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The Brattleboro reformer. (Brattleboro, Vt.) 1907-1912, December 29, 1911, Image 5

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Accept our sincorr good wi.-i.i- for
TWELVE we lui'c it will I). ,i hup
py, prosperous one.
Our sill-'
on which we haw reduced prices
from 20r to 2o'r, will enable you to
dress prosperously and perfectly t
cost figures.
$12 Suits and Overcoats, $10
$15 Suits and Overcoats, $12
$18 Suits and Overcoats, $15
$22 Suits and Overcoats, $18
Always Reliable.
Wc Imve a IiiiiiiImt "f '"
'Lcjishitiio Luminal a." I"'
ilolh whii li wc will wile a- po
while they la-t, to lirw nr
i lilvis payilltf one el' I"
.I..V. They Mie veiy iilli i. m.
M'lliliK I'm "" n'ltl each, but '
Iiml It spe, l.'l fililimi hound i'!',
coiy siiIimi ilirr who w i-ln - c
can' five, by f imply i.iiiitf a
! ln'.
l that
I ill
Slili-iill ei wishing t'i li iv' 'hi
ll,..,!; s, lit I iv mail. Iiut-t . M I" "
f.- nftaj!i' : L 1 1 I WT.Ipl ill'.'.
'I'll., :i,l imirneil iiici linu of the Moth- I
udot Si ii.lit V school hoalil will lie held
l i,' i. inter inceiinu toiiieiii. i
- 'I I.e.
Illrrl III'.
a. ii,
Belief i-
ti. A. I;
ii dull.
I" ii., in
lUcniuv ,
(ial in.
- TI.,-
K ni;:hl
inn w us ,
Si-h-ci in;,
Irf'O rutin
The lloiikrr, Corner i Mitchell far
tiny will l.e ii.en mi Jan. J,
Th. i.t.vi l,i ti... ;..u ..i i ;
. was li well iittoii'lod ww i n;; mii ml to ! uiveu l.v I ti hum chapter,
.I'theWi iii'i" Belief corps in II. II. S will l.e hrhl l.i III., Masonic
hall vcnlcrdiiv iiftcriinou. temple V eilm S'lav c minu .Inn. :.' I.
,f the iilliiirs nf the Woman ' ! -Suit Was lunuyht rstri,iiv l.v At
il tire reipiostr.l in meet in torncy A. ', j hwenk for the Vermont
,.ill I'l iiliiv ' i liitiy, .Inn. .1, fur National haul, tu ic.ovcr tl.ioii due mi
ii linle jitvcii he C, II. Iiaveui.nit, ,1.
I.. Martin li h, I '. i:. i rnwoll ,lul .'I,
I'.i.i.'.. .Imle Martin nii.l Mr. ('rowell
Were rmloisris inr Mr. I.nwnpoit.
- The next regular no'i-liiiy i.f the
Woman ' chili will le held Wr.lni",iav
nit. ri ii mi. I will I..- in the n.ituie of
a "ni'ial meeting. A e,.n, ,r,i)-'i-iiin, in
I'lu.liiii" reu.liiis l.v .li Mary u, will
he t;i en iiml ten M-n ed. It is es ei'i'illy
lexiieil that there he a nalherin;. tnetii
el' of nil meiiiln rs t'ur in nun'mluni'i' 11 n 1
-in I . i I it v.
ame uf 1'ntiie'u I'leiniii!.' has
,,ne. in . nun, -i t inn W illi the
, i t he linard uf ,i leet men
the detith of t'hairiiiuu John
. a. -i' a.lvel 1 ii .1 hv t he
.1 l ol ii in I at v e.llieMMav evetl-
Hi , i iii'j
.l.,liu lialviu,
I. K. of '.
t he dent a of
I uiemlier of
Bratticbovo Local
Advance Class.
1'y e,lle-l I u ill k'iM' telill ol lv w; ' :
in all the lal'-t dune, i niiimeiii-in.' T i--
ihiv eviliiiiL'. Jan. 'J. til-ant:,' hall. T. "
.r.."ll ii pin.il. V.. W'al.i. leu liei'.
Kl'NKIiAL )II!K( TOILS. J'Kind Son.
17 Main St., liiattlehoro. 1. 'ri'hplnii.e
.1... .... Mi.l.t ooi I MasA.ii-hllHef N.
V.'.h. 1 tiiini, uhit-e jtn.l erniont. VM(
ill'.' ill tile i ,.'
wan H'-ii
.d:iv se'ii.i..
, W'e.liu -ia . i
thil.l .'.',,.;,
St.iliiw m,. v
I - A n.-n ,i.
i d in the i:
tins, (id. I v ,
,lav a 'i,t,.i
to tnc the
onei rend,
I.e illu-'iat.-l-rnuiam
, M-leet ii.le. I
n i t ist s,
- The rain
mam from mi a,
and i!.i-i-r ;, i
hut it w ai i
,rrlilii w i t,' : ,
ti il.ute.l t In .. '.
j ifr. I tiirina t l,e
i dren H ere enl,
'older nii'mheis ,
A short ,r,cr:in, .
was irei lite. I i
; M isK t il l t rude I'
of the
for v.
i!tlt iolllll
nil ii.-i'oiint of 1
he uieitlll
niiiir, .Ian
in I'r. St
,.iv Tel leu
Still V 'feller
lues, lav e
ehereh inn hn
II I,'
.Ii.i.ll 'm
Will III
le i I
'II the
I, no' .
ftli. I-
The lonlii-r.v
hi'h M-hiiol
i.'e" of the
II Let
el.'i i - to he In I I 'li
hihoiniorv under the
!i alt I, 'horn Woman '
I'li.l.iv, Jan. a. The a!
i 1 i.re is to I,,' ii'au'jnr it
' t heat i r l-v t lie pronrie-
1;. i h i . I New Ve'ir 's
.. ; t ..l.i wiM l.e install,' I
, e of a -i, host, and the
mi thi lli-t niH'el t "-'II
t i"
sun I
f I'M,
t ie
Hiiy. The
lis o .el;,ti.'
, d ' i.n. !
I u' eM'Ui ny pre rut
the I hi istmas t'
,. 1'niversalist r li u r 'i I
I tliat a'.a.llt I "
s.-nt w hen niitn d's.
1 1 --n ii tree ni ter s'H'-
;iasr the small ehil
,1 one talde nnd the
i. , pnrtv at nuother.
t' 'laiM,- ii nd reeitation-i
i.d.-r the ilireetion of
i ii el:isM' will he"in at 'J.:!'!, and
the I'M trnu i'l; at 7. Mr, nliw
i at hi rhi ad liawhins ol prin'.rli,'l,l,
Mass., who taught eool.er lute two
venrs ayo. will he the inst i mtor.
