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Locai ..News
C. S. Webster was hi Shcrbrook
yesterday on business.
Miss Hazel Alexander back in
the batik after a tvvo wecks' vaca
tion. Mrs. Eva Chandler is ili.
Mrs. Schultz returned l'ioni Bur
lington Tuesday.
Miss Evelyn Thorp has been a week
end guest at W. E. Hibbard's.
Miss Margaret Wylie has been quite
Marsh Byington of Charlotte has
been a week end guest at G. E.
Miss Gladys Huntington spent the
week end at her home bere.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Thompson and
children of Irasburg spent Sunday at
D. J. Huntington's.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Sanborn visit
éd Mr. Sanborn's niother at Albany
There was' a "slightly larger atten
dance at the Congregational church
Sunday. "Watchman What of the
, Night" was pleasantly rendered by
Mrs. Webster and Mr. Perley for an
offertory. There was also a good at
tendance at the evening servicé.
'" School opened again Tuesday after
a short vacation for the teachers con
vention at Montpelier.
li .
1 EtS
For girls to engagé in a profitable and pleasant occupation is at the
Newport Overall Factory
Experience desirable but tiot necessary. Limited t otwenty-five
additional girls at present. Apply early.
ÌÌB' fin i
s TarzanonfUiismates
, J jungle .courtship in
l ' ine Komance
ni h.'.li.! imi
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ted that Dr. Prime had visited her
both before and after she had secur
'l a divorce from her first husband.
She also admitted that she had been
engaged to Walter W. Battis of Bos
ton when she was a young girl but
that she found out later that Battis
was a married man. She said shf!
mot bini again 15 years ago.
Battis, who is a promoter of prir.':
fights and other shows is named a?-,
cori espondent in a cross-libel suit
to be brought by Dr. Prime in locil
court next March. Wilfrcd Keenan
of Boston has been employed by
Battis to look after his intcrcsts in
the case.
Dr. and Mrs. Prime were married
in Woodsvillc, N. H., in 1904.
AH Kinds of Insurance
Best Stock and Mutual Companies
P. C. Blanchard & Co.
67 Main Street, Newport, Vt.
Tel. 354-3
1 ' sv
town Tuesday on business.
George Lothrop went to Lyndon
ville Tuesday on a short visit.
A. D. Wilcomb of White River
Junction was in town Tuesday. 1
The scarcity of magazinea publish-;
ed in: New 'York City is becominff
acute, the various drug store3 report.
The strike of printers, chauffeursi
draymen and truck drivers in that
city has completely tied up the mag
azine publishing business and is
causing considerale worry to the
publishers. . ,.
Mrs. H. W. Carter and Mrs. C. A.
Barrows were in town Tuesday from
Barton. They left today for home. ,
J. M. Carroll of Burlington was a
business visitor here Tuesday.
Mrs. Livingstone, wife of the d rag
gisi;, who was operated on at Sher
brooke Hospital last week was rest
ihg comfortably today, Mr. Living
ston went tó see her Monday and
found her greatly improved.
. W. D. Willie of Troy was in town;
Tuesday. He carne here on business.
F. W.Baldwin, the lawyer, from
Barton lelt town Tuesday afternoon
followihg the returning of a verdi ci
in the William Wood will case. Mr.;
Baldwin was senior counsel for thf
plaintiffs in the case. !
Miss W. B. Ellis'of Claremont, N
IL, and Miss Helen M. Richard.'! oi
Montpelier were visitors here TueS'
J. E. Renihan, manager of tht
Palace of Sweets is expected to re
turn from Boston today where he
went on business.
B. L. Hall of Manchester, N. IL.
was a business visitor here Monday.
Thieves broke into the barn o
James Squires on Clyde Street, neai
the Newport Electric Light Station
Saturdav nieht. They stole a load o(
hav and then ransacked the home,
Sundav night the thieves visited
the adioining farm and got away
with ali of the harnesses.
F. B. Royce of Burlington was
in town on business Tuesday.
