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W Aftv? ,., ,,... ,, i i ii irir niriwirfT
b&s&if Warm Weal fief a
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o! Flee (Joining
1 lie un
could not resist
inprecedented warm November and December left some large manufacturers of high grade clothir with stock :rVStten cannot sell the
could not resist tne temptation to ciose up some iws u an umiuiu-ui k", .,, ; 1. .r f I
-xi -i t i j , ,..- ..c.i tf rjc -ic c-il t!i or.it purrnase will demoralize trie mantei, i , i
Older SIOCK, wt nave un ijuiiu eveu ai uui uouui iuw nun w iiii r -
and vvc have decided to put our entire slock ol Suits and Ovcrcoals ,Uto the
ci cnm Kndc nnri uaw d.ichpd nripp! nccordinnly willioul regard to cost
We are going to clean up the counters, and we know there is only one way ; by making prices that will do the b
People have a right to demand the values advertised and we are going to give that and more. We K"" guarantee of mop
hdmer, Kaufman, Boston Special, etc., etc., and prices down where it is like f indinfl money ill lie road lor IllC customers. Uur guara j
want it goes with everything. These Suits and Overcoats will be divided into five lots and sold as lollows : M
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iiij ,.
Lot 1 All $7.50 Suits and
Overcoats go In
this lot at
Lot 2 All $10.00 Suits and
Overcoats go In
this lot at
Lot 3 - All $12 and $13.50 Suits
and Overcoats jjo dn 7C
In this lot at ipVl O
Lot 4 - All $15 and $1H Suits
and Overcoats go d i n rjf r
In this sale at pi.iiU
Lot 5-A11 $20. $aS
and Overcoats fio Q(J
In this lot at ;
I Hi V
I Ki
Sale Begins Saturday, December 30th everything gs
Have not escaped the Mark-Down pencil any more than the Men's, and the prices go way down. Thev are divided into six lots, as iollows;
Lot 1-AI1 Boys' Suits &
Overcoats worth up to
$2.00 go In i i C
this lot at J) 1 . 1 0
Lot 2-AI1 Boys Suits &
Overcoats north up to
$3.00 go In (t 1 QC
this lot at tpl.O
Lot 3-AU Boys' Suits &
Overcoats north up to
$4.00 go In (tO 7C
this lot at plO
Lot 1-AI1 Boys Suits &
Overcoats worth up to
$5.00 (jo In
this lot at
Lot 5 -All Litya Suits &'
Overcoais north up to
$6.00 go in frA C(
this lot at pt.c)VJ
Lot 6-AU Boys' Suits &
Overcoats north up to
$9.75 go In C QA
this lot at pU.iU
Warm Weather Knocks Out Men's and Women's Fur Coat Trade
We have an immense stock of Fur Coats that haven't moved.. They must behold, We have on hand today th r finest selection we . have pr shown at to
year, and we offer at a tremendous sacrifice: Men's Raccoon Coats, Men's Russian Dog Coats, Men's Australian Lalt Coats, ivioj 5 v- v. - u--.
Women s Dog Driving Coats, Women s Australian Calf Driving Coats, Women s Raccoon Driving Coats. ,
Operators of Ten Stores
frattleboro, Vermont
In New Hampshire
-( 0:
Waters-Blouin Wedding.
Miss Lena TSIotiin. dmifthtpr of Mr. mid
Mrs. Napoleon A. Hlouin of tliia town, and
Leonnrd Waters of Ijawrenoc, Mass., wore
united in marriage by Rev. Fr. P. S. Cahill
at the parochial residence Wednesday
afternoon at 15 o'clock. The bridal couple
were attended by Miss Irene Hlouin, a
BiBtef of the bride, and Daniel Allen of
Lawrence, Mass. The bride wan attired in
a very becoming irray suit with hat to
match, and the bridesmaid was becnniinRly
Kowned in blue. After the ceremony the
bridal party returned to the home of the
bride's parents on Chesterfield road where
a reception was held in the evening which
was attended by many friends. Refresh
ments of ice-cream and cake were served.
