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Locai News
, IN
w ter
ni -
.Catherine Ca!vert'THE CAREER. of KATHERINE BUSH"
Matinee Prices 5, 10, 15 Cents
Evening prices 10, 15, 20 Cenls
Plus War Tax
Lila Lee in "PUPPY LOVE"
Extensive repairs are being macie
on the M. W. A. hall. The place is
being remodeled.
Mrs. Morris Burbank of Burke was
a recent visitor at the home of John
The wedding of Oscar Briggs and
Miss Teresa Foster took place bere
recently. Ilev. G.W7 Collins offìciated
at the ceremony, which was a very
quiet affair.
Mrs. Merton Wilson of Montreal
is visiting friends here.
Harnion Wing has placed ali of his
household goods in the home of his
mother, Mrs. Mary Wing here. ,
Oscar Griggs has started to work
for Dan AlLen.
Mrs. Herbert Percy is recovering
from a serious illness.
Clarence Gray and farnily have
moved back to West Charleston af
ter living in Derby for some time.
Mrs. G. L. Kinne received a severe
cut on her nose when she fell bere
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thompson
are the proud pare:its of a baby!
daughter weigmng eight pounds.lhey
Developing, PrintSng
and Enlarging
for Amateurs. Special attcn
tion paid to mail orders. 21
hour servicc. Ali orders for
warded, postage prcpaid.
Send for price list.
37 Main Street, Ncwport Vt.
"Everything Photographic"
Eastman Kodak Agcncy
Newport Business Directory
Office hours 8.30 to 12 and 1.30 to 5
Tel. 45-3 Lane's Block
AH Kinds of Insurance
Best Stock and Mutual Companics
P. C. Blanchard & Co.
C7 Main Street, Ncwport, Vt.
Tel. C54-3
Dealer in Ali Kinds of Elcclrical
13 Coventry Street , Tel. Con.
Ncwport, Vermont
Shorlhand Instruclion
Ncwport, Vt.
' Tel. 208-2,' or 261 ,
have named the child ' Pansy Neil.
Mrs. Thompson is an English girl
having met hcr husband while he
was overseas.
Harvison Johnson has moved his
family into W. C. Hinton's house on
the Hudson fami.
The Ladies' Circlc of the United
church will meet with Mrs. John
Ainsboro, Wedensday afternoon at
2.S0 o'clcck. A full attendance is de
sired. J. C. Hay left Saturday night for
a vacation of a fortnight at Spring
field, Mass., which he will spemi
among relatives.
Mrs. L. P. Jenne met with an acci
dent Saturday morning when she fel!
in the house spraining her ankle quite
The ladies of the United church
chele have made plans for an illus
trated lecture on "The Heart of the
Sierras, to be given by Willis T.
Sparhawk cf Ilandolph some night
next week, not yet decidcd upon.
This travelogue is a showing of the
magnificent sccncry of the Yosemite
and has been given with grcat suc
cess in various place sin Vermont.
Tickets will soon be on sale.
Edwin Buck who has been carrying
on a general mcrchandise store at
West Charlestown for several years
ha smoved his family into this vil
lage and intends to open a general
merchandise stòre here in a short
time. He has moved into the Jeruie
block with bis family and will càrry
on the business in the sanie block.
The Red Cross membership can
vass here as elsewhere has been slow
as the general feeling is now that the
war is over there is not the nced for
funds that there was during the war.
There is great need stili and it is de
sired that ali former members renew
their membership at least for the
piesent cmergency. The locai chap
ter will hold a meeting this week
whcnj the matter of continuing the
organizatio nvvill be taken up.
Tcacher of Dancing
Modem Dancing for Adults
Ciudi f and Vcstoff Mcthods of Es
thetic and Intcrpretivc Dancing
for Juvcniles
Tel. 244-4 NEWPORT, VT.
Dr. Harry F. Hamilton
X-Ray Service
Office hours: 8.30 to 12, and 1.30 to 5
Tel. 278-2 Gilman's Block '
Successor to IIowc & Stowc
Tel. 175 lioot's Block
,Tcachcr of Violili,
Ncwport, Vt. " "
Tel. 208-2, or 2G1
Read the Fea Iure Page
The Ladies' Aid society of I the
Methodist church announce thatlhey
will give a baked bean supper Satur
day night in aid of the church ex
pense funcl.'
