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With Chronìe Contlìpatìon and
Headaches. Complete!' Relieved
I Fred Coburn of the locai postoffìce
I staff is il! at his home with the grippe
! ami is not expected otbeackb
! and i.s not exnected to he back at
jhi;: work before the first of next ilt the close of the afternoon.
week. j The ladies of the Methodist Epis-
Allan Br.con ha.-- purchased the eopal church will have a sale of home
elceted for the cnsuing ycar wen
Prendtnt, Miù Myron Alexander;
ice pres., Mrs Loren Rhnv, seeretary
and treasurer, Mrs. Walter Fordyce.
The mite boxes contained over $-10
and the year has been a very suecess
ful one. Tea and cakes weve served
: ".1
4 "i;--
Samuel H. Eoonier bungalow on Mt.
Vcrnon Street. Mr. Bacon is report
cd to have paii! $4,0(K) fov the prop-j
Mrs. John Young has bought the1
Homi, i'ii'icvri houc on the Ea t
Side ' :
!V" is;: Viola l'unii has been called to
cooked food on. Saturday, March 20
at the Newport Grocery storc. Goods
on sale at 2.o0.
Robert Davis was in Burlington on
Grade 'I of the West school en
tertained Gra ie VII on Wcdnesday
atternoon, with a St. Patrick s .social.
No th Troy on account of the serious! Music and games were indulged
her si t:r, .Mrs.
"I xvas, IrouLleil vrith Constij.-aiioa
ever Einec I c::a reniembcr ; as i
r palili, xv. ts s'ibjcct i) ILtresaiiijj
IIcadacb.es and paia in my l.-fc
I wo-.dd fvr tr.o or Ih reo ùjyj
wlthoi-.t a:ij' movc!:irnt of the boivi li.
I clia::c?J to remi about 'Fnill-tt-tives',
in ono if our locai papera, aaJ
begau il; .-'r uso about fuur nionil. j
ago. Silice thcin, I Lavo bot ;i fri g
i'roni IIoaJacLes, my botvul. Lava
teca rcular, and from tbo irsi: of
Sevral boscs of Truit-a-tives', 1 foci
that the grcat benefit I Lavo derivai
justillcs me in prunouncins tLc:a a
rernedy of tmc aud csccptkuul
OTIS M. i:kyaxt.
EOc. a box, C for$2.50, trial size
At dealer. i r from FIIU1T-A-TI VP..-
! l'H'.ess oi
i ilai :ly !
i .Mrs, A t tiio Davis oi Central Street'
v-i 1 1 .'peni! the week end with Mr. and
.Mi . C. K. Holden in N'orth Troy:
I.awyev Will W. Ucirden ot Ballon,
j v.i'.s in town Thursday on business. !
i In ordii1 to acconi'nodate the i'i-'
f c.-casctl ciowds at the Premier Theu- i
! i.-e and avoid ton;;esiion in the lobby
i o!' ti!'.' iiouse, Manairei- Frank Burns
has Iniilt a;i extia doov on the lcft of
I t'.ie irain tntrance to be used exclu-.
' sivcly for an exit. This will relievc
; t!i" coiuvestion that has resulted l'roin
; thclr beinjr but one door thruufrh
, which both audience.-; could pass. A ;
j few cliauyes in the liu;htin sy.- tem of j
l the interior of the theatre are also tu 1
be ma le. The blue licrhts in the cea-i
I tei" of the cedine are also to be taken :
ioni and th-ee li) lits put up on ea?h j
i Wiil). These lirht.-i will be eovered by
1 ornamentai shades.
i Mrs. Thorn;;; lior.ajrhy is visitila;
! ber daiiKhter in Knowlton, P. Q.
! J udire II. IJ. Cushman is in Boston
I on business.
; I!cy Sluittuck is able to be out af
ter tv. o v cks' illness.
Mrs. Fred Coburn and son, Her
bert are ili with grippe.
The meeting; of the Mission Circlc
of the Maia Street Baptist church was
attcnded by 25 ladies. The' officers
It is surprising how interest accumu
lates if you let it remain to your credit
at the Orleans Trust Company and be
addectto the principili.
