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' A
RA lc. per word first insertion, l-2c. per word each
X2L M. Mid subsequent insertion, tainirnum charge 25 cents
Copy received later than 11 o'clock wlU be too late to classify on tft.:u
flay and" discontinuance must be made by 11 to get cancellation that flay.
VA.WTE1 Woman for cleaning at
Bii;htlooU hospital. ; 117tf
WANTED Position as housekeeper
n small family. Keferences furnish
ed. Miss G. A. Glidden, 53 Federal
r-trcct, Brunswick, Elaine. 111-11'.
The United States Employment Ser
vice is in Ticctl of turret lathe men,
tool makers, lathe hands and machin
ists for the Jonc3 & Lamson Ma
chine Co. of Spring-field, Vermont.
Apply to any U. S. Employment Of
licc in Vermont. 107-124.
AVANTED Bell boy
Johnsbury, House.
once. St.
107 t f ,
WANTED A girl for general house
"work. Mrs. George Caldbcck, North
Pearl St. Sltf
PUBLIC Stenographer and Type
writer. Vera Gcnge. Tel. 515-M.
NICE "rOOME Board " if" desired,
Mrs. M. H. Flaherty, 1 Pearl street.
101 t f ,
WANTED Woman- as housekeeper,
one who wants a home. Have no ob
jection to one child. George Ellis,
Newport, Vt. 104
WANTED An experienced Wait
ress at once at the St. Johnsbury
110 tf
CLERKS Vermont examinations
Dec. 7. Salary .$1200. Experience
unnecessary. Men and women desir
ing government positions Write for
free particulars, J. C. Leonard, (for
mer Civil Service Examiner), 1514
Kcnois Building, Washington
112-1G pd.
TO KENT A suite of rooms at 65
Railroad street. George K. Stevens.
112 tf.
WANTED Salesman. Active, ener
getic man, with or without celling ex
perience. Opportunity to establish
in own community business paying $4
to $8 per cay. Stetson Oil Co., Sta
tion E., Cleveland, Ohio. llltf
TO RENT Room at 41 Pearl street.
Mrs. E. R. Waterman. 112 tf
Rivals the "Human Fly."
Of all American animals, bighorn'.
the mountain sheep, is one of the most
remarkable. - Jot only is be vfpwlly
remarkable In his ability" to live, and
lire well, in an environment where it
would seem Hint no animal of such
size could possi'oly sustain life. There,
on 1 he roof of the world, he not only
sustains life, but winter or summer,
appears to be fat and in Hie bo&t of
condition, the People's Homo Magvzlno
Two-tenement house," barn,
garden and corner lot. Can
be bought with small pay
ment and the rent will pay
the rest.
Also a two tenement
house well located. !
Nice cottage: to rent on
the Plain.
Chas. E. Kirk, St. Johnsbury
Ready Reference Guide for Frequent Consultation
1 guarantee every truss I fit
to hold the ; rupture perfect-1
Iy, to-be easy and comfort-
able,- to give complete satis- i
faction m every way: j
Reliable Pharmacist !
Eyes Examined Glasses Furnished j
St. Johnsbury, Vermont !
Citizens Bank Building
By Appointment
Trusses Fitted for Rupture
Montpelierr-Vt.r , , -;,,
'-. Also Agents for L;..
Fiie. Atudent. Health. BdUet. Plate
Glass, Burglary. Automobile
find Compensation Iusurance
Pythian Building. St. Johnsbury, Vt.
FOR SALE or exchange for place in
village, farm of 100 acres. Two to
three ' hundred cords of pulp wood,
one or more hundred cords of hard
wood, comfortable house and barn.
T. II. Stiles, Tel. G37-M or J. 84 t f
FOIl SALE One 12 II. P. Gasoline
Engine.'. Huns on a Magneto as fric-
Aubin, Newport, Vt.
. llltf-
! FOR - SALE Registered " Guernsey
LBull- Calve.:. 3 to 14 months old.
stock ,i'.rul moderate prices. Ur ullB
May Ros breeding. Extra good
stock, -and moderate prices. I). O.
Washburn, Long View Farm, St.
Johnsbury Center.