1'iiriny the heavy wind late ve-l.'l-liav
atteriioon ii laie hireh tree near
t he residei,. e of t '. K. Jun.'S mi Washin
tl.ll street Has l.hiwn onto the i ri s of
the Twin Stnte Has A Mli'trie iiiiui.any
hut it was eleated awav without it:
terriii'tion to the liejit ini: m-rvi'e. The
X. K. Telegraph and 'lelephiitir eoiu
pa.iv's lines in the neii;hlirh,id i,l
teeuliild sipl'ire.l heavilv t'roiu the
The Nev. l'litdnn Auxilinrv will
I tm el with Miss Klhn 1 1 err irk on IMIhil
'-tr.it lhi I'Miiina lit 7,i!i nVloeh,
- Monday. Jan. I, the po'telllei' will
l,e open triuii 7 a. in. until 1- m nnd
j 1 tti eiirtiels will llinhe the iiiorninu de
liverv onlv. Alter Jan. I the enriiers'
j niinhnv will he n II i M'l y i-venitt t r.i'-i
; 7..IU p. in. to s p. in, iiuly,
i llurina the holiday season interest
: in the l.owlinif touriiaineiils lit the M.i
sonie temple hmi luwd nnd only n few
of Miie seiiii liuul iimtehes h:iM' hei il
'lolled ill the eltuillnpilis. The liij. pin
I tournament has not (;otteu under way
hut with the holidays past it is eXneted
iiml the toilers will ii't to work.
! - lialph Kdnr 1'errv nnd Miss Ali.-e
Louise Allen were in anie, I nl I'l uVhn h
atni,iv mnruiui! nt the Inline of the
I. ride 's 'mother. Mil L'Hn Allen nt l-'J
i'A estetu tiM iiue. Hev. I. K, Trniit, pu
'ior of the t l'iu ersiilift i-lnireli of
li.'inli il and onlv the immediate relatives
were present. Mr, I'eirv is son of Mr.
an, I Mrs. .lames Peri v of t eutial street.
Mo is I'lniJnveil as 1 1 1 il i it i u :l I ma engineer
tor t li u St. I.miis Ciiliniihiik l.imp rtiin
P'lttv. Mr. mid Mis. I'eny were ia,ii'
fled t'roiu the I'.rntt lehoio luith sehmil
in oo'i nnd Inter he took h rotirM' in th.'
Wnr.e-ter (Mass.) rolvteehnie institute,
iitdiiatiu Irmu there ill pni'.i. Mi.
I t'i rv has laeii mi emphne in the of
hie l.f T.. L. Ilihlleth J. f". After It
'hurt weddili!.' trip tlll'V ex pee t to lull ii,'
their home in Sprinejiehl, .hi".
"II le.
I'.. Wales ynvo his inid-wint
I'eplioii to the pupils of his adult
t n if rhiss in timiiue hall Tuesday ev
from s to 1J o'ehiek. TTie ehiss.
heriio' Mi liui'ils. showed in
'There were Kl'l eonples on the llnor
Wales's orehestra fiitnished nin-ie. Mr
Wnles w ill start his ndvaueeil idass Tues
day cvenim; nnd the reiiiMiuih-r of tin
;eourse for these pupils will l.e riven to
Failinir iht for rfdinir or writing purposes In
middle and elderly life.
Not at all. if attended to when first noticed.
Convex glasses correct this failing if properly
Our glasses are an inexpen
sive luxury in such case.
VAUGHAN & BURNETT, Optometrists
Sign "The Big Clock"
17 Main Street. Brattleboro. Vermont.
I I, -liiilil.' nt"'
luiriKise of s
hi ,
. elaimed to he due.
Ilohert 11. Coodhiie, jnanci tuner and re- '(.mjn , ...,, .,
itiirer. IL' lliirhhmd street, liiattlehoro. .,.,;, ;1M,.!
l't. 'l'hone, otiM lli. :iS l1 T'he nintplaint is t,.n
A vulunlik' sutuestioti for the wedding
present i a Xutting idiotoyrnph from
LTnpp & Jones.
Brattleboro, Vt.
The lilnnrv will he rinsed J in. I
and 2 for repairs.
Key. J. H. (low will emnluit the
chapel service lit the lietre.'it Sunday
afternoon nt .T o'clock.
The rejiular tiionthly session of the
prohate court will he held tomorrow
before Jiidf;e A. 1 Sehwenk.
At the union service in the cut re
Coitcreynt ioiml church Sunday eveiiinit
the specinl collect inn amounted to over
Sunshine society, Branch, will hold
its annuiil Christmas entertainment at
the town farm Friday, Jan. .. nomji to
West Br.ittlehoro on the car that leaves
I'rnspect hill nt l.l") I. in.
The members of St. Cecilia's altar
s,.i..tv of St. Michael's Human Catholic
i lturcli are asked to attend in a body tin
,( Itrattlclioro has
,ii it v against I'atriek
aid.- I.'aiidoll for the
wer assessments
The ninoiiiit nt the
fin and the one
amounts to ii".
The nintplaint is founded on section -iH
of the Arts of inn's win. h muhrs a sewer
assrssiiient a lien upon property next
to taxes. The bill, are brought by At
torney M. I'. Iavis and have I n tiled
in the olliee of the ...iintv clerk.
1 - The follow-in..' sporti'ii! item from j
tie Hartford t'outant uf I'ec. -Hi is of
; it'tcres
I of tin
of the
IH ifectini: the work of the first pint of
the term and to lenruiiiu new ballroom
DcitU of H. H. Putnam, a Former Resi
dent of This Town.
I Mis. 11. I . Sutra I ami Ml . I.tt: tin
....... - i . . . .- .i... i. ...i.
.lane- 1 'titlte l.n.r n-erivrn ic-ms ,M Mn- i.,rn
i nitio th. if broil., r, Ib urv llarri'on i : in. in
ss. ti ii hi - ; I'i.iiI Irr, ( ol. Win n a jmiim man. -Mr.
lifieiicv. : Putiiatii livil in this town The P'lVw-
in,; i.. a l.ri'-l sketch id hi-" life lak"ii from
th" Daily ( 'mucin of B'iu.e .
li'-urv llarri.-nn l'itt until was l"tn ill
Soiiier-ei. Vt.. Ami. '.!(. nil was
ope of eleven children, nf whom ntdy "ii'
litnMcr, S-iliiev, of lieilford, Iowa, .-ur-vivi's.
lu -iihs tlie two sisp rs iiii iitiiiiie.1.
1 -ri ' . . i.. . ... ... i.: 1.. V..r
, i i e i ai i i i' i oi n I tin- a s ... ... . . -
will now lo made on our
ink Suite,
for t lie
Parlor Library Den
and Bedroom
T!u- Designs arc Xt-w ami Attractive.
Cabinet Work ami Finish the 15esl.