C. M. Flint has. been confined to
the house several days with a severe
Mrs. B. B. Albee of Beebe, Que.,
was the guest of Mrs. J. M. Cun
ningham on Saturday.
N. W. Dunham, 89 years of age o
Newport Center, died Sunday after a
short illness of pneumonia. The fu
rerai service will be held on Tues-
day, the final arrangements not yel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lawson, living-
on the Lawson farm are the par
ents of a nine and a half pound baby
daughter, bcrn Saturday night.'.
Rawson Calkins and Arthur Emer
son of Westmore were in town Fri
day to attend the Rose Girl.
Gerald Black, familiarly known as
"Giddy", little son of Harry A
Black, had a narrow escape on Sun
day afternoon from a serious injury.
Gordon Black and his brother were
vigorously engaged in snowballinp
each other, when Giddy stumblec
and fell down the bank near tht
house, striking his head against
jagged block of wood, cutting decj
gash in his right check. Dr. J. F.
Blanchard was summoned, ard with
the aid of stitches and plaster.has
made the little fellow into an kiter
esting looking invalid.
Rev. A. P. Banks, rector of St.
Marks church, accompanied Rt. Rev.
G ,Y. Bliss to Burlington today anc
he will remain until Wcdnesday.
Mrs. William Howie and Mrs. E.
G. Bodwell of Beebe, Que., were vis
itors in town on Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lawson art
tho parents of a nine and a hall
pound baby daughter, born Satur
day night, Nov. 8.
Mrs. Henry C. Black, who ha.s
been visiting her daughter at Nortl.
Troy, returned Saturday night to H,
A. Black's whcre she will remain foi
some time.
There was a dentai examinatior.
of the schools this past week. Dr
Harry Hamilton examined the pupih
of the East building, Dr. Sani Ham
ilton, the 3 to the Sth giade.
The services at St. Mark's Episco
pal church were well attended boti'
morning and evening. Eishop Bliss
prcached at both services. In the af
ternoon Bishop Bliss and tho rectoi
went to North Troy where they con
ducted a service at St. Thomas
Mine Host Goddard of the Ray
mond House, reports that a aJpanest
an Indian and a negro were regis
tered at the hotel Friclay night.
J. W. Redmond went to St. Albans
this Tuesday morning. i
Monroe Lorrimer of the C. M. Cox
Co. of Boston is spending a few day;
with his mother, Mrs. Mary Lorrimer.
James W. Martin, who has bee;
in failing health for the last twe
months grew much worse about ter
days ago and on Saturday was taker.
with hemorrhage of the stomach. Dr.
E. M. Cleasby of Orleans was called
in consultation with Dr. B D. Longe,
the attending physician. Miss Reagan
of North Troy is the nurse in charge.
Monday night's report is that Mr.
Martin's condition is a criitical one.
Col. and Mrs. C. S. Emery, Mrs.
Fred Davis and Judge F. E. Alfrec
were in Ayer's Cliff, ue., Monday.
Mrs. John Hildredth has been il!
for several days but is improving. ,
Judge Miller of South Troy was in
town on Saturday.
Mrs. Eddie "Streeter of Rock Is
land was a business visitor in town
The canoeing season is not yet
over. Donald Emery and Percy W est
took a trip clown the lake Sunday af
ternoon with a rendevous . at the
Knowlton cottage, the Bluffs, foi
supper with friends, and home by the
light of the moon.
Robert Grey has rented the H. S.
Billings farm and will occupy part of
the farm house.
Miss Flossie Goodcnough has re
turned to F. D. Flint's store after a
wcek's vfcation in Boston.
Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Smith of Lyn
donville will spemi the winter with
Mr. Smith's sistcr, Mrs Arthur Du
bois. Arthur Dcnonvillc and Henry St.
Germani of Richford were in town
Sunday to see Dr. H. O. Joyal, who is
failing rapidly.
Mr. and Mrs. George A. Anderson
aiid sons, Stuart and George Jr., of
Elmore, Ohio, are guests of Rev. and
Mrs. H. T. Coontz. Mr. and Mrs.