Mrs. Waters has many friends in town
where she attended school for a time and
then with her parents moved to Lawrence,
Mass. Mr. and Mrs. Waters will go Fri
day to Lawrence where their borne awaits
them. Mr. Waters is employed in a paper !
mill there.
Gove-King Wedding.
' Mii8 Pearl Kinff. daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. William W. King of this town, and
Benjamin Gove of Warren, Vt., were
married at ..'!() o'clock Tuesday evening
by Rev. A. L. Hill at the Congregational
parsonage. The bride was gowned in a
tailored blue suit and picture hat of black
beaver and willow plume. Mr. and Mrs.
Gove left - Wednesday for their wedding
trip which will include Boston and vicinity.
The bride is one of Hinsdale's most
charming young women and has won many
menus by her pleasant aim genial wavs
Mr. Gove is well known in town, having
worked here during the construction of the
Connecticut liver dam and power house.
At present he is employed at his trade as
carjienter m JNortlmem, Mass. Congratu
lations and best wishes are extended to
the newly married couple. For the present
they will make their home m this town.
Sidney Stearns was at home from Alslead
lor Christmas.
Miss Bridget Raleigh visited in Green
field this week.
Mrs. W. 1. Stacy recently spent a week
in west hwaiizey.
Charles King. jr.. spent Christmas in
New Britain, Conn.
Mr. and Mrs. R. 1). Taylor recently spent
a few days in Keene.
Henry Brownell of Keene visited Hins
dale friends Monday.
William Kimball has been at home from
Boston the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Stevens went to Ben
nington for Christmas.
John Fisher of Yale was a guest at F. E.
Field's over Christmas.
Carl Smith was at home from Brattle
boro a few days recently.
H. H. Russell was in Boston on busi
ness one day last week.
Dono Charonelle of Keene visited in
town the first of the week.
S. A. Ksteen of Leominster, Mass., has
been in town the past week.
Prentiss Taylor is at home from Tufts
for the Christmas vacation.
JVfax Bergeron is at home from Wash
' Jngton, D. C, for a short visit.
V ' Tir. Saxton of Boston was a guest of F.
Robertson the past week.
1 Mr. !
and Mrs. Henrv Snauldine went to
WardsDoro to spend uunstmas.
G. C. Fisk has been spending the past
week at his home in Springfield.
Harland Teel went to his home in WincU
endon, Mass., to spend Christmas.
Miss Doris S-wm! ""'"Hainpton.
JVlilSS., 18 VlSll"' f "
A- -
Miss Bessie McCrary of Northampton
.Mass., is visiting in town this week.
Mr. and Mm. Frank Davis' visited
Gardner, Mass., the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Cote of Greenfield
were guests in town part of this week
John Felice visited at his home in 1 1-1
yoke, Mass., from Saturday to Tuesday.
Peter Stone of Claremont. N. II., visited
in town from Sunday until cdnesday.
Charles Owen has been quite ill the past
week but is improving at present writing
Edw. Kellcv and son, Thomas Kelley
visited in Montpelier from Friday to Tues
Mr. and -Mrs. Jienry Dickerman were
guests of relatives in ISrattlcboro last Mon
George Rubeor and Joseph Spring went
r nday for a few days slay in .New lort
Charles Jones of Keene was a guest of
his mother, Airs. Julia Jones, Christina:
Miss Bertha Hall of Boston is visiting
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren M
Mrs. Augusta Nims was a guest of her
son, -Myron Nims, in Keene, over Christ
Harry Clark of Manchester, N. H..
visiting Hinsdale relatives and friends this
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lamb of Greenfield
visited at J. M. Lamb's the first of the
Mrs. A. W. Mead entertained her uncle,
Arthur oandcrson of Lalitorma part ot last
Percy Booth of Concord was with his
family at Lizear Doucette s the first of the
Dr. J. S. Roberts, formerly of this! town
has moved his ouue from Nashua to
( hester.