In Solid Mahogany, Fumed or (.olden Oak.
A cut now means a hi
voit will pay next spring
Furniture are sure to be higher.
when prices on
saving on
Everything for Housekeeping, Brnttleboro
"T'V ,"i''i r''-'el!'r , "'" .'''".-"r ! """I' l'iere. at the tin f the Civil War, I
h'rhekah o. hie 1 uedav eveiini'' the lol 1 . ,. , .e r.i . s.i. :
Iimtnir ollicers were elected: Noble , "'' !'." " " , "
.irund. Mrs. I. I. I'.ailev: vice iviiid. j ltm "Vre he sen i, t I irmW
s. ... . . ..... ' . m... et.li si.ri. ills illness eotillM'lusl Ills rellirtl.
.MIS. I lorence ,'iui'f; srrreiar.', .ois. - , , ,. ,
Nhiii a tier i lie war ie wetu in iiiiinns mm
Alice Landry; tinaneial secretary. Miss
Minnie llrown; treasurer, Mrs. Ida liil
son. The appointive ollicers will Pr
iinnied nt the installation which will be
on a date to be named by the district '
( In istin.is in Sax-
that it iiinei-rns a inenilier
r.tattleboin h:i-eb:ill team of
"Silent .Inn' II. nan. formerly j
(.' tenm of Smith Manchester,
Brattleboro Custom Laundry
54 Elliot St. Tel. 222
MRS. W. F. HCSSKLL, Proprietor
Farmers, this will be
Cotton Seed Meal
4000 bags of the different brands
from $1.55 protein test 38','. to $1.63
for 41 to protein test. You are
receiving benefit of our shortage in
room and trying to avoid paying de
murrage. E. CROSBY & CO.
Wholesale Hour and Fe. d
e ...1 ..t t, V .1 Shell Winch Will I'"'.'"
. 1 lllll'IiH VI ' - I..-.I-1V
take place in tne eiiurcn irauuui i"'"
; in at 9 o'clocU.
j At n siecial meeting of Fort Iuin-
tner colony, rilrim l-'athers. in ti. A . li.
I hull T uesday evenmjf. soerai i-iuii" '
iw-ere initiated. At the regular meeting
jTui'siliiv evenintf a program w ill he iven j
'iin.l ret'reslinientrt served. 1
I j v ('old, lias sold his interest in 'i,;,., nttracts so ntanv peo '
the Mosli'er & Cobb livcrv business tolin, ,.v, iviine wishes to id
I Arthur Mosher of Keene, X. H. ! K-ltinie. The public is invited.
IMosher remains in the business mm
'wili have the manaoeiuent of the stnble.
I.Mr Cobb will devote his attention to
I timber and wood lots w hich he has re-
I ...tntlv iilirellused.
-s-The rear of the Leonard & lioess
tobacco and eitir store lias underaone
alterations this week to accommodate
the eiuar inauufactiiriii).' depaitment
which is to be moved from the second
tloor of the huildinj.' to the first. The
onnrters on the second lloor will be- iv-
eii up the h'ist of the couunjr year.
Il.-ll.. V'l I..r. Im.Iv, llssistllllt StCW
.. ...i ,iti.,i useil'Marv K. Wilson: pianist, Mrs. i.ertrn.le
I '"o ? -.l'" ''T a'V'?'."'- ::". ?. Hi s.,,li". The men of the L'tan
on Nov. Kh isiis he inarrii'd Corneha A.
(Tlaliiliellain of Auilioy, 111. 1'mir years
later tin y moved to Taylor enmity. Iowa,
where tli'ev resided for :s years. In l.Vtl
It hev inovttl to liedl'ord, Iowa, in order to
At the meetintr of Valley lod-e. No. Icive tlnir children better educational
11!. K. I'., Tuesday evening the follow -. j ailvaiitaurs. In April. l'.tlO, the family
inu' ollicers were elected: Chancellor I movi'd to Ifoiil'ler. t ul., where .Mr. t HI -Comniaii'ler,
.1. A. Hundley; iccchau- le.nn ,,ipe, to recover his impaired lualt II.
eel lor, '. L (iibhs: kecpiT of records 'i',j wj, W,S not n alized as be failed
and seal. K. I. Wilson: muster of linitiice, I tt.;11jv ,llti ,s Dee. IS. Tin
licorae Hurton: master of eM'heipier. l iM w.n, ((im , Nlr ., Mr- j.,,,.
Jesse WmMlhury: .'relate A . ,ow ; I ( ,v ,11)01,
master at arms, II. (t. ITaisted; innstei , "" . . .. , ,.-..:...
of work. II. I', .lav: trusters. K. W. fiib , w'dow ami thr follow lit ; h i .- n - inn.
sou. W. II. (inv nnd II. K. Harris. The .lason 1". and Mrs. - hl. h of licl
next iii.i'tiii- will be Wednesday even- ford, la ; Mrs. .(u, I-.. Mason of ak
iii". Jan. in. ectiey, Kan.; Irvinu I:., pa-ti r of Albany
,, ,, , ', ,. vv.i I'ark Mrthodist chureh; Charles II., pas-
a'.ainst W. A. lieaman to restrain hitu (l.liaco; C lyde ( . siiH'r. lite dent ol
from representing that he is emplove.1 schools in Annoiir.S. I).; l'slit' K., pastor
bv the MiUiniiiu company or from selling of the Methodist cliurcli of t ianey,
directories in territory where he is a Mont .. al.-o director of music atMontana
competitor of the Manninir company. , eslevan l uiversity at Helena, Mont.,
iThe latter coiicern allcucs that Heiinian. ! a!1, Stella 1!., who lives at home and is a
!a former employe, has been sei'iiriiif 1 "( ,.)1,1,,ri, i tl. Cliiversity of Colorado.
Isubscriptinns and advertisements in '. H . jf1i memorial service was held
illrattlcboro and vicinity for a directory tj ( , ,, (lf f) iimll(.r
, There are views of the L'tant tr ot I -"-' , , (, ,. hy n, Kirs( . ,j,t rliur(. Dr. K. 11.
jthe iii'iusiries like the oran.e pear and . , !' ., , 't I iVrrester, pastor of the M. C. chi.rcl. of
,rape. All the sl.des i.re -olored nii.l '" ' r" r , p f , , . j li.mld. r. A male quartette saint two
very beautiful. n turtiier comiiieiit is -At the .tiiniial nn'etinj; ol Lrattli" . .1, mi. The service was
necessary, because the state ot aliior- i,oro lo.ly.'. 1 . i;.. Heunes.iav ee. ! i'-'" ,,..,. .,.,... tl,,.rs by 25
:,,u1,i:,rPasTwar:hm:'A:i..Ni;h,.i;ro si: f,.r
u-ur.l.,11 I, I- l i: vice-wiir.len. .urs. liiMiorn. lowa. i nr mi ('
Julia Craves; ynide. Arthur l-.llis; sec
retarv. S. W. Knight; fiiiancinl secre
tary, Mrs. Kiln K. llerrick; treasurer.