The civil service competitive exam
ination for clerk and carriera will bc
held in the Federai Building Satur
day, October 25. These exaniination;
are open to the public. It is expected
a large number will make a try foi
the positions. .
J. M. Orcutt of Woodsville is in
town on business.
G. D. Gilchrist, a railway express
flerk, employed by the American fc.x
press1 Company is taking a weck't
vacation. E. J. McClure is "covering"
his run from Newport to Boston.
G. F. Ferguson is in town froir
Lyndonville. He carne on business.
H. L. Martin is in the hospital al
Orleans receiving medicai treatment,
He is having his tonsils removed. Dr
Cleasby is the attending physician
He is expected back to work in abou
a week or ten days.
Mrs. A. H. Hoyt of Penacook, N.
IL ,is a visitor in town.
Mrs. F. C; Pitter is visiting her
from North Troy.
IL B. Stanton is in town from St.
Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Gleason visited
Newport Tuesday. They carne iron
Mr. ani Mrs. John Brighani, Mis
May Libbey and C. IL Poole were in
Ayers ClifF on Monday.
Mrs. W. G. Rann and Mrs. F. H
Robinson were called to St. Johns
bury Sunday to attend the luneral o
Mrs. Richard Rann's mother, M
Bridget McMulkin.
T. M. Foley recently spent a few
days in Montpelier.
Mrs. E. S. Hart, Mrs. Aaron Grout,
Mrs. F. C. Williams, Mrs. George
Macdiarmid and Mrs. George Roo1
motored to Sherbrooke on Tuesday.
. John Rocque, proprietor of th'
Memplìremagog Bottling Works i;
preparing a cement foundation, oi
the vacant lot just above the Bottling
Works, onto which he will move tw
of the houses at the lower end of th
' causeway, and will make them intc
I two up-to-date houses. These are tw
! of the six houses which are to b
i moved from the land which .is to b
j vacateci and filled as a' park.
! Mr. and Mrs. William , Dunning
! have closed their labors with Newton
i Scott and have gone to Greenfield,
Th eaf re
Today, Thùrsday
"Tlfe Róttipcìs
of Tarzan''
Lina Cavellier
IN, ;
,"Two Bridès"
M, S. Joslyn of Orleans was
. -tV W i 1 1111 7V :,'.'
IK "1, . i-t X
Locai ? News
State Inspector, Mrs. Hovey of St.
Johnsbury was in Newport Monday
'.o inspect Baxter Corp No. 28, of the
W. R. C. at I. O. O. F. hall. A din-
ìcr was served at once to the G. A.
and W. R. C. and ali visiting mem-
À lodge delegation of over fìO in
number went to North TroySaturday
jvening to attend the annual Districi
neetinpr of the W. R. C. Mrs. Hovey,
State Inspector, was present. Baily
Oorps exenipnnea ine work. A une
banquet was served to which ali did
imple justice.
Harley J. Sawyer went to White
iver Junction Satùrday to begin his
luties as head of the Commercial De-
partment of the Hartford High school.
Fnends of Charles M. liailey V)ll.They highly appreciated the Amer
e interested to know that after a
ierious illness, Mr. Bailev is able to
ittend to his duties at the Customs
iffice, and also to occupy his usuai
eat at the Premier theatre.
F. C. Williams of the fimi of Wil
iams and Smith has left for a-busi-ìess
trip through the southern part
)f the state. He will be away about
hree weeks. .
Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Buck are the
iroud parents of an eight-pound baby
oy born to them Su ulay, October
3. This is their second chjld. Mrs,
3uck is the daughter of C. F. Bige-
ow. Miss Lela Collins, jegistered
mrse, of Burlington attended Mr;i.
iuck. Mother and child are doing
licely at last reports.
Homer Thrasher has been uffeving
'rom ai attack of lumbago for sever
il davs. He was reported somcwhat
etter today although it is , stili
loubtf ul whether he will be able to
ittend the banquet to be giyen in his
lonor by the Masons tomorrow ni'jht.
