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' "I '
. . rfr. I M.lM Lii'iu.4 I
M1M O. , ir week.
.I4 . n ', lt Lpeacufiilly
"CU he" ho t w a
S J . M, wort d Christ-
U iru-udship tl'.r..rt but
P"? not tUr..U .JVlity. M.e
VLhtUe Cure of Wion.il
Vrthe tnUy r anxiety
toy" i .rlv niani"'. lne
an" i . .,f 1 10 r" .
ilea. Ait
ty hIu
M missed 0?
e, loss i- ttn' A V'.ll 1 1"
..,r sister, MrY i,,.rid Min.
t, whom m'";k: -ids, !.-r
; V. Coe. 'oitl,fi,..L
JT Mildred J-""' '..f llnvr-
dk after M.ei,,i h..r
hem.- iy k v1:1, ;
v Vil"- v- J ' i- 1 A. 1".
ctmu :
Mr. ana - - , . tn
own ami
to ( I,,
.m nin-
D. I)..
Mai-ion Uolf
nns olhYc
Miss Kathenn
j.. -
ilidays m
Mvra Min-
1 in bl
mlint; tin-
rlet fever
tr.tvfl ,h-
eiety A f-v
(jreiitly. J. 11
evening, t
Ill'tilU.' II. 'ti
ert I.fe W'orwl i
V. V. Wood ot
I-im Anifi'le
Al'ti-r a drici t.
will ri i urn tn t
(al. Mr. Wo..!
IT IlllHltl.-H "!
At tlifir ('' i
Mr. iind Mi-.
tllB t'.llloHillv' f..-
Ml Ilo-O M-.I.I
White an. I iLitijili
Mi (n.i Well ot
nf We-it N'ent.in,
llrutt I. Iku-o. A I l r
time were enjoyed In- .
sMr. nii.l Mr II-n -;
Cun.i.iii. ( 'onn.. .r'.i.n
nix veurild m.n. Mi1 ! i
lniri.il I.i-t Kri.Iiiv 1''
nn.l 1 1 I'oiiiiIi . 1'iM 'I:
'l'liey have two .lars'i"'
win ik the .n ot Mr I
town ,-uid ha- iii.mv !'
pat lue .Ir. hly w i? n th.
The anthoH.'t il l.i. ,r;
Arthur T. I'ler-.m i I
son. I Via v.i n l.c.iii.ii-.l
it r4 co ... ii.ii- n i' h h:s i' !
sionaiy l;e i.".v ..i the . .1 ' I
phv. n hi. h i- to l. l uM ..I
will he h.iw...l mi the in.in v
"- ind , !!':", 1 Th1"r,, W1U B00.d '""teiraUon prent M, Mincr Wri(!,lt of whitin!iaw wM
. , ii. j Tho tooie of tlie Loval Work-in' Her- . 8
viee ni-xt Hun.lay at 6..10 will be Mia- j poiaomng in m f.
lions and the Me&rmir Kn.l. .Miss Un Morpikn i unalile to work on
Tho itibiect of the mornina lermon account of a banl cold.
next Sunday will be Time ana It
i .T m to briu two
H.i.l .iiilioiinn. ih..
f. Ijiura M uni, to Hoii
r on of Dr. and Mr,
' town, on Dee. "ii at
'V I!ev,V. II liJv
r. an.I Mm. W,!0,
thin Uatkall of Xew York eity ipent
ure home m Oxn.inl. '''hrixtma ' bin aunt , Mrs. J. A.
i.eers s.
Mr. and Mr. J. E. Lawrence of Brat
tleboro viaited the flrxt of tho week with
her brother, W. II. Newton.
Mra. W. M. Stone apent Monday with
her ii.ter, Mi us Lizzie MamhaJl, on
Tyler hill.
Miss Vina Jillnon of Bruttleboro is
nM'ndinir the ( hrihtiu:in holidaya with
her piirents, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Jill-
! 8011-
hei win .if Xew j Thoro will be a Iiixt serviee of the year
l e liody of their m,,t Sunday evening at 7..10 with
I iike, here for prenchinjr by the pan tor. Subject, II
i the only .on !,..
rnir le ' Mre- A. K- l'hl- went to
r f 'rrW,.tHeld. Man... Monday to spend
,l"'rw"' this Vhri-tmaa with their daughter, Mrs. (..
' !'ym-1 W. .'oilier,
i , Mr. and Mrs. Ion Hurrows and
"i Hi, late Dr. .1.... ,i,t., 4n,lrev. of Hi'rnardiiton,
n by linii." ,!.. sunilnv with her parents,
t ... i .
- c.iylniB u,.
i. ' in Tlo'ton rott.i..,..
I'l'hani entertnm, d
i ! -t 111.1s: Mr. (in,.,,
l; and Mrs. Fnmk
1 " Vl f Hinlile.
N. ' ti -Id. Carlos I.,n,v
if..! ''h.irles Lowe of
as tri unil good
ii. lor lit i
f the Mis
T' e biii.rr:i-
: vnte re
Harold Mann MK-nt Christ nuw with
relativts in lirattlcboro.
F. L. fiaiwn sp-nt Chrintmas at liia
home in Crecnlicld, Mass.
Kurle Stns-ter n'turniil Wwlwwlay
from a fi-w days in Boston.
Mr. and Mrs. Frml Want sH'nt Christ
mius in South WhitiiiKhain.
Mr. and Mrs. Wriiilit have starteil a
bakery in the liowkcr block.
Mr. and Mrs. C. (). Wilder and son
were in Brattleboro Tuesday.
Jesse Mallory of Kutlaml, Vt., six-nt a
few days at his home here, recently.
