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:ril?E BSE
and with what you have left
that you are going to need this winter.
Make a note of the fact that we are the
people to consult for
Warm Stylish Coats For Women
Newest Yool and Silk Dresses
Serviceable Fur Muffs and Scarfs
" The Home of Style and Good Values "
The. announcement that a new play
founded on the world-famous car
toons of George McMamts' "Bringing:
Up Father," is to be presented is in
variably a good piece of news. Col
onial, Nov. 12. Children can sit any
where in the theatre for 25 cents.
Private Edward Rondeau was here
over Sunday from Camp Devens.
Miss C.i;u a Clifford of. North Dan
ville has been visiting friends in town. 4
Mrs. L'bta Short and Miss Clara
Aiken of Monroe spent Monday in
Mystic Star chapter, No. 29, O. E.
S., will hokl their regular meeting on
Friday evening.
Miss Florence Sealey has returned
from' Bane, where she has been for
the past two weeks.
Guy Douglass of Waterbury was a
guest ot' Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Smith
over Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Milo Green and Lu
ther Gr?c.i of Bradford were visitors
in town Monday.
Mrs. Joseph Dickinson celebrated
peace by entertaining at dinner six
of her friends, one of whom is going
back to England soon.
Brand new edition of the whirliest
and girliest of all the musical shows
"Brinerinj up Father at Home"
r!riol TTn,- 1'
Christmas boxes may be had and
the filled ores inspected every after
noon at the Armory between 2 and
5.30 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Stevens
and Ms Helen Stevens lett 'luesday
morning for their winter home in St.
Petersburg, Fla.
Mi-: :iii-r TT dross recently en- !
tertaineel 1.) of her Sunday school
The new play which is in thr ee acts
and which is welded to jingling and i
.infectious music, is entitled, "Bring- j
ing Up Father at. . Home." It will j
be seen at the Colonial, Nov. 12. '
The train despatches' offices of the
St. Johns'nay & Lake Champlain rail- j j
roaa are now locaiea i-i iynaonvinc, (t
the instruments having been moved j
there Moaday. A. J. Corriveau and j
II. H. Ch:vi-j arc now at Lyndonville. !
The oinc.z lormeriy occupied by bupt.
Mayo will be retained for the present
to be used by Supt. Ahem of Lyn
donville when business calls him to
St. Johnsbury.
At thy recent meeting of the trus
tees of St, Johnsbury Academy Dr.
Arthur Fairbanks declined the presi- j
dency of the board, to which office he
had been elected, on the ground thati
living in Boston he was not in close j
enough touch' with the daily affairs of i
the institution and that he felt some- j
one in 3t. Johnsbury could fill the I
position better. The trustees then I
elected Gov Henry C. Ide to the va-!
cant position. Gov. Ide was at one
time principal of the academy, has
long been in close touch with its af
fairs and is well qualified by experi
ence and training for the place.
Class, who had for their
3 T
G. T. Santolucito has leased the old Paino Fruit
Store opposite the Armory on Main street, and
James Paino will be the manager.. The store will
open Saturday, the 16th, with all kinds of Fruit and
Vegetables in their season. Also confectionery, soft
drinks, Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco and Macar
oons. Will be pleased to see all old customers and
everyone else.
Tel 501.
WANTED A home for a handsome
kitten. Call 2S7-W
male tig?!
electric lights near
20 Cliif street. Tel 223-W
j One '390 Chevrolet, one 1913 Buick
! Roads, one Mitchell Touring Car
l')i:, one big truck solid tires, one
; Cadillac truck, one Kambler Roads-
: tcr, and other makes at lowest prices.
room tenement, i Good used tires that fit Fords and
shof-lInquire at ' Vim trucks. H. Dolgin, 80 Portland
113 tf
street. Tel. 537-M
Pcarl street.
-Small tenement "at 44
II. A. Cheslcy. 115 tf
W. A. Lystcr.
115 tf
HOUSEWIVES Save money and
help boost the United War campaign
by using Savo, egg substitute, U0-egg
.size. Mailed on receipt of 25 cents
Money back if not satisfied. Profit
goes to United War Work. The Pit
kin Agency,
Johnsbury, Vt.
Lock Box 163, St.
Eali'jst Form of Shcec.
The rnrUst shoe known were san
dals of hide, leather " wood. When
one encounters the went "shoe" in tho
Bible ho may be sure, thnt it is the
f:and;il that is commonly meant. In
Egypt the sanCi.il was woven of pnlm
leaves and pjisyrus. As a symbol of
the suiijeci iiui of their enemies the
Egyptians often r-"Jut;d the figures of
their opponents oa the lining of their
Produced by Cecil De Miller
A Paramount Bray Pictograph
Pathe News
mcnt" the cutting
Belgian children.
