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Young Women with the Red
Cross Can Feed a Sol
dier in Eight-tenths
of a Second
Give for the Fifth and Last Time to
a Worthy Cause
Greatly Increase Their
Original Pledge
How the Red Cross Saved
Lives of Gassed Soldiers
The American boy soldiering in
France has two favorites over there.
One of U.em is steaming hot coffee,
the other is the American girl work
er. They are especially pleased with
their favorites if they are products of
the American Red Cross.
One of the favorites who puts her
self in th: second classification is
Louise Fie'cman, of New York, who
has juit rt.urned to this country for a
Editor Caledonian:
On the eve of Belgium's deliver
ance there is a danger lest we forget
that the sufferings of five million
from the allied governments for their 1 Several Large Subscribers
daily bread continue and will not
terminate until some semblance of
restoration has been accomplished.
Long before the United States en
tered the war the Dollar Christmas
Fund was the means of bringing hope j
and comfort to the destitute Belgian j
children at a time when hope and
comfort and American sympathy
were badly needed. There are 1,
500,000 such children' and thanks ' to
American suppoit given during the
i Christmas season we have been able
j to bring a ray of sunshine to all the
j most necessitous cases the poorest
i of the poor, the orphans, the sick and
! the suffering. The inspiration of the
$14,800.00 HAS NOW
The First Installment of
Names Appears in
Today's Issue
rFlMFlf1ftI PAII lf,OAfl SFIY
11 "3 H I 11 H K U n H U H B rl H D I H H HRH Ml 5H H H 3 .
The United War Work campaign
gained splendid headway yesterday
day has lent a spiritual meaning to j and St- Johnsbmy kept step with the
our help far in excess of the cost of
buying the Christmas dinners albeit
we have spent over $250,000 in four
successive Christmas seasons.
The Dollar Christmas Fund trans
fers its annual collection to the Com
mission for Relief in Belgium which
short ra.it after a year s service as i has the necessary machinery for pur
assistant to a chief nurse in a base j chase and distribution amongst the
hospital and as chief cook. For the children of Belgium, and today as
cdificatioa of those who have not i Treasurer of the Fund I make my
been fortunate enough to do their bit j fifth annual appeal and by the grace
for the whining of the war in over- j of God the last to the generosity of
.seas duty L. O. C. means line of com- j the American people. There are still
municati'on; also dish washing and! some food supplies in Belgium which
coffee cooking and waiting on sol- can be bought by agents ot the Com
x?,,wl 5 ! miciirm frT Ifohnf nnn with thncj
dicrs is a work not to be despised if
any one im-.y judge by the enthusiasm
of Miss Freeman and the ardor with
which she says: "I'm impatient to
iret back. I don't care how hard I
great triumphal march which is going
on in every part of the United States
this week.
The add tional subscriptions of yes
terday were made by 401 persons and
institution J and amounted to $2,835.
50, bringing the total up to G73 sub
scribers n.id $14,800.25.
As the l ouse to house canvass gets
into full swing, the number of sub
scribers increases steadily and satis
factorily. Apparently everybody is
coming in this time. The tabulation
of name. and subscriptions in this
these ; paper, will be from one to two days
supplies we hope to be able to give delayed ir some instances because
every necessitous child an extra meal more than one hundred people are
on Christmas Day. working en this campaign, all of
If Americans could read some of i whom have other necessary work to
work n long as I am doing a slight j the- heartfelt expressions of pathetic ' attend to, but all subscriptions will be
service for our splendid soldiers.
There never was such appreciation of
small things, as that shown by the
American boy in France to the Amer
ican girl v. ho is helping him behind
the line ;."
Miss Freeman has had unusual ex
perience abroad. She has had the
glamour and the romance of war-time
work, an-1 also endured the hardships
and the monotonous drudgery that i.
include. She has been on a vessel
that fought a submarine and has
gratuuuc to les Americains gener
eux" from thousands of children in
Belgium which have somehow reach
ed me the tragedy of the Belgian
child during the past four years
would be fully realized and your
purse strings would be unloosed.
Special arrangements have been
made to cable the Fund to Brussels
on Christmas Eve in time to be dis
tributed on Christmas Day and any
sums addressed to me as Treasurer
reported and any mistakes which may
occur will hi promptly corrected.
