .. ,. '. r I ..ol, S......I,
1 I.... 1 I..- II, n l-ol-I I III 111 IT .1.11. ' in i.i,'
1. ....I ,ne li.i.l 1 nee two tenement i sueel
iiini ii eottau.' house built by llold.-n
Martin. Thus aivommodation have b
. stall. -.1 in l!H".
I most elalKiiale sti ii. tui.
ell j homes tins seas, u and the
-t "t e.l'
-" ' '-..." v v-v:--?
. tit , --1 v. ' i ' ', s' ,Vi i. '
conceived, fmaneed and built, by l.rattle
boro men. The biiildinK "f the colton null
made feasible and neeesHary the reloeiition
of the southern end of South Xbnn street,
which is nearly completed. This will cost
several thousand dollars and is a develop
ment to be included in the buil'lintf record
for the vear. Tlunit-'h there is no way nt
gettinK n'n ncciiriite estimate of the amount
of repair ami alteration work done on
house, stores and industrial plant tin
item will run hitch into the thousand ol
dollars. ...
While the record of 1!U will probably
not be ftiualled for a number of years 'I he
Kcformcr is assured that another industry
of equal iiniKirtanee to the Kurt Dummcr
Mills is likely to be found in the record of
the coming year. There are also reasons
to believe that the dream of Hi att hiborn
people for electric connection with the out
side world will come true and tlmt inside
of five years it will be possible to reach
Brattleboro from the south throimh North
field, Mass., and South X'eiTion by trolley.
This opinion is based upon statements ot
men back of several enterprises in which
the welfare of lirattleboro is vitally con
cerned. , , , 1
The bit? mill. t,le nucleus of the textile
industry which Brattlchnro not only hopes
but firmly expects to see established, has
been completed. -Probably ""i per cent of
the people ef the town have seen the
structure and descriptions of the biiihlitiif
that have appealed from lime to lime in J he
Reformer have kept the lirattleboro people
informed of the progress of the woii,
which started late last May. I he building
is 321 feet in length. 1120 feet wide, and
three stories in height. Its capacity is
35,000 spindles and (US looms. The heat
ing plant is housed in a separate building
as are also the electric transformers. The
company has so planned the structure as to
permit the building of another mill of the
directly north of the present
building, and the chances arc that this en
largement will come in tne near iiiunc.
provided for "1 families i.t the extreme
southern end -of the village.
Estimates have been made that Uratlli'
hero's balance sheet for 1011 .will show
$7.111.1". Ml cxprnilc'l in tne erection "i n.-
buildings, remodeling ol old siruciiucs i.....
.i ,,i..ti,,r. f i.i.iicct bcL'iin in lOlii.
emend stmlv of the various buildings ern avenue
... i :t. .1., rtlff,,uu ..ii jtn. ii rottftire I
S. st,, Vhis" week s.mws lha, i near the CVcan,ry b, , ge ..v.. . I Vr-J
in West liratlleboio, and a
lllioei '..ii"' "'.' ' , .. : ........ ..... , ntti-aetive elL' I -1 oolll
:t.'.L i..,..'l..,l.'.!i.mi'e has been built bv Dr. !. H. 1 f mit.-i
pcriencc'l Wieia-g. . ; i . U.,10 villir'. .lohn O'Con
nor ha loiniileled a four-tenement apait-
eontribiited heavily toward the r.vord
bti'ikilig figures incntinmd above. Mr.
Hail has iilso built a modem milage luuise
on Crosby street and has the foundation
slaited f.ir a bungalow nearby. Kdgar II.
