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The Evening Caìedohian-Récord
MAY 1, 1920
1 .
Why Xot Makea
It's hot a difficult iindertakinir
Locai News
Miss Ilallio Huckley, teacher ..f
bookkecping, is absent from school.
She was operateci upon for appendi
citisi at Drightlook hospital yeste
(!ay. Her place is being fìlled tem-
i porarily by Mrs. Arthur D. Craig.
J The music l'or the dance at the Mj-
sonie Tempie last evening was fur-
nished by the orchestra that plavs
i icjrulaily at the Gloje . Tlicatr?.
I A. E. Drouin, the Sargcnt Brotherj
en George McLeod. The late l !
j poj)ular musical selections were ren- j
! ini-nd with tVl:lt min mi rltivh tlv.1 I
pkices the musicians in gront favor
cial Club ut a conference on goni
I roads. The principiti speaker will he
fStoddard 15. Patos, the highway coni-
A party of unusually pretty giils
ttrrived today to tirke part in "So
fice within a week happened at noon
Friday when Charles E. Hatch tva-;
driving the New England Telephony
rcpair car home. The rear axle broke
just as he started to come down East
ti'n avenue and the wheel rolled otL
Mi. Hatch steered the car into tho
Long Mary" tonight at the Coloniul ! iriveway by the Y. M. C. A. building
Theatre. The show is a bright mus
ical comedy and a largo house i.-t cx
pected. Mrs. George Jlarr, of Willianistovn
wlio has been visitine her eousins,
Mrs. Jennie S. Noycs, and Mrs. Her
beYt Wilcox, returned to her home
-Charles Hall has gono to Spring
field. Vt., to visit his father.
W. W. Fan-, who has been helpin
! his father durine- the sugar season 'it
The "CORDICA" SPORTS COAT macie from a special
McCall Pattern, No. 0433
This Stylish Coat
Can bé made with 1 Seam only in one-half
hours time.
We have thè materiate and the patterns
See a sample coat made from this pattern
in our north window today.
with the public and leaves nothing -winmesex, returned nome t rinay.
more to be desimi as their music i: . Mrs- John F1Jrnn is visitili- hei
the last word in dance rhythm. parents in Swanton.
The Red Cross will hold " I li. John M. Alien sold his six other
monthlv meeting in the Pythia.i noii" 01 oisiein-rriesian caino a.
ine liientwood auction saie in rnu.i-
-Cuilding Tuesday, May 4, at thr.-e
o'clock. At this time rcports will bu
given of thè work done during the
epidemie and plans made for futuit
work. The executive board will
nieet at 2 o'clock.
Julius C. Salina ditti Friday niorii-
inrr nof.,1 PO vp;irj. The funrval Will
k S'uS.i v,;. t,.,10 Vn iiovvnv i of his pietures is a miracle. In "The
St., Sunday aftemoon at ." o clock
The burial will be at Montpeliot
Mondav in Green Mountain comete v
occur in front
The St. Johnsbury banks began to
day to dose Saturdays at 12."."
Pond fishing in Vermont open d
Saturday, but few fishormen cared to
cnjoy the tlisconiforts of a cold
morning to be found at the pond;
when the season opened.
The wonderful nonularitv of "Snl'W ''i'
Long Mary", the sparkling comedy
with music which O. E. Wee and 5.
J. Carpenter will present at the C -!
onial Thoatre tonight is a combin i
tion of music and dancing which ha;
iver been popular on the stage, and
when there is sucn an assemblage of
dance steps that one becomes wc!l
righ dizr.y watching them, while Hit;
music is of the jingly, whistly kind,
satrsfaction is assured. James Ken
nedy and Rose Kessner, two of thi
funnie-t people on the English spci:k
ing stage, head the cast of funmakers
If you were a poor starving mil-!ionaire--and
had to hock your watch
-and then got an offer to imperson
ate yourself-and nearly got pinchi-.1
for forgery when you signed your
own name--and did get pinehed for
your own murder-how would yoa
'feci? It ali happens to Wallace Rei!
in 'Doublé Speed," wh.ch is a Patu
niount Artcraft Picture. Ali that and
lots else. It's a comedy that runs high
ali the way through. It'll kci p yoj
laughing and guessing. It is a ro
mance of love and motor cars. Charg
cd with thrills; spuiting surnrises;
going two miles a minute! "Doublé
Speed" offers Wallie the best charact
tr portrayal of his career, and fur
nishes ali picture lovers an evening
of f.rst class entertainment.