FOR SALE Chestnut driving horse,
cafe and gentle for a lady to drive
and care for. W. G. Munn, Danville,
telephone 4-12 109 tf
FOR SALE Black Orpington hens.
Telephona 171-11. 90tf
FOR SALE One pair of gray mares,
young and sound, weight 3000 lbs.
One pair of black mares, weight 3300
lbs. Vernon Vance, Route 3. 100 tf.
FOR SALE Pigs for sale. Perley
Aldrich, R. F. IX' 2, St. Johnsbury.
109-14 pd
St. Johnsbury, 22 acres land, house,
barn, hen house, running spring
water, some hay, $1450. $600" down.
A. B. Dow, 12 Eastern Ave. 115tf
PIGS FOR SALE Perley Aldrich,
R. F. D. No. 2, St. Johnsbury, V
FOR SALE Brown 'mare and grey
horse. Work well together; - young,
true and sound. Splendid work team;
weight, 2900 lbs., or one three-year-old
'black 'colt not broken. Weight
1350. Price reasonable. Clement &
Morrill. Telephone 79-G. 105 tf
FOR SALE Buildings for sale and
nice tenement to rent on Cliff street.
Rickaby Real Estate Agency, 9
Charles "Street. .. 103 t f
FOR SALE 2 tenement house in
Summerville, barn, garden, elec
tric lights, bath. ; Price $2400.
Insurance on buildings alone
$2500. A. B. DOW, 12 Kastern
Avenue. .. 110 tf.
TO RENT 3-room tenement, 13
Mt.TlcasanL St. W. J. Murphy.
A venue.'
-Rooms No.
1 Prospect
77 t f
TO RENT Large upstairs room at
84 Main street. 105 t f
TO RENT Desirable rooms to rent,
every convenience, 26 Central street.
109 tf
TO RENT Tenement. Inquire at
Bertram! Hall. 97 t f
housekeeping, electric lights, gas
and running water. . Good locality.
Inquire M, at Caledonian office. 107tf
FOR RENT Five room tenement,
hot and cold water, electric lights
and gas. 43 Caledonia Street, llltf
TO RENT Tenement, with barn
and garden plot. Also furnished
tenement for -2 adults., Tel. 314-21.
112 tf
D , .
rvtbjan Building,
St. Johnsbury
The Crawford Ranncy
G. H. Morrill M. L. Underwood
Pythian Building s
Dunnctt, Shields & Conant
Tel. 63 St. Johnkury, Vl.
Prevent-Windows Sticking.' : "
'To ttaki?-a sliding-screen or a wtn-dfi-x
pasb more easily,' mb a paraffin
caridl along1 the edgp which is' likely
to bind. This Is n effectlTe lubricant
that lasts a long time and is easily
r-pli?n!r?h?il. Dry soap may be used
in thif way.
Plenty, of exercise, fresh air,
regular hours is all the-pre-,
script ion you need to avoid
Influenza unless through
neglect or otherwise, a cold
gets you. Thc.li take at
once '-.;:-
Standard cold remedy for 20 years in tablet
form safe, sure.no opiates breaks up a cold
in 24 hours relieves grip in 3 days. Money
backif it fails. The genuine box haa a Red top
with Mr. Hill's picture.. At AH- Drug Stores.,
Project That Has Aroused Much In
terest in Commercial Circles in
Swifer!and and France. -
A project to provide n independent
Atlantic port for Switzerland, Po
hemia and other inland European na
tions, in .order to render them eco
nomically independent of Germany af
ter the'-war is receiving attention in
France and Switzerland, according to
a report to the department of com
merce from Consul General Kavutial
at Nantes, Fiance.
This project, the consul states, has
sioused much interest at Nantes,
whose municipal authorities are con
ferring with commercial interests' in
Switzerland with a view to combined
action. The business men of Lyons
ftlso are. said to be watching the move
ment Willi deep interest, although they
have not yet joined it. The general
idea seems to be to construct suitable
rail connections between the inland
production centers and one of the
Loire ports Nantes, "'St. Nazaire, La
Uoelielle or Bordeaux. It is . also
thought possible the project may be
forwarded by the construction of
crnals Unking up the Ithine and Bhone
rivers with the navigable lake system
of Switzerland.