In submitting the following list of
subscriptions to Caledonian readers
the committee makes the explanation
that it should not be forgotten that
some of tht smallest subscriptions
may represent the greatest sacrifices
and patriotism. It is also believed J
Vermont's Delegation in the Senate
Endorse the United War Work
Vermont's respresentatives in Con
gress are standing squarely behind
the boys at the front, and in the com
ing United War Work campaign they
are looking to their constituents back
home to hold up the old state's proud
record in the war. Typical of the at
titude taken by the Vermont Senators
and Representatives in the following
letter from Senator C. S. Page:
"The Y. M. C. A., the Y. W. C. A.,
the National Catholic War Council,
the Jewish Welfare Board, the Warj
Camp Community Service, the Salva-! Union Meeting Wednesday Night for
tion Army and the American Library- Victory. Liberty and Peace
Association require no endorsement'
0fj ine iNorin cnurcn was wen lineu
vvedneod-ty evening at a union com
munity praise and thanksgiving ser-
at the - present time. Every one
these organizations, is entitled to the
highest commendation for the excel
lent work being done, and I heartily
rr-mmrrrl t.Vir-Tn sill
meet with the greatest measure ofiof gratitude and appreciation of the
success and encouragement in your
effort is my sincere wish."
Here is what Senator Dillingham
vice arranged by the local pastors and
I XI J 1 1 1 J .1
Tint ran ma" lIle I10i.e u tne speakers was one
says of the United War Work cam
paign: "The cause is one which must
appeal to all good men everywhere,
particularly if they have had occasion
victory of right over might. Patri
otic hymns were sung by the audi
ence, led by the choir which consisted
of Mrs. Don Stiles, Mrs. F. B.
Richards, Mrs. Ida P. Brooks, R. D.
Merrill, ar.d members of the Academy
Glee Club. "Keep the Home Fires
T.1 ! 1 T Tf.
fr, Vnnw r,f thA mawrimis wnrk dnne as sung us u. soio uy ml.
i, v tu r a T.;v,t. i Hazen, the audience joining in the
umbus, Y. W. C. A., Salvation Arnryjfho3-
and other relief organizations which
Secretary Daniels Says College Boys May Leave the
Navy and Return to Their Studies Queen Wilhel
mina Would Like to Be Friendly to Mr. Hohenzoll
ern American Aviators Make a Great Record in
Last Month of War. 7
have been
engaged in this line of
'November Eleven the Day of Free-;
German Soldiers Destroying and Pillaging in Their Re
tirement to the Border Triumphal Entry Planned for
Sunday Into the Cities of Metz and Strassburg.
A despatch from Paris says that the American
troops' have crossed the German frontier towards the
cities of Metz and Strassburg.
A Paris despatch says that Marshal Foch and the
homo. The invocation was offered j Allied eenerals will make a solemn entry into Strassburer
by Rev. Dr. F. A. Poole, the respon-J r,nJ novf Snndnv in'triP nrnconpo nf Procirfont Pmn-
sive service was led by Rev. George MX- , " W 1
a. Martm, after which six brief ad-!taire and Premier Clemenceau.
A despatch from Basel, Switzerland, says that the
report that the former German Crown Prince is with his
father in Holland are denied by despatches from Berlin.
The despatche says the Crown Prince is wih his troops at
the front.
A despatch form Senlis says that Gen. Pershing to
day conferred the "American distinguished Service"
medal upon Marshal Foch. The presentation was made
j dresses, were given by the local pas
; tors. Each speaker closed his ad
! address with a brief prayer.
These were the themes and the
"That Democracy Has Met Success-
j fully the Tost of Its Supreme Crisis,"
jRev. Harold G. D. Scott; "That
! America Has Caught the Spirit . of
dom for the World"
(Special to the Caledonian)
Montpoheiv -Nov. 13. Frank li. ! Sacrifice rnd Service," Rev. Albert
13i.nr.lrJ V.ivivnnt -forlm-al frinrl ciflvmvi.. : Q T,r.r.,1-.r..l, . T1, il.. T7i;1.4..-
istrator, on his way to Washington j Force of Liberty Was Intrepid and m the name Ot President WllSOn at the Villa Where Gen.
for a meeting of state food adminis- j True," Rev. George A. Martin; "That! F()Cll has his headquarters. In presenting the medal
trators with Mr. Hoover appeals to the Fighting t Men's ; Supporters at Pershing Said, "It is a token of gratitude Of the Allied
joy in victory into a power that will Alfred P. Grlnt; "That Tribal Reli- can people for your achievements." Gen. Foch replied,
save food fei starving multitudes. A
program will be arranged later.
