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A Newspapcr Covcrintj
the Enthe Northeast Scc
tion of Vermont State
Every Working Day.
The Wcathcr
Locai snows tonight.
Sunday fair. Strong
northwcst urinila.
St. Johnsbury Defeats
Newport, 31 to 24, Before
Cheering Crowd of 1300
St. Johnsbury 31; Newport 24.
That's the story of the greatest game of basketball
that Northeastern Vermont has ever witnessed. Even
the old-timers, who are forever telling of the great
sporting events that St. Johnsbury once had, took their
hats off to last night's contest at the Armory. Fully 1300
peòple saw the Rame and cheered , ;
themselves hoarse over the nip-and-tuck
battio between the soldier boys
of Com;iany L of Newport and Coni-
jany ! of St. Johnsbury.
Company D has a rightful daini
to the basketball championship of i
Northern Vermont. The only contes- j
talit to tliis title is the fast American '
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Mary Jiad a little anklc; she injurcd it one dav. And now the young.doc" who repaired it, just cannot stay av.av!"
irsiWorth Going Miles to See
Mack cimeli Comedy 9(1, Episodi, "BOUND AND GAGGEU"
Legion team which in the Caledonian
. Record recenti- issucd a challengc to
I the winner of last night's sanie. Ash
I ton is a nienibcr of bolli
the Legion and the Company J
! teams. The Legion boys daini they
can w-in over Company 1), even allow
ing this strong player to the
i militia company. The support of the
two teanis is about c(ually divided.
It'would make a wonderful diawin;'
card and St. Johnsbury may yet see
I anofher great contest this scason.
The great preparations for aecom-
I modating the crowd even though they
included the, building of bleaehers at
both ends of the big Armory, proved
entirely inadc(uatc to handle the
throng that wanted to sue the con
test. There- were 1074 paid adinis
sions ami in the rush to net scats it
! was impossible for the door tenders
i to collect ali the tickets. It is a cor.
j servative estimato that over 1-'Ì00 saw
the game. Desido this was fully .'!00
I moie who carne to the Armory ami
j soeing the big crowd turned back
home rather than get into the jam at;
j the etitrunce. . V - ;
i ft wa a'kecn disappointnient that
(Co'itiinicd oh pa;i
Starring Thosc Brightest Screen Luininaries ,
Past Masler's Night Tucs
day to Bc Brilliant
Various coniniittees appointed to
niake. arrangements for the occa.-ion
are planning an excellent program for
the Past Master's Night and recep
tion to the returned Masonic .soldiers
which will be held by Memphrcniagog
Lodge, 'No. 55, on Tuesday evening.
March 28, in Masonic Hall. One of
the objccts of "Past Master' Night"
this year is the recognition of partici
)ation in the Great War of brother
mapons. It is hoped that every ex
soldier, who i.s a nienibcr of the Ma
sonic ordcr will be present on this oc
casion. The M. M. degree will be conferred
with the following Past Master.-! in
the chairs:
W. M., Aaron II. Grout.
S. W, G. L. MacDiarmid.
.1. W J. li. Kirkpatrick.
Tr., H. 15. Cushman.
Sec, L. 13. Wellnian.
S. I)., A. H. West.
J. 1., G. F Root.
S. S., li. J. Hill.
J. S., II T. Hamilton.
Chap., C. A. Davis.
Tyler, A. J. fieebo
Mar., C. YV. Redmond. 1
, .la.., T. S. Wilcox.
Jo., A. C. Clark.
Jm., R. W .Spear
Lst, C, G. P. Wilder.
2nd C, F. II. Sherman.
od. C, F. U. Wright
The last "Past Mastevs' Night"
was held on Tuesday evening, Ftb
ruary 11, 101-1, when Aaron H.. Grout
was master of the lodge. On that oc
casion the degrees were conferred by
Wovshipful Urother Frank E. Niles.
The members of the lodge have been
wanting for sometime to hold a Past
Mastcrs Night and it was decided to
hold the Past Master' Night and the
reception to the Masonic soldiers si
multaneously. After the working of the degrecs
the members will fde into the dining
hall whei e a very elaborate lunch will
be. served followed by the soldier's re
St. J. A. Gii Is Win
Basket Ball Game
The Colcbrook high school girls
carne down bere Friday to play the
return game of basket ball with the
girls' team of St. Johiisbury Academy
and the game was plaved at the Y.
' M. C. A. gymnasium that afternoon.
! The locai team proved mudi the fas
ter and were easy winners by a score
' of 25 to ". Following is the line-up.
! Colebrook St.' J. A.