Existing railroads are available to!
foim the backbone of such construc
tion. Port facilities already have been
developed at several of the ports be
cause of war demands and railroad
yards and warehouses ample for the
beginners of such a project are avail
able at Nantes and St. Nazaire.
It is thought that after the war;
American' passenger and freight traffic
with central Europe as well as with
France will tend toward the Loire
port?, in preference the more distant
channel and North ?ea ports, which,
owing to their location and meteoro
logical conditions, increase the cost of
navigation and insurance.
Get the GenmneZTl
lSLr?!3sn Every Cake I
HJH WWWW .U.JI MI1UI .J Jl.ll.,11. MIU.U.II. '""Kv
r - L-"-V-Si-"r'iiMiiiiimt'frii"--'r'",-J-iS
Good warm camp, all fur
nished. Ten minutes walk
to woods. V,
Inquire of W. H. GERO
Tel;5(K).;:;; : -r-; 'XL
m tomtom iminin
No. lr,. Excellent- farm of 253
acres, o miles from Lyndonvillc on
good ro:.'.(5- near neighbors Tillage
level a:il smooth, free from stones.
Cut 83 ton:, of hay. " Sugar place,
1500 tree;. 1200 risrircd. Excellent
farm buildings,' 21 head of stock, 2
horses. Nearly new set of farm
tools. Price $10,000.
Caledonia Real Eastate Co.
Chance for good wages and ad
vancement for men3 between the
ages of eighteen and forty-five years
in good physical condition. - Apply
N. Y. N. H. & H. R. R. M. D.
Miller, Supt., Watcrbury, Conn.; C.
A. MitchelL- Supt., Hartford, Conn.;
E. E. Regan, Supt. New Haven,
after 6 o'clock on Monday morning,!
when tlie sound of the whistles and '
bells it Lancaster was heard and the
emergency call of the' central office j
gave the news as given hy the West-!
crn Unioa of the signing of the ar
mistice and cessation of hostilities.
All day "the small boy was happy at
being allowed to make all the noise
he wished; in the 'afternoon the South
Lunenburg residents organized a par
ade which was carried about the town
front Fitzdale to the corner and back
to South Lunenburg in a foUr-horsc
team from Bellview driven by Uncle
Sam (Ralph Bell) wearing his typical
tall hat, "i;ile Miss Columbia (Pris
cilla Bell)- sat' beside him. Red
Cross nr. "ses, workers from all the
seven sccicties, Boy Scouts and
school children waving the flags 'of
the Allies with the Stars and Stripes
we're' followed by Miss Annette, Bell
in her carriage decorated with the
emblems of the United War Work
campaign. They' were met at the
Heights Fouse by the children of the
village pclnols under the direction of
their teachers, Miss Smith arid Mrs.
Pierce, who, with flags i-.nd appropri
ate yells, accompanied them about the
village. Jn the evenimr a huge bon
fire lighted up ; the village and the
residents oC Lond Hill also had a bon
fire on the hill. Bells of all siies,
horns, explosions of dynamite, and
the burning of the Kaiser in effigy
filled the t:rly evening and a small
dance and promenade in the hall later
finished -'he day. Many of our citi
zens wero m Lancaster during the day
and evening for the celebration there.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Colby and
Mrs. Daisy Colby Mann of Woods
ville were geusts of Mrs. Laura Colby
and Miss Alice on Monday and Tues
day. 'Chairman' W. R. Bell has appointed
J. J. Mailett, George C. Bell, J. F.
King of Fitzdale and L. H. Willson
executive committee for the United
War Work drive with Mrs. A. W.
Sugg, Mrs. Harland Ball, Mrs. W. G.
King and Mrs. Flora Balch solicitors,
and they have divided the town into
districts r,d will give everybody a
chance to give to help the boys and
girls wh will need the home influ
ences which these societies try to
give more than ever while waiting
for thci joyful time of their return
home to America. To give for this
cause is a privilege and each o
should realize the fact.
Card of Thanks
Mr. and Mrs. John Murtaugh and'
family wish to thank their friends f oil
their kindress and sympathy durins?
the illness, death and burial of theV
Directions for Giving Alarm
Citizens are earnestly requested to
keep themselves informed as to the
location of Alarm boxes, so that
should a fire occur in their vicinity
the alarm may be given promptly.