Meanwhile Mr. Brooks urges extreme
that these lists will be of considerable
intei'cst from thenews which they
convey. Sav' all otese lists and
help the committee cheeloup this en-
of the Dollar Christmas Fund, care
a vi;-it to the French trenches l of Henry Clews & Co., Bankers, ; tire-community. ' After th last list
Pap.i Joffre a privilege few I Broad Street, New York, will hU published the committee woti1dv.like
American women have , enjoyed, j gratefully acknowledged. Our v-re-to have vny names of possible cn
When Marshal Joffre visited in t presentativo committccX of .rfonner Itributors which have not appeared xfi-
America Miss Freeman as a represcn- years has been honored this, year by
tative- New Yorker met him at social the "addititm of -HisvExcellcncy "the
functions. Passing through the town Belgian Minister at yashington,
where h . was stationed the man be-( Baron E. de Cartier. who" joins with
loved by all France invited her and ai us in begging you nof to foi'get""the
friend in visit a French trench with j Belgian kiddies this Xmas. They need
him. There she had the unique ex- f your' help and Chiistian sympathy as
pcriencc f seeing a shot from a can-j much as ever,
non land ten kilometres away from ! Christmas Eve
her in teu seconds after it was fired.! United States.
Yours very truly,
New York, N. Y.
Nov. 10, 1918.
But on the other hand she has done
nurse's at distant in a Red Cross hos
pital entails, and with only one helper
has stood behind a counter in a field
canteen ;.r ten hours at a stretch, j
dispensing hot coffee to famished j
troops on Ireir way to the front. ;
"The Red Cross house is the nextSenator Po:ndexter Thinks Germany
best plac: to 'home for the boy
across t'lo seas," tells Miss Freeman. ! WouId SPht the Allies at the
"It is extivmely generous in giving! Peace Table
both gifts of the spirit and gifts of j Washl.lgtoilf Nov. 1?.. Declaring
poited to them, so that eveiy persofti
in town msybc " given the privilege
of participating in this splendid work.
The inter esting feature of yester
day's drive was -that several persons
who had subscribed substantial
amount.v after having the situation
Help us cable oil1 fully exp;?ined to .them, greatly in-
.1 ,1 V'J (. J T i
a sum wortny oi tnc , creasea T.3tir suDscripnons. it is
suggested bj the committee that all
persons carefully scan this list, com
paring llie.r own subscription with
the very generous gifts here tabu
lated and if possible increase their
subscriptions. It is necessary that
we think m much larger figures than
ever before if we reach our goal by
Saturday iup.ht.
Following is the first section of the
list of contributors for the United
Americaa Kr ows that he can nnd m
the cantie.i some woman of his own
kind who will listen to his chatter and
his confidences, and who will make
him happy with a steaming cup and
delicious biead and jam. He knows
, that there he can find a cigarette
and a magazine and an easy chair in
which to lest."
Its genci osity doesn't stop at the
soldiers. Red Cross nurses, although
German government
temptin to split the United States and
the Allies .'a the peace table, Senator
Poindexte.-, of Washinton, introduced
a resolution in the Senate calling
upon th.i administration to pledge
America against separate agreement
with the Central Powers.
The resolution would bind the
United Slates to a firm alliance with
the-allied rations in the setlement of
the present war, and declares it to be
means of saving food.
x cut
nen cuuea into acuve service uuio-, the genge of th genate that the
matically come under army rules, re-j AraericaU t,tvernment should become
ceive theu- clothing, their equipment -itrv t. fhp -rf f Tinnfion.
guarantee! n.r complete diplomatic
unity between the Powers associated
aainst Genrany and Austria.
The ;e-o!ution was read and refer
red to thi: Senate foreign relations
committee. It probably will come up
for discussion at an early date.
ana the luimture tor their rooms or
huts from th organization.