Harold Smith is working in A. Grout
and Company a store at Peeks rond
Putney and Vicinity
Christina Doings In Town.
The Christmas tree at tho Baptist
chapel waa well attended and very
pleaaing program waa ifiven. The pastor
and his wife were remembered. The
superintendent of the Sunday school
said that some people needed poundintf
so a very larue stocking was prepared
which waa filled with if i f ts of pounds
and union u' one of the sifts which were
preseuted Mr. and Mrs. Berry waa a
pound of common (sense) cents. There
waa a Christmas tree with appropriate
exercises by the children at the C'onitre
trutiorml church Monday eveninitanil was
well attended. The Junior Order L'nited
American Mechanics kept open house
at their new club rooms Christmas day
and eveninu. The program consisted of
music, s'akiny. etc. Kefreshments were
served to all. There waa a basketball
irame at the town hall Monday evening
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Fitch of Snniervillc, 'between the Putney an.I Bellows rails
Mas., were C'liriHtmas visitors in town 1 V"1.1"1"- ,u w',", won bv. ''tn,,.V. - to 1 1.
t w o ... i , ., .... , , i Alter the ball j-ame there was a dance.
J. .. Ninth and family of Ward.-boro '
vL-insi ai u. i. h are omt the holulavs. !
The newly chs-tiil officers of the Victory 1
ai for
Htt of
t farm, with
Ouinlan ha.!
lot of Dr. Cieor;
lOUU UilOl
u . .
,e la with
the Dr.
a 33-acre
inster for
ttWU has none t(?-x nenas.
iks' vacation with x -twinsville
Fitt preached in BaX. ' kt.
.finnal church last Sunday niu...
d Mr.. Forbareo apru .u ...
o :
- t.i..ii .a nf. tne cmuiKo"
for treatment for a growth on his
i. Fisher is havinir serious trouble
eyes. An operation may be nec-
Howard of Ashbiimham was the
Via wife at G. X. Kidder s for the
soumw ot the taniih'. in-l uiiiiir rierson.il
letters, diane". t'lii'li-h.-d .utniM. and un
published iii.iiiuo fi.N.
The Xnnli'vld FrremMiiii clilils at the
N'ortlitield hotel for li) da s. Suae of the
memliers preo-nt are: flonlon 'yker and
Miss .Tulia Tn-'iov of Hilton, V-s Alida
Walter of V. -v Britain. Com Fred M.
Pnt and I p r'.er of IMiilailelAiia. T?ev.
William Ft. I hnson of Campiell Hall.
X. Y.. Miss Hannah Forbes mi IP- nd
Airs. u. i i eion oi urooklyi
Distimrii-hed iuets at the . 1 re
Dr. and Mrs. H. .Towett and rf"1- Jfra.
John S. Kenn.-lv and Mrs. A. V. I -nanller.
all of New m
Tile seminary
at Mt. Herni...
. an.I Mrs. A
simlents -ere eai
W ednesday at
1 the
nits. A
n the
1 by a readinir II '"
the appearance l
h full of ehil.lron !rawn
s. Christmas nifts1
mey given for thii) P'tr
f the schools. Soe0'"'?
tubers of the faculty &n",
moyed. The girls cn",-v1
of basketball in .1 a'
the campus at S o'clock
jhtfitl day.
t ii
i if
' c . home from Andover
Ci"L'minary tor the Christmas
Vildrec is spending a week
Ses Esther arid Agnes Graham in
kS. Merrill has opened a paint
the east ena oi .
;h shop.
I Mrs. Richard Smith of Boston
Vs of Mr. andMrs.L.R.hmith,
olidays. ... i
Itt assisted in the editorial work
cthfield Press this week, as Mr.
and child
. i holidays at the home of Mrs
a Tiarents.
Jice of Turners Falls
tjents, Mr. and Mrs.
r avpTllie.
i -i. Thn Tvman and Miss
mas party. Hi'tcher chapen
inrls, and they v sited all the bn
turkey dinner -.v.is fcerved to all
dining hall, f
A. O. Misvlj,
Claus with i
by eiirht :
presents! -nose
hv i !
made i v
we- ,, '
a soeialX.'.!
nasmm an..
n vprv .1.'
Dr Guv Hirold Fisher, younnesr- son i
Mr and MrOieor R. Fisher and Brand
.'nof Mr. ir.! Mrs. Rodney C. risher.
onner re,i,:rs of thi. town. HuhI at t lie
home of hi- "rents in Ipton, Mass.. I" .
oo Tilt ii 25 vears. five months, lie
horn Vort'hfield. gradi.ated trin
the Fitclibir: hinli school, receiving seh. l
arship to Mnidlebury college Vermont
and after-: t;, year,' coarse there entered
Harvard e jrraunaunij i,.. ".
tal departn-nt in 1010, and was a member
of the zX ?hi and Delta Sisma Delta fra
ternities.? !: had established offices in the
S of idway.,tand West Miy.
Mass., and i-l tU' UP i
The ehil.--a ot toe cnnaiu -"".- i u - m . "m m i
had a .leU- nil time last Friday evenmu' , with plenrisv "j Wednes.
when their liristmas celebration was held jinr. Fred t.T,Aes his cho
Mr. ind Mrs. C. r . r'uirman.
Mr and Mrs. Mcrton Fnirman went
to (ireenrtcld. Mass.. to spend Christmas
w-:th h, r parents, Mr. and -Mrs. Henry
Miss Louise Lunelle and Mr. and Mrs.
Leslie l!en of Brattleboro spent Sun
day and Mondav with their parents. Mr.
and Mrs. Uiuis Labelle.