Davenport of West Brattleboro ha- had
two two-tenement houses built on North-
llll.l K. It. W lllellesler im nan
,.ii,.e house built on Western avenue
rcvious to i
ha the time her health failed was a teacher i
car ' iu the Sunday school. Though a wouian i
of varied interests Mr, lavlor let in'in- (
int' interfere with her ehur. h duties and ,
whenever it was ...ihle attended ser- t
vices mi Sumlav. With Mr. lavlor she
i .F..i..t,.n ., ran.... ii number I.t,
The! vear ii"). Slie was deeplv interested
i i,) tin. Kastera Star and was one ot t.ie
built 'ehartcr member of Hingham chapter ot
now i lirattlebi'i". being a past matron ot Unit
At ibodv. in I'.l'iM!!".. she was grand Ice
with turer of the grand chapter of Xeriiunit
mi l the and grand matron in l'.i.'.i-I'.mi. in
v .... I. VI.,., . I,.. Ua il,.. , oiniinltee on lurelgll cor-
.11 .,,..1, .,,.11,, IJIH- i ..t. . ,
are iiuumg the I resiKimlence of the grand eliapt. r.
t,. be erected for During her iidmiiiistratiun ol grand mat
h h.i-'ron .Mr. Tavlor visit.'.i an i in.- . .. -i-'..,-
, ,, , wl it,. and her interest 111 tne
order is shown in the higlilv optiiniMte
report which she made at the annual
convocation of the grand chapter in l!"l
when she went out of otlice. . .
Funeral services will be held in the
parlor of the Brook House at
o'clock tomorrow afternoon. Hev. 1.
K. Trout, pastor of the Universalis!
church will ulliciate ami the burial wi
be in the Tavlor lot in Prospect Hill
cemeterv. The bearer will be a delega
tion of Xliisoiis. The burial service ot
the Kast. rn Star will not be given.
Mrs. Edward J. Shea
Xlaiy tXb-firathl Shea. -n. wife of Id i
waul .'I. shea, dud U'edne-day ni"i n'l'-' al I
!i .J lock in the Kartell hospital at M ui
i l,.w w l,..ie she was taken tl
.hty evening s;;tTei urn Willi an a.-nte itl u k .
ot 'appeinlii in minpliiiitc! with oih i ic
testiiud disonlei-s. An operation wa- !' -
formed Sunday afSeimsin but the ,.. v.'
eiiin held out slwhl hope ! her I'' ."' v
Mrs. shea was born in St. .V.biin.
I2l2 I'-i'.s. a il.iualitet- of Thonnis an I X mi V
Tlinllipsl Xl.-Crath. She wa edu. al-'d m
the p.ifshiid school in that city. He'll M
Watci hiii v. l.. w hen a yoiinit w..;iuiii.
Prom the hitler town she m t. liiiitth-
bom about IS veals ago and for a ntiiii!cr
of years was cinplowd at a waitress at the
Brook. House. On dan. il. ls:,s. she mar
ried l-Mwanl .1. Shea, a clerk in the local
Hi, ,, Ti) them was bom one s n. I'd-
, . ,
wnnl. win., Willi III" lamer, siiimm
Shea also leaves a ncpli.
who has made his lu'iin
Shea sm.-e early
il.lv i
the i
l.ilei.sl :
eh. ml : in"
. I,
I in a Hying m'l
low ii. ' l i - li am v a . al .1
and n dn
I'.-ti.1 I.-Ill
, I'.tiii'im
Kalth. tl e
( i, tm. is ,.
..in:. I'.ei'.
the ,llll..s:
a',1 j- Ih.l
! l. ,.ue II. ,1.1 Ibavell. cl
' l.i.i, e tail. Olailv II. .1 1
' , Veolllb; ...ng. 'IT'.- S'.i
tnoii. B
day f: ..in a 1 w i.-lnotil lis' V i-lt ill Willnitii
t.ii On Tu. .ihiv she lii gall vn.ik for Xlt
.1. j.. St.iel.well.'
W. S. Allen and two . hildn ii. Minerva j
aiijl Mil. .It. lieorge Chiit.hill an.l Haloid
Biehmond of .l.iek...nville have bn re j
,-ellt ulle.ts at li. A. Allen'.
Ch.,r'es Miner was ill Spiingiiell. Ma"-:
oil biislli.- the lllsl "f the Week. IP'
.1 1....- Mi., li. ,,,. Xliner. aeiomliilllleil
hiiii"iilil al ade a vi.it in Athi'l, .Mass,
Ml.. .1. S. Wood, whose lllll'-.- ha pi'-vi
,,n.l.- been lel.oltcd In I he l.elollliel
n.i.lerablv iinliioved and her iter.
The fol-
Piepaic I
Woman", a..", l it i.