Anderson carne by auto and will go
on to Boston, New York and Wash
ington on th ereturn trip.
Mr. ad Mrs. W. M. Wright of Bar
ton were in town Monday.
A. H. Grout was in Burlington on
Saturday and Sunday night loft for
a short business trip to Lancastcr,
N. II.
Frank Thompson of Orleans was
in town Monday.
Miss Jane Paquin has been abscnt
from ber work at E. Lane & Sons, for
a week, on account of illne ss.
Use Nazol for catarrh. adv
To settle the estate of the late F.
W. Carr, the Plumbing, Hcating and
Hardware business together with
other personal property belonging to
the estate will be sold at Public Auc
tion to the highest bidder, on Nov.
21st, 1019, at 2 P. M. This sale will
be held at the store on Lake Ave.
Tcrms Cash.
A Quick
Locai News
Mrs. Harry Hall of Boston has
been visiting her sistcr, Mrs. Mary
Kenneth Somerville is out after
two weeks' engagement with mumps.
Dr. L. M. l'ietto is moving from
Burlington to the house recently pur-
ohased by him at the corner of 1 ìeld !
and North Ave.
Mr. and Mrs. James Revoir of
Barton have been visiting Mis. Ju
lia Rcvoir.
Mrs. Florence Lemoine returned
Monday night from a ten days' visit
with her sistcr, Mrs. Stevens in Stan
stead, Que.
Mrs. R. M. Sawyer reports n suc-
cessi'ul week at her brandi store at
Lowell ia spitc of the terrible storni.
Miss Gracc Morrison of the gar-
ment department of F. D. Flint's
store has been ili for several days.
Sergeant Carmi St. Gcrmain, just
returned from overseas service in
France, is the guest of his uncle,
Thcodoie St. Germain.
J. S.-Russell and son of Gap Chat,
Que., are guests of Rev. and Mrs. L.
A. Edwards.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tripp have re
turned from a month's stay in St.
Johnsbury. Mr. Tripp was taken ili
during the month and has only par
tially recovered.
Weslcy Reagan is movng from C.
E. Green's house on Northern Ave.,
to Ncwport Ccntre. Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Couses wll dose their house
on Beebe road this week, and occupy
the tcnement vacated by Mr. Reagan,
William Dow of Holland has rented
Bcthncl Chaffce's house on Spring
F. F. Slack was taken ili several
days ago with astnma and pneumo
nia. He is attended by Dr. I
ger and Dr. F. E. Farmcr
Miss Ferrol Wellman is
1). Bad-
of St.
the new
clcrk a t the Ilallwork Jewelry store.
William Mossa of Nashua is at his
home for a few days' visit.
Mss Georga Dearborn has been ab
scnt from the Natonal bank for near
ly a week on account of the llncss
of her mother, Mrs. G. Dearborii,
who has an attack of bronchitis.
Miss' Beatrice Gingras spent Sun
day in Sherbrooke with hcr mother,
Mrs. Leon Gringras who is recover
ing from a successful operation at
Dr. Nocl's private hospital in that
Lake Memphremagog is the high
est on record at this season of the
ycar and much damage has been done
to wharves and boat houscs along the
shores. A duck bling belonging to
Howard Lindsay, J. T. Ford, Dan
Norton and Billy Bond, near Horse
neck.Island was washed away and
sunk with stove, bedsand hunting
paraphanelia. The C. P. roadbed
across the Prouty and Miller bay'is
badly washed and is being patrolled,
day and night.
.. y
On your OffìccDcsk or at ìfome where
the Children can easily yet atthemJ
and Satisfactory Relief forCoughs,
Hoarseness and Throat Irritations
The time to cure a cold is when
and you will finti Briggs Cough
The following real estate transfers
were received in the City Clerk's
o(ììce during the week ending Nov
ember 8: Land and buildings on cor
ner of Elm Street and Sias Avenue,
fi oni Orlando E. and Mary Williams
to Rufus W. Spear, Agent, for Cijy
of Ncwport; lot and buildings on
West Main Street, from Peter Grace
to J. H. Bonneau; the Cushman Gil
bert place on Corner of Highland
avenue and Pleasant Street, from C.
