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lc. per word first insertion, l-2c. per word each
subseq uent insertion, minimum charge 25 cents
Copy received later than 11 o'clock will be too late to classify on that
day and discontinuance must be made by 11 to get cancellation that day.
WANTED Second hand furniture
and bedding. Phone 456-W. 47 -tf
ATTENDANTS -wanted Men and
women wanted at Vermont State
Hospital for the Insane, to take po
sitions as attendants. For those who
so desire, opportunity is offered to
snter training school for nurses. For
particulars apply Vermont State Hos
pital for the Insane, Waterbury, Vt.
WANTED Table girls at the Cot
tage Hotel, good wages. 29tf
WANTED Man for general farm
work. House, wood and milk fur
nished. Permanent employment if
satisfactory. C. H. Stevens, St.
Johnsbury, Vt. 53 tf
WANTED Help at Brightlook hos
pital. ' 56 tf
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Telephone .'449-W. W. I.
Sawyer. 56 tf
FOR SALE Second hand organ. In
quire T, Caledonian office.
FOR SALE In Peacham, a farm,
120 acres. In good condition, cut
about 40 tons of hay. Pasture for
12 cows, 300 cords of growing pulp;
800 sugar trees and equipped. Good
silo, hen house, ice house, good barn,
nine room house. Stock, tools and
growing crops included or not. Now
is the time to look it over and see
what you are buying. Will take
small mortgage. Inquire Mrs. R. A.
Halcrow, West Danville, Vt. 54 t f
From Towns
Around About...
WANTED Housekeeper, prefer one.NewPort 213"3
of middle age. ' No heavy work. Ad
dress M, Caledonian. Tel. 108-4.
56-61 pd
FOR SALE Modern bakery and
lunch room in a hustling R. R. town
where there's no competition. A
little money maker. Just the thing
for a man and wife to make money
with. Can be bought reasonable, as
owner is in the draft. For particu
lars inquire of M. E. Willis, 26 Eas
tern . Ave., Newport, Vt., or Tel.
WANTED Bell boy at St. Johns
bury House. ' 54tf
WANTED Person for general
housework in small family. Good
wages. Apply at 14 Park street. 57-61.
WANTED Man to care for cows,'
milk some and run a mechanical
milker, and do general work. Wages
$50.00 to $60.00 per month and
maintenance, if married can give
wife employment, housework, wages
$30.00 to $35.00 per month and main
tenance. Box 708, Lawrence, Mass.
y :: : '57-58
homestead at 2 Railroad street. In
quire of C. E. Peck or G. W. Peck.
54 t f
FOR SALE My son being called
into the army, I have no further use
for the following list of property and
will sell at bargain prices for cash:
1 late model Ann Arbor belt power
hay press, 18 Horse Kerosene En
gine on skids, 18 horse "Kerosene
Engine on steel trucks. Also one
pair work horses. L. W. Ford, 6
Harrison Ave., St. Johnsbury. 55-60
,No. 148100 acre farm with 25
acres in tillage. Balance in pasture
and woodland. Level, snboth and
free from stones. Cuts CO tons of
hay. Near neighbors and one mile
from school. Good seven room house
with ell. Painted. Stock barn, 30 by
60 with silo and stable for 20 head
of stock. Running water. Price
$3000. ; , ,
Caledonia Real 1 Eastate Co.
FOR SALE One kitchen range,
Quaker grand. Price $20. Mrs. Flora
E. Danforth, Danville, Vt. 56-61 pd
FOR SALE Crab apples for making I
jelly at 35 cents a peck. Eleanor and
Laura Stone. Tel. 586, St. Johnsbury.
57-59 pd.
Miss Blanche Renfrew has gone
to Colebrook to teach the coming
Miss Jessie Varnum has returned
to her school in Michigan.
The academy opened Tuesday,
Aug. 27, with a good attendance.
The district schools began Tuesday,
Sept. 3.
' Rev. Mr. Green of Lowell is visit
ing in town
Mrs. Mabel Chandler Hebb ' of
Johnson is at the home of her
father, Frank Chandler.
Mrs. Phoebe Young and Fred
Hawkins visited at Lewis Dana's at
St. Johnsbury over Sunday.
Virgil Goodeno, who bought
George Pattridge's farm, has moved
Mrs. Addie Crais: is visiting her
niece, Miss Sadie Blake, at Suton.
Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Chamberlain of
St. Johnsbury are visiting in town.
Miss Alice Renfrew of Manches
ter, N H., is visiting her aunt, Miss
Anna Renfrew.
Mrs. Crown and son William were
in Barton and Greensboro last week.
Mr. Crown is in the draft and will
leave on Wednesday, Sept. 4. A
reception was given Mr Crown at
the vestry on Monday evening which
was largely attended. Refreshments
of cake, sandwiches and coffee were
Andrew Hattic, Herbert Blair and
George - Esden attended the Sher
brooke fair. Hosea Blair of Clifton,
P. Q., came back with them.
Mr. and Mrs. John Plumley, Miss
Johnson of St. Johnsbui-y and Ber
tha Banks of Passumpsic were visit
ors at Nathan and Willie Banks' last
A very large crowd attended the
auction at Mrs. R.A. Halcrow's on
Tuesday. Everything sold well.
The farm was not sold at auction. .
A dance was given at the Pondside
Friday evening. Henry Hancock of
Danville furnished good music. Re
freshments of ice cream and cake
were served.
c'inn Peasants
frcm Taking' Potatoes, Plan
T- !r;:lu:e Eating of Tubers
Although potatoes were early intro
h'.ced into Europe by the Spaniards
hey did not come in quantity for manj
cars. Tha English found them in Vir
ginia, but it is believed that the Span
iards brought theia to that colony from
further south.
The first attempt, to introduce them
into France v.t.s due to a well-known
scientific authority named Parmentior.
This. wa:i in the seventeenth century,
says Popular Science Monthly. He im
ported some of the plants, set' them out'
in a field near Paris, and by means of
learned pamphlets and talk with the
people tried to have the new -vegetable
brought into cultivation and the ruur
luf. .
But it was all in vain. Potatoes did
not prove attractive, and when the
planted ones matured it seemed that
they would rot in the ground on ac
count of the prejudice against them.
Then some wise man who knew hu
man nature a student of psychology.
with practical ideas suggested that
peasants could net be made to try
potatoes by persuasion, but might be
led to adopt them if they were forbid
den to eat them.
His idea was adopted. Many signs
were painted and erected in plain sight
forbidding under severe penalties any
one from taking any potatoes from
the field.
The peasants at once began to raid
the hills, and before long most of th
ripe tubers were stolen and eaten with
TO RENT Tenement,
47 Caledonia street.
all modern.
45 tf
TO RENT Furnished room, 25
Summer street. 33 t f
TO RENT Furnished room at 105
Railroad street. 54 tf
TO RENT Room with board, 82
Main street. Tel., 271-5. 56 t f
Chance for good wages and ad
vancement for men between the
ages of eighteen and forty-five years
in good physical condition. Apply
N. Y. N. H. & H. R. R. M. D.
Miller, Supt., Waterbury, Conn.; C.
A. Mitchell,- Supt., Hartford, Conn.;
E. E. Regan, Supt. New Haven,
TO RENT Three rooms for light
Telephone 451-W. 56
Dr. W. B. ' Fitch's office will be
closed from Sept. 1 to the 12th.
Arthur M. Brown, a Williams grad
uate in the class of 1907, and a star
football man and all-round athlete,
has been secured as physical director
in Middlcbury College for the coming
Six Room Cottage, all modern
improvements, nice street, close
in. A New House, Garage,
Barn, off Caledonia St. going to
be sold cheap.
Old and True Expression.
The origin of the expression: "In
union there is strength," is not known,
hut the .sentiment in various forms has
been current a very long time. A
Latin author of ancient time said:
"Bv union the smallest states thrive.
by discord the" greatest tire destroy
ed." The American author of "The
Flag of Our Union," said: "United
we stand divided we fall."
A baseball game was playel here
Labor day between East Ityegate
and Monroe with a score of 13-0 in
favor of Monroe. - -tL1 2i
Isaac Jacobs of Holyoke, Mass.,
spent the week end with rflatives in
town. i mi. ajftgimii
Larkin Hosford of Connnonweaiin
Pier, Boston, and Mrs. Hosford of
Woodsville spent the holiday with
Mrs. C. E. Hosford.
Mrs. Lizzie McLurney of Lisbon
visited at the home of Ralph Hard
ing Monday.