.T r;.-ers. who has been very ill
with writ, the past two weeks, has ha
a relapse and is verv niunh worse.
has a bad heart trouble.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Stone and family
saw and heard a robin chirp on Christ
mas dav. Robins and Christmas don't
usually no together in this part of the
Bert Willev is working for C. L.
Coane of Brattleboro. He likes his work
verv much. He spent Christmas with
Mrs. Willev and her parents. Mr. and
Mrs. C. J. Stone.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Beers visited
her father. William Dresser, in Xorth-
fleld last .Sunday. Wnea tnev came nome.
her sister. Miss Lena, came back with
them for a few days' stay.
Arthur Jackson of Northampton,
Mass.. was a iruest. of his parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Jackson, Saturday and
Sunday, and Mrs. Fred Jackson and
daughter, Miss Ethel, of Xorthfield.
Mass., on Tuesday. Mrs. Charles Jack
sod is training stea.lv.
The rain of last Friday evening did
'jot prevent a good attendance at the
Christmaa concert. A fine tree, well
filled, the children all did well, we have
some fine talent for sinirers, and tinder
the leadership of Assistant .Superinten
dent L. W. Brown it was a pleasing
feature of the evenini'. with solos by
Miss Alice Moran and Ernest Dunklee.
The friends of rr. and Mrs. W. H.
Xewton re-jret to hear of their beinjj
in such poor health. Mrs. Xewton, who
was so ill with m-fritis last summer
but was somewhat better, has not been
aa well of late, so -he went for a week's
visit with her nn-le, Mr. Sawver,
Bennmttton, X. H.. hnpinir the ehanae
would do her good. She returned Tues
day, and her hrnd wis taken sick
lay morn-
Death of Mrs. Horace L. Scott
Mrs. Martha Joslvn Scott, 67, died at
her home Thursday afternoon. Dec. 21.
Mrs. Seott was a daughter of Barton an.I
Abigail (Townshend) Joslvn and was
born Oct. 9, lsCi, She married Horace
L. Scott Jan. 2. IsTl. and two children
i were born to theni. Mrs. Scott ha., oeen
in feeble health for several vears. Last
fall she went to the home of her son in
'Springfield, Mass., that she mik'ut have
,the benefit of electrical treatment. A
few weeks titjo she returned home and
had seemed better until she had pneu
mouia. Mrs. Scott was a woman of
beautiful character, devoted to her home
and friends. She is survived bv her
, husband, two children, Lorenzo J. Seott,
r. r it ... i , ... . or s.prinunel.1, .Mass., nnu Mrs. a inert
....... i.iiv. ii an. i men: m nesr. fatvi.r !...
c , . - . - ' .. I ill v
liraii?e will b. installed islneolay, Jan.
Beth Butterfiidd of Yale I'niversity i.s
sps oiling his holiday vacation at his home
Mrs. (eairgc StrisL-r is reroveri-d
siillieicntly from her recent illness to he
Clarence Pike ,f Sprinirfi.ld. M:wi
sctit a few days with his family the past
Mks Maud TliurlxT of West, Halifax
...-if.. .1 l... .. . w. i i , .
r ismier, .irs. itaijin Hojil over
in town Tuesday and
V niT,rrield were at- V.
Ion onnsimaa.
.... 1
I ,e Choral union will hold its musica.
. oi kM it will eive the
it! ivai tian. --
f; I iorio, The Creation.
I Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brigham of : Fram-
aim visited their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
1 1J TJAHn rprPTltlV.
- t!!v -r, T(n.;-!t. and Afisa Dorothy
tttt&TSMfc in New Haven
i. iSu Sa. .Za Atrs. C ark.
TiVfra Charles Stebhins entertained a
, Lge party including, all her children and
their amines ai i.iu"-
Misses Charlotte and Amelia Hawman
of South Manchester, Conn., are with their
sister, Mrs. F. A. Holton.
I . tt --.t family WPnt to
f rank nenunua. -;'.., T,,odav
Keene Saturday and visited until Tuesday
with Mr. and airs. rx. u. i-.c..
. rrr n loft Monday fOT JaCK-
rA:,, n. h will spend the
nnp Cummmra is m that city.
Miss Merle Moody is home, from her
.ohool in Wendell for the Christmas vaca-
tion with her parents, Mr. anu -
the ehu-: vestry. A cantata was given
which waf source ot mucn m.
Rev . I Wilson impersonated Santa
Claus' Mi-Bernice Webster. Mrs. Santa
Claus. Vrria Sankey, a fairy, ami a
ehonis of -all children m,osod the
actors. T ' fairy transformed the aired
Mr and X Santa Claus into a young
couple ono more. Benjamin F. Field ren
dered a ... accompanied by Miss -Marion
Webster, i the violin, wins wi
trihutcd fn two trees. At the Congrega
tional chu i on Friday evening the chil
dren enio-t1 their usual supper, games,
and Christ-s trees. Cm Sunday evening a
Christmas -ncert was given which sur
passed in alienee all former concerts
nere for a ng time. Mrs W. C. Robert
presided a the piano and John Howard
assisted w- violin. Mrs. W. R. Moody
Miss Alici Torin. and a quartet rendered
selections : Christmas songs. The songs
hv the ehi-en were especially commenda
ble Mrs. ' Cr. Moody read. 1 ne runn
day of Ho On Friday evening beside the
Christmas -ees. ' V
manger. ?ny brought lifts of food, cloth
ing and ts to ne uisu-iouieu aiuui.s
poor of tl vicinity.
lis Moody.
Mrs. Julia Y imams gave
a Christmas
to 1 of her relatives and
fr ends Monday. Several guests were pres
ent from Warwick.
