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and with what
Buy Buy Buy
that you are going to need this winter.
Make a note of the fact that we are the
people to consult for
Warm Stylish Coats For Women
Newest Wool and Silk Dresses
Serviceable Fur Muffs and Scarfs
" The Home of Style and Good Values "
G. T. Santolucito has leased the old Paino Fruit
Store opposite the Armory on Main street, and
James Paino will be the manager.. The store will
open Saturday, the 16th, with all kinds of Fruit and
Vegetables in their season. Also confectionery, soft
, .. , i
drinks, Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobacco and Macar
oons. Will be pleased to see all old customers and
everyone else. Tel 501.
To close bankrupt stock one 5 passenger Maxwell car, just been
overhauled and nearly new tires, one spare, price' $250.00. One
nearly new Canapy for Surrey with pole and shafts $35.00; 1 Express
Sleigh, double runneis, $35.00; 1 light Express Harness with collar
and hames; 1 Driving Harness; 2 Linoleum Carpets nearly new.
These articles must be sold at once.
D. D. BEAN, Trustee
St. Johnsbury, Vfc.
Phone 324 Office.
Use judgment in your
selections, and re
member quality of
merchandise and your
entire satisfaction is
never forgotten at
our store.
you have left
House 37-R
These are the advertised letters at
the St. Johnsbury post office for the
week ending Nov. 9: Mrs. W. E.
Bailey, Mrs. L. S. Doherty, Grace
Ellsworth, Mildred A. Nichelson,
Thomas Casey, Charles Gaffney, H.
H. Macomber, -Carl Merchant,
Charles E. Milton, Earl Russell, Rob
ert Thomas.
The November meeting of the W.
C. T. U., was held in the Methodist
church, Saturday afternoon, Mrs. El
sie M. Harvey, presiding. The main
business alter the devotional service
was planning for the meeting
of the state executive committee of
the W. C. T. U., which will be held
here Tuesday, Nov. 19. It was re
ported that campaign temperance lit
erature had been distributed in stores
and churches. It was voted to con
tribute $2 for state work.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Gleason gave
a dinner party on Saturday evening in
honor of Judge Harland B. Howe,
who is planning soon to move to Bur
lington, where he has purchased a
A cablegram was received by the
Caledonia .1 Tuesday night from Wil
liam Dudley Pelley announcing that
he would be- back home in a fort
night. The message was sent from
Tokio, Japf n.
The S;. Johnsbury clergymen have
arranged icr a victory praise service
at the Nor tii church at 7.30 tonight to
which a cordial invitation is extended
to all to attend. Short addresses
will be given by the local pastors,
music will be furnished by the Acad
emy Glee Club and special seats will
be reserved for the families of sol
diers and sailors.
ThPi-P mio-Tit n
no n i.,., i - v.; !
very j
timely and appropriate service.
On account of the Community
Thanksgiving Service at the North
church trpjght, the meeting of the
executive committee of the South
church will be postponed to Friday
evening at 7.30.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Davis of
Bradford rre receiving congratula
tions ove? the birth of a daughter,
Ruth CLm:-sa, born Thursday, Nov.
7, at the home of Mrs. L. B. Hadley
on Sprin;? street.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Peterson !
have received official notice of their
son Raymond's safe arrival overseas.
The postponed exhibit of the boys'
and girls' club will be at Summer
Street school Friday afternoon and
evening. The exhibit will be vegeta
bles, canniiig, cooking, sewing, manual
training v.rA penmanship.
Mrs. W. A. Ricker, chairman of
the war activities . committee of the
Woman's club, announces that there
will be another ten cent social at the
home of Mrs. Charles. Flint, 63 Sum
mer stree.'';, 1 hursday afternoon, Noy.
14. Mrs. Margaret Heywood will
speak on the work of the "Home
Edward G. Asselin has gone to Bos
con on o business trip.
Harlie F. Miles has returned from
Boston and was there Tuesday during
the city's big celebration.