If you have not yet started an account
with us, now is a good time to do so.
4 Per Cent Interest Paid on Savings
"Yours to use"
OrleansXrust (o.
and a lunch of ice cream, cake and
coffee was enjoyed by ali.
Mrs. G H. Newland noes thi.s even
inir to N'orth Troy, where she will he
the guest of Mrs M. J. Blair.
A. B Cobleijrh was in Greensboro
and Barton on Wednesday and Thurs
day. Mrs. A. V. Alien has been confìned
to the home for scveral day.; by ill
ncss. Mrs. Mary Brown ha-; returnel
from Boston where she has been to
study advanecd sprinir; styles.
Miss Marion Hamilton of Grade IV
is ili. Mrs. E. F. Humphrey is subiti
tutina for her.
Benjamin Lahar is r? modelline the
house, on the Lahar (ìlace, Glen Road
r.ear the B. & M. roundhouse, into
a modem uptodate bunjralow. The
work is beinir done by Rubey Bros.
The Riades in ali the city schooN
elose today for two weeks' vacation.
High school will have cxams nfxt
week, and will have one weeks' va
cation. Joseph Berry is drivinit the Ameri
can Express team.
The Liberty Trio, members of the
Coit-Lyceum and Chautauqua Bur
eau, xvill pive humerous and musical
sketches at School Hall tonight. This
is the last of the winter chautautruu
.seiies and it is expected the hall will
be crowded.
These entertainments are beine;
triven under the auspices of the senior
class of the Newport High school.
Five cars of a freight train bound
for Newport on the Montreal line,
were derailed at Newport Center late
TU J ' .1. . .1 1-
inuioay nignc causing ine air une j
late. No one was iniured in the
Don't Blame Children for Something
They Can't Help Goldtne No. 2
Is What They Need ,
Don't spank your children for bed
wetting. AH tho spankin;? in the
world won't help their kidneys and
that is the cause of thi.s habit. Ifj
your child'.s kidneys are xveak, it i.s -i !
sign that something must be done and
done (juickly. Unless you start !
treatment, this habit will remain with j
the child and probably grow worse as
the years pass. Now i.s the timo to
check it.
Mrs. Celia Shanon of 2207 Sevcnth
Ave., Troy, N. Y., was worried over
her five-year-old daugliter, Eva, who ;
was atFlicted with the bed-wettin?
habit. For two years Mrs. Shanon
tried to check the trouble, but with
out success. She heard from friendi;
that Goldnie No. 2 was a good kidney
remedy, and got a bottlc. Now she
'I had three doctors for my daugh
ter but they didn't seem to do any
good. I got a bottle of G obline No.
2 and it stopped the bed-wetting the
second night. It was the first medi
cine we ever got that would do it.
Goldine is a good medicine."
Mrs. Shanon is the rigìit kind of a
mother, one who is constantly looking
out for the welfare of her child. Ali
mothers should be like her. And they
I should keep Goldine in the home for
the children. Remember, Goldine No
2 for kidney trouble. For sale in
your city by ali dealers. adv
n nnn
The following percentages show the increases in ost and
prices for the year 1920 as compared with the year 1919. These
are not strictly accurate in every case but are based on estimates
by those who are familiar with the subject.
and flowering plants, and shamrocks i
were everywhero in.evidence.
The following program was very
suggestive of the day and x-ery well
carried out :
The Wearing of the Green
Kathleen Aroon and Chorus
St. Patrick paper Mrs. Page i
Song Shoogy Shoo Mrs. Puffer i
Ireland, jiaper Mrs. Magoon
During the reading of Mrs. Ma-j
goon's puper Mrs. Pulfer sang The
Last Rose of Summer, and Mrs. L. j
O. Drew read a Folk-lore tale, Fair;
Brown and Trimling. :
Irish Lilt Dorothy Lindsay
Excavations 100 percent
Concrete walls 100 "
Lumber and carpentry 67 "
Lathing 62 "
Plastering 75 "
Millwork, labor and lumber 67 "
Roofing 50 "
Plumbing 75 "
Hardware 75 "
Painting 150 "
Electrical work 50 "
Heating 50 "
Using above percentagc, Cost of
Fraine Dwelling:
1913 $2500
1920 - $4400
75 percent
100 "
25 "
40 "
100 "
75 to 100 "
100 "
0 "
traiti for Boston to be several hours 1 ne 1,111 1 Lcu !,cnlM Me
Come Back to Lnn
Choi u ".