Mrs. Mary Enright and Thomas Sullivan
of Troy visited at J. E. Scott's Sunday and
William Voung of Haverhill, Mass., has
Deen spending tne past week in town with
Mi-s. Nolette and daughter of North
Dana have been recent guests at James
Miss Lillian Myers of Florence, Mass.,
is spending her Christmas vacation at her
home here.
Charles King went today for a visit with
his daughter, Mrs. McCormick, in New
York city.
Mrs. George Perham and daughter of
West Swanzey are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
r. s. J.owell.
Misses Mabel Pike of Bellows Falls and
Mollie Pike of Claremont were at home
for Christmas.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Underwood visited
in Newfane with relatives from Sunday
until Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Butler of Fitch-
burg, Mass.. visited briefly at Thomas But
ler's this week.
Mrs. J. G. Bridge has returned home
after visiting in Springfield, Mass., and
Hartford, Conn.
Mrs. Warren Holman and son Jason,
spent Monday with her mother, Mrs.
Jjahitt, in Keene.
Mrs. Clark and daughter, Miss Sadie
Dodge, of Spoftord are visiting this week
at M. Ltodge s.
Joseph Higginson of Haverhill. Mass.,
I 1 I - r ,
nas oeen visaing ins parents, iur. and
Mrs. Henry Higginson.
R. M. Tole of Springfield, Mass., hag
been spending a few days this week in
town with his family.
Mr. and Mrs. George Robbins spent
Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. William
Curran in Springfield.
Miss Blanche Boucher and Miss Doris
Merritt are at home from the Keene nor
mal school this week.
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Pearson of Keene
were guests Saturday and Sunday of Mr.
and Mrs. O. A. Pearson.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Mnginiii ami daugh
ter Kilecn, visited in South Ycnum from
Saturday until luesday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. ISailcy and Miss
Madclyn Stearns of Brockton, Mass., are
visiting Iliii'dalc relative.
Mrs. Albert Krumcnakcr of New York
city came Tuesday for a vbut with her
mother, .Mrs. Freda Rubeor.
Miis Hannah Mullins went last Friday to
Franklin Falls for a visit with her brother,
Thomas Mullins, mid family.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Fuller were called
to Chesterfield Friday bv the death of the
hitter's father, Mr. l'hillips.
John Corkeiy and son Francis, and
daughter Agnes, of Spolford wei-e guests
Monday at Thomas Ilannon's.
The Girls' Glee club of the high school
gave a very pleasant dancing party in For
esters' hall last Friday evening.
Miss Ida Detour of Brockton. Mass., and
Mr. and Mrs. John Ricard of Springfield
visted at Joseph Detour's Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Saffotd spent Mon
day in Keene with the former's brother
and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Sufford.
Mm. Mary Roark returned to her home
in Palmer. .Mass.. Wednesday after spend
ing several weeks at James Redding s.
R. M. Langworthy spent Christmas
Brattleboro . with his daughter Lamoille.
at the home of .Mr. and .Mrs. I. h. Bruce,
Air. and Mrs. Charles Russell of Everett
Mass., and Miss Carrie Mason of Bellow
rails spent ( hristmas at It. If. Russell's,
Miss Dorothy Grav and Miss Emily Bur
of the Northheld seminary are spending
the l hristmas holidays at Dr. C. A. Gray s,
Miss Eveline Willard and Herbert Wil
lard of Orange, Mass., visited at Milton
Howard s a few days the first of the week
Miss Margie Belleville goes tomorrow to
Alendcn. Conn., where she will visit he
parents, Mr. and Airs. Dominique Belle
Ali. Thomas F. Dix is verv ill at the
home of her son. Frank Williams. Miss
Julia St reefer, a trained nurse, is earing
tor her.