Mrs. Kl li'ti Miner; chaplain. Mrs. (iraee
l.nrrabee; guardian. Mrs. Hlanch Udd
er; sentinel. Ixitus Stafford; trustee for
three vears. 1'. W. Chase; trustee for two
! years.' Mervin .1. Lnraliee; decree mas
jter If. K. Harris; fiist representative
!to "1111111 Indue, A. i. Xichols; second
I representative. H. K. Harris: first alter
'nate, K. K. Lvnrh; second alternate, II.
i.tere.l in the State I'.a-I.etball leaiiue.
was iii ntteii'lam e at the Hartford itume
in the silk town on la-t 1'ii.lay eveninir.
hen lloran walked it.ln the hall he was
-n.n one of the finest receptions that
ii popular plaver has eier received. He
oi, Id have rotten into the name with
l is old teaininntes had it imt been for a
h ti'j journey from Wasliintim that he
had iust iiiiiler-ione and he was ill no
coii.i dion to plav a hard nine."
- i nlifornia will be the subject of the
store, ipt icon lecture at the 1'niversalist
church Sunday eveninjr at T o'clock. The
1.... ..Ill ..i.e..- the many Itilints nil, I
S.l, i.f interi-st. oh. r.. I views will
iittiniiL' the inanv -i:lin. tne
ssions. San Kran, is.-o. Santa
i Harhaia, Saeratnelito. San Jose, Mont
'erev. I.os .Vntreles, 1'asadeiia, the scenic
iwiiii. lers of the famous Vnsemite valley.
in llo
The annual meeting of Protective;
'yraiiL'e "as held Wcdtiesdny eeiiin and
.the followiiii; ollicers were elected: Mas
ter. Mrs. I.ucv W. Sarjient; inerseer, '
Mrs. Alice M. Snaiililini:: lecturer, Mrs.
Bessie It. Knowlton; steward. Mis. Cola
.... ..... .-.I Ms. 1. 1.. M
i . a orsi" assistant sien.u'i. ....
. . , .... 'el... H....I
I wi re artistic ami appropriate, nm
! service and interment waa in Hedfortl,
i la., Friday, Dee.
(irant: chaplain Mrs. J. A. I. rant: treas
urer, F. I. Weld: secretary, Mr. Maver
etti' A. Fisher; uate-keepcr, Mrs. Ada (.
Niles; Ceres, Mrs. Harriet II. Tucker;
I'nnw.iifi Mrs liiihv Wells: Flora. Mrs.
iissistaut stewaro.
Professional Cards
St. Telcnli'ine
block. Hours, 1.30 to
n, Vormi.nt. a,u ;.,
9 a. m., 1 to 3, and 7
DR. W. H. LAKE, off.
Main St. Office in
afternoons until 2.30: ,
T-VR. O. B. HUXTEIt. WilTiston block, over
J-' Pcotts ETOCC!'
6.30 to 8 p. in.
DR. H. P. GREENE, Physician and Surgeon.
Office, Bank block. Itotirs. to 9 a. m.,
1 to 3, and 7 to 8 t. in. Residence, 37 Green
St. Telephone connections. .
Th.IVCONXOR; M. U, Smse m and Gyne
cologist. Hours. 1 to 2.30. and 7 to 8 p.
Sundnvs bv amnnnl'neiit. t'''11-6 ana resi
dence. 18 North Slain Pt. Tclcpm-ne, 2bl.
v. r T.vxfirr. srMon. mce, Araeri-
'mn Bnildina-. Hooiri 3 and 4. Brattleboro,
Vt. Tel., 540. Hours, s to 1 to 8 and
7 to 9 p. m. Rundavs hv appointment only.
D..M.nra S Don a I SI 'Tel.. 41-28
,111 .101111 . ' " s. -,- . .
e: i 4.. ii. ". rni-niMi Satnrdav
wniCIl comr i" ....-..'- - .
Jan li is said to be the most elaborate
'and' expensive ever used for a similar
I iniriiose. The settniL' is culled the Kadi-
1 im I'nlace. n. belittinir title, because ot
- - . .. 1 i .... .......
the appropriate costumes, nun me
ions nnd powerful calcium and electrical
effects used thereon. This is the only
'setting of the kind in use by a minstrel
oroaiiization as the cost of same prohib
its the average manager from investing
the amount ot eaiital requircn.
At the regular mectinjr of Qiionekta-
icut tribe of Ked Men last fritlay r ie
followinn chiefs were elected for the
icomiii; great sun: Suchetn, Fred 1 .
(Turk; senior sagamore, John Bolliger;
junior sagamore, George Whitney; proph
'et, C. It. Simonds; chief of .records, II.
WW Bogle; keeper of waniiuin, K. L.
Parker; collector, Charles lirockington;
.trustee for three years, C. 15. Sinioiids;
jlst representative to great council,
(Tiarles Brockiiigton ; 2d representative,
'i-t.,,,.,.., a Tii'iielioll .'td venresentative.
residence, 8 Grove I Ashton Taylor; 1st alternate, if. L.
,8. Ofl,e. Leonard ('lark; 2d alternate, FVank Strong; .id
alternate, (i. A. Collins.
Kusel (iregwnre, employed by Oil
man & Son as a teamster, received a
fracture of the skull Saturday after
noon while unloading logs in the mill
yard of the S. A. Smith company. The
nccident occurred about six o clock. As
the teamster was rolling a log onto a
skid the skid suddenly Hew into the air
and ciime down upon (Iregwnre s head
rendering him unconscious for several
minutes, (i. K. Oilman was notified ami
I 1 ..4. 41... en..,. A .. f'.l.tr n.illlltea llftCC
.liriveu hi me s. i-n.3 ............. .--
the accident. The injured man was taken
to his home on Birge street and an ex
amination by Br. F. H. O'Connor showed
that the outer piare oi me skuu a.-.
gave an elaborate supper at o..,", me
supper beiiiL' reiplired of the deteated
side in a program contest held between
men and women. Mrs. Mnrv Wilson
f I read an original poem.
Daisy Dell Kent, -'il, wife of liil
belt II. Kent.
I.r,.ll,..r .1 I;
S'.inr.liiv iiltrriioon following an opera
uhiel, she underwent in the Farren
I ,i .Mniita.'iie. Mass.. Oct
and 7 t 9 p. m.
Office nnd residence
:, .g Biiiik. aoura. s to
i 8 p. m.
and residence, 32 N.
,.g' JlorniiiirB until :
ininira until 8. Tel.430.
fiUco hour-,. 1 to 8 p
tt, sidencc. We st Brattle
T0RDAN & SON. Optometrist- r'1,ice-, IE'1.'"
