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Regolar Habits Produce
5J RoA1ltflfllì ' PFìM
( Daily elimination rìda the system of pdison:-,
Wonien should roalize that !
Mr. and Mrs. Ira Read and Mr. and
I Mrs. Arthur Read were at Montpelier
recently to attend a wedding.
-Mr. and Mrs. W. J .Abbott were
visitors at East Montpelier Sunday.
MANY womcn complaiti daily of
thir complejrion, of their head,
echeo and general ili health litlle
Kalizing that the troviblo is conslipation.
Women, loo, are much more subjcct to
luch corigcstion t'.iou mea, and mucl moro
oareless ot it. The rcr.uk is seen in lustcr
leis, weary eyes, in sallow, pimply com
plcxion, in lassitude, bad brealh, and in
that word $o often Used, "indùposed."
At the first sign of these symptoms the
wise woman will take a laxative, and
wilt sce that the young girl and others in
her care do likewise. Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin i the favorita with thou
sandj of women because it is mild and
gentle in its action and in the end trains
the tomach and bowel muscles to do
their work naturally without the aid of
This combination of simple laxative
herbs with pepsin can be bought at any
drug storc for 50c and $1 a botile, the
latter foi familics, for it is a!so a very
sterling first-aid in colds, fevers and other
' sudden ills that make it advioable to
l'i. TV
always bave a botile in the !:ome. li is
(ree from narcotico aed saie for the tir.icct
In spile of the fe.ct that Dr. Caldwell's
Syrup Pepsin is the tersesi sel'.ing liqitld
laxative in Ihe zvorld, ihere being over
6 uiil'.ion bottles sold cadi ycar,- inany
fvlto iiecd iìs bcneliis have noi yet r.sed
it. lf you have not, semi yoitr name and
address for a free trial botile to Dr. IV.
B. Caldwell, ili ÌVcshinjlon St., Manli
cello, Illinois.
The next meeting of the Passump
sic Valley Grange, No. 322, will be
tho cleclion of officers, and a good at
tendancc is desired.
ISaiold Ward returned to his Work
Mrs. F. E. Currier is with hcr at Fairbanks Blonda v.
daughter, Mrs. Parmer Constable, at! Mrs. Nellie Miles is
Durham, South Carolina, for a few
weeks stay.
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Ilaines and son
werc visitors at Barre recently. j
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Spiague have'
gonc, to Kardwick wherc Mr. Spraguc,
has employmcnt. ;
J. T. Ornc has movcd bis faniily!
frani Julia Farrington's house on
Main Street to F. A. W'ale's house. ì
The friends bere of Miss Estelle I
bere from
Manchester, N .11. Mrs Miles gocs
to Philadr-lphii'. t'o visit her son, Har
ry Miles, thon she will come bere for
the v.'intcr.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Smith, wbo
bave beoti oceupying Mrs. Nellie
Miles home, are movine iato the te
ncmeiit over B. R. Smith.
Warron Wriht of St. Johnsbury
spent Sunday at W. H. Wrig'ht's.
Mrs. Will Cross iias been cmite sick
Prcston who is taking the nurses'ibut is better at tho nresent wiitinrr.
training course at the Mary Fletcher j The, Passmnpsic basket ball seasoiv
Hospital, Burlington, were sorry to A. of St. Johnsbury Friday eveninft',
lcarn of ber illness, which lead to an ns opened. They played the F. C.
operation J.riday morning lor appen-jdcfeatiiiff them 12 to 8
For delicious, dainty salad dress
ings, Mazola is noto preferred
hy leading cooks everywhere
Your grocer sells Mazola at much lesa
than the cost of the best Olive Oil. This
means you can serve salads as ottenga
you pìease minus the thought of spending
too much money for dressing.
Start with a Mazola French Dressing today and
compare it to your former salad dressings.
Dr. and Mrs. M .D. Wai'ren were
callcd to Burlington Thursday by the
illness of Miss Estolle Prcston.
The social ànd entertainment at
the Congregational church Friday
night wf.s well attended.
Mrs. George Walbridge undurwent
an operation at the Mary Fletcher
Mrs.' Harold Ward and daughter,
Shirlie, spent the day, Friday, with
Miss Younne Legendre of St. Johns
bury, .T. J). Thyng is at home for a while.
Louis Abbott of Fitzdale visited
hcre Tuesclay.
Mrs. Cora Fulford is confined to the
bed with bronchitis.
Hospital. Burlington, the first of last( George Lenton has sold his farm to
weok. v ord comes she is doing well
Rev. M. W. Hale returned Thurs
day from a trip to New Hampshire
and Massachusetts.