There was a lively runaway on
Railroad street this morning when
the horse of one of Menut & Parks'
delivery toams started up the street
from the Portland street corner. He
i-an with the team to the livery sta
ble behind the Avenue House and
came out again with a portion of the
wagon and was stopped in front of
Kidder's store. Fortunately no one
was run down, but the wagon was
somewhat smashed.
A son was born on Tuesday, Nov.
12, to Mr. and Mrs. Lester McPher
son and the parents are now receiv
ing congratulations.
Quite a number of our sportsmen
are out in the woods after deer, but
no reports have as yet been received
of any deei being shot.
Mrs. Annie Rickaby, widow of Mo
ses Eadon, died in Oakland, Cal., Oct.
28.' She was a native of Quebec
and of the ten children in the family
only two brothers now are left
Thomas Rickaby of St. Johnsbury
and D. S. Rickaby of Quebec. .
The Outlook club held its meetT
ing with Mrs.. W. H. Harvey Wednes
day afternoon, Nov. 6. Mrs. Charles
Woodbury read a very interesting
paper on music and its influence.
The club will meet Thursday, Nov.
14, for sewing, with Mrs. Louis Brick
ett, 2 Washington avenue. The
committee on the Liberty bonds are
also asked to meet at the same time.
The next regular meeting will be
held with Mrs. Charles Moffitt, La
fayette street, Nov. 20.
The Boy Scouts will meet at the
Y. M. C. A. Thursday at 7 o'clock.
Also Laborers and One Plumber to
Build Houses at Springfield
The St Johnsbury office of the
United States Employment Service
received 'on urgent call Wednesday
morning for help at Springfield to
complete hemes for the men working
in the bir: machine shops in that hus
tling community. The shops are
completing government contracts and
it is necessary to finish houses for the
workmen end their families before
winter sets i:i- This work will prob
ably last until the first of the year
and after that date the men will be
taken care of. Further particulars
of this inaterr may be obtained at
the St. Jchnrbury office of the United
States Employment Service in the
Pythian building.
Address by Principal of the Johnson
Normal School
The St. Johnsbury Woman's club
held their November meeting at
Pythian Hall Monday evening, with.
a very good attendance of club mem- j
hprs and tti chers. c-uests of the club
The president, Mrs. Robert French, ; J
Ci.llllVUil'-'uU Vuw HWV. V. JVV M VI www".-
had voted $25 to the state scholar
ship normal school fund, and that the
club had paid Mrs. I. G. Marshall $38 1
for her tplondid service in the homes
of the si-k during the recent epi
demic. .
The following members were ap
proved and admitted by the executive
board: Ivtrs. G. A. Martin, Mrs.
George Franklin, Mrs. M. E. McKeen, i
Mrs. Helen Bonette, and Mrs. A. C.
Howard, us regular members; and
Mrs. Harold Powell, Miss Hattie
Buckley, Miss Ellen Magoon, Miss
Ruth Parker and Miss Mary Root, as
associate members.
To accommodate the speakers the
December n-eeting will be in '"charge
of the committee on public health, i
and the art committee will hold then
meeting m January.
An appropriation of $14 was grant
ed the civic committee for the settees
which the committee placed on the
Court House park last summer.
The president spoke feelingly of j
the death ef two members since the
last meeing, Mrs. Timothy Murphy j
and Mrs. Foster G. Stevens, and the
following committees were appointed j
to draft resolutions: For Mrs. Mur
phy, Mrs. L. N. Smythe, Mrs. Elsie
Harvey, Mrs. Henry Ellis; for Mrs.
Stevens, Mrs. A. B. Noyes, Mrs. D
, .
jj. rattevsoii. mis. nanes r liiii
The pioftram was in charge of the
educatio.i committee, Mrs. Clara Bur
rows, chaiiman, and wras preceded by
two pleasing piano selections by Miss
Sigrid Ekloff. The speaker, Miss
Bessie Biker Goodrich, principal of
the Johnsor Normal school, gave aj
most into esting .talk on modern
methods cv teaching and brought
home wit w great clearness that intelli
gent and responsive work in the
schoolroom must have the right en-
vironmen:, everything, even the loca
tion of tho chairs, going to make up
a perrect DaCKgrouna, wnicn woum
11 i v i i j I
old-time schoolroom into . a restful,!
interesting, classroom. She empha
sized the point that a child must take
. ....... j j i ,..-; k
sized the point that a
o.iri ' w!
not dictated, that when a pupil is in
terested in his work discipline is un
necessary, that the day for the rigid
displinarian is past, and that often a
change U position from the tiresome
hard seat, which formerly graced (?)
our school. -oc-ms a pupil could and
would be relaxed and rested and do
better wopL.