"The boy learns of the good spirit
of the American Red Cross when his
troop 'rain passes through after land-
. ing at a debarkation point. He meets j
it again ir. the trenches. Every di-!
vision of the army has a Red Cross j
representative who sees to supplying j
his divi;ici with the tobacco and.
chocolate and the newspapers which '
wc supply oYily to him, the European j Arrives in Holland in Civilian Clothes
edition of tin New York Herald and London, Nov. 13. William Hohcn
thcir own i ublication, the Stars and i zollern, formerly German Emperor,
Stripe.--, r.nu-ng them. He meets it ' arrived Si nday at Count Bentinck's
again n his way from the trenches. ) chateau of Middachtcn, at Velp, near
And...a3wavJ it greets like a devoted j Arnhem, according to a despatch to'
anr'4gw'rcuE mother. ' 7 ' tnc L)a,lv Express dated bunday at
r-'Vv r have leai-ned to feed a mat in j Velp.
right-tenth1; of a i second. Thati An Amsferdam despatch to the
floe.sn't mean tlief gulp". But we.had
flo feed tl.ra quickly?' AtJi!thrf4)ne'-time -German empress is ill ati
and I wcij manasmc a canteen in a
little FrT.ch town. The canteen
about four hundred feet long, rather
large for tin- size of the village, but
troops wore constantly coming
Daily Express dated Sunday says the
War Work fund:
Anderson, Mrs. L. M.
Asselin, E. G.
Berry-Ball Dry Goods Cp.
Bingham, C. C.
Barney, Raa
Blake, A. J.
Boyle, Claia
Brooks, Mr, and Mrs. A. R.
Brooks, Frank H.
Brooks, Jonas H., Mr. and Mrs.
Brooks, P. C.
Brook--;, If la P.
Brown, P. A.
Blodgett, II. W.
Bundy, F. G.
Caldbeck-Cosgrove Corp.
Calderwood, C. A. Inc.
Campbell, James B.
Carleton, i. W.
Cary, Geocgo C.
Cary Maple Sugar Co.
Cary, Mrs. George
Chase, Theo.
Cheney, Lillian M.
Cramton, Dr. C. A.
Cross, George H. Co.
Curtis, J. E., Mr. and Mrs.
Coveny, I-U vj.aret
Cushing, Iv?
Davidson, Mary A.
Davis, C. H.
DollofF, F. li.
Drouhin, Lev. E. C.
Dwyer, lie: J. W.
Eldridge, li. II.
Ely, Henry G.
Fairbanks, E. & T. Co.
Fairbanks, Mrs. Rebecca P
otsdim, near Berlin, and that the Fairbanks, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph 200.00
Mr. Biooks' statement follows:
"November 11 stands out 'as the day'
of freeedo'n for the world. Free
dom for what .use? To let our emo
tion of ;Ioy and gratitude have free
e'in; yes, but more than that.
Peace hat her victories, no less re-
ned iliar. war.' The '-'great acid
now comes. This test will
.Viply "wi'p.fher --'-ff" he in 'cdniiec-
tibn with demobilization, with the
soiying of political, industrial and
moral problems or with any of the
grave questions that now remain un
answered. With the food adminis
tration it will be how to get food
supplies t: the starving millions of
hunger iti&de multitudes now to be
saved, whef her for foe or ally. To
be sure, Australia, East India, South
America, s nd other mar-kets will be
able to help. But it is going to take
time to get food from those sources.
Quick actio i to get food 'over there'
may savo untold bloodshed and revo
lution that follow when people arc
starving. : Where is the food to come
from now, promptly, to save? Right
here in Airerica.
$ 25.00 In food tercns, peace speaks in the
150.00 form of, a command to give up food
50.00 that untold suffering may cease as
50.00 soon as possible. Save for our boys,
25.00 save for th allies who have fought
z.uu our oattie.s tor us lor over tour years, l
2.00 Save for the civilian poulations all
150.00 now friends. They have sacrificed
250.00 more than tongue can tell. Save
250.00 lood, not m one item but in every-1
100.00 thmg; save not until
10.00 until you will be happy and your
50.00 conscience freed from any guilt that
100.00 you eat too muclwhen others starve.
100.00 Don't delay. k Do it now. A
250.00 definite food program will be an-
100.00 nounced to make November 11 the
25.00 happiest in all history since the birth
1.00 of Christ. Then act. Act with
500.00 compassionate intelligence that peace
500.00 be not a mere riot of noise and joy.
50.00 Act that it be rather a riot of sacri-i
100.00 fice to save the world and answer the
25.00 problems of peace, problems far
100.00 graver than those of war.
250.00 The food administrator thanks the
10.00 j People of Vermont, again and again,
2.00 j for the wonderful co-operation that
- 5.00 has done so much. Keep on with the
good work and do not give up until
Died in Vain," Rev. Francis A. Poole.