Norma Talmadgc has hcr own
studio, managed by Joseph Schenck,
where she will continue to make pic
tures regardless of any new releasing
arrangements with First National.
Castle Clip I always liked Irene
Castle's. She is now Mrs. Robert
Treman. David Powell was Louis
Malcourt in "The Firing Line."
One of the niost imimrtnnt rommcr
rial usos of clilorine i in the lìleach
Ing of psper and vorlous cloth f:ib-ries.
Roy N. Fulford of East Barnet.
Ed. McDonald is working for Ful
ford & Roy in the woods.
Only Real Monument.
"These only desorvo : inonument."
wrote ll:t::!itt, "wlio do not nord mie;
that .'s, who hnvo niiscd tbeniselves s
ijninnmont in the mìnds and tnemorles
of nie:i." .
? L j. . ih..
orr - - $z i x t,mr Atte
; - $ zMk -.0.9 f rl- S
. ; W
Clotheslfpr Younger Hen
Fall Clotlies That Look and Wear Well
SMARTLY-TAILORED topeoais and suite now
bein displayed, show the narrov waist line
efiècts that are most popular
Small details are biè thin,s in these clothes. Every
consideration of ood taste has been mct in the
refinements that lend charact'er. They aro
"Campus Tos" the clothes that aro desined
by the most authentic style-creators.
The rane of fabrics and patterns is exceptionally
-wide. Come in and see for yourself.
MOORE & JOHNSON, St. Johnsbury, Vt.
A real cook
book. Sixty-
eight pages of splendici,
practicalrecipes. Com
piled by leading expert
cooks. Write us today
for the new Corn Prod
ucts Cook Book.
cor:; r?.o'JCTs refining co.
P. O. Box 161 New York City
Messrs. AKERN & CAH00N
Sala Represcntatives
il Farniworth Street
uosion, Mail,
i--s.é.t jrtr"-" '.3uiPfc- - ---- - "-uhm sarà
"Hcr Kingdom of Drcams"
Is Notable Achicvemcnt
of Dircclor Ncilan
Judith Rutledge
David Rutledge
James W'arrcn
j Fred W'arren
jjim Warrcn
i Penelope W'arren
Anita Stewart
Spottiswood Aitkcn
' .Frank Currier
Mahlon Hamilton
Thomas Holding
. Kathlyn W illiams
Fred Huntlcy
Wellington Yarnell
Carlotta Staninole Anna Q.
Charlie Stanmore
Office Boy
Tom Lanfcfley
Mrs. Langley
Billy Dayne
John Brown
The Minster
Herbert Prior
Thomas Jefferson
James Neill
W'esley BaVry
Thomas Santschi
Tully Marshall
Mrs. J. W. Wade
Ralph Gravcs
Harry Ham
Edward B. Tilton
With ber ideas of the great, far
away citics as beautiful and wonder
ful as the blue-ridgcd mountains and
loving cnvironrent which puvvound
cd ber home, Judith Rutedge lives
with her invalici father in a little
western town.
Beginning as a stenographer, Ju
flith rises to the place of private sec
rctary to the elderly Mr. W'arren, and
the only persovi on whom he can trust
because bis faniily affairs are decid
edly unlmppy and unwholesome. Of
his two sons and a daughter, the
girl has contracled an unhappy mar
riage, one son has been killed in an
automobile wreck, and W'arren be
licvcs bis other son, Fred, has forg
ed a $10,000 check in order to buy
dianionds for the rather cuestion
able Callotta Stanmore.
'In the heat of a violent argument
with Fred, the elderly W'arren is
stricken , with apoplexy. On his
death bed, he makes a final re
quest that Fred marry Judith. The
coremony is carried out just beforc
W' arren learus from a devoted ser
vant that it was Carlotta . ai nel not
Fred, who forged the check. The old
man dics beforc he can write anoth
er will. His originai tcstamont which
is read a few days latcr, beciucathcs i
ali his property to Judith, who, I
Diamonds as Gifts
There's Magic in the word, and when
you gìve her a Diamond you can count on it
being her most cherished gift she will be
pleased beyond measitre, and of course that
is what you wish.
Aside from the joy' of owning a Dia
mond, there is the practical side that comes
from the fact that Diamonds are constantly
advancing in value, and are theref ore a
splendid investment.
Prices from $15 to $600
"The Quality Jewelers"
Eastcrn Avcnue, St. Johnsbury, Vermont
written to another woman. Heart
broken, Judith leaves the city telling
Fred not to try to find her.
