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Btate of Ohio, City of Toledo,
Liucas County, sa. . -
Frank J. Cheney . makes oath that he
1 senior partner of the flrm of K J.
Cheney & Co., dolng business In the City
of Toledo, County and Stato aforesald,
and that salti finn wlll nuy the sui of
and cvery case of Catarri! that cannot bo
cured by the use of UALL'S CATAHRH
Swora..to. before me and subscribed In
my presence, thls Cth day of December.
A. D. 18&8, A. V. GLEASON,
(Seal) Notury Public.
Hall's Catarrh Medicine Is taken In
teinally and acts througli the Blood on
the Mucous Surfacea of the System. Seuil
for testimoniala, f ree.
F. J. CHENEY & CO.; Toledo, O.
Soia by ali diutTfdKta. 7Gc.
liull'f Frnlly Pills for constlpatlon.
Sveating and Gw?aring.
Whon in a lì", sweatlng wiJl gol: you
farther tbaii swccrlng. Forbeo Maga
Klee,,. ....
We ; 'Have :' a' ' stipply of
ali Sizés.
Do ndt tait unti! the
last foodful is on the ire.
E. T. and H.'K- I
Goal and Feed
Tel. 384
The fur buyers say skins will be high a Fox
raay sell as high as $50, and others in proportion.
Novv, then, we have bushels of traps, ali sizes at
right prices.
Trap, Trap, Trap, the Trappers
are Marching (this way)
The Peck
St. Johnsbury,
A New Wonderful Disco
The Ho
Sii i:i: IK: MSwn.
You light the Gas and are warm instantly.
Radiant heat on tap like hot water.
Come in tomorrow, see it demonstrated.
Make a saving this winter in your fuel bill by
having one installed in your home NOW-
St. Johnsbury Gas Co.
58 Railroad Street " "
TO Play Norwich
University Team
William Taylor has booked ìi big
football attraetion for St. Johr.sbury
on Saturdsiy, ' Nov. 15. Uè has .se
cuved the Norwich University" foot
ball team to line up a'suinst the 'Av
.nailas. Manager Taylor ia getting
logelher a slrong locai team for this
ivamo. The playerg ieportfd for
practice at the campus: 'today and
went tbrough a hard tirili. " "
The University team ir. tino' c.f (ho
best in the State. They Wiìl brini?
Iheir bor.t team to St. Jchnsbury for
1ho ('rane. i ',, .
A boy hot a trap. He cot a skunk,
rio bot'f'.kates. Pcek Co. udv.
very in House Heating
Hi li;' .
Bay Street
''Miss Alexander from St. .Johnsbury
who has been caring for Mrs. Lewis
Gordon has gone home. A lady from
Rurke is coming to care for Mrs.
C. E. Willoughby is having a "room
fìnished oli' upstairs in the .eli of his
ilice house. Mr. Banks of St. Johns
bury is doing the work.
Mrs. Foster who formerly worked
for Elisha Bigelow has gone to keep
house for him again.
C. M. Darling is having set tubs
put into both- tenements of his hous
03 on Main Street occupied by Mr.
Jlale and Mr. Spencer.
J. ìi. Waterman has sold nis gar
age near Pleasant View House to 1).
1. Grapes.
Samuel and Thomas Gates of Mal
dea, Mass., have been gucsts of their
broMier, J. N. Gates for a few days.
The Women's Auxiliary of St. Pe
ter's will hold a sociable at the home
oiMr. and Mrs. Charles Beattie next
Tiiesday evening, Nov. 4.
Mrs. George Short and Mrs. Arthur
Eliis of St. Johnsbury were callcrs in
town Thursday.
Mrs. Clara Gage has gone to vi.sit
ber son, Roy, in Georgetown, Mass.
Mis. George Trotter from Spring
field is with her daughter, Mrs. J. ì).
J)exter for a while.
Mrs. C. E. St. Louis has returned
to her home in Greensboro after
r.pending sevcral days bere with her
non, C. H. St. Louis.
Mrs. G. M. Campbell carne home
from Springfield where she has been
for two weeks with her daughter,
i.lrs. A. M. Rice and son, G. M.
Campbell Jr.
L. P. Harriman left for Palm
Beach, Florida, Thursday night, to
join his son His many friends are
sorry to have him go.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Webber were
visitors at E. H. Billedeau's of Little
ton, N. II. recently.
Miss Angie Willey. has. purchased
her a new automobile.
G. M. Campbell was in Burlington
a few days the first of the week.
Cecil Burns and Raymond Camp
bell returned from Montpelier Friday.
A goodly number from here attend
ed the chicken pie supper at East
Burke Tuesday night.
The Women's Auxiliary of St.