All joined at the close of th,e ser-
vice in a p'-nyor thanksgiving and the
singing of the doxology. r
gion Mnst Yield to the Universal i "I will wear this with pleasure and pride in the days of
Si?".,11"-10 e,Sk ?" ichai;?si i triumph as well as in dark hours. I will never forget the
"That the Heroic Dead Have Not , i i i . i i -r i . j.
tragical uay last, iviaicn wnen uen. rersning put ai my
disposal without restrictions all resources of the Ameri
can army." 7
V A London despatch says that Marshal von Hinden
burg remains as the head of the supreme German army
command, according to a German wireless despatch re
ceived in that city. The same despatch gives the text of ;
ihe message which he has. sent to the army commanders
ordering them to lead their troops m order and with dis
tc protest against some of
le statements,' recentlv published in j CiDline
fnited War Work Campaign. It I X A 4
County Chpirman of the Industrial
Division Objects to Publishing
the Names -of -the Givers
r I - - - -
I deair
United War Work Campaign. It i A- Tf-alion W0orlnnci.fDr0 A-m'afnvc' MrT.norl .vF
seems to me that the article pub-Ur " vwxo v.
lished in your paper of November Montreal and Young of Des Moines, Iowa, who were
12th, ;hu: contained the clause "we j taken prisoners bv the Austrians durincf- the Italian cam-
I J il.. J. . . . . . " - - u - . . . .
ipaign, have been released. They reached the Italian
lines Tuesday and bring direct news of the internal con
ditions in the Austro-Hungarian empire. Horrible food
conditions prevail, Mr. McLeed says, and he thiks it ,
quite posible that a million of the inhabitants will die this
winter from lack of food and weakness of body by lack
of nutrition and disease. He says the conditions the
t ; quiet there now, but that another Russia may grow out
have alio a few of the meanest, stin
giest cities possible to produce in
America'' wa?, not called for, and
wrong. The local committee, "which
has worked through all these war
drives," must have learned tact and
courtesy, otherwise it should attend
a branch of "the school" which we
learned through your columns is to
be instituted for "slackers.".
T 1 1? 1 r-. I i
i uuvj 1.YEU in taienrmm fonnrv
for over 4f- years, and have never ! of the situation as soon as the trooDS returning from the.
ivont discover that the end of the war has not brought
the desired relief.
A despatch from Copenhagen says that Queen Wil
helmina of Holland wished to extend hospitality to the
former German Emperor, says the Frankfort Gazette,
though Holland fears the coming days now that is found
I desirable that he is to live as a private citizen.
known the people of this county to be
"slackers" or wanting in anv s-ood
cause. Mtny of our citizens are
contributing of their time and money
in ways no' known to the public or
to solicitors. But few of us are at
tached to banks or corporations, and
tnl fewer of us have made large
'war profits." I believe that the
wife of tl'3 fugitive Crown Prince is
at her botli-ide.
v The despatch from Velp says that
ssn automobile containing two mem
through. We made the coffee our- ;1jcis oi 1h German court arrived first
selves, vij.. arcd and creamed it so that ! and notified Count Bentinck of the
it could be served in a hurry, had (approach of Mr. Ilohenzollern, for
bread ; nd jam ready and waited forjmerly emperor. The second car
the men tc come. One day we if brought rag gage, white the third,
worked ten lours at a stretch. ' Ten i with its blinds down, arrived in the
thousand r. Mist have come through t evening. From it the one-time em
that day. They arrived in ' light) peror and twe e-,uerries, all in civilian
French cois and formed in four lines.?! clothes, flighted.
lhen thev marched through, re;
ing their i hare as they pa?ed
No on? in the village of Velp,
ik hich adjoin': the chateau, was aware
is arrival. The fugitive German
sr occt.mes tnc leit wing of the
leau. l:e despatch adds that his
nrobf biy will be permited to join
Farmer, Dr. F. E. 250.00
Fitch, Dr. W. B. 100.00
Fletcher, Philip A. 25.00
Flint, C. G. 25.00
Franklin, Gertrude M. 25.00
Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. 10.00
Fassett, Dennison 5.00
Flynn, Katherine 5.00
French, P.. O. 25.00
French Eean Co. 250.00
Gaskill, Mrtf. W.-F. 5.00
Gilman Bio?. 250.00
Gleason, A. Ii. 100.00
Goodricli, H. J. 100.00
Goodrich, Mrs. H. J. 10.00
Goss, C. 11. Co. 75.00
Graves, Mc. and Mrs. A. L. 20.00
Gray & Gray 50.00
Green, Geoige I. 5.00
(Continued ou page 4)
uLiieu.s ui iius commuiiiv are still a j j tit i . n , ,
loyal and will do all that they can, i lX aespaicn irom vvasnmgton says mat secretary
it wt" wiand mow, for every good cause, in-1 JJamels has announced that the men wrho leit the Amen-
it nulla L'Uu.i..j, . P ., , - .1 n -. t , , ...
and ti t i pve3ent campaign, j can colleges lor the JNavy and desire to complete their
your pap-il-' ot in other manner I college courses may resign from the Navy and go back to
the amounts subscribed, unless the their College WOrk.