. national i Inn. h i
: : ves'.-lday III the i I
. . the forenoon a I ,n i
. llisllilllM WII. pilel.ed
ll "I I in Pol..!. I.
pint Lilly pa. I., d ,.i
i. I nine, pnllow .11.' I h"
ed oil t he pi- 111.-
, . mcel lll ". a. li. 1.1
nllie. I 4 w ere elei ',
I. I!. Xblllli: iie-.,.
- luiaii; sc relarv . Mi
t lea-iirer. .Mis. C. I:
' le.lslll.r l"r liofe n
s I I. II k ; s'.-t etalA I te i.lll
... Xlt. II. C.' II hi;.:
-, I ralin-s I I. her. Ml-. K. P. I
-. A". Il.-nfi. w and Mi-
aopltallt ' ' nlUlllltlee
. rliea.l, .Mi- l-.ilna li..-..
h:. ght ami .Mr-. W. K. Bar
t. : .rux- wa. l;iu-.- iiti't g. uei il
i n every bran, n ,!" the w
, i uellt. l.'eplllts tl. M the St',.
t... showed tnal a I ig.. and ,ii.,,l.,.
i t of work has I -. n a...i.t.ji.h.-l
i . the year and aid h.t !-.-n evteiel.-!
... y to" thi' needy in n.-n'.v !. ahtn -.
: ... v g'Msl surplus i left in I h- tie.--
. iiieh was voted for ili-ti i!.ui ,..n b.
reserve of go's elolhu.L' w:.:. h
!- al needy. A iK.rli.n ..'" the n.-.ri-
i .ted to be used in Siucl. iv ..'i....!
... ,nl another amount r aid at tl...
ii. llattin l.onie. Til'' oee;i:..ti wis ti.
i .ii meeting of the mui iatimi.
Xli. II. I-
i. T
il uithi
.,1 .
im to
XI is
...I Come toj '.lw(
i,elll.l..n: T(l
ig. Bright An.-.
1: i veti i.-e. I'll'
.. .... Hal ion ' it i ne v al l
Was a P. .I l.ill'e stranger
e, llati. lis. 111. b.lt I'llN. P"ll
I Kinily Kay: song. .
id lii.i.lv
Peaee. tbe
l': ' i:il,i Plumu'ier. ha leturncl to Sprmglield.
ni'lus'. I M!' -I -lllg. : I" li."""'. -'"-ait
Si, nth: ...ng. I '..ire While the Bells Ale
I! ng-iu! recitation. Kth.-l li lt: ""ii.
li-- I lill.tlnas St us. IhiL-i-t and Pollald
n.n: rverciso. Th.v l-..l!nw.l th.- star:
.. .,,,!,.., i,n.i i e.l s,... ,i.,.,t
S ii,,. n-.it l.s. ..f P.v. igi. '-n
I it.it loll. lal .l I I. ti f i
of C. .1.
1 P.- sell. ml:
I il. nn I air ami
I l.nini-c Tayh.r: snug.
I i:!t of I. ove. the b."
Him for the
Edward Langille Badly Hurt.
IMw.,1.1 Ijlllgville w as l.lin.sl ls-tw
h.ad of l"g and atl. e M.'lidav
ll... ... a ...lit a nillll.i- "I
I i- In. im- on Puniniei -'on
t uiie.l two fr.t.tiii.sl rib '
..ml several hrui.es Mi.
oiling logs ami had
hauling lb. 'in. II
ell a
tnte noon III
t mile from
lull unit sus
l his left side
Langille was
hi team to 11-r in
w as vvoi King nu a s..-'-.
h.lllk vvhell the shd "lew
off. al"" .iveitiiining the
him against a tne II
Haillev -Mag'f. who v.n
tu Inn horn.
e.ilhsl ill attendali e.
h,i toil as making a gi
1 and tipped him
..i. I vt hn h piiiiie l
was r..eytse.l bv
with him. and
h. ie a pb -ii-ian wa
. Al i.resoiit he is ie
lual li" "i fly.
Alln-e. .Mr.
also guests
The Dak I ! rove
the lamest giowth if one im
Fort. Piimmer Heights m that sun-ui iimou
of the municipality. The bnilding of cot
tage houses in the Oak (i rove section
proper by W. K. Combs. V. A. Cook, Iv M.