Prter's church beici a sociable at the
l.ome of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gregory
on Tuesday evening, Oct. 28. Thcre
were nine tables of whist. Mrs. C. A.
Lcwsey taking first prize, John Beat
tic the consolation one Molasscs
cahdy, coffee and sandwiches were
,'seived and a splendid time enjoyed
by ali.
Mrs. A. J. Coniveau visited her
niothe, Mrs. Viola Stacy in Concord
Arthur McAnn an(l Mrs. Clara
Bean were married in the Roman
Catholic church Wedncsday a. m.,
Oct. 20.
iìev. J. J. Ilatchinson of B.srton
was in town calling on old fi-icnds
There is one thing the pcople in
this villagc are trying todo, that is
to cheer the sick. Two more sunrhine
buikets have been sent out, ove to
Mrs. J. W. Copeland and one to Clif
ton Ruggles, and both were fillod
with nice things and were grcatly ap
pr ciated by the receivers.
Anita Daigle had the misfortunc to
break one of'her wrists Thursday
ni; ht. Her many friends are vciy
firn ry for her.
Her Other Boarder.
Tillie Clinger says that In asklng for
accommodations nt a strange place
j-osterday she Inqulred if there were
siny other boarders. "No," replled the
lundlady, "unless it's uiy husbnnd, nnd
he can quit any time he wants to."
Seattle rost-Intelllgencer.
Price of Happiness. r ' . , .
No mnn can be happy Theri he ile
tsp'sos bis own at'ts. wheii ho has tiny
conwloHsness of 'wroiiR, wliether of
motivo or s'iét. , No man can be happy
wlien lie liarbors (houghts of revengo,
Jenlousy, envy or liatred." He must
have a clean beart and a clean con
science, or no nn:ount of money or
xcitement can malte him happy.-
The Strongest Insurance in
the World
The Crawford Ranney
G. H. Morrill M. L. Underwood
Pythian Building
,,We have a complete
supply of
Cigars and
Buy Your Smokes Here
Visit our new Pool Par
lors. Four brand new
Briggs Tables. The fin
est in Vermont
Gigar Stòre
Bowling Alley ,
Mr. and Mrsr' W.. l; Kendrick re
turned Thursday morning from a two
weeks trip to New York.
Mrs. Wells Quimby went Wednes
day to Concord for a few days visit.
Warren Drown mside a misstep
Wednesday evening while at Glover.
and fell about two feet putting one
knee out of joint. The injury is a
very painful one and will enforce an
undesirable vatìation.
Miss Beatrice Young has been kept
from school for a week by illness.
Miss Mary Knapp has moved from
Mi'. Lang's to some rooms at the
Red Village.
The Daughters of Liberty held a
merry Hallowe'en party at Mechanics
hall Thursday evening. There was
quite a crowd present in spite of the
The Ladies' Aid society of the Me
thodist church have completed the
painting of the parsonage barn and
now have quite a job of papering and
varnishing in the parsonage about
The Friendship class of the Meth
odist church will hold a social in their
vestry net Friday night at 7.30. A
f.pecial program of games are being
arranged. Everybody is invited.
A Hallowe'en party for scholars
and their parents was held at the
nchool house Friday evening with an
appropriate program.
Mrs. M. G. Tupper has returned
home from Brattleboro, being called
(here by the serious illness of her sis-
Mr. and Mrs. Annur tsowen oi
Ncwbury have moved into the tene
ir.ent vacated by Mr. and Mrs. Lafoe
and wilh work for Mr. Worthen.
Harley Roberts and lhis father, V.
A man is as old as his oi gans ; he
car be as vigorous and healthy at
?0 as at 25 if he aids his organs in
performing their fuhctions. Keep
your vital organs healthy with
The world's standard remedy for kidney,,
liver, bladder . and urie acid troubles
eince 1696; corretta disorders; stimulates
vlul organa. AH druggists, tbree sizea.
Look for U nomo Gold Med.l ea very box
ad accspl no imitatimi
For the
Fowls, Chickens, Legs
Lamb, Corned Beef,
Vegetables of ali
kinds. Dairy Butter,
Oleo and Fresh Eggs.
Cigàr Store
United Cigar Store
High-Grade Cigars
Tobaccos Cigarettes
Smokers' Articles
and Candy
Guns and Ammunition
; 49 Main Street
St. Johnsbury, Vt.
ili. mmwtm M'Hipft
Standard cólil 'Étr.edy for 20 year
(V m talilct rorr.i soie, uic,
, n.laic-iT bru);, up a cold In 24
rs rciicvca rip in j uayi.
onev liaci; i it fails. Th
; box nas a ma
with Mr. Hill's
licturs, . ' : ...
At AlIDrug Storma
E. Roberts of Lyndonville were in
Newbury Thursday on business.
