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People are surprised at the small cost and big
results of Caledonian Classified advertising.
This class of advertising has come to , be a
mighty power in the business world and the Cale
donian promises to become the classified medium of
Northeastern Vermont. Follow its columns from
day to day. You may find advertised exactly what
you want. Or if you will place a Want, For Sale
To Rent, Lost or Found advertisement in. the Cal
edonian for a few days you will get results. ,
Dont overlook this channel of communication
between buyer and seller. Its cheap, sure, quick.
is worth more to
family life today
than ever before
THE COMPANION gives the greatest
amount of everything worth reading,
an abundance of Fiction, of Entertain
ment, of Informing Reading, of Fact
and Humor, besides the Special Pages
for each one of every age. It appeals
to the families With highest ideals.
New Subscribers to The Youth's
Companion will receive;
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remittance to the PUBLISHERS OF THIS PAPER,
Or to The Youth's Companion, Boston, Mass.
During this history-making period of war, bus
iness is apt to be more or less dislocated in spots and
it behooves every live merchant and dealer to get his
house in order.
"Deadwood" has no place in business in these
stirring times. The mark of the live merchant or
the live dealer is indelibly expressed in his adver
vertising. Thrift and economy is the order of the
dayj but thrift and economy that curtails efficiency
will not help business. To cut advertising space is
to curtail efficiency, which means, sooner or later,
the falling into the "deadwood" class of the mer
chant or dealer who follows such false economy.
The effectiveness of liberal advertising is not
doubted; The effectiveness of liberal advertising in
The Caledonian is proven by direct and indirect re
sults coming each day to the live merchants and
dealers who arc using liberal space.
The speeches of Judge Wendell P. Stafford,
and the last book of his poems arc on sale at
all the St. Johnsbury Bookstores at the fol
lowing prices : . ,
Mrs. Maggie S. Marsh died at her
home on North Avenue Saturday
forenoon at 10 o'clock. The Cause
of death was . the influenza I having
been sick only a short time. Mrs.
Marsh was the daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Coomer of Lvndonville and
was 26 years and 11 months of ge.
Besides her husband, Carmi Marsh,
she" leaves four children, Harris, Do
ris,: Madge and Lynwood.'
The funeral services were held this
afternoon at two o'clock and the
body was taken to Barton for burial.
Stafford's Speeches
"The Land We Love,"
"War Poems," a Booklet
25 cents
The editions of these works are all limited
and the supply is not large. GET YOUR
copies now; ? : ; ";
arthur f. stone,
Alfred Blay died at the home of
Mrs. Will Davis of Derby- Center,!
Saturday morning at three o'clock,
after ten days' sickness with pneu
monia. Mr. Jtsiay was tne son oi Jo
seph Blay and was 29 years of age.
He was employed by Fred Moulton
of Derby and had made his home with
Mrs. Will Davis for four years. He
leaves his father, Joseph Blay, and
one brother; John Blay, both of Or
leans. The funeral services were
held Sunday at 2 o'clock and the
remains were placed in the Derby
Center cemetery.
Fred Carr has been confined to
the house three weeks by sickness.
George W. Frost and family left
on Saturday for their home Tn New
York after spending the summeh at
the Bluffs, Indian Point.
Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Blanchard who;
have been hard sick, are able to be(
on the street again.
Rood E. Fifield, who has been se-I
riously ill, is how considered out of j
danger. j
L. T. Young, who has been in
New York for two weeks helping to'
care for his brother, George Scott,
returned home Saturday morning,
leaving Mr. Scott on the gain. j
Evening Star Lodge, No. 37, willj
hold a meeting on Tuesday night.
Miss Virginia Berry is employed as ;
book keeper in the office of the New1
England Telephone and Telegraph
Co. ' ' ''
N. W. Scott of the U. S. Navy, who
has been enjoying a short furlough,
returned to Portsmouth, N. H.,
Thursday night.
Dana Hancock went to Boston
Thursday night to drive home an au
to for the Orleans Motor Co.
Miss Marjorie Bryce who has been
visiting Marion Newland at Dr. and
Mrs. -G. H. Newlands, returned to
her home in Boston last Wednesday
Mrs. Hazel ' Somers is quite sick
at the home of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Litchfield, of the East
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hunt went to
North Troy Saturday to visit Mr.
Hunt's father and mother, Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Hunt.
Dr. O. B. Gould is confined to the
house by sickness. .'
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Flint have
gone to housekeeping in the tene
ment vacated by Walter Geary in
the C. M. Flint house on Third
street. .
Howard Ford, manager of the At
lantic and Pacific store, has returned
to his duties after being sick at his
home in St. Johnsbury.