- St. Specialists in the correction oi aeiecuve
vision. Examination. 9 to 12. a. m. 1.30 to 6 p. m.
EveninltB, Monday and Saturday. 1 Social
appointments at your convenicni lel.HJM. tr
D'lTMILLElCHwker bWOrttle
boro. Oflice hours, S tojj. 10 - a 30 tQ 8
STO. O. WHEELER, osteopathie physi
cian, 10 Crosby block. Office hours, 10 to
12 a. m., 2 to 4 p. m. Other hours by appoint
ment. Telephone connections. V Spruce Bt.
. R. NOYES, M. D. Eye, ear. nose and throat.
I m l I tn B. Wednesday and Saturday
evenings. Other houre and Sundays by appoint
ment. Appointments for glasses nttmg made by
-..llnvlalMthnnp Inurinan Bldff 45tf
TiR. C. 8. CLARK
Jur Brattleboro.
r,;.t. Wiiitnev block.
TOHN E. GALE, Attorney at Guilford,
Vt. i'eiepnone, auj.
TTiarrrx'S a SOHWFWK. Attorneys
istvia as oijiiwr.iiv, "--s... -
Counsellors at Law.BrMtleboro, Vt.
T7VRANK E. BARBER, Attorney at Law.
J- Koom t. crosoy iiiock, ""'' ' "
ROBERT 0. BACON, Attorney at Law.
P-iom 18, Ullery Building. Brattleboro.
- rv inv P. DAVIS. Attorney t Law. Suite
ti . .:' .
in, uiiery nuiiuin
FnntfTT m Real Estate and
investment: notary nilblic. 01 Slain St.
BARROWS & CO., Wholesale and Retail
Dealers in Coals of all kinds. Office,
S Stain St., Brattleboro.
MORAN CO., UndertakeTsT 19 Slain street.
Telephone, 354-2. Brattleboro, Vt. 86tf
Katharine Dunlevy. Rm. 6. Crosbr Blk. Tel. 81-12 ' tion has made good
i i,n,.i q. tr.M nf the bio- water main
rttnnin" from the reservoir on the blult
inst north of the Fort Dummer SIill to
the mill was washed bare during the
heavy rain F'ridav night and early Sat
urday morning. The ditch, which wns
freshly filled Into in the fall, was reopen
ed for some distance, but the damage
was discovered before water undermined
the main sufficiently to cause the joints
to hrenK, anil a loicc ui im-u
41, 1,1.. Tl,n amnll vivilll't. tllllt,
jllll'll LUC null.. .,v ,
.i 41... l.lll rti iha reservoir in
runs uowu uie iii'i X.....4 ...v. - - ---
wet season became a orooK or goou-si.eu
proportions and for a time the
liropoi liona i.'i.i ....... - . -
' '.,..4- 41. of It mn int-n thfi boiler
Citllic so last, ..
room at the mill. The reservoir is used
to fill the pipes of tliefire sprinkler sy
An occasional visit of a minstrel
musical comedies, the stately presence tion tioam ano me sr.ti.e oi ""'
and sparkling conversation of the inter- the last named given for the estabJihh
f"..4 Jl ' ' :,L,i ..ffu. tn him. while L,at. nf a school of Pedaso'-v. One new
locutor anpeal restfully to him, while
the familiar quips of the end men are
Isji. . i... i I :,, llc.ltleliin-o on V tlirce
j.-'oe it. hi mi-,' "4
-Krnest A. Todd, employed bv the V w"B';,lr,; in The.ford.
II. .irant tirauite roinpan.y. went to " , Vf :, v SsL, ,eiug a daughter of
home in Fit zw illiain. X. It., t rulav to i ' ; it.rv uml Delia (I'ntnam) Van-
mi i nristni.is. i uur .,"i"
Miss Shirley Piifiiam of HrattlelK.ro is
spinding the 'holidays, with relatives in
Mr. ami Mrs. K. O. Holiinson have
gone to C. M. Ilolbrook's in Ka-st Jamaica,
where they will be employed during the
,o..erons hirlli'Iav surprise parties
diedai Th home of hrr have been held rerenily. the latest ,,
YanCor. on drove street j were in honor ot lv A. M inor:, ,-aiiu. .ry
evening and l lutrles rrosi on mhihj
The Christmas exercises and tree were
held in the church Tuesday evening.
The prtigtam eoiisistrd of recitations and
music The children showed careliil
training, as all had their pans wei .
Two trees and a table were Idled with
Low Melons spent
tons liner.
lb-niT Ciiiielle spent Christinas
toll with relatives.
Mi-. Kaiheiine Austin is housed
week with liirynciti".
Miss K.itherine Austin has bisn housed
by illness this wiik.
.Mr. nnd Mis. V. T. Ilnue snnt ( hrist
mas l,iy in Xewl'inie.
Mr. and Mi. Lcn (ioiild are sprndinu
the wii'k in Woivcster, Mass.
Mis. John lleiikrl of Haley street is neii
oiisly ill ut .leiiiori,d hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. X. 1). CIhwmui spent
Christum in Won ester, Mass.
Mi.s Myrtle livder is yisitinn her father.
Ileinv liider. of West Halifax.
Ilohert l'aiks of Springfield. .Mass., was
a Brattleboro visitor Wednesday.
John Buchanan of .lanmicii called in
town on his way heme for Christmas.
Miss Conway of Boston spent Christmas
with her sistei- on South Mum street.
Arthur Crouch of Northampton. Mass..
is spending the week with Dorr Allen.
.Mr. and Mrs. Thomas llogers are visit
ing their children in .Montreal, Canada.
11 null Yeilc spent the Christmas vaca
tion with his parents in Essex Junction.
t .. ,l Mrs, .1 K. ISrocktiuiton smut
Christmas ivith Mr. and Mrs. F. 11. Tandy.
I.' I II.-Hmj f Ill's, littcld slicnt
Christinas w ith his sister, Mrs. C. E. Could.
Mr. and Mrs. li. A. 1 nomas of liteen-
rield, Mass., were ttinstmas gursis in
M4si Faith Tyler of- rWwto- is -peuuing
the holidnrs with her mother, Mm. ueorge
W . Tvler. '
li... T slu-ier ia vikitillit at 1 110
home of her brother, Ernest Reed, in -ew
i oi k city.
-r... i it.it,... .f V..st..m avenue is
.ins. .0.0,1 jj..4."w ... .... .
housed by an attack ot lumbago and sciatic
, 1 m.. lf.u-lmwi T. Miller ot
.111. U1IV4 - - -
Hartford. Conn., spent -Monday at t.eorge
11. Barns s.
tr... 1.' tMi;... 1,11 b,...n ill aevend
days with a severe attack oflhe prevail-
. ,,.! ..tt.in.led the schools ot tnar
town. On Jan- 4. l!ur.. she married (ill
biTt H Kent of Thetford who survives
her. Mrs. Kent also leaves three small
children. Besides her own fattiilv she
is survived bv her father in Thettord
and three brother. .1. li. VanCor nnd B.