Judith journeys out to the W'aur
peegce Luniber Colony wherc the
lioldings of Fred and the crooked
Yarnell are located. There, she
meets Tom Langley, son of the man
who was beaten and robbed of his
property by Yarnell. She learns from
Toni Langley that he is now in pos
session of the paper which will give
his father undisputed right, to the
Waupeegee tract. She further fìnds
out that he is going to the city ito
wreck an unmerciful vengeance on
Fred and Yarnell.
A telcgram from Judith to Fred
warning him of the coming of the
enraged Tom Langley is intcrcepted
by Carlotta, who in turn sells the
telcgram to Yarnell.
Langley arrives at Froda New
York office just ahead of Judith.
Fred learns from Langley that Judith
knew of Langley's decision to
avenge his swindlcd father. He tears
a desk photograph of Judith to bits
stung by the slander of otlier women i and accuses her of betraying him
who brand her as ari adventuress, I when he nceded her most.
imniediatcly signs over the entire es- An explanation by a faithful but
tate lo hcr husband. ! lcr, the discovery of Carlotta in the
Mutual attempts on the part of act of tàking the forged check from
Fred and Judith to keep from lov- the wall safe in the W'arren. home,
ing each other are of no avail. i and the knowledge that Carlotta stole
JJisregarding Judith's advice. Fred l Judith's telcgram scrves to end the
nccessary to save any rights the re
spondent had before. court adjourncd.
It may be six months or a ycar be
fore the case is arsrued. '
State Atty. Earl ir. Davis has filcd
information in .court against Mrs.
Isabcl Parker to the charge of keep
ing a disorderly house. No entry
of discontinuance was entered today
in hcr murder case. Mrs. Parker is in
a weak condition at the jail and hcr
attorneys say she ca:v be brought in
to the courthouse only on a stretcher.
forins a partnership with J. Welling
ton Yarnell, supposedly a lumber
king, but in reality a crook wJio nre-
viously old the tract of land, of
which ho claims tò be owner, fronv
Robert Langley. Yarnell latcr swind
lcd Langley out of his property.
Mcanwhilc Judith has fallen des
peratcly in love with her husband
and hcr love scems to bc returned in
story with Fred and Judith as man
and wife, in spirit, as well as in
Preliminare Exceplions
Filcd In Long Case
MONTPELIER, Nov. 13 Attor
ney J .Ward Carver, counsel for
George A. Long, who was sentenced
spile of the fact that he is carryinglto life imprisonment for the murder
...i .... .. jt. . !.. : - i.ii.. t ! f n t - .
wun carlona. fior oi Mrs. jucina j. uroaa well at Uarrc
on an atlair
anguish culminates in a decision
'when she rcccivcs an anonymous let-
ter telling her that Fred is carrying
on a disrcputablc flirtation, and en
closing a note he Is allegcd to have
May 3, has filcd preliminary excep
tions, which may be amended with
ili 30 days, to take the case on ap
peal lo the Supreme Court. Mr.
Carver explained that this step was
The following reai osiate transfert,
were rcccivcd for retbrd during the
past week : Land and premiscs of
Frank F. Holbrook, to Cari O. Fal
lar of W'oo.nsocket, Rhode Island; a
lot on East Main street from Jcssie
O. & Frank F. Holbrook and Nellie
M. Harvey tp Cari O. Farrar; lot and
building on Third street from Rufuj
W;.f Spcar, executor of the estate of
Susan H. Currier to Charles F. Da
vis; a lot and building on Spring
street from Benjamin L. Towner to
Frank Hill; Evcrctt L. Moorc's intcr-'
est in the Caswcll Block to C. I.
Moore, by quit-claim deed; C. L.
Moore's interest in the Caswell block
to B. F. Moore, D. N. Dwincll, Ruth';
Dwinell and C. I. Moore (B. F.
Moore & Co.) by quit-claim deed;
a lot of land and part of buildings of
Evcline A. Campbell, on East Main
Street, to W. E. Tripp and S. J.
Cushing; a lot of land and buildings
thereon, situate on Third street and
Prospect Street, from Rufus W.
Spcar, executor of the Estate of -Susan
H. Currier, to Ella R. Hin
man; a farm on the Lake i-oad from
Marcus Joslyn to A. R. & Jennie M.
Wells; the Gaincs two tenement
house on Third street from II. B.
Stewart to Rosina Aubin; a piece of
land on Pleasant street extcnsiou
from the city of Newport to Louis
Bouffard. i

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