The dance given by Henault's or
chestra Thursday evening at the
Grange hall proved a wonderful suc
cess, the hall being crowded to the
limit. The ladies served refreshments
and a swell time was enjoyed by ali.
There will be a repetition of the sanie
Thursday night, November 13.
Miss Helen Harriman has been
quite sick this week, having an at
tack of indigestion.
TO RENT Furnished roomS and
garage at 17 Summer Street. 98 tf
WE do washings and treat your
clothes white. Mrs. C. C. Clark. Tel.
23-3-1 . 101 tf
TO RENT A six room up stair
tcnement at 29 Co'ticord Ave. 105 tf
TO RENT A nice furnace heated
room in a private family. Inquii-e at
1!) Summer Street.
A small cottage and barn, one acre
of land with big garden. For sale
Two-tenement house in good repair
on Spring Street. Will pay 12 per
A nice house with barn and one
half acre of land in Summerville.
Chas. E. Khk, St. Johnsbury
Montpelier, Vt
Also Agente for
Fìre, Accideat, Health, Bo.ier, Piate
Glasa, Burglary. Automobile
and Compensation lutiurauce
Pyihiau Building, St. Johnsbury, Vt
Tclephono S9-M
29 Main Street
Office Tal. 11-W. Res. Tel. 442-J
St. Johnsbury; Vt.
Used cars, tires and parts,
also new tires first quality
goods at second quality
prices. We cut the price on
everything. We have ali
kinds of used cars for sale
cheap. Used cars and junk
cars bought.
80 Portland St., St. Johsbury
Tel. 537-M, or 537-J
Stationery, Post 1 Cards, Dainty
Things for Holidays and Birthdays.
83-87 Eastera Ave., ; St. Johnsbury
Soft drinks, cigars and
92 Railroad Street
Steam-heated , rooms.
Citizens Bank Block
-St. Johnsbury,-- 'Vermont
Vii 1 , 1 , AT ' " -
. .. ... ; ... - iì. . : 'ili: .
airL'cinks Scala Factory
Skilled or Uiiskilièd Sì
Good chance for Young Men to grow up with a
pi'osperous business and securé a
permanent positiòn.
Factory, St. Johnsbury, Vt
WANTED Waitrcss and kitchen
woman at once. 23 Main St. Tel.
63-2. 61 tf
WANTED Kitchen woman at Sher-
I Kiirno'c vncf finrcinf 1 Ufi
taurant. 94 tf
ABOUT 25 men for Hampshire Tan
ning Co., Whitefield, N. IL, to learn
lo become leather workers. Good pay.
short hours. Men with families will
be assisted in getting rents. O'ì-1 t
WANTED Pin boys at Barquin's
Bowling Alley, 4 cents a string. 53 tf
POSITION WANTED as ari experi
enced stenographer. Inquire at the
Caledonian Office. 104 1 wk
WANTED a woman to do cleaning
at Brightlook Hospital. 96 tf
BOARDERS Wanted at 21 Mani
Street. 94 tf
WANTED Waitrcss and dish wash
er at the Ideal Cafe, 6C Railroad St.
99 tf
WANTED Assistant reRistered or
experieneed drug clerk. Give experi-
first letter. - Livingston's Pharmacy,
X? i l'i . rn. 1.
Newpoit, Vt
WANTED Good table girl at Fair-
banks Inn
J.U1 11
WANTED Dodge or Ford of late
model. Address W, The Caledonian
102 tf
WANTED First class pastry cook
of experience. Permanent position.
Good wages. American House, H. J.
Clarke, manager, Richford, Vt. 105 tf
WOULD LIKE to get in touch with
some one that has a car and would
carry one or two persons between
St. Johnsbury and Passumpsic and
make himself generally useful. In
quire of C. W. Ruth, at the St.
Johnsbury House. 107-2t
WANTED Men and women every
where to sell the new Peerless Su
preme Accident and Health Policy.
The' best proposition ever offered the
insuring public. Large indemnities
and low premium cost. Good liberal
agency proposition for those whc can
devote ,their part or spare time. Bet
ter contraets for those who will be
come full time representatives. Write
for full particulars. Peerless Ca: ualty
Company, Keene, N. H. 107-6t wk 2t
WANTED Capable woman for gen
eral housework in a small family. 8
a. m., to 2 p. m. daily. Inquire Cale
donian. 106 tf.
IF YOU want to buy, sell or ex
change Gun or Revolver, cali at C. B.
Chase, 94 Railroad Street 107 tf
WANTED Woman or girl for gen
eral housework. Must be under 40 in
family of two. Telcphone 632-M.
jL 107 tf
WANTED Girl for general house
work. Apply 99 Main Street 108 tf
WANTED Laborers at the new
Plymouth Creamery. Apply to Wil
liam Ross, Supt., St. Johnsbury.