M YanCor of Brattleboro and W . X.
YanCor of Yershire, Vt. Funeral sev
viccs were held at the home of her
brother Tuesday afternoon at 2 o chicle,
v.,.. v U'ells ofliciated and burial
was in Meeting House Hill cemetery.
it..,'.,l l Wnrreii is ill with chicken pox.
Ti.n T (V O. F. have' a dance in the
-, i,..i'i Ian 1. "
Ixonard Wheeler is home from school
in Hiattleboro for a week's vacation.
Santa Clans nnd distributing presem. m
a party of children in the '1 odd home
Christmas evening a set of false whisk
ers made of cotton batting caught lire
from a candle nil the tree ami before
Mr. Todd could tear away the blazing
mnteiial he was severely burned on both
cheeks, both ears and his eyelashes ami
considerable lunr were tiurncu.
he kept his mouth closed and did m"
inhalethe.ldaze.t.therwische woiii.i na . )( , A W(l,s om,.iMtod and bnrml I .imuent and Christmas
X? Z ,. rV, who is, as in Meeting House ..in cem t ... , - ; - t,w hall Moday
J.V,V .", " .. '.. ..... .. ... t,..-,vt trouble. I Ifolv Innocents day was ceiet.rau"i , ;
: " e::..: v Vl e accidetit. bv t. Michael's Episcopal pansl, with . ,,,..lttM)1)1.0 y
Krne i' Tmhl ru,,.. to Bra,t,ebo, ; a Christmas J Anna Gale, who
I uesdav. i . ..i.i i . i ; tlm tein- :il
. . scrveu TO over i '".' "hi111"' " '-.' -J is in
The Brattlelii.ro Woman s cum i- (.t hil from to 7 o'clock. Jiie en-
i. ...... n ..,..1 s ...ie to the commune ',.:,.,. ; ,.mfa of Mrs. Arthur
ieiiie.."K , . ,....
pr. I'.vangriioe .' """r l-irasov ami Jtrs. .i. u. i.n --
musical cantata, enntieu i '
(ianlen, the scene being laid ill a tairy
"arden The stage was charmingly ar
rait"ed with all manner of landscape el
lects such as would all'ord hiding places
tor the fairies and ia the center stood
a high wall. Those taking part in the
cantata were: The Sand -.tan, Inu
ii,.n.,. . Mhr.olw.rils. Al en Davis and
u".,..., 'i,.'v..ii,h' t'nirv (lueeii, Hilde
garde Bal
Mr ami Mrs. I Miner H.iw kina of
Sprinuticld. Mass., w heiv Mr. Hawkins has
a position us window decorator ior Hood
,V WoiMlbiiry, sH'lit Chiistuiiis at 11. f.
Weal hei head's.
Dr. Arthur .1. Sanderson of Berkeley,
(id, was a guest of his niece. Miss Bus
Mend, on Thinsilav of hist week. He was
,11 route lor Hinsdale. X. IL, to visit Ills
sister, Mi". AIIk'H Mead.
Dennis H. Tasker returned last night
form Antrim, X. IL, where he went cd
nrsdav to act us judge of the poultry show
in that place. He goes to Bristol. t.,
Tuesday to judge the birds in the Addison
county show.
Dr. -.nd Mrs. I'ark 1!. Hoyt of Laconia,
X. II- spent ( hrist mas with Mis. Hoyt
p.-ii'nts. -Mr. ami .Mrs. .loan v.. jump,
I.indrn strrrt. I.urirn Howe of Boston, a
In-other of John Howe, was also a dinner
guest of Mr. and Airs. Howe Slonduy. Dr.
and Mrs. Hovt rctumsd to Laconia yester
Cards have Inch received in town tins
wrrk announcing the marriage of Harry
Charles Hodgkins, formerly of Brattlelvoro,
to Maud Ik-mire Colby, daughter of -Mrs.
Harriet E. Colby of MontK'lier. The cere
mony took place in that city Christmas
day ' Mr. Hodgkins is employed as a trav
eling salesman by E. Croshy & company of
liiattlehoro, with headquarters at St.
.lohnshnry. Bis territory is northern New
Hampshire and Yerniont.
Legal Notices.
IV 111 sr,-iui'i i',. 1T .
Boston for an address on rocnn n.
in the Centre Congregational church
next Monday afternoon Jit .1.30 o doe,..
Dr. Young has been delivering lectures
to the women of Vermont under tin;
auspices of the-Stiite Federation
Woman's clubs. She has nlso sooken
in manv New England cities and nn
mediatelv following her trio through
Vermont she will bruit) a series nf lec
tures at the rooms of the New' hnglanu
Woman's elub in Boston. East summer
she addressed the women and girls ol
11. ...I.,.. AT.. 'll. e .'are ot the
nur ii.ni'ui, -',... i ..-- (
Hndy nnd she was pronounced an ev ep- I
tionallv fine nnd interesting speiikei ,
knowing her subject thoroughly. He'
lectures are educational, and as such
will apoeal to those who have been at. a
loss as to the method of nporonching the
subject of Social llvgiene in their con
vprsations with youth who have a right
4 .4.:.,. ., tins tonic.
to expeci nisi , in i.i... .... .
There will be no admission fee tor tins
lecture. The clul) extenns an uraeiii in
vitation to every woman in town to hear
Dr. Young.
The Spirit of Old Vermont will be
the subject of the address by Key. John
M. Thomas, D. J)., president ot iuiutiie-
. .:.. 'i.. , I.,.mr from Saxtons
.uan in viie.isin i . " - -
1'iiver to spend the holidays, also Adison
Kidder from Townsherul.
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Parsons spent
Christmas with their son, Hurt Parsons,
and family in Townsheml.
The Wardsboro free library will he
open after Jan. 1 only one day in the week,
Saturday afternoon and evening.
Mrs V. A. Gleason ami Mrs. William
Ki.l.l..r went to Newfane Siimlay to at-
JcVeigh; fairy queen. J'.' , ' Kidder went to ewtane mini ay .u
lib: fairy rose, Christina (roll: I, , . i1(, f ,1I10ral of Mrs. 4Mary Doolittle
fairy daisy. Jane Dorotuy uie . '', ..m. n,m of Brattl
IM1114IIS ...... .... ..
and Mr. and Mrs. L
violet, Jlarion nine : wv.l" 'T .!, " . r.i.i,ns wiii. Dr. O.
l.insou , a. iii v i.'.i.i, , . .. , .... .. ... . t ..:!,.
fairy Alother Goose, Violet itaiuuoiie, ; tu inon s hiuhi.v
Ifairv country girl, nnie iiiii, : tames.