Misses Ellen and Afarv Fitzgerald have
returned trom Dorchester, Mass., where
they have been spending the past two
A special meeting of the Woman's clnl
was held at the home of Mrs. P. F. Amidon
luesday afternoon to transact important
Air. and Arrs. W. TL Hubbard of
field were Christmas guests at the home of
the formers parents. Mr. and SI. (
A. Ammerman went Saturday to W
York city tor a visit with rplalivea. Afr
Ammerman and niece have been there for
the past two weeks.
Air. and Airs. Hosea Brigham of Win
chester and Aliss Aland Brigham of Bos
ton were entertained at the home of Air.
and Airs. E. J. Temple Christmas.
Aliss Elizabeth Hancock of Greenfield.
Alass., and Titus Hancock of New York
city were at home with their parents, Air.
and Airs. James Hancock, Christmas.
Mr. and Airs. Louis O'Dette .went to
White River Junction Saturday, railed
there by the death of a little granddangh-
ter oi air. ana jurs. Iiarry Itobinson.
Miss Margaret Dempsey of Springfield.
Mass., Afichael Dempsey of New York
city and Air. and Airs. Dennis Casey of
Derry, N. H., were at home for Christmas.
F. W. Tilden has recently installed a
Kerosene torch at the foundry to start the
fire in the stack to take the place of a
wood fire which has heretofore been used.
Several from here took advantage of the
special train to Keene Wednesday evening
and attended the production of The. Gam
blers. Lyman's orchestra of this town fur
nished the music.
Kathleen, of Hyde Park, Ala., were in. r. .I.i'ne
guests the past week at William O'Hiim's. Ihrkeimati
Aliss Eva C. Robertson entertained the ' H'udi-. Mis
Nameless Five at her home WcJih mLv I I . C St
afternoon and evening. A siipjwr n
served the guests, followed by a ( liii-tmu-tree.
The dates ol" the annual fair and f, sti
vnl of the I'nivei-sahst palish ban- been
changed from Feb. S and !l to Feb. 1.1
and Hi, owing to eontlii-ting dates vvilli the
I'niversalist fair fn Brattleboro.
While at play Tuevlay afternoon Paul
Chamberlain, son of .Mr. and Mrs. Clmrle
Chamberlain, was accidentally hit in tie
eye by an arrow thrown by a playmate.
The eye was seriously injured but ii i not
expected that he will In.,- the -igln.
Misses Doris ami Florence t'onu.i,- und
William Conway of WiiicluMci . .lolm
inway and Snir t'onwav of 1'iovid, n, r.
K. J., and .Miss Margaret Con war of
Springfield were guests of Mr. and .Mis.
William Lynch the lirst of the week.
Miss Annie Conway of Stafford Springs.
Conn.. William Conway of Greenfield.
Aliss Kale Conway of Keene. and Mr. ami
Aim. Edw. Cunningham and family of
Hyde Park. Alass.. were miesls of Mr' nn.l
Airs. Patrick Conway over Christmas.
Five local young men who call them
selves "The Jolly Five." are to hold a New
dear's waltz pally next Monday evening
at the oX'in house. Lyman's orchestra
to furnish music for dancing from s to 1J.
and prizes will he given for the ,st
waltzers. i
.Mr. and .Mrs. .1. P. felch and Mrs
George Abbott attended the funeral of the
former's sister. Airs. Helen (Felch) Colony
in Keene Tuesday. Upon returning hnnic
Air. l elch received word of the death of
another sister, Mrs. Andrew W'oodhurv
in Ashuelot.
Air. and Airs. 1). ('. Nims entertained
.Mr. and Airs. Louis Nash of Springfield
Mass., Air. and Mrs. Edwin Vim.
daughter Ruth, of Sullivan. Alls. Charles
N ellman of Keene, Mr. and Airs. Fnd
Watson of Northlield and Mrs .lnli:, n..
enport Christmas day.
Christmas guests of Air. and 1f,- .t,,!.,.