Keys to Fire Alarm Boxes are in
the Door. Break the glass, unlock
the door, pull the hook down once
and let go, and if possible remain at
box and direct the firemen to the
fire. j
Location of Boxes in St. Johnsbury
Following is a list of fire alarm
boxes and their location:
West Side Section
21 South End Machine Shop, Fair
banks. 23 Front of Fairbanks Inn.
23 Front of Main Office, Fairbanks.
24 Corner Spring and Central
25 Underclyffe (private)
26 Corner Cliff and Winter streets.
27 Corner Webster and Summer
28 Corner Cliff "and Mt. Pleasant
Main Street Section
31 Summer street, opposite Bright
look Hospital.
32 Brantview (private).
34 South Park, front H. N. Turner's.
35 Prospect street, near St. Johns
bury Hospital.
36 Corner Eastern avenue and Main
37 Corner Maple arid Main streets.
38 Arnold Park, near A. F. Nichols.
" Railroad Street Section
Granite Square; across railroad
tracks from Swift Company.
Corner 1 Eastern avenue and
Cherry street.
Railroad street, head of Port
land street.
Pillsbury and Baldwin
Corner Cross and
streets. .'
Railroad street, front
Bank entrance
Corner Maple and Pearl streets,
St. Mary street.
Paddock Village Section
Pa.wuinp?ic street, near Hastings
Bridge." Ji--Railroad
street, north near St
Johnsbury Garage.
-Ramsey Park, near water tub.
-Corner Emerson "and Tlcasant
streets." : -
' Summerville Section
G2 Corner River street and Marion
63 Corner Portland and Caledonia
"streets. -
64 Harrisdri'avenufl.
65 Conier Portland street and Con
cord "avenue,
67 Corner Porllaii't and Stale
fJ3 Corner Concord avenue end Lib
erty street.
The Christian Endeavor society of
the Congregational church held i'.
business meeting in the chapel of the
church Tuesday and elected the fol
lowing officers for the - year . 1918:
President, Mrs. J. H. Barrington,
vice-president, Harold , Simpson, re
cording secretary, Mrs. A. E. Pen-in;
corresponding secretary, Mrs. J. A.
Goss; treasurer, Mrs. II. A. Hartson;
junior superintendents, Mrs. E. C.
Hayes and Miss Merle Hartson. The
report of the treasurer showed $10
sent to Foreign Missions and $!).78
in the treasury after all expenses
were paid. It was voted that $5 be
sent to the Kurn Hattin Home from
the general treasury and the remain
der, of the, missionary money amount
ing to about $5 be disposed of by the
missionary committee. m
The schools of the town opened
their sessions Monday, with a fairly
good attendance. The teachers in the
village school were all in their places
Monday except Miss Sibyl Amsden,
who did not arrive till Monday even
ing. Dr. F. C. Kinney, who was elected
as town' representative at the lata
election, has "signified his intention
of voting for the national prohibition
amendment wrhen it comes up at
Montpelie.- the coming winter. !
Miss Ruth Williams is ill. j
Rev. Mr. Crosbie of Brooklyn, who
occupied the pulpit of the United
Presbyteiiaii church Sunday, returned
to his home Tuesday.
Miss Elsie Spiers is boarding at J.
D. "Wilson's and attending Junior
High school.
A cai-load of stove coal was receiv
ed Saturday and distributed among
the various users by the fuel commit
tee, J. H. Barrington, G. E. Colby i
and H. W. Gillis.
Mrs. Clyde Philbrook has been very
ill the past few days at her home
north of the village.
Rev. W. P. Keeler of Yonkers, N.
Y., a summer resident of this place,
is ill and has been compelled to give
up his" church work temporarily.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Allen are in
Plymouth, N. H., visiting relatives.
B. M. W'illey has thoroughly reno
vated his house on North Main street
and expects soon to move his family
jnto it.
Ll A. Jackson, who has been confin
ed" to his bed for several weeks, is
now able to sit up a few hours each
day. . , ' -,"'""
F. F. Wakefield and , 'son,. Rope.-,
who havcbee'V working in Berlin, N.
H., areHre packing up their household-"Roods
which were shipped this
week to their new home in Berlin.