!ies, Kathleen SercomPe. nertiia i.air. ,
I -Mice Spencer, Elizabeth Spencer and
Emma Atkinson. -MI'S Alice ( roll was
the accompanist.
At the watch-night service in
-s 'nil -'J-. lliotlliin, x.'. i-iif...i..u s.-
wliter P'nry college, in the Centre Congregation-
..1 '.I U U.....t ai'Aniiiir ut 7 O C.OCK,
HI CIIUICU niiiui,,' v.i..-4.
Dr. Thomas will also preach at tne
morning service. During the four years
of his administration as president ot
Middlebury college there lias been ex
pansion in every ocparmieui, i Jl,,
An occasional visit i """ i' i" J,"7'. " .t,
,!, anod thins for the theater- Utitution. The income has more than
troer Wearied by a continuous course doubled. Large gifts have been rceeiven
troer. vvearieu Dy a cohlhiuuuo muios. iiuumcu. 4.,11.....
of problem plays,' lurid melodramas and from D. K. Pearsons, the 1 general -e.luca-niusieal
comedies, the stately presence tion hoard and the state of erinont,
ment of a school of Pedagogy. One new
building, a large dormitory for women,
the familiar quips of the end men ore building, a large uormirory ror
h'liled as old friends returning from a has been completed and a smaller one
i" .. -.i ;t la all vnrv lovelv. minnilelpil. A new cvmnasium is in
Ion" journey, nnd it is all very loveiy. remodeled, a . new gymnasium
This statement is especiakjy true ot as process ot erection ami a central iii , s
.1 minstrel show as John W. Vogel's and lighting plant nnd a chemistry build-
t: I... .!t..nia nrn nrpsciitiiitr. which incr are assured. The growth of the col
. . . 1. 41.- .i:tnrl...,i ftatiirilnv Jfin. lnun ia lllnn si
comes 10 me hiiu,iu.ju..i - -
6. There is just enough newness about
it to please, and .iust enough ot tne oiu- 10 ror last year. 1 u . iu.....t-i s
time flavor to relieve it from any charge 'dents has more than doubled in the four
of iconoclast... And the fact that the years, 408 be.ng now enrolled Three
past 12 vears demonstrated enthusiastic I young people from this town Misses
approval of every item of the bill would j May Thayer and Laura Walbr.dge and
i:.4. 4.i.4 Ti. w irnrrni 'a anoToirn. TTiiuh Thavpr are now attending the coi-
lllllicuit. luiit uuuii ii. . "i-r.-sr. .
. 1 , . ,1 1 .1 T il
The growth of the col
lego is nlso shown in the recent an
nouncement of 186 courses as against
li)7 for last year. 1 he numner 01 siu-
.Methodist Episcopal church Beginning
nt S o'clock Sunday evening me gi-.n."
theme will be Open itoors
will open with the regu ur Epwoitli
b. 'gne meeting at 8 o'clock, the subject
being Reasoning from a Blessed Present
Jo a (ilorious Future. The leaders w 11
,e Howard Sharp and Miss Coreua Be 1
The service will conclude with a 1 1 e f
address by the president, F. A. Shaw.
Krotr i to 9.30 o'clock Our Sunday
School will be the subject presented.
Irwin Smith will speak on The Ketro-
snect ami S. M. Veaw will spean "" ' "
spen "' . !in,.i, Mrs.
rrospecr. i Toiii !.." i" j,j " s..- -- ,.
E m. a Hartlett will sHak on the work
of the Ladies' Aid society. From 10
to 10.30 there will be an nter,,,iss.on
and at the latter hour Dr. J. R. Oow
pastor of the First Baptist church, will
leli er an address in exchange with
Kev T. A. Wells, pastor of the Metdm
,ii?t ehnreh Vt 11 o'clock there will
e a brief address bv Mr. Wells followed
by a consecration service as a fitting
close to the old and beginning of the
new vear. Ih.ring the evening there will
be music bv the choir and congregation,
als&ed bV Miss (iertrudo Mathews.
Eioht refreshments will be served dunng
the intermission. A general .nv.tat.on
is extended.
Shampooing and maniniring.
H Patterson, 7 Harris Place.
343-Y. Adv. 48-51tf
Mrs. D.
. ... 1
Some 30 young people ol tms p..u-i
went to South Wardsboro 1 uesuaj rv,-u-,
ig to attend the Christmas entertain-j
ment, tree, etc. - , ,
M irshall Haskins wishes to thank his
.ii.ii oat , , ,mmng
manv liienos in unn '" . ,-
towns for the shower of post cards, lo
rn number, received m honor of his Sold
birthday, which occurred Dee. 24.
7. -wis Pike of Brattleboro. tee rme
Townsheml, and Stella Pe- avI.o
spending the winter win. ue. i
Gertrude Williams in Londonderry, all
spent the holidays with their mother,
Mrs. Lilla Pike.
E D. Plimpton, one of the town s oiu
residents, died Sunday. He nau uee..
conhned to tne nouse sevc - - ;
Pimiiton would nave u... -----His
wife died a year and nine months
previous to his death. He was one of the
.Idest millers in the state, beginning when
a boy of about 17, mak.ng 03
steadv employment, in imc ---.sitaiiv
."! ...... i mnton. who
eaves one son, x. "b"- " v.,
lived with him,. and one daughter, Mm..
George Parker, in terre nam.,-,
was expected to attend the funeral yester-
The United States government sold in
London 12.000 seal pelts from the Belmng
sea for $508,385
The historic desk on which Mme. Jumcl
wrote her love letters to Aaron Burr has
Iveen found in New York.
int. disteiiincr.
E W (iibson is planning soon to visit,
smith Carolina where he owns a large plot
of cotton hind.
I ce Benson spent Christinas with his
grandpa, ruts, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. How
ard, 111 est lonnsiieim.
Mr and Mrs. h. C. Gould are spending
the holidays with -Mrs. Gould's parents,
Mr. and ill's. Peter Cobuni.
Miss Mabel Newell of Springfield, Mass..
spent Chirsttnas at the home of her
brother, Dr. Fred K. Newell.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Kane of Brattle
street left Saturday for Gainesville, .Ha.,
where thev expect to spend the winter.
Attorney James K. Butehclder of Ar
lington has been in Brattleboro several
days this week on professional matter.
Mi" Marion Gibson of Brooklyn. X. .,
and Ernest Bice of Boston are holiday
.. L:,... .,t tl. hnnie of Mrs. Luna Foster.
I laiiv.o .i ."s- - ,
K J TasL'eit spent Cluistnias in Broelc
villc, Unt with relatives. Before retelling
to Brattleboro he visited m Canton, N. 1 .