. Miss Gay. f,
: a nrpaentat ve. in the
tne newiy tici. v-f
Miss Gay. a sunrageive, v" ,
Saturday endeavoring to enlist Dr. Wood
the newly electee re
aV.n ronrPHPTl Ipd.
fc.-,ii of Vermont. Mr. xewton ia
nephew of Mrs. JN . r. w oou.
tnr npiTiif liic ,
"j na Tpavia were ciose
Max tiuoer au - -
i j
1 party to her daughter ck.Mrs.
I herst were preseni,.
Torthfield grange met Tuesday etrcmng
'Frank Mongue gave P"J
ange in Worcester. Mrs. i.
Ser read some "SlattoB of officers
Were made for the inst; a.. the atate
an. o. -ry-'u fu nrhcers.
- nn lnHLtUi
..A Mr,. Frank Maynard entertain
.mt "."t, l nf relatives and tnenns on
11 a ' v. Mr, and Mrs. waiter
Mi? Graham.
levin- 'a .n rrea. wern m
Hward Morse a"""?. daT with his
irXlM Mrs. Nichols's.
rui. Fortnightly
"Gentlemen a;ai ffalr. Mrs
.-. (lis year wiU not; -
Help your hens
I to turn their
' food into eggs-
&2M I They will repay
you well for the
little- money it
1 Uam with
..inn V lilu "
C05 tO
, day supplies 12 hens.
""Imte, givesfinefeeling,
t inV,g hSl makes ,tr0g
us,ry'-huh; all dealers.
riaa. 2li.can7x.
12 Ita-
I S.
Boston. Mass-
Mrs J
.patpi a.
-s";- r
CO us mi
Miss Bne Hammond is home from
Mr an Mrs. Arthur Hart ana w
snent Clitmas in Orange with Mrs.
Hart's f -nta.
The -re Christmas gatherinza i at 0.
T) Alius L. J. Hammonds, William
Ross's other places.
he Wood has returned to VV or-
tr snending a few days wun ner
W. Whittaker.
fr lit Mrs. Dar mg attended tne silver
weddiSginniversary of their daughter.
Mrs. p. in Erving, Chnstmas day.
Thoio Quinlan has bought the Merri
mnn larer lot. J. J. Hammond and Mr.
Hart ai cutting the lumber for him.
-n.n Mnrriman has closed her
i the winter and gone to stay with
ws. Charles and ltonert nnvnie,
itel Lathrop in South Dcerfield.
fr fl Mrs. 0. L. Leach snent Chnst-
.'(. Mr. Tach's sister, Mrs.
BemisVi West Orange. John N. Leach
was tfte-uest of his brother, Osgood Leach,,
over day.
Mrs! f M. Starkweather moved into
her nh'ouse last Saturday She has her
grandii Harry Starkweather, from Mt.
Hermth school spending the Christmas va-cationf-ith
MwJwsie Church, 60, wife of Mattoon
Churcfc died at her home last Friday after
a few hues' illness. The in) wMA
Sunday Rev. Mr. Clark of Millers Falls
officiatfeg. She is survived by her husband,
a son a.;d daughter, Mrs. Ethel Hutchms.
Frank .Tillson was railed to Vernon
affain Tuesday.
Mrs. Wellman Real was in- North
Adams last week.
Mrs. rVming has be. n on the sick list
with a throat trouble.
Mrs. Frank .Tillson and son. Carl, scent
Christmas in Xorth Adams.
Mrs. Frank Albee returned from her
visit in Buekland, Mi is., last week.
Miss Leona Pike can:-! up from her
work in Shelhurne Fa!!s and spent
Christmas with her siste-, Mrs. George
Leon Wheeler and hi? mother. Mrs.
Lucinda Wheeler, have moved for an
indefinite time into the Read house
near the mill that was destroyed by
fire a few weeks a'i).
The men met Friday and had a bee
to repair the barn at the parsonasre. A
dinner was served them at tne church
parlors. A new minister is expected
here soon to occupy the raronaae. His
name is Emerson.
Mrs. Elizabeth TMdv nf Buekland
came no Saturday to visit her sister,
Mrs. George Sawyer, who had the fam
ily jratiu-rins there .Sunday. She re
turned tn her home Wednesday and Mrs.
sawver returned nome with ner tor a
few days ' stay.
her riff
at thei
Mrs. Clarence Ln? of Shelbnrne. Mass..
is the gn.st of her sister, Mrs. Janet
The Christmas tree ami exercises were
held at ViiSey school Tlmrsilay evening
and were well attended and enjoyed by all.
Eugene Ariel visited over Sunday with
his sister, Mrs. George Xewstead. His sis
ter, Cora, returned to Conway, Mass., with
him Mondav.
Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Harris and family
and Mr. ar -1 Mrs. John Calvin attended
their fami'v r union at Jim Calvin's, in
Colrain. M.:- . Christmas day.
Mr. an,! Mr?. Munvin Fairbanks and
family, Mr. ami Mrs, Leon Williams and
: family visile.) their parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Frank- T'pt-,n, on Panel Hill, Sunday.
visiteil friends
Mrs. X. P. Mai-Donald and son Bu.-.-ell
returned to her home in Woodwork, X.
II., Tliursduy.
Harold Smith has accepted a position
X" clerk in A. (irout .t company's store
at Pecks Pond.
S. M. Knowles of Mountain Mills
visited at his home in Hulvnke. biss
over Christ max. ' '
Miss Ll.-ie ftovtif.tn .,f IJ..tl i v
... . ....itiw. II.,
viMteil in town nt-pr lrLtm, n.i
turned T uesilay,
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Wilder of Peeks
Pund are se nding a few davs with Mrs.