Corliss were: Airs. .1. I). Crane of Wafer
bury. Conn.. Aliss Kale Corliss and Aliss
Nellie ( orhss of Siriiiurf ilil . M Ml
and All's. Thomas Coiliss and ,l;,,!,',l,i..'
Aliss Alan-, of Greenfield. Mass., .Mr. and
Airs, dames Donovan and dinurl.i f
outlier we, .uass.
The annual Chriatnem ,,,il, ..;.. ..r i.
Robertson families was held at V W jn
ertson's Saturday evening. There were 1
people present including Air. and Alt's.
W. E. Gould of FvcreH V,,., VI.. ..
Mr' ; Wilder of Millers 'Vails'
Air. and Airs. George E, Robertson of
Washington, D. C.
m. i ,
i ue annual nninrtt i,i.-.i i,, ..r
Universalis! narish icill 1, i.i.i .
church vestry next Monday eyoolnn. i .
ports of the various ntlicei-a will l.?.' i
and the pastor will give his annual address
and the election of ofliceva for n,n "
year will take place. All interested are cor",
dialy invited to be present. A banquet
will be served.
IS. Me
rate and i -..l..r
lb,- pn-i.nl. nt.
t 111 11 lllUs v i
i hutches, all l
.did rop, s oj l'i
mas bell-, in. ii,
A Cliiisiiius ii,
the Sund.iy
the ( nivei-a! -!
The ) rogriiin f.
In the (.1 ili.il i
the gitis w , i ,, i,
i nciii iM-iiii: . i;, r,
Rev. l I:,,,!
: a b.
,-.i i
Is- 11 !''
li(l' elis
and Me:
mas iri-e:
!.: I
C. K. W
Fell-. ..t
Ahum and
Joseph Vaitidi
field, at I-'. K
Boston, at i, i
i,;! lent
mi ,-at lis
I in ist
. ranee.
),. Id for
i, nts at
, given
.-, gational
Christ -
for t lii istmas
ll- inioli. at
i f sihelbunic
,-. mill Mrs. t.iike
on, of lli.it:ieon. ai
iv.is.it l'i, !'! of Spring-
Field's: b'oger llolitnd of
' Holland's: R. x IliLT-'ins
at I'!'
vev 11-Ai'-r
Ill 1!.'- t!V''
for th''
u te. ! !
i- ),
; l
V fit.
i Mi
v,l of
"II 1 lit
r'.: A I
Hkjius s: hdw.
,1 ,Mis. George
Worcester Tech,
Srluit of Clark
of South l),vl ',, -id. at II. :
Tibbetts of Gi.rnlield.
Lon'.: Far! Fislicr ol
,i i i -.- ..- . 1 1, i-l.
univeiM.V W','.r. ester, and , Miss Arze'ba
Scheit of It.altlelioro. at Ai'-n'o r raser s;
CI, II- ...1 . of Keclie. at Ii. A.
Weeks'.; Harold Men it t
Me, I ill n.l I illV
'line! jon.' t George Smith s.
i ale. at L. It.
of White River
Christmas excr, -is. s were, very
Iocs not gain
A P. Riclialdsiiti
volv f'lst. , .-.
Alisses Olive and Reuh.h I. o burn and
Aliss d lSothwell . ot Northampton,
Mass., were at their homes here for
Took Opiates
to Get Rest
Months of Suffering Stopped by
Mysterious Pain Ease.
Air. and Airs. John O'Brien and daughter
of Bernardston. Alass.. Air. unit Afro Wil
liam O'Rrien and son Emmet, and daughter
Naomi chanter of (l,o F:o,f.. ei.... :. .
observe its 10th
which tunc Past Grand Matron E,.n
Stone of Franklin is expected to install the
ofheers for the ensuing year and the chap
ter from W llton, which instituted (he local
chapter, is invited to be ncosmf i.......
esting entertainment urogram is in prepar
ation. A banquet will be observed.