Wreckirig crews were sent immed- ?Ton ln C;tullie
it)v tn thn c,n. r t Mother M. ..In ce
hours cleaning up the wreckage and' L"core' Ireltln: MuJlbe
t 1 j. r l U III lUUUiri vtiinc: uni
.......... M A J'UblI V 1 tilt KVIVII
bound trains.
The F rendi language is nottd for its beautiful expression
jiomme de tene is one of them.
Literally, it means "appiè of the eai'th" ccrtainly a very pietty
name for the potato.
Ami yet that is ju.-t what the potalo is wlien skilll'ully prcpared
and cooked an ajiple of the earth.
At THE LAKESIDE RESTAURANT this deli.crhtful accom
jianiment of a prrfcct meni is cooked to pet fection.
French fried golden brown and mealy.
Ma.-hed white and light and creamy.
The Lakeside Restaurant
Newport, 'eniiont.
FARLE W. DAVIS, Proprietor
Clubs Celebrate
St. Patrick's Day
Mrs. Robert Davis, assistei by
Mrs. F. P. Davis cntertained the
Fortnightly club Wednesday after
noon. The guests were receive l at
the door by by St. Patrick himsel',
when he was a little boy, who prc
sented cach guest with a tiny favo:.
The house was decorated vciy
tastefully, tiny Irish flags beir,.?
grou)ed artistically. The luneher.n
table was draped with smilax and
green carnations were grown epce
ially for this occasion.
The delicious lunch of fruir sa'a ',
rolls, ice cream, cake and coffee with
assorteti candies, was a most att: a -tive
part of the afteinoon's progifim.
Mits Bcrnice Sawyer arni Miss Ger
trude Hurst, in green eap and apro'i ;,
assistei! in serving. '
During the afternoon the dub' i -tertained
by sederai of the nienibe,,r
A reading by Mrs. H. E. Lane, "Howj
the Horte Won the Race"; a son';
by Mrs. Frances Tinkham, "A Meny
Merry Twinkle in Her Eye." In the
missing word contest, Mrs. Frani;
Shennan won the .prize, a bev.utifi'.l
cluster of green carnations, while
Mrs. C. S. Emery and Mrs. Frank
Wright were both cntitled to boot;y
prizes, which was very tiny but ef
fettive mustard plasters. The very
clever iantomine "The Wearing of
the Green, staged by Mrs. Tinkham
and Mrs. Lane brought down th;
The Woman's Club enjoyed tir
hospitality of Mrs. Fred Magoon and
Mrs. L .M. Page, who werc hostesses
for St. l'atrick's day The meeting
was held in the Assembly room of
the Goodrich library and was very
uttractively decorated with lerns,
There Miss Eleanor Sheldon
Ater the program most delicious re
freshments were served of ice cream
and cakes, ali a symphony in green.
r - . '
Newport Business Directory
Office hours 8.C0 to 12 and 1.30 to 6
Tel. Lane'3 Block
V. O. Brown, M. I).
Ear, Eye, Nose and Throat
91 Main Street, Newport, Vt.
Appointmenti marie by mail or
ttlepbone for cxaniination of the
eyes fnr gla.-. c.'.
Tel. 1R0 Newport Vt.
Dr. Harry F. Hamilton
X-Ray Service
Office hours: 8.C0 to 12, and 1.30 to 6
Tel. 278-2 Gilman'a Block
Valuable Rcproof.