The Ladles' Circle of the Church of
the Messiah will hold its annual meet
ing with Mrs. C. F. Sanborn, 30 Rail
road street, Thursday, Nov. 14, at
2."() o'clock. A lai'ge attendance is
George McManus' famous creation
"Bringing Up Father," now in its
fourth consecutive year of phenome
na! success, will appear in an entirely
new atmosphere for its annual visit
Lo the Colonial Theatre tonight. Chil-
uca can sit iuiywneiv: m v-itv; uuiuv
for 23 cents. j
Chaplain Paul D. Moody and Mrs. j
Moody lei; Tuesday morning for ;
Northfield, where they will spend the j
day. Mr. Moody hopes to return to j
St. Johnsbvry a.srain 'before his f ur- ,
lough expires on December 1. j
The Ladies' Aid of Grace Method
ist church will meet in the ladies'
parlor at 3.00 o'clock 'Thursday after
noon. Tho hostesses will be Mrs. E.
K. Sargcni, Mrs. Frank Boyr.ton and
Miss Florence Clark.
Hon. L. C. Bachand, ex-mayor of
Sberbrookc, and Mrs. Bachand, who
have been visiting Dr. and Mrs. J. D.
Bachand for a few days, left Wednes
day ror Florida, where they will
spend the winter.
Chcsley Peering of Guildhall and
Vilda 'N. Baker of Eden Mills were
married at o'clock Saturday after
noon by Rev. George A. Martin. Mr.
Decring is in the 74th Infantry Ma
chine Gun Factory f Camp Devens.
"Bringing Up Father at Home," it's
one big scream. Don't miss it. Snap
py chorus of pretty, clever, singing,
dancing, ginger girls. All under 20.
Colonial, Nov. 12.
There w-11 be a social at the home
of Mrs. Charles Flint, 3 Summer
street, Thui sday afternoon, Nov. 14.
This is to be given by the War Ac
tivities committc. Mrs. W. A. Ricker
is chairman.
G. T. Santolucito has leased the
old Paino I-iuit Store on Main street
and will open it for business on Sat
urday with James Paino as manager.
Fruits, vegetables, confectionery and
cigars, aj fcimerly, will be for sale.
There will be a sewing meeting of
the Red Cross at the Armory at 7
o'clock this evening. There will be
plenty of sewing for all who can
come. it is thought that it will
not pay to continue to heat the room
in the evening for less than 50 work
ers. The home Missionary society of
Grace Methodist church will meet
with Mrs. Williams on Church street
Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
Mis Kahlo, the deaconess, will speak
and a cordial welcome is extended to
The Mission Circle of the Church
of the Metsiah will meet in the
church pailor Wednesday , evening,
Nov. 13, at 7.30. The watchword
for the hour is "Hope." A special
program has been arranged and will
be followed by the election of officers
for the ensuing year.
Mrs. C;:-rles J. Hamblet of Nashua
gave a luncheon Saturday at 1 o'clock
to the Conversation Circle, of which
she was a former member, at the St.
Johnsbury House. Fifteen mem
bers were present, and each was pre
sented with a book by Mr. Hamblet.
A most enjoyable time was spent.
Seventy-five thousand dollars'
worth of specially chosen gowns are
worn in "Old Wives for New," the
new C B. de Miilc special production
society and its foibles, the more inti
mate side of martial life, the probing
of hearts all is contained in this re
markable motion picture drama.
Many screen players of prominence
interpret the various roles. Will be
shown at the Please-U theatre today.
Italian Dirigibles Cross the Alps to j
Bomb Austrian Cities j
Ninety tens of explosives were i
carried across the Alps and dropped
on enemy territory by Italian dirigi-i
hies from August, 1917, to the end of
August, 1918. . The encounters with!
the enemy cf the Italian airships to- j
tailed 102, a record-breaking number, j
The Allied and enemy nations have j
not used dirigibles extensively be-
cause of the difficulty of operation :
due to atmospheric conditions, and'
the cnrhculties ot aimmg correctly, I
but Italy La?, succeeded in overcom
ing them lo such an extent that her ;
dirigibles have become an active part
of her lighting organization. During I
August Italian dirigibles navigated j
for a total of 280 hours over 11,560 !
miles, and thr ew 40 tons of bombs, on j
the station of Trento, on the military'
works at Bolzano, on the arsenal at
Pola, on Austrian aviation camps, on;
railroad l:i:cs and on enemy soldiers'
San Stiro di Livcnza, one of the';
most important railroads connecting;
points on' the Austrian front, was!
bombed r.ir e times in two months bv :
I Italian aiiships. The headquarters!
budding of the aviation camp at Co-!
mina was destroyed by bombs from ;
the dirigibles. j
The record quantity of bombs car- i
vied by an. airship is held by an Ital- 1
Wood; Finishing Work
Have you any old piece of "Family
Furniture?" If so we would like the
opportunity of giving you a price for re
finishing and covering same. Furniture
of this kind is worth more than ever be
fore. We show a fine line of Tapes
tries and Velours for coverings.
A sample of our workmanship may be
seen in our North Window: an old sofa
with serpentine front.
lan captain, whose dirigible carried i
seven and u half tons in ore month.
Another dhigible, piloted by an Ital-;
ian ace, ii' a flight over the Alps to
the Trentino, crossed Carre Peak, the
highest summit of the icy Adamello,-!
at an altitude of 3,465 yards.