It is exected that the Roosevelt
trai tiip from Uurlington and Mon'
pclier will be taken Thursday, May
1". The party will end the trip at S:.
Johnsbury when they will be entcr
tained in the evening by the Conine -
and stopped tho car-without injury
to himselt'.
E. K. Richards died at Kirby 1
ncstlay and the funeral was held t
East St. Johnsbury Friday aftor
ì.oon. There will be a memoria scrvice
for the late I. G .Marshall at the Y.
M. C. A. building on Sunday evening,
at 7.:;) o'clock.
The Chambcrlin Rcliof Corps wiil
)iresent a flag to Chamberlin Post,
G. A. 11., Saturday afternoon in
G.and Antiy hall. The ladies of t!u
Corps will sen-e a dinner to the meni
bers of the Post preceding the pren
cntation. Chamberlin Post, No. 1, G. A. R.,
bave engaged Rev. Chauncey A. Ai!
; ms of Danville to preach the pre-Memorial-
day sermon on Sunday,
May SO. Tho service will be hcld in
the' South church at 2.30 p. m. Tho
Post will observe Memorial day the
following Monday and hope to have
Congressman PoKcr H. Dale as the
orator of the occasion.
The Brothcrhood of Railway Sta
tion Employes will give a dance Mon
day evening at Lcclerc's hall from
8!0 to 12. Good music. Good tini?.
Evcrybodv invited.
adv Fri, Sai. Mon.
Mrs. Robert Campbell of Sho
brooke visited her sister, Mrs. Reg
in;'d W. Turner, Friday.
Charles Bartlett of Danville w ts
bere Friday on his regular business
Thp Darpdpvil" is to miss thp fasti st tnr.. .
moving picture ever shown at the' Mrs. Alice Rowen and Mrs. Koy
Globe. The orchestra follows ' the Ponti will spend Sunday at Grcen-;-pace
set bv the picture with snup ly boro.
"incidentiaì Music" making this Tom i The morning and evening trains
Miv f...itnrp n -hiilv.-infl nccos.s. S: ' easlbound from Cambridge Junction
; & L. does not adopt the new schedule
until Monday. On nnd after that
date the morning and evening trains1
in reacn m. jonnshurv one hour
A memorial sei-vice to tho late .
G. Mashall will be held in the Y. M.
C. A .building at the Sunday even
ing service at 7.30 o'clock.
At the annual meetinirs of the
', Montpelier and Wells River railroad
and the Chelsea railroad Col. H. E.
iFolsom of Lyndonville was rc-elected
'a director and vice-president of both
corporations. Fred C. Mayo now of
,'Woodsville, was re-flected superin
, tendent of these roads.
Mtlphia for $4,1)70. This with tho
$2,800 received for his six months ohi
t-alf makes total reccipts of !i;7,770
lor iiis stock.
j To Tom Mix life is just one ha':
j raising stunt after ano'-her. How he
manages to su: vivo the making of on,-
1 arcdcvil", howtver, he has no one to
blame or.ly himself for he wrote the
story and tlirected it; it is his noci;
that is being ril;ed, and watching
him risk it is wildly exciting enter
tainment. From the first scene to the
lr.st Tom Mix is action personilìnd.
On horseback, with the revolver, the
.shotgun, the rope, the streets, on fas;
rnoving freights, on passenger trains,
up hill and down dale. Mix is work-'
minute. I o miss scemg
Now is tho season for painfing
Gold Coin Paint
Fully guaranteed, none bottcr, 14
building in St. Johnsbury now being
painted with this paint. For Whole
sale prices see
21 ClifT Street, or Thone 1C3-4 '
f t the Globo tonight.
on the Lake road have been runninu
The second automobile accident to on their old schedule ali the week as
Caledonian of- the train from Bplington on the B.