' . 109-6t
WANTED Roomers at 47 Caledonia
street. ' 109-6t
I guarantee every trnss I fit
to hold the rnptnre perfect
ly, to be easy and comfort
ble, to give complete satis
faction in every way.
Gasolene 26 l-2c per gallon.
Polarine Oil 15c per quart.
' , 80 Portland Street
' Óptimistlc thought; ;
'Tlmldlty in a young man ls better
ihan cool impudence.
FOR SALE 1000 Edison 60c re
cords while thay last, 4 for $1.00. 2000
copies of 10 and 15c music, 3 for 25c.
McLean's Music Store.
FOlt SALE One pair of four-year-old
Holsteins, weight about 2500.
Good workers. B. A. Bigelow. 52tf
FOR SALE Five passenger touring
car with summer and winter tops. A.
B. Scott. . ; 71 tf
FOR SALE A meat cart. Roy &
Roy. 73 tf
FÓR SALE One second hand Boyn
ton furnace in good condition. H. M.
Cheney, 19 Cliff Street. Phone 169-J.
87 tf
FOR SALE A Stanley steam tour
ing car. Boiler new from factory,
car thoroughly overhauled, extra
new tire. Car in perfect condjtion.
C. E. Jo-ncs.jll Pearl Street. 87-3wk
FOR SALE A bargain in a splen
did McPhail Square piano in a beau
tiful Rosewood case. Must bé sold
this week, also a $200 talking ma
chine in -walnut cabinet used only
2 months. Price ?160. Cali at 84
Main Street. 99 tf
FOR SALE Patridpe berries and
bowls rcfilled. Mrs. Hattie L. Weeks.
28 Pearl Street. Tel. 479-R 109-3t
FÓR SALE Soft woodTlabs, 4 ft. or
16 in., delivered at your door for $7
for solid cord. Albert Daniels. Tel.
34- West Danviilé. ' lOOtf .
FOR SALE One or two car loads of
peeled pulp wood. A. A. Hawkins,
St. Johnsbury. 100 tf
FOR SALE A small auto house in
good condition, must be moved. Cali
12 Pearl Street. 103 tf
FOR SALE No. 149, 9 room house
with ali modem improyements. t Barn
and Garage, located on Green Street.
Price ?3,000. Caledonia Rcal Estate
Co. - , 102 tf
FOR SALE Several thousand feet
of 2-3 and 4 in. dry maple and birch
plank. A. E. Counsell & Son. 104tf
FOR SALE Pigs. H. N. Penniman,
SWohnsbury, Vt. 105-lw.
FOR SALE To make . room for
pullets. Will sell a few Rhode, Is
land Red hens. Price ?2. C. V. Perry,
28 Western Ave 105 tf
FOR SALE We have a Ford eoupe
that we have no further use for to
be sold at reasonablep rice. French &
BeanCo., St. Johnsbury. 105 tf
FOR SALE Dodge car with extra
tires. Overland model 90 in fine con
dition. Tel. 157. J. F. Adams, Lyn
donville. ! . . 109 tf
LOST Black and tati doir .nmH
Jack,, on Doles place in Danville, , L.
. iienoit. lei. 551. 109-2w.
LOST Strine of srold hearl hPr
Arlington and Main street. Findef
liberally rewarded. Mrs. Fred Elliot,
Pleasant Street. - lOT-lwk
LOST Will the gentleman who
picked up . an àuto chain onfc.Pearl
Street return to I. G. Marshall or Y.
M. C. A.. 104 tf
LOST Between North Danville and
St. Johnsbury Monday evening, two
surrey curtains.and .whip. Please re
turn to W. J. Stafford's stkhla f
Johnsbury. 105-4tw
LOST Masonic watch charm, Key
stone and Knights Templar emblem.
Finder notify H. L. Bailey, Bradford,
Vt. Reward. 101-7t
From 375 acres of Champlain. Lake
Shore. Three hundred acres have
been cultivated. . Two hundred and
ten acres now under cultivation.
Fields slope iust enoue-h ' in Hìn
well. Soil the best clay loam. Build
iners the best in town. Ali Rlnto wivf
Tuberculine tested dairy. Nearly a
freshen from November to January.
Hay Loader, Hay Press, Ensliage
Blower,' Milkinfir Machine, and fili un
to date tools Used on à large fan
One cost $500 this spring. Shtty
head of cattle. Hay, gràin and'.eflsi-r
lage. Eve'rything ' goes for $27,000.
Write immediately to W. B..., Arm
strong, Jericho, Vt. "-' 100-Gt

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