L. Drown to Warren B. Drown; lot
and buildings on Union Street from
W. S. and Clara Monili to David L.
and Pearl Bean; and lot on Prospcct
Hill from J. M. Fuller to Appleton
H. Chillson.
Cari Fisher has been confiiied to
his home vith mcasles.
C. T. Collins stuck a rusty nail i-i
his hand last week. The wound prov
ed painful for several days.
Isaac Lounge has gone to Bakcrs
ficld, Cai., whcre he plans to spcnd
the winter.
A lecture course is to be given in
this town again this season. A coni
iti ittee will soon commcncc a canvass
of the town.
"The Prodigai Son," in moving pic
turcs, was shown at the Methodist
Episcdpal church Sunday evening. It
was a fine pictute ami greatly cnjoy
ed by the congregation.
Mrs. Lucy Cuitis has occupied the
house she recently bought from Asa
L. R. Lewis of Barton has placed
a fine monumcnt on the lot of A. N.
Page in the locai cemetery.
Margaret, the young daughter of
Rush Patrick has almost recovered
from a severe attack of scarlet fevcr.
Six of the other Patrick childrcn are
ili with the malady.
Mrs Buzzcll Taylor is critically ili.
Seven thousand cabbages wèrc
grown on the farm of II. C. Wilson
this ycar. This is some record.
Marion Sears, a student at Barton
Acadcmy is down with the mumps.
She is at hcr home here during hcr
illness. . i
,1. M. Lanou has employed ,Perley
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Bushaw have
gone lo Morrisville to live.
Jonas Kiddcr ha sreturned to Iras
burg following a visit in North Troy.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Leclair are
the proud parents of a baby daugh
ter, born on Monday, Nov. 3.
William Brooks has been ili for the
past ,week. ,
Mrs. Herbert Miner is a patient in
Brightlook Hospital at St. Johnsbury.
Walter Cleveland is receiving con
gratulations of his friends on his ex
ceptionally fine work as Bud, the
head waiter,- in "The Rose Girl" the
realize you are beinl benefited almost
as soon as you put one in your
Get the Brigés habit
It Keeps away a cold
Buy them anywhere In
the Red and Blue Package
Cambridge, Mass.
musical comedy which was staged at
Lane's Opera House in Newport last
week. ,
Mrs. Laura Brooks was a recent
visitor at the home of her sister, Mrs.
O. E. Aiken Jn Burlington.
Mrs. Florence Trudeau is in New
port keeping house for Carroll Wild
er. Mrs. Wilder ; is in Brightlook
hospital at St. Johnsbury where she
has been operated on.
Cari Noycs of Boston was a recent
guest at the home of Bert Ware.
Cards on the Table
You can't make any Storage battery last
forever that's a fact.
You've got to keep it filled with water
and test it, just like a tire has to be kept
filled with air, or it will cost you money.
Some day if you have an ordinary bat
tery it's sure to have to be re-insulated,
no matter who made it.
But if you'll buy a Wizard Battery
with Threaded Rubber Insulation,you'll
get clear away from the biggest cause of bat
tery troubles. The insulation will probably .
last as long as the plates.
Drop in and ask us any question you can
thinkof. We're here to give you the kind cf ,
help, service and ad vice that make friends.
St. Johnsbury Storage Battery Co.
Authorized Willard Service Station ,. ;
9-11 Portland Street, St. Johnbury, Vt. ,
Phone 392
y- ?Y7 T" a 1 Storage a " ;
f ' Vi mi 9 H ri dattery1 ' A
it starts
Drops very
mouth. A
. .-r .
Mrs. Harry Thayer has been ili fot,
the past week. -,
Horace Wilder recently cntertain
ed Carroll anc his daughter, Joyce of
Newport. ; ' ' '
Erie Corrow and family have ' re
turned to their home in" Barton af
ter spending a few days at thè homq
of Ernest Perry. - -m-.'
Mrs. Fred Bean is ' reportedj as
being quite ili. ' (
Mrs. Daisy Orne was home from
Orleans hospital recently. . .. .

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