I F. Bannister, rf F. Duke, ri
R. Jamison, lf G. Frost, lf
M. Schoir, c O. McClary, c
' A. Titus, c M. Rathbun, c
' M. Edwards, rg M: F.rooks, rg
D. Covell, lf I. Underwood, lg
! Iia.skets from fio or, Miss Duke, 4,
Miss Frost 8; fouls, on St. J. A.,
Miss Frost 1. Baskets from floor,
Miss Banistcr; fouls on Colebrook,
Miss Jamison 1. Timekeeper, Sted
man; scorci", Harry Tillotson; lines
men, Harry Noe!, Robert May; re-
S'eree, Miss Tuttle. Time, three ten
m i nulo periods.-
A Paraniount-Aitcrafl Piclure
nlii - f;iininr' T)f1iVinnùlu linnliii-ifr Alnliilohr M-liMlnv;niiH.'
Late News
ì GRAND RAPI US, Mich., March 20
t 'jitor Truman K. Ncwberry was
Tfc. yuilty of criminal conspirary
in tìfe campaign of l'J18 according to
a verdict returned in United States
di.strict court here today. The case
has been on trial for eight weeks
.stnrtig with 128 active 'lefendants
and finishing with 85. Vcrdicts of
ffuilty were also returned against
Paul King, Charles Floyd, Frederick
Cody and E. V. Chilson. George S.
Ladd of Stuibridgc, Mass., was
among tho detentlants found guilty.
This grew out of the famous contct
vvhere Henry Ford of Detroit was his
WASHINGTON, March 20 The
treaty of Versailles was returned to
Prcsidint Wilson today by the Senale
after it had failed of ratification last
night for a fourth tinie. There was;
no intiniation as to what Prc.sident
Wilson would do with the treaty i
Whito officials say the unusual pio- j American Legion -took it up. Mr.
cedure would be to scndi4.to the state! Page's case was given a special hear
department for "burial" 1n the ar-1 ing- at the recent state gathering of
chives there. The document which I the American Legion at Montpelier
was delivcred to the Senato by the j wherc, as it happened, the head of
president in persoli last July 10 was ! t,e wal. insurance bureau was pre
taken to the White Houso by George j SL.nt Hc promised that he would see
Sanderson, secretary of the Sdiate. the case through. In the meantime
On the decisive roil cali the voU-1 A(1 jutant-General Johnson interested
was 40 for ratification to 55 against, ; ConK1.essman p01.ter II. Dale in the
the opposition numbering in its ranks , casc nnd as a reHult of the combined
20 Den.ocrats who were unwilling.to cffort9 of thc local Rc(J Cl.0SSf thc
see the treaty go through w.th tho; Amcrican Legion, the head of the war
UepubUcan reservat.ons objected to ;jnsui.ancc bulT!lu Adjutant-General
bythe Predent andthreeDcniocrat-! Iohnson d Co rressnum 1)alc Ml,
ìc and 12 Republicarr irreconciliables. i . .,.. ..,.... ,i
Il tulli li, ULMI1MIIU Il II Mllviii(Lifi.i. j
.Tweiity-one fempcruts 'uit the i
Presitlént's lendi int vototi for- mli-j
II l. a l ILll f IHIl III' llllltuuil iuiau. i' i
soviMi votes of nrovidiniy the two-
thirds retiuisito to latify.
Twelvc Senators, nine Republionns'
ana mix-e i emocrais were pairen.
inrec iteuuuncaus una one l'eniuciic, ,
were paired against ratification and j
.six Kepuiiiicaiis and two l'eniocrais
in favor of ratification. Itoth Sena-
toi's Page and Dillingham voted for
NEWPORT NEWS, Va, March 20
The super-dreadnought, Maryland,
designivi as the most powerful war
ship in the world was launched heie
todav. with Mrs. Brooke Lee, wife
of the comptroller of the Stato ofj
Mai-yland, as sponsor. Sccretaiy
Daniels, Governor Richc of Maryland
and a number of other naval officials i
sinil tntn nfl!cri i. attenc ed the
launching which was the first public
one lieJu nere silice ine umieu
States enterecl the war.