With the Americans m trance From Sept. 12 to
November 11, American aviators asert that they brought
clown 473 German machines. Of this number 353 have al
ready been confirmed officially. The day bombing groups
from the time they began operations have dropped near
ly 117 kilograms of bombs inside the German lines.
A desnatnh from London save that trip fJprinpn snl.
I desire tc state through your col-rK0a,o r, 1V mi'Hin,, fr, il :v,Uu:
iumns thac the amount subscribed hv- 4AO , "'""""S. ? UV vxuicuwc agaiuat tnc muxui-
the v-orking men of this county wiii j tants, destroying and pillaging contrary to the terms of
not be published except at their re- i the armistice. A French official wireless mesage receiv
iSt rSl in London todav from the Allied high command to the
institutions r this county are as loyal i . , , . , , , ., ft,. .
i j. , . . . i liOrnian hirrh r'nnimQnil civo Thor rhn A I line ovnnor t hn
froedon biinc-s stihiliv in$HrP ind i i- can De Iounu ln America! vuumiuuu o muw uii, ixiiito tAptvi,
strength. Give, give, irive money l . they 1;,,vc criven frcely and from I Germans to take measures to stop the violations of acts.
for United War Work, food to the!wre"
same is done at the request of the
subscriber. The man or woman who
gives on-i dollar or five dollars may
be giving fai more in proportion to
his or he- earnings and family needs
than those who give much larger
amounts. Some should not give a
cent, who have sent sons or given
great aid in some manner.
They are needed more than
But Only in the Beet Sugar Produc
ing States
Washington, Nov. 13 Increases in;
. although not in so large TP tho-ir innroieo tlion Allioc iiTill ofoo fr rvI
sums, ot course, as some of their j , i' 1 "
more wealthy neighbors. Would it; tneiH. ;
be fair to these good citizens and to I '
many other?, about whose burdens 1
neither you nor I fully know, to in !
any way e- pose such people to criti-! No More
cism? !
Many "hits"
have been done which
Mixtures and
80-20 Rule
the beet sugar producing states andinave ceen P"ed ami l tail
io unaev.ianu wnv tne course su'r
estcd in your columns chould be
adopted by the local committee in
the present camnaign.
ountv Chairman. Industrial Division,
in the enne producing territory of
Louisiana of the household sugar al
lotments from three pounds to four
pounds monthly per capita was order
ed today by the food administration
cfTWt.ivp. Deremher 1. At. the snmp
time public eating places in these sec- TTtlit'1 Vr. Work Campaign
tions will be permitted to increase Johnsbiirv,
to four pounds for every 90 meals
For the remainder of the country,!
it was stated, the allotments of three!
pounds monthly per capita for houso-;
holds and three pounds per i?u meals,
for public eating places will be con-j
tinned for the present, at least. '
Montpelicr, Nov. 1G. A telegram
was received at the Vermont food ad
ministration offices here today, from
Food Administrator Frank H. Brooks,
who is in Washington attending a
conference of state food administra
tors, stating that Mr Hoover an
nounced today that the so-called 80
20 rule, requiring the purchase of
substitutes with wheat flour, would
be immediately abandoned. Details
will be made public later.
Mr. Brooks telegram also stated
that the grain corporation is formu
lating plans for the purchase of sur
plus, stocks of substitutes which have
Four Vermonters Among Casualties
Washington, Nov. 14 The follow
ing casualties are reported by -the.
commanding general of the American
Expeditionary Forces:
Killed in i.etion S28
Died of wounds 115
Died of accident and other causes 4
Died of disease 100
Wounded severely Ti
Wounded, degree undetermined lfil
Wounded slightly 120
Total - DO'J
Killed in action, Harry W. Carl.son,
Wounded, degree undetermined,
William T. Lowery, Walden.
Died of wounds, Arthur F. Aunch-
accumulatcd in the furtherance of the I man, Burlington; Harry M. Fitz-
substitute program. I gcrald, Orwell.

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