Tomorrow night is the night. The
Vtasons will ali gather in Masonic
lall to bid , farewell . to Home r
'hrasher, eie of Newport's oldcr.t
residents and a veteran member òf
he Masons. Mr. Thrasher has mado
limself very popular throughout tho
:ity during the years he has Jived
nere and it is vcry proper and fitting
hat the boys should ali get together
.nd givo him a glorious "end-off"
vhich they are planning to do tonior
ow evening. A banquet will bc sciv
;d and a smoke talk will follow.
Mr. Thrasher is soon to leave New
lort. He will go to Detroit where he
Aill make his permanent residence.
Miss Ferrol Wellman returned Sat
ùrday from a short visit to Orleans
Arhere she went to see iriends.
Henry Blanchard of Lowcll, Mas-.,
was a Newport visitor Saturday. He
vas here on. business.
Earl Woodward of Concord, N. IL,
:ame to the city Saturday. Ile left
igain Monday.
George T. Galbraith wa3 in town
Saturday on business. -.
P. S. . Stimson was a visitor lic e
.'rom St.. Johnsbury.
Mr. and Mrs. ,1. Campbell carne
ìere Sunday from Boston. They mot
ored here and stopped off only for a
few hours.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Dion and Mr.
and Mrs. F. E. Parker òf Lowell,
Mass., motored here Sunday from
,he Bay state city and had dinner at
the Newport House. They said they
liked Newport exceedingly well.
Harry Blodgètt 0f St. Johnsbury
was in town, Monday on business.
D. J. Rice of Portland, Me., was
i business visitor here Monday.
. Court 1244, Catholic Order of For
resters will be represented at the
itate convention at Burlington on
Wednesday and Thursday, by Mrs.
W. G. Rann as delegate and Chicf
Ranger George ..W; ' Fisìi and Mrs.
T. B. Walker is able to be at his
work again after a week's illness.
. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Brigham, Mrs. ,
William Richmond and ' 'Miss ; May
Libby recently spent the dày in St.
Johnsbury. . -,
The Newport Electric Light Qo
has set the póles from the Bluff s road
to the buildings . ' at Bluffside farm,
owned by Newton A. Scott. The
contract for the inside wiring has
been let to Harold Miller.
iy-TWWiira.a.Tai.-l.j, .i-. ...j,.. M
(Continued from patre 1)
of the American people saw an op
portunity to turn ù dishoncst penny
and make large profits on the dough
boys. The French merchants sheved
their prices away up as they saw ,m
apportunity to get rich quick. Kg:' ;
sold for 10 cents a piece or as much
as the merchants could get. They
would ask whatever they could l-l
for an a'rticle."
One of the members askerl whth
er French merchants would take
more than the real value for an
articlc. Mr. Rankin replied:
"The doughboys iiever report a
case of this kind but undoubtedly it
was true in some instancea. Th"
i French were exceedintrlv cordia
ican soldiers and the Y. M. C. A.
' "The Y. M. C. A. has been woi k-
ing with the British army before the;
American people got into tho war and
they tried to get iiito the French
army. A hut was established with
a French unit in a town where every
house had been turned into a wine
joint or house of prostitution."
Mr. Rankin exhibited a large col- ;
lection of phot.ographs of varimi 1
French cities he had visited and ,
bmuo-ht back to the states with him. I
Refreshments were served follow- j
iiv 'he medine.
Those attending were: j
Mrs. Clara I. Alfred, Mrs. Bessie A.
Akin, Mrs. Lucia Brown, Mrs. Nettio
E. Davis, Mrs. Ruth Dwinell, Mrs.
Margaret B. Hamilton, Mis. Gertrude
T. Smith, Mrs. Margaret B. Snear,
H.f im ... T- rr? i ì !. -a r
ivi rs. iviarjonc u. i niKnam, ivirs.
Kathleen S. Wright, Mrs. EUen Lane,
Mrs. Clara Robinson and FLv. II. B.