Ora Swett has closed his services !
as traffic officer for the city and fori
the present is employed at the B. &
M. Transfer platform. Mr. Swett has
made a good traffic officer in every
sense of the word and we hope that '
he may be secured another seasof
Dr. and Mrs. O. B. Gould have re-!
ceived a message from their daugh
ter, Mrs. John Ross of Utica, N. Y.,
announcing that Elizabeth Shilleto,
who is in training in the hospital in
that city, is very sick at that insti
tution with the influenza.
Mr. and Mrs. George Herbert
Moulton of Orleans called on their
cousin, Mrs. Edgar MacDonald, Sat
urday night.
The funeral services of Oliver Hill,
who passed away on Thursday, were
held Sunday morning and the body
was placed in St. Mary's cemetery..
Charles Copp, who has been em
ployed as lineman, for "the New Eng
land Telephone and Telegraph Co.,
in Newport, has accepted a position
for the same company as combination
man, located at Island Pond. Mr.
Copp will go there this week and will
move there as soon as he can get a
tenement. We are sorry to have Mr.
and Mrs. Copp move from our city.
Mr. Copp takes the place of Charlie
Parker, who recently lost his wife,
and who intends to go to Burlington
to live.
C. W. Davis of Laconia, N. II.,
who has been visiting his daughter,
Mrs. Earl Brown, since Thursday, re
turned to his home today.
L. H. Mclver and family motored
to Wells River, yesterday.
P. W. Lawson and family motored
to Orleans and Glover Sunday.
Dr. Farmer of St. Johnsbury was
called to Newport Friday night, in
consultation with Dr. J. H. Gaines on
the case of Henry Ward, who is very
sick with typhoid fever. "
Zulma Lamson, daughter of Mrs.
Hermon Lamson, died at their home
on West Main street, Saturday af
ternoon, after being sick with ty
phoid fever. She was 15 years, three
months and twenty days old. Mrs.
Lamson vt.O her daughter made
their home with a son on West
Main street, coming here from Troy
and they previously had lived in
Charleston. The daughter, Zulma,
up to the time of her sickness had
been employed in the Frost Veneer
Seating factory. The funeral scr-
vices were held this Monday after-
: ...
1 ' ' '
Do riot vote ajway their rights
ever by j amending the United Si
constitution when they can not have
a voice in the matter.
They are sacrificing every thing which
is dear to them to save u
lU Q
is opposed to amending the con
stitution in regard to prohibition or
in any other respect while 12,000
Vermoriters, or nearly
our voters, are in the
deprived of their votes.
-fifth of
noon at ten o'clock, and the body was
taken to Derby Center, and placed in
the Barnard . cemetery. Rev. L. A.
Richards officiated. She leaves be
sides her mother, one brother, with
whom she made her home.
Little Mary Magee, aged 2 years
and five months, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Ned Maee of West Charleston,
passed away Saturday afternoon. The
cause of death was pneumonia. The
funeral services were held Sunday af
ternoon at three o'clock. The burial
was made in the .West Charleston
cemetery. . ..
While there are very few specific
laws in relation to cats in modern
statutes their legal status being that
of ferae naturae it is interesting to
know that it; the ancient law the cat
occupied a very different position. .r
"Among our elder ancestors the
Ancient Britons," says . Blackstone,
"cats wcr3 looked upon as creatures
of instrinsic value, and the killing or
stealing of one was a grievous crime,-!
and subjected the offender to a fine,
especially if it belonged to the "king's
household, and was the custps horrel
regii, for which there, was a peculiar
forfeiture. lhe, lortunate cat that;
held the office of warden of the royal i
bajfti was thus protected by the law: i
"If and one shall kill or bear away by
theft the cat which is warden of the
royal bam, it shall be hung up by the
tip of its tail, its head touching the
floor, and over it shall be poured out
grains of wheat until the last hairs
of. its tail shall be covered by the
An English law "of the present day,
provides that "the master of a ship
freighted with goods which are the
subject of depi-edation by rats is
bound to have cats on board,vor he
cannot charge the insurer : of such
cargo." ' . :
. New Vegetable Butter.
Shea butter, the reddish oil of th
West Afrlran shea tree (Butyrosper
num Parkil), Is one of several vegeta
ble butters that are now of unusual
Interest to makers of margarine, choc-i
blate, candies and soap. The sweet
and wholesome pulp of the nut Is much
prized by the, natives, and . is said to
be nearly :; two-third3 butter. Great
Britain control the scarce of supply. .
season means to
the house and use
The American Throat Tablets
Mcrf Wallflowers Peppery.
The mustard family contains mora
thn two thousand species and in
cludes cAbbage; faufiflower", r; turnip;
radish, horseradish and. In ornamen
tals, the stoclrs. sweet alyssum and th?
The Antiseptic Nasal Ointment
For Catarrh and Colds - -

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