W ililer 's parents.
Mr and Mrs. Flor-n Pike of Spring
tield, Mass., are sttwulinK a few davs with
Mr. apd Mrs. S. C. Pike.
Mrs. H. .. Fox entertained the mem-Ix-rs
of the Ktamala club Mondav evening
and serviHi turkey supper.
Mr. and Mrs. F. VV. Crosier and son
Harold are spendina a few davs with Mr
and Mrs. Arthur CNborn in North Adams,
Mr. and .Mrs. Verne Adams spnt the
rioiiuays wun .Mrs. Adam s parents, Mr.
and Mrs: James Ifanchett, in Springfield.
Miss Bertha Johnson and Walter John
son, C'hauncey Mann and Cecil Ssncer
were home from their various schools for
Chrirt mas.
The annual church mis-ting of the
Congregational church will be held Tues-
ilay afternoon. A dinner will be served
in the church at noon.
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Kidder returned
Tuesday from Troy where they spent
Chritmas with their daughter. Mrs.
Charles Gardner.
Miss Elise Barlow of Bayonne, X'. J.,
ind. friend, Miss Annie Amstein of Flor
ence, Mass., visited Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Barlow over Sunday.
Mrs. Gertrude Kingsley and Miss Let-
tie Kingsley were guests of Mrs. Kings
ley's brother, Harold Plumb, at Sherman,
V t., a tow days thus week.
Miss Fannv Deane of Radcliff college.
and brother, Edward Deane, and friend,
tlernert veazie ot iiaverhul, .Mass-
visited at Mr. and Mrs. Francis Smith's
over the holidays.
The Christmas exercises and tree of
the Congregational Sunday school was
held Monday evening, that of the I'ni
vorsalist church Tuesday afternoon. The
exercises at the Baptist church were held
Monday evening.
terson. of Putney, three !rTind-
ehildren, and one sister, Mrs. rannv
Francis, of Putnev. The funeral was
he!.) at the home. Rev. J. E. Berry otfi
ciatinL'. E. H. Miller of Iummersto
ang two selections. The bearers were
L. J. Seott. A. C. Patterson, John Chapin i
and Will Francis. Burial was in Mount j
Pleasant cemetery. I
! I5H I W H f v tfl -i 1 1 n - 3 1 iff" ,
mil mit
Essential to Comfort
Warmth Is essential to com
fort As you grow older, it is
hardly less essential to health.
Get a Perfection Smokeless Oil
Heater, and you keep warm and com
fortable in your home, no matter what the weather without.
The Perfection gives a strong, widespread heat, and give it
quickly. It is always ready for use and burns nine hours oo a single
filling no more trouble than a lamp. It can be carried anywhere;
no pipes, no wires, no flues; no smoke, odor or dirt
The heater that gives complete utufactioa.
This year's Perfection ii finished in either blue enamel or plain sled : aickel
trimming, ; light and ornamental, yet strong and durable at can be made. All parts
easily cleaned. Automatic-locking flame spreader prevent, smoking.
Dcalcri everywhere i or wnu to any leeocr ot lb
Standard Oil Company
Willie Parker has been visiting here.
Mr. Bellows has rented the Caldwell cot
tage. Mr. Briggs has a telephone installed in
his house.
Hoy Ptratton is spending a week with
Ralph Holton.
Harry Hal-graves spent the holidays at
his home here.
Miss Lime Purple visited Mrs. David
Ball from 1-rioay imui euumj.
Mrs. Leslie Tyler spent Tuesday in
Brattleboro at Mrs. Stockwell s.
Dennis Sweeney was home from Middle
town, Conn., for a few days lately.
Mrs Fred Moore has been entertaining
her brother, Lewis Edwards, of Lynn.
Mr and Mrs. Arthur Bolton spent
Christmas at Mrs. Charles Stehbms's.
Haen Ptocltwell of Brattleboro was at
Leslie Tyler's last week for two days.
Charles Aldrich was home over Sunday
(mm a lumber camp in Xew Hampshire.
Mrs Eva Smart spent the first of the
week with Mrs. Martha Holton at the
The Lend-a-Hand met on neonesnay
Miss nt vw snent. Christmas
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
i eaw.
Mrs. Diantliia QS of Dover was in
town over Christmas.
The officers nf Guiding Star grant
were elected l.it Saturday evening and
will Kf. ir,L..f ..11. .1 .1. j'i.,.,lnlll.IUI
in.-,,j.u..i . . .neon l .sunn".. - i
iing in Jan. 101-'. when an ovster snnperi
l oe served.
Mrs. Fannie Thomas is helping Mrs.
Stowe in the store for two weeks.
Stephen Merrifield 's nephew from Prov
idence, R. I., is stopping a while with him.
Mrs. Madiiig, who has been a guest at
Charles Frost's for two weeks, returned
to her home.
In spite of the rain la.st Friday evening
a large number of people attended the
Christmas exercises at the church, and
every one reported it fine and all enjoyed
it very much. There were three trees
loaded with presents, besides a great
number of bundles. Santa appeared as
was hoped and was in very, good humor
and loaded with presents and jokes.
A Pint of Unequaled
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do need the wonderful effectiveness of
uus famous cough remedy. It will usual.
Miss Clara Wolf is taking a brief va
j cation.
! J. B. Derrv spent Sunday and Monday
j with his family here.
I William W. Washbun spent the Christ-
jmas vacation at home.
I Mrs. W. A. Page is spendine the week
with relatives in Claremont. . If.
Mrs. Lawrence and little daughter are
sj.on.ling the week in Springfield, Vt.
Frank Ketchum of Albanv, X". V.. was
home to spend the Christmas vacation.