Mi-s. Wakefield, who has been here
several months, leaves the first of
next Week. It is with regret that we
lose the family.
George Marshall has been on a hunt
ing trip for several days.
An earnest effort is being made by,
the committee of which G. E. Colby
is chairman, to raise the "towns. quota
for the United 'War Work Campaign,
which is $1218. Have you done all
you can? The boys w-e have sent to
France will need comforts and cheer
now that the war is over. It may be
two years before we see the last of
our great army back on American
soil. " ' ' '
Something for Grandma
The chances are that grandma has
gone into service by joining the ranks
of those who knit sox for the .soldiers.
If so here is a knitting bag that she
will like. It is made to hang over
the arm and is of bright cretonne lined
with plain sateen. A pretty pair of
twin Chinese' tassels of silk ami gold
tinsel set off this practical bag. It is
just the right .size and shape to carry
yarn, needles and sor.
Earliest Form of Sheas.
The earliest shoes known were San
dals' 'of hide, leather or wood. When
one encounter.5? the word "shoe" in tho
Bible he may be sure. that it Is tho
sandal that U commonly meant. Iu
Egypt the sauOal was woven of palni
leaves and papyrus. "Asf .a symbol of
j the subjection' of their enemies the
Egyptians quen painted tne ngure3 or
their opponents vn the lining of their
Ivlv - - -
- ( m- - - s
v m: V
mm !
Our Quality is the
Highest, , our Prices
the Lowest.n . See our
many surprises.
Watch Our Windows
Effect Is Quaint and Regarded a
Prime Necessity if the Frock Is
to Be Smart.
Nearly, all the smartest frocks of (he
fnll hnre a nnrrow, rnther ilrnwn-ln
look ahout the hmlice. It srives a
r,uaint efCect, which is the prime neces
sity at the present.- moment if th
frock is to ho sm;irt.
r.lnck sntin is combined with blue
gabardine in a very youthful way. The
main part of the sown is made of
blue serge. The waist extends at the
front over the skirt into a long
square tab on each side. This ;;ives
the coat effect. (Of course it is neces
sary to give the coat effect.) The tab
has a larjre 'button of serge in the mid
dle at the end.- Over this turns a
small rever. of black satin.
Black satin fills in the front of the
waist and forms a Ion? apron in front.
The sash made of it is quite full, and
after being folded -generously around
tlx -waist, ties in a.-large bow nt the
back with ends about half way down.
A roll collar and cuffs are made of
seal fur. Sleeves are long, of course,
and tight.
Dark shades of velvet will be used
for the fall hat, rather than brilliant . '
hues. I ' ' - : -
Blaclr satin embroidered in white Is j ' . . Wm. Cook & Sons
going to become a familiar sight to s;iVf. we ar0 DicasC(j to state wc coit
us before long. ' sidcr RAT-SNAP is without doubt
A scarf to be cherished is one of ; thc fincst -,.at and mousc cxtermina
Mack and gold brocade, banded with tor wc havc Cvcr used. It docs all
heavy fur. ' ! vou claim and more too. Four sizes,
A Finart little fall, hat may be made : r,nc, $1.00 and $:!.((). Sold by
with a cloth crown of deep blue, a nar- j charles A Searles & Co., and Arthur
ro'.v brinvol bun aim over an a sinn.-
liir of buff velvet flowers.
The 4th issue of "Liberty Bond
Boxes" are here. Most of .you
have been waiting- for them.
S3 ' '
:is "the only way
I youll be satisfied b
)safiei: lasting.
8, '
1 k
My'""- V Street..,;. ; ! ' . ;;,
Smith's fit P
mmm mm
The Comforts of a Pipe
or any other medium in the smoking
line can be found in our new stock
of . '""
Smokers' Sundries
Anything and everything a smoker's
heart delights in is duly represented
in this store. Look over this store
and when you find what you wunt,
you'll also find that the price will
j suit you to'a.T, ;
49 Main St.
E. Smith, St. Johnsbury, Vt., J. II.
Goodrich, Parnet, Vt.
ave YpuL?:
Tried It?
If you have you like Pit
. Our price isr v
W 3St a pound
Regular price
38 cents a
pound. ' ;
jio stores, -20 and 22 East-
brn Avenue and 5'J Main

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