Ilohh-n and Tulliclil Barraby conlributcs
to tlie housing accommodations in the south
part of the village. I'pon the caleuliition
that an average family is composed of live
persons, as claimed by the census depart
ment, tT.'i persons can he housed in the
new- structures in this part of the village.
Though opened up for building less than
two vcars ago the section south and west
of the Memorial hospital shows evidences
of the boom which has struck Brattleboro.
The broad field on the 11. (i. Carl; farm
lying between Mr. Clark's buildings on
Pair View street and the hospital was
plotted into house lots and sold over
a vear ago. A street was cut through the
property to Maple street and named Bel
mont nven lie. Development has begun on
this avenue where II. P. Emerson has five
thoroughly modern houses of seven and
eight rooms tinder construction. They will
be ready for occupancy within two months.
On South Main street Charles Xason has
built a two-tenement- house and Hubert
Slehhins a cottage structure. Carl Kkbcrg
and Carl ("iustavson have built commodi
ous homes on Fail-view street and K. B.
Barrows has four cottage houses completed
oirtiir Putriam place in Ksteyville. These
houses are designed to accommodate fami
lies of moderate size. Prospect street has
mcnt on Canal sheet.
There has been practically no building
on .Main street with the exception of the
addition to the Brooks library building and
Hie finishing f the Xlasonic temple on
which work was started last year. The
library addition will not only provide a
large "a lint of much needed room, but
will add greatly to the architectural beauty
of this public building.
Harold Shea,
with Xlr. and Xli.
childhood, a si.t.-r. Xli-s.
Anne TnnncV. of Htcrhiirv. t., ami two
brothers. Pall-irk Xbliralli. who live in
the west and Thomas Xlelirath of Spung;
field. Xla.s. Mix. Sh.-a wa a iiieinbei of
St. Michael's Catholic chun-h and nf the
altar ninety (nntie.-te.l with it. She was
also n meliii er of I'.ii.tilel.oro lodge. N ' I'
ll. P. She wa a woman of amiable
disisitiou, whose sudden death .will
cause sadness beyond the family circle
in which she was so important a factor.
Funeral services will be held at St.
.Michael's chureli tomorrow morning at
S o 'clock.
Death of Woman Prominent in Church
and Society Work.
Mrs. llattie (Barrett) Taylor, 72,
wife of .1. Albert Tavlor, died in her
apartments at the Brooks House at 10
o'clock vesterdav morning of heart fail
ure caused by goiter. She sull'ered an
attack of pneumonia about four weeks
ago but was recovering from it when
her strength suddenly left her Wedties
dav after she had been dressed and
about her rooms the previous day. About
a year ago while visiting in Springfield,
Mass., Mrs. Taylor was stricken with
pneumonia and for several weeks was in
a critical condition. She, however, re-
i l I 1 I.U ....... ..c
covcre.i ner usual ..can . o. ;.-- . IinH . f
tacked with a severe ttiroat amiciioar-" - , ,, . , (,v(mtioiia!
Mrs, Albert Doolittle.
Xlis. Xlarv P. Doolittle. 71. widow of
Allien Doolittle. formerly of Wardshoro.
died at the home of her nephew, lieoige
W. Harris, on Central street. Friday after
noon of a general breakdown. She had been
making her heme with her brut her. .lohn
K. Harris, on High sheet for about three
years hut owing to the feeble health of
XPs. Harris she went to live with her
nephew three week ago. She was I mm in
Xewfane. ,lan. 127, lsiili. and was the
daughter of .losepli and .Mary (Wissell
llariis.) Her education was rei-eivcd in
the Newafne s. limits and at 1212 year of age
she married Henry Morse of Xewfane.
Xlr. Morse died about seven years alter his
marriage and a lew years later XPs. Mmw
marrieil Henry Moore of New fane. Xlr.
Xloore died about four years after his mar-
riatre. .Mrs. Xloore married her third hus
band. Albert D.Hilittle of South Wauls
boro iili v.sirs ngo. lie died five years ago.