Miss Jennie Mavnard of Hinsdale, X.
IL, was a visitor in town the first of the
Dr. IT. Ij. Bngbee was called to Hart
ford on account of the illness of his
Mrs. Martin and son of Brattleboro
were guests at Mrs. Wright's on Christ
mas day.
Miss Ethel G. Omar went Saturday
to her home in Revere, Mass.. to snend
the holidays.
Sumner Phillips went Saturday to
Orange, Mass., to spend Christmas with
Mrs. Phillips.
The Junior Order of T'nited American
Mechanics will srive a ball Wednesday
evening, Jan. 10.
Miss Mabel Winchester is spending
the Christmas vacation at her home in
West Brattleboro.
Mrs. John Gale and son of Guilford,
who have been at George Kerr's, re
turned home Saturday.
Mrs. Annie Sanders of Brattleboro
was a guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Crawford, Sunday.
Miss Ethel Page is at home for a va
cation of two weeks when she will re
turn to South wick, Mass.
Mrs. Stella Rannev and daughter,
Lizzie, were guests Christmas of Mr.
and Mrs. W. H. Dickinson.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Glynn of Green
field are guests during the holidays of
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Ketchum.
Mrs. Mary Houghton of Springfield.
Mass., was in town Saturday. She will
spend her vacation in Windsor.
The annual meeting of the Congrega
tional church society will be held in the
vestry Tuesday afternoon, Jan. ..
Mr. and Mrs. Shine nf Turners Falls,
Mass.. were guests of Mrs. Sarah B. Hol-
tou from Saturday until Monday.
Miss Jennie E. Pierce came Friday
from Boston and will spend the week
with her mother, Mrs. F. L. Pierce.
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Patch of Brat
tleboro and child came Saturday to
spend Christmas with Mrs. Jennie E.
Mrs. G. B. Derry went this week to
Windham where she will be the guest
of her daughter, MrB. John Adams, this
Col. W. H. Greenwood post and Wom
an 's Relief corps will hold their annual
installation of officers Tuesday evening,
Jan. 2.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Milan Mason of Spring
field, Mass., were Christmas guests of
Mrs. Mason's parents, iir. and Mrs. tl.
P. Farr.
Mr. and Mrs. George Loveland
Brattleboro came Saturday
farm in this Iowa where he spends his
The annual election of officers of Put
ney grange waa held at the last regular
meeting, Dec. 22. The lecturer was al
lowed 2o to defray expenses of pro
grams for the year 1912. The following
oliicers were elected: Master, George
E. Aiken; overseer, O. R. Kilhurn; stew
ard, George A. Gassett; nssistant stew
ard, Robert O'Connor; lecturer, Miss
Gladys Leighton; chaplain. Bessie F.
Braley; treasurer. H. A. Blood; secre
tary, L. D. Ingalls; gate-keeper. Ross
.ytr: (eres, Mrs. Jessie c vass; rotno
na. Mrs. May Garland; Flora, Eliza
beth Bralev; lady assistant steward.
Eleanor O'Connor. The installation of
these officers will take place Monday
evening, Jan. 1, a special meeting for the
purpose, beginning at 8 p. m. A supper
will he served.
Christmas with their parents, Mr. and
Mrs. tioveland. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Crawford of
Hatfield, Mass., and Hugh Crawford of
Brattleboro were guests at Henry Craw
ford 's Wednesday.
Miss Jennie E. Hills of Fitchburg,
Mass., eame Saturday and will spend
the holidays with Mrs. Sarah B. Holton
and other friends.
Mr. Johnson of Mt. Hermon, Mass.,
will preach in the Congregational church
next Sunday morning. Sunday school
takes place at noon.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dodge and little
lv tnn th m., a . j son, William Kobertson, of Springfield,
LrTln ST. "yVtefrre1 iVt were Christmas guests of Mr. and
Faulkner is able to sit up a few
A. J
u ,
uours earn (lav.
Frank Reed and familv ."pent Christ
mas at E. P. Reed's
George Chun-hill and Harold Richmond
were in Brattleboro Tuesday.
John Colon-an has finished papering
-"a painting tne ci
. L. MilTinsrfi.n and f-.milv of Wilmiat?-! su
ton spent Christ n-.as nt v t "Fuller's. boti
Mr. and Mrs. An hnr 1 Dow are mov-j
7 " "'nercent over the creamery. pi
' , J-hrMmas eWrcLe, at the I'm- nw
ver.-a.ist church .. ....U and MW
Cffieers of nrth
v , 4: Hoyd A. Tv.1 1 master; wo.
i!'1n F" Colon-an, oversei 'fkra Cole-; W
" ail, lecturer- r l r- .. ' . ..a-
Dr- I B. Cordon
r?Vllkn.Wff S.Allen,
"''-'. -Mrs. v,v. r, ,: , ..1.1n-
equal for whooninir couirli.
A BO-eent bottle of Pinex, mixed with
home-made sugar syrup, gives you a full
pint a family supply of the most pleas
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u ennoren take it willingly. It has a 1
naenui record in eases of incipient
K trouble and is anlemtM tnr
"h.ma. bronchitis, throat trouble, etc. '
ijrinex is a snecial and hii-hlr mnmn.
jtriRed comDOund of Norw Whit. Pin.
Mrs. Fred E. Robertson.
Miss Laura E. Bralev of Buekland,
Mass., is spending the Christmas vaca
tion at the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. R. H. Braley, on West hill.
M and Mrs. Dorr Clough ententer
tained a family party at Christmas din
ner Monday. Covers were laid for 12,
who spent a very enioyable time.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Davenport
and little son, Hollis, of Walpole, N. H.,
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. Harlan
Whitney Wednesday and Thursday.