She cited many interesting in -
. . ,J , u
stances proving her points and her
talk showed remarkable insight into
, . , , , . j.
the character and development of
children. 1
She brought a splendid collection of
posters and cards showing the excel
lent work done by the pupils of the
Johnson Normal school, of which
Miss Goodrich is the principal.
Her ta'.ic was sensible and practical
and at the close of the address the
president s-uggested that the motherrs
present could apply the same princi
ples in home training of their children
and quoted a remark made by a
mother who had raised a large family,
"If I v-ai tc live my life over again
I would leave out the word 'don't,'
and 'do' t r.d encourage my children
to be mere self-reliant and depend
less on my judgment and more on
their own i- determining their daily
Adopted by the State Board of Health
on Dr. Caverly's Death
At a meeting of the State Board of
Health and laboratory staff held at
the office of the secretary at Burling
ton, November 8, the following reso
lution was adopted:
The death of Dr. Charles S. Caver
ly, occurring at his home in Rutland,
on October 16, 1918, has broken our
Board by removing one who for
twenty-seven years has Served as its
president, and whose place can never
be filled.
Dr. Caverly's sterling worth of
character, strong' personality and
professional ability made him a
strong tower on whom we were accus
tomed to lean and his judgment on
the v-arious perplexing matters which
came up for decision was unvaryingly
sound and good. He was always pro
gressive, i'.r.d to him must be credited j
a large share of the advanced legisla
tions and public health regulations
which have made Vermont a recog
nized leader among the states of the
Union. His. studies of communicable
diseaie, especially poliomyelitis and
tuberculosis, gave him an honored
place nmong the foremost national
medical authorities..
Realizing our loss, we desire to ex
press our sincere sympathy to Mrs.
Caverly and his many friends and
hereby order that this resolution be
entered in the minutes of this board
and a copy sent to the family of Dr.
Cavei'ly rnd published in the press
of the stete.
TO RENT Pleasant 5 room tene
ment, Pas-sumpsic St. Telephone
FOR SALE Hand knit sweater, ex
tra large. Telephone 241-M.
I . ' " "" " " ' " """ ' ' M II III ' 1
II! it,
' 1 1 1 i 1 P m
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in in
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i -
il! H SSa m B M &f H IME II Li Hi U T Td m B KB H a Vi. H SI Ri 111
illli II I j 111 llftl B lllllllJil
West Bat ret was none behind the
other towi.s in celebrating victory.
The church bells were started ringing-
by John Roy and the news pro
claimed. The bells were kept ring
ing until the early hours in the morn
ing. ' Seveial from here attended
the parade at St. Johnsbury.
Miss Georgia Thornton was home
from her school over Sunday.
Miss Ina Basnar was the guest of
Miss Thra-..i Blain Friday and Sat
urday. Several from here attended the
show at Si. Johnsbury Tuesday eve-
reP0,,bn very entertaining.
iVIU'l .1.1 CI 111. CI X i Vl itllOC VIII lOllV-
' , ,,
Goddard f-ormnary Monday. Roy
araen -,-ok them to Groton.
Mrs. Herbert Steele Thursday niorht
and an over Sunday guest of Miss
Ruth Gifcjen.
r ..v, 04., : cj-
I "u"c'1 11UC vci:' 111 ou
Johnsbury V. ednesday.
Jra; garter visited at E. S.