Most of' her hie with Xlv. Poulittle had
been spent in South Wardsboro where she
was a member of the Congregational
church. Three children by her hrst hus
band died in early childhood and the only
relatives surviving are her brother, .lohn
K. Harris, and a nct.hevv, lieorge . Hin -ris.
both of Brattleboro. Funeral services
were held Sunday. hen' was a prayer at
the house by Hev. P. K. Iron! ami
Baina X. Pbihi'. i ill with bmn. hu is.
Mm. Khisla S.iig.-llt is ill with
I. lonihl.lt tlo'lble
lr and Ml-, li. I
mas with his p.ieiil. in l.uiltor.1.
l-jlgiir Steven- ha. be. n visiting at .1. K.
Whltakn's in Ncvviaiie this week.
Mr. and Xli. W. I.. Walker entertained
a iiiige party of their t.-laliv.-s over Chu-t-ma.
i;li ',, -,.nt lil.i- ha. lecclltlv I ilk ii a ...
,itien we'i the Ani.-i J. . ii Kpr,--s ""ii-
i any
.Mix. S. II.
visited at '. I
Xlix. and Mrs. .1. C.
last nighl fi a v i.it
Kldpa -.'id Koh.lt II. stock spent Cl.l.'.l
mas at the hum., nt
link sp.-nl ( 'hi i.t-
Davis nf lit . ellliehl. Xbiss.
.. li.iiTiey's and B. S. .Miller'-
liellflew I
in lir.it.
i nrnc.l
ii ami
their gnimil.tt hei-
..ii, I
of llalifa
. w. F.
was a guest
liarllett. over
.. lend is sicii,liiig
hi uil h hi. M-tcr.
XI is
. in
at I he
will hold a
lioine "f XI.
I li 1 1 v
i f his mi
fin 1st mas.
Alton (
South Vci
( 'ushuiiin.
The I haul)
union N' -v I
f lunula', i.n.
f. 1.. lev. ..f Haverhill. Xla.s.. visited
his mother.' Xlix. William Leys, from Sat
urday I" .Monday.
Mr. and .Mrs. Waller Cuslunan of Ver
non svnt I hiistmas with her parent, Mr.
ami .Mrs. f. II. fopeland.
I) M Stoikwell of Soul P lladley. .M.n
i.. siiendiug the weel.
with Ins son,
on Puuiiucrston bill.
I., .f.
I'win Slate tout A: K'ntii'
I... ........,.!,- wo-isl I lie I. si. teller
SiorUrll and K. II. Ilav.-npoit lorrieciiic
light. F. t . I.c Pay's stoic and resi'hn.e
u ill I. wired at an e iily date.
A meeliiig "f the voters of Fin- district
No. 12 will be he'd Monday evening. .Ian. 1.
in Kngiiie hall for the pin pose of electing
ollicei ami n.iiilu. ting any business which
may be brought Is lore the meeting.
Pi- W. A. f hainls rlili leaven Weilnesday
tm- l,'i bom.' ill Was...... Minn. He will Is-
.ireomp.nii.si t" ( Ineago by Ins sister. Mr.
Lii..., II. .!,.., ulm will sln-nd sevclal
months with her son. XI. B. Holton. I
l.afavclte flaik left Wednesday for aj
I. li. f visit wth In biothcr. Fdwaid S. ,
I laih. in Detroit. Midi., en route for In
! home in Oskal.n.!, la., after spending a.
mouth with his pai.-nt, I " ami .n- l- ;
ii.uk. !
Mr and Xli. llarn- .Martin f North- ;
ainpton. .Mass.. Mark AlU-e and Mr., and
Mr.. Paik Holland and daiigliter Doris, ot
T.,v. i,wl.n,l sis-i.t Christmas with tneir
parents. Mr. mid Xlr". T. XI.
and Mrs. .1. S. Xlol-e were
The annual business meeting and election
of ..Hirers of ihe Woman's Benevolent so
,iety of the Baptist i hineli will In- held on
Tlnirsdav alt. riioon of next week at '-
... l.- l. ... the vrsttv. All nienilH't-s of tne
I Near and Farther Lights are lordially in
j vitcd lo ni.-et with the Xlellevolellt s.Mlely.
i NnpiH-r will Is' wived at ' ..'il.s k.