Dr. E. R. T.vneli nf T?ra(tll,.. . i
by Dr. Lachaine of this town, performed
an operation on E. E. Brace's knees last
Saturday morning and found a quantity of
pus in each knee. Air. Bruce has suffered
for several months from pains in his knees
but is now greatly relieved and it is hoped
that he is on a speedy road to recovery
He is being cared for by a trained nurse.
, The following officers will be installed
in the S. of V. auxiliary next Thursday
evening: President, Alary Aroore; vice
president, Airs. Charles Chamberlain: past
president, Airs. Alinnie Dickerman; treas-
Don't make the awful mistake of tak
ing poisons into your system to deaden
pain Here's a letter from a woman
who'found the right way:
n.mM A Son.
1 must tell you what Mysterious Pain Ease did
for mv arm. It was lame and painful for months,
I had to move it with the other hand and took
nniates to get rest. I mt to you for the remedy
and received it Thursday night, and two days
after combed my hair with that hand. What
more can I aay, but Heaven reward you for bring--inir
this great remedy to this poor suffering: world,
ing tnia are. MKS. R. A. LANGLEY,
Watervllle, He.
Don't wait until the hour of need to
get a bottle; have it on hand always.
It's as good as a family doctor to have
around the house. The directions will
tell vou dozens of uses that make it a
truly wonderful remedy.
Get a bottle from your druggist (or
by mail), 25 cent and 50 cent sizes.
"Cures through the Pores."
Proprietors Mysterious Pain
Burlington, Vt
For Sale by
A. H. Fuller,
Charles E. Graffam,
F. H. Holden & Co.,
0. Frank Thomas,
Bellows Falls, Vt
Brattleboro, Vt
Brattleboro, Vt
Brattleboro, Vt.
K.nl Tims if Boston has bee pending
a few day at bis home. 1
.1. W. Cobb has Ix'. n sH ii fin. ic week
in Boston and New York. ftf.
George P.ice of White Ifjai N. Y..
sient .Monday at his home. J
Dr. G. 11. Anderson spent fcl tmas at
his former home in liiitland. ;
Watson Kendall of Spiii,fi. M,i..
i f ingtield.
fc igficld.
Ol II,
Grain and Feed Betail.
Mixed Feed 1.(V
tats, bu tlTil
Meal. e t 1.HKJ l.liTij
ivt leriuc
M.fc-iy for
ot fA-ark,
IiohId ,f her
was at home over I liriMma
Aim. Kugciic 1'cii iter goes
Alass., Monday for a bnet vi;
Alisses Alary Cut tin and 1
sKnt Sat unlay in Ih llows 1 ttt-
Aliss Itnth Stotldai'd spentj? ,ritinas
with her father in Holyoke. Ala-
Aliss Edith Grant was a lelid visitor
nt her home in Bernardston. Aa
Air, and Airs. II. T. Covey ad mghtci
Edna, are spending the week in ,1 vlet.
Aliss Alarv Austin is s)endinjj(; e week
in New York city with her broth Alartin
AIin. William Plimpton of
Miirs.. is siending the week
Mr. and Airs. E. J. Snyder el
mas in Fairhaven, returning to lSfalcboro
Wednesday. ,.:
Bay Gooihile of AIitlineagn Mass.,
snout. ( hristinas witli Ins tnotiiei Mrs.
Dora (ioodale.
Alisses Alice Ferritcr and
Guiheen go to New York city
a visit of several days
ATrs. Kntherine Coleman
N. ,T.. spent Christmas at tl
father, Luke Fenitcr.
Georue Danvew left M'ednesd
visit with Ids sister. Airs. David Ifc
in Chii opee Falls, Alass.
Glcason M ilder of AA'orcester.
spent Saturday nnd Sunday nt t
of his father, l)on Wilder.
Aliss Bertha Shaw returned
from her home in Bolehertown,
where she spent Christmas.