b Tonight
This Theatre gives you the best in pictures, projection and music
the daredevil of the world in
Live the wildly exciting life with this
! Thc UNiyERSlTY i
Oxfords That Hug the Ankle
rt There "are 'women who won'twear high heels, V
'womcn who refuse to wear low heels. Yet both classes
vvant shoes that look smart. This beautifully modelled
oxtord delights both classes. Its firm, gracctul Cuban
heel is Ì-Vs inches high, a medium height. This heel
is on a wcll-made Walk-Ovcr designed for évery-day
wear and priced low. A smart-looking oxford that
hugs the ankle. We have your exact oxford flt.
n his most deatli-defying stunts.
n daring feats of horsemanship.
n dashing leap over the backs of 10 horses onlo
his faithful pony "Tony"
A fight opens the action. . A victory ends it
Thrills will play "Yankee Doodle" on your spine
The King- of Cyclonic Mirth
Larry Semon
and a whole flock of doll-habies in
"The Head Waiter"
Two fast reels of hilarious action.
The Globe Orchestra makes the program complete
A Wondrous Story of Love and Devotion.
A Drama of Unending Thrills and Suspense.
Presented by
A Conijiany of Great Distinction
Amiti Scones Laid in Quaint Quebec.
That Miliion Dollar Wild Animai Serial: Episode .'!.
LeClerc's Hall
Every Saturday Evening.
Hills Novelty Orchestra
5 Pieccs
!ì f r i-fRi ri
A shade that
resists strain
Shatlos made of l'renlin, casily
resist such strain as this.
Ordinary shades of coarse
nuislin are jillcd with thalk
and clay.
JL u' iit: n't'ii;iii,' u7ioif
slhhL' lihltiiml
containsws filling;. Wearsthree
times as long, w ithout a crack
or pinhole.
Come in and see the many
beautiful rolors of Rrenlin
window shades.
Vose Tiano used: Sold by L. K. IIar-ey, l'assumpsic, Vermont
Now Girls
Saturday Night, May 1
Girls will bring their part
ner. If you can't find one
come just the sanie foi some of
the girls are going to bring two.
Mrs. Wilkie's Orchesfra
Ladies 50 Cents v
Extra Man 25 Cents
The quality of our gootls, our moder
ate piices and our efficient service
Chas. H. Howe
St. Johnsbury, Vt.
that is smart and pactieal, sub
stantial well constructed and fits
the foot is worth a good pince
for you get correct style, reni
comfort and long wear out of it.
When you consider the ser
viceable quality and style value
you know they wlil prove an
economical purchase. Come in
and be fitted.
Successors to Bundy & Amey
"Whcre Shoes are Fitted
&. li
Hot Bread
Ahvays Used to Speli
Stomach Ache
But that has changed with everything else be
cause there is a new way of serving it. This is it.
The loaf should be, at least sevejral hours old. Flace
in on the bread board and cut as many sliees as you
expect to use, but do not cut entirely through the
loaf so that the sliees will not drop off. Press to
gether to keep the loaf formation and then place in a
hot oven for not over ten minutes. Serve hot. Any
good bread will do, but of course Scott's is Best.
Saturday Specials
C9e S'i in. Aluminum Fry Pan.s
$2.4!) 2 tt. Aluminum Doublé Roilers
$2.4!) 5 Cup Aluminum Teapots
$:;.95 5 qt. Aluminum Teakettles
$1.2." in. Iron Fry Pans
lOc Alatldin Dye Soap, ali colors
$5.00 Rochester 4 cup Nickel Piateti Coffee Percolators
$1.50 Boys' Whcelbarrows
2 only piece Karrow (iold Line Dinner Set value, $lfi.00
70c 12 qt. Tin Pails
l.'l lOc Rolls Tissue Toilct Paper
$5.00 Professional or Poston Pags warrantcd ali cowhide
$.4!) full si7.e Suit Cases with long stiaps
$2.50 Ladies' Folding Sewing Tables
Ouija Game IJoartls, ali the craze
$8.50 Shei-wootl Coaster Wagons, the wagon with springs
steel wheels
?3.00 2 tt. North Polo Ferzc.rs
8c pkg
il $12.4!)
antl ali
Women take notico of our Saturday sale of Women's Trinimeli
Hats to be sold from our Center Show Window '
Choice $5.00 each
valuos iip to $9.95
Whitc Muslin Pctticoals Special sale 9Sc to $G.00 each
77 and 81 Kailroad Street
Tei. G90

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