Pining the high-wind hist night a large
limb from a tree in Ml. Mary Bigelow s
vaid wits blown otf ami lodged across the
fence. The weight of the limb broke the
b n.r A limb from one of the tn-es ill .1.
I.. Stockwell's yard was alo blown otf and
lodged ai ross ihe electric wires. Shingles
and slate were totn from roof an.l blinds
were blown at landoiu for several houm.
First f ougivgationul church. Services
tm- the w.ek: Preaching Sunday morning
at pl.iill o'clock by a student from Xlt.
Ilernion. Xbiss. Bible i lasses at 112 o'clock.
Christian Fiideivor meeting at ii.'!"
o'clock. Topic. Things I Want to Do Itet
ter Nevt Vear. Phil, ii :1l2 H. Leader. Miss
Kdna W heeler, f hun h player meeting
Tuesday evening at 7.iUI o'clock.
The funeial of XPs. F. I). K. Stowe. who
died i n rui-dav of last week was held rri
day afl. ino, n at 12 o'el... k at the house,
ill". Western avenue. I!ev. P. XI. Kenc.ton
of Preston. Colin., otli.-iated and burial wil
;,. the West Blllttleholtl ten. el. -ry. The
hearer wele C. K. Pieuti.s. .1. I.. St'K-k-..
. . , . ii. .1 .t-i. .. r... i.
well. I',. . MllglH anil li. I. line. hi. .
XI. Stockwell and Mrs. A. Idle Wincbcstrr
nf Smith Iladli y. Xla.s.. came t" attend the
The Christmas conceit of the Congrega
tional Sunday selu.nl was held in the
church Sunday afternoon at ."i o'clock when
the service, .toy of Christmas, was ren
dered by the children of the school. The ex
ercises comprised songs, responsive read
ings and recitations by Charlotte Knight.
Xlixine Stellman. Vivian Hunter. Delia
Newcomb. Hazel Chase and live little girls
from the primary department. The entire
I lov-ram was pleasing and exceptionally
well relldi'led.
I A icgiilar meeting of Evening Star
ei i g.. was held Tuesday- evening in
P. i :,!,.. hull when the following officer
! w. rc cleete.l: Master. Henry C. Hazel
t u.; u'.erseer, Kdwin H. Brown; lecturer.
F.n,-t Hull; Rtewur.l. Kriu-st K. Hav;
i..ili.Mt steward. Walter C. Hall;
!l,at.li.in, Willis J. Kay; treasurer, V.
li. pevvnes; secretary. Mrs. Abide B.
: Patch; gate-keeper. William A. Knapp:
in-. Mrs. lyenna T. Teniiev; Poiuouii.
Xlr. Augusta Bennett; Flora. Xlrs. Lil
Ibiti. Williams; la.lv ltssistant steward,
!. Ii.lv- P. Kav; trustees of the hall prop
'rtiv, V. V. Walker. K. C. Tennev and
Mr. Abide P. Patch. The next meeting
Will he held Tuesday, Jan. '.. when there
wi'l he nil installation of otlicer..
ii'.t.nn says 121 .Wis! immigrant enb-ivd
..uail.i iluriiig the first eight UK.ntli f the
iir.-nt fiscal year.
The Indians of the I'nitcd State number
,o.", ikiii as compared with 27".i.i in V."
nl i.' i::, mi iii imhi.
In Brattleboro, IV.-. l-a. a .laughter,
Marv Louise, to Carry 11. and ( r.arlcs
I. liigclow.
In Hinsdale. X. H.. Dee. H'''. bv Rev
L. Hill. Benjamin (Jove ot Warren
t.. ,-in.l Miss Pearl King of lliiisdaie.
l'i, Hinsdale. X. H.. Dee, 27. bv Rov
i i'.,h T.eonar. water ur
nine. Xlass., and Miss I-eiui liluuia
l laMttleboro. Pee. 23, bv H"V. P. 11
Trout. Kalph Kdgar Perrv and Mi
Alice Louise Allen, both of P.ratth'bor
t., Hruttlelwirn Pee. Hattie
r...t Ti. wile of J. Albert Tayl.ir.