. i.- 1. - li.,.' were in .la-
t. 11. ami riaioi . ----- .
mnica Wednesday to attend the annual
meeting of officers of the Jamaica Savings
''Mr nnd Mis. Allen Carpenter and daugh
ter a.', Mrs. (i. F. Hndley of lliester w.'iy
Christmas guests of Mr: and Mm. h. V .
Aiiss Marv Niles came Fiulay fjoni ban
iloluh. Yt.,'and is staying with ill's. ( . ..
l.oul'l. but will retun. to Uandolpl. ...
Mr. and Mrs. D. Bewscy, who are v.sit
in.r Arrs Bewsev s parents, Mr. ami -Mi's.
VnJiin Oransv, Mass., will ivturn alter
New Year's.
Miss EIi.al.etl, Bit.ecwe is ;l'" a
two-weeks' vactllion m ,ro.n; -onn .
with her parents, Mr. and .Mi's. ...
Bniiewcll. ,
. 1 ai... .l,nes V. Hooker and two
:.'..;: ,h-. N. Y.. arrived
vS'tospeid New Year's with Mrs.
Ahlne K. 1' "Her.
... , ... , nn of t he teachers
dav and Mm.day with her father and s.stcr
on South Mum street.
Clifton Jack Fisher is substituting 101
mnEncius at the Kmp rc theater
dunng Mr: Lucius, vacunono. 7
which he is spenums
At.. on,l Airs W G. Piockwell, Mr. am
Mr T V 1 ockwell 1, E. Holden and
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. noun.....
fames F. lloran of South Manchester,
Conn third baseman on Brattleboro
loiT'baseba l team, has been a visitor in
town this week. Horan is now a student
n tL Catholic University of Washington
nnd expects to liegin practice with its
b"schf.Kn about Feb. 1. Between now
and th'i. he will keep in condit.on by pl.
ing basketball.
News has been received in Brattleboro
of the engagement of Harry K. White of
riaititield X. J., formerly of Brat leboro,
to Mi s Blossom Kandolph of that 0 v. Mr.
Vhif graduated from he Bratdeboro
is now a successuu mi-"
in New York city.
Dintrict of Marlboro, Si. ni..t
The Honorable Probate Court for the District
AToethed'heir and all peraona Intoreated in the
estate of Laurin H. Turner, late of MonUlair.
cNi. r"y' ' gbeeSngT
Whereas, application nam oeen niu u. "
Court in writing, by the Administrator prayins tor
1 -... 1 , u tn .ail nil nf the real eatate
of aid deceased in aaid District representing to
said Court that It would be beneficial to the heirs
. .. .... -. . .. . 1 i. V. .u,.,D .it an I (I fie.
and an person iniwrow. ' " s. . -
ceased, to sell aaid real estate and convert the
same Into mor.ey. , ,
And brinKinar into Court the consent and appro- .
bation in writinir. of all the heirs to aaid estate
residintr in this State, and setting forth theaitua
tion of the real estate. . ,
Whereupnn. the said Court appointed and as
signed the 30th day of December 1911. at the Pro
bate office in Brattleboro. in said District, to hear
and decide upon said application and petition, and
ordered public notice thereof to be Biyen to all
persons interested therein, by publishing said
order, together with the time and place of .hear
ing, three weeka successively in the Brattleboro
Reformer, a newspaper which circulates in the
neighborhood of those persons interested in said
estate, all of which publications shall be previous
to 'heday assigned for neaiing.
Therefore, you are hereby notified to appear
before said Court, at the time ar.d place assigned,
then and there in said Court to make yciur objec
tions to the granting of such license, if you see
GWen Under My Hand at Brattleboro in aaid
Kstrict. this 11th day of December. J9U.
District of Marlboro, ss. .
The Honorable Probate Court for the District
Aforesaid: , r,Kr,
To all persons lnieresieu m w. . -M
Bhanardson. late of Guilford in saHDistnct.
Whereas, said Court has assigned the 80th
dav of December, next, for examiningand allowing
. . n.:ni.i,a,n-..r,l,4.4.Htnteof said
tneaccounioi mew, r- --
. 1 .in- a r.t ,h. rMirliie ot Eaia
aecenseu nnu im. uc, - -
estate to the lawful claimants of the same, . and
ordered thatpuonc nouce memui vm ""Xi- ui
persons interesUd in said estate by publishing
this order three weeks successively previous to
the day assigned, in the Brattleboro Reformer
a newspaper published at Brattleboro in said
Therefore, you are hereby notified to ap
pear at the Prolate Office in Brattleboro in said
District, on the day assigned, then Bnd there to
contest tne allowance 01 nu mwu... js...
cause, and to establish your right as heirs, lega
tees and lawful claimants to sain reoiuuc.
Given Under My Hand, this 11th day of Decem
ber. 1911. '
ka H. K. KUI.lt. negisrer
1-.0-.iMlssTnNF.R8' NOTICE.
The Undersigned, having been appointed by the
Honorable Probate Court for the District of Marl
boro. Commissioners, to receiv. examine, and ad
just the claims and demands of all persons against
theestatcof Winfield W. Whitney, ateof Halifax,
in said Dbtrict, deceased. f " claims exhibited
in olfret thereto, hereby give n. tice that we will
meet for the purpose aforesaid, at the County
Clerk's Office in the town of Brattleboroin said Dis
trict, on the SOth day of December and 2d day of
May.next.from lOoclock A. M..until3o-clock P.M
on eachof. said days and thatsix monthsfromthe4th
day of November A. D. 1911. is the time limited by
said Court for said creditors to present their
claims to us tor exam.na , i. -' ""-'j
Dated at liraciierjoro, v 1., imo
ember, A. D. 1811. .
w.G.ix)oi.irTLH onerg
District of Marlboro, ss.
The Honorable Probate Court for the District of
Marlboro. , . f Ai.
To all persons inieresii-u i. s'.s, -r- .
n,.oH. Hines. late of Brattleboro. in -.d Dis
trict, deceased, .mtllehorowith-
hpr 1911. an msirumem iuiiw. . -Will
and Testament of Alonzo H. H.nes. laU of
;j nutria, deceased, was ore-
StoSeCourt aforesaid for Probata
And it is ordered by said Court : that the 6th day
of January. 1912. t tne rronaj? ,,,i. ..
nV-and ' mVZe Vh'erf 'be given to .U
m 'nrn,erned by publishing this order three
S aScSely in the Brattleboro Reformer
rrewspef circulating in that vicinity, in aaid
SCTrrxp toap.
said, and contest the probate of aanl wui. 11 you
haGVWenUUnder My Hand at Br.Uleb.ro. in ..id
District. thU 2tst day AD
5M t Jf
"Served 'H,
pleasant ait
1' JS S I '
-' A
k and

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