I "l1. 5 iuisy-
L Mrs U-iy Pm-dy returned home
lj ,h?r slsters at Lyndonville
i Thursday,
L, SV -j
Clark Rowells Friday,
TO RENT Four room tenement,
electric lights near shop. Inquire at
2G Cliff street. Tel 223-W
FOR RENT Small tenement at 44
Pearl street. H. A. Chesley. 115 tf
W. A. Lyster.
115 tf
HOUSEWIVES Save money and
help boost the United War campaign
by using Savo, egg substitute, 30-egg
j size. Mailed on receipt of 25 cents,
Money back if not satisfied. Profit
goes to United War Work. The Pit
kin Agency, Lock Box 163, St.
Johnsbury, Vt. 115-20.
One 490 Chevrolet, one 1913 Buick
Roads,-, one Mitchell Touring Car
1913, one big truck solid tires, one
Cadillac truck, one Rambler Roads
ter, and other make's at lowest prices.
Good used tires that fit Fords and
Vim trucks. H. Dolgin, 80 Portland
street. Tel. 537-M 115 tf
FOR SALE Blacksmith shop in St.
Johnsbury, well located, low price
and easy terms. Apply to Caledon
ian Real Estate-Co. 116 tf i
Passumpsic Lodge, No. 27, F. & A.
Regular communication Thursday,
the 14th of November, at 7.30 p. m.
Masonic Temple. Visiting brethren
Orville N. Pinney, W. M.
Fred H. Dolloff, Secretary
Haswell Royal Arch Chapter, No. 11.
Stated Convocation .Friday even
ing, Dec. 13, at 7.30 P. M. To work
the R. A. M. degree.
Birney L. Hall, E. H. P.
F. G. Moore, Secretary i
Palestine Commandery, No. 5, K. T.
Stated Conclave, Tuesday evening,
November 12th.
Z. S. Waterman, E. C
Children Cry
if m f rik it irn m s
- II
Prizes Awarded
Saturday Eve., Nov. 16
At Leclerc's Hall
Hill's Novelty Orchestra
Dancing Every Thursday
and Saturday Evenings
There will be a fish chowder sup
per at the Union Baptist church
Thursday evening, Nov. 14, from 5.30
to 8.00 o'clock. Following is the
Fish Chowder
Baked Beans and Brown Bread
Pickles Tea Biscuits
Pie Coffee
Price 35 cents; children 25 cents
LOIS WEBER'S Great -Photo -Dramatic -Triumph
Allies Official War Review
Actual Scenes of ther Battlefields jf France,
Belgium and Italy
Screen Telegram
coiyiiftic iyov. 20-21
"To Hell With The Kaiser"
Tr-n t-- ----,-'--lU--.ZJ--tf--?l -ri
Tuesday and Wednesday Specials
$7.00 value Heaters Special $5.95
$8X)0 value Heaters Special $6.95
Yau need them now.
You must have one hanging when the boy comes
75c Flags Special 59c
98c Flags Special 79c
$1.39 Flags Special $1.19
Our usual big line of Toys and Useful Gifts now on
! In Funeral of Rev. D. J. O'Sullivan
at St. Albans
St. Albans, Nov. 12. The funeral
i of the kite Rev. D. J. O'Sullivan was
! held at Si. Mary's church this morn
' ing, there being about 60 priests of
i the Catholic church to officiate in the
j mass. Rt. Rev. J. J. Rice of Bur-
lington va.- celebrant, Rev. J. F.
j Gillis of Burlington was assistant
I priest, Revs. J. D. Shannon of Bel
lows Fall.3, L. R. Desrochers of St.
Albans and E. F. Salmon of Swanton
i were deacons, Rev. J. W. Dwyer of
; St. Johnsbury was sub-deacon, Rev.
I E. F. Cray of Brandon and Rev. J. J.
j Cullion ot' Ludlow were acolytes, Rev.
jj. Mr H. Bastien of Newport was
j thurofer, Revs. W. H. Cassidy of Bur
! lington xn J. M. Kennedy of Hard
I with were masters of ceremonies..
; Rev. C. C. Delaney of White River
j Junction pronounced the eulogy.
! The -bearers were G. P. Twigg,
i Maurice Walsh, J. E. Butler, M. F.
Sullivan, J. W. Hanley and M. Ma
1 giff. The body was taken to Bur
! lington for burial in St. Joseph's
' cemetery.
- 'ii-m i t -V -Hi -rii

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