Air. and Airs. E. J. Fiinium am
Pallium of Wardsboro came
spending Christmas at George Ell
Afr. nnd Airs. Bobert Mitchell
herst. Alass.. were holiday visitor
home of Afr. and Airs. W. C. Alitcl
E. D. Wilson, for over a year cmjloyed
by Aroshcr & Cobb, has entered the OMploy
of the Standard Oil company as a driver.
Air. and All's. K. E. Alosher will Impend
flic -winter at the Brooks House. She will
return shortly from Keene, N. H . where
she has been for a number of months.
Air. and Arrs. Merrill Nash and their
daughter Afarion. of Brandon, with AIis.
Ann Nash of White River Junction, came
Saturday to spend a few days in town.
Aliss Alannehi Gonzales of San Juan,
Porto Rico, and Alisses Beatrix nnd Afar
tina Alontes of G nines, Cuba, who took
unit in the Christmas pageant at the Bai-
tist. church Friday evening were guests of
Air. and Airs. F.S. Knight Saturday and
for a
i Am
t the
.Meal liolted. lb.
Cottonseed Aleal
Linseed Oil Aleal
Middlings ,
llav, loose, ton
Hay. baled
Farm Produce Wholesale.
Pork, dressed
Pork, live weight
Beef, dressed .
Fowl, live
Hides, lb.
Calfskins, each
Eggs, dozen . .
Alaple Syrup
Groceries and Provisions netau.
it,,..,. "2S!
Eggs, fresh, dozen...
Eggs, storage
Alaple Syrup
Alolasses, gal. ......
Sugar, refined. 7c lb
Salt. T. I., bu......
Flour, roll, pro., bbl
Flour, patent
. . .S5t1.00
AVillard Fisher has moved to the farm
he bonclit of H. R. Brown.
Walter Phelns has sold his place in
Halifax to Ira Hall of Alarlboro who
will move, onto it soon.
The annual meeting of church and
society will be held in the vestry Sat
urday, Dec. AO, at 1p.m.
Mrs. John Henderson and son or Attle
boro, Mass., are visiting" his father and
mother. Mr. and JHrs. JMornneiu.
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Thomas came
home Saturday from a four-weeks' trip
through the northern part of this state.
Christmas was onserveoi Aienyay
nitrht. in the elnirch. There waa a large
attendance and all enjoyed the speaking
and funginjr by the younjr people..- .
Mr. and Mrs. II. I Nichols went Fn-
dav to Athol to visit Mrs. Nichols's sis
ter. They will also visit their daughters
in Greenfield and in fcneumrne raus.
( ft-aham
Corn I .read Aleal
Bye Meal, lb :
Tea. Japan, lb
Tea, Oolong
Tea. Young Hyson
Linseed Oil. gal..
Kerosene, gal.. jOc......
Kerosene, hoot, gat.,
Lemons, doz
Sage Cheese .
Onions, native
Cabbage, lb
Beets. Ih
Beans, qt
Beans, pk
Y'. E.
Pail Laid
Pure Lard, bucket
Lard, compound
Potatoes, pk
Sugar Pails
Brooms '"
Meats Retail.
Pork Steak
Pork Chops
Yeal Steak
Pork, roasts
Boasts, beef
Corned Beef
Porterhouse Steak
Bound Steak
Loaf Lard
lloiue-made Lard
Sliced Ham "'
Hams, minced
Ianib, hind quarter
Lamb, fore quarter-. '
Lamb Chops "
Turkeys '
Chicks "'
XG :c
4t(.i 7
..15 lbs. 1.00
. ,..."i.'0
,".'.. 7.00
...40( so
".' 40(SO
5 gals, for 45
,5 gals, for 7(t
Arthur Snow of BiafU'010
W. F. Snow and family flH.nl
... -r T WiloV
Wltll iUl-S. UUIie Ar,
, , i..jnt from Aid
,8C,ar,J -V? ; vacation.
SCllOOl, IS IIOI11C "i ... . 1
1, 1912.
" m 111
The Bev. Dr. T. iBrS
resignea as pasioi become i
rial Presbyterian church to n

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