Mrs. Hall Merrifield and two sons
of Barnet are spending a few days
with Mrs. Charles Pratt.
Mrs. Josephine Stewart of Den
ver, Col., has been the guest of Mrs.
C. E Hosford for several days.
Miss Julm Fisher was in St. Johns-
How AIMcd Soldiers Suffered When
They Firet Experienced the Hor
rors of Kaiser's Poison Gas.
St-ddcnly a great cry rang cut:
"The gas !"
It was true. Over there from the
enemy's lines, ' came great greenish
balls, rolling close to the earth, rolling
deliberately yet swiftly, - rolling
straight toward us, Emmanuel Eour
cier writes in Scribner's. Gas! That
horrible thing, still almost unknown,
which had been used for the first time
only recently on the Yser. It was
coming with deadly surety 'amidst a
tornado of artillery. Orders were
shouted back and forth:
"The gas ! Put on the masks !"
nrotwtlnsr oloth. The shelters were
closed. The telephone, whose wires I Miss Mildred Blanchard has been j
ran the length of the communication , visiting Mrs. Julia Richards m St. j
trenches, gave the warning: "Look j Johnsbury, . i
out! The "gas!" j Lawrence Moore is moving his j
We did not yet know what manner i household goods here from Fitzdalej
of horror it was. None of us had ex- jin1'"' eeK. . ')
perienced an attack of the sort. We 1 Mrs. Ada Corcoran and Miss Lilla
ran to and fro like, ants whose hill I Hastings of Fitzdale were in town
has been molested.. Some fired their ! Monday. ' 'Tpj
guns at random, others awaited or- I Mr. and Mrs. Edward Moore vis
ders. The frightful, vivid thing came pted Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Frazer the
IS 10T HAD 1
Since He Commenced To
Take "Freit-a-tives"
73 Leks Avk., Ottawa.
"Threo years ago, I began to feel
run-down and tired, and suftemi
very much from Liver and Kidney
Trouble. Having heard of "Fruit-a-livcs",
I thought I would try them.
The result was surprising.
" have -not had an hour's sickness
ginca I commenced using "Fruit-a-lives"
or Fruit Liver Tablets, and I
inow now what I haven't known for
a good many years the blessing of a
Iieal thy' body aad clear thinking
DOc. a box, G for $2.50, trial size 25c.,
At dealers or from FRUIT-A-TIVES
Limited, OGDENSBUEG, N. Y,
Automatic Soldier Made
Of Steel Shoots 400 Shots
.in Any Desired Direction
"An automatic soldier" is one of the
latest developments in weapons of war.
A Danish engineer has recently taken
out a patent for an apparatus to which
he has given this name. It consists of
a steel cylinder normally within a larg
er cylinder, the whole being sunk into
the ground vertically. By means of a
mechanism operated -by wireless, the
inner cylinder rises to a height of IS
inches from the ground and simultane
ously an automatic rifle mounted on the
inner cylinders fires 400 shots in any
given direction.
The "automatic soldiers" can be con
trolled from a central position some
four or five miles behind the line of
defense, according to the . inventor.
They may be seen by the enemy only
when they rise from the ground.
From trials already made it has been
shown, so it is reported, that a lew hun
dreds of these steel soldiers can easily
defend a position against infantry at
tacks, however numerous the opposing
force may be. They blaze away their
400 shots without flinching, and never
retreat. In order to overcome the "au
tomatics" they must be destroyed one
by one.
on, expanded to a cloud, crept upon
us, glided into the trenches. The air
was quickly obscure. We were swim
ming in an atmosphere stained a.
venomous color, uncanny, indescrib
able. The sky appeared greenish, the
earth disappeared. The men$taggered
about and rolled on the ground, stilled.
There were some knots of soldiers
who' had been asleep in their beds
when overtaken by the gas. They
writhed in convulsions, with vitals
burning, with froth on the lips, call
ing for their mothers or cursing the
Germans. We gathered them up as
best we could; we took them to the
doctors, who, thus confronted by an
unknown condition, found themselves
powerless.. They tried the applica
tion of oxygen and ether in an effort
to save the lives of the victims, only
to see them die, already decomposed,
in their hands.