Rankin. ' '. '
fO use arguing about,
minor keyl If you've
PII 111 Iti,
41 il III", ," VI 'li
BHyh ìMr Ili DJ W-
mifi' ' ! il 1 ili ti w: ;
' UifMW ,rw'ntv: , . -
1 1 mi" 1 il,'1 iniiiiiiiiiii I' ' - i 'VT?t!t.
rette makin's notion cornered in your.smokeappetite, slip
it a few liberal loads of Prince Albert! -
Boiled dòyn to reguìar old bètwéen-us-man-rtalk;
Prince Albert kicks the "pip" right out of .a pipe!
Puts;pipe pleasure into the 24-hours-a-dày joy'us class!
-Makes cigarette rolling the toppiest of sports! P. A. is so
fragrant, so fascinating in flavor, so refreshing!
Prince Albert càn't bìte your" tónguè or parch your
throat! You go as far as you like accòrding to your smoke
. spiriti Òur esclusive patehted process cuts out bite and
.pareli! " . T"' .
- Toppy Ted bagt, tidy Jred tint, .handtome pound and half-pound tìn
humidoy and that classy, practical pound cryatal glats humidor with
ipongt moistener top that keepe the tabacco in tuch perfect condition.
R. j. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N. C.
; ;f NSUltPÀSSED fór deèptfat frying
J "sauteirigi Ready forinstànt use for caké
making no tedious creaming-i!l,, proceés.
Màzoìa is pure, sweet and whòlesome,' and
brings out the richness and f Iavor òf tKe tóost
'delicate foods cooked In it. Your grocèr 'seììs
FREE The 68-page, beautifully illustrateci
Corn Product3 Cook Book com-'
piled by experts. It really
three-meal-a-day problem.
ehould have one. Write
Messrs. AHERN & CAHO0N, 47 Farnsworth Street,
Sale Rcpresentativcs
4i., ..m m ,rl'à ri tallir
1 - MRS. D.' R. PUFFER
- i Tcacher of Dancing ;
iModern Dancing for Adnlts
Chalif and Vc:;tolf Methods of Es
thetic and Interpretive Dancing
for Juveniles
Tel. 244-4 NEWPORT, VT.i
Dr. Harry F. Hamilton
X-Ray Service
Office hours: 8.30 to 12, and 1.30 to 5
Tel. 278-2 Gilman's Block
Successor to Howe & Stowe
Tel. 175 Root's Block
I need a bright, wide-awake man
to act as agent in St. Johnsbury for
the Eastern Casualty Insurance Com-;
party of Boston. Here "'is a fine
chance for a live man. Apply to
5 Main Street,
Office hours 8.30 to 12 and 1.30 to
Tel. 45-3 Lane's Block
it, or making chin-music in a
got the jimmy-pipe or ciga-"
helps to solve the
Every housewife
for it today.
O. Box 161 New York City
Boston, Mài.
We have something new in our J
. Phonograph Department ;.
Something : every' chjlcll will A
want to see and hear. ' '' i
"Talking Books" '
'Talking Dolls" 'V' 4' è
'Talking Animals." .
''-" 'ì ' 't
The Kiddies are crazy àboutà
them. They won't break when
dropped, 25c up. . ,' A
Did you know that our-prices
on Red Seal Records are' cut al-1
most in half? It's true. 'k 1
1 he ?a.OO liecorda. are now
$1.00 and $1.50. ' : . ' '
The $3.00 Recorda are . now
$1.50 and $2.00. V '-
'PI. e 4 fA i nA 1 " J A e A
i ut; ifi.uu uues f.uu ana oli j
The $5.00 ones ' , $250,
The $6.00 ones . ; . .J;: $8.00
A lot of, new' ories in. - I
We are putting out a lot of'i
Brunswicks and every one V.of.j
them creates, a new enthusiaat. ,
Let's'shov you. , "... jjf
Read the Display Adv's j
by R .J. Roynotit
1 t. r
1 S i 1
li a i 3
i 4?A
n yy-K'.'v
:l Issassi

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