Mrs. D. H. Patterson and daughter.
S. Kelley is visiting in West Brattle
boro. Miss Bertha Lahey spent the holidays
in Putney.
Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Smead and family
went to Greenfield.
Several guests enjoyed a Christmas
tree at Carl Xewton 's.
W. F. Walker attended the recent
state grange meeting in Montpelier.
Miss Mildred Halladay is spending
her vacation at Elmwood with relatives.
Mrs. Cora Wilber, who has been at
W. A. Miller's the past year, has re
turned to Wardshoro.
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Reed enter
tained a party with dinner and a Christ-
mas tree in the evening.
Miss Alice Bennett was with her
grandmother, Mrs. Lydia Bennett, am
her father, O. r . .Bennett.
Thomas Read. James B. Read
Miss Ella Jennison spent Christmas wit
relatives in East Pntnev.
Mr. and Mrs. IVank Stark and thei
two children of South Vernon were
Christmas quests of Mr. and Mrs. Lv L.
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Thwing of Putney
were with their friends, the need an
Walker families. Mr. Kelley also dined
with them.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wilder and family
and Miss Inez Stevens joined the Wilder
reunion at vv. L,. walker s in west
Miss Van Gumster, the nurse who has
been earing tor Deacon A. A. Dutton.
has returned to Brattleboro, leaving he
patient better.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. G. Walker were in
Chicopee Falls. Mass., the first of last
week. Mrs. Walker spent Thursday in
Springfield, ilass.
Mrs. John M. Knight has gone to
Xew York and Baltimore, Mil., to spend
the winter with her daughters. Mr,
Knight will join her later.
There was a reunion of the Miller
familv with Mr. and Mrs. Will A. M:ller
as host and hostess. Dinner was serve.
to 15 persons. Mrs. Patch photographed
the group.
Adin F. Miller has been appointed
administrator of the estate of Joseph
Dustin Reed and all bills for or against
the estate may be presented to him for
Misses Edith and Ruth Dutton, Miss
of Bertha Hazelton are home from North
to spend : field, Forest Hall from Mt. Hermon and
jiiss tisie Jiazeicon irom ureen rtiver
for the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Miller had their
Christmas dinner as usual at the Dutton
homestead with their venerable father,
Dea. A. A. Dutton, and Mr. and Mrs. M.
t. Dutton and their family.
Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Miller entertained
at dinner on Christmas day Mr. and
Mrs. H. Harry Miller. Rev. and Mrs,
Charles Rivier and son. George. Mrs.
laJla . Keed and Miss Marion Reed,
Mr. and Mrs. F. H. Laughton had
their Christmas dinner Sunday and Mr.
and Mrs. Arthur Cook and Eva May
Cooke of Brattleboro, P. T. Laughton of
West Dummerstou and James Lahev of
.putney were the guests of Charles
Laughton on Christmas day.
The largest Christmas gathering was
with Mr. and Mrs. K. a. Brown who en.
tertained the families of M. F. Evans,
Mr. and Mrs. t . U. uowns, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Hazelton and family, and Mras
Ruby Brown. Seventeen in all partook
of tne bountiful dinner and enjoyed a
heavily laden tree in the evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Favette Miller of Brat
tleboro were holiday guests of Mr. and
Mrs. W. F. Walker, and with them Miss
Inez Stevens and Miss Kutn Walker
had their Christmas dinner with Mr. and
spend Christmas with Mrs. Patterson's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. ti. H. Patterson.
George H. Thwing went to Albanv, N.
T., Friday and while there attended a
surprise party given to John Camel sr.,
principal of the Albany Business col
lege. Mr. Thwing had the opportunity
of meeting many former classmates.
Edward P. Washburn, a former resi
dent of Putney.died at his home in Cal-
ormjey refunded. Certificate of guar- I i7 "ec-- l 4iUr' ."fnnnrn was
.ntpplh u,-.,ni i- i. ".i... S;' well known in Putney m former years
fiiver Granae wr jni?l has Pinex or will gladly get It for
not, senu to ine nnex Uo, it.
Faulkner, steward:
assistant stewarn
-rcimFv tenement. I ST s u m su"coi ana otner natural
" araery tenemi in- Uesiing n ne e emenrn. Simni mi. i,h
syrup or strained honey, in a pint
and it ia renHv for na rt in
homes in the U. S. and Canada
any other cough remedy.
px nas otten been imitated, but
successfully, for nothing else will
tne same results. The genuine is
neea to give absolute satisfaction
Rona, of Brattleboro came Saturday to ; Mrs. Warner Miller Sunday. Willard
Dodge, son of Mrs. Miller, was also
hureh were n-lri attended and prwii
inf., !(. 1 ,i . ' a 11 mmn
.- ..inii uv lie l.a.l WW WVU
- -.uiuucu .
the Traveling Public.
Lamoille county, stop at the
and was one of a family of seven sons
of Seth and Martha (Camnbell) Wash
burn. The funeral and burial was in
San Francisco, Dee. 17.
The following item from the Boston
Transcript of Dec. 23 will be of 1 ml
interest: "Edward R. Andrews, a class-
visitor at his mother's over Christmas.
The Christmas festival at the church
Saturday evening was a pleasant affair.
The program was good and the children,
as usual, had their part in the exercises.
The musical program was given bv E.
H. Miller, L. L. Stark, and Master
George Rivier sang a Christmas song,
and Dale Bogle played a violin solo. Two
well-laden trees were unloaded to the
satisfaction of all, for apparently no
one was forgotten.