Th" rririHf of a pnl iiifin re?;rm
Iiles fulb r'H eiirtb ; It n"t rmly remoies
tti" i-i'i-ts frinii "iir rliiira'-tir, but lt
tut'S off ",vhen It Is dry, WUliuwsixti.
E. H. HOWE !
Successor to llowc & Stowe !
Tel. 175 Roofs Block
Leo II. Mclver, D. O. S.
Optomctiist and Op.tician .
Appointmcnts mado by mail' o
telcphono to have cxaminations made
of the eyea for glasses. Kenihan
Te! 243-21 Newport, Vt
Premier Theatre
" Newport, Vt.
Wallace Reid
"Roaring Road.,
Sunshinc Comedy
Mutt & Jeff Cartoons
Recital by Pupils of
Mr. and Mrs. White
The pianò and violin recital give'i
by pupils of Mrs. A. J. White and
Miss Daisy White on Wednesday evc
ning was attcnded by over one hun
drerl guests, the motlurs of the pupils
in the classes being invited.
Though one of the regular monthly
rccitals, the affair coming on St.
Patrick's day, gave an opportunity fo."
a little extra festivity.
The paiiors were. festooned with
green and white, the attractivf ))io-
grammer werc. decorativi with a
shamroek, and the delicious ice cream
:-:u? cakes with green icing served at
tho dose of the evening wa.s also a
very attiactive part of the eveninV,
Besides being St. Patrick's day, th,:
ITth of March is also Mrs. White's
birthday, and she might have been
tempted to ignore this fact, had not
the pupils rentinded her by presentiiig
her with several exquisite gifts of
plants. (lowers and sweets.
The brilliant young artists played
under assumed Irish names, and ac
(luitterl themselves with gr'eat credit
te their teache;.
The song in costume by Norman
Lathrop and Vernol Hill as Mike and
Neri- in Nora, was a tremendou
success and was extremely mirth pro
voking. Following is the list of pupils:
Patsey (Addison) Ryan, Rosey
(Nicholson) Magee, Annie (Lee) Mc
Rath, Dinny (Cushing) Grimes, Brid
get (Petit)" Flanigan, Mary (McFad
deiì) Doheiity, Jim (DulT) Daley,
Bridget (Addison) McNeil, Katie
(Shepard) O'Neil, Kathleen (Cush j
in) Mavourneen, Kitty (Wilkie) Ty-1
rril, Mike (Lothrop) Mahaney, Pat
rick (Bowen) Magee, Roy (Austin)
McGrath, Bridget (Grow) Dooley,
Ann (Hill) Ryan, Bridget (Slack)
McFine, Kitty (Mudgett) Dutr, Shu
sey (Sockol) Magee, Mary Ann
(Clark) Maloney, Father (Arkin)
O'P'iynn, Paddy (Kendall) O'Brion,
Rosey (Corey) Hogan, Mike (Lee)
Casey, Pat (Tice) Dooley, Barney
(Clark) O'Fluherity.
Household Furniture
Stoves and Ranges
Talking Machines
China, etc.
Wearing Apparel
Jewelry, etc.
Fire Insurance
How much insurance are YOU carrying today as compared
with 5 years ago? 1
The average person neglects this important matter. It's our
aim to be of real SEPyVICE, and our knowledge of insurance,
based on many years' experience and study, may assist you. If
you don't wish to be bothered by digging into the question your
self, why not let up advise you without charge or obligation.
We are always willing to render and service along this line,
whether you do business at this agency or elsewhere.
75 per cent of property owners are either very much under
insured or un-insured.
Are you among that number? If so, get in with the other 25
per cent and secure that peace of mind which comes with having
DONE YOUR DUTY, both to yourself, and those dependent upon
We can furnish you stock insurance in the strongest and
largest companies in the country, or Mutual insurance in com
panies paying from 20 to 50 percent dividends.
DELAY often spells L-O-S-S
- ?t
R. W. SPEAR, Insurance
Phonc 158-12 or cali at 72 Main Street.
erness and kept things moving every
minute. Borella reccivcd a slight in
jury to bis shoulder in the opening
scssion but after a few minutes' rcst
was able to proceed with the match.