The masks had not yet been perfect
ed and were a poor protection. Some
ran about like madmen, shrieking in
terror, the throat choked with saliva,
and fell in heaps, in contortions of
agony. Some filled the mouth with s m
handfuls , of grass and struggled
against asphyxiation.
first of the week. Mr. Moore has j
just won a second lieutenant's com-
mission at Camp Lee, Virginia. j
Miss Ethel 'Duncan ha? begun her j
duties as teacher in the Manchester i
district in Rycgntc.
Mrs. Ida Nelson has returned to
the h6me' of Horace Duncan after a
month';-, vacation, part of which was
spent at Old Orchard, Me.
A largo number from here attend
ed the agricultural field day at Ha
verhill Saturday.
Chas. E. Kirk, St. Johnsbury
fountains in New York rrrrS fined
recently for serving, drinks in dirty
Because a man or woman is old does
not mean that they must walk alons
bent over and supported with a cane
A man can lie as vigorous and healthy
at eighty as at twenty if he aids the
organs of the body in performing their
All diseases whether of a malignant
or weak character tend to tear away
our vitality. You must counteract dis-.
ease in its incipient stage if you would
live a happy and useful long life.
. GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules
a 2(T0-year-old preparation that is used
all ver the world, contains soothing oils
combined with strength-giving and sys
tem cleaning herbs. These capsules are
a prescription and have been and are
still being used by physicians in daily
practice. They have proven their merit
in relieving backache, kidney and blad
der complaints and all ailments arising
from an excess of uric acid in the
GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules
arc sold at all reliable druggists. They
are guaranteed to do everything as
claimed or money refunded. Don't be
milsed bv false iimmitations. Look for
GOLD MliDAL on every box.
ft fr
ovum ro TOD AI 1
omiLLo run mll
Heady Reference Guide for Frequent Consultation
I guarantee every truss I fit
to hold the rupture perfect
ly, to be easy and comfort
able, to give complete satis
faction in every way.
Reliable Pharmacist
Eyes Examined Glasses Furnished
St. Johnsbury, Vermont
Citizens Bank Building
By Appointment
Trusses Fitted for Rupture
Montpelier, Vt.
Also Agents for
Fire, Accident, Health, Boiler, Plate
Glass, Burglary, Automobile
and Compensation Iusurance
Pythian Building, St. Johnsbury, Vt.
Telephone 39-M
DR. J. D.
Pythian Building, St. Johnsbury
The Crawford Ranncy
G. H. Morrill M. L. Underwood
Pythian Building
Dunnett, Shields & Conant
Tel. 65 St, Johnsbury, Vt.
Iron Rust.
Few stains are so obstinate as iron
rust is. They may, however, be re
moved from delicate fabrics by cover
ing the spot thickly with creajn tartar,
then twisting the cloth to keep the tar
tar on the spot itself. Tut that part
Into a pan of cold water, bring gradu
ally to boiling point, and afterwards
rinae in the usual way. Exchange.
TheXTmrQX Store
One for Every Purpose
These preparations are not
designed to take the place of
your family physician.
They are not Patient Medi
cines. They are simply a line of re
liable, non-secret, remedial
and toilet preparation from
formulas of proven values for
the minor ailments that befall
every family.
We have a complete line and
guarantee every one to prove
satisfactory or refund your
Sunday Hours 12 to 1 and
5 to 6 P. M.
53 Main Street
To and For.
"Everything I have in this world 1
owe to my wife."
"I'm almost like you, too. Every
thing I owe for in this world ray wife
Giving Details.
"Kitty married
a Tusin " a goo.
deal older . than
she is, so I hear."
"Older ! Why,
he's twice her.
real age and three
times the age she
says she is."
"I always look out for number one,"
remarked the egotistical man.
."Friend," replied Mr. Chuggins, "if
that's the only number you look out
for in those days of tratlic confusion
.you're liable to get run over and uever
know who did it." .
Very Necessary.
' A rotund gentleman with a perennial
ismile had to have his daily joke as he
meandered into bis club.
"I have here the most valuable mo
torcar accessory eVer invented," lu
"What is it?" asked a tall, thin gen
tleman. "A bankbook," replied the first
Cauoc and Effect.
ts in
Saved Ship From Destruction.