TORONTO, March 20 The ad
verse exchange rate between Great
Uritian and the United States i.s lik.
ly to continuo for some years in the
opinion of G. A. Canicron of the Ca
nadian bank. He says that so long
as this condition exists it would be
impossible for Canada to borrow ad-
vantageousiy in me u. ft. ne esu-, i-. ì. i i tic (y C,,10J
niate.l that the Unitevi States holds bllICK dlM U. Al. L. baiCS
Canadian seeurities valued at ' rOOHlS
.$1,200,000,000, the annual interest; 76 Eastcrn Ave.,
charge being $5,000,000. St. Johnsbury, Vermont
y tu
I'ho(o Plays for Particular People
St. Johnsbury' Soldies Gcts
Compcnsation from After
Waiting One Year
After waitiig neaj'ly a year and
filing enough alfadivits to establish
a dozen daims Harlic Fem Page rc-J
ceivcd'on March 1!, a check of
?1,001.!1 as compensation from the
United States government for his
disability. Mr. Page enlisted fronii
st. Johnsburv and was honorably lis
oharged on March 27, IDI!). He was
operated on soon after for a diseased
hip and has been in Bnghtlook hos
pital most of the timo the past year.
Silice Septembcr he has hot loft
Mr. Page started his daini in .lune,
1911), and a few nionths after the de
partnient began to cali for affidavits.
These were furnished by the locai
brandi of the Red Cross, and furnish
ed several times. Finally the case be-
carne so involved in red tane that the
. .'le
' .
c.jKv. ' ' " - ----o :
rioni now on he will receivé.
4li .- . A 1.
NATICK, Mass., March 20-The
Charles River swollen bv snows and
j freighted with ice thieatxncd to inun
j date the southern part of the town to
ì day. Part of South Natick was
under several feet of water. Forty oi
tifty houses were in danger of being
carried away. A dance hall was car
ried ilown the stream last night.
Largest Resources of
Automotive Industry
Back the Building of .
G. M. C. Trucks
Sold by
Bolshevik Leaders Urging Re
volts In Great Labor Centers
of Germariy
(By Associated Press)
LONDON, March 20 Two thousand persons have
been killed to date in the fighting incident to the Gérman
revolutionary movement and disturbances that fòllow-ed,
it is estimated at Berlin aecording to the Exchange Tele
graph correspondent.
LONDON, March 20 There aie
many indications aecording to a 'di ri
patch from Cologne today that the
Allics are preparing to advancc their
concentration of troops at Strass
bourg and Metz further into Ger
many if the country does not (juiet
down soon, the Exchange Tclegraph
coircspondent wires.
STUTTGART, March 20 The
Ruhr district is adamo with IJolshc
vism "accordine to a report reacliing
here. Esscn has been taken by a lied
army and the locai troops are await
ing ) einforcenients.
PARIS, March 20 Gustave Noske,
who tendered his resignation as min
ister of defensc to President Ebert of
Germany yesterday, has decided to
remain in oflìce, the Social Democrats
and Democratic members of the Na
tional Assembly having given him a
vote of conlidence.
BERLIN, March 202.40 P. M. by
Wireless Since noon firing has oc
curred in various paits of the city.
It is l'eported that the security pqlice t
aie shooting ali oflcrs c'f the, jjaltic
troops remaini ng in Berlin. The inaili j
thoroughfare . bristles with barbéd .
wire and the Hotel Adlon was thor-
oughly screened with it and guarded
with troops. The wildest ruiiiors are)
afloat becoming grotesquely magnified,
with repeating. Disorders are oc
curring in the suburbs.
CORK, Ire., March 20 The sensa
tional murder this morning of Lord
Mayor McGurin has not been solvid
At ali times wc en
deavor to serve our
patrons and conduci
our business in a
inanner tnat wiu
cause us to be rc
membered by thosc
whom we serve.
Wc cndeavor to scll
civico and quality
with our Merchan'
BsM Il
A G rcel super feature, that was picturized from a play that took-,
the country olì' its feet.
"The Sileni: Man"
A Paiamouiil Picturc
but it has become known that two
days ago he received a threatening
letter which he regarded as ,a joke.
The letter directed the lord mayor to
prepare for death as ho had been
doomed. A siiecial meeting of the
Cork City council will bc held tonight
and the mayor's body will be removcd
to the city hall where it will lic in
Iouis Lamontagne's
, Home Destioyedby Firc
An early morning file at the farni
house of, Louis Lamontagnc in Con
cord Friday quickly burn'cd the hou.io
to the ground and the family were
unable' to "save any of the fuiTiituro
An Overland car was also burned in
the garage adjoining the house. It
is believed that the file caught from
the chimney and it started at 5.45 a.
m. The farmhouse was kfiown as the
ArehieWn,,r place and was owned by
Harry M. Scott of St Johnsbury.. Th:
loss will be around ?1,500. The house
was situated about two and one-half
niilcs from Miles Pond on a back road
to East Concord.
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