Make Them Well and Keep Them Well with
Dr. C. IN. Barber's
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Fiat ui or Kl.-EvU Care, . . . tuO
Healing Ointment, . 25
H-ilintr Powder, ...... .XS
Hev Powders, . . . . . - , I 00
Hoof Ointment, I.OB
Inflruttntt Rernadj, ..... .30
Kidney Hemedy, M
LynpriantritiHor Honda r Morning Iej Cnra Jt
OpbthUm; or Int lmtiojt or that Uein
x)7(H.n BliBduttM) tV)
Piyiiic Capsule. Ji
Pswimoma Remedy, ..... .5)
Soavm CurtiL Llto
Tr-jttrrV or GertrU Liniment, , , .
ft arm Endtcttor, ....... ,50
Abortion PrTntira, ami Car tar BarrmraaM, L40
Dwrrheft hemetty for Cow, .... .75
L'in.irh Rcuiedr far C&lvttC 60
Ganret Cunt. , ,
Rrtufdy to Hmiov Plarewt of Afterbirth, . ,o0
fiaiedy to I'eleiivA oup(t4trtt avod Bloat ia
Cows ami C les, TB
5111k Pover Intlstinr Oatft (Inclndlmr One Cottla
of Milk Fever Hemeay), . . . . 4 00
MilkimrTiibe, -,'tttnd.W j
Veterinary Ihennometers, !a Bard Robber Cate .75
Prepared by
IS Barber
5:41 a. m. Daily. For Springfield and New
725 a m. Exc.pt Sunday. Mail for New London.
Worcester and Boston.
7:31) a. m. Except Sunday. Mixed for South Lon
donderry. 920 a. m. Except Sunday. Local for Springfield
and New York.
10:15 a. m. Except Sunday. Local for New Lon
don. Worcester and Boston.
2.-0T p. m. Except Sunday. Local for Springfield
and New York.
3:51) p. m. Excrpt Sunday. Local for New Lon
don, Worcester, Boaion and New York via the
Norwich Line steamers.
4:17 p. m. Daily. ExpresB for Springfield and
New York.
6:00 p. m. Except Sunday. Mail for Sooth Lon
donderry. 8:31 p. m Except Sunday. Local for Springfield
and New York.
827 p m. Sundays only. Local for Springfield
and New York.
8:51 a. m. Daily. Local from Springfield.
9:50 a. m. Except Sunday. Mail from Sooth
100 a. m. Except Sunday. Mail from New York.
via isorwicn Line bteamera. New London.
Worcester and Boston.
11:05 a. m. Except Sonday. Mail from Spring
2:07 o m. Except Sunday. Express from New
London, Worcester and Boston.
227 p. m. Daily. Expresa from New York and
3:55 p. m Except Sunday. Mixed from Sooth
6:53 p. m. Except Sonday, Local from New
York and Springfield.
8.-00 p. m. Except Sunday. Mail from New
London. Worcester and Boston.
1023 p. m. Daily. Express from New York and
Sspr inane Id.
If this food ia not sold in vour place, we
will send you freight prepaid a 1 25 pound
sack for $4.00, or a 60 pound sack for
$2.00. If in want of Beef Scraps, Poultry
Bone, Ovster Shells, etc, write us for prices.
I r II C Tl n i n vt i
Soman, message. nf avmnathv and mnrfnl. LllTIIII .1. W39C. IITflS fTK. VI.
have come to " since tt. ieath. it oar son.. ! n . r r i n , i i i i
Jo eph Dustin Reed and Giles Fran R.ed. that i "a8e Perfected Poultry Food may be ob.
Oi-orgo E. h,,',;l;;, 'a 1.lHchafiao'ln,iat-i T Ath " .imate and personal friend of President
The rnrt-a-nana rnei. u "sr 'Chun-Mil for." . r l Amy n- wT .V ...To iCharles W. Eliot of Harvard, and noted
with Mrs. RV. Martineau. about be-; o;1 t res, Chnstine Brigham. meut ot f. E, 8a very, late of the Bran- u owner of the finest herd of Ouernsev
hur niwsent. Thn w the last meeting before i "'""a. Alice ra.ilkner. Pl.-. V. Mshel .i. Imflrandnn. Vt. OanA nnkina 'eaHU in Vermont. h.nrl ' him sun.
the annual meeting, and Mrs. Martmean l lady assistant Mrs. tieat prompt service, steam heat, birthday at his winter home at 119 Bea- '' wer h."- "h: "v"
served d-licious refreshments A very , Lo t e TV.rr.n. or-.v,k V h,m elet'W reasonable charges, home- 'eon street yesterday." Mr. Andrewa ilZSZlmt Wffl
-u...nt nftomonn waa en toyed by alL iWlU take nk i.. IastiiBtW" f'' Uli-t .t .nmWhl. ,. tu ,,n i. viL r the heartfelt thanka of.
is owner of the well-known Elm-Leigh
we t-ke this way to thank out kind . ei hhnrsand
friends who aeaisteri at the laet -ad duties, and all
other who hy word, deed or silent sympathy have
helped lighten the blow and gie o comfort, a so
for the many choice and beaulif. 1 flo-r,, silent
tributes of love and eeteem in which our hivs
to u- a feehng- that
each of yoa accept.
Mr. and Mrs. Jamea A. Reed and family I
J i
tained of the following r
Martin L. Johnson, W. Warasboro, Vt.
Charles H. Grout, W. Townshend Vt.
Bobbins at Cowlea, Brattleboro Vt
W. C. Ballon, Newfane, Vt.
f W C. Halladay, East Dner. Vt
' F. R. Hancock, VaUey, Vt
a. m. borser, rutney, vt

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