Lafond,s specialtie.s in the wrestl
ing game scem to be the use of the
arni lock and the toc hold. The lai-.
ter one 'is the one on which Borella !
has uieatlv denended in past bouts!
Mrs. J. B. Cushman of West
Charleston, returned from Boston
Friday morning. Dr. Cushman is in
the Massachusetts Homeopathic hos
pital, convalescing from a very seri
oi' so)eration.
Miss Inez Miller, Pearl Miller and
F. E. Woodruff are siiending several
iys in uosion.
W. E. Kipp staiteli today for
with heavicr men. However, last night. fn(Klii0g Cani) on the Summit, and
Borella proved that he does not need ! wjlj ta)) njs sl,Kal. ,ush. Several
toc hold when wrestling with a mani f,.ien(is are expecting to join lìlm du
man anywhere near bis own weight. , in tf,e SUKar senson.
Lafond is the best man Borella charl,.s n,0VVI1 alul laughlu",
has tackled this season with the pos- ,.al.,)a ,cft to(Iav fo,. u two wcck .
s.ble except.or, of Jack Morrow of ya n hi
Leoni mster, Mass., who defeated Lo- -, ; ;
iella in their match two weeks ago. - -
In the preliniinary match, Dan
Murray and Cleasby Barber wrestied ;
to a draw in 48 minutes. J he match
was slow at times but both men
showed some fine'work. 'Barbei was
cheered frcqucntly and seems .to be
quite a favorite with the fans.
Borella Winner In Fast
Match With Joe Lafond
Using the body seissors on both
occasion, Charlie Borella, welttr
weight champion wrestler of Vermont
defeated Joseph Lafond of Franklin,
N. IL, in a speedy match before a
ci owrl of 2.1D at Pastime Hall in New
port Friday evening. It is believed,
that had not a largo portion of the
sporting element gone to St Johns
Locai News
The closing number in the series
of Winter Chautauriua entertain
ments was given in School Hall last I
evening. The audience was not as i
large as it should bave been, owing j
to several other attractions on the ,
siimi: evening.
Miss Helen Bean an i Miss Katlt-j
leen Bean as the. Liberty Duo, gave a ,
most fascinating and varied program
of character sketches, impersonations
and songs. The Misses Bean are
from Knoxvillc, Tennessee and have
bury to attenti the basket-ball cham-1 .studici! in Boston for several year.
nionshiii irame lietween Company L
and Company D ali attendance re
eorrls would have been broker.
Borella won the first fall in 22
minutes with the body sdssors, La
fond took thr second fall in seven
minutes with the toe hold and the
Newport athlete won the final ali in
22 minutes with the body seissors
The first perir! opened with a great
flash of speed and the two men "mix
ed it" pretty roughly for a few min
utes. Both men showed great clev-
under Boston's best teachers of sing-
ing and expression, including the
Cuitìc school and Whitney studios,
Prof. Giovanni Xerga, Arthur .1.
Hubbard, Miss Rosamond Gibson and
Miss Charlotte Belge.
During the last year and a hall' the
Misses Beau have been singing ut
many of the ariny camps, ub-bascs
anrl navy ports.
Mrs Manlio Smith is assisting at
Miss Annie Maloney's millinery jiar-lors.
68 Years
"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
was published.
The condition caus
ing its publication is
now a dead issue.
Our stock avoids
dead issues. It is live
and up-to-date.
Jcwcler and ,
The Hallmark Store
Newport, Vt.
Tom Burroughs
Will hold his regular
Pastime Hall
Newport, Vermont, i
usuai this week, but ow
,ing to the fact, that Bur
irouhs has made previoirè ar
jrangements to play for the
ÌU. C. T. A. in St. Johnsbury,
ja newr team composed whol
ly of locai talent will fur
nish the music. It will con
sist of Forrest and Milton
Drew, George Hamilton and
Carroll Boynton.
Come and hear these boys
play. They are certainly
Admission $1.00 per Couple
Induding War Xx. Ladies 25 ccnln

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