In Northfiebl. Mass., Pec. Mi
Xl .ttooti Church, lit".
i Wnrdslmro. Pee. 24. E. D. Plimpton
i !t,,..l,l,.T fob. Pec. R Henry
. .mi Putnam, a native of Somerset.
In San Francisco, Pal.. Pec
ward P. Washburn, formerlv
In I'pton. Mass., Pec. 22.
Ibnid Fisher, 25, u native "
1.1. Kd
of Put-
Pr. ion
;' Xcrth-
,.. p;.t,i.,,, Mass.. Pec. 21. WilHann
u-. ii.,..., ?" nntiv.1 of ijon.l..tt.lerrv.
l. lr,.tHT.'..ro. Pec. 2(i. .b'lnl
0 al
ii, Northtleld. Mass., Pec - W G-
I'.!., Wnnlhicott.
, at.... Ar.,sc Ilea. 27. Mis.
II .1111111,1.1,-,
Marv (MfOrath) Shea, 4:..
1 Brattleboro, Pee. 22. Mrs. Mary
, Ihinis) Poolittle, 74.
,, Brattleboro, Mrs. Daisy fMl Keut'
In .lamaica
,,i Noble, 40.
Dee. 21, Mrs. Urace Shcr-
3 KM
Insurance payable in one sum is indeed a great thing. But to make
it payable in monthly instalments, fixed, certain, definite, in such a way
that the housewife may know just how she stands just how much she can
relv on it doesn't have to be a large amount-and make her arrangements
accordingly, that is the ideal way in which to finance the insurance problem.
And the Life Income, which a man thus arranges for his family, is
paid promptly on the first day of every month like a pension or a salary.
There is no attorney or banker to consult, no agent to employ, not a penny
of expense is required to collect the amount. It will be sent by mail from
the Home office of the New York Life Insurance Company once a month.
All a man's wife or family has to do is to receive it from the postman,
when he brings it to the door. This income cannot be lost or depreciated;
it is as safe and sure as a pension from the government. Should every
other investment, which the family might have, fail, this monthly income
would be the one resource, always certain and secure.
The great New York Life Insurance Company with 650 million dollars
assets guarantees this.
Brattleboro Office, New York Life
Insurance Company
Williston Block
during the summer mid from that, trou
ble had not entirely recovered when
stricken for the second time, with pneu
monia. Hattie S. Barrett was born in Hins
dale, jV. P., Oct. L'li, 1:il), one of a fam
ily of nine children of Ora and Anna
(Adams) Barrett, I'ntil IS years of
age she lived most, of her life on the
old Philip Barrett estate about a mile
south of Hinsdale village. When a small
child her parents removed to (Jluilford
where thev remained a year but returned
to Hinsdale. For six years lief father
curried on the Boatman's tavern, then
a popular resort, near the present X'er-non-llinstlalo
ferry. Moving from this
old tavern to Hillsdale village Ora Bar
rett became the proprietor of the famous
old "Checkered House," so-called from
the manner in which it was painted.
At 13 years of age Miss Barrett
came to Brattleboro to live with her
brother, the late Pockliart Barrett, on
Canal street. Aside from the few terms
of school which she attended in Hins
dale her education was received in the
schools of Brattleboro. She completed
her studies with a course in the Brat
tleboro high school. She married J.
Albert Taylor of Brattleboro in Nov.
1847, and shortly afterward Mr. Taylor
bought the house now occupied by E.
Wales. For a number of years Mr. and
Mrs. Taylor lived there anil moved from
that place to the Hooker building where
apartments werebnilton the second floor,
jover the present Houghton & Sinionds
Xewfane where sen-
chureli. The Key. Carter, pastor ot
church olliciated ami the burial was in
Xewfane cemetery beside her children.
G. B. Tucker Fined $100.
Judge X R. Daley in municipal .court
Saturday afternoon rendered a decision of
guilty ill the case of State vs. lieorge 1!.
Tucker nf Lirattlchnro chained w-ith killing
a deer illegally during the recent hunting
season. The statute imposes a penalty of
$100 and costs for such an offense but an
appeal was taken and the ease goes to the
county court. The case was heard at Town
shend' Friday afternoon before Judge
Daley. State's Attorney F. K. Barber ap
peared for the state and Hubert f. Bacon
was attorney for the respondent. The state
claimed that Tucker killed two instead of
one deer as allowed by law. alleging that
the killing was committed in Toiyjishend.