Capturing a runaway bomb on the
de-ek of a ship during a terrific gale,
a United States navy man heroically
held on to several hundred pounds of
high explosive until it was got to safe
ty. This man of iron ' nerve is John
Mackenzie of. the naval reserve, who
is serving as a chief boatswain's mate
on the U. S. S. P.emlits, a converted
yacht now on patrol service in Euro
pean waters. For this extraordinary
heroism Mackenzie has been awarded
a medal of honor and given a gratuity
of $100. In the midst of a storm a
depth charge, such as have proved so
disastrous to German submarines,
broke loose and went rolling about the
decks. Realizing the danger, Macken
zie shouted out, "I'll get her!" and
flung himself upon the charging cylin
der. Three times he was thrown from
the bomb. The fourth time he got it
and, heaving the charge upright, sat
on it and held it down. Here he re
mained until lines were placed around
the bomb. Had the charge exploded
it would have blown the ship to pieces.
Mackenzie is a native of Massachu
setts and his mother, Mrs. Mackenzie,
resides at South Hadley Falls, Mass.
After serving four years in the regu
lar navy he returned to service in the
fleet naval reserve. .
People are surprised at the small cost and big
results of Caledonian Classified advertising.
This class of advertising has come to be a
mighty power in the business world and the Cale
donian promises to become the classified medium of
Northeastern Vermont. Follow its columns from
day to day. You may find advertised exactly what
you want. Or if you will place a Want, For Sale,
To Rent, Lost or Found advertisement in the Cal
edonian for a few days you will get results.
Dorit overlook this channel of communication
between buyer and seller. Its cheap, sure, quick.
Keep it antiseptic and well with
7 f W
'That famous
financier has such
an angular coun
tenance." "No wonder; ha
made himself by
Burglary Among Nonessentials.
Among- the nonessential industries
which are almost in a state of collapse
is the ancient and sinister one of bur
glary.' According to data furnished by
a burglary insurance company there
has been a decided and favorable
change in the attitude of chronic
recalcitrants since the executive proc
lamation of a few weeks ago, direct
ing all ablebodied men between eight
een and fifty years old to turn their
hands to industrial pursuits. The
draft, high wages and federal and
state surveillance promises to reduce
crime almost to the vanishing point.
Manj' sociologists aid criminologists
of the modern school will point to this
as proof of their theories that poverty
is the principal cause of crime. It will
no doubt be a potential argument in
favor of a revision of criminal laws
after the war.
?K An Antisccptic Nasal Ointment
Composed of Boric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Menthol,
Oil of Eucalyptus and White Vaseline
Ideal for Children and Adults
For Catarrh and Cold in Head
Can't sleep! Can't eat! Can't even digest what little you do eat!
One or two ,doses
w -s iiisriirisiiA !AiSJL&A
wiil make you feel ten years younger. Best
known remedy for Constipation, Sour Stomach
and Dyspepsia.
25 cents a package at all Druggists, or
sent to any address postpaid, by the
U. S. ARMY & NAVY TABLET CO. 200 West Broadway. N.Y.
Easily Arranged.
"How are we going to get any quo
tations out of these press notices?"
asked the theater's advertising man.
"The most, generous of them says,
'This is not' a very good show.' "
"Well," replied the manager, "for
billboard purposes you'll have to con
dense it a little."
"Just leave out the word 'not.'"
Such !s Love. '
"Too bad about .Tack and the girl
hes engaged to. Neither of them is
good enough for the other."
'"Where did you gs-t that idea?"
I with both families,"
Had Her Hands Full.
An amateur mission .worker fluttered
into one of the West side offices of the
Associated Charities.
"Oh," she exclaimed, "I have the
saddest case for you. Really, it is
auite pathetic. A woman, who has
been deserted by her husband, has j
five little children to support. She is i
too frail 'to work, and I'm sure there
isn't enough in the house for their next
"But what is to prevent you from
taking charge of this -case yourself?"
asked the official. .
"Oh," said the visitor, drawing her
self up haughtily, "I couldn't think
of it, you know. Why, I'm doing the
Lord's work !" Chicago American.
He Is Really Peaceful.
"They call me a hard guy," whanged
the would-be tough individual.
"They d do they?" hissed the sher
iff of Lone Wolf county, 'shaking. him
by the coat collar.
"Y-yesthey just call me n hard guy
back home," was the r?pl "but reall;
I got a soft disposition,"
it' '
Friday Eve.
Sept. 13
For The Benefil'of

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