All November Calls Suspended by ;
Sec'y Baker
Washington, Nov. 11 Almost the :
first action of the war department!
today affce? announcement of the ;
signing of the armistice with Ger-,
many was 1he cancellation of all army j
draft calls under which more than !
300,000 men had been ordered to en-'
train "or camps before Nov. 30.
Urgent telegrams prepared three j
days ago ft the direction of Provost- i
Marshal Ciowder were sent to all :
local draft; boards, directing that the '
movement of 252,000 men under or
ders to entrain between today and
Friday be stopped immediately. The
telegrams reached most of the boards
in time, but a few men are known to
have started for camp. Secretary :
Baker said, however, that wherever .
possible their immediate return to
civil life would be arranged.
"I havi suspended further calls un
der the draft and inductions," Mr.
Baker said. "There will be for the
f !
Wm&& til
I: I s
i l
Says General Pershing, referring to
one of the war work organizations : '
(C A SENSE of obligation for the varied
and useful service rendered to the
f rmy in France ..... prompts me to
join in the appeal for its further financial
support. I have opportunity to observe
vrs operations, measure the quality of it3
personnel and mark its beneficial influence
npon our troops, and I wish unreservedly
to commend its work for the army.
General Pershing
One Vermontcr among the Casualties ,
Washington, Nov. 12 The follow
ing casualties are reported by the
commanding general of the American
Epeditionary Forces:
Killed in action r.G'J
Died of wounds V.$
Diel of accident and other causes 7
Died of disease 325
Wounded, degree undetermined 107
Wounded slightly 143
Missing in action 17G
Died of (.iseasc:
Kay G. G'lbert, Craftsbury.
Killed in action, Scrg. George H.
Pearson, Winooski; Pvt. Holdcn S.
Corey, Swanton.
Died "of wounds, Corp. Edward I).
Santaw," North Troy.
Wounded slightly in action, Pvt.
Edward T. Ward, Marshficld.
Missing in action, Pvt. Harvey D.
Prescott, Calais.
Died of disease, cook Alfred J. Du
pont, White River Junction; Pvt,
John C. Holbrook, South Walling-ford.
Contributed by RANDALL & WHITCOMB
Wm. Cook & Sons '
says we are pleased to state we con
sider RAT-SNAP is without doubt
the finest rat and mouse extermina-
Passumpsic Lodge, No. 27, F. & A.
Regular communication Thursday,
the 11th of November, at 7.30 p. m.
Masonic Temple. Visiting brethren
j welcome.
! Orville N. Pinney, W. M.
I Fred n. DolIolT, Secretary
Corporal Wendell D.
Wrijrht and
tor we have ever used. It does all ' Miss Ifaz.-l T. Bvster. both of St..
present no additional men brought in . you claim and more too. Four sizes, ! Johnsbury, were married Saturday by
under the draft, and to the extent j iijc, 50c, $1.00 and $3.00. Sold by ! the Rev. George A. Martin. The
that we can We will turn back those Charles A. Searles & Co., and Arthur j double ring service was used. Cor
men who haveNbeen entrained and I K. Smith, St. Johnsbury, Vt., J. II. ' noral Wright is stationed at Fort
have nor yet reached training camps." Goodrich, Barnct, Vt. 'Warren ir. the Coast Artillery. Mrs.
" IZZZI : 1 ; Wright is a graduate of St. Johns
bury Academy and the Lyndon In-
Never A Night Before Away
By Bruce Barton
The whole town was gathered on the platform
that morning to see the train pull out men and
women and children, waving and cheering and
trying hard to keep on smiling through their
Out of the car windows leaned the boys to
wave a last good-bye.
Just average, clear-eyed country town boys;
twenty of them altogether. And seventeen of
them had never slept a night away from home
They are dwelling in a strange land tonight,
whose language they cannot understand.
But across the mud and the snow a light
gleams warm from a hut on the edge of the
town, and inside good cheer and happiness are
ready for whoever will come in to claim them.
Friendship dwells in the hut; keep its warm
fires burning bright this winter. Let it be 'per
fectly clear to the men over there that you have
not forgotten.
to the men that only a little while ago were
boys who had never slept a night away from
aut is a successful teacher
Haswcll Royal Arch Chapter, No. II.
Stated Convocation
ing, Dec. 1?, at 7.30 P
the R. A. M. degree.
Birncy L. Hall, E
F. G. Moore, Secretary
Friday cven
M. To work
n. r.
j Palestine Commandery, No. 5, K. T.
Children Cry
Stated Conclave, Tuesday evening,
November 12th.
Z. S. Waterman, E. C.
Tuesday and Wednesday Specials
$7.00 value Heater's Special $5.95
$8.T)0 value Heaters Special $6.95
You need them now.
You must have one hanging when the boy comes
75c Flags Special 59c
98c Flags Special 79c
$1.39 Flags Special $1.19
Our usual big line of Toys and Useful Gifts now on
. - display.
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