The second deer, which the state claimed
Xlr. Tucker shot, was claimed by Mr.
Tucker's companion, Cuspar Moran of
Brattleboro, ami by Mr. Moran reported
to Game Warden V.. XV. Hadlock of XVest
Tovvnshend at the time of the shooting.
Evidence was introduced to show that the
animal was shot by Mr. Tucker. In im
posing sentence Judge Daley expressed
liimself in favor of the prosecution of ille
gal hunting. j
Tibet has started a movement fqr in
dependence by driving out the Chineto im
perial troops.
. - - - W-
v-.. ... V I i
f ' Ass; - .ruV '
.... 1
V -
t i)liA rf.
i i'.- i t - -' - -
v--,"'W'W?i?! J
W. H. Cheney returned yesterday to
Brooklyn after lending several days with
his mother, Mrs. Jennie M. Cheney.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Stockwell spent
Christmas in Greenfield. Xlass.. at the
home of their son, P. B. Stockwell.
Miss Florence Warriner of Hyde Park.
Mass.. is expected today to sjiend a week
with l ev sister, Mrs. M. K. Chambeiiin.
Mrs. D. W. Pindell of Baltimore. Mil..
came Wednesday for an indefinite stay
with her daughter, Mrs. (i. B. Hunter.
Mr. and Xlrs. H. li. Perry and son and
Xlisa Helen Morgan went to Ludlow Satur
day to spend several days with relatives.
Calvin Harris-. Who lias been ill with a
bronchial trouble for two weeks, is re
ported as being more comfortable at
Mr. and Mrs. K. B. Thomas of West
Guilford entertained all their children anil
grandchildren Christinas day. The party
numbered 11).
Miss Mildred. Copland returned Satur-
A Christmas social and entertainment
for the Conmt'gational Sunday school was
held Saturday evening in Academy- hall.
The affair was in charge of Miss Edna
U'h,., .I,.,- ami Miss (ila.lvs Stellman and
proved a thoroughly enjoyable affair. Two i('F
lives were laiicn wnn guts nun iiceon-turns
and exercises appropriate to the ocension
were rendered by the junior classes of the
school. A snow-balling contest with Santa
I bins caused considerable excitement and
enjoyment and was a novel feature of the
Baptist church, Bev. E. Stacey Harrison,
minister. Residence ,TS5 Western avenue.
Services for the week : Church prayer meet
ing this evening at 7"0 o'clock. Sunday
at 10.iS(l a. m., sermon by the pastor. Sub
ject. The Son of Deliverance; Bible classes
at 12 o'clock. Evening service at 7 o'clock,
the subject of sermon, which is to be a
New Year's sermon, will be, Gains and
losses, or the Year s Balance Sheet. The
church prayer meeting for next week will
lie held Wednesday evening instead of Fri
day and will be followed by a special busi-
i 'l
1 tlie ' 1
In rn in Tll , Ini'lin ' " . 1
-About 75 members of
,,nii, rv. X. 1.. IU If""
Christmas day to .1"'" v.iniiicnt
to tlie
i.id Master. XVilliuni
a . in
ell XI
i . .....ii-rei
" . , ,., e t u"'- .
e . . t
The atteii'i-
. li .' A.lnnlS.
:1 a soio nv x. ----, , ,.,
ine largcai ." -
nn-e v.'v ;-: fi ,, .,
lave in the history ol v.-
Kate P. O'Connor is, mayor of A r-
,lia. an Illinois boom row'" ,aie
111 IL MIUI f :
flprunff up
executive was
recalled" and t
and she hasJVabi-
main ciecieu, '." , ",,(Tra"ist l'i""
office. She njr effe ct radical re
net and promises to
sunnr THANKS.
w ...J.tothO.'..n
We desire to wpr?? ""I SS"f the
,tTih.,tl ny """""f, 0f our loved oW
floral offerings at the funeral o ptDWa